Adam Schiff Attacks McCarthy

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) called House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) a “very weak leader” on Sunday. Schiff also said that he expected “chaos” to ensue after the Republicans gained control of the House in the next Congress.

This statement was made during an interview with co-anchor Jonathan Karl on ABC’s “This Week.” During his appearance, Schiff also said McCarthy would likely follow the direction set by Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). He added that he would most likely follow the “wishes of the lowest common denominator”. He continued to talk about McCarthy’s plan to move Schiff from the Intelligence committee.

Schiff also noted that was the plan in general and that the GOP was looking to remove all the members from the committees. According to Schiff under Republican leadership, there will be “chaos” in part because the “crazy caucus” has increased within the GOP.

This will be the first time that Republicans will manage to gain control of the lower chamber since 2018.
Schiff on Sunday also noted that the Biden administration was willing to comply with any subpoenas issued by the House Oversight and Reform Committee. This follows Rep. James Comer’s (R-Ky.) announcement that the committee will focus its investigations on Hunter Biden’s business dealings, Dr. Anthony Fauci and key immigration issues.

Schiff said that the administration should cooperate and adhere to the law. However, that should not stop them from looking at whether the Republicans are adhering to the right procedures.

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  1. Such a piece of schiff

    • Compared to the orange turd. Schiff’s smells better.

      • Very questionable. Have you ever been to an outhouse and experienced the aroma wafting out, well that’s what we get from either one of them. If it looks like, smells like, and has flies attached to it, it must be!

      • I Adam Schiff is nothing more than a silly pcs of crap. Loves to start trouble just like Nancy .

    • Well hell Schiff you shouldn’t be omn the intelligence committee any way. Just by the very descriptive type. People like you should understand even with your small brain that you don’t belong there. I mean someone who is dber than a bag of hammers would be to stupid to figure out such complex matters.

  2. I’m just waiting for Adam to come out, it’s just a matter of time.

  3. Snchiff needs to be tarred and feather and then run out on a rail!

    • There is only one place for this piece of Schiff, prison for his treason. It’s too bad that we are not in the times of the founding fathers. They would not have put up with the actions of the democrats and had they acted the way they did they would be facing cryain death by multiple means for their actions.

      Schiff is an absolute menace to this country and it’s safety yet he walks free but so does garbage like Soros, Pelosi, a senile old man with his criminal son and the walking mattress VP who only is around when she has something stupid to say or making a fool out of herself. These people are grossly incompetent and nothing gets done because the majority are so corrupt. You see how they acted with Trump when he tried to clean up the mess, which it still should be. Tax dollars are being wasted going to other countries for BS, or right back into politicians pockets.

  4. It’s about time lying, little,bug-eyed,pencil,neck,adam dipshift, gets his just rewards, of being kicked off his commttee for lying to us for years with bs and propaganda,seeya dipshit.

  5. Come out of what, the out house or wafting out as a a very distinctive odor that you just can’t seem to escape. To me after what the Democrats have done, especially the lies and deception he has done, int eh last 6 years, he deserves much worse than being just removed from his committees. He needs to be barred from the Floor of the House.

  6. Schiff is an oxygen thief. He should be on the climate change most wanted list. He spews more pollution than China. Now this bugged eyed malcontent can go back to being the ignored nobody he really is. He contributes nothing and produces nothing.

  7. I waiting for the State of the Union message this time around and hope McCarthy rips it up just like piglosi did to Trump – “what goes around comes around”.

    • Itis unfortunate and I do wish it was not true but, McCarthy, while being well intentioned for the most part, is not the person for this job.

  8. Schiff deserves being removed from all committees for the drama and deception he led and the disruption to the Trump Presidency. The change the rules and it comes back to bite them. Harry Reed changed the procedures to get judges appointed for Obama and then when it came back to bite them they acted like it hadn’t be done by them just prior.

  9. Oh … the crazy caucus … I suppose that is very different than the Democrat’s “lying caucus” that Schiff has led the last 6 years … Demoted, excluded, and now whining … Welcome to the “Schiff show”

  10. Shiff is so full of bs, his eyes are brown! Liar! Remember he “had proof” of Trumps crimes during the impeachment hearings.

  11. i smell dog schiff!

  12. Ed buck ,shifts buddy… look him up!

  13. Schiff is hereby dubbed honorary non-binary. They / Them has been a disaster for at last 7 years. I’m sure he is feeling ignored without an impeachment to cry about. What a dweeb.

  14. ROFLMAO…while I don’t have much use for McCarthy I can’t see where lying, crooked Schiffty has any room to talk. He’s filth personified.

  15. Adam Schiff, the little person who proclaimed he had solid evidence, but kept it hidden, of Russia’s involvement with Trump’s election, feels so important that he’s concerned with Republicans adhering to the right procedures.

    Schiff needs to spend more time with the ‘boys’ in the LA boys club and be less concerned about Republicans doing things right.

  16. So Schiffless is concerned Republicans won’t follow proper procedures? Gee, where might they have learned that? Makes you think the R’s were taking lessons from the D’s these last 6 years or so. The Democrats have used every department of the government as a political weapon. I am basically sick of Democrats expressing concern that the Republicans are going to do exactly what the Democrats have been doing since Pelosi took control.

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