Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Great Gift to the GOP

Republicans and conservative news sites have had a lot of fun with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young New York socialist who can’t seem to go a single week without firmly establishing how stupid she actually is. But while Ocasio-Cortez’s policies would be a disaster for this country and while it would be tragic if her wing of the Democratic Party were to ever gain real power in Washington, this past week proved that, right now, she is nothing but a great big gift to the GOP. She came to Capitol Hill to disrupt the status quo, and Democrats in the leadership are already tired of her. And she hasn’t even been sworn in yet!

Before Ocasio-Cortez could even find an affordable apartment in D.C., her first order of business was to join a bunch of radical environmentalists for a sit-in protest outside Nancy Pelosi’s office. After that, she went and joined a conference call put together by the fringe leftists over at Justice Democrats. She pledged to help them on their new mission: primarying establishment, incumbent Democrats around the country and replacing them with up-and-coming socialist freaks like Ocasio-Cortez herself.

“Long story short, I need you to run for office,” she told member of the group. “All Americans know money in politics is a huge problem, but unfortunately the way that we fix it is by demanding that our incumbents give it up or by running fierce campaigns ourselves. That’s really what we need to do to save this country. That’s just what it is.”

In a feature story in The Atlantic, the authors point out that many in the Democratic Party have already had it up to here with their new star:

In public and private, Ocasio-Cortez is pressuring Pelosi to reinstate—and newly empower—a select committee on climate change that the former speaker created the last time Democrats held the House majority.

The move has rankled senior Democrats who believe the separate panel is unnecessary and would step on the authority of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which has legislative jurisdiction over climate policy. And it has raised the question of how Ocasio-Cortez intends to use her star power in the new House majority. Will she amplify the Democratic Party’s message as it seeks to confront President Trump, while laying the policy groundwork for what it hopes will be another shot at controlling the White House and Congress after 2020? Or will Ocasio-Cortez direct the confrontation inward at the Democrats’ aging leaders, leading a bloc of other young House progressives to push the leadership to be more aggressive—on policy and political strategy—than it plans to be?

Oh, it seems pretty clear that AOC is there for one reason and one reason only: To get herself in the news, turn herself into a “brand name superstar,” and start a movement that only ends when she is at the top of a presidential ticket. And to do that, she’s willing to completely destroy the Democratic Party as it stands today.

For Republicans headed into what promises to be a tough fight for power in 2020, this can only be regarded as a promising development.

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