You’ve probably heard the whispers. You’ve heard misguided progressives talking in the corner of the office, over by the water cooler. Patriotism is passe, they say. Only a racist, sexist pig would support the flag these days. Look at all the harm America has done around the world.

We don’t buy it.

PatriotNewsDaily is more than just another conservative news and opinion site. We’re guided by an unending and unbreakable pride in the United States of America. Regardless of who happens to currently occupy the government, we believe that patriotism is about more than blindly supporting the guy in office. We believe that it means something to be an American, a citizen of the most exceptional country that mankind has ever devised. We don’t think being a patriot is anything to be ashamed of; to the contrary, we wear the badge with honor. We will until the day we die or the country becomes something completely unrecognizable.

Death is inevitable, but the latter scenario – America becoming something that would inspire horror in the founding fathers – is something we can avoid. We can stand our ground when the government tries to take away our God-given rights, we can stand our ground when liberals try to remake the country according to their socialist ideologies, and we can damn sure stand our ground when anyone tries to change what it means to be an American.

  • We support our troops, regardless of how we might feel about any particular military campaign.
  • We believe that we were created one nation, under God, and we rebuke any suggestion to the contrary.
  • We stand for the idea that with great personal freedom comes enormous personal responsibility. There is no end to the possibilities that await any American willing to work hard. Every American should be responsible for meeting their own destiny, and the government should not impede Americans trying to reach the loftiest goals they envision.


We do not, however, believe in a perfect America. Criticizing the government is a long-standing tradition that has been in place since the founding colonies. May it ever remain so. Without a populace willing to speak out when our lawmakers overstep their constitutional authority, without men and women who will open their mouths when they see their country heading down the wrong road, we will lose the freedoms so many brave forbears fought and died for. We owe it to their memory, ourselves, and our children to keep that original American spirit from dying.

At PatriotNewsDaily, we have committed ourselves to the tireless fight against those who would do America harm – from outside or from within. As such, we tackle the political news of the day with a point-of-view you just might find refreshingly honest. We invite you to read, comment, and tell your friends about the one place on the internet where you can still call yourself a patriot.

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