Abortion Remarks Put Trump Back in Hot Water

Donald Trump supporters have learned to take the good with the bad. Contrary to what many non-supporters believe, Trump’s voters aren’t imbecilic sycophants who hang on every word that comes out of the frontrunner’s mouth. General statements about any group of voters are bound to fail under scrutiny, but Trump’s base is largely comprised of disgruntled Republicans who are sick and tired of lies and corruption. They see in Trump a chance to completely flip the table over and start fresh. They don’t, however, jump for joy at every outrageous statement the man makes.

This week, Trump provided his supporters with plenty of headache-inducing material. Trapped by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Wednesday, the real estate mogul wound up stumbling over a serious question about abortion.

Matthews asked Trump to comment on what it would look like to enforce a ban on abortion. Would women be punished for seeking an illegal abortion?

“Look, people in certain parts of the Republican Party, conservative Republicans, would say, ‘Yes, it should,’” Trump said.

Matthews pressed on, undoubtedly hoping to force Trump into saying something he clearly didn’t want to say. The gambit eventually worked. Lost in an issue that he has clearly not spent a lot of time thinking about, Trump finally said, “There has to be some form of punishment.”

“For the woman?”  Matthews asked.

“Yeah,” Trump said.

The news channels were all over the story before the town hall event even aired. Republicans are expected to carry a pro-life message, but Trump’s opinion on punishing women is not a legitimate part of any political platform. Within hours, critics were attacking him from all sides. Democrats naturally unleashed the worst of the criticism, but pro-life conservatives were also concerned. Mike Huckabee, who has been an outspoken Trump supporter, admitted to Joe Scarborough that it was not a great moment for the candidate.

“He wasn’t prepared for it,” Huckabee said Thursday. “It’s clear that he had not thought through that whole idea of do you punish the woman, and of course you don’t.” Later in the interview, the former Arkansas governor said, “It was a terrible answer. Nobody’s going to defend what he said, because the idea of we’ve gotta have some punishment, and even in his answer he was fumbling around trying to figure out what to say.”

In a tweet on behalf of Ted Cruz, one of the Texas senator’s aides said the answer was evidence that Trump was a charlatan. “Don’t overthink it: Trump doesn’t understand the pro-life position because he’s not pro-life.”

That’s debatable, but these are the kinds of questions that cause heartburn for conservatives who really want to see Trump crush Hillary in November. It’s not just the position itself; it’s what the Clinton camp will do with these remarks in a general election.

As for Trump, he wasted little time denouncing his own comments. In a statement later in the day, he said:

“If Congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman.”

For a man who loathes going back on his positions, this was a wise time to break with tradition. Unfortunately, it won’t stop his opponents from exploiting a bad moment for all that it’s worth.



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  1. Doing the responsible thing and bearing the child is the only punishment required by God…

    After all it was only a liberal that would think that being blessed with a child is a punishment in the first place.

    • Supreme Court says abortion is legal! Remember?

      • But just because the Courts Rule…or Congress passed Law…DOES NOT MAKE THEM GOOD LAWS OR RULINGS….

        The Classic case for this is the DRED SCOTT DECISION…


      • The question was IF abortions were deemed illegal, what punishment should be imposed on a pregnant woman….

        My answer still stands.

      • Yes, but God says it’s not, and if I have to make a choice between my God, and the Supreme Court, I’ll chose my God every time!!!

        • i agree with you i am a Catholic i rather choose God also and as for Trump with Yugioh cards i am going to Challenge him to a game of Duel Monsters

          • Most Politicians are like con-artist; when running for office, they’ll tell you want ever you want to hear, but once elected, they quickly develop a severe case of amnesia, whereas, God is always there for you 24/7. I like Trump because he’s not a politician, whereas, rest of these candidates, sound like old politicians; whom when elected,will fall into a state of amnesia. Stick with God!!!

          • Albert Biele, I disagree….Only when you say MOST and it should be BASICALLY ALL!

          • “ALL” is probably more accurate.

          • Trump says what he thinks the crowd wants to hear, that is why the questions on abortion and the role of the federal government were problems. You need to research and look at Cruz, he knows where he stands and what he believes. He knows how the government is supposed to work and wants to put it back on track. I mean come on, he is the ONLY candidate that wants to shut down the IRS, EPA, and the Dept of ED. All of which are either unneeded or allow for abuse of power.

          • I respect your decision to vote for Cruz, but he is now receiving help from the Rino’s, and I’m determined to vote for an outsider who is not controlled by the Rino’s or big money. The liberal progressive media are not interested in the truth, THEY JUST WANT TO GET YOU!! They’ll run 2 thousand questions around you and pick out any mistake you may have made, and then head-line it for the next 2 weeks. Their blood thirsty vultures who are always looking for new ways to victimize conservatives; Trump is against abortion, but has never been against woman, or the punishment of woman. He misunderstood the question, and immediately corrected his answer. I’ve been on this planet for more than three quarters of a century, and to date, haven’t found 1 perfect person, with the exception of Jesus Christ, and unfortunately, he’s not running for president. Believe 50% of what you hear, and 90% of what you see because most people never reveal who they really are; particularly politicians. Have a great day.

          • If you think that the RINO’s support will give them control over Cruz, you have not been paying attention to Ted Cruz. And if you think that because Trump is not “taking money” from them that he is not going to play their game you haven’t been listening close enough to what he is saying. Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee both have said that what Trump is saying on the campaign trail is not what he is saying to the people who are giving him more than a single vote. His answers to questions show that he is NOT a Conservative, much less a true conservative. Vote for who you want, but please research as much as possible to find out TRULY what the person you are voting for is supporting.

          • The truth of the matter is, if Trump or Cruz do not secure the 1,237 delegates, the whole matter will be resolved under a brokered convention, which will free the delegates to vote for a candidate of their choice. I can assure you that the Republican party will instruct the delegates who to vote for a Rino, My argument is that Trump is the only independent candidate that can reach the necessary 1,237 delegates, which means a vote for Cruz is really a vote for the Rino’s; because it takes away all chances of either Trump or Cruz from reaching the magic number of 1,237 delegates
            The problem is that people just haven’t figured it out yet. We’re being taken for a ride by the Republican party. There is a lot more involved but to lengthily to explain.

          • And you actually believe Trump is not saying what the Repub core wants to hear? Yeah.

          • He can’t afford to say something wrong when dealing with foreign countries and a day or 2 later try to correct it. North Korea will bomb the “H” out of us. He seems to know enough to get himself in trouble and that bothers me. I wonder if he knows 1 of his foreign policy people on his list worked for CFR In the past and another for the Hudson Institute (front for NWO) and that he should question any of their advice?

          • Anyone who has a 10 billion dollar business has no choice than to delegate authority to the well-seasoned professionals. A guy like Obama had no idea who to put in charge of what, and look at the mess his in. Knowing how to delegate power is the key to a successful business or a successful administration. Trump has a proven record of making things work.

          • If Trump is so fabulously wealthy then please explain why he applied for and received a $302 New York City property tax rebate that is only available to NYC residents who have an adjusted gross annual income of $500,000 or less.

          • When you look up Donald Trump in “Who’s Who” there is a picture of the NWO in the margin.

          • Well Albert, I see that you’re campaigning for Hillary Clinton. When she gets elected in November 2016 keep your lying mouth shut about her victory being either a NWO or a RINO plot, the Tea Party is the gift to the Democrat Party that just keeps on giving.

          • Honestly, denominations aside, America is a Christian nation – whether the idiot, playing tiddlywinks in the Oval Office believes it or not – and abortion is simply a way to continue to commit fornication (sin against the Almighty and then slap Him in His Holy face, when the consequences are undesirable.

            The Day of Judgement will come, when all, who have sinned against Him, will have to answer for everything they’ve done.

          • Trump shouldn’t get his hopes up. God is merciful and he can and will forgive any sin. In fact according to the New Testament Trump himself is an adulterer for divorcing his first 2 wives and marrying a third. But the ignorant Tea Party Scumbags don’t know enough about what the Bible says on the subject to get out of the rain.

        • I did not know you had a direct line to God! How come you don’t win the Presidency without cheating if God believe you and like-minded are so blessed?

      • If murder is legal in America (and it is), the nation has sunk to a new low. Something can be legal, but immoral. Usually, it eventually becomes illegal again, and abortion will too.

      • Sandy Perlmutter

        None of these idiots believes in the Constitution, or in the Law, or in the Supreme Court. They are too busy with the Bible. They THINK they know what God wants, and they want everyone else to go along. The Founding Fathers came here to get away from these nincompoops!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          I may not agree with much of what I have read, and may have disagreed with you (vehemently) on some things you’ve said… BUT, this is something I completely agree on (and I am a conservative, a soldier, a police officer, a minister, and a white middle classed family man – so all stereotypes against me I suppose)… The president is not the pope, not our pastor, nor the one absolving our sins. He should not be leading the way of our spiritual journeys but running a secular government that is fair, just, and unbiased. This is not a popularity contest nor is it supposed to be a verbal beatdown “slam” session. It is not the Jerry Springer show. Too many Americans are casting their votes for ignorant reasons. We need to pick a leader that can lead a nation and fix the mire we are in by making sound decisions based on working logical practices and implement good policies for the benefit of all that live in the United States.

          The US needs to get reunited.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          (continued from previous statement)…and a president that is strong enough to wrangle in a rather “wild stallion” of a Congress and Senate so these policies can actually make it into the books. This is a vital necessity and probably Obama’s largest fail – can’t let that nonsense continue anymore.

          (LOL! I also may have confused you for someone else – derp)

    • Look here big boy: You and many Repubs and TPs think we the public are dumb. We are not. We remember what you and GOPers or conservatives have been preaching for last 7 years. For instance, Repubs and TPs are whining why Trump will jail women who have abortions. But these are the same GOPers who have been shouting that women should not have right to control their bodies including having abortions. You remember Congress Atkin who said that women should give birth even if pregnancy is result of rape or incest. Recently an African-American doctor was jailed for helping women to have abortions. In fact, the same TPs and Repubs in power have been trying to make it illegal or hard for women to have abortions. They have been picketing at abortion clinics to block women who want abortions. Many GOP governors have cut funding for National Parenthood including pre-abortion counseling. TPS and Repubs call themselves conservative-dumb. Now here is Trump who wants to execute wish on abortion; but now the same people are cursing why Trump wants to punish women who have abortions. Other issue – TPs and Repubs have been cursing for 7 years why President Obama did not build an electric fence to ensure Mexicans do not come here; and his failure to ship all illegals. Now Trump wants to implement GOP wishes; the same people are crying foul why Trump wants to carry out their wishes. People – know that Repubs and TPs are hypocrites and liars. Please do not vote for Cruz and Kasich in the primary. They think you’re dumb.

      • Get over your bigotry, Trump nor any Republican or Tea Party member that I know said that the woman should go to jail for having an abortion. Ludicrous, and your entire argument is based on that nonsense.

        A woman has the right to her body. That has nothing to do with Abortions. Nobody has the right to kill a human being with the exception of self defense.

        Inconvenience does not fit under self defense.

        • Did you pass your statistic class? Do you see that your arguments collide one another? You said woman has right to her body including abortion. Then you said “Nobody has the right to kill a human being in woman stomach! Trump said what GOPers believe. No abortions.

          • The question asked of Trump was the supposition that abortions were made illegal. So when you say that Trump will jail women for having abortions, you are just wrong. Trump has corrected and clarified his statement.

            Women have a right to her body, they do not have the right to murder someone for convenience, just because a pregnancy is an inconvenience to her. She should have said no to the sex in the first place, that is where she had a right to her body, that is when she should have resisted. Unfortunately, our Judicial system

            Under our current laws, woman has the right to abortions. Abortions are all too often used as a form of birth control. In my mind, that is murder. I simply feel the woman and man should do the right thing, they should take responsibility for the human life they created…

          • Your second paragraph says it all.

          • You are still confused. I wish the moderators raise that question next time during GOP debate. I rest my case.

          • This is what the right wingers wish was the law and if elected and get to select the next Justice will probably happen then they can go after all those awful women! Again men get Scott free!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            The right-wingers want equal rights… as in the true meaning of equal…

            i.e. Equal: 1. a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality 2. being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value. 3. having the ability or resources to meet a task

            This does not favor “protected groups,” race/ethnicity, religious selection, gender, sexual preference, or anything else. There should be no lines in equality as to whose portion of equality is greater… that is supremacy/inferiority (what we have now in the US) and is opposite to equality.

            The fallacy that all/most Republicans are racists/bigots/sexists is equitable to the concept that all/most Democrats are communists/hipsters/morons. These false, spoon-fed generalizations are being seeded into our heads by billionaires that wish to own us. We are all being enslaved to a system in which we are nothing but statistical demographics that provide them with the “plenty” they desire while allowing us to keep as little as possible without us waging war against them. We need to ALL stop dancing to their tune…

            Left wing… Right wing… Two parts of the same American Eagle – maybe we need to start acting the part instead of trying to both fly in our own direction…

          • There will be no future GOP debates. The Donald has decided that the voters learning about Donald Trump is unfair to Donald Trump. Just do me one favor, when Hillary is elected by a landslide in 2016 don’t blame the RINOs. The Liberal Tea Swiggers own that ball-up, not us Conservative Republicans.

          • No Utopia here on earth–sorry.

          • Yep, that sums it up.

          • We’ll see how quick the liberals fall into line once Killary or Bernie gets elected and invokes Sharia!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            The Bern isn’t about Sharia… c’mon, as Republicans we have the duty to maintain internal self-honesty and moral integrity in all this nonsense. No one else will…

            Hillary is like an amplified Obama on methamphetamine that is twice as evil and more willing to say or do whatever, to whomever, to achieve her agenda. She WILL destroy the USA.

            Trump and Bernie are both vastly, and quite intentionally misunderstood because the rich pigs in charge of the liberal media want their puppet Hillary in office. She represents a lack of all accountability and they LOVE that doctrine. The establishment is scared to death of both Trump and Sanders because they both (in different approach methods) plan to destroy the corrupt portions of the money hemorrhaging system from the inside out. Why do you think the delegates of both parties cringe at the idea of either becoming the official primary? Hillary has been locked around 1700 votes for weeks, Sanders jumped from the 600’s to 1000+ in that time. Cruz went from 400-ish to 475 in the same time while Trump sailed from the 570’s to 737. The “powers that be” are proverbially soiling their britches. SOOO the media is feeding more and more lies to break that up. If it winds up a Trump v Sanders game, the foreign moguls that control US banking and trade are going to be “up the creek without a paddle.” That fact scares the establishment.

            We WANT a Sanders v Trump race not a Hillary v Trump race. The GoPs primary concern is the need to eliminate Clinton. Sanders poses no threat to “American values,” but Hillary certainly does. Sanders is as much a communist as Trump is a racist. I almost bought into both of these mythologies but then investigated the claims. These are just desperate cronies scampering to save their shoe-in. They lose Hillary they will become the criminals they are and will not be getting the typical “white collar criminal” amnesty.

            “ANYONE BUT HILLARY 2016”

        • I am still awaiting an answer to the question I’ve posed for the past six years: Why is it legal for a doctor to murder an unborn child, when people, like Scott Peterson, are tried for double murders after having murdered a pregnant woman.

          I am all for Peterson having been convicted of murdering both his wife and their unborn son….

          My question is this: How is it that, when a doctor murders an unborn child, that physician is protected from prosecution and, when a mother, who, for whatever reason, decides to murder the unborn child she is carrying, is allowed to do the same.

          AMERICA’S LAWS, IN THIS REGARD, ARE UNFAIR…And, I’m not writing this to support allowing the prisoners, who have murdered the unborn, to be exonerated. My goal is to seek fairness, when it comes to the unborn, who are, routinely, murdered simply because liberal minded politicians needed votes and people, who don’t give a flip for the unborn want to murder them.

          • America’s “Justice” system is now officially broken. Justice is no longer blind. The system has degraded to something far closer to injustice… Liberals are replacing equal justice with social justice.

            In the case of abortions, I think the system must determine exactly when life starts… For me, the potential for life starts at the act of sex. Therefor life starts at that act, or actually at conception, before that you are rolling dice.

            Murder is wrong, that is the taking of a human life for anything other than self defense is murder. During acts of war, I see it as self defense. The ONLY time I would consider an abortion would be in the case of giving birth would cause the Mother to die… I think you could make a good case that an abortion would be self defense…

            The problem with “fairness” is that it is a relative term. What is deemed fair to you, may not be fair to someone else.

            Perhaps what you are looking for is the equal application of laws?

          • If before birth life is so important to you and like belivers, why does your group feel any support AFTER birth is not necessary? Do it yourself even if the “father” gets away Scott free. Many men do not pay support they just continue to move to states that do not support the location of these men.who have abandoned mom and child. I know so many that have had that and live in poverty while dad makes money for himself. (and often girlfriend).

          • Before birth is important because THE COUPLE still have a choice in the act of sex…. If they are not ready to raise a child, perhaps you should wait a while. That is just my opinion.

            I am not sure why you say my group gets away scott free after birth…. I certainly feel the father should do the right and responsible thing… Raise the child.

            I believe that God said that marriage was between one man and one woman for life for a reason. And the reason was the rearing of offspring. He also told us that sex out of wedlock was not good, for the very same reason….

            I agree with you that the Males get off much easier these days and do not bear the responsibilities that they should. That is wrong…. Perhaps that is why God made women stronger in resisting sex….

            This relaxation of our Morals has been at the top of the Liberals list of things to do…Not conservatives…

          • America has substituted Social Justice for Equal Justice since early 1862 when Abe Lincoln first started handing out the Red Man’s land to the White Man for free, 160 acres at a time using the Homestead Act.

          • Then it is about time we realize social justice is wrong and do something about it.

          • Wrong premise and wrong reasoning! But then there is no reasoning with a staunch anti!

      • Trump foolishly answered a hypothetical that was open ended from C. M. ‘s advantage. Chris knew how he’d direct his questions to Trump based on the first response and wound up with a long involved discussion which we are not privy to. Note that if the woman was to suffer legal penalty it would have to be IN THE LAW and we don’t know what the “law” in Chris’ mind was, he has not told us or Trump. The whole thing is a giant tempest in a teacup.

        • What do you mean by Trump foolishly answered a hypothetical question! Jailing women who have abortion has been on GOP Memo-Understanding for years. Do not fool us now. GOP intent is to outlaw abortions even in incest or rape.

          • Abortion should not be used as post act birth control. It should be used only as a last resort for a pregnancy that threatens the life of the mother or substantially and permanently affect the woman’s health, and only then. This, given our current state of things, would take about a decade to work to. BTW, Ontogeny recapitulated phylogeny, and that’s the reason the whole issue needs rethinking, something that the abortionists do not want to discuss.

          • This is “Land of the Free.” But this applies only to rich White males – not to Black females or White females. You morons want to dictate what women should do with their bodies. But I know some of wives of Repubs, TPs and conservatives have had abortions. But they fool us that they are pro-life. These are liars and hypocrites. I know it scares me if I learn a woman had abortion. May be because I love my kids. But at the same time, I am not going to dictate what women should or should not do with their body including abortion. That is her problem to regret or ratify later. So do not blame Trump for stating that women who have abortions should be jailed. It’s in Repub and TP Memo-Understanding.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Pretty sure incest and rape is already outlawed.

            Yep sure is…


            Wow… sex crimes are ultra specific and complicated…


            Never even knew such a thing existed as “marital rape.”


            Learn something new everyday.

        • I wonder how Chris Mathews reconciles his Catholic, no abortion, religion and his love of abortion?

          • Catholic use BC and have abortions.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Oh geez… There is no one or another group that does or does not use birth control or have/perform abortions… I right guarantee you CAN find someone from EVERY SINGLE race, religion, ethnic group, gender, nation, state, whatever (etc) that uses birth control or has had an abortion.

            Fact: There are immature, irresponsible, and ignorant people in every group just as there are mature, responsible, intelligible people in every group.

            Fact: The immature, irresponsible, and ignorant ones are often the ones that scream the loudest like spoiled children and make themselves most obvious. This allows the seeding of reprehensible ideas into our hearts appearing as justifiable anger. We are being played every time these conversations go wacky like this.

            Fact: These arguments are all nonsense nitpickiness that has been thrust into our hearts by clever propagandists that want people divided and hating each other.

            Fact: These back and forth arguments do not solve any problems and in most cases exacerbate the underlying factors creating the problems merely making matters worse.

            Optimistic hopefulness: If we could only learn to invest as much energy into nipping the problems in the bud instead of harassing the victims complaining of the problems (this seems universally equal on both sides) we may actually make headway one day as a nation.

            Pessimistic musings: If we can’t… maybe we really deserve to be destroyed and enslaved… all of us – we are after all in the same sinking boat.

          • The same way that Chris Mathews reconciles his Catholic belief that all Baptist or Jews are bound for Hell riding on a bobsled. He won’t think about that now, Chris Mathews like Scarlet O’Hara will think about that another day.

      • Liberals ARE ALL DUMB this is just a fact and you prove this with every word you type you bonehead. Who tells you what to say in here anyway?

        • These folks joe.

          You know that its got to be true because the Liberals’ very own mouth piece, National Public Radio reported it. pmbalele, you’ve been had.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          I know many liberals and progressives that are rather bright and insightful as well as rabidly successful. They are also mostly Christian, one Muslim, one Jewish, and all completely cool with this ole soldier turned conservative minister and all my outspoken and opinionated takes on things.

          Some people are just idiots. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and political influence. Most people are not…

          Blanket logic and stereotyping is a fallacy that never works and is never true.

      • That’s not what Trump said! He said if Abortion is against Law she would be breaking the Law and as a law breaker would be facing consequences! As all you liberals know that women cannot curtail their sexual tendency especially around Muslim Men!

        • unbelievable what you posted” women cannot curtail their sexual tendency especially around Muslim Men! Are you married and does your wife know what you posted? I doubt. You would be out of the door. She would call police to hear you say “liberal women cannot curtail their sexual tendency” You better be neighbor with Newt Gingrich. Newt and all Repubs and TPs think women are toys to be abused..

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I am a Republican and love and respect my wife. She has never been abused by me, not once, may I proudly profess. Although she has actually abused me a few times. Especially when we first got married because of the abuse she endured from the trash men she had previously been with. Threw a cast iron frying pan at me and split open my head. I have the conscience to realize that I was partially at fault because she was telling me that she was hurting inside but my “man brain” didn’t correctly translate what level of hurt she was enduring (she just seemed mildly frustrated, not chuck a frying pan at your head in pain hurting). I supported her and we worked through it. Took a few years but we are happier, stronger, and closer now than ever before. The healing process will be ongoing through life but it is also a pleasant learning experience.

            Blanket logic and stereotyping never works and is never true.

          • Please read what I have told Eleane. Using contraceptives is the same as aborting children.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I have never used contraceptives… how is this relative to anything I’ve said?

            Also, I beg to differ, stopping sperm cells is not the same as allowing the sperm cells to reach and fertilize and egg in the woman’s uterus. Allowing the fertilized egg to develop into a fetus. Allowing the fetus to grow into a tiny human with a pulse, brain, organs, little arms, legs, eyes, fingers, conscious thoughts and self-awareness. Then snipping off it’s arms, legs, and head with angled scissors and shoving a vacuum powered blender into the uterus to suck out and grind up the remaining torso. That is nothing at all, anywhere near, the same…

            You know that scientists have proven that in the fifth week of pregnancy baby’s begin to dream? That means it has a subconscious active mind. For it to dream it must have a completed and working nervous system. Which means it can feel pain. It experiences conscious thought patterns at 8 weeks. It becomes self aware between 12 and 18 weeks. So snipping off it’s arms, legs and head between the 12th and 24th weeks is happening to a self-conscious being, with conscious thought, that can feel pain.

            I supposed you never heard of Highlights for Children? When I was a kid we had these little booklets that always had a picture on the back to find things that were the same and the things that were different. These two things are different.

          • I have just responded to Elaine about contraceptives and abortions. Please think like a human being not as Repub or TPs who have limited brains. Look, they are cursing about Trump who wants to jail women who have abortions. But these are same people who curse when poor women have children. So you want these poor men and women not to have sex; but you want it because you’re rich? So you’re placing yourself above other humans who have same desire. God does not like people like that..

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Your argument is based on a ton of assumptions that are not necessarily true and contains fallacious and misleading ideas.

            #1. You assume I am rich. I am on the lower side of middle working class, just above poverty, and I am usually broke because I invest a lot of my money into my ministry which serves roughly 500 meals to homeless person in Fort Myers 3 times a week. I drive a retired “Pool Doctor” fleet truck I picked up for $500 and live in a mobile home park. I also have a habit of helping people in need generally. When someone asks me for a few buck I almost always give it unless I do not have it to give.

            #2. You assume I am stupid. I graduated high school (at the top of my class, my name was in the paper for one of seven perfect SATs in my county) and vocational school in 1994. I joined the MARINES (scored 299/300 on my ASVAB the highest score the Perrine Staff Sergeants had ever seen) to become a CBRN Defense Specialist where I essentially became the lower tier of a mash-up of chemist, physicist, and microbiologist. After Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom I came home and worked first for a privatized environmental protection agency, the New Jersey State Police D Troop, and now a privatized security and investigative firm that is licensed by the federal government to work on DHS, NSA, FEMA, and UN security contracts. While working I put myself through seminary. I studied Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Chaldean while at Asbury Theological Seminary where I graduated for Theological Studies, Divinity, Theological Apologetics, Theological Hermeneutics, and Marital and Family Counselling. I then transferred to Western Theological Seminary for Urban Pastoral Ministry, Social Work Dual Track, Divinity, and Eschatology. While at Western I took online classes at Princeton University for a BAS in Human Psychology to become a Certified Pastoral Counselor. I am also a former MENSA member with a 156 I.Q. as per the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Quotient exam.

            #3 You are asserting that people are “cursing” about women who receive abortions because, as you allege, Donald Trump said they should be jailed. There are so many things wrong about this statement it isn’t even funny. First, I read most of the comments on this thread and I did not see one person cursing about it. Two you are assuming incorrectly about what Donald Trump stated, to a hypothetical “gotcha” trap question. He did not say “Women that get abortions should be jailed,” he said, in response to a question, “IF the government passed laws making abortion illegal then women receiving abortions should be punished.” This is because IF they are breaking a law THEN given the circumstances they would be criminals. What do we do to criminals? We put them through the justice system and they are often punished with fines and jail sentences, correct? SOOO… IF abortion were MADE ILLEGAL then women BREAKING THE LAW should be PENALIZED in the JUSTICE SYSTEM. Right? Am I reaching through to any nerve of logic or reason here? IF someone commits a CRIME (i.e. breaks the law) then they must accept responsibility for their actions. NO ONE HERE has said that abortion is illegal and women should be jailed. MANY have said it is immoral (to murder an innocent baby) but we all know it is legal.

            #4 No one cursed poor women who have children. You just made that up.

            #5 No one said I did not want poor people to have sex. Only you said that.

            #6 Show me one time I said I am placing myself above other humans or even alluded such in any way. If you can find it I will Paypal you $100 tonight.

            #7 I would agree that God would not like people like that but… who said any of that? You are insinuating that someone said this and I have not seen anyone that had said this. Actually, I have seen quite the contrary, many people have tried to explain the things that I have explained here but you keep reverting back to your original fallacy argument based upon your original erroneous understanding of the article to begin with. You then ranted at a bunch of people like a madwoman off her meds to a bunch of folks including myself. When people try to correct the err in your logic and observation you attack back viciously. Then you attempt to convince us there is something wrong with our way of thinking! It seems like you are on street drugs or off prescription medication because you are not comprehending what anyone is saying.

            The problem is that the initial interview was rigged to try to find one statement to use against Trump. You are only seeing that clip of that one statement and the backlash that followed. This is dishonest journalism. People are pointing that out and commenting on that.

          • I thank you for being in the Military -it is not easy. We are enjoying life because of your sacrifice. By other way did you say-No one cursed poor women who have children and that I just made that up.” Repubs and TPs always curse about poor women having children. In fact, in my state a head of agency called poor women with children as “These baby-factories.” The governor did not fire her. That means the governor, who Republican, agreed with such language. You did not comment on my averments that using contraceptives or abstaining from sex when married because you do not want to have children is actually aborting children. You’re killing that egg and sperm. These are alive. Last, do you know why Trump lost in Wisconsin? Because of his stand that women who abort will be jailed – of course you try to reason as a lawyer. But your statement amounted to the same concept – jailing women who abort.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            “But your statement amounted to the same concept – jailing women who abort.”

            How did you draw this conclusion? Aside from the fact that although I am PERSONALLY pro-life, I am politically pro-choice because I believe that government should be secular. Separation of church and state and all that. Your conclusion shows how closed minded and fixed on your resolve that you are. You clearly ignored what I was saying to draw this conclusion.

            I am merely pointing out that you are missing the point. Also, I could care less what Trump loses as I am not planning to vote for him anyway. However, if the people of Wisconsin are so stupid as to make a decision based on “bait and trap” tabloid style reporting then maybe they deserve a fanatic like Cruz. Cruz will bring about a new era of “Salem Witch Trials” and “Holy Crusades.” He will force the school system to teach Jesus (not that such a thing is bad really; I just believe people deserve a choice to believe what they want to on their own).

            Anyone with half a working brain better pray for a Trump v Sanders election. The media lies terribly about the two because they are anti-establishment and plan to oust the foreign bankers and Zionists from within our national infrastructure. The war pigs that have had a stranglehold on our nation since WWII. Personally, although a republican, I would rather see a Sanders win (because I simply agree more with Sanders than Trump, but more with Trump than the rest – Hillary being the absolute worst).

            Also, I have nothing against poor people having children. I do not know what part of my dialogue leads you to this conclusion but if such an idea were commonplace, neither me, nor my brothers would be here. My father was a junkie and a drunk and squandered our family’s money. My mother worked hard to pay the bills but it wasn’t enough. When I was about 13 I got my first job digging up potatoes in New Jersey. Let me tell you, there isn’t much harder a job than digging 2ft by 1ft by 100ft trenches through frozen soil with only a pickaxe and a shovel. The $10/hr I made wasn’t enough though being a full time student. Things were always breaking and we always ran out of oil in the winter. Eventually I resorted to criminal activity to feed my brothers because my abusive father always took everything we had to score drugs. When I was 16 I came home from work one night around 10pm and he and mom were fighting. I walked in at just the right time to see him smash her in the face with a 3 foot long blue-glass coffee table. She let out a blood-curdling scream and there was just blood and glass everywhere. My little brother ran up and started kicking him and he just punched my brother in the face and knocked him out cold. I had just about had enough of it at that moment. I snatched him by the hair and dragged him to the front door and pressed him against it, harder, harder, and harder until the pressure caused the whole front door to shatter to pieces and he fell through. I didn’t even wait until he could collect himself and snatched him by the hair and dragged him across the porch. I threw him through the porch door and grabbed him up again and dragged him out into the street (off his property) and over to the baseball field where I proceeded to beat him viciously until the police pulled me off. I told him, if he ever touched anyone in the family again, I would come back, I’d find him, and I would kill him. He didn’t touch anyone for 7 years. I was living in Florida then. My little brother took of that incident. Knocked out half my old man’s teeth with an aluminum tee-ball bat I bought when he was six.

            Anywho, after the night in the baseball field I was left in a homeless situation. I graduated high school while homeless. Saved my money and moved to Florida (an idea spurred from old commercials about Disney World). I was troubled for a while but sorted myself out. I ended up homeless once more and it was really bad. I swore I would never let that happen again.

            It doesn’t pay to assume about people. We have all had our own struggles and strife in life. No one is exempt. I could have been wealthy, or wealthier anyway… But, I keep doing stupid good deeds. Like when I got back from Afghanistan my wife and I were having a hard time because her father reminds me of my own father. He is a turd I mean. He intentionally tried to break up my family several times. I told her, she needed to chose me or him and she stood there silently as the Lee Co. Sheriffs (most god awful law enforcement agency on Earth) removed me from his property.

            I am a musician and record and master music as well as compose it. A buddy of mine from church (who plays the guitar) invited me to come crash at his house (where my recording “studio” was). While I was there I took noticed of this young woman with 3 kids across the street. She always seemed sad and lonely, like she was waiting for someone. I had been saving for a new car because my wife’s dad stole mine (I was buying a car off him, for $2000, paid over $4000 but he kept wanting more – that is the fight we had that day he had me removed). I had saved over $3000. One dull grey rainy day I was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette when I seen a car pull up across the street. I seen the SNCO and Chaplain get out, fix themselves, and start walking to the door, the sight was too familiar to me. The mother answered and they talked a second and she started wailing and fell to her knees. I wanted to help but I didn’t know her or know how.

            At the time I had been interested in becoming a minister, I was checking schools, but something just kept stopping me. Maybe I was scared. Who knows… Anyway, a couple weeks passed and a neighbor told me the story about how her husband was a Marine in the 1/2 and he died in Afghanistan. She was having trouble keeping it together with the 3 kids and she didn’t have anyone in Cape Coral to help her. My neighbor explained that she was unable to work because she was unable to afford child care. Allegedly her bills were piling up and her car had just broke down. I realize that this woman was just gossiping but I felt I was supposed to hear it.

            A few days later I decided I was going to do something about it. I withdrew the money I had been saving for a car and put it in an envelope, all $3680 I had. At first I was going to go knock and say “here, for a Marine’s family from a Marine,” but she didn’t know me and it would just feel weird. One night I was walking by and I noticed a mail slot on her door. I went back to my room and looked at the envelope. Suddenly I got it. I took out a pen and wrote a scripture I recalled from Jeremiah on the envelope:

            For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for well being and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. ~ a much needed blessing from God.

            I walked over and tossed it through the mail slot and walked away. I think that is where I really decided to become a minister. Anyway, ironically, a few days later my buddy’d wife came back and he started demanding money from me, I explained I didn’t have any, he went on about the money I was saving for my car, I told him I gave it away to someone that needed it more than me. He got very angry and we almost had a fist fight over it. He thought I was lying about having saved anything in the first place and put me out. I was homeless again, in a place I was unfamiliar with and didn’t have anyone else. I got to knowing a lot of the homeless people around here. Learned their stories. Finally I got a hand up from a man named Brian Sears who connected me with the place I work at now (ironically owned by a Marine). I completed seminary and here I am now. I often take in homeless people or employ them as babysitters or have them help me with housework or repairs.

            I don’t seek any rewards or praise for what I do – I do it because I want to.

            I only tell you all this because I believe that you have judged me rather harshly and have gravely misjudged me as a person… and quite possibly many people here.

            Sorry for the epoch.

          • I was kin’da being sort of sarcastic; to catch me a liberal and I got me a whopper!

            How else would U explain the need to exterminate the human fetus?

            I mean all you got to do is look at killary!

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        What on God’s green Earth is that load of literary dung supposed to mean! God! It’s like a giant mash up of incomplete thoughts, incoherent babble, and failed insults. You assume that Republicans and Tea Party members are NOT a part of “the public,” I’m led to assume they reside on an alien world. The blather is loaded with nonsensical prattle and logical fallacies throughout. You banter on stating a ton of non-facts as if they are someone’s doctrinal ideals displaying you are completely ignorant to what either party stands for. The whole thing is one big steaming turd.

        You get your “news” from political satirists like Bill Maher, Stephan Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Jeanane Garofalo don’t you?

        Your English writing skills from… I’d guess, the Teletubbies.

        The liberal media has thoroughly rotted your neocortex.

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      Obama, “If my daughter went out and had some fun, and uh… made a mistake… I wouldn’t want to ruin her life and have her be punished with a baby.”

      • Proving only that 0-bama would sell his daughters virginity off for a couple of votes. Than man is despicable.

      • You might want to explain the possible consequences to your daughter BEFORE she goes out and has her fun!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          He might, that was an Obama speech quote. My daughter is an infant. 15 weeks old. We don’t need that talk for a little while I pray… Provided we are legally allowed keep these LGBT Pedophile/Pederast groups out of our living rooms. I already pulled my boy out of public school because they had gay pedophiles come pass out adult/child gay consensual sexual empowerment propaganda to my 5 year old son… Something most lefties criticize me harshly for feeling it is inappropriate.

      • Obama claims to be Christian, but this proves otherwise. In the eyes of God, a woman that aborts her baby is deemed a murderer. If he were a Christian, he would not make such a statement. The baby is not the punishment.

        • Sandy Perlmutter

          I suppose you are busy looking through the eyes of God, therefore you know this! You and the bishops and the pope and the ministers and ISIS!

          • You are mistaken. I am unworthy to look through the eyes of God. I am going by what my Bible tells me to believe.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          I totally agree. I mean the question of what is legal and moral to the material world is non-equatable to the concepts of spiritual/religious law and morality. However, people like the Pope publicly stating that priests/ministers need to absolve the sin of abortion as any other sin (formerly considered an unforgivable act to date) disillusion people into believing that it is right or good. The things considered “mercies” of God do not make the act good merely because he forgives it. If forgiveness is necessary then a transgression has been made. If the act in question is a transgression then the act is still morally wrong, forgivable or not.

          Abortion advocates state that Exodus 21:22 give biblical exclusion to abortion as it not being considered a murder…

          22 states: When men fight together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out, but there is no harm, the one who hit her shall surely be fined, an amount that the woman’s husband shall impose on him, and he shall pay as the judges determine. (ESV)

          But 21:23-25 states: But if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (ESV)

          This is speaking about a forced state of premature labor or birth not intentional induced child death.

          The sin is still a sin and even if we are forgiven for it (by whatever means we feel forgiveness is granted) we are not supposed to be proud of it – or happy about it… To be forgiven there must be authentic regret, if there is no regret there is no shame, if there is no shame then how is one truly sorry? To be sorry one must first be ashamed of what one has done and owned their mistake.

          It is not so much the concept of legal or illegal – this is about right and wrong. No matter what liberal slant you create, abortion is wrong… Shedding innocent blood is wrong no matter how legal or acceptable society sees it, because the “god of this world” makes those rules and he is the adversary, the demiurge, the devil, of the God of Heaven.

          Obama is just a worldly man with many faces… To the US middle class Christian and clergy he is a Christian, to the new age millennial cultists he is the messiah, to the atheist and homosexual he is their revolutionary, to the Islamics he is a Muslim, for the white demographic he is 50% white, for the black demographic he is 50% black, for those whose colors are in between “does he not appear the same as you?” Obama is a chameleon that will be whatever YOU want him to be that day to suit his own ambitions and agendas… Nothing more, never less…

          For anyone that believes in him at all, they are blind. However, we have a new bigger liar peaking on the horizon. If we don’t prevent the second beast we are paving the road for the coming of the final Antichrist. With the Gog (King) of Magog (grandson of Noah, son of Japheth whose tribe settled in the Valley of Meshech; Moscow) trampling the holy land (Middle East/Israel) underfoot with his war chariots (tanks), each one creating the rumble of a thousand chariots rushing off to battle, and the armies of the world (world powers, NATO/UN) lined up along the borders of Israel, besetting her on all sides, and harlot (Church) with the golden chaliss of blasphemies, adorned in fine jewels, filled with the blood of the martyrs and God’s anger (representative to false communion of the non-elect, fake Christians pretending to be Christians), who was made wealthy, wearing fine linens and silks of scarlet and purple, by bedding the kings of the Earth (all these non-profit grants and bonuses in exchange for political endorsement… “Jesus wants us to vote XXXX because it is the right thing to do” as well as the papl forgery known as “Constitutum domini Constantini imperatoris” where the church stole Rome’s gubernatorial authority and created the “Papal States”) and rides upon the scarlet wild beast who was given it’s authority from the dragon (dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns, each horn has a crown/diadem, the 7 heads are also 7 mountains – Rome, the city of 7 mountains/hills, was also the home of the kings of the 10 Gothic empires)….

          Ugh need to cut this short I have to respond to an emergency call…

          • I agree with all you have said. I am not looking for the anti-Christ, though. I am looking for the second-coming.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I understand that… We are all looking for the second coming (or third in technicality right?). However, we need to know what to avoid and I will tell you, many followers of Abrahamic faiths are being sucked into the three-ring circus that the media shoves down our throats. Spiritually and morally, we need to know our enemies and our friends.

          • just thought you would like to know that the kenya judge found Obamas
            birth certificate and opened it and he was born their. he has turned it over to the proper authorities.

      • For a Marine who went through ALL Types of Training you didn’t listen when the lesson was about INFECTIOUS disease. I worked with young women who had sexual infections, the major one took their lives and that was AIDS.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          PFFT! LMAO! What on Earth does that have to do with anything?!?! So you are saying that ABORTION prevents disease?!?!? LOL!!!

          Do any of you liberals read the comments before your verbal diarrhea kicks in?

          By the way, I was a 5711 CBRN Defense Specialist with the 22nd MEU genius (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Specialist)… I know more about infectious diseases and weaponized biological contaminants than most US doctors I assure…

          However, aborting a fetus will not prevent infectious disease I promise you that as well…

          Back to school with you hippie…

          • Let’s explain MSNs bait, invite Trump for a nice interview and the Trap insist he takes the bait in the TRAP! He answered the Question correctly now all news agency run with a partial clip!


            just for the clueless.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            This is how all mainstream politics runs. Again, I don’t agree with Trumps policies and therefore do not plan to vote for him. However, he is being treated unfairly in the media with heightened scrutiny, just like Bernie, Cruz sets himself up, but they are all catering to Hillary… yet everyone swears the game isn’t rigged.

            Burn it all down and reboot. Fire everyone from the top down and hire ALL fresh new blood and make a real change occur. Kick the foreign bankers out, lock down the commodities and industrial trade, pay off the debt and swear of it for good, break up the monopolies and encourage the free market system to return, unscrew the education system and bring it back up to a normal operating standard, kill Obamacare, plug up the holes on the $5.9 trillion we are needlessly hemorrhaging per annum from corruption and poor governing management… Unfix the game so the United States can prosper once more.

          • Sarge it sound suspiciously to me that joanc thanks that standing on the toilet seat when you masturbate is SAFE sex.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            LOL! My goodness… how the world’s education system has flushed society down the toilet. I guess according to someone’s polls, it would seem, that abortion now prevents sexual infections and AIDS… go figure. Guess I am behind on the times.

          • Read it again Marine! I said easy sex which you call fun, often times can bring with it diseases , some uncomfortable, while others like Aids can cause a person’s death. I don’t think you give a damn and that is so very sad !

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I read it again, the topic here is abortion. None of my comments mentioned anything about sex, protected or unprotected, it doesn’t matter – because you are creating the assumption that I said something I did not. Ergo, you read it again progressive-scumbag.

            Also, I do not understand your reference about “easy sex which you call fun,” again you are assuming things about me that aren’t reflective to my personality or lifestyle. Assuming I seek “easy sex” – which I assume is prostitutes, is simply untrue. Sex for me was always something I shared with someone I loved and was married/engaged to(there were two I was not married to but we were engaged and living together). You are talking to the guy that lost his virginity at 22 to someone I lived with for 5 years before that. You must lead a loose life without sexual morals. As far as when I experience desires I cannot control, that is what pornography and my right hand are for.

            “I don’t think you give a damn and that is so very sad!” What a load cow turds that statement is. I spend about $20k/yr of my own money feeding the homeless in my community. When my wife finishes college in a few weeks that amount will increase. Who are you to assume how much I care. I care and dammit I am doing something about it!

            I think you ONLY care about your deranged fixation on killing babies and nothing more. Put that in pipe and smoke it you evil femi-nazi!

      • We authorize killing of Americans daily, We encourage violence on children as a woman’s right, so now we allow these same individuals to attack those brave enough to champions the fight of the innocent children to undermine what is right for what is wrong ?


      • For at least as long as there has been males and females both sexes have had a little, and sometimes a lot of “fun.” I can’t see Pope Francis, Franklin Graham, or the two faith healers, Oral and Anal Roberts changing human nature during my lifetime or for that matter at any time in the next 100,000 years. Send me a Tweet if they do.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Well, I don’t know who 5 of those people are since I don’t subscribe to that nonsense either.

    • Personally, I don’t know how you can see an illegitimate child (many of whom will fall between the cracks and become problems for everyone) as a blessing.
      What I want to know is why the liberals demand that doing as you please…illicit sexual relationships and then, murdering the unborn child…should be legal, while Christianity is all but illegal, these days.

      Why is this (formerly) ONE NATION UNDER GOD, now spitting in the face of the Almighty, without Whom America would never have achieved anything?

      • I view all human life is a blessing, especially children. There are so many options these days with adoption, etc. Liberals really don’t have a valid excuse.

        Are you familiar with the book, “The Naked Communist.” It has a list of 45 agenda items that the Communists from Russia were following with the intent to weaken Americas institutions… That list contained evil steps that when instituted into our society worked like viruses.. Many of them were associated with reducing our morals, weakening our Family unity, in order to weaken America in general.

        First off, the entire list has been adopted by the Democrat party. Secondly, the reduction in morals has a direct effect on this subject…

        13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
        25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
        28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
        32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
        40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

        Just to name a few.

        • The real truth is that abortion is just a dress rehearsal that is being used by Liberals in-the-know to prepare the way for a general Earth saving Genocide of humans who are viewed by Liberals like Hitler viewed Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, or the un-abled, in other words, life not worth living.

      • Because we are a nation of religious liberty! All religious and even no religion is accepted in the good old USA. Among the early settlers were people who believed that! You seem to want respect only for your religion! I respect all religions and non, if they live their religion and/or the Golden Rule!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Awww man Dot, I was so close to +1’ing you there… Should’ve stopped at sentence 3 and it would’ve been a perfect comment. Then – HYAA! The attack occurs…

  2. Mark Anthony Jones

    Trump might be in hot water momentarily, but he is also back in the news for another cycle.

  3. We’re right back to girls having dangerous procedures if there are no conseqences. It is murder, afterall. There needs 2B consequences for many levels of reasoning.



  5. The liberal progressive media are not interested in the truth, THEY JUST WANT TO GET YOU!! They’ll run 2 thousand questions around you and pick out any mistake you may have made, and then head-line it for the next 2 weeks. Their blood thirsty vultures, always looking for new ways to victimize the Church goers; those who believe babies shouldn’t be murdered. (abortion to save the mother’s life—yes) One more liberal progressive in the white house and country is going down!!!!

    • You are absolutely right. Chris (tingle up the leg for Obama) Mathews had an agenda. It was a Gotcha question. Trump, not being a politician, did not prepare him for the hypothetical if the this, then gotcha. If the legislature passed a law making abortion illegal and the courts did not rule it unconstitutional then it would be breaking the law to murder an unborn child and the woman and the person murdering that child should be punished. Unfortunately it is against the policies of the liberals to actually have consequences for breaking laws that they don’t agree with. Example: illegal immigration. Why have a law or even try to enforce a law that has no consequences for breaking said law. Trump initially gave the common sense logical answer albeit not the popular or politically correct answer politicians are trained to avoid.

      • You are absolutely correct; if you’re pro-God, you’re most likely against the sin of abortion, but to believe that a man-made law can constrains sin is absurd. All of the laws of God are broken each and every day. Restraining from sin is a personal and individual choice, and has, to this very day, never been totally constrained by civil laws. Even the long respected, Supreme Court, fell by the way-side when they approved same sex marriages and the right to seek an abortion. Until you change the hearts of men/women, sin will continue to be entrenched in our society. Sooner than we think, the glorious day of Christ return will come, serving as a revelation to those who have aggressively fought to restrain, Gods message, promise, and gift to an eternal life in Heaven; the cleansing of sin though the blood of Christ, a gift that leads to Grace, through our faith in the resurrection. I tell those who are undecided to choose wisely, because they never know when your coffin is in town.

    • Great thought but it is not the norm. These babies very often have a poor life–foster care is for the birds and then the child at 18 is sent out into the world with no more support and these good-doers say “What a good Christian person am I” NOT SO! Every anti should practice pro-life and adopt a child who needs a loving home! What, no? then stop preaching what you do not act upon!

  6. Trump could just agree with me and others that abortion is a evil way of dealing with an unwanted baby, take the Pill ladies, or take the abortion Pill, but you need to stop waiting until the baby is ready for his first paper route. Understand ladies use your head for crying out loud. Don t like the truth TOUGH.

    • You don’t seem to realize that some “men” do not want birth control, just their control. Men discussing Women’s problems-yeah.

      • You are in charge of your body, that s what you keep screaming. Then own it and do what’s right. Don t wait until he s wearing a. Baseball cap. Deal with these things before you have to murder a human being

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Quit using logic, their Ritalin can’t handle it! Do you have any idea how hard it is to oral diarrhea up some counter argument stating random unrelated things to form a comeback against a logical statement! Do you know how many pills it takes for a liberal to use logic? Do you have any idea how much Obamacare charges the working class for that!?

          You conservatives are funny – you just don’t play fair with these poor, victimized progressives.

  7. What is the problem here? If a law is passed banning abortions, (without specified exceptions), and a woman has an abortion, then she is breaking the law. breaking the law is a crime, which usually means punishment.Women are no longer sheltered and protected, There is no knight in shinning armor riding to their rescue. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

    • Hey Joyce …

      • So what I said makes no sense to you? You don’t believe that someone who breaks the law should be punished? Well, maybe someday. Maybe someday we will all love one another, and women will be thrilled about having a baby, and we will do away with politicians and big government because nobody disagrees on any subject, anger or righteous indignation have been done away with, no one goes hungry, you don’t have to lock your doors there is always room at your table for strangers. Wonderful idea! But I can tell you this much sonny, the road we are on is not going to takes us to that Utopia Not until Democrats AND Republicans open their greedy fists and let go of their power. BTW your little picture has several things wrong with it. See if you can figure it out

        • What is going to happen “someday”, is going to be Judgement Day, when we all will be held responsible for our actions. Abortion is a sin, whether it is legal, or not.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          The thing is, we CAN accomplish this without the “Utopian” dream. It’s simply called compromise. Give a little, take a little, until an agreeable balance is found then strike a deal.

          The BIG problem in the US is that the media forces have guided us into believing there is only two views to the human experience… The FAR left one or the FAR right one – nothing in between… and we MUST chose one or the other. However, ALL of reality exists there – in between.

          There all real resolution resides. We need to let go of stereotypes and foolish imaginary lines. We need to consider one another, it’s really not that hard, and find a happy medium.

          • Ofc Shane (MGy Sgt USMC) I agree. But there are some hard and fast rules which cannot be compromised on and at that point, the ideal society falls apart. I have lived for 84 years and can tell you this. For every absolute rule we compromise on, society deteriorates a little bit more. By not having secure moral (for lack of a less offensive word) restraints, our freedoms erode, Sometimes it is so subtle that we don’t even notice it until someone is sued for discrimination. The people who bring suit against another will not compromise. They will not try to find another solution to the problem. For example: A gay couple wanted a wedding cake. The owners of a Christian bakery said no they could not do that. Instead of respecting the owners rights, the gay couple called the press and a lawyer and sued the couple. The state fined the couple over 300,000. dollars for their “discrimination”.They lost their business. Now if the gay couple were truly wanting to compromise, they would have accepted the fact that they couldn’t get a cake there, and gone to some other bakery. Please don’t think I am picking on LGBT people, I simply used that example because it has been in the news so much. For Christians, there cannot be any compromise on ‘God’s laws. It is as simple as that. There is no middle of the road where God is concerned. He said it Himself. You are either for me or against me.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Yeah, I am aware of that. There was a similar story that was a bit more extreme. There was a bakery owned by a retired Jewish rabbi and a gay couple that wanted a wedding cake made. He was happy to make the cake for them but then refused when they gave their request. They wanted a 3D cake in the shape of a giant penis and balls with white icing dripping onto the balls the text, “Slurpily Married.” Outraged the Jewish baker refused and sent them out of the store being that creating such a thing is standing on the threshold of what could questionably be an unclean act. They sued, he was fined something like $50,000 for various discrimination laws, and the state (I believe it was New England if memory serves me right) FORCED the baker to make the cake! The man was known for his beautiful cakes but had in the past refused to make special request items, like naked women and breast cupcakes for bachelor parties. This is an infringement of Constitutional rights!

            This is why I have a problem with these stories. You want to be gay, fine, that is your prerogative. A secular government state wishes to call your union a marriage, fine, that is their prerogative. When you force me to participate in something I do not personally believe in, that is a violation of my citizens rights. May as well give gays privilege to kick down doors and rape families because that is what you are doing in a metaphorical sense anyway. I caught hell for snapping out at the board of education and pulling my son from school because they held an assembly with the K thru 4 grades hosted by a pederast/pedophile/LGBT group that explained gay and pederast sexual empowerment to kids (it’s okay to be gay and want to have gay sex with older men as a child). I am currently a minister, and my son is being raised with Christian moral values. He came home from his kindergarten class with literature that had an activity book where a gay boy scout troop leader was fired by a minister because one of the children claimed he had been molested by one of the men at the church. The parents complained to the minister that the boy would not tell them who it was. Everyone assumed that it was the troop leader. He was fired. Later during a revival trip the minister was alone with the youth group boys and attempted to molest one of them. The boy that had been previously arrested called the scout leader and he showed up just in time to save the kids from the evil rapist minister. After the minister is arrested they all enjoy the remainder of their vacation with the gay troop leader whose job was instantly reinstated.

            In the bag there was also info about the proper and safe methods of performing oral and anal sex, a pamphlet about sex assignment surgery, and a 4 pack of flavored condoms with such timeless classics like “Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream,” “Root Beer,” “Bubble Gum,” and “Mixed Berry.”

            There was no mention of the assembly in his daily planner, there always was mention of any assembly since parents have the right to opt out. I went to the school principal who told me the board of ed had ordered that no parents be notified because the state felt that it was a mandatory learning experience for all ages… Teaching 5 year-olds about giving 50 year old men anal and oral sex under the pretense of consensual sex is considered “mandatory education.” They also asked children timeless education questions, like, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” My son answered a policeman. They asked him, “Do you want to be a policeman or a policewoman?” He said, “I am a boy, I can’t be a policewoman,” which is a logical and natural response. They then explained the ins and outs of gender change operations.

            These invasions are truly a violation of US Constitutional and Civil Rights, but since middle class, working, white, Judaeo-Christian families are not the “protected” group – they can shove their dung deep down our throats with no consequence but if we respond with our beliefs it is a hate crime and we must pay damages to their harmed egos. That is nonsense. That is not equality.

          • Ofc.MGy SgtUSMC) I agree. America is going to hell in a hand basket, or a giant condom. It really is a Satanic plot to destroy Christianity. So, it is going to get much worse. The media never tells people about the Christians being butchered by Islamic terrorists. The Attack in Pakistan on Easter, was deliberately made against Christians. The group responsible for it said they wanted to kill Christians. I think American Christians are going to have to send their kids to Christian schools or home school them, to protect them from the evil being taught in schools.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I chose home school…

    • Abortion is legal! You may disagree but IT IS LEGAL!

    • That “knight in shinning armor” rides off into a better life than mom and baby he left behined. Talk about responsibility!.

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        No… usually they wind up a deadbeat in the gutter that comes crawling back a couple years later after some whore gave them a VD… Then mom gets to slam the door in his face and his children look shamefully upon him.

        Scumbags never win… unless they are politicians! Then almost always.

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      Careful… you are using your neocortex and speaking logically!!! That is unacceptable and offensive! NEVER think before you speak! Just let the emotions flow out as you slip away into a fluoxetine induced oneness with the universe… ahhhhhhh… … … “If you feel you are not properly sedated, call 348-844 immediately. Failure to do so may result in prosecution for criminal drug evasion.”

  8. Chris Matthews is a poor example of a journalist/reporter/interviewer. He badgered Trump on a hypothetical situation. The whole “interview” was so convoluted, Matthews was very hard to follow. He has never badgered Clinton…always treats her with kid gloves.
    Frankly, if women would keep their legs together and men keep their pants zipped until they’re ready to raise a child, there would be less need for abortions!

    • That would be great but we don’t just have men and women making babies, we have teenagers making babies. We need to have parents of these children being open in their discussions with their teenagers. Some parents let their children run the streets and lost control of them when they are 9/10 yrs old because they didn’t have decent parents. Need more information for the teenagers, need young teenage mothers to speak to classes and tell them what it is like raising a baby as a teenager, telling them that if they decide not to keep it to drop if off at a church or others places where it is legal.

      There is no excuse for a young women not to be on some kind of birth control and if there is an accidental pregnancy, have the child and give it up.

      • Well put…we also have to get across that being a single mother, by choice, is not glamorous. 30 years ago, I remember a parent of one of my students-several children, no male in the household except for reproduction-patted her “bun in the oven” and stated, “this is $200 more a month”, not understanding that it takes more than that a month to raise a child.

        • You are right about the $200 not enough per mo. to raise a child. That also needs to be explained to the teenagers and how they will be like a prisoner in raising a child by themselves. It should me mandatory for all of them from 12/13 and up to have to take care of those real life baby dolls and when they check to see if they were taken care of properly. If not they have to do it again or they fail the class.

      • BC is known to fail!

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        The real solution is legal punishments for parents when their minor children have children. Maybe chemical sterilization for the extremely inattentive ones. LOL!

    • Well said Daniel, Absolutely the best solution to the question about abortion! We used to raise our children to do exactly that….legs together and pants zipped up!! There were far fewer “accidental pregnancies” then!

      • Thank you for agreeing and not attacking me personally for my thoughts/opinion.

      • I believe there have been as many unwanted pregnancies over time as there are now, they were hidden: girls sent away, another family member raised them, and of course the illegal abortions that killed and injured women. Read history. (I do agree with you in theory.)

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          I believe that there is a significant statistical increase but you are correct, the issue has always existed and the problem has always been the same, bored kids with inattentive parents.

      • Good luck with that! Kids have minds of their own, you know!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          That’s why 9 out of 10 liberal parents choose Androcur – drug that pesky libido out of your child so you can quickly return to your pro-communist rally without having to waste any time on those unwanted children.

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        Hear hear!

        The best contraceptive is make your teenager volunteer at a day care center.

        All joking aside, if parents would invest a little time into their children the large amount of accidental pregnancies would drop. The problem is most kids don’t even get “the talk” anymore and many that do get it in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade which is likely about 5 years late anymore.

    • Disagreeing is not attacking you , don’t whine like Drumpf when you are asked a valid question

      • I have no problem with someone who disagrees…it’s how it’s done. You can disagree without attacking…many people don’t know the difference.

    • Fox “news” treat all right wingers with kid gloves!!!!!!!! Really, you still think all sex should be for having children–join the real world.

      • The Matthews badgering was about a hypothetical situation, in which the women became pregnant, thus creating a child. No, I don’t believe “having sex” is only for having children. A person should be smart enough, if they do not want a child/abortion, they should take the precautions necessary before the “hop in the sack.”
        And you think the “liberal” media doesn’t treat the left with “kid gloves?” Give me a break!!!

      • I believe that was God’s intention – – – that sex should be primarily for the purpose of procreation. I presume for Dot it’s more for fun!

        • That was true in years of the Bible when the world needed people BUT now the world is over populated and the planets resources are being depreted at a fast pace.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            The resources are fine, 95% untapped, the greedy just want you to believe that nonsense so they can charge more for less today…

            3% the Earth’s total inhabitable land area is urbanized. 43% is farms, national forests, and game refuges. Leaving 54% of the habitable surface land area available…

            We should be reaching the perception of overpopulation in another 10,000 to 20,000 years when we effectively double the current global population.

    • We DO NOT HAVE JOURNALIST anymore….They are URINALISTS…..Journalists produce FACTUAL INFORMATION…..All we have to today is LIBERAL PROPAGANDA…Being passed off as Factual….

    • Daniel…..I agree with your last sentence. It ‘used’ to be called ‘responsibility’ or high morals, or self respect. Now days, no one accepts responsibility for their own actions.
      As far as Matthews and Trump….neither are terribly smart.

      • Too many men are allowed to opt out!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Too many women blame men for all their problems. They say “I am strong and independent! I am woman hear me roar!” When it comes time to buckle down — “He did it.”

  9. Alexander Marinesko

    On the news (so called) last night ABC didn’t show the question only Trump’s response. At least CBS showed his response and Chris Matthews asking the question. Chris Matthews question was pure stupid…

  10. Abortion is not birth control. Use the pill, get the day after stuff but do not sit on your behind ladies and just let it happen where there is no other recourse. Rape and incest along with a few other categories but just not doing anything for yourselves is just not acceptable and there are THOSE women who do fall into this category. Punishment, how about fix them and the prolific baby makers? Woops, I said it!

    Sick of these rabid reporters too. They want to stir things up and just can’t seem to prevent themselves from pulling these tactics. It is like everyone of them is a loaded gun. No one is going to stop these ambushes and until they too feel the heat for their biased reporting nothing is going to change. They are sneaky and manipulative as the very highest level. and this guy is several degrees lower.

  11. Donald Trump is Catholic.
    Catholic’s believe Abortion is wrong.
    And those who have an Abortion will be punished by GOD for their Sin of Abortion.
    I have read enough news articles about the Catholic Church and their views on Abortion to know that.
    So Donald Trump skoke from his personal Religious beliefs.
    Most people do don’t they?
    Don’t you?

    • He is not Catholic, he is Presbyterian as he has said many times.

      • Really – because I have read at least 2 other news articles in the past where he said he was Catholic.
        Does any of Trump’s own sites say what his Religion is?
        Besides money that is.
        Can you site a reputable news site that says what his Religion is?

        • Google “What Religion is Donald Trump” you will have multiple sites to choose from. He has said it on TV quite a few times. Why did you give yourself an up-so you are agreeing with yourself??? It is supposed to be for other people that agree with you!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          He’s been reported to have been a Catholic, a member of the Dutch Reformed Church, a Presbyterian and he married his third wife in an Episcopalian church.

      • …..but …but Bengi ‘s gotta cover for his idol

  12. I personally do not give a hoot about abortion at this point. our Country is dying from invasion of illegals and Muslims. Americans are nothing without America. America is dying, we need Trump strong immigration policy on illegals and muslims. Border patrol officers have endorsed Trump first time that has ever happened. He is needed to save our USA

  13. Yes Trump got caught on question about abortion. He responded without thinking it through, but he did come back and make correction. Totally understandable considering he is no professional liar / politician same thing. Trump will have a team to help guide him on important issues. Since 4 out of 5 are those lyin, cheating, stealing, scheming good for nothing politician’s still running leaves an easy choice of who vote for. Cruz is a slimy cheating oportunest look at what he did to Ben Carson by stealing his votes. Kasich might as well be a Democrat in fact him and Sanders have something in common. Both living in dreamland. Last is the criminal that will soon be preaching her B.S. to cell and inmates. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  14. I don’t think Trump meant anything but if a woman gets an ILLEGAL ABORTION then it is ILLEGAL. I think ILLEGAL usually means some form of consequence. But, I also believe that a woman should not have to go to that extreme!!! to get an abortion!!! As a society we should provide education for ALL girls and women on birth control; that I would be glad to see Federal funds allotted to more education and pregnancy prevention. I think it is up to the woman to PREVENT pregnancy if she does not want to bear a Child! ABORTION IS A VERY SERIOUS AND GRAVE ISSUE IN OUR COUNTRY AND SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN A VERY SERIOUS AND CONCERNED WAY. THE FETUS IS A baby, A HUMAN LIFE. If a girl or woman has been raped or has underdone incest or pressured by family or friend of family into sex, she should BE AWARE/KNOW that she can have an IMMEDIATE
    D & C. Some way OUR society should have this available to rape victims, or children that have been taken advantage of. I would condone MY TAX DOLLAR to go to this, but not to abortions at PLANNED PARENTHOOD or other places. If there is a case of the woman’s life, then a woman and her doctor need to decide upon this grave decision. Also, a woman who has been drugged should fall into this category of obtaining a D & C procedure. This can be taken advantage of, of course, and therefore medical decisions need to be applied and rules met.

  15. Matthews,MSNBC is a “hit-man” unless he’s sure of one’s Democrat credentials. To any leftist, Matthews is mild. He probably regards Trump as an apostate from Democrat ideology, and went after Trump over one of the strong stands identified with Conservatism.
    Trump probably isn’t a Conservative by nature, essentially he’s not a Conservative, but is aware that he needs Conservative votes to maintain his lead in the Republican race. He was badgered by Chris Matthews whose only time constraints were the beginning and end of his program that day.

    Trump is probably a mildly political person, whose main interest is business success. To that end, he has been beneficent to both Democrat and Republican politicians. Trump’s business dictates the need to be flexible with both Republican and Democrat agendas. Now, Trump finds himself at a crossroads and is struggling to be all things to everybody, and while his own temperament requires loyalty to him, he can’t return that loyalty to either Democrat or Republican agendas without alienating one or the other.

    As he has previously commented, until recently, he had no inclinations to run for office, and President is the highest office to which he could aspire. He’s on the defensive now, the news talkers in the Democrat political camp probably won’t let up on him. They expect him to be in Hillary Clinton’s path to the presidency. The liberals will be after him for Hillary’s sake, they are banking on her to win the presidency.
    Then, there’s division in the Republican Party about Trump..How he’ll solve it all and emerge unscathed is going to be a magic act. With all the legal proceedings hanging over Hillary, Democrats will still follow her regardless and Matthews,MSNBC has hurt Trump’s image which had to be his intention for his (Matthews’) own political preferences.

  16. Women aborted their babies for social convenience will regret it later on in life for their selfish decisions made today, soon or later soul searching will haunted them to their graves.

  17. The radical left would have abortions done free of charge because, God forbid, a woman SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDITION OF HER GOD GIVEN BODY AND MAKE PREVENTATIVE ACTIONS AGAINST BECOMING PREGNANT!

    With immorality running amok, women have let the “Dark Side” influence the “Light Side” of reasoning. Responsibility no longer means anything intil you have to suffer the “Consequences” of your irresponsible actions…in this case, killing an unborn baby because it is just an inconvenience.

    Perhaps God will look at that woman as just another “unfortunate inconvenience” when she approaches the Pearly Hates. Or perhaps she already has a Reservation below in the hot fires of evil. Time to use your head and let that control your body — not the other way around!

    So let’s all play “Liberal Mindset”, a new game on the market. If you vote for an Undocumented, Non-citizen President of the U.S.”, you get to move ahead 35 spaces. For every “Illegal in our Country” and provide funding for (that we do NOT have), you move 15 spaces. If you land on “Paul Ryan’s” square, you go back 15 spaces. For every immoral abortion law you voted in, you advance another 20 spaces. If you land on a “Pro-gun Legislation” space you go back 30 spaces. If you land on a “Love Muslims” space, you advance 10 spaces. Watch out for the “Anti-Environmentalist” space, you lose another 15 spaces. If you land on “Hillary the White Collar Criminal” space, you advance 30 spaces, but if you land on the Socialism space you lose 30 spaces. Lastly, if you land on “Trump for President”, BOTH you and Hillary “Go To Jail”…game over. The only way for Liberals to win this game is by becoming a Conservative! Don’t expect this game to be popular in too many Liberal’s homes.

    • You need a few lessons in women’s rights!

      • You need many lessons in “responsibility” if you can only come across with that ridiculous statement. Let me explain.

        A Latino family in Southern CALIFORNIA across from where we used to live kept showing up with little tiny babies of all different races, Black/Latino, Latino/Latino, Asian/Latino, etc. I would watch these little toddlers barely survive in a household of many women, but found out that it was one sister who kept popping out these little mixed race babies, one after another. I was told one of the sisters was a Prostitute in Hollywood and kept on getting pregnant. **Right now you are about to tell me — Well, she really could have used an abortion…many times, right?** Wrong. The whole family was lacking on the responsibility end of life and just didn’t want to take the time to help their wayward sister, besides it gave Gramma and the two Aunts something to do. Right, pitiful.

        If this family was more responsible for their actions (they were also selling drugs out their bedroom window), 4 little toddlers would not have to deal with gangs and poverty, nor get caught up in the drug scene, thanks to their Aunt’s inability to go find a decent job. I guarantee all of those boys are now in Gangs…if they are still alive.

        There is nothing wrong with women’s rights when they are legitimate, but when a woman refuses to be responsible for her own body’s condition, she is no good to anyone else either. According to God, our bodies are to be held like a Temple, respected and nurtured…NOT given away to the first guy who winks at us for a roll in the hay or a night of lust.

        By the way, an “OOPS” we are pregnant is much better than a “Kill that tiny Soul” to live with the rest of your life. Many women couldn’t live with that reality and have become alcoholics, druggies, etc. living on the seedier side of life. It really does eat your heart out as you get older.

        It is absolutely sickening and sad that any woman could easily cast aside an innocent life just because she just isn’t ready to be a Mom. Sometimes these pregnancies are the BEST ones because they teach you that you need to trust God and His decisions. If you take that little baby that God sparked with life and throw it away like it is nothing, you are treading on dangerous ground, not only because you just spit in God’s face, but you also killed a child with your DNA and love growing in it and you may never be given that chance again to have a healthy beautiful child!. This may not mean anything to you at the moment you did that, but I “GUARANTEE” it will come back to haunt you a thousand times over and over and over. I know because I have experienced this reaction with several friends of mine who NOW say it was a huge mistake what they did. By the way, most of them had trouble getting pregnant again after trying many times. Why is that? Is their body/psyche rejecting a normal pregnancy or is God sending them a message? Who knows…but they are childless and regret the abortion they had.

        So yes, if a female experiences “incestual relations” or is “Raped” and conceives from that union, an abortion should be considered because of the circumstances. But if a female goes on a casual date, has unprotected sex and conceives a child, running to an abortion clinic is not the moral choice to make. You made no attempt to prevent that pregnancy so the “Consequences” of that act would be to go to term with the child. What you do with that child is up to you – adoption or raising that child yourself or with the help of the Father. Next time you won’t be so careless with your body…lesson learned.

        We have way too many irresponsible young women willing to destroy a life — just because it is the easier way out. What does that say about our Moral Character in America? It says it stinks and needs to be changed…and it will because there is a Righteousness in the wind and it is blowing hard enough to knock over all these young uncaring women. Sad that it has to come to this when taking a few easy preventative steps could stop this unnecessary slaughter of innocents.

        • A extreme case. You can always find exceptions . Where is the agency that would catch such a situation?

          • I wish there was some kind of agency to help straighten out that household but there isn’t. A cop once stopped in front of our driveway while I was sweeping off the leaves – he asked me if I knew where I was living? I asked him “Why?” He said we were living in the worst gang infested neighborhood in Northern Orange Cty CA. Should have figured that out after watching all those little babies across the street. But the following Christmas a 14 year old boy was caught in the cross fire of rival gangs – right in front of our home. We had been at a Christmas Company dinner and returned home finding cops digging bullets out of the street, our yard, and our house.

            The entire time we lived there, there was 3 murders, several “young” (15 – 16 year old) mothers popping out more babies and not continuing high school, plus there was an enormous population of feral cats all over that neighborhood. After the 14 year old boy was killed, we put our home on the market and moved out of that nightmare.

            On the plus side, a Latino family we befriended in that neighborhood has reared 2 young ladies now in college and a young man who plays with a band. The mother worked at the school where her kids attended and was very active in her kid’s raising. Her example of caring and raising kids with goals and discipline is why her kids are making good choices today, not becoming gang bangers like the rest of the neighborhood nor young pregnant, uneducated mothers.

            Everything boils down to choices made during your life, good choices or bad choices that tug at your heart. Not everyone has a mother like our neighborhood friend to help guide them, so some choices may be regretful…like the “House of Babies across the street.

            I still remember running after “Jesus”, a 14 month old toddler boy walking down the street in only a diaper and nothing else, no adults watching him, on the only busy street into and out of that neighborhood by the Grace of God he was never hit by a fast car entering our street. When I picked him up and returned him to his aunt, she said he likes doing that a lot. I told her to put a lock on the screen door so he can’t get out. She didn’t think of that. I rest my case.

            “Responsibility” is a word not too many people understand nor care about. If it’s easier to not act responsible for your actions now, later on they come full circle and either hit you smack in the face or stab you in the heart…either way it is painfull. Abortion has the same results no matter how you look at it. Better choices must be made to create a better Nation ..and world. Our Country was a safe place to walk at night, have your kids play in a park, your young teens go strolling the Malls. No more. Accepting Responsibility is the begining…

  18. Nice try at a cover job , but Drumpf contradicts every thing he says and what he says is like the weather , stay around it will change

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      All politicians lie. It is a fact and the reason we really don’t need them. You know with a $63 trillion income each year… If we fired the politicians, delegated jobs to everyone, and split the income evenly, we’d all make $187,000/yr? There would be no unemployment, no need for welfare, we could easily afford our expenses and would not need to change one aspect of our current monetary system aside from running out the foreign bankers. Just learn to treat each other EQUALLY, none of this protected group nonsense, and VIOLA! All problems solved, the US is in fact, great again. Get the rest of the world to follow suit and we can evolve to the next stage of human social evolution.

  19. Trump said that he could commit murder and they would forgive him and he could still run and win! Well, I guess he was right! The press loves him and his celebrity helps him. He does not even have to buy ads! He is a bully and the media and Jerry Springer fans let him get away with it. NOT Presidential at all and we need to dismiss him back to his TV SHOW. A bully should NOT be running for President

  20. ABORTION IS MURDER….So like any other Murder….there must be CONSEQUENCES…


  21. If the left thinks breaking the law is OK for women if Abortions were against the law & having an abortion then it’s OK for women to rob banks, murder people etc. etc. That means Caitlyn & other women could rob & kill people & go scott free. Right.

  22. There is a bigger issue here to be considered beyond the poor choice of words chosen by Mr. Trump. Perhaps a better word concerning the pregnancy itself is not punishment but accountability. The final decision to abort or not is strictly between the doctor and this patient. They both know the circumstances of the pregnancy and the successful viability of a full term pregnancy. If there is an obvious and legitimate health problem with the pregnancy going to full term, then an abortion just might be a reasonable consideration. But, if the abortion is just “for the convenience of the mother” or that it is just her chosen form of birth control, with her repeated histories of abortions, then perhaps as part of this final abortion a mandatory tubular legation is in order. The woman will be free to continue with her irresponsible sexual life style but it will not be at the expense of the future unborn child. Society will not bear the further consequences of her irresponsibility with future natal medical procedures. Given her abortive, self absorbed history, it is very doubtful that she would have ever faithfully and responsibility ever raised a child successfully. Just a thought for your consideration!

  23. There are so many unwanted babies in the world today, they are not taken care of by anyone, if you want too have sex then PLEASE use protection and if that doesn’t work then take care of the baby growing in your stomach and then let someone who wants the little daring raise the baby… I don’t under stand this generation of today, yes I’m from old school but I raised three children mostly on my own , quit thinking of only your self!

  24. Michael Dennewitz

    Know what? Doesn’t matter what ANY of them believe and profess, there’s not going to be any election!! PERIOD!
    And when you’re finished laughing at me, and had time to think….then you’ll
    understand! geo soros and our PMIC are together, going to cause the biggest riot in American history! And to quell it, the PMIC is going to declare martial law. EVERYTHING shuts down! It is then that the PMIC will declare himself a dick taster, I mean, dictator!! And all these “so-called” refugees???? They will be the PMIC’s personal army.. GO ahead. Get it out of your system. Laugh yer asses off, but when it happens, you’ll remember that this old goat TOLD YOU SO….

  25. I think this whole matter can be resolved very easily with these Groups Pro and Con…. With our Maker above the Lord Jesus Christ… By the Mother to be communicating with the Lord on making her decision….. THIS SHOULDN’T BE PART OF A POLITICAL CAMPAIGN PERIOD!!!! THIS IS PERSONAL NOT A POLITICAL!!!!!

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      If I could give you 20,000 vote ups for that I would honestly waste the two hours of life it would take to do so…

  26. What a stir from the liberal socialist and political attack dogs. The Supreme Court has resolved this issue in Roe vs Wade years ago. The idiot Mathews question was straight from the liar Hellary’s mouth. Mathews had a tingle up his leg like with Obama. Trump answered a question IF IT WAS ILLEGAL. Anyone who breaks the law including men women children doctors nurses is to be punished. That is a fact of life unless you are a Hillary, Obama, Reid, demons, radical Islamic in US and
    illegal immigrants. The bull about Planned Parenthood, who was organized to kill black babies, is not allowed to use taxpayers money for abortions. That is against the law so crybabies quit crying if they are punished for breaking the law and hey should be.

  27. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

    This whole article is based on nonsense semantics and intentional verbal trapping through linguistic deceptions. It’s nonsense. I am not planning to vote Trump… However, this type of BS is food for the dullards and gossips and has no place in politics on either side. The election isn’t supposed to be Jerry Springer grade entertainment. It is an important ritual of our society that decides the future of our land and should be taken very seriously!

    Secondly, if anyone performs an illegal act, as per the law of the US, they are to be punished as per legal court ruling and/or trial by a jury of their peers… This whole PC angle liberal nonsense – “the WOMAN should be punished!?” Is ridiculous. It shouldn’t matter if it is male, female, black, white, Hispanic, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Satanist, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive Communist, or a friggin’ alien from Remulak. If the suspect broke a law – punishment is the resulting response to criminal conviction. What he said was not intended to be construed as sexist or anything else but logically based upon the idea of the traditional concept of rule of law and nothing more.

    If you take it further than that in your head it is due to personal defect not any measure of societal norms for any group.

    Let me sit in a room for hours with anyone pummeling them with questions and eventually I will be able to lead them to say what I want at least once or twice for a “gotcha” moment. Would such a thing ever represent them or their ideals? No. So why should this?

  28. Out of here, antis are not listening to any reasoning and cannot get them to listen.

  29. I Thought Murder Was Punishable? Oh Wait. Not As Long As It Makes Money. My Bad

  30. I believe the question was “IF ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL, should the woman who hired the abortionist be punished?” I think there is precedent in laws regarding the crime of murder. If you hire somebody to commit a murder, you are just as guilty as if you did the deed yourself. There’s your answer! Whether you commit an illegal act yourself or hire somebody to do it for you, you are guilty!
    Don’t ask me to opine on how abortions done by means of a pill would be handled. Based on the reaction to Mr. Trump’s opinion that, IF abortion were illegal, the woman having the abortion would be as culpable as the abortionist, I’m guessing self-inflicted abortions would be just fine!

  31. If something is against the law since when is it ok to break the law with no punishment. Oh! How dumb! since the “illegals” came into the country and since the foreign exchange student became king

  32. The Matthews question to Trump was about prosecuting a female for having an abortion, and for the first time since he decided to run as a Republican, he was lost for words, at least a positive statement. It probably was a trap laid by Matthews, MSNBC, but Trump is a smart man, I never thought that a blabber-mouth like Matthews would get Donald “over a barrel.”

  33. The gop rino’s and the left wing scumbag low life reprobate demonocraps have a real problem. Mr Cruz who fears God and is not afraid to say so and appears to hate those who shed innocent blood just as our creator does. Now DT s sounding like a Christian. What a dilemma for the scumbags

  34. This is NOT a decision by the Public, Presidential Candidate or anyone else but the woman or girl’s parents, and her Doctor. knowing the facts. Ideally, every baby deserves to live and be adopted by couples who cannot conceive. Society has not been a winner, as the DSHS has not performed their services with a great deal of caring,
    or awareness of the child being in an unfit foster or adoption situation. With family, friends molesting the. children of the world, The foreign ISIS or Jihadists holding girls and women as sex slaves, when the part of the man’s body
    that has offended girls and women, needs to be removed so it will not offend again. The molesters need the punish-
    ments, The children hate the molesters and the memories they are unable to forget. The unsecured US BORDER
    needs to have Obama endure the punishment for Treason in the Oval Office. The statistics of RAPE and MURDER
    citizens. One million green cards is NOT ACCEPTABLE, AND MUSLIM NON-CITIZENS CANNOT LEGALLY VOTE EITHER. iT IS A CRIME IN AMERICA. and the Kenyan President knows that also from Harvard.

  35. Alleged Comment

    Funny, I don’t remember them going after the negro like this and he made some real dandies. Worse than Trump who is trying to be pragmatic and is actually handled wrong but at least he is going in the right direction.

    TRYING TO STOP GENOCIDE ON THIS NATION so we don’t have to import Megroes, Moslems, Mongrels,Migrants and Mexicans and turn this nation into the TURD WORLD paradise that lieberals imagine.

    Unlike the negro who wants to be right but all in the wrong direction! Can I say, duhhhh?

  36. That path does not lead us anywhere Not vote Trump

  37. I missed something in that interview. If abortion is ruled illegal then a woman seeking an abortion has broken the law as much as the surgeon performing the abortion. So punishment under the law is an equal rule for both parties. Now where did I miss the point?

  38. Illegal is illegal, murder is murder. Both carry consequences. If a baby was one day old and the Mother elected to kill it, everyone would be screaming for the Death Sentence. The same should apply to a Fetus with a heart beat. I agree, some abortions are medically mandatory for the sake of saving a Mothers life. To abort a Child due to it being an inconvenience or unwanted is wrong any way you look at it. ALL life is precious! There are far too many options available other than Abortion!

  39. Sandy Perlmutter

    This Nation Under God thing was introduced during the Red Scare. Abortion is a medical necessity in many cases, and in any case is none of your business, pious phony religious nut jobs. Keep your pervy hands and laws off women’s bodies. If you want to be nosy, go catch all the pedophile priests and ministers!

  40. Trump is not the one killing the babies, difficult questions require time to think, Trumps only error was responding before he had time to think about it. But that’s why we like him. He will get over his answer far sooner than the people killing the babies I m sure.

  41. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Why blame the innocent … the UNBORN? Did the unborn ask to be created? Who has been screwing around in the first place? With all the birth control devices available, why don’t women protect themselves and use these to not become pregnant? When do we use common sense in life instead of blaming other people for problems that can be avoided? In this day and age when women demanded equal rights, they also have demanded equal problems for which they are equally responsible. When women want to show off their cleavage, up, down, front or rear, bodies reseed or undressed, pumped up breasts or Botox buttocks, THEY are responsible for the consequences! Don’t make the black messiah force the taxpayers to foot the bill for woman’s extracurricular sexual activities. With her indecent exposures she not only endangers her live, but that of others, young and old. GOD created man to be the steward over the animals and not BE one of the animals. HE created woman from Adam’s rib to be a human being and not an animal. When little children get educated they are introduced to the three Rs. In Nature’s class rooms Mother Nature instills her daughters with the three Ss, Sodomy, Seduction and Sex. It comes as second nature.

  42. Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. Though all the media in length loves to spend much time pinning Mr. Trump up against the wall trying to make him look bad in some ridiculous way!

    Since the National Enquirer printed their two page article on Lying Ted Cruz’s Infidelity with five different women there is absolutely no media time at all pinning Ted Cruz up? Instead the media takes Cruz’s side of him saying Mr. Trump is most likely behind the article in which The Donald himself denies having any hand in!

    As of to date, Ted Cruz has not had his legal team file a Defamation of Character law suit? Ted Cruz has already vehemently claimed that the National Enquirer article was with any doubt, untrue and a disgrace! Okay Ted, you are a licensed attorney, where is the lawsuit against the National Enquirer Magazine to put these Devil worshipers in their place and prove to everyone you are the Holy Than Thou person you are always preaching to be?

    Not to mention any of the televised media not pinning Ted against the wall for his biggest endorsement fan, Mitt Romney having his anti Trump PAC inserting a nude G.Q. modeling photo of Mr. Trumps wife out into the social media for all to see. Instead the Media attacks Mr. Trump over and over for tweeting facial pictures of Ted’s wife and his wife next to each other saying, “A picture says a thousand words”! The Media is getting pretty desperate to try and spin the obvious differences!

    Also not mention the unethical robo calls against Mr. Trump’s campaign telling any listening Carolinian to vote for Ted Cruz instead of Donald Trump while running in the South Carolina Primary? Where is the interrogating Media when all this was going on? If The Donald had done the unethical Robo calling scheme, the Media would had extra strength wooden crosses ready for his Crucifixion!

    Also not to mention Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager and Staffers committing voters fraud against Republican Incumbent Runner Dr. Ben Carson in the Iowa Primary. Yet, Ted Cruz in an recent televised interview said without any reservation he would fire his own Campaign Manager for what is being spun in the media about Mr. Trumps Campaign Manager who was set up for a false charge in Florida! But reminiscing, Ted Cruz did not fire his Campaign Manager or any Staffer for a proven unethical voters fraud during the Iowa Primary? This is why Cruz is genuinely labeled, LYING TED!

    The Big Cigar puffing, liqueur guzzling liberal media Moguls and GOP elites do not want Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. to be the Republican Incumbent winner and have ventured in length by political incorrect unethical twists in hopes of somehow damaging and crippling The Donald’s Campaign!

    The people will prevail at the polls and make this election about their family wants and strongly rebuke the Liberal Media and the Incumbent Parties who have ruled and literally ruin this Nations Patriotic Constitutional entitlements of the peoples Freedoms and Liberties!

    As far as the whole Abortion issue with Mr. Trump, the televised and Social Media are only doing what they always do, top spin and open fire with bazookas on The Donald to drawl blood hoping somehow he bleeds out! You can’t hurt someone when your artillery is always shooting duds being shot by duds!


  43. Trump weaseled and wiggled and tried to say that his remarks on punishment of a woman for having an abortion were only in response to a “hypothetical” question, implying that his answer should not be held against him. No one with half a brain should accept that silly-ass rational as a satisfactory explanation of his inane position on the matter. As usual, his handlers got to him too late and insisted that he had to recant his ill-thought-out response.Trump is such a naive political tyro that he really ought to have a savvy adviser at his shoulder at all times to keep him from putting his foot in his big blabbering mouth. Only a novice of the first water would suggest that the U.S. should encourage any other nation to develop a nuclear capability, but the moronic Trump says he could see us doing that. Does he know the meaning of “nuclear NON-PROLIFERATION, that international objective being sensibly pursued by current signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the U.S.?

    Trump the Fool is a blithering bozo whose knowledge of foreign policy is virtually non-existent!

  44. He once again made perfect sense if they make abortions illegal there there MUST be a punishment that is the way laws work. How stupid are these people that think any different, what law exists where there is no punishment for violating it, OK one, suicide you can not punish a dead person wow how braindead must these people be.

  45. Even the brutal, unforgiving, bloody, and murderous God portrayed in the Old Testament made provisions in the holy Bible to overlook the termination of a pregnancy if it ended before the mother felt Quickening, meaning life, or movement in her womb.
    Now we have MAHB001 making a spectacle of himself by declaring that he knows more than God itself.
    Anyway, isn’t “deeming” a device that the other wing of the Democrat Party tried to pull on the American People when Congress was debating Obama Care?

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