Activist: Human Race Must Go Extinct so Planet Can Be Saved

Some liberals, like Elizabeth Warren, think that we have to enact carbon taxes on buildings and imports if we want to save the planet. Others, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, believe that we need to embark on a full-scale restructuring of our societies if we are to have any hope of turning back climate change. And then there are those, like Portland activist Les Knight, who think the planet’s only salvation lies in…the complete extinction of the human race.

Well, might as well cut straight to the most radical position possible, we suppose.

What’s remarkable is that, in his piece in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Knight reveals that he’s been pushing this unusual solution for five decades – long before “climate change” was even a thing.

“Fifty years ago, I concluded that the best thing for the planet would be a peaceful phase-out of human existence. We’re causing the extinction of hundreds of thousands of other species. With us gone, I believe ecosystems will be restored and there will be enough of everything. No more fighting over resources,” he wrote.

He acknowledged in the piece that his idea “wasn’t as well received” as he might have hoped at the time. But he did his best to prove his commitment to the idea, getting a vasectomy so that he couldn’t be accused of hypocrisy. Lunacy perhaps, but not hypocrisy.

From there, Knight traveled to Oregon in 1980 to launch the Voluntary Human Extinction Project.

“Our message is simple,” he revealed. “We encourage people to stop procreating so the biosphere might return to its former glory, and everyone already here will be able to live life more abundantly. We have active volunteers across the world, from India to Mexico.”

Volunteers doing…what? Not having unprotected sex?

“I’ve become more concerned about any new humans being brought into existence,” he wrote. “It’s true that society would be greatly diminished without children, but it isn’t right to create them just because we like having them around. We don’t need to breed more wage slaves to prop up an obsolete system.”

He concluded that the world will be much better off without us.

“If we go extinct, other species will have a chance to recover,” he finished. “I’ll never see the day when there are no humans on the planet, but I can imagine what a magnificent world it would be – provided we go soon enough.”

We have a feeling that if you were to spend all of your time around people like Les Knight, you would come to the same conclusion more quickly than you might imagine.

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