Adam Schiff: Trump Even More Dangerous to U.S. Democracy Than Russia

Here’s something fairly amazing: More than a year after Robert Mueller turned in his long-awaited report refuting just about everything Democrats had been saying for years about the Trump campaign’s “collusion” with Russian hackers, Rep. Adam Schiff – one of the prime conspiracy theorists – is STILL out there warning Americans about the Big Bad Russian Menace.

You would think that this guy, who spread more lies about Russia and Trump than any other elected official, would be embarrassed to ever let the word “Russia” escape his lips again. But on Friday, in the Democratic Weekly Address, Schiff was not only ringing the alarm bells once again about Russian election interference, he actually said that President Trump himself was a bigger danger to U.S. democracy than even Putin.

“It was almost exactly four years ago that we first began to see evidence that Russia was interfering in our democracy and seeking to influence our elections. It was shocking and, at the time, unprecedented,” Schiff said in the address.

“Directed by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, Russian intelligence officers hacked Democratic emails and dumped them on the web to assist the Trump campaign,” he continued. “In addition, Kremlin-backed trolls in St. Petersburg used social media to stoke racial division, spread misinformation, damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign and our democracy.”

Yeah, and it was a drop in the ocean in terms of the political warfare that year. Furthermore, we’re not sure how releasing actual emails from the DNC counts as “misinformation,” but boy have they ever tried to get us to believe that. As for actual fake news, we’ve long known that troll farms in Macedonia and elsewhere were pumping out nonsense for their own profit – nothing to do with helping the Trump campaign and certainly nothing to do with Putin. If stories like “Pope endorses Trump” turned the tide of the election, then Hillary Clinton was a weaker candidate than we even thought.

As for the fake news that actually did damage to the country? Well, Schiff should know all about that since he was a major contributor to one of the biggest, botched, fairy tale news stories of the last hundred years.

“As bad as the threat of foreign interference is to our elections, there is something even more dangerous to the health of our democracy,” Schiff continued. “And that is domestic efforts to prevent Americans from voting by closing down polling stations, limiting the days and time for voting, imposing deliberately burdensome voter ID requirements, purging voter rolls and discrediting, in advance, the votes of millions of Americans who must vote-by-mail during a pandemic.

“For months now, President Trump has sought to undermine the votes of millions by casting doubt on a form of voting he uses himself, vote-by-mail. And the president knows exactly what he’s doing,” Schiff said. “By suppressing the vote and seeking to disenfranchise people, he is trying to help himself, not the nation. By attacking vote-by-mail, by forcing people to choose between their health and their vote, he is trying to help himself, not the nation. And by seeking to discredit the results of our election before it even takes place, he’s trying to help himself, not the nation.”

Schiff concluded: “Doing all of these things and at the same time, Donald Trump may end up doing more damage than any foreign government could by refusing to accept the results of the election or allowing a peaceful transition of power. If this is his ambition, he will not succeed.”

First of all, it sounds like Schiff is conflating things that will hurt the Democratic Party with things that will hurt the nation. Second, he’s out there spreading more boneheaded conspiracy theories by suggesting that Trump will illegally try to stay in power if he loses to Biden.

Third…isn’t it interesting how often Democrats are going to this particular well? It’s almost as if they know there are going to be serious irregularities in the upcoming election, and they want to set the stage that any resistance from Trump is an affront to democracy. Kinda makes you wonder what they have up their sleeve, eh?

We certainly wouldn’t put anything past them.

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