ACLU: When Gays Discriminate, It’s Perfectly Fine

The Daily Caller went out of its way to contact the American Civil Liberties Union for a response after a gay coffee shop owner kicked pro-life Christians out of his establishment, but so far the legal defense organization has had nothing to say about the matter. The ACLU, which gets involved every time a gay customer doesn’t get the cake they want for their big gay wedding, apparently thinks that LGBT people have both a special exemption from discrimination as well as the special right TO discriminate. Or maybe the ACLU just doesn’t think they should waste time and money defending any group as lowly as (ugh!) Christians.

From the Daily Caller:

The ACLU did not return multiple requests on an incident last week, when a gay coffee shop owner in Seattle, Washington, kicked out some Christians in his business for religious pamphlets they handed out.

The Daily Caller News Foundation emailed the national organization three times and called it multiple times looking for comment as well.

The Daily Caller News Foundation also reached out to the Washington affiliate for the ACLU, but received no comment on the incident in time for publication.

Video released Oct. 1 by Abolish Human Abortion, a pro-life Christian group, showed the owner of Bedlam Coffee shouting at Christians as they drank coffee in his shop.

“I’m gay, you have to leave,” the owner told the group, holding a pamphlet on sin and the Bible the group had passed out. “This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended.” He eventually forces the group to leave his business, telling them he’d “f— Christ in the a–.”

The ACLU has done good things to protect the civil liberties of wronged Americans, but far too often they allow their liberal biases get in the way of what should be an even-handed mission of clarity and support for our constitutional rights.

To be clear, we don’t necessarily think that the owner of this shop was wrong to kick the Christians out of his establishment. In fact, bully for him! It’s his shop and he has every right to kick a customer out if they are doing something that offends him.

And that’s THE POINT. If the ACLU is going to kick up a fuss every time a Christian baker refuses to support same-sex marriage, they need to at least have the courage of their convictions. Unless there is some specific LGBT clause in the Constitution that we’re not aware of, the law needs to protect all Americans equally.

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  1. Gays cannot discriminate for the same reasons blacks cannot be racist. Because some liberal PC doctrine says so! Logically they can but what in Hades does logic have to do with any of this???

    • Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

      • Even the name Gay is PC. We told it as it is my day. They aren’t Gays, they are queers.

        • Back in the middle ages they were called faggots, because that was the measure of wood they used to burn one. Just a little history.

          • LETS RESTART THAT!!!

          • While I don’t advocate burning these poor souls, history gives you some idea as to how far we have come in our attitudes. However, we have gone too far in the other direction, trying to say that it is normal when it truly isn’t. Couples were meant as Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Amanda and Eve.

          • AMEN PROFESSOR!

          • Try reading professional writings so you can join the modern world.

          • Just what do you mean by that? Have modern writers twisted the truth so much that you no longer recognize the truth?

          • You are a professor? The standards must have dropped dramatically since I was a professor!!

          • If you were ever a professor, that says something about how screwed up our Liberal education system is.

          • call them what you want, but Gay, give me a break. They are anything but gay. Actually, most i know a in a state of torment

          • You are full of bullcrap.

          • and that is the best response you can give pathetic

          • It is not worth spending much time commenting on a stupid post.

          • for once we agree, and we seem to be making some progress. I will not make any added comments on whatever you post until you graduate from Jr. High School. Then, you will be better equipped to discuss matters that now go way over your head.

          • I wished I would have saved the article (link) that said that gay people etal are 4 to five times MORE likely to commit suicide! So much for “happy, happy”!!! I feel “Blue” is far more correct than you!!!!

          • I don’t know any of them myself but use of the term “gay” for those allegedly in a state of torment is strange. If “homosexuals” are not happy and are in a state of torment then heterosexuals should be the ones referred to as “gay”.

          • Not my experience. I think you are lying influenced by prejudice.

          • While I hold with scripture that homosexuallity is sinful, I certainly do not support harming them in any way. We all are sinners before we accept what Jesus Christ did for us, then we are cleansed by His blood and old things pass away and we become new spiritual beings, being cleaned up continually. This salvation is for any and all, homosexuals included. Many have very sad histories for what they are now. Not something to be destroyed, but shown compassion as our Lord did for all sinners, admonishing to “go and sin no more”. This for thieves, adulterers, witches, even murderers, and homosexuals. He gives us the power to overcome the sin that so easily besets us. To be forgiven, we must forgive, not persecute others but rather pray for them, that they may be delivered from death to life. Go with God.

          • What ever happened to privacy? They are promoting the sin everywhere now, even in Church. I refuse to condone that lifestyle. They are corrupting the morals of minors, especially when they adopt. Mary Magdalene was forgiven, and became a follower of Jesus. Gays not only continue their immoral and unnatural lust, but flaunt it, and are trying to force exceptance and normalcy on everyone, that is the problem. God wants us all to be in good graces, He does not want us around evil…even Christ was tempted.

          • It is a problem, yes, however, we are told to expect these things in the last days. I do not condone homosexuality by any stretch, but neither do I condone hurting them. We can overcome sin and temptation by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Jesus told us to be of good cheer, He has overcome the world. We can intercede for anyone caught up in a sinful lifestyle and pray protection for innocent children. The Church/Body should be a light in the darkness offering help and healing, not acceptance of any sin, ever. We need to be doing greater works as Jesus foretold. When we can offer what Jesus did, we will see many repent and turn from their wicked ways, miracles got the attention of multitudes and still do.

          • We need more prayer. The Polish people gathered together at their border to pray the Rosary….over 1 million people…for world peace.


          • Impressive, indeed we do need more prayer. Matthew 18:19,20

          • Sad that these people want to erase and rewrite history according to their own delusions. We need to respond with letters and phone calls to officials and judges in this case.

          • I agree. It is important to keep contacting our elected politicians. Check these out, please.
            This man is the highest politician in the CA Statehouse and he is running for US Senate next year. This man crafted the legislation that made CA a sanctuary state. He is dangerous.




            If this man goes to DC Americans will suffer.

          • Thank you for the “heads up”. Will add to my prayer list, as I don’t live in California, not much I can do in contacting officials. This state is in real trouble.

          • Thank you for taking action! I call US Congressmen and Senators from every state. This man inparticular, is trying to change our Constitution in favor of illegals. Actually, if he knew his family members had fake documentation, social security numbers, green cards, isn’t that aiding and abetting a criminal? He needs to be investigated.

          • Interesting, I have tried sending emails only to be told I am not one his/her constituents, have not tried calling, but will do so. I will contact my Senator and express my concern for his credentials.

          • We can contact any legislator, and express our concerns. In fact, I get emails from Numbers USA to send to either my Congressmen or committees by fax, email or ohone calls.


          • Thank you very much, I just joined. 🙂

          • Oh good! Please share the link. I have a favorite quote


          • You spelled your screen name wrong. It does not get much dumber than that.

          • Your hate, Chi Sam is showing.

          • Dumb post!

          • What a stupid post. Try reality, it will be a new and good experience for you.

          • Stupid comments!! Try relating to the current world. They already have acceptance and full rights in this country. If you do not like that too bad!

          • Wrong. There still are a majority of us who love God and renounce evil gayness.

          • You are an idiot. They are corrupting no one and their lifestyle is normal. You know what God wants?? Now that is insanity to think that. Especially someone as ill informed as you are.

          • Only an idiot would look to the Bible to understand homosexuality. The American Medical Association, The American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association have all declared that homosexuality is a normal sexual orientation. They now have the right to marry, adopt children like heterosexuals have. What the Bible says is meaningless since it reflects ancient beliefs not modern beliefs. We do not believe that the earth is flat now either!!!

          • Name calling and putting down another’s beliefs? Look in the mirror when you say that.

          • Vernon, please do not call people idiots or other unkind names just because they disagree with you on a very paramount issue. The AMA and both APAs do not determine our morality. Often, all 3 benefit as a result of disregarding morality. “What the Bible says is meaningless?” The Bible teaches us not to steal, murder, lie, cheat, covet and much more. It teaches the importance of righteousness and forgiveness. It teaches us to be kind and to be obedient to our parents and other authorities. “It is impossible to govern a nation without the Bible.” (George Washington) Not relevant anymore? It is even MORE relevant than ever before.

          • nonsense. The Bible is out of date, surpassed by modern scientific knowledge in medicine, psychiatry, and psychology..

          • Gender orientation cannot be chosen. It is “pre-wired” before birth.
            NOBODY gets to SELECT her/his orientation. We DO get to reject or select Faith in God. (Let the atheists’/liberals’heads explode.) I am one of the “Born Again” and I get along well with my Maker.

          • Glad to hear it, that makes you family. However, I do disagree that sexual orientation is “pre-wired.” For God to forbid the behavior and then allow it to be present at birth would be the epitome of “unjust”. God is a just God, homosexuallity is listed with other sins of the flesh, it is a learned proclivity, perhaps at very young ages and probably is caused by another older person molesting the child. The human mind blocks out unpleasant memories often, so would account for the belief of being born with it. God says he knows us from the womb, to believe this is a condition born with, to me, is totally against his word. Because He is love, this doesn’t seem logical. The account of Sodom and Gomorrah shows God’s mercy and judgment, for 10 righteous, the cities would have been spared.

          • And there was NOT ten righteous there. The lack of faith in the destroyed cities is what brought judgement down upon them. When God was discussing with Abraham about destruction He was focusing on Unrighteousness, not on abnormal sexual activity. Today it is Unrighteousness, not particular “sins” that bring God’s displeasure. ALL sins will be forgiven except the sin of blasphemy. God tells us to NOT even pray for that because He will not hear a prayer for blasphemy. I John 5:16 and Jeremiah 7:16.
            If gender orientation is not predetermined WHEN did you decide on being attracted to which you are attracted to? I’d like to know at what point you decided on the orientation you have. Thanks.

          • The focus should not be on personal attraction but on what God tells us is right. We are all born into this world under the influence of the sin nature, once we are mature enough to choose, we can choose God’s way or not. I choose to believe what God says, not what fleshly desires dictate. To be righteous is to be in “right standing” with God, and yes without faith it is impossible to please God. The term “sodomy” comes from Sodom, the unnatural use of a human. For me, if God says don’t do it, that’s enough. To go against His teachings, leads to death and destruction. Fleshly or carnal thoughts lead many astray, be it adultery, fornication, witchcraft, theft or homosexuality. God cannot be tempted by evil, neither tempts he any man. James 1:12-17

          • You did not answer my question. ** When did you decide on being attracted to that which you are attracted to? I’d like to know at what point you decided on the orientation you have.”

          • I did answer, re-read it. Have a good day.

          • No you have not answered my question. Let’s word it differently.
            Are you “gay” or “straight”? Now, whichever one you happen to be, at what period in your life (age) did you select to have intimacy with either males or with females which ever you selected?

          • Stupid comment

          • Nothing like living in the world of several centuries ago. You are ignorant!

          • Really dumb comment. Try joining the modern world, it would be a new and possibly good experience for you.

          • No need to pray for them, all medical, psychiatric and psychogical organizations have together declared that homosexuality is a normal sexual orientation. They can marry, adopt children, and have all the rights of heterosexuals. You could join the modern world or be an idiot — your choice.

          • We have come a long ways since then!

        • YOU NAILED IT!

        • Back in my day they were known as “PETER PUFFERS!!”

        • You are an asshole. Gay is the correct term as is homosexual. All major medical, psychiatric, and psychological organizations agree that homosexuality is a normal sexual orientation. So you are the one who is out of line, living in the ignorant past. Try joining the modern world and coming out of the dark ages.

          • Modern MEDICAL etc. are only human, while God’s word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. What is acceptable doesn’t change with or by mans WHIM, but is eternal. The foundations of civilizations are always the same, and gays as you call them have no part in it except the destruction of that civilization. Look at history, every time that life style is espoused the civilization falls. It’s no co-incidence.

          • Leviticus 20:13 13″‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

            “Don’t you know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor abusers of themselves as women, NOR HOMOSEXUALS, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God”
            (1 Corinthians 6:9-10, AFV, emphasis mine).



          • Wow! Looks like Jesus will be the only human in Heaven by His lonesome. We might as well toss the Bible. If nobody is ever forgiven Heaven’s going to be like an abandoned shopping mall with leaves and dust blowing across the ground. YUK. My God and His Son have told me differently. Did they lie to me? Jesus told me, “I came that you might have Life and that you might have it more abundantly”. And,
            “He who believes and is baptized (with the Holy Spirit) shall be protected from the wrath to come”. I prefer my God. He and I get along very well.

          • The “BIBLE” is his word!! Guess you flunked reading and comprehension!!

          • No, God opened my mind to Holy Scripture and cleaned out a lot of garbage left over from decades. He and I get along fine now. We relate well. I prefer the Teachings of Jesus to those of Bible thumping
            pulpit pounders. The exchange between Jesus and a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well is very enlightening about how we are to worship. I hope you review that conversation. Your attitude and words to a “Born Again” Christian above are not very “Christian”. I forgive you.

          • Born Again??? That means you must have died!! Try the process again and hopefully this time around your brain will come along for the ride!

          • Codger you don’t seem to know much about Christianity. Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, DIED in my place. My Faith in Him as Son of God absolves me and all Christians of all sin. I cannot witness clearer than that. I hope you are among the Redeemed. GOD IS NOT MOCKED! …so be careful.

          • Evidently MORE than you!! They MUST REPENT, Not lickin the split or puffin peters all day long!! KEY WORD oh “I Wanna Be a PREACHER is “REPENT” NO REPENTY, NO HARPS OR WINGS!

          • If mockery is the best you can do you’ve won yourself a block party. Mockery of God and His Son are blasphemy. May God have mercy on your soul. You are blocked from my computer. The gate is closed.


          • Amen! And, Amen!

          • Looks like you jrchambers also need to read what I posted above about Jesus at Jacob’s Well with a Samaritan woman.

          • Shows the ignorance that once existed in the world.

          • God has shovel ready jobs that need to be filled; Stoking the fires of HELL!!

          • So God speaks to you!! That would be psychotic. You are not living in the modern world where Gays and Lesbians marry, raise children and lead normal lives.

          • They are hardly normal, only by some twisted lunatic left logic are they even close to normal! You can’t deny that where that life style has been advocated, that civilization has fallen because of the degenerate lifestyle and attitudes of it;s people, We’re headed down the same pathways unless we straighten out ! Read the writing on the wall of history, unless you want to repeat it, you better straighten up your act and your actions! Just because a large number of people advocate something doesn’t make it right. The Bible has shown the way for mankind to live, Homosexuals have shown us the way to destroy civilization. Which will you choose?

          • I choose to be sane and not crazy like you. You are out of touch with the current world. But of course you have the right to be living in an out of date world. Do you drive a Model A Ford?

          • I would much rather be right and old fashioned and out of touch with the modern world than be in touch with the modern world and wrong. As a professor of History, something you modern liberals seem to have forgotten because you keep trying to change it, My studies have shown me that those civilizations who live a righteous life they survive, while those who do not, Don’t survive. Read the writing on the wall of history and straighten up,

          • If that were true the earth would be flat! Science continues to discover new things, you apparently do not.

          • And being human, are just as often proved wrong at a later date. I for one have written a work that probably won’t be recognized for what it is for probably 100 years if this corrupt society lasts that long. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that God created the heavens and the Earth, something your so called Science has been trying to avoid for the last 150 years.

          • No thanks. I think the old ways are best.

          • You can live in the past if you want to. I prefer the modern world

          • You are not part of the modern world, but it is your right to be a dinosaur!

          • After reading all of the comments over the last month I think it is determined that you are a queer.

          • Actually I am a married heterosexual. You determination is completely wrong. I do however support gay rights including Gay marriage which seems to be going well across our country. Anti gay people are not part of modern reality. Queer is not a current label for Gays. Try joining the modern world, it might improve your prejudiced mind

          • I am actually heterosexual so I guess you were not smart enough to figure that out. I along with the AMA, APA (both Psychological and Psychiatric Associations) all agree that homosexuality is a normal sexual orientation so you lose, idiot. You might try to read some literature to further your education since you are so out of date.

          • I think I will go along with what the bible says.

          • The Bible is a document totally out of date on many things. You believe somebody came back to life after being dead for 7 days, or that Jesus was born without sperm but just an egg? This crazy miracle stuff is pure bullshit and no really intelligent and thoughtful person would take this seriously. Burning women at the stake in Massachusetts is horrible “Christian” Action”. This religion should disappear. I left this horrible religion at age 18 and at 73 I believe it was one of the best decision I made in my life

          • Dumb, out of date book but you have the right, in this country, to make stupid decisions and you are surely doing that by relying on a stupid, out of date book like the Bible. It is a book of fiction, not reality.

          • What a stupid thing to say. They knew very little in Biblical Times. Do you think the world is flat??? Try learning modern times so you are not a total idiot!

          • My thinking has fared me pretty well. I am retired now at 74. I have seen lots of highs and lows through my years which has only backed up my conservative thinking. I have managed 3 financial institutions and owned 8 successful businesses. Most of the time several ,at once. Not once have I had to resort to name calling. I will leave that to the liberals. They will know better after they have experienced more of life as it really is.
            Yes they knew little in biblical times the same as you and I knew little at age 5. They knew little during the stone age. Mankind has learned with each generation and passed on what they know to the next. This will continue until the end times.
            Good luck to you. In the meantime break out that black book and study it. You might be surprised what you can learn from the oldest book in history.

          • Reading the Bible is a waste of my time. Filled with magical bullshit. If you believe there was a birth of a child without sperm you are full of shit. The Bible is full of the miracle shit. Read it if you want to waste your time bit I will not waste my time on that nonsense.

          • A waste of time. I already know the crazy Christian Miracle bullshit. Do you believe someone can be born without an egg and sperm meeting up? If so you are a really dumb person. Christianity is based on this crazy bullshit. It is a stupid base. Try thinking in scientific mode. Obviously it did not happen. Maybe they were screwing before being married and Mary got knocked up and they came up with a really crazy explanation. Also you think somebody came back to life after being dead for a week. That that is really crazy bullshit. By age 18 I realized this religion was total bullshit and walked away. Looking back it was a great decision to walk away and deal with actual reality rather than this Christian nonsense.

          • If you know something that we don’t know, please tell us how the very FIRST man and very FIRST women came to be. What did they come from. You are correct that the sperm (which only comes from a man) has to meet with the egg (which only comes from the women). But where did they come from? Who gave birth to them? I am open to hearing how all this came about. Me being a nurse and studied the human body and it’s function, I’ve never figured out how it was made so perfect in function, unless it was made by a higher power than mere humans. In all due respect, I’m asking just in case you know something we don’t. How did the first man and first woman get here? Thanks

          • I am confident it was some kind of evolutionary process not some stupid religious miracle! Christians are such idiots with their non scientific hogwash. They are making fools out of themselves and only increasing their lack of credibility. Do you really believe that Jesus was not conceived by the merging of an egg and a sperm? If you really believe such bullshit you are out of your mind and have no scientific credibility. Of course I know there are stupid people in this world and perhaps you are one of them.

          • Perhaps I am one of them, cause i can not figure out how the first man and woman got here to start the human race. It had to be a higher power than humans. And that higher power also made our earth with all it’s glory and all our animals, etc. We are all very blessed. We will know when we get to the other side. Meantime I prefer to believe there is a God in heaven looking over us, his children. I don’t have a problem with people that don’t believe in God and I sure don’t call them stupid. Everyone has a right to believe or not and i’m ok with that. We all think different. Thanks for answering my post. Have a great New Year.

          • Ever heard of evolution? Christianity is a crazy religion with such idiotic ideas as Virgin Birth and many other idiotic beliefs. To me these ideas are a joke

          • Nothing like following the beliefs of ancient people and the crazy Catholic Church while not acknowledging the opinions of Medical, Psychiatric and Psychological professional organizations that recognize that homosexuality is a normal variation of sexual orientation and the Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage. Going along with what the Bible said is truly stupid. Do you still think the world is flat?

          • What a stupid idea! The Bible is not a modern source of scientific information.

          • There is a modern source for up to date knowledge!!! Try joining the modern world. You might learn a few things!

        • Queer peter puffers is what they are.

        • LOL…..LOL………………………HA HA Ha..LOVE IT’!

        • They were not called queers, they were called homosexuals. You however should be called an asshole.

      • Well said.

      • And backed by soros.

      • You sound insane to me!

      • Oh, I like that Alice, very good.

      • You are an idiot or maybe just an asshole

    • I would stand my ground and not leave and let others in place know what is going on – then march with a sign outside.

    • Logic & Liberals = oxymoron…heavy on the moron.

      • Doxie liberals are not accustomed to logic and common sense based on centuries of trial and error. They have a fetish for concocting their own ideas about what’s good for themselves and their own kind then they demand that the majority adhere to their minority views. Liberals are not well adjusted in society. They are misfits. Observe their behavior. We see instances of misfits filing lawsuits to destroy lawful businesses because of some penny-ante reason they don’t like rather than take their shopping elsewhere. That behavior is the earmark of an severely maladjusted nut case.

    • To the ACLU, straight, white, Christian males need not complain about anything. They don’t fall into the political identity group of “victim,” therefore they are undeserving, have no special protections under the law, and have no rights, only responsibilities. Those responsibilities are to pay for everything and demand nothing in return.

      • I’m a straight white Christian male, Do I deserve to have to dumpster dive in grocery dumpsters in order to eat ! Where’s my so called white priviledge? Poor is poor irrespective of color. And to all of you, there is only one race, it’s called the human race, it’s about time you all joined it.

  2. Proof that you cannot goose the gander or what’s good for the goose that ganders hmmmmmm Oh I got it ,No good comes from a gandering goose ! Here ya go equal gandering and goosing ! Got it !

  3. There is now no doubt that the goal of the radical gays is the marginalization and suppression of heterosexuality, its replacement as the normal manifestation of human biology by homosexuality, the destruction of the family unit and its replacement by promiscuous communal polyamory and the criminalization of Christianity and establishment of an established religion of secular humanism, gaian paganism and a totalitarian cult of personality surrounding the state and its leaders. The Soros-controlled peoples republic that is to be set up after the overthrow of the legitimately-elected president will first repress and then enslave and finally exterminate American normal, and replace them with a brown Third World lumpenproletariat ruled by a Marxist and metrosexual oligarchy, and this may begin as early as November 4, the date set for the rising by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.


    • The liberals fail to realize they are destroying the very foundations of what makes a country and civilization great. If they get their way civilization will be destroyed and they’ll wonder how it happened, and that they were the idiots that caused it.

    • Not while we are still here, once we leave, then all hell breaks loose. We are the preservers of light in the encroaching darkness. Salt, as it were, a preserver, speaking metaphorically.

    • Miles, no society can survive without posterity. It appears that some gays forget that the family unit is the legitimate means for procreation. None of what you mention can be made possible without the destruction of freedom. In America, freedom has flourished and has allowed for the actualization of marriage and the family. Because they are the best, some things do not change. They continue and continue and continue. Marriage between a man and a woman is best. Love is best. Love is eternal. God knows best. His ways are the best. Homosexual marriage is an oxymoron. There actually is no such thing. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The war goes on. What is the war? The war consists of the many battles being fought in the attempt to legitimize what God has declared to be abnormal, indecent and sinful. I will also add: hatred is sinful. I refuse to participate in it. I just do not agree with everything people do and say. Do you? “There is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecc. 1:9)

  4. Someone needs to bitch slap this fag. Take his coffee and shove it up his dumb ass.

  5. I was harassed for decades at work based on my Christian faith but none of them would directly confront me about why they hated me. They knew that they have no reasonable argument against me so they made up lies to justify their actions against me and those who claimed to champion individual’s rights (labor unions) did nothing but assist in the harassment. They love darkness so when the light comes, they will do anything to put it out.

    • Been there and done that brother, w/me though, I “GO” on the attack, and I give them the Gospel as much as I am able! What they do w/it is entirely up to them! Isa 58:1/Matt 28:19a KJV

    • I think the clinical definition of your post is ‘paranoid’

      • Even paranoids can be correct about being pursued by or attacked by enemies. But in today’s world, it’s not paranoia; it’s the reality!

        • Sandra Lee they label it paranoia to justify their attitudes and actions. It used to be called “sweeping dirt under the carpet” to hide it and make the floor look clean. It’s a game.

      • I have had property damaged like tires punctured and tool boxes dented. Disciplinary act was taken against me based on what my accuser did on a routine basis with no action taken against him. A reIiable source informed me without prompting that a group on a regular basis would get together sharing about how much they hated me based on my Christian faith. What you did, ray4hill is what the union leadership did when I attempted to report the harassment. They claimed it was all my imagination. The ACLU likely did the same with this Christian group. My harassment is based on facts and I have proof and witnesses.

  6. I speak for myself, but it pains me to think of what waits for them in the afterlife. There will be hell to pay for THIS kind of discrimination!

  7. ACLU are a bunch of JERKOFFS!!!

    • vinny you insulted masturbators. The Anti Christian Lucifer Union is composed of
      members with mindsets that go against what is and has been accepted for decades as morally and socially acceptable. They have interest patterns that have traditionally been held as unacceptable. Therefore they are perpetually on the hunt for everything that runs against their agenda. They view Christian teaching as a roadblock to their desires. They use the Ancient Greek maxim “Kill the bearer of bad news!”. ACLU members consider Christian principles as bad news for their fun things. Truth is, they fail to know and understand Christianity. Oh well. We can lead a horse to water but we cannot make it drink. The ACLU is actually antisocial.

    • TRUE THAT!

  8. Didn’t he throw them out because they were distributing leaflets on his premises? Agree or not, he had the perfect right!

  9. WARNING! to gays and straights never ever disrespect people who prepare your food, its not a smart thing to do! just boycott them and dont patronize their establishment, if you do, your the one causing the problem!

  10. There will come a day when those who deny Jesus Christ and HIS Salvation, Matt 6:33 KJV , will be judged according to what they heard and were told according to the Gospel! It is a sad thing to know that Instead of proving what is said, that a man/woman, will just outright reject the TRUTH, and instead will nurture their perversion! I do believe that there is a “FINE” line of no-return to one sanity, once that line has been breeched! “But evil men shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 2 Tim 3:13 KJV

  11. I was harassed by a boss at no less than mcdonalds until after being injured on the job I had to move on to another job…but it was single woman that appears straight that hated me and the gay boss apologized to me for not stopping the woman for doing what she had done to me and others. He is gone to a better job and me too…so it is not always who you think it is causing the problems and for sure the woman is still working and getting by I uunderstand by others doing the same-o!

  12. That is the problem: a LACK of discrimination! Why a male dog discriminates against another male dog and will NOT have sex w/his own sex etc A plumber will not attempt to install two male or two female fittings! “DISCRIMINATION” (is) the Key to sanity! (See Booklet of the same name by Peter S. Ruckman ) See being against Discrimination is just a devils LIE, to get you away from TRUTH! IF you can’t discriminate and know there are differences in Races and sexes and nations etc then you really are as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard!

    • Amen,,totally agree. By saying we can not ‘discriminate’ – that’s telling us we can not have an opinion, on anything. I am not going to be told what i can like and dislike. God gave us a brain so we could decide for ourselves, and that’s what i’m going to continue doing.

    • Yes, Homer. When I was a kid (many years ago) advertisers would use the term “for the most discriminating tastes” to emphasize that only the intelligent and the aware of the best would use their product.

  13. Michael Dennewitz

    We’re definitely in the “end times” people. It’s only a matter of time..😣

    • Only if we quit calling it what it is—-reverse discrimination—That is exactly what this is & if law suits are filed, it would stop:)

    • YES WE ARE!

    • I agree Michael. And it began to increase around the year 2007 and the attitudes and activities that year led to the most evil arrangement ever to take place in the history of the United States of America. It continues today in communist countries and even on football fields in America. Put simply, it is antisocial attitudes and behavior with emphasis on anti-Christian Faith.

  14. typical hypocrites! I Catholic and very proud to be and if someone put me out bc of that they would have a major fight on their hands and a court date

  15. Typical double standards endorsed by the wimpy, wienie, whiny bed-wetting liberals. To them discrimination only occurs when their side is the alleged “victim”. They probably think that Christians deserve to be discriminated against. Goes to prove what real POS they really are!!

  16. The ACLU is saying that it’s okay for the evil homosexuals to do what ever they want. It’s not okay to stand up to the evil homosexuals according to the LEFT WING LEGAL ARM OF THE LEFT, the ACLU. How insane.

  17. The ACLU( American Criminal Liberties Union) really seems to have some issues. Every Org. has its tipping point, they are far beyond it and on their way down the rabbit hole

  18. There is an old saying that goes “Give them an inch – they’ll take a mile.” These people do not want equal rights they want to rule. They keep pushing the envelope to see how far they can push you before you push back – of course when you push back they cry foul.

    • They don’t want EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. They want MORE Justice under unequal law. We have a faction that LBJ tried to appease in the late 1960’s and we see where that went. “Gimme, gimme, gimme, I got my rights!” No, you want a free living without contributing your fair share!

  19. It is not possible for anyone who is not a white man to discriminate. Anything from any other group which appears to be discrimination is actually something else.

  20. Let them discriminate against me when I slap them in their cock sucker or kick them in their pretty cute butt, They are discussing human beings and I would like for them to stay as far away from me as possible. But other then that, they can do what they want just keep it themselves, which is hard for them to do.

  21. ACLU is NOT what it was formed to be.They are Communists pushing the envelope for our Democrat/Communist party.

  22. The ACLU is as prejudiced a group as you will find anywhere. They attack the civil liberties of Americans in all kinds of ways.

    Fairness and Equality are NO WHERE IN THE ACLU’S WAY OF OPERATING.

  23. The Atheist Communist Lesbian Union has been working hard to deny constitutional rights to Christians for many decades. Many decades ago the ACLU visited a school and tried to intimidate and eliminate a young man from praying daily at the end of the daily announcements he announced over the school’s public address system. They found the young student knew his constitutional rights of free speech and that he was not led to do so by his school administrators. After listening, recording, and ranting for a week, the ACLU left and the young man continued making the announcements each morning and praying at the end, I know. I was there. I was the young man so many decades ago.

  24. There is more to the story than is posted on patriot news daily. To make decisions one should be more fully informed.

    • Ya, Eric, HP is a great source. Problem is: I LIVE HERE and know the facts.
      1st –
      Yes, they distributed the fliers OUTSIDE AND NOT NEAR THE COFFEE SHOP. < – this is important.
      2nd –
      The Christians did NOT even remotely talk about what they were doing while having their coffee. < – This has been verified.
      3rd –
      Coffee Shop Employee went and told the co-owner what he knew they did OUTSIDE AND AWAY FROM THE COFFEE SHOP.
      ( In other words, the co-owner would NOT have known. ) Ponder that for 30 seconds. )

      NOW let's " Flip This ".

      Christian Coffee Shop. Gay's came in for a cup of coffee. No big deal, but yes, a block away and outside the Coffee Shop, they were spreading Gay Info Flyers.

      Employee, tells owner. Owner comes out and does the same, " kicks them out because they were giving flyers to support the LGBT life style.
      THE END: You and I know exactly the " FALLOUT " that would happen!

      • So, my question to you is, re you OK with your “flip this” option (or a baker not baking a cake for a gay wedding) but not OK with the gay coffee shop owner refusing service to the “christians”? IMHO when any business person can refuse business to anybody who is not unsanitary or causing a ruckus or unsafe or whatever, then this is the slippery slope we will slide down.

        • I agree, totally. That is why the ACLU and my A.G. here in WA should TAKE them to court, just our AG did w/the Baker here in WA ….. We cannot have 1 standard for GLB community and another for Christian’s.

          • Allrighty then. We’ll see how SCOTUS rules in the baker from Colorado. Oh, I’m not going to go back and reread, but I believe the article from HUPO had some details that were conveniently missing from the patriot sight.

  25. The ACLU has been taken over by Soros and his band of commies as I remember they started out defending Christians and most everyone that was discriminated against but now they only want to defend dievents and New World Order groups To me the ACLU should be investigated for UN_AMERICAN ACTIVITIES

  26. The ACLU has done more to destroy our legal system than any other group. They are always finding ways to set felonious criminals free with some kind of loophole. They are on the side of the perpetrator’s that commit hideous acts, saying the felons are misunderstood. I’m sick of the fags and lesbos having only their point of view protected. Our country is becoming a cesspool for deviant behavior.

  27. God will take care of it and they will get their justice for their sins. God hates homosexuality and it will not go unpunished nor will those that uphold and back them.

  28. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.”

  29. Either the law is administered EQUALLY for all, or it’s just tyranny! The ACLU hasn’t been “even handed” in DECADES and should be abolished, along with the SPLC! They give America nothing but rampant disease and destruction!

  30. All members of the ACLU, are operatives of the Communist Party of America, do the research. Better Dead than RED.

  31. faggots are a screwed up bunch of a–holes that will get what they deserve when HE comes back.

  32. Looks like the ACLU is run by a bunch queers!

  33. The ACLU is a front organization for the communists. They’re all typical left wing rats who hate anybody who is white, Christian, heterosexual or conservative. But they’re the first ones to start screaming “rayyyyyyyyyycism” when anybody stands up against one of their protected groups or a member of one of their protected groups like that faggot coffee shop owner.

  34. The current leader of the ACLU, Susan N. Herman and her bevy of liberal, God-hating, intellectually dishonest, “politically correct” lawyers will have a lot to answer for when they stand in final judgment before the Lord at the Great White Throne. The very fact that they are there means they have already been found guilty and are awaiting judgment. They will weep and gnash their teeth when they realize they have lost everything! But, their arrogance and unbelief is clearly seen, and through their hatred they have essentially sealed their fate! But, they won’t be alone . . . the Gay community that they so carefully protected will be with them for all eternity!

  35. Are you lying or just stupid? Or an asshole? You read the piece, the fucking Christians were putting religious shit in the place. You cannot go in a place of business and put propaganda there without permission of the operator of the business. The asshole Christian was not denied service he was denied permission to leave his propaganda there. Unless you are a total idiot, which, I realize may be true, the business person does not have to let you do that. Unless you are severely retarded you probably know that but are still trying to sound off and make waves. I am glad the shop owner was aggressive with the Christian assholes.

  36. This person needs a punch in the mouth

  37. Let the crack snackin, sausage smokin, rump rangers rot in hell for all I care. If they get in my face or threaten my family with their perversion. They will learn the right of one’s self defense of his beliefs.

    Give them and inch and they cry for a mile. Take a look at the latest article with moochelle having some tranny horned shit for brains reading to a grade school class.

  38. The ACLU are no longer Liberals, they are Marxists, Marxists believe all history is the history of class struggle, oppressors against oppressed. Men, whites, Europeans, straights, Christians are oppressors. Women, blacks, third world, gays, non-Christians are oppressed. According to the Marxist ideology oppressors have no rights. Once you understand this everything makes sense.

    • We’ve understood the Marxist/Alinsky doctrines all along. “Class struggle” is the product of the atheist mind. People of Faith work together for the common good.
      And yes, atheists will toss their questions and arguments into the ring about that.
      The answers to their twisted logic are found in a famous collection of writings which they reject outright.

  39. I’d tell them to suck my dick but silly me that would be a reward for the sick bastards. I wish I lived in your area so I could turn the tables on your asinine ideals!!!
    Reminds me of the old story about Rock Hudson’s last words, “he hated to leave his neighbors behind”. LOL

  40. Gays should move on with there business and stay out of politics, and womans , and mens restrooms or your going to hurt yourself in the long run, a gay is a misguided, misinformed idiot who has no reason to be what they are , it is generally the parents AGAIN who are at fault RIGHT CHER !

  41. So this has set precedent and next time the gays make a huge stink that they didn’t get their way this should be cited. Those are very basic legal terms that will make every liberal go absolutely nuts because they got beat at their own game.

  42. they have no b*lls; it is all about the $$

  43. aclu is an organization that is bent on destroying the country , what about their off shore money , did they explain that ?

  44. Joanne Libro-Martin

    Please tell me when the ACLU ever did anything good. They are one of the biggest problems this country has!!!!!

  45. ACLU
    Anti-Christ Lunatics Union

  46. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! If Gays refuse to serve someone (Christians seem to be their targets) because they are offended by them, then Christians can refuse to work with Gays for religious reasons. It’s just that easy.

    Unfortunately, the ACLU is not a “fair” organization and doesn’t give a damn abt any Christian’s rights. Give them an anti-Gay case and they leap for the opportunity. Not so, for Christians. To get this liberal loving organization to even look at a single Christian case will be equal to moving the Statue of Liberty to the middle of the Grand Canyon! Good luck with that!

  47. If I was confronted by a queer in his coffee house….which by the way I would never go into a “coffee house” …let alone knowing it was owned by a fag. I’d walk out….no problem
    They don’t want me there I DON’T WANT TO BE THERE EITHER!!!

    I just wish they would all do like they said they would do if President Trump was elected. What is it with you retarded phucks….just leave already.

  48. Hey They have done a hell of a lot more bad than good and I for 1 hate these so called Lawyers and what they are all about. I would like to know who pays these idiots.

  49. Carol Juliano Popp

    Don’;t you know? Freedom of speech and “rights” only work when you agree with these
    special interest groups. I believe in live and let live … but it goes both ways.

  50. I didn’t like the owner before he got real nasty. He is the type of person that knew who he was dealing with. If he had a group of biker’s he would have kept his mouth shut. I knew a biker club s who used to go into a gay bar just to make the patron nervous. So it is fair to say that this little foul mouthed idiot is very much a punk.

  51. They also think its alright for Mexicans to discriminate against U.S. Citizens, I know, from experience.

  52. The ACLU is nothing more than a liberal mouth piece, as they represent ONLY those who believe in the liberal agenda. They could care less about others, and they are a disgrace to all except the “politically correct” crowd.

  53. krishna shrivastava

    Perfect circumstances of the issue for the group kicked out of the coffee shop to sue ACLU for discrimination based on non-action. ABOUT TIME ACLU LEARNT HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN THE DEFENDANTS CHAIR.

  54. Why were “pro-life Christians” up to trying to use LGBT premises – surely they have (sometimes rather large) premises of their own?

  55. so why isn’t this group filing a lawsuit against this gay coffee shop owner? I saw the video and it is beyond offensive, it is down right demonic. This freak threw the group of Christians out of his shop, not because they were handing out flyers and pamphlets in his shop, but he got a hold of a pamphlet from someone outside where the pamphlets were being handed out. I truly don’t know why they decided to be customers of this freakshow anyway… maybe they didn’t know that the owner was gay or there was no other place nearby that sold coffee. ACLU only sees that blacks, gays, etc. left-wing liberals as having rights, they only will fight for them.

  56. The “Gays” are in for a huge surprise in the future! They do not want “equality,” they want to rule in every area of our culture! They want to blur the lines between male and female as God created them! They want the basic Judeo-Christian definition of marriage to be removed from society, and marriage to between homosexuals to be the rule! They want to begin indoctrinating our children beginning in pre-school! They will weep and gnash their teeth when God judges them for their rebellion as He did Sodom and Gomorrah! They will never learn! So sad!

  57. The gays, transgenders and minority racist pigs will have to pay the price too! Americans are fed up with the entitled reprobates are not called to task when they break the laws ! The authorities better start paying attention because the Half caste is not in office anymore!

  58. I am worried for the coffee shop owner who made this comment, “I’m gay, you have to leave,” the owner told the group, holding a pamphlet on sin and the Bible the group had passed out. “This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended.” He eventually forces the group to leave his business, telling them he’d “f— Christ in the a–.”
    He does not yet realize if he continues to think and talk like this God will give him up and he will eventually begin to behave like this: “as they refused to recognize God any longer, God has abandoned those to unworthy impulses and indecent conduct. They revel in every kind of wrongdoing, wickedness, greed, and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, quarreling, deceit, and ill-nature. They are gossips, slanderers, abhorrent to God, insolent, overbearing, boastful, ingenious in evil, undutiful, conscienceless, treacherous, unloving, and unpitying.”
    It seems they were supporting his business with the purchase of coffee.
    Was he angry at the Christians or the phamphlets they were handing out. Do hope these Christians did not go to that coffee shop because they knew the owner was gay for they would be guilty of judgment.
    “Therefore you have no excuse, whoever you are, if you pose as a judge, for when you pass judgment on someone else, you are condemning yourself, for you, who sit in judgment, do the very same things yourself.”
    The owner should have put up a sign “NO SOLICITING”

  59. Some might offer the following re such situations. The ACLU suffers from a serious personality disorder, or the proverbial “split personality”. Might Do As We Say, Not As We Do apply?

  60. Start posting that all gays are child molesters – you’ll get a response.

  61. fuck those gay bastards in Washington. fag ass bitches.


  63. What has happened to this Country? This Country became great because of the citizens love of God and Country. Time for the silent majority (Christians) to be heard.

  64. I can understand the Gay owners right to tell them to leave and as far as what he would do to Jesus is between him and God, and to that I say good luck.

  65. We ‘took back’ “queer” @ twenty years ago – please try to keep up. Twenty hours, twenty days, weeks… months…any wonder you’re Conservative.

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