Al Gore: The Only “Remedy” for Trump is Impeachment

Former Vice President Al Gore, most often seen these days spouting his incorrect and hypocritical predictions about the impending end of the world, was on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” program Tuesday to tell viewers that he fully supported the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Gore, who – considering his political background – really ought to think twice about the ramifications of an unwarranted impeachment, said that while he understood there were political difficulties to removing the president, they were well worth overcoming.

“I deeply respect Speaker Pelosi and her calculation of the risks and benefits and the way she’s been handling it,” said Gore. “And I think Chairman Nadler is doing a superb job. Where I come down on this is I get the political calculus, but it can’t end there because of the risks that we end up normalizing the most obscene behavior I’ve ever seen from a president of the United States. And if we did not challenge this behavior, then I think we’d be making a mistake.

“It’s certainly true the Senate is unlikely in its present formulation to convict, you know, obviously,” he continued. “But I think we have an obligation beyond all of that to the Constitution. And the only remedy for these serious crimes that have been alleged is the impeachment process.”

There are, of course, no crimes to speak of – serious or otherwise. Sadly, it comes as little surprise to see Gore – who fancies visions of apocalyptic destruction and mass polar bear extinctions every time he takes a nap on his private jet – peddling this sort of nonsense. He’s little more than a high-profile conspiracy theorist, and like most such people, he’s willing to grab whatever thin evidence he can find from whatever dubious source and then turn it into a incoherent model of reality. If he can do it with climate change, he can certainly do it with Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for Gore and the Democrats, the move towards impeachment is much more popular among liberal conspiracy theorists than it is with the American people. A new Politico/Morning Consult poll shows that a meager 37% of the public wants the Democrats to move forward with impeachment proceedings. 50% say no way, Jose.

That, after three solid years of fake news from the mainstream media, accusing this president of every moral, ethical, and actual crime under the sun: Treason, racism, violations of the Constitution, and much more. Despite that overwhelming inundation, only 37% support impeachment. More than an indictment of Trump, that’s a sign of just how much trust the media has lost through their nonstop lies.

Alas, they’re still lying. And idiots like Al Gore eat up those lies like candy.

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