After Scalia’s Passing, Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher

As regrettable as it is that Antonin Scalia’s monumental Supreme Court legacy has been overshadowed by the immediate political concerns brought by his death, conservatives must take seriously what it would mean to this country if his seat was filled by a liberal Justice. Over the past few years, several landmark decisions have come down to a 5-4 split. And while some of those decisions rankled conservatives, there’s no question that a court dominated by liberals could do swift and irreparable damage to the United States.

Assuming that the Republican-controlled Senate can delay confirming any nominee put forth by President Obama – which is probably not a safe bet, knowing Republicans – the future of the Supreme Court will lie in the hands of the next president. The 2016 election was already a crucial one for conservatives; this new twist turns it into one of the most important elections in history. And it can’t be overlooked that one of the Republican frontrunners just happens to be an experienced, purely conservative, legal expert himself.

At a campaign rally in Aiken, South Carolina on Monday, former Texas solicitor general Ted Cruz said that “two branches of government are at stake” in the 2016 presidential election. He drew a distinction between himself and Donald Trump, telling the crowd that the real estate mogul would nominate his “radical pro-abortion extremist” sister to the Supreme Court if given the chance.

This was in reference to a comment Trump made last year about Maryanne Trump Barry, who sits as a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Trump has since said that he was joking about the nomination.

“If they want a conservative justice, [the voters] would pick Ted Cruz,” said Cruz’s spokesman, Rick Tyler. “If they want to spin the roulette wheel, they would pick Donald Trump. If they want to pick someone who’s pro-amnesty, they’d pick Marco Rubio.”

At the same time, even if you agree with Tyler and Cruz, this is all so much smoke if Obama successfully gets a nominee on the bench. Conservative author Ann Coulter told Breitbart Radio on Sunday that the pro-establishment Senate would be making a colossal mistake by confirming an Obama appointee.

“Look, if they let somebody go through, I mean, I think Trump is going to win anyway but it’s just going to get him another ten million votes,” Coulter said.

And it can’t be forgotten that the Republican nominee isn’t just going to waltz into the White House. There’s still a general election to think about, and there’s no “roulette wheel” when it comes to Hillary Clinton. She’ll put a liberal judge in Scalia’s seat in a heartbeat. Some have even speculated on who that judge might be.

“I mean, he’s brilliant, he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor,” she said in January. “So he’s got all the credentials, but we would have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed.”

Who is it she spoke of? None other than Obama himself.

Stakes are high, folks. Stakes are damn high.

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  1. You mean after Scalia’s murder don’t you? You don’t disregard Texas law by not having an autopsy and immediately send him for embalmment unless you have something to hide. The fact there hasn’t been any hint of a government investigation tells you all you need to know. This was a Supreme Court Justice after all, hell Texas requires autopsies for illegals, but nothing for A Supreme Court Justice dying under very questionable circumstances. Only people with something to hide act like this.

    • He died of natural causes, Chicago style.

      • Yeah, three shots in the back of the head – and ruled a natural death. This has the grubby fingerprints of Hillary and Barack. What the Hell is wrong with Scalia’s widow? Not wanting an autopsy? Not wanting to know if here husband was MURDERED? If he was (and my money bets he was) this goes ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.

        • Virginia Hornibrook

          Well it wouldn’t be the first time the Clinton’s had someone kill for their gain.

          • The Clintons ARE experts. Is that 91 bodies now – or 92 with the untimely (Obama would say “timely”) departure of a great jurist, Antonin Scalia. I wonder what Hillary gets in return. Perhaps a seat on an appeals court? Watch what happens when this unfolds.

    • Ah, yes, the predictable conspiracy theory–the stock-in-trade of the wingnut sector!

      • A conspiracy theorist is just someone who questions known liars. By the way they broke every law regarding deceased persons and followed none of the required protocols. An autopsy is required for every death in Texas, even illegals, only exceptions are legally executed persons and someone who dies in the presence of their physician. Do you think if Obama was found dead in his bed they would just declare natural causes and close the case? Supreme court justice on same level. Quit showing your ignorance, you really appear to be bordering on insanity.

        • It is YOUR ignorance that is obvious here.Texas law does NOT require an autopsy after every death in that state under the terms you describe. Here is an excerpt from Texas law that clearly states the matter:

          “Art. 49.10. AUTOPSIES AND TESTS. (a) At his discretion, a justice of the peace may obtain the opinion of a county health officer or a physician concerning the necessity of obtaining an autopsy in order to determine or confirm the nature and cause of a death.

          (b) The commissioners court of the county shall pay a reasonable fee for a consultation obtained by a justice of the peace under Subsection (a) of this article.

          (c) Except as required by Section 264.514, Family Code, for each body that is the subject of an inquest by a justice of the peace, the justice, in the justice’s discretion, shall:

          (1) direct a physician to perform an autopsy; or

          (2) certify that no autopsy is necessary.”

          There you have it, Mr. Conspiracy Theorist. A justice of the peace has DISCRETION to “certify that no autopsy is necessary.” That pretty well refutes your absolutist and incorrect statement that
          “An autopsy is required for every death in Texas, even illegals, only exceptions are legally executed persons and someone who dies in the presence of their physician.” In case you are wondering, “Section 264.514, Family Code” has no relevance to Justice Scalia’s death.

          • You’re still an asshole.

          • YOU are still a member in good standing of the wingnut sector.

          • Piss off like a good chap, headupyourrear.

          • Your mother must be so proud.

          • I do not like lying, government paid, cowardly, treasonous trolls who spread their bs and sell out their family, their country and all humanity with their lies. Shame on these treasonous bastards.

          • Go thump your bible somewhere else you hypocrite.

          • Look, we been lied to so many times, most people question anything tied to this administration. Look, a millionaire supporter and friend of the President invites the Justice to his resort free of charge. The judge suddenly dies that same millionaire discovers the body, those called to the scene say the Justice died of natural causes. The authorities decide there is no need to investigate the cause of death, since it was known the judge had a bad heart to begin with? I have one simple question for you while you insults those whom seem another fishy situation. Do you honesty believe Obama would not lie to the people? Yes, there should be an autopsy if the immediate family gives consent to ease any suspensions.

          • Look yourself. The family does not decide whether there will be an autopsy. A legally qualified justice of the peace made the call as to the need for an autopsy, and Texas law gives him discretion to make such a call. And it is not “most people” who question so many things tied to the current administration; it is the insatiable lunatic fringe of ultra-right wing, paranoid conspiracy theorists and Obamaphobes. Thank goodness they are still in the minority and not “most people.”

          • Am I suppose to insult you back? It is only an opinion, I guess insulting any discussion opposition makes you look intelligent? If you think it is a minority that is pissed at the policies of this administration and you in public state that, I do not have to insult you. The only resolution to this disagreement would be the outcome of the next election providing it is done legally and honestly. Respectfully

          • Go ahead and insult me if you wish. The insults I get on this forum and other ultra-right wing forums are many and vile, so I am used to it.

          • Your entitled to your opinion, like anyone else. It is not for us, but the majority who will decide next November 2016. No matter which way it goes, we can expect millions to go to the poles this time. I think the majority of contributors here, like myself are conservative in nature. Your battle is up hill, it would be like me making a comment on msnbc, which I have done, and torn to pieces in insults from their base supporters. I believe this site attempts to present a middle ground in sharing opinions. Keep fighting without opposition there us no discussion or opposite viewpoints.

          • The family can STILL have an Autopsy done you moron. It’s THERE choice.

          • THE FAMILY DOES NOT MAKE THE LEGAL DECISION OF WHETHER TO PERFORM AN AUTOPSY. Of course the family can hire its own practitioner and have an autopsy performed, independently of whether duly constituted legal authority orders one. What is notable here is that neither the Justice’s wife nor any of his nine children have requested or arranged an autopsy. They evidently have the good sense not to subscribe to the wild-ass conspiracy theories about his death.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Apparently the family did not give consent.
            The thing to look for here: this is a rural Texas county. Odds are the Justice of the Peace is a Republican. Can anyone here verify whether or not this is the case?

          • Excellent, honest, common sense post. I think amongst the contributors insulting each other, your the only one that found some acceptable to all sides in the argument a middle of the road conclusion. Thank you.

          • You do work for Obama, free pro Bono.

          • Texas is corrupt. What the Hell does s JP know about medicine? About as much as z coroner. BOTh are political appointees. Remind me to NEVER visit Texas again.

          • You never planting a foot on Texas soil again will be to soon for me!

          • And we DO want you to be happy!

        • Ignorance is bliss.

          The U.S. Census documents that the “red” states have the highest levels of school dropouts.

      • if you died like Scalia you would have been cut open and looked at. so i do not call that conspiracy finding out what killed him.

        was it a heart attack or an aneurysm? We will never know now. i think an exact cause of death is important to know for a Supreme court Justis.

    • in Respect to you, please listen to Scalia’s family. And honor their request. I am not throwing jabs your way, because I wondered if there was something to this myself. Scalia’s family were the difference in this one. Please honor his memory and his families’ wishes.

      • The family has absolutely no say in the matter, this is a law enforcement issue, period. They have no say in any autopsy or investigation. Obviously nothing smells right here. if a person, especially a high ranking individual like Judge Scalia, is found dead, the family cannot just come out and say never mind, nothing to see here, nor can some incompetent judge who gave a ruling over the phone without even seeing the body. This was obviously a murder and no matter who you are, even family, you can’t just speculate at a cause and close the case. That should be obvious to everyone unless they are hiding something, which is obviously the case here.

      • even though i agree with his family i should tell the Truth Dick cheney said he shot him in the Hunting accident and also it is connected with the Democrats rigging the whole election system and to kill those who are for the people i have a good freind the Vigilant Christian TVC Mario he made that connection with the family guy episode that one man predicted the death of this Judge there is also the Satanic Media connection also

        • I have read over your post several times, but it still makes absolutely no sense.
          Are you attacking Dick Cheney? I don’t know what he has to do with this incident.
          Are you attacking democ-RATS for their pattern of Voter Fraud and possible murders
          Are you attacking Mario who made some connection with family guy (a cartoon)?
          Are you attacking the Media (calling it satanic)?
          Unable to follow what you are attempting to articulate.

          • the Media is Satanic look at what happend to Soical Media trafficking i am not attacking anything just like TV C Mario i am only exposing evil and also the secular music industry has used Kanye West to put bad words in his new gospel CD the bible says fear no evil so i am only exposing evil

          • Please find somewhere you like better — move there today if at all possible.

          • Voter fraud?
            Just how did the Electoral College commit fraud?
            We the People do not elect the President.

        • The Electoral College elects the President.
          Learn how your country works.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          That, I think, is funny.

        • Dick Cheney shot another hunter once, but it was not Scalia. Your effort at truth here is about as successful as your others, which is to say that YOU FAIL.

      • Scalia has a very long history of poor health.
        Also, he was significantly overweight.

        • He was healthy enough to take this hunting trip and you are a significant fool.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Maybe he was not healthy enough to go hunting.
            Maybe he only thought that he was.

          • As a former hunter, I can tell you that there are plenty of fat, out-of-shape men who hunt. He was bird hunting, which can be pursued at a leisurely pace and on those luxury ranches where he was, the terrain is typically friendly for walking and requiring little of even that.
            He and his fellow hunters would be squired around in vehicles most of the time. Healthy hunters need no such coddling.

        • You know, I thought for once you had chosen to make a comment with just a little class in it. Then I read your post directed at bobjones… Who ever you are, America has lost a great man, a great mind and a man of honor. Your response to bobjones…tells me you are just one pathetic, sick in the soul, bitch

    • ..Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  2. muslim traitor knew he needed to kill a conservative judge to pass his illegal amnesty,
    please someone kill this American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist traitor!

    • If Edward Snowden had been secretly investigating the PMIC way back when, the bastard wouldn’t be in the white house today!!! Something stinks, with regard to Scalia’s death, and I think we ALL know what it is!!

    • Repubs and TPs murdered Antony Scalia. Why did they separate him from his wife, body -guards and friends with whom he was partying with? And then this moron Poindexter went there the first time knocked at his door and did not hear thing; but he failed to vet why there was no response. It is when he and his friends went back and found him with a pillow on his head and under his head. I do not believe he died of natural cause. There is something fishy Poindexter and Scalia’s family do not want us to know; especially they did not want an autopsy conducted. Why! Forensic investigators should be appointed to see what really happened to this smart lawyer. How much life insurance did Scalia carry and who is benefiting. Please do not bury Scalia until Forensic experts have examined the body and place. I do not trust the people who were around him the evening before his death. I am told they were Repubs and TPs. They love money than fellow Americans. How can you hate a White man like that? Those involved wanted his life insurance and they had opportunity to isolate him. The air in his room should be examined if it contained chloroform.

      • You REALLY need to get out of the basement pal !

      • An obese 79-year old long-time smoker with a documented history of heart trouble dies in his sleep. Well, OF COURSE there is nothing natural about THAT, is there?
        Good grief…….

        • Wait a munute- dies alone in his sleep? Where was his wife? At that age every man should have his wife every day.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            His wife was at home this was a hunting trip leave this family along you idiots

          • His was was home – in DC? How dare you say Scalia purposely left his home in DC to go hunting in Texas. I do not believe that hog-wash.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            No he wasn’t home he was hunting

          • I am told Scalia was Catholic. Catholics will never leave their wives home for a party. This especially Scalia was US Court Justice. Every movement is monitored by secret service if you’re at those jobs. Please arrest those with him the night before he died.

          • NO. The Secret Service does not monitor all the moves of Supreme Court Justices. Scalia could have had a detail with him from the U.S. Marshal Service but he declined that. Try to get your facts straight, pmbalele. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are NOT entitled to your own “facts.”

            It is becoming quite a project to disabuse you of all the bogus notions you entertain in your disordered little mind. I am retiring from such an enterprise, since it is unlikely that facts have much, if any, influence on you. Enjoy your wacky little conspiracy theory. I am going to tune in MSNBC and see what my girl Rachel is up to.

          • Are you simply crazy or have you perhaps entered the terminal stage of some form of dementia? No one said Scalia was “at home.” As to your other blithering nonsense (“At that age every man should have his wife every day”), just where do you find any reason for such a demand. There are plenty of men, including some his age, who temporarily leave home for business or pleasure (such as hunting trips). And there is nothing remarkable about someone dying alone in his sleep; it happens all the time.

          • Tell that to TPs and Repubs -the born again Christian if they buy your BS – that it is okay for a man at that age to leave his wife home for pleasure. Scalia was US Supreme Court Justice and would never dare go on vacation for pleasure leaving his wife alone in DC. Well unless you’re telling me that Scalia believed in Sharia law. But I am told he was Catholic; and therefore would never leave his wife home for pleasure. What do you think his poor wife would do – talk to herself all night and day alone. That is Sharia law. Even right-wing commentators are now speculating something fishy happened with Scalia. Lynch should authorize an investigation. Do you leave your wife home for pleasure? I hope you’re not married. Women should not tolerate that behavior – left in a big house alone by husband who goes for pleasure 1000 miles away. I think GOP is a Sharia law party if you people behave so.

          • Oh brother! You really do live in a vacuum! The link below discusses the friendship of Justice Scalia and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a WOMAN and his best friend on the Court. As described in the article. They frequently vacationed together, sometimes in foreign countries! Mrs. Scalia was not along on these vacation trips, presumably left back home to “talk to herself night and day alone”? And to clarify, I am not implying that there was anything immoral about this well-known (except to cave dwellers like you) friendship. As to Mrs. Scalia, she probably had plenty of company, since she and the Chief Justice had 9 chillen and a passel of grandchillen. Read about this odd couple here and upgrade your very deficient education:


          • I just cannot understand how Scalia left his wife home. Once you marry the other half should be with you on luxury trips. If Scalia really left his wife in DC, that was immoral and against what marriage is for. There is no reason for Scalia to be alone on vacation.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Ok so that’s what you think so do you think Obama had something to do with his death

          • President Obama and Democrats did not invite Scalia nor bought him air – ticket and luxury place to stay in Texas. It is the Repubs and TPs who invited Scalia in Texas-leaving his wife alone in DC. And why was his family quick to embalm him without autopsy? This is deep. I recommend that Lynch appoint a special investigator. On the other hand, I am surprised FoxNews, Rush, GOP candidates and other right wing media are quiet about Scalia death. But these morons shouted hell about death in Benghazi. These are hypocrites.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Oh my god get to over it this was the families wishes. But killer Hillary did kill the 4 men in Benghazi along with the crook in the white house the idiot doesn’t even have the decency to go to his funeral bu would rather go to Cuba what an idiot

          • I am concerned Scalia was alone on luxury trip. His was should have appreciated to be together with her husband. Please never leave for vacation without better half. That is selfishness.

          • Maybe even Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, et al. are not so stupid and so ideologically deranged as to share the nutcake suspicion about Scalia’s death.

        • You still do an autopsy, you don’t guess at cause of death. It would be like if you died and your family just said, “he was an idiot”, we would still need more info, and then they would say ” he’s a lying asshole too” and we would say ok that’s enough.

      • Your head should be examined to determine whether it has a functional brain!

  3. Sure looks like a government hit to me! This country reeks of evil, wicked and corrupt individuals posing as our so-called leaders. The only satisfaction I can walk away with is that these actions are being recorded in Heaven above and that these evil doers will all have to bend knee for their wrong doings…then thrown into the ‘Lake of Fire’!

    • This is why a recent poll showed that over 90% of Americans hate their government. People are awake and don’t believe a damn thing they say anymore.

      • I’m in that 90%…that’s for sure. We can’t believe our government, nor government regulated media. This country is in a real sad shape of affairs! Nothing but lies and disinformation…rumors & propaganda. Ain’t it great to be an American…NOPE…not any more!

        • MSM completely controlled by government and pays billions a year for their trolls to post their lies and nonsense on line as you can see by a few of these idiotic, traitorous posters here. Doesn’t really matter because nobody believes their bs anymore.

      • Kindly cite the “recent poll” to which you refer; otherwise I must conclude that you made up that “fact”.

  4. “conservatives must take seriously what it would mean to this country if his seat was filled by a liberal Justice?”. “If” ?

    Here’s how I see it. Conservative Senators will “stonewall” the nomination-but as he has a year left he will continue to call for a vote now and then. When it passes the record (which I think is about 120 days) he will begin making that comparison (just to continue to remind Voters of what little esteem they hold Congressmen in –you will recall,it’s historically low). Meanwhile Court Cases will undoubtedly continue to have no resolution and will be remanded to Appellate Courts. Voter dissatisfaction with Congress continues to grow.

    Along about August , just before Senators are ready to head home to begin campaigning for their Seats (which by now are in extreme danger, The President begins to make noises about a Recess Appointment. Senators must make a choice between defending their Seat and Confirming. They will, of course confirm and go home. The damage will have already have been done, and Republicans lose Senate Seats , and Obama gets his Justice.

    Life is good 🙂

    • I can see Obama using executive order to fill this seat and the congress do what they always do, kiss his azz.
      I, more than ever, believe there is a “threat/hit squad” at work in obamaland.

      • It wouldn’t be necessary is The Senate did their job. That won’t happen, and the perception of the Senate will continue to erode. As there is nobody on The Republican side that anyone would vote for-and given the already existing animosity that The Electorate has for Congress-I think you can expect wholesale changes in The Senate.

    • hmmm, most likely the crack you are smoking is what is good in your life jimbo, ’cause your little scenario is well, laughable at best– since facing reality appears to be your problem.

  5. And law enforcement was uninterested? No autopsy? Pillow covering his face? How convenient for Obama. He would have killed for another Supreme Court pick. Justice Scalia was a staunch defender of the American constitution and resisted our nation’s constitution being subservient to any other court.

    My guess (not that anyone asked -.but who cares) this was done through Hillary’s contact, Sidney “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal who hires his buddies in Israel’s Mossad who do the dirty deed with a Kidon (bayonet) team. Poisons of choice? Succinylcholine and Potassium Chloride, both of which mimic a heart attack and metabolizes quickly in the body leaving almost no trace – except a tiny puncture mark. And the FBI isn’t interested? Scary for the future of our country.

    • What is scary, as well as laughable, is how you conspiracy theory jugheads come up with stuff like the blithering balderdash you just posted.

      • You’re an asshole.

      • Well, dipstick, lets spell it out.

        FACT: Justice Scalia was found with a pillow covering his face

        FACT: Justice Scalia was found on his back with his hands across his chest.

        FACT: Justice Scalia’s bed clothing were neat and smoothed, not rumpled as one would expect

        FACT: A low level judge pronounced him dead, over the phone, and never saw the body.

        FACT: Justice Scalia’s death was NOT investigated by any experienced ME or even a competent person in law enforcement.

        FACT: it is amazing how this case disappeared from the news. Justice Scalia was a VERY important Justice and one of only three who were consistently conservative. How convenient for Obama. And to show his distain the Afrikan doesn’t even attend his funeral.

        No one, however poor or insignificant, dies alone and no autopsy is conducted. Well, except for Texas. He was MURDERED

      • Well, we might have to make it up, but all Democrat Party people have to do is report truthfully their actions in order for it to be sensational.

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      So true

    • The FBI works for Hillary, they need to drag their feet in the investigate till Lynch can tell us there is no evidence, except millions and millions of dollars deposited into the foundation charity. Whatever this administration comes up with will make you fall of the floor and laugh till your stomach hurts. The left and voting millions of illegals will say, see, I told you so. You got to hand to the administration, no other human beings could be that sneaky.

  6. The VERY minute we hear “confirmation hearings to commence soon” IT’S OVER !

    • Let Obama nominate someone. Then let the Senate drag their feet on it. If GOP wins the WH, drop it. If Dem wins, probably confirm because that person is probably the least liberal person we will see.

  7. False Information and Rumors are carried by Haters, spread by Fools, and accepted by Idiots. This statement fit many of the authors of the comments here.

  8. It is only a matter of time before others of the geriatric set on the Supreme Court either die or retire. That likely will happen during the next Presidential term, which most likely will be the term of a DEMOCRAT, and most especially so if the blithering billionaire and buffoon, Donald Trump becomes the GOP nominee. His support base might get him the nomination, but the American electorate is not yet so stupid as to vote the red-faced brawling lout into office. So eatcha hearts out, wingers; the Court is galloping toward the LEFT!

    • hah, you will be eating those stupid words next Jan. libbie. Trump may not win the Republican nomination, but whoever does, WILL be the next president, not bag lady killary or the socialist moron sanders. remember, the “American electorate” WAS stupid enough to vote obozo in –twice. precedent set.

    • Yep, y’got yer head on straight alright.

  9. If the Republicans cave in on this one, the Republican Party will no longer have the RIGHT to exist. If they can’t stand up to this on principal, then they don’t have the right to be in office.

  10. The ever changing fairy tale of the cover-up continues! On an unrelated but most important matter: Would you expect anything less from the “False Prophet” ? Why is it that this Marxist-Jesuit FP has such ungodly views about Trump while at the same time he remains mute about the Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s false claims of him being a Christian? Dope Francis, being the highest figure of Catholicism ought to also know that abortion – killing of babies – and homosexual “so-called” marriages that the demonic psychopath in the “Outhouse” has made into law causing Christians to commit sins is also not Christian! Where is your political commentary on that, you False Prophet? He is a snake, like Obaa-baa-ma and I am beginning to believe that this deceiver just might be the Anti-Christ as Obaa-baa-ma is anti-Christian and has so much false pride that I could envision him standing in the temple professing to be God! Wake up you stupid sheeple, wake up as you useful idiots on the Left are committing political suicide by supporting these Luciferians and will surely get the tyranny that you deserve! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=====================================? you will be needing them unless you prefer being a slave of the State and live a life of misery and squalor while these NWO elitists – DEMON-CRAT and RE-PUNK-LICAN – live the lives of the billionaires that they rail against and claim that they are responsible for all your woes! The Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s not attending Scalia’s funeral speaks volumes but the state-run, fifth column propagandists – FOX FAKERS included – give him a pass! The Muslim must not step in a church of Christ as he might dissolve into the slime that he is! Hey Dope Francis and media, why don’t you report about the demonic psychopath’s visit to a “so-called” Christian college that relented to the crucifixes being covered up just as the media covers up this reprobate being a Muslim as he successfully is making “US” his caliphate! Baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa-baa-ma bleat his sheeple as they are about to be sheared – HEAD FIRST!

  11. withinsigthbutblind

    Our current Dictator DOTUS will offer his Candidate and this gutless R majority Congress will confirm it and probably in record time as well or scenario 2, they take too long, more than 2 days, and he pulls out his phone and his pen….

  12. Conservatives are not the ones you have to worry about. RINO’S are the ones who you should be worried about.

  13. I don’t know why Obama is in such a hurry. He has said that he is absolutely confident that Hillary will win the general election so she could make the appointment herself.

  14. I think it’s about time that the Liberals had a majority in the Supreme Court since the last 30-years of Conservative control hasn’t produced the desired results for the country.

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