ACLU Fights for Rights of Illegals

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, illegal immigrants should not have to pay so much to bond out of detention. In a lawsuit filed against the federal government, the ACLU insists that immigration authorities should consider an alien’s financial situation before setting the bond amount.

“Poverty or lack of financial resources should not deprive a person of his or her freedom while in civil immigration proceedings,” said ACLU lawyer Michael Kaufman. “Such detention violates the due process and equal protection guarantees of the Fifth Amendment, the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Bail Clause and immigration laws.”

They aren’t citizens! Worse, they have no legal right to be in this country! They are waiting to be deported! If there is a problem with the length of time these immigrants have to spend in jail, maybe the answer is to expedite the deportation process. Instead of, you know, letting them out and being shocked when they don’t show up for their regularly scheduled trip back to Mexico.

If nothing else, this has been the year where we found out just how polarized Americans are on the subject of illegal immigration. On many issues, one side wants to do something and the other side wants to stop it. On illegal immigration, it’s one of those issues where one side wants to seriously turn back the clock and the other side wants to practically throw open the borders. There’s a reason “immigration reform” has been stuck in neutral for so many years; we’re nowhere close to being on the same page.

When there can be no compromise, there must be war. One side is going to win and the other side is going to lose. And the next four years may decide this issue once and for all. Will we continue to have a sovereign country? Will we continue to have a unified, coherent culture? Or will we abandon our border laws and watch as the United States suffers the same fate as many once-great European nations?

Conservatives like Ann Coulter support Donald Trump for one reason above all. She believes that if Democrats win the immigration battle, it’s all over. Within a generation, the Republican Party will be obsolete as a viable opposition force. Inasmuch as we still have elections, they will come down to various shades of liberalism. Conservatism, patriotism, national identity – these things will become relics of the past. We can have the America we love or we can have unrestrained illegal immigration; we can’t have both.

It’s choosing time. We can’t afford to get this wrong.

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