Actual Pelosi Quote: “None of Us Came to Congress to Impeach a President”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has told some whoppers in her time, but we’re not sure we’ve heard a laughable claim like the one she made Thursday in quite a while. After spending some time comparing Democrats and their impeachment efforts to the courageous actions of American Revolutionaries, Pelosi went as far as to claim that no Democrats “came to Congress” with the intention of impeaching President Donald Trump. We’d like to see the Washington Post award some Pinocchio’s for this kneeslapper, but maybe when things are this self-evidently ridiculous, a fact check isn’t necessary.

“At the beginning of our country,” Pelosi said in a speech to the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum, “Thomas Paine said this is the dark days of the Revolution. He said that times have found us. We think the times have found us now– you, Mr. Chairman, everyone in this room who sacrificed their time, resources, and the rest. No need to be here but to be there for our candidates so that we can make a better future.

“None of us came to Congress to impeach a president,” she continued, drifting from the absurd to the outrageous. “Not anybody, not anybody. That’s not what we are about. But we did take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Yeah. Okay, Nancy.

Now, we’ll go as far as to maybe concede that Nancy Pelosi herself did not want to go down Impeachment Road. Not because she wouldn’t LOVE to be the one to oust Trump from the White House, but because she understands the political realities of the situation. She knows that Mitch McConnell’s Senate will acquit Trump in record time. She knows that she’s endangering Democrats in districts where Trump won in 2016. She knows that the 2020 backlash could be enormous and unforgiving. So yeah, maybe SHE didn’t come to Congress to impeach a president.

But really, Nancy? “Not anybody”?

Um, can we direct your attention to the House Squad? Can we invite you to remember what Rashida Tlaib told her supporters on the very DAY she was sworn into Congress? Can you perhaps recall when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said – long before her actual election – that impeaching President Trump was a “no-brainer”? Are you even aware of fellow Democrats like Al Green of Texas and Maxine Waters of California? Those buffoons have been pushing for impeachment from the very first day of Trump’s presidency, so please, who are you kidding?

A whole lot of Democrats came to Congress with the idea of impeaching Trump. That is, indeed, exactly why you’re in the biggest political mess of your career, Nancy. You may not realize it yet, but this blunder will be your party’s undoing. Have fun!

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