After Garland, More Calls for Gun Control

There was a certain amount of ironic inevitability in the latest piece of propaganda from anti-gun group Moms Demand Action. Not because of the video itself – a push to get mothers to make gun control a community issue – but because of the timing of its release. It came out just hours after a terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, where armed jihadists were cut down by cops roughly fifteen seconds after they opened fire on a Muslim cartoon contest. We don’t know much yet about the assailants – Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi – but it’s safe to reckon that their moms didn’t talk to them about locking up their guns.

The video – starring no less a cultural icon than Melissa Joan Hart – encourages moms to talk to their families, friends, and neighbors about the importance of putting their guns under lock and key. But while the propaganda in this instance is aimed at social engineering, Moms Demand Action has been at the forefront of the push for stricter gun laws. And if the lesson of Charlie Hebdo was any indication, the Garland attack will only strengthen their resolve.


What’s unfortunate about the position of MDA, Michael Bloomberg, and other anti-gun loonies is that we need the very opposite of what they are promoting. We need more good guys with guns. The people who attended this Garland conference got lucky; the cops were there and they were ready for the worst. In most cases, it doesn’t go down like that. And if groups like Moms Demand Action have their way, terrorists, psychopaths, and criminals will no longer have to fear an armed Samaritan standing in their way. It will be open season on the defenseless sheep.

It’s a new day in America. Radical Islam is here. ISIS is here. Pass all the gun control laws you want, and it won’t have the slightest impact on those who wish to use guns to murder and maim. The wolves are not bothered by your strict background checks. They are not deterred by your gun-free zones. These laws affect only those who already desire to follow the law. This seems like the most obvious, tautological thing in the world to understand, but it appears to be beyond the grasp of these hysterical ninnies.

For more than a year, federal officials have been warning us of a new type of terrorist: the “lone wolf.” The guy with no official connection to Al Qaeda, ISIS, or any other terrorist organization. And Homeland Security can’t do much to protect us from these rogue jihadists. By the time the cops get there, the damage is done. Therefore it falls to every American to protect themselves. To make sure their families have every chance to survive such an attack. And to make sure that irresponsible liberals don’t steal their ability to do so.

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  1. All of this is the direct result of obama, a communist muslim!

    • amen

    • John Allen Dickinson

      I wish right wingers would make up their minds about Obama being a Muslim. On one hand, for months they screamed about him and Jeremiah Wright; then when that went on mostly deaf ears, they started screaming about his being a Muslim.

      • At least conservatives have a mind and can think for themselve instead of having other make their mind, if they have one up for them.

        • John Allen Dickinson

          Wow, what a load. LOL!

          • I believe you’re carrying the load! I SMELL YA!

          • John Allen Dickinson

            No wonder some you right wingers are laughed at by normal society.

          • Who told you that you are normal? I actually passed 2nd grade! I care more about what a person has done with the resources available than what a mediocre troll like you has to say. What do YOU do for our country other than blow hot air and blame conservatives for the nations problems. Go away son, Don’t bother me. I’ve better things to do.

          • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

            jad you are such a lod of sewage feces!! and certainly not normal because demoncraps are not your all insane!!

          • Arthur Schmidlap

            “some you”? what the hell does that mean? “normal society” rejects ignorant buffoons, like you.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            You believe you’re an example of “normal society”… are you serious? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look who’s being laughed at now!

          • Normal society? what would you know about that you live a lie, you are delusional, you do not accept reality, wow you really are special, bless your little heart.

          • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

            what a donkeys hole!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Grow the hell up!

      • I think you can safely say obama is a muslim! Look at the ring he wears!
        Read his book! There is NO DOUBT!

        • John Allen Dickinson

          Can you cite where in his book he claims to be a Muslim?

          • Sorry, I do not have the book handy! I throw all trash in the garbage!
            See Observant_One post below!

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Translation: I need to wear my boots because the b.s. is very deep.

          • Right, obama’s BS is covering all America!
            Shovel with both hands!

          • Then stay away from PC liberal-TARDS and your fellow demonicRATS.

          • Apparently you can’t recognize crap when you are neck deep in it. Look around, and you will see your mentor obama next to you.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            This place is a bastion of ignorance, hate and stupidity.

          • Then why don’t you just leave, and stop your self flagellation?

          • Evan…. Johnny is a paid liberal-TARD TROLL.

          • John,
            Overall behavior overrides what one says much of the time. I do not recall him stating he is a Muslim. But his actions seem strange for one who its not. In any case he is prone to be supportive of Islam and takes offense with Christianity.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            No, Jerry, he didn’t take offense with Christianity. During the Prayer Breakfast, he was referring to a segment of Christians who act a certain way, not all Christians.

          • John,
            I read his response and he took offense with Christianity because of the economic behavior of people in England who had economic reasons for war. Wars are often fought for religious or moral reasons but economics is usually at the center of the conflict. He made a point of Christian misconduct when none occurred. OF course that is also a well held idea but unless one ha studied the history of the Islamic world such misconceptions are not unusual.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            He did NOT take offense with all Christians. You idiots are just plain stupid.

          • John,
            He certainly DID say that Christians were at fault when they attacked the Muslims in southern Europe and then went on to Jerusalem and expelled them there. That is a common mistake non historians are prone to make. If you do not know a fact you keep your mouth shut. If you do so accidently the smart thing to do is apologize. Neither he nor you seems prone to do that.

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should
            the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from
            page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

        • headonstraight

          Horse puckey. That ring thing has been thoroughly discredited. Google it up and you will see.

      • Is this the best liberal thinkers gave you to slobber about?

      • Apparently you were asleep when obama made the comment about standing with the muslims when things in the USA got tough.

        • John Allen Dickinson

          There is a difference with standing with the Muslims and standing with terrorists. Amazing, isn’t it, you want second amendment rights protected yet want to ignore the protection of religious rights under the first amendment.

          • Apparently you have no idea what muslim terrorist is. Also the fact that the so called muslim religion advocates killing anyone whom does not believe in alia that to my way of belief is a terrorist

          • What the hell does that “difference” have to do with my 2nd Amendment rights?

          • John,
            Calling Islam a religion is a stretch. No other religion advocates killing everyone that does not agree with your ideals.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Islime is not a religion, its an infectious disease!!

          • Michael,
            I am not going to judge any religion since I am a Christian. But I have had a college course in Middle East history as well as a study of the Koran. I can find very little in the Koran (Quran) to justify it as a religion. Even so it distinctly advocates killing anyone who opposes it. That does not fit the definition of a religion.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Religion or not, THE BASTARDS ARE SICK!

          • Michael,
            Christians are taught to recognize evil in the world. Islam is evil, period. I do not say that lightly. I have digested the Koran and can come to no other conclusion.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummmm, with all due respect, we actually needed someone to tell us that???

          • Michael,
            I am amazed t the number of people who do not know the difference between bad and evil.

          • John Allen Dickinson


          • Not wrong!

          • John Allen Dickinson

            In your opinion. But, that and a five dollar bill will get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

          • Right, and Starbucks is overpriced.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey… Wawa is getting ready to sell their coffee for 69 cents – any size!! :-))

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Cops have been trying to catch this one gang here in town. (this is funnier than a fart in a space helmet)! They’ve been shooting every mooselum they can find, with paint balls. Only thing is, theirs are filled with oil based paint and about an ounce of pig’s blood!! One officer was laughing his ass off when he saw this mooselum couple with paint all over them.. ROFLMFAO

          • Arthur Schmidlap

            Wright! er, that wasn’t a religion either, i meant Right!

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Jerry it is. And, the religion itself only advocates killing as a defensive means. You obviously watch too much Fox News.

          • That’s BS and you know it.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Wrong. But, keep believing the right wing lies. Hell, I still have collection of right wing emails that have been debunked like crazy, including the one that George Soros bought a gun manufacturer. Man, are some of you duped easily.

          • John,
            1. I do not watch FOx news.
            2. My statement is from my knowledge of the Koran.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Your knowledge of the Koran is from right wing pablum.

          • John,
            My knowledge of the Koran was in reading it and studying references provided in the course I took in Middle East history. The professor was an Arab. He never said he was or was not a Muslim. But he was teaching the whole of the middle east and did not teach me anything about the Koran. I read it for myself and checked out any historical references I can find.
            Do you know the history behind the Koran? It was supposedly written by Mohamed. He was a descendant of Ishmael who was kicked out of Abraham’s house along with his mother. That was because Ishmael was an illegitimate child and could not inherit his father’s wealth.

          • Arthur Schmidlap

            finally. islam is not now nor has it ever been a “religion”. it is an ideology, like nazism, communism, liberalism and fascism. nothing more.

            islam is more akin to zombieism than any religion. think about it, brain dead with a lust for blood. the images are out there with islamists gutting victims and eating their entrails.

            religion? i think not. disease more like it…

          • Arthur,
            Any time a deity is involved it is considered a religion. They worship Allah. But their book is based on a human origin. It is different than the Bible in that Mohammed is not a god figure. He is human. Jesus is a God figure in that He is God. Big difference.

          • Arthur,
            Thanks. I have had a history course on Islam in college along with a study of the Koran. I agree with your attachment.
            Subject: Re: Comment on After Garland, More Calls for Gun Control

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dude!! You’re retarded!

          • Islam is NOT and never has been a religion you dimwit it is a political ideology formed by a pedophile war lord how stupid are you, no really I would like to know the answer to that question. I mean as a bystander I would have to say you are incredibly stupid but perhaps you take stupid to a whole different level where it is beyond the comprehension of those of us that are just not dumb enough to understand it. Like a 4th dimension for stupid where beings of so little brain mass wallow in pools of ignorance, where the mental skills of the people that live there are in the same range as that of a urinal cake. That sounds about right to me I just hope it does not wear off I mean something that stupid that still lives could be sheading stupid every day someone could step in it take it home on thier shoes and spread it to family memebers. I think it would be best if you never come out of your moms basement unless you wear a bubble suit or get into one of those big clear balls like they put gerbils in just to be on the safe side. I mean I am sure you care for your fellow Americans right, do the right thing prevent the spread of stupid do your part to stop more like you from being born.

        • headonstraight

          It is YOU and your fellow wingnuts who have been asleep. You and multitudes of other wackadoodle right wingnuts continue to propagate the LIE that Obama committed to “stand with the Muslims.” That bogus quote has been all over the web, but it continues, as it was in 2008, to be utterly bogus. Cite your source for that alleged statement by the President and we will go from there. If you do your research, “Observant_One, I suspect that you will not really want to come back here for an ass-whuppin’.

          • In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should
            the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from
            page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

          • headonstraight

            Wrong, Lady. That alleged”quote” is not to be found on page 261 or on any other page of Obama’s book. I have actually READ the book and gazed on that page. Have you? No. Otherwise (assuming you to be a person of integrity)you would not be parroting that old viral wingnut lie.

          • It’s inconclusive and open to interpretation.
            However, he has appointed or hired a plethora of muslims into our government, so he appears to favor the bro’s.
            But in his own words …
            “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
            That’s pure BS!
            And both you, and John Allen Dickheadson know that.

          • headonstraight

            Whatever it is, it is not open to MISINTERPRETATION and not open to the kind of deceitful misquotation that myriads of lying wingnuts have perpetrated when falsely “quoting” the President.

          • Agree about the misinterpretation, the current president does not have the country’s best interests at heart.

      • John, if memory serves, Obama’s father was a Muslim. Since in Islam, the religion is passed on the father’s side, the son is a Muslim as well.

      • Makes no difference what he is other than the fact that he hates America and all it stands for and the freedom people enjoy because of the Constitution.

      • Wright was an avowed muslim, and then he changed to his type of religion he was espousing when Obama was being mentored by him. They are both anti- Patriots.

        • John Allen Dickinson

          He was not a Muslim. Jesus F. Christ, some of you are total idiots.

          • Well you are wrong, and maybe you’re not well read, and even have your head where the sun don’t shine.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            No you are wrong. Many of you call yourselves Christians yet you continue to lie and hate., If that is what Christianity is, it’s a sick religion.

          • Well I can see that you’re an ignoramos, or worse yet a libertine. There is no way that you can see the light, and the islamist are a sick in the head people who murder folks because they do not share their belief in their so called religion. You’re just what is wrong with our nation now. So get a life , something you’d lose in the muslim nations.

      • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

        idiot i wish demoncraps would just go away maybe swept into the ocean!!

      • Arthur Schmidlap

        really? just because the “mocha community organizer” attended an afro-centrist anti-American hate organization for over 20 years didn’t change his grounding in islam. your comment is at best silly and at worst retarded. let me ask, are you really ignorant, or is it just a digital mask you wear on line?

      • Patrick O'Meara

        I personnaly do NOT care if he is a Muslim. He is a LIAR! He has deceived the American people. HIs actions are of concern NOT the labels used to describe him.

    • There were others before him that wanted this. Obama is a fraud, brought to the nation by those who despise America, and the freedom it stands for.

    • Wrong Obama is not communist muslim. The are the Nazi’s they do not want black people in their organization, he is an Islamic Fascist

    • headonstraight

      You left out “Kenyan.” But I forgot–you wingnuts are like Governor Rick Perry; you have a lot of trouble remembering more than two things.

  2. Patrick O'Meara

    Liberals are just plain STUPID! Our LIAR-IN-CHIEF does NOT secure our nations borders, he does NOT defend Christians but he does defend Muslims, he does not support the US Constitution and with all of this the LIBERALS want to take our guns aways from law biding citizens! LIBERALS ARE JUST PLAIN STUPID!

    • I think the “foot soldiers” of the Left are stupid. I do not think the “generals” are so stupid. They know that the arguments put forth by gun owners to defend our rights are correct. Their message is one of propaganda. They want to disarm the American people so that they will be more easily controlled. It is their agenda, and the Left is comprised of tyrannical control freaks.

      • You’re 100% correct Kevin, many people say Obama is stupid, no he’s not stupid because he’s doing exactly what he said he would do. It’s the fools that voted for him and support him who are stupid, still believing he has the good of the country in mind.

        • IT’S A SAD state of affairs when people cannot tell the difference between….GOOD & BAD!!!

        • Like goober said, the democratic voters are some dumb stupid voters.

        • guys,
          I do not agree with stupid. These liberal are well educated. Having said that, their education is being used to lead us down paths we refuse to follow. They want to sell us on the idea that government is the cure for all our problems.
          We have a people problem, not a weapons problem. If we do not take steps to change people we will continue to have high crime rates. Libs do not see that in their objective, which is to make people totally dependent on government and thus keep them in power. They could care less about the Constitution. They will use it and abuse it to gain control. We need to wake up to that fact and take back our Constitution.

          • Jerry..their stupidity is in not knowing the one true God. God’s ways are not man’s ways. When Christ returns the government will be on His shoulders.

          • Pam,
            As I have posted on other topics, even many Christians do not seem to know the difference between bad and evil. Bad is making an error. Evil is an ideal that produces bad influences that people adopt and do bad things.

          • Just as cold is the absence of heat and dark is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God. Is it any wonder that Christians and Jews are now targets of opportunity across the globe?

          • Buzg,
            You are right on with what you have to say. It is Scriptual.

          • Oh, Poo! What drivel!

          • You describe your genocidal rants perfectly.

          • Look at what their education is in they are not that well educated. Plenty in Hollyweird have went to Ivy Colleges but have theater arts degrees, Big Deal. That does not make them smart nor intelligent.

          • Jon,
            It depends on what courses they might have had in college. But most Ivy League colleges are quite liberal. As for Christians it is more a matter of digging into the Bible than formal education. Unless someone went to a seminary they are limited on any Bible courses in secular colleges. But language courses are helpful. I have had both Hebrew and Greek.

          • We have a government and propaganda problem causing a people problem. The people are being divided in a way I’ve never seen before. Extreme left bad, right bad too but less so in some cases. They’re all in bed together and people need to realize they’re being manipulated. Once people wake up and realize it’s a fallacy things will improve in society. But my question is and someone please answer this. If we were watching our borders there would be no Isis bs to fight. How many think they’re being let in to create a problem and that they themselves were created? . And off subject why are anti administration and anti propaganda media bringing the truth being blocked now that the fcc got their foot in the door with net neutrality, but there’s more porn on the internet than anyone could look at in a lifetime? Hmmm?

          • Sara,
            Moderate Democrats and Republicans see to be scarce these days. We are too polarized and cannot compromise to better the country. We do not always have to get the whole enchilada. But now it is “my way or no way” Neither side is all bad. Neither side is completely right. That is because we are a very diverse society. Both sides want to cram something at us whether we like it or not. That is why we have a Constitution that spells out specifics in how to live and work together. We now choose to ignore them. I do not accept the liberal BS that is in our midst. But I can work with them to bring about some of my more conservative ideas. If I am good at what I do, and I am no politician, I can steer the boat in the right direction or at least a better direction than if I get my back up.

          • They may be “book smart”, but they have Zero common sense !!! As Ronald Reagan once said; “Government is NOT the solution. Government IS the problem”.

          • catman,
            Yes, people are the government. All too often libs turn that around.

          • You can be “educated”and still be stupid. Much of what is taught in our universities is propaganda

          • Dee,
            After seven years of education in liberal colleges I sort of got that idea. make no mistake, such crap is on the internet as well. But you likely know that.

          • James Hammontree

            Too bad that common sense isn’t common! Common sense isn’t taught in our educational system. We have Common Core, but not common sense.

          • James,
            While I am no big fan of Common Core it does provide a platform for kids learning better communication skills and problem solving. But that is something any school district can do by themselves.

      • Why do you think they called them “Stalin’s Useful Idiots”?

      • My Agenda is MOLON LABE !!!

    • Obama said straight up he will “…side with Islam” when the going gets tough.

      • OBOZO sided with Islam long ago as a kid, thus doesn’t need the “going to get tough”!!!

      • headonstraight

        He never said that, and you and all the other LYING airheads who propagate that BIG LIE need to stop your LYING about that. If you really believe he said that, then cite your source, but watch out. The purported source for that quote does not say what zillions of viral e-mails have claimed and what scads of ignorant robotic contributors to forums like this have ASSerted.That LIE has been travelling around since 2008 and despite having been exposed repeatedly for the LIE that it is, it continues to circulate via the misguided efforts of unquestioning or unprincipled wackos like YOU. Come on, now, name your source and let’s get it on!

        • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

          head you are sewage feces go flush yourself.!!!

        • Obama lies about everything.Get your head out of the sand(I mean your ass)

          • Head has lost the ability to distinguished the lies from the TRUTH. Like some many people in American. They have been the “STUPID”.

          • headonstraight

            Read my reply to the ignorant watchman 48, above, and see what a brainwashed dupe YOU also are.

            You and your determinedly ignorant ilk are a disgrace to the enterprise of rational discussion.

          • May is national, “get the mud out of the gene pool ” month, Please kill yourself liberal dem bloodsucker, aka American Jihadists.

          • Poor little fellow. You feel sorry for yourself? Your mother probable beat you when you were young, not that you have grown up any. You should see a doctor very soon.

          • headonstraight

            It is you and your equally ignorant pitiful wingnut colleagues who have lost the ability to comprehend truth even when it is served up in detail and with indisputable specificity.

          • You would not know truth if it came up behind you and cracked open your empty skull you retard.

          • headonstraight

            Read my reply to watchman 48, above, and see what a brainwashed dupe YOU are.

            You and your wacko ilk are a disgrace to the enterprise of rational discussion.

          • headonstraight

            Read my reply above to watchman 48, above, and see what an ignorant brainwashed dupe YOU are.

            You and your wacko ilk are a reeking disgrace to the enterprise of rational discussion.

        • In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

          • headonstraight

            As I expected, neither you nor your colleagues in ignorance–discus-C6, etc., Midnite Rider, and supergun–had the integrity to actually check out what is on page 261 of that book.

            The alleged “quote” (“…I will stand with the Muslims”) is not a correct quote. Most notably, the word “Muslims” is NOT in the sentence purportedly quoted from Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Here, in context, is what Obama actually said, on page 261:

            “Whenever I appear before immigrant audiences, I can count on some good-natured ribbing from my staff after my speech; according to them, my remarks always follow a three-part structure: “I am your friend,” “[Fill in the home country] has been a cradle of civilization,” and “You embody the American dream.” They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.

            “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            That “dark underbelly,” with its forced detention of Japanese AMERICANS, is something this nation should regret and never repeat, and that is clearly the kind of thing Obama was opposing as regards treatment of naturalized American citizens of whatever national origin. Note also, that the “them” (NOT “MUSLIMS”) with whom Obama committed himself to stand were “newly-minted Americans” and “Arab and Pakistani Americans”–in both cases AMERICAN CITIZENS, and in no way subsumed the greater community of non-American Muslims the world over. But, the obvious intent of misquoting what Obama said and leaving out the contextual setting was to cultivate within the unwary reader–such as YOU, watchman 48, and your half-wit companions in ignorance– a false impression that he is committing categorically to stand with Muslims–whatever the issue and whatever the conflict.

            This bogus quote has been the subject of myriads of viral e-mails generated by persons who never took the trouble to look on that page 261 and see what Obama actually said. I got the book. I turned to page 261. And I found that the “quote” that has been travelling all over the internet for going on now 7 years is a BIG DAMNED LIE, a lie, by the way, that has been travelling around in e-mails and on forums like this one since about 2008, notwithstanding that it has been proven without doubt to be absolutely BOGUS. I suggest to you, watchman 48, and to your wingnut colleagues, that if it has been your custom to propagate such a lie, then you should summon up some basic decency and notify all the people you have deceived with this false report and apologize to them and correct the record!

          • “They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are VOTERS critical to MY SUCCESS and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.”

            Headonstraight – thank you for providing yet another point of proof regarding Obama’s wish to flood this nation with immigrants in order to SECURE their ILLEGAL vote! He has already given them social security cards, visas, green cards, entitlements, free health care/education/housing … the left has been so transparent about wanting to destroy our country. They are willing to sacrifice our safety and sovereignty for the VOTE. And YOU are complicit in the destruction of the U.S.A.

          • headonstraight

            What an astonishing discovery on your part. Imagine that! A politician likes to get as many votes as he can and cultivates a diverse constituency for that purpose. Now how about acknowledging the falsity of that bogus quotation that I have shown you and others to be a BIG LIE. Or do you still want to go with the LIE?

          • Shouldn’t you be calling yourself AIRHEAD ! Don’t you liberals have a life ? Why do you constantly go to Republican sites to spread your liberal hatred and liberal BS ! Get a life already , go to your liberal websites and slither around with your own kind and get a life already ! It amazes me how you liberal idiots go from one Republican site to another to defend your idiot King Obama and your liberal hatred ! Every time a liberal post it just proves our point about your hatred and your ignorance !

        • Bammy is a lying muslim traitor this is a fact and you better learn to accept it you brainwashed sheepboy.

          • headonstraight

            Read m reply to watchman 48, above, and see what a brainwashed dupe YOU are.
            You and your wacko ilk are a disgrace to the enterprise of rational discussion.

          • You are an ueducated left wing sheep that does what you are told by your dumbocrat masters. You believe anything they say, you obey without question, you are incapable of making any decisions without your masters permission. You are a plague on this nation a disgusting excuse for a human being, like a virus you should be eradicated.
            Oh yea you are stupid, did I say you are stupid, sorry I meant to say you were stupid right up front please forgive me for leaving that important point out. Your replies to anyone are meaningless they are nothing but lies and insane cut and pasted garbage. You are not smart enough to form your own opinion so you cut and paste other insane peoples spew then try to claim it is yours. I know you from other forums I know you are a liar and a fraud I know you are a worthless welfare monkey that gets paid to come to forums where every one is smarter than you and try to stir up trouble. The problem is little man the part where I mentioned everyone is smarter than you. So go crawl back into your mommies basement and eat poptarts you little wormlike creature.

          • headonstraight

            I do not plagiarize anything, joe. The comments I posted on the “I will stand with the Muslims” matter, except for those portions marked by quotation marks, are entirely my own. I did cut and past portions of them from my previous efforts to educate the dense-as-depleted-uranium whackjobs like you who continue to blindly accept viral nonsense.

            If you can find any portions of my comments to be unattributed material cribbed from other sources, I will agree to depart this forum and never return.

            It is one thing, joe, to call something a lie. Any blithering indiscriminate ideologue can do that. It is something else altogether to man up and acknowledge the truth when it is provided in detail and with specificity, something you and your fellow wackadoodles refuse to do even when your silly-ass, thoroughly discredited allegations about “I will stand with the Muslims” are exposed in the purifying light of truth!

          • You are a damn liar, a proven liar, no one pays any attention to anything you say so you may as well stop wasting your time here. No one wants to speak to a liar and you are one of the biggest liars I have ever run across you fraud. You provide NO details NO facts only garbage you make up or dig up from some left wing wackjob page because you are not smart enough to have an opinion you must use the opinion you are told to use. You are a meaningless little sheep doing what you are ordered to do that is all nothing more, you have no value to anyone not even yourself, you are a pittiful little man with no life that comes here to be heard, you crave attention and mommy did not give you enough so here you are ha ha ha. You are a sad little man indeed and yes you are a LIAR and no you do NOT post your own opinions you post what you are ordered to post PERIOD! now bow before me for I am your master. I now own you as one of my internet pets and you will obey my commands.

          • headonstraight

            You are such a pathetic person, joe. I cited the exact page from the President’s book and quoted the exact text that shows what he actually said. Even in the face of that, you claim that I “..provide NO details NO facts only garbage.” It is plain to see that you and your fellow wackos are relying upon a gross misrepresentation of his statement, but you and they doggedly refuse to accept the truth on that matter. If you had any integrity left, you could go down to your local library or bookstore and inspect page 21 of that book for yourself on page 261 and see that what I have posted is true. But that does not seem to be the way your deranged mind works, joe. You prefer instead to loose a barrage of presumptuous, unproven insult that has nothing to do with the truth or the falsity of what I have asserted and that contributes nothing useful to this discussion.

            Your ludicrous “command” that I bow before you and accept you as my master only confirms the narcissistic personality disorder that infests your deranged and perverse psyche. Watch out for the “pets” that you try to adopt; one of them could be a pit bull,
            you pitiful incompetent wretch.

          • Nope you are a liar that is not true at all now go gather nuts and berries and offer them unto me as a sign of your devotion and an apology for your transgressions against me. Do it NOW!! little pet or else no biskuits for you. You are lucky that I even allow you to remain here I don’t tolerate LIARS well and you are a huge liar making up stories that are so far beyond beleife only another person like you would fall for them.
            Let me also state this FACT if obammy said it then it is a LIE there is no question about that, he is a more accomplised liar that even you are that is probably why you worship him like some sort of savior you sad little man. You want to be just like obammy don’t you, disgusting traitor, us real Americans want you OUT of our country. The majority of real Americans consider you scum, worthless frauds. Now I order you to obey me and do as I tell you to, it should not be that hard your dumbocratic massas tell you what to do every day and you blindly follow them. You are weak and wittless you can use that as an excuse to obey my commands. Now YOU WILL STOP POSTING LIES you will stop making up phony webpages and book passages that do not exist and you will ADMIT OBAMMY IS A LYING TRAITOR and you have seen the error of your ways you will then thank me for being the one to open your eyes to this fact.
            Now sit ,good boy remain there until I summon you junior.

          • headonstraight

            Get lost, idjit! I have no need for my own personal moronic troll!

          • Yep run away and hide when you are proven wrong that is what you lemmings do. I own you and you can not do anything about it, you are a looser and you are a LIAR.
            You never have ANY proof for anything you say you just make it up as you go you are the village idiot my friend how does that feel ha ha ha.
            You libtards are so easy to manipulate you are like a puppet on a string to me, dance little man dance, ha ha ha I crack myself up.
            Chalk up another win for me, now cheer for me junior.

        • It doesn’t matter what he said. It is his actions that matter. Obama through the DOJ and Eric Holder did their level “best” if that is what you can call it to interfere with the Second Amendment and the rights of law abiding gun owners. It also seems to be rather clear that Obama will continue to remain transparent at the very least when it comes to his defense of muslims. He will continue to defend them by his inactions as well as his constant references to militant Christians ( though they seem to be as scarce as hen’s teeth ) especially when compared to the atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists ( another phrase Obama refuses to use ).

          • When Barry tried at the latest National Prayer Breakfast to criticize Christian “terrorism” (to deflect criticism of Moslem terrorism), he had to go back 800 years for a reference to the Crusades, and 500 years to the Spanish Inquisition (btw, isn’t that politically incorrect now also – to criticize anything Spanish? – but I digress). Christianity went through something called the Reformation, which is something Islam has never done, and doesn’t want to. Also, the Crusades were initially launched by the Pope in response to a call for help by the Byzantine Emperor, against Islamic assaults on his territory. Remember that the huge mosque in Istanbul was originally built as a Christian cathedral – historical fact! I’m not necessarily defending the Crusades (and there are always atrocities committed on both sides when a real war gets going), but it is the Moslems who acquired all their territory throughout the Middle East and North Africa during the 700s by the sword, finally stopped by Charles Martel in 732 at the Battle of Tours (which is not that far from Paris). This was “official policy” according to Mohammad. Christianity is supposed to spread by the conversion of the heart, according to Jesus. In fact, the advice given in the gospels for when the message is rejected by a certain town, to “shake their dust off your sandals, and move on to the next town” (quoted more or less, according to translation). Paul did not tell followers of Christ to take territory by the sword! Barry Soetoro was being an ass at the NPB.

        • Hey Headonstraight maybe you should read Obamas own
          books and then maybe you can pull your head of his darker

        • LOL glad someone else trys to educate the minions of mindlessness. please teach them that bill orielly and other talking heads on fox are not considered a scource of truth and do not count as such when quoting facts.
          dont forget to let them know that the westboro baptist church and their local klan grand pooba do not set policy for the church or speak for GOD and that GOD does not HATE fags ,jews , kikes , wops, spics , dagos,hillbillys, pollocks or poor people. He does however frown upon those who preach hate against these same named groups.
          As far as expecting them to give a real scource or show a quote from a reliable reference dont hold your breath, when backed in a corner they will return with name calling and profanity usually with a homoerotic or anal reference in respect to their repressed desires.

          • headonstraight

            Your instincts are acute, jamesowens. You have mastered the the art of defining the wackos for what they are.

          • it was just a long winded way to say nazi moron bigots with repressed homoerotic fantasys. ever notice how many of them want to kill something yet wont sign up for the wars thay want to send the true americans children too. closest they come is the video games in their moms basement or shooting squirrels with a machinee gun

        • Your just another liberal idiot kissing King Obamas behind ! Right now 95% of the American people hate your King Obama and think he’s the biggest liar to ever hold office and THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAS HISTORY SO GO PEDAL YOUR BS SOME WHERE ELSE !

        • AND, he has, on numerous occasions, repeated the fact that he would stand with Islam should the winds take an ugly turn–including the fact that he doesn’t think the U.S. should have anything, not even freedom!

          • Prove that Obama has said that.

          • headonstraight

            If he has indeed “repeated the fact that he will stand with Islam, should the winds take an ugly turn,” then you and the other deranged ideologues who make such a claim should be able to document your assertions. The FACT is that you have been unable to do so and are going to continue to be unable to do so, because he simply has not made such statements. Ante up the goods, leewacker, or shut your pie hole!

      • And he can die with the rest of them if that happens.

      • Wouldn’t you, if you was one of them.

    • I believe it is a defect in their DNA which is the result of defective thinking which is the result of a liberal education. No matter how we look at it they are mentally and physically defective and should be placed under strict supervision in places like the FEMA camps.

      • Exactly.

      • headonstraight

        The unscientific doctrine of inheritance of acquired characteristics is as fully discredited as is the bogus Obama quote. You should avoid any association with that concept, since for decades it was used in a misguided and unsuccessful COMMUNIST effort to improve agricultural production i the old Soviet Union. Google “Lysenkoism,” a term defined as follows, which fits your use of the concept to a “T”.

        “Lysenkoism is used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.”

    • No argument there. OOOOHHHH a gun! Then they wet their pants. That is your local loons but we all know they get their marching orders from on high!

      • AS Dr. Michael Savage has long proclaimed: “LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER”!!!

        • Check out Doctor Lyle H. Rossiter’s Book he is a Forensic Psychiatrist with 35+ years experience and well respected in the psychiatric world: “The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness” free download at his website.

    • Please, replace ‘STUPID” with “DANGEROUS”. Words have meanings. Accuracy counts. Otherwise, 100% agree!

      • Patrick O'Meara

        Every LIBERAL that I know is “STUPID”! But I will concede that “DANGEROUS” is a better word selection. Thank you for pointing thgis out.

    • And they are traitors…..and belong in Gitmo, awaiting “LOCK & LOAD ORDER”.

    • he doesn’t believe that isis are here in America, or maybe that is what he wants.

      • You can bet they are here and are coming across our open borders all the time.Obama has invited them to come and he is trying to disarm us so they can take over.Without guns we are dead.Don’t give up your guns.Hide your best and give the ones you don’t care about if it comes to that.If they can’t find them they can’t take them.

      • Patrick O'Meara

        He definitiely does NOT believe in America. It is a disgrace that our elected Congressional representatives have NOT had the courage to remove the LIAR-IN-CHIEF from office. Obama is a disgrace to America and so is our Congress!

    • After Garland, most calls were for gun ownership and gun safety and training. There should NEVER be a wounded muslim terrorist.

  3. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

    OMG those moronic idiots want more gun cintrol sewage feces demonrats drop dead!!

  4. There it is! I’ve been blogging this for some time now! For the next 1.5 years the communist will put the pressure on to confiscate our weapons!!!! As long as we the people are armed, they can’t take us over! Please, wake up and understand what is happening!

    • Only JB1,
      Take it from JB2 that I also support your calling for understanding the Second Amendment.

      • It just is what it is! They or should I say our government MUST remove weapons from the Citizens! They MUST! As long as we Citizens are armed, they will never take us over or defeat us as a nation! It’s plain and simple! As long as we are armed the New World Order will never happen! This is TRUTH! Molon Labe!

        • ONLYJB1,
          That is only partially correct. A million people with small arms is no deterrent against the entire US Army in a major strife. However, a confrontation such as the one in Nevada works. The threat from the Nevada incident also caused the BLM to pull in its horns on the Red River. I also believe the US army would fail to follow any command to engage US citizens in tis country. Citizens who have allied themselves with such groups as ISIS are another story.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            The confrontation in Nevada will occur again but with different strategies. Bundy will end up paying what he owes or be held accountable.

          • John,
            We shall see. He has in a way paid for his taxes in that he drilled wells and installed water troughs to water not only the cattle but the wildlife as well. I do not know what sort of settlement he has made, if any.

          • Have you seen the latest on Jade Helm, in Texas as far as I know the National Guard has been ordered to monitor their movements there. There is concern by many this could be the beginning of Martial Law in this country. There is much chatter and it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not, but this is from a source I trust.

          • Apolloone,
            I do not have any facts or details on Jade Helm. I cannot comment on this group yet.

          • headonstraight

            Google it up then and get yourself studied up on it so that you do not descend to the pitiful, paranoid conspiracy theorizing that has infected so many wacko wingnut dupes who believe it is some kind of a prelude to an Obama scheme for a military takeover of the land of the free. When you know the truth about Jade Helm 15, you can then relax and not worry about the arrival of black helicopters to fly you into FEMA concentration camps. You will not feel compelled to rush out and stock up on freeze-dried food. You will not scurry to hide your guns and ammo.

            The wingnuts can do enough hand wringing and hair-shirting for the rest of us–over absolutely NOTHING but their fevered imaginations, inflamed by the propaganda incessantly blithered out by unprincipled arch-Obamaphobes. Pitiful!

          • headonstraight,
            Thanks. I am going to look up the jade helm thing to see what it is. I have not done it yet as I am a busy guy. I am a historian, writer and photographer. I am busy every day. But I feel I need to get into the political ring not as a politician, as I am getting too old, but as one who knows the background of the country and many parts of the nations outside the US.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Even Rick Perry says Greg Abbott is insane for his actions concerning Jade 15. Alex Jones (Infowars) as a source for anything resembling intelligence is a joke.

          • I will promise you from great intel, 99% of the military will not follow the commands of the current communist! I will promise you this! You have to understand the group involved in Jade Helm 15!

          • ONLYJB1,
            Please enlighten me on Jade Helm. And I agree that the military will not follow any president who would disarm and subjugate the public.

          • Type the word into any search engine.

    • As Carroll Wood above wrote “I believe in gun control, use both hands, fire twice.” I would only add “aim for center mass”.

        • While a head shot is usually instantly fatal it presents a much smaller target unless one is using a scoped rifle. Center mass may (?) not instantly kill but with a hand gun presents a much larger target!!! Unless they are wearing body armor I vote – center mass!!!

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are times I need a good gut laugh and you just provided me with one! I love it! I’m a center mass advocate! I’ll leave it at this. I commented more and then deleted it! Most people couldn’t handle what I had to say.

      • independent thinker

        Gun Control: firm grip, aim at center mass, Blam Blam, assess results and repeat as needed.

    • In some states, the firearms belonging to the deceased lawful gun owner cannot be handed down in his/her estate. Been reported that police check the obits against registration lists and then visit the widow/widower for the guns. Incrementalism at work. An inch here; an inch there. They have a goal and are determined to get it implemented.

      • just make sure you give your guns to your family before you die!

        • Working it. But not sure in my current state the person given the firearm must already be a licensed gun owner or potential owner. Application of license is $100, non-refundable, and it has the same effect as the despised Jim Crow law regarding voting. It discourages applying. High application fees; just another tool in the anti-2nd A “infringers” tool box.

          • where I live its not that hard but isn’t the expense worth the freedom to do with your property what you desire? I would pay whatever I had to to keep my firearms out of the hands of the corrupt government, when I rode with the police back in the 70’s the police would have first dibs on confiscated weapons after they were no longer needed as evidence, some of the police I knew gained some very nice free firearms so yes what ever it takes! and I agree its just a political tool to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights

    • The Marxist Planks have been installed already, they just need tweaking, some planks more that others. I stand with you though, I would rather be a dead Patriot than a living Communist.

  5. I believe in gun control, use both hands, fire twice. NRA member

  6. WE really need to deport the entire Obama Administration or put them all in prison.

    • How about deporting after they serve the prison time, at hard labor, pay all fines, unless convicted of treason and are awaiting the Firing Squad!

  7. allen goldberg

    Libtards pay attention to nothing unless it supports their agenda
    This group needs to extract their collective heads from their backsides and “F-ing” pay attention

  8. raffaelecafagna

    Moms against guns : one of these days something drastic will happen to you ” raped , murdered , attacked ” ; maybe , only at that time , you will change your mind ; meantime go take care of your kids or get a Real job .

  9. This administration only wants to control We the People and taking our guns is just one big way to do it. What makes them think the criminal and even the muslim won’t have guns? Their communistic views will bring us down unless we are willing to put God first in our lives and I don’t mean religion and rituals but learning His Word and applying it to our daily lives.

  10. The government is incapable of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and is likewise incapable of protecting those they can. Their reasoning seems to be people control not gun control.

  11. Call for ban on guns from Americans and only ISIS terrorists and gangs will have guns. Oh, they would have a field day going from house to house, business to business, church to church, shooting, beheading, murdering innocent men, women, children and toddlers. NO! Americans need to rise up, take up arms and take down these Muslim terrorists. If we don’t, what happened in Garland is only the beginning. When these barbarian heathen finish with their bloody rampage, they will blow up every monument, the Capital Bldg, Statue of Liberty, etc; and rejoice that they destroyed America, with Obama’s blessings. Either stand and fight or else die by the sword of barbarians.

  12. Our southern border is open to everyone who wants to enter our country, criminals are being released from jails, thousands of muslim refugees from countries which harbor terrorists are being brought into our country, ISIS has stated that they are inside our country, our government is buying huge amounts of arms and bullets, and this government wants to disarm innocent law abiding citizens who merely want to be able to defend themselves and their family. Under no circumstances should anyone give up their weapons because we need them more now than ever before. We are on our own and must be able to protect ourselves.

    • John Allen Dickinson

      Well, Lorraine, I find it ironic that Republicans generally oppose requiring businesses,particularly chemical companies and refineries, to beef up security near the border areas in places like Texas. Most of them have $10 an hour rent a cops “securing” those plants.

    • The muslims are being imported from Syria and the middle east countries to serve Obama as mercenaries here in America because they have no problem killing Americans.

  13. Albert L Biele

    This is for all the idiots out there! The bad guys buy there their guns form the black market, or steal them, they seldom use a guns registered in there name. The good-guys but their guns in licensed gun shops and on occasion, use them to fend off the bad-guys. If you take the guns away from the good-guys, than. only the bad-guys will have guns. Note: the states with the toughest gun control laws have the highest rate of gun related murders, and the states that predicate gun ownership under premise of the 2nd Amendment, have the lowest gun related murders. If the gun control freaks can’t figure this one out, their probably mentally impaired. Remember, a country without guns can easily be taken over by a tyrant who would like to be “KING.”

    • An armed person is a citizen. An unarmed person is a subject. In a country where the government fears the people, there is freedom. In a country where the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Not sure who first said these but they are the absolute truth.

  14. The loons just don’t get it…bring back the draft so they can fight and die for their failed naive policies!

  15. I am so incredibly, thoroughly weary of these liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    I left Vietnam, 8/20/1963.
    Since that time, I have carried a Model 1911A on my person, It has been necessary for me to remove it from the holster, twice.
    The first time 4 young men were telling me what they had in mind to do to my wife and I.
    I removed the weapon, chambered a round, they decided that they had business else where, did it save my life, no way of knowing, am I glad I don’t know for sure, yes I am.
    The 2nd time was On Halsted Ave in Chicago, in 1985.
    Sitting at a stop light, we were attacked by 7 young men
    I shot and killed two of them.
    I was arrested for illegally carrying a weapon and barely escaped prison time.
    I will continue to carry my weapon daily, until I die. After that if you want ti you are welcome to it, to try to take it before that time, will get someone badly hurt.

  16. I dont recall calling for more gun control. Lets have a ban on liberals and thier lame braind ideas.

  17. The only mom’s that should demand gun control , are the ghetto mom’s that have delinquent kids. These are the ones using illegal guns to rob ,rape and kill. If you look at the profiles of who is more inclined to become a muslim , it is not going to be a white Christian, just like the picture of the terrorists just showed. The gun control of these ghetto mom’s should be to give them a proper education instead of having 5 of them to get welfare money , and then not caring properly for any of the 5. You reap what you sow, and throwing kids to the street with no values and morals just allow for any ideology to come and convince them of a higher purpose.

  18. Brain dead liberals….What a bunch of phony IDIOTS……

    WHAT PART OF THAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    JESUS CHRIST WOMEN OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. How STUPID can certain people be…???
    The Jihad Islamic Muslim Terrorists are going to get guns from somewhere no matter what.
    The only thing that stopped these Muslim Islamic Jihadic Terrorists was a good guy with a gun.
    Long Live the USA and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

  21. moms demand action what is a euphemism for MORONS DIMWITS and ANARCHISTS?

  22. I wonder, considering what happened in Baltimore, if they want to take the police’s guns. Where have I have I heard “the left is loony”.

  23. John Allen Dickinson

    There may be an interesting scenario concerning the next Pam Geller event.

    Police departments are justified in not allowing officers to work security for a Pamela Geller event, even moonlighting for pay.

    Yes, police officers would fulfill their serve and protect duties in the normal course of business for the events. However, many police departments across the country prohibit their officers from moonlighting as security guards at abortion clinics because of the potential risk to the safety of the officers while doing that.

    Geller would cry, “This is free speech. Officers need to protect it”.

    Well, Geller, abortion is also legal. Officers need to protect the rights of women to have access to clinics”.

    Right wingers don’t get it both ways.

    • What? Where do you get your “facts” or did you just make them up?
      You are a moron. And abortion is murder. There are no two ways about that. Murder is murder.

      • John Allen Dickinson

        wapitihunter, google is your friend. And, under the law, abortion isn’t murder. Murder is an illegal act. BTW, approaching a police department about consistency in its policy has already worked in a similar situation where I live. The department prohibited officers from moonlighting at women’s clinics but was going to allow officers to moonlight at what I would term “right wing event” with the propensity for violence.

        • I don’t know where you live. Perhaps Pluto? Abortion is murder. Not all abortions are legal either. But you are one case that an abortion should have been done.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Do you know any attorneys? If so, call him or her up, and ask them if under the law, abortion is murder. Better yet, look up the definition of murder in the dictionary or law dictionary.

          • I don’t need to call a person who make a living out of stealing peoples money and twisting words to make illegal become legal. I don’t care what you call it murder is murder. The child in a mothers womb is just as alive as you are, maybe more so than you.
            I bet you were one to jump on the liberal bandwagon about Ferguson and Michael Brown and the hands up don’t shoot cr*p and that Black Lives matter. Well to me all lives matter. Even the lives of babes in their mothers wombs. But not all lives matter to you. You want to pick and choose who lives and who dies. Why do you think your life is more precious or more important than another? Under the Law? whose Law? There is only one Law and one Book. You should read it. It is called The Holy Bible.
            But this article was about dummies wanting more gun control. But that is typical of the Left. Misinformed, brainwashed and just plain stupid.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            You really need to study law. The Bible is not our country’s law. And, misinformed, brainwashed and just plain stupid is a very fitting description of you. Remain ignorant.

          • Wrong! GOD’s Law tops all man made laws! no matter what you say or think or any two-bit lawyer says!!

          • Were you looking in a mirror when you penned that? Law? Law? we have no law now. The piece of gay trash ignores laws that even he sign into law. He violates law as do his administration. People are held in contempt but go unpunished, He aids the enemy with money, arms and personnel all while making an illegal trade for a gay, muslim traitor and deserter. I know the law and how the left has twisted it. Don’t preach to me about law. You can’t even figure out the difference between right and wrong.
            I ask you, how many people here agree with you? How many up votes have you received except from yourself? WHy are you here? You remind me of a fly.

          • How about asking the LORD, GOD, ALMIGHTY, If abortion is murder…Gee I wonder what he will tell you?…Thou Shalt Not Kill.

        • Under “the law” negroes were 3/5 human. Was that “law” ok? Are all “laws” good?

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Well, GoldenRudy, a few people here probably thought it was a good law. Anyway, until laws are changed, they are enforced. There are plenty of laws I don’t agree and if I choose not to obey them, then I will end up paying the price.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      Stop pulling your “facts” out of your ass, all you get are turds.

      • John Allen Dickinson

        Typical right wing response. You are free to google anything I have written and then try to respond at least on a seventh grade level.

        • Clay Fitzgerald

          Typical left wing response… “Google it!” All that you want to find you can find just by Googling it, doesn’t matter if its factual, or blatantly false, you can find it by Google.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Gee, Clay, I see some falsehoods posted here (like Obama is a Muslim). Yet I don’t see you challenging any of that tripe, do you? Fact is, you have nothing to offer to a discussion but your ignorance.

          • Obama said he was in an interview with Clinton buttboy, Stephanopolous.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Golly, how do you even turn on your computer without assistance?

          • Please translate. Are you claiming Obama did not say “my Muslim faith” in the ABC interview, only to be immediately corrected by Stephanopolous? How many people do you know that have ever claimed to be a member of a different faith?

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Let’s see here. On one hand, right wingnuts are saying (most) Muslims are so evil they will kill anyone who doesn’t adhere to Muslim beliefs, and on the other hand, Obama has done things that violate those supposed beliefs. Methinks right wingnutia is filled with a bunch of loons.

          • Apparently you missed hearing about all the recent beheadings in the middle east, otherwise you would not make such a ridiculous statement.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            The beheadings were caused by people who abused the religion. But, if you want to stereotype, then I guess the Catholic Church is all about pedophilia.

          • “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

          • You are aware that in Islam it is OK for a Muslim to lie to and deceive the infidel in your support of Islam … to achieve the goal of Islam, are you not?

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            I don’t know if BHO is Muslim or not, but that’s not the subject of this forum now, is it? If you really have something constructive I may consider it, but all you’ve offered up so far is the usual rhetoric spoon fed to you by liberal, secular-progressives.

      • You know Crack may also help John Allen Dick dream up his/her/it’s BS?

    • So killing the unborn baby is equal to posting a quote from a Muslim leader or drawing a cartoon of someone? That is how you equate things? One is not in the Constitution and one is.

      • John Allen Dickinson

        I never said anything was equal. The common thread is the safety of officers at events. And, abortion is legal.

        • You imply equality in your comparison. And “legal”? That the fact that a human with a heartbeat and the DNA of a human being is torn apart in the womb or acid injected into to stop its growth is claimed to be “legal” diminish the result of the action? There were some unsavory laws in Germany in the 1930s and there are some unsavory laws in Islamic countries today. The fact they are called “laws” does not diminish the evil.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            The common thread, once again, is officer safety. Jesus F. Christ, you really are stupid.

          • Nice, Taking the LORDS name in vain…he will hold you accountable..says it in the HOLY BIBLE!!

      • Goldy….that John Allen Dick is a fruitcake….ignore.

  24. What happened was just what was supposed to happen 2 bad guys bit the dust and no one but the bad guys were killed. Now we don’t have to feed that sorry scrum. Only way it could have been better is If an armed citizen had taken them down.
    MDA is a Soros funded Org. led by sone lefty females who might be moms. Another very misguided organization who want to take away your rights no matter what the cost.

    • Remember: Soros’s nickname is “Oven Stuffer”. He ratted out fellow Jews in Hungary in the last days of WWII to save his own hide.

      • Soros has been called many names and deserves all of them except if they happened to be good. He has had his hand in many of our ills today. However there is one last name I woulld like to see him called and that is Deceased.

  25. No guns no freedom as we know it as the Isis bunch will have them and ovomit will be the winner

  26. disqus_fPh2QejLBf

    More Gun Control??? Seriously This is AMERICA!!! I will NOT give up my guns!! How about SHIP OUT EVERY MUSLIM!!!! We have a right to bear arms. I see any rag head coming at me? IM SHOOTING!!

  27. After Garland, we see the importance of everyone carrying a gun. Had the guard not been there, all of the people in side would have been potential victims of the terrorists and there would have been no one to defend the victims- just like Charlie in France? If armed, the people could have fought back and possibly have stopped a massacre- we saw at Fort Hood the importance of people being armed and able to defend themselves. With the border being open, anyone can get in with any kind of weapons; drugs; sexual trafficking and there is no one to stop the bad guys from doing anything that they want to do? Do the people of Central America; Mexico; etc. have the right to have weapons to defend themselves? May be if they were armed against the drug cartels, the US wouldn’t have to allow the illegals to come to the US because of a couple of gangs running around? But maybe that is the plan of the DEMS?

  28. Great case of gun control. Shooters call it trigger control. One officer taking down two bad guys with enough gun.
    If you take away guns from law abiding citizens then only bad guys will have guns. Guns do not kill people, people and politicians kill people.

  29. The cop had PERFECT GUN COMTROL

  30. A gun under lock and key is of use to no one in an emergency.

  31. I will be dammed if I will give up the right to bear firearms the way things are now.

    • John Allen Dickinson

      And you aren’t going to have to. If you would quit listening to the loons like Alex Jones, Breitbart or others, your paranoia might go away.

      • Have you forgotten New Orleans and Katrina where the Democrat Mayor confiscated private firearms? You think it cannot happen on a wider scale?

        • John Allen Dickinson

          And that fiasco was remedied.

          • Are you sure there will not be another “fiasco”? Are you willing to bet your life on it never happening again? Not me.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            I can’t tell you there will never be another anything. However, the likelihood is less now.

          • “likelihood”, when one’s private property and/or his life is at stake, is not a good bet in my book.

          • Goldy…the JAD is a paid TROLL…ignore….him/her/it?

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Jarhead, you are obviously one of many trolls here. Even in right wingnutia, people can’t be that stupid. Or can they?

  32. Oh right. Terrorists are going to have guns no matter what the law says. It makes no sense to me to disarm law abiding citizens so they can be killed by terrorists. Just shows the stupidity of the liberals.

  33. That is the dumbest thing we can allow – to let the liberals take our guns from us. After Garland, that is all the more reason we need a gun to defend ourselves, our family and our property. We do not have a government or police who will protect us as Christians so we must do the job ourselves and protect ourselves and our neighbors. If the liberals think they’re going to get our guns they are completely our of their minds or just plan stupid like most robots.

  34. I am sick and tired of rich people that can afford to live in gated communities, afford arm security trying to tell me that I can’t own a gun to protect my friends and family from a armed intruder. An armed intruder is deftly not going to give up their gun. Their weapons are not traceable to them. Gun control established in the United States would not work. Only the illegal gun owners will have guns then. Rich people walk around with armed security is constantly calling for gun control with out give up their armed security and gated communities. Until you give up your protection don’t sit there and demand that I should!

  35. John Stratemeyer

    You just had to know that was coming.

  36. William Michael Stone

    Looks like someone lured the assholes out to be dealt with before they caused any other harm. And, until the “peaceful” Muslims denounce the caliphate, and, jihad, that is happening, expect more of the same.

  37. William Michael Stone

    I carry a gun, because, my president is too heavy to use as a shield……

  38. All citizens should by rights own, and have available to protect themselves and others firearms. If those who oppose arms ownership would only look at the protection that people receive when a situation like Ferguson, and Baltimore occurs, and where were the police to protect the whole city? I’d rather die fighting for my life than to wait in vain for the police to arrive to protect me.

  39. Michael Dennewitz

    When you let women who are on their periods get involved, this is the shit that happens!!

    • easy. The Moms thing is backed by a real b*tch, His name is Soros.

    • The cause is MENstration, MENopause, & cold handed GUYnocologists.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        ROFL… Hey, there’s a group out west that’s going to “stage” a really wild party, and they’re going to display a mock-up of moohumid screwing a goat (like they all do,) and once the ISIS bastards show up, let ’em have it.. Somebody’s starting to think, eh??

  40. You just have to wonder how the libs rationalize the fact that terrorists and criminals have guns, but law abiding Americans shouldn’t……Also, how do they back this criminal, rip-off family, with the master rip-off artist at the helm. Voting for Hillary is an outrage!

  41. retired cop in marana

    I’ve just now finished reading a book written by a novelist named William W Johnstone, titled “Home Invasion”. In his book, he describes events whereas the President has ordered (with plausible deniability, of coarse) the manufacture of nerve gas to be used on the American populous which refused to agree with his policies. In this book, he forms a national police force ( the FPS) and sends them out to disarm a Texas town in order to try out the gas on them, as a test of its effectiveness. The disarming of the town explodes into a vicious battle between the defenseless townspeople, the Mexican drug cartel and the Federal Police, each intending to harm the townspeople. But, because some guns were hidden from the FPS, the town did not die, and the President’s evil plan was thwarted. Enough said. Moms against guns is a communist ploy !!!!

    • Hmmmm, kind of sound familiar. He wants to form a National Police Force, No telling what the gay golfer has ordered, Texas has been declared a Hostile State, there are warrantless searches and arrest. The Cartel and Isis has already invaded our southern border.
      Moms has ties to George Soros. But so does the queen in Washington who finds everything out by listening to the News while on the golf course.

  42. Members of moms demand action should have their children taken from them by dss for neglect and child endangerment.

  43. liberturds are idgit’s drinking to much J.J. kool-aid the more guns the better way to stop the ragheads/thugs/crooks they dont follow laws thats why they are called thugs/crooks/thieves. if you dont like guns move cuba or commie /fascist country quit trying to make the USA one maggots

  44. THERE WILL ALWAYS be either ignorant fools OR plain-out Communists demanding ‘gun control’ instead of CRIMINAL CONTROL; thus ignore their BS, ….BUT fight their efforts with TRUTH!!!

  45. It’s time we take a stand against this saul alinsky indoctrinated government we find ourselves with today.

  46. Texans will not lay down their guns. If it had not been for Texas Marksmanship, people would be dead. “Come & Take It” If not a Member of the NRA, join now.

  47. The incident in Texas was one of very few where the cops were actually there, that is the case only a very, very limited percent of the time. An overwhelming amount of the time the cops, show up, investigate the crime scene and count the bodies. The “useful idiots” from, primarily the left, like MDA, have no real brain involved in thinking about either facts or common sense, we the people need to make it clear to our representatives, no gun control laws, if you pass them you will be voted out or recalled. The unconstitutional laws already on the books need to be repealed and laws that effect actual law breakers enforced to the max. The Texas incident is over whelming evidence that gun control laws are totally ignored by criminals and terrorist and will have only devastating effects on the law abiding citizens. A government that does not trust it’s law abiding citizens with guns is a government that cannot be trusted. Something else to consider, the timing of this is conveniently just before an upcoming vote to extend the Patriot Act, seems like an excuse to me.

  48. I will be totally honest! If any of the whacko’s pass laws that deny me my RIGHT to bear arms I will not obey. I did not like the fact I had to be vetted in order to carry concealed but I hate the idea that I should be disarmed yet the
    hoods and the thugs are not only armed but would make me and so many others VICTIMS.
    BTW….the police officer who took down the two radicals with only his service revolver should get a medal and a promotion but knowing how the mayor of Baltimore and the the AG acts he might well get fined or suspended for firing his weapon without being fired upon first.

  49. Control crime NOT guns!

  50. More great ideas. 180 degrees out of sync.

  51. That black sob needs to go back to where he was born. Africa. No way he can make me believe he is an American citizen.


    Patrick your 100% right

  53. I would be MADD too if all I stood for went up in smoke – mote people with guns, fewer people die from ‘lone wolf’ attacks, that works for me, and I can certainly lock up my gun if it is not on me assuming I had one .

  54. MDA should get their asses back in their bedrooms where they could at least be useful! After that get the house cleaned and dinner on! They assume no responsibility for any of their actions or consequences. They don’t know a damn thing about what they are protesting. Maybe someday some of them will meet the armed assailant that teaches them the foolish error of their ways the hard way!

  55. headonstraight

    The Garland matter was appropriately handled. A gun in the hands of a trained law enforcement officer got the job one. But leave it to the radical pro-gun crowd to use any and all such incidents as yet further argument for gunning up the country even more than it is already gunned up.

  56. It’s amazing how many individuals ignore the truth and say idiotic things(assuming that they’re honestly saying such things). Of course, most of them are NOT honestly saying these stupid things. They want to infuriate us. But, I must admit that there are enough people stupid and/or afraid enough to nod their heads in agreement to the infuriating. So, it continues. WAKE UP, AMERICA !!!! First, they come for the gun owners. Then, they come for you and me. You think that you can get justice from the Federal gov’t.? Look up Gordon Kahl and how he died, Randy Weaver, what really happened at Waco, to name a few. Look up the deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown, etc..

  57. Gun control won’t stop terrorist. This is proof that all American citizens should own and be proficient at shooting. Yes, proficiency is the only gun control needed in America. What do Liberals want Americans to do not be able to defend their lives and the lives of their family members? Yes, this can be the only reason. This is kind of like Al Sharption wanting to disarm the police. If that was the case the terrorist would have kill scores of innocent citizens. Liberals, go away.











  59. Oh, where to start… the absolutely absurd, pin headed
    gun-grabbers haven’t figured it out yet so please lemme give yall a refresher…

    Guns are NOT the problem; screwed-up people are the problem. Not once, has a
    gun ever jumped up off of the floor and started shooting at people. It’s always
    some mentally-anguished goof who has a either defective mind, low self-esteem
    and/or poor coping skills that winds up being the one who opens fire on a
    [defenseless] crowd people and if the gun-grabbers had their way, we would all
    be sitting ducks.

    It is time for us to re-evaluate the construct of our society starting with the way the media paints their stories replete with semi-noteworthy teasers, dramatic animated splash screens & fully-parsed tag lines all meant to sell baby sell that story and all for a little better ratings…

    Add to that, many people in our society haven’t figured out
    that violent video games where kids sit for hours shooting & killing
    whatever moves coupled with lyrics in rap songs that glorify the use of drugs
    and guess what else, lots of ”gun type” violence are one major root of the whole entire problem coupled with not having a father figure at home.

    Think about it… there were lots of guns readily available to kids all during the 1800 & 1900’s but does anyone ever remember hearing any stories about kids going bonkers and shooting up little Columbine school house on the prairie, moving picture shows or Mr. Gumphrey’s grocery store at the corner of Sanity & Reason, no.

    Instead now, we live in a crazy ass society being led by an evil & snarky president followed by a bunch of monkeys portending to manage our “government” you know, the folks who take in trillions and trillion of dollars of our tax dollars every year only to give it away and waste on social programs that’ll never work and also building more & more prisons instead of investing in more schools with better and well-paid teachers like I had when I grew up. After all, I turned out pretty well and I don’t think about hurting other people with a gun, a hammer or anything else for that matter regardless of how my life sucks or if I had a bad day.

    Truly, the Libtards, the Left and all of those other functionally illiterate snapper heads who are way-too-ready to give up & throw away our very basic 2nd Amendment rights instead of being intellectually honest and admitting that problems in the society are more likely the culprit when it comes to mass shootings and the murder of un-armed citizens.

    Anyway, back to sitting ducks… most Texans are NOT and I have spoiler alert from all of us in Texas to all of you creepy Terrorist & ISIS types out there who wanna harm Americans by bringing forth your brand of social justice or whatever it is that you have done to pervert your own religion.

    What happened the other day in Garland, Texas was just the beginning because we are NOT gonna put up with that crap and I am pretty sure you’ve heard our tag, “Don’t Mess with Texas”

    It well just may be time to play “Cowboys & excuse me, “Radical” Muslims except Texans are NOT gonna play!

  60. This liberal wins the “Dufus of the Week” award!

  61. liberaldisgust

    I agree , I think we need better GUN control , just not the Leftard version ….. I believe everyone who is a second amendment supporter and gun owner should spend more time at the range fine tuning their personal GUN CONTROL ….. Welcome to the Conservative Constitutional Idea of Gun Control …… The Liberal presumption sucks …..

  62. Oh, where to start… the absolutely absurd, pin headed
    gun-grabbers haven’t figured it out yet so please lemme give yall a refresher…

    Guns are NOT the problem; screwed-up people are the problem. Not once, has a
    gun ever jumped up off of the floor and started shooting at people. It’s always
    some mentally-anguished goof who has a either defective mind, low self-esteem
    and/or poor coping skills that winds up being the one who opens fire on a
    [defenseless] crowd people and if the gun-grabbers had their way, we would all
    be sitting ducks.

    is time for us to re-evaluate the construct of our society starting
    with the way the media paints their stories replete with semi-noteworthy
    teasers, dramatic animated splash screens & fully-parsed tag lines
    all meant to sell baby sell that story and all for a little better

    Add to that, many people in our society haven’t figured out
    that violent video games where kids sit for hours shooting & killing
    whatever moves coupled with lyrics in rap songs that glorify the use of drugs
    guess what else, lots of ”gun type” violence are one major root of the
    whole entire problem followed by not having a father figure at home.

    about it… there were lots of guns readily available to kids all during
    the 1800 & 1900’s but does anyone ever remember hearing any stories
    about kids going bonkers and shooting up little Columbine school house
    on the prairie, moving picture shows or Mr. Gumphrey’s grocery store at
    the corner of sanity & reason, no.

    Instead now, we live in a
    crazy ass society being led by an evil & snarky president followed
    by a bunch of monkeys portending to manage our government you know, the
    folks who take in trillions and trillion of dollars of our tax dollars
    every year only to give it away and waste on social programs that’ll
    never work and building more & more prisons instead of investing in
    more schools with better and well-paid teachers like I had when I grew
    up. After all, I turned out pretty well and I don’t think about hurting
    other people with a gun, a hammer or anything else for that matter
    regardless of how bad my day was.

    Truly, the Libtards, the Left and all of those other
    functionally illiterate snapper heads who are way-too-ready to give up &
    throw away our very basic 2nd Amendment rights instead of being
    intellectually honest and admitting that problems in the society are more
    likely the culprit when it comes to mass shootings and the murder of un-armed

    back to sitting ducks… most Texans are not and I have spoiler alert
    from all of us in Texas to all of you creepy Terrorist & ISIS types
    out there who wanna harm Americans by bringing forth your brand of
    social justice or whatever it is that you have done to pervert your own

    What happened the other day in Garland, Texas was just
    the beginning because we are NOT gonna put up with that crap and I am
    pretty sure you’ve heard our tag, “Don’t Mess with Texas”

    Maybe it’s time to play “Cowboys & excuse me, “Radical” Muslims except Texans are not gonna play!

  63. This woman is insane, just like her puppet master Bloomberg, who funds her radical organization. Take all the guns away from law abiding citizens and then they all become victims of the State as well as rogue criminals who have guns, knives, swords, bats, ice picks, gangs and so on. In countries that outlawed sef protection criminal activity increased 100 fold, especially home invasion robberies.

  64. george h abernathy

    every time obamas people kill someone they want to take guns away from the legal gun owner..i would join a call for taking away of the guns from the secret service and all the bodyguards in Washington and see if they feel is the law abiding citizen that keeps the streets safe from the lawless..

  65. We are beating a dead horse here and the gun control freaks don’t seem to care or listen to reason or do they read the actual facts. Which are, by the way, accessible to everyone.

    It is an unequivocal fact no one can protect you as well as you can protect yourself. Nor do they have as good a reason to protect you as you do. Lets say you need protection so you call 911. The operator says someone is one the way. However, the law enforcement officer is 2 miles away and it may take 10 minutes to get to your location. In that ten minutes you can be dead and the crook can get cleanly away without a trace.

    The facts prove, and can easily be researched, for confirmation that the more gun control laws the less safe the citizens are. The less restrictive the gun laws the more safe the average citizen. Only the lazy never research (or maybe the ignorant) it and therefore, keep on believing the gun grabbers and liars. Just because someone is female does not mean she must believe in gun laws that make her and everyone else less safe. When are these ladies going to get smart and realize they, the gun control freaks, are playing them for idiotic fools? Wake up ladies! Show them you’re not an idiot!

  66. Alleged Comment

    Yes, gun control on ALL Moslems and illegal immigrants. I’m FOR IT! Caught with a gun, a hefty “oil” fine and BOOTED out of the country.

    And let’s call it GONE Control!

  67. Bryan W. Carpenter

    In a fist fight with a thug with a gun, you will probably lose If one thug illegally has a gun and lots of ammunition, can kill a large number of people before the police arrive. On the other hand, rob a gun store or a gun range or a gun show, and you gonna die, sucker. More guns equal more safety. Guns were mentioned by the framers of our constitution (smarter than the bunch we have today) saw guns as a GOD given RIGHT and politicians were not to INFRINGE upon it. With guns you are a citizen. Without guns YOU ARE A SUBJECT. Keep your slimy hands off of my guns.

  68. I will take that article one step further .. About 3 months ago two major cities in this country the Chief of police stated that legal responsible gun owners with concealed weapons permit would be the last line of defense that americans had against real terror attack in this country because according these police chiefs , the police cannot be everywhere at every place all the time to save the day. Take a look a Chicago now and what is going on up there with holding and carry.. The stupid people if they would really want to do something rrsponible, they would take their children somewhere and teach them proper gun safety. These dumb souls bitch now but I wonder how many of them would still be so self rightious if on some day a ISIS group decided to enter a local school wherein had their children in it and a passer by loaded and heavily armed took them on and gave police time to get their. If you said it cannot happen, Then all of that think this just could. Happen ,you better start thinking again. To best an enemy you think like your enemy. Grow up and do sone real good is my suggestion because these crazies are so far out in stupid land it is no longer cute anymore

  69. Brenda McQueen

    Oh HELL NO!!! Without people having guns legally, the only ones who WILL have them is the crooks and the terrorists!!!! WAKE UP AMERICANS AND IMPEACH OBAMA AND STOP HIS CRAP!!!! HE’S GIVING OUR MONEY TO PEOPLE WHO ARE YELLING DEATH TO AMERICANS……..THAT’S HIGH TREASON!!!!

  70. all the more reason that every American should be armed.

  71. I couldn’t of said it any better Pat O’Meara, the only thing is that the people that are getting killed or maimed aren’t the whining stupid Liberials… Too Bad because if it were them maybe they would quit whining and go out and buy a gun to protect their family and loved ones…. WAKE UP LIBERAILS BEFORE IT’S TO LATE….

  72. This is more the reason why every American should stock up on ammo and carry at all times. Just read where some thug tried to pull a female out of her SUV to high jack it, and maybe do her harm. An American rescued her from the coward thug. The thug rushed at him, but he had a gun. Shot the thug will one bullet. You never know when a killer or thug is lurking near. PROTECT THE 2nd AMENDMENT. They want to disarm America.

  73. Don’t be mislead, all of these “long wolf” Jihadist have been encouraged to “do their thing”, away from the immediate guidance of their Muslim leaders so that the local hierarchy can claim “no involvement”. I suspect they have been provided lists of possible “strike zones” or to follow the news for opportunities. The Qur’an dictates all devout Muslims are to respond to a call to “war Jihad” and I am also positive that the individual Muslims have been provided weapons or are “born in the U.S”, and have a right to buy their own. Keep in mind there are several million Muslims in the U.S., and if they are devout, we can expect the great majority will to respond to a call for all out Jihad. All local law enforcement agencies should put out a call for volunteer “reserves” to assist the local law enforcement agencies in event of a wide-spread Jihad. I would suggest each reserve force be at least double the size of each of their law enforcement agency. They would be assigned as “runners”, telephone and radio duties, a number-two officer in all squad cars, guards for key facilities, like power stations, relay and water towers, key highway and railroad intersections, bridges and overpasses, airport, train and bus station observers, etc. Let us not be caught sitting on our hands!

  74. It’s time to make this President enforce the laws instead of telling law enforcement to NOT enforce the laws!

    • Larry I agree but just how do we do that????Congress won’t do it.They are either afraid or in on the destruction of America.Boehner and McConnell are both RINO’s and are helping Obama.I sure wish it was that easy but Obama is a Liar,a Traitor and a Snake.He cannot be trusted.He must be removed but that is probably not going to happen either.We must never give up our guns.That would be Suicide………

  75. The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. Albert Enstein
    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke.
    Disarming good people so they cannot defend themselves or others will be how evil triumphs.
    The world has gone insane.

  76. By all means,more of this gun control stupidity, though while the fools ing the same old sad songs, they shoulod realize the follosing. Were their ridiculous goals ever realized, they would have managed to set the foxes to guard the hen house, a not especially smart move, it seems.

  77. I think they demonstrated very good gun control in Garland and saved a lot of money in the process.

  78. I wish one of these blood thirsty mudslime ISIS operatives would show up at the door step of one of these moms demand action broads and then let’s listen to them squawk about gun control. The only thing that saved those people’s lives in that meeting place was guns, you ignorant dipsh-ts! The only thing that is going to save our country from take over is guns in the hands of patriots. Not your messiah – ovomit the liar! Not your policeman who is ten minutes at the least away! Not your cronies with their anti-gun babble! Not your children! Not your government. It will be your armed neighbors, your armed friends, your armed patriots! Get your libtard heads out of your asses and use your fecking brains besides somewhere to stow a favorite guacamole recipe! I am a woman and the batch of you make me sick to my stomach! How much is the left paying you old hags to parade around in front of the cameras demanding everyone kowtow to your way of thinking?

  79. the armed citizen is a safe citizen and those around them are far safer also.
    the morons in the latest female gun grabbing group make no actual case that stands up

  80. Why ban the gun when a human picked the gun up, loaded it, aimed it and pulled the trigger, the gun did nothing, nothing at all. Who are the idiots who cannot figure this out, the gun has no power of it’s own, I MUST BE ACTIVATED BY A HUMAN!? Anybody that can kill another person will find another way to do it, if they don’t have a gun. Opposing guns is a good “vote gitter” and the reason it is used so much, by politicians!! I really do not think that they are that stupid, to believe “guns kill”!

  81. Jeanne Stotler

    They want to make it easier for Obama’s Muslim friends to take over, recent article, ISIS will attack where gun laws are the strongest.

  82. Red Scholefield

    Look at the good side, my stock in Ruger, Smith & Wesson and CCI is doing great.

  83. Loving America

    It is just a good speculation that all the murders in America were planned and headed by groups wanting to take our guns that are mass murders! If the FBI and CIA were doing their jobs they might just get it all figured out! And if Obama told them not to find out they better wake up!

  84. So, anybody care to “take a wild guess” as to what would have happened if Israel, in it’s earlier years, had passed the kind of gun control on Israeli citizens that MDA advocates, as an incentive for moslem terrorists to disarm also? Think real hard! What they did instead was allow all adult citizens to carry automatic weapons so they could open up on a terrorist if they tried to do anything.

  85. Well, You see, the jihadits wouldn’t have guns if they didn’t have permits. RIGHT?

  86. I thought the control of the weapons was excellent!

  87. It does prove Wayne Lapierre’s statement that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Another quote I like is from one of the Dirty Harry movies, when Inspector Harry Callahan says to the police commissioner, “What’s wrong with people getting killed, as long as it’s the right people who get killed?”

  88. Great gun control was again seen in Texas this last weekend. A law enforcement officer was wounded slightly and two radicals dead. Score one for the good guys!.

  89. All These Anti Gun Nut Cases Probably Never Owned One, Never Shot One And/Or Never Were In The Military Service Our Our Country !!! They Seem More Bent On Allowing “We The People” And America To Fall Victim To Tyranny, Insurrection And
    Destruction !!! They Have No Knowledge Why We Have The Second Amendment In Our Constitution, Nor The Knowledge Or Experience Of Being In The Great Out Of Doors And Hunting !!! Where Would Wild Life Conservation Be Without

    Hunters ?!

    1-855-827-2351 And Contact Any Or All Elected representatives and
    speaker Boehner at 202-225-0600, Tell Them To Step Up And Aggressively
    Fight Against The Obomer Regime, Agenda And Tyranny Or Get Out Of
    Washington !!!! Join The Judicial Watch at,The Freedom
    Watch at and Convention Of States (COS) at



  90. Let’s control the basis of all gun problems by controlling the Heroin and Cocaine problem, witch lead to the root of all evil, not the guns, dumb ass Liberals !

  91. If you people think that i or we of the United States of America will disarm because this president say’s so. Well, you are dumber that i give you credit for being. What i would like to see,is for these heathens to leave our country before we hurt them. They don’t belong here and we don’t want them here. January 21st, 2017 at High Noon will be this tyrants last day, Thank God.

  92. Ft. Hood:…MuSLIME terrorist murders 13 unarmed American citizens and injures 30! Gubment scum had disarmed personnel at the Fort…… Garland, Texas….. two ARMED Law Enforcement officers thwart pukes attempt to destroy 1st Amendment rights of Texas citizens. Result, no trial, no appeals, no lifetime 3 squares, and no frikken Obama virgins.

  93. MuslimLuvChrist

    we need these muhammad cartoon contests in every state that loves guns,
    to “draw” the scum out and make chalk outlines of them.

  94. If “Mom’s that demand action” would just get married maybe they would sit at home and STFU and things would get better and safer.

  95. Michael Dennewitz

    Something serious needs to happen to this bitch, and the cops need to arrive 30 minutes AFTER it goes down!!

  96. MuslimLuvChrist

    if you haven’t bought a gun yet, do so NOW!
    no more captures, no more drone strikes,
    just have muhammad cartoon contests all around the world,
    to “draw” the scum out and make chalk outlines of them.

  97. Michael Bloomberg does not know or does not care or is to damn stupid to know if all of are guns are gone the muslims come in kill all the Jews and queers in America and take over the country now that’s stupid.People like Michael Bloomberg can have my gun when I’m dead not before.

  98. It should be the opposite: a campaign to get MORE GUNS in the hands of law-abiding Americans.


    That was Hitler’s strategy. Take away the citizen’s weapons so they couldn’t fight back, & more easily controlled. Don’t fall for it.



  102. After Garland, and the increased terror alerts, to H*LL with gun control!!! If Americans are wise, they will buy a weapon and learn to use it!

  103. The liberal,socialists will seize every opportunity to call for the disarming of U.S. citizens since it would hasten the take over of our nation,we must be ever vigilant and never stop resisting or our country is gone for sure.

    THAT DON’T ALL OF YOU GUN HATERS UNDERSTAND?????????????????????????????????????????

  105. we have been patient with the liberal garbage for way too long, we know what they want and why.
    Have we had enough, yet?

  106. Michael Bloomberg is, at the least, a Socialist tyrant and as such has found a herd of compliant sheep in the Moms Demand Action group. I’m sure some of those women are sincere and really believe that “gun” control is a viable solution to what they deem a national problem even though it isn’t. Tyrants have always known that corralling a law abiding armed populace, is a very difficult proposition.
    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms; history shows all conquerors who have allowed the subjected people to carry arms have prepared their own fall.” Adolf Hitler
    “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.” Albert Camus
    None of this gun control hysteria is aimed at preventing crime. The goal is a disarmed, helpless society.


  107. Pam Geller did Garland, TX a favor. These two home grown terrorists were hell bent to commit Jihad. Within 10 miles of the Curtis Culwell Center where they were killed, they could have drove to several locations i.e.: The University of Texas at Dallas; Garland Christian Academy; Garland High School and Price Elementary school. There would have been no SWAT team to contend with and they could have leisurely killed 100’s of children in the name of their Pedophile Prophet. Moms Demand Action, when you hold conventions, do you put signs up that guns are off limits and that its a gun free zone? Maybe in the future some of Allah’s Followers will pay your convention a Jihadist welcome then what are you doing to do? Throw Lemonade in their faces?
    Garland, Texas ought to be thanking Pam Geller for taking this scum off the streets. Any number of schools could have been targeted by these dirt bags and there would be 100’s of people mourning their dead loved ones.
    You were lucky this time! Disarming the citizens and police WILL guarantee future mass funerals. Dwell on that!
    Thank you Pam Geller and many more thanks to the Garland SWAT team, I hope they give all of you a medal.

  108. QUESTION TO GUN CONTROL FREAKS: Just what the hell would gun control have done to stop these two jihadist’s, hmmm???

  109. Gun control – if that means taking the weapons from the cold, dead hands of the Muslim jihadists then I am all for it. NOT taking weapons from law-abiding US citizens! Especially not from our veterans!!!!

  110. Why is it always “more gun control”?
    Garland was a great example of gun control,
    the criminal islamists are dispatched to hell!
    Why is it never “more islamist control”?
    More criminal control?
    More border control/security?

  111. Can These Moms Read? Our Second Amendment is quite specific and will NOT BE ALTERED no matter how hard they stomp their feet. We can Label this…. “The People have already demanded and Received ACTION and it can be found in our Unalienable Bill of Rights, Article Two Please” Now Get Over it Moms! 🙂

  112. From whence comes the call mentioned in the above article, this call for Gun Control??

  113. If anything we need more responsible gun owners! Trained and concealed okay by me. Armed society is a polite society.
    Obama is one of the most successful presidents ever people. He is doing EXACTLY what he said he would do if elected and you idiots went out and elected him! What were you thinking? OH goodie? Free stuff? Who pays for your free stuff? Never gave that a thought did you? How about utopia? How do you like your utopia?

  114. Wilbert Jennings

    People know the difference between the good and the bad it’s just going to take the ugly before they wake up. If not a gun it will be swords, the muslims are determined to conquer the Earth and America is the last nation to succumb. We have men in this country impressed by the ISIS crap because they aren’t men but cowards that want to dominate their women and children. We have listless,lazy men that want to make babies and brag about how many they have made but aren’t men enough to support or nurture them and then blame a fatherless home for why they are what they are and the gangs provide that void. Then we have the single mothers that kick out baby after baby and cop out with being a single mother while getting welfare for each child. Then there are others that have lived on welfare and food stamps for decades and burn down their communities when one of their thugs gets killed while trying to kill a cop. Oh and lest we forget those that like being told when where and how to live approximately 40% of Americans living off government subsidies its called socialism. We also have bigots that think they are better than others because of their race and then there are whites that think the same. Fortunately for America there will be a weeding out process you know the separation of the wheat and the chaff . There are many different races defending America in our armed forces as well as day to day Americans that have a work ethic and support and defend our Constitution and have a if you don’t work you don’t eat and if you make a baby you support it not society and oh yeah if you don’t like what America stands for simply leave and before the ugly starts because you ain’t going to like what is going to happen.

  115. How about More Criminal and Terrorist Control. “WE THE PEOPLE” Will keep our guns because Our Idiot Liberal and Muslim controlled Government has a war on Police which means “WE THE PEOPLE” have no choice but to protect ourselves. With wide open Borders and our Governments unwillingness to secure them only God knows what kind of trouble is getting into our country. I understand Democrats are despirate for Voters and this is why they are being imported from other countries with promises of instant citizenship so they can vote, Healthcare, Welfare along with Housing and Food Stamps but “WE THE PEOPLE” Who are Working to Pay for all this Must Protect ourselves. As seen in Garland One person with one Handgun can and are willing to stop a terrorist attack before it can take place since our Government can’t. WE WILL JUST KEEP OUR GUNS THANK YOU.

  116. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Obama knows what he is doing its those who voted for him that’s been fooled.

  117. I think if Jihadists were smart, they would hit all the liberal events and neighborhoods, colleges, etc. where they don’t believe in self defense

  118. Re these Moms Demand Action, if ignored, politely of course, think they might dry up and like dust or snow flakes, blow away?

  119. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    The Egyptian media thinks that Obama is insane and possibly deliberately destroying his own country.

  120. NO! REMOVE all restrictions on guns, arm EVERY man, woman and child! WE ARE AT WAR, and it will be the PRIVATE CITIZEN who will defend the country! All muslims should be listed, and then parked in concentration camps! They are NOT human!

    • “REMOVE all restrictions on guns, arm EVERY man, woman and child! WE ARE
      AT WAR, and it will be the PRIVATE CITIZEN who will defend the country!”

      And when a psychotic man massacres a Christian congregation, what will you do then?

    • Muslims are human. Bigots like you aren’t.

  121. after what just happened in France & Obama wanting to let another 10,000 + terrorist into the U.S.A. if your not armed to the teeth than your a fool !

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