After Garland, More Calls for Gun Control

There was a certain amount of ironic inevitability in the latest piece of propaganda from anti-gun group Moms Demand Action. Not because of the video itself – a push to get mothers to make gun control a community issue – but because of the timing of its release. It came out just hours after a terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, where armed jihadists were cut down by cops roughly fifteen seconds after they opened fire on a Muslim cartoon contest. We don’t know much yet about the assailants – Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi – but it’s safe to reckon that their moms didn’t talk to them about locking up their guns.

The video – starring no less a cultural icon than Melissa Joan Hart – encourages moms to talk to their families, friends, and neighbors about the importance of putting their guns under lock and key. But while the propaganda in this instance is aimed at social engineering, Moms Demand Action has been at the forefront of the push for stricter gun laws. And if the lesson of Charlie Hebdo was any indication, the Garland attack will only strengthen their resolve.


What’s unfortunate about the position of MDA, Michael Bloomberg, and other anti-gun loonies is that we need the very opposite of what they are promoting. We need more good guys with guns. The people who attended this Garland conference got lucky; the cops were there and they were ready for the worst. In most cases, it doesn’t go down like that. And if groups like Moms Demand Action have their way, terrorists, psychopaths, and criminals will no longer have to fear an armed Samaritan standing in their way. It will be open season on the defenseless sheep.

It’s a new day in America. Radical Islam is here. ISIS is here. Pass all the gun control laws you want, and it won’t have the slightest impact on those who wish to use guns to murder and maim. The wolves are not bothered by your strict background checks. They are not deterred by your gun-free zones. These laws affect only those who already desire to follow the law. This seems like the most obvious, tautological thing in the world to understand, but it appears to be beyond the grasp of these hysterical ninnies.

For more than a year, federal officials have been warning us of a new type of terrorist: the “lone wolf.” The guy with no official connection to Al Qaeda, ISIS, or any other terrorist organization. And Homeland Security can’t do much to protect us from these rogue jihadists. By the time the cops get there, the damage is done. Therefore it falls to every American to protect themselves. To make sure their families have every chance to survive such an attack. And to make sure that irresponsible liberals don’t steal their ability to do so.

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