Abortion Poll Means Trouble for Clinton

Despite a fairly even split in the American public between pro-choicers and pro-lifers, a new poll shows nuances in the abortion debate that aren’t often discussed in the mainstream media. The poll, conducted by Marist on behalf of the Knights of Columbus, shows that among pro-choice Americans, 66% maintain that abortion should be limited to the first three months of pregnancy. Overall, when you take everyone into account, a full 81% believe there should be some form of time restrictions placed on legal abortion.

Furthermore, the survey shows that 77% of Americans believe we should have laws in place that protect both women and unborn children. 68% oppose federal funding of abortion. 61% believe that abortion should be banned after the 20-week mark, unless it would be necessary to save the life of the mother.

Perhaps the most surprising result, though, is this one: 33% of pro-choice respondents said that abortion is morally wrong.

Democrats have positioned this as a Republican war on women. But from this survey, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton may want to scale back her rhetoric. In a September interview with CBS’s Face the Nation, Clinton was asked if she supported a federal ban on late-term abortion.

“This is one of those really painful questions that people raise and obviously it’s really emotional,” she said. “I think that the kind of late term abortions that take place are because of medical necessity. Therefore, I would hate to see the government interfering with that decision.”

In other words, no.

Clinton doesn’t stop there. She has not only come out in favor of public funding for Planned Parenthood, she has supported increasing the amount of taxpayer money that goes to the nation’s largest abortion mill. She has also said she opposes the Hyde Amendment, which prevents Congress from funding abortion directly.

Hillary Clinton believes in abortion. She believes that it is a human right. She believes that any effort to curtail it in the slightest is some kind of conspiracy against low-income women. This is the kind of extremism that now defines the Democratic Party.

In a recent New York Magazine article, a radical feminist writer praised Clinton for her forceful stance on abortion and wondered idly why it had yet to come up at any of the Democratic debates. Well, it appears that in this instance, the DNC is wiser than the liberal base. They know the score. They know that Americans are not rabidly crying out for unrestricted, publicly-funded abortions. That kind of talk may win Clinton supporters from the far left, but it isn’t going to go over well with the general American public.

Republicans need to explain, early and often, that Bernie Sanders is not the only radical running for the Democratic nomination. Not by a long shot.

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    • Huh??? LOLOLOL.

      • There are no such things as democrats any longer!

        They are truly, Commiecrats today.
        The Communist Party of the USA, no longer fields any candidates, they just instruct members to “vote democrat”!

        • Very BIG difference in the Democrat Party 20 years ago and the Dem Party today. I was a Democrat years ago but like Regan and Trump, not so anymore.

          • Don’t be so sure about Trump, many suspect he is a RINO, myself included….he is running on the Republican party ticket because Bill Clinton asked him to because the Dems don’t have a chance in hell of winning after Obozo…

          • IMO, unless she is in jail, Hillary will be hard to beat. You have to consider all of the voter fraud in favor of the Democrats.

          • Both parties have changed dramatically… we just caught on to youse guyz in 2008!

        • MMMmmmmmokay.

  1. Why should the working people pay for abortions for drug addicts and whores that lay down for money or drugs?

    • You are definitely disgusting! Self loathe much?

      • Just loathe “Libtards”…..for the narcissists, & a-moral scum bags that they are!

      • You are definitely blind to the facts and believe that it is ok for the whole of the american people to support whores and druggies. If they get a public funded abortion they should be fixed to where they cannot get pregnant. Stop repeat abortions.Stop supporting these criminal low life disgusting women from leeching on the public.

      • George, you are proof lobotomies are still legal. I see yours went as planned, they threw your brain out with the babies.

      • What’s disgusting is the drug addicts and whores that lay down for money or drugs. Your liberal tolerance is disgusting.

        • Now look… just realize that you right zingers are here ONLY for your entertainment value for the liberals and Democrats… not much good at entertaining either, but one gets what they pay for, lolol.

          • The entertainment we get if from low information liberals who voted for a guy that said he would lower the oceans and cleanse the Earth. Your thoughts, Chief?

          • “The values of the liberals and democrats.” They have values? The left has given the illusion of caring, but it’s all about votes and power and having to depend on the government. Blacks are a good example, they’re still on the democrat plantation and voting democrat has been their downfall. 75% of black children are born out of wedlock. 12.5% of the population and yet 30% of all welfare recipients and the highest unemployment rate. Thank you, democrats for caring!! What’s enervating is people like you who support obama, the worst president in US, you clapping seal.
            The moral high horse you’re riding is actually a camel with his hump up your A$$.

          • Why do you guys keep feeding the troll? Surely you must realize that this is what he wants. I think it would work better to just ignore the troll. I know that sometimes you just can’t help it, but it’s better to at least try.

  2. I guess the dems aren’t smart enough to figure out that the pro choice movement is largely supported by democrat voters. However one serious side effect of such a stance is you are completely wiping out generations of future voters. Hence the need for illegal immigration. They have to get votes from somewhere. Yes but what happens when the grease of taxpayer funds runs out that prop up all those potential voters? They aren’t willing to assimilate or learn the language and they aren’t looking for work for the most part. That is a good question.

  3. Life begins at the moment of conception. The govt should not be in the business of funding abortions. If the women are going to lay down and spread their legs and get impregnated then they should pay to play. Do not place this on society to bail them out for their irresponsible and unaccountable behavior,period. All of this massive govt nanny plantation state does is teach and enable to people to continue bad behaviors and they believe the govt will always be their savior. The govt is the enabler and the women are the enabled. Millions and millions of people sucking on the govt teat to survive all for votes. It is so sickening. It has all exploded under obama also.

    • What-evaaaa!

    • that’s right it’s murder anyway you look at it …that why Hillary for it why not she had 4 people murdered in bengazi and so far she’s got away with it …so why would she care how many babies they murder she knows she’s going to hell anyway

    • Jackson,
      According to the Bible, life goes back farther than that. I say that to make it clear that Christians should always take the position that abortion of any kind is murder. But as a supporter of the Constitution, I do not oppose the present law of government staying out of the abortion issue. It is a right for women as stated in the Constitution.

      • OK, just where in the Constitution is this stated? I believe you are 100% wrong.

        • loran,
          The First Amendment provides the rights of any citizen to follow or not follow any specific religion including Christianity. as such, a person can do as they wish regarding what they choose to believe. If they choose to engage in something the Bible opposes they are free to do that. abortion is something a person can choose to do. That is their right. homosexulaity falls under the same concept.

          • Excuse me, you specifically stated that it was a Constitutional right. Again I ask where this is specifically stated in the Bill of Rights or a Constitutional amendment? It is not stated anywhere giving the people a Constitutional right. It was a SCOTUS ruling period. That does not make it a Constitutional right. What is it that you do not understand about our Constitution? It seems like a whole lot.

          • loran,
            I know where you are going. But the Bill of Rights, which make up the first ten amendments of the Constitution are all about rights. That’s why they go by that name. I take documents literally. That incudes the Bible. But the First Amendment specifically says no one has to follow any religious practices if they so choose. Since the medical profession is all over the map on when life actually begins, we get the mess we have now about abortion. That is where the problem lies. Many denominations say life begins at conception. hat should kill abortion. But no, science sort of rules. Do I like it? Not one little bit.

          • I guess we could agree that this would be a privilege, not a right. Is this correct? I just saw a excellent video on David Kupelian’s Facebook page. Check it out. It’s 22 minutes in length.

          • loran,
            It is actually a freedom to make one’s own choices. The First Amendment deals with religion and no one can legislate for or against it. As such, Planned Parenthood, which is certainly not Christian, supports abortions on that basis for any woman who seeks one. Te medical field is divided on when life begins and that is their determination that abortion is not murder. But the Bible recognizes what God has decreed when it come to the origin of life. That is explained in the Book of Revelation in references to when God determines when life begins, which is long before actual birth and even conception.
            I will see if I can find your reference to Facebook but I hate Facebook and am nor sure I can find it.

          • What if I start a new religion that says it is not wrong to kill my neighbor if I don’t like him. Would the SCOTUS go along with this because it was not against my religion? If no one has to follow any religious practices if they so choose, it should be OK. Muslims aren’t allowed to practice Sharia law here, YET. There religion says it is OK to kill your children if they dishonor you. We had a man (Muslim) here that killed his daughter because he thought she was dishonoring him by seeing her boyfriend that he didn’t approve of. This was OK according to his religion, but he got life in prison for it anyway.

          • David,
            I have had a few neighbors over the last 3/4 of a century that I would have welcomed such a law. The Muslim got what he deserved. Anyway there is a commandment in Exodus 20:13 that suggests that murder in a bad idea to God.

          • Yes, but Muslims do not follow our Bible. Their Quran says that honor killings are OK. Your interpretation would allow them to do this. According to Obama this is not a Christian nation. In that case, their Quran would be just as valid as our Bible. The First Ammendment should allow their honor killings just as much as it would allow abortions for everyone else. I hope you realize that I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. I believe that honor killings and abortions are equally bad

          • David,
            Your points are well taken. I gave away my Koran a few years ago and wish I had it back. While it is not high on my priority list, I do plan to get another one.
            In any event our Constitution says what it says. We all know that the references in the Frist Amendment are quite clear and was referring to Christianity as that was an original argument in the Constitutional Convention of 1787. To my knowledge, there was no real voice from Islam in the country at that time.
            I have heard the old argument that the US is not a Christian nation because SOME of the writers were deists. Most were Christians of some denomination and all colonies were represented. All colonies had to ratify the Constitution to make it a legal document. All of the colonies were Christian, belonging to one church or another. But even deists believed in God. Therefore I take the position that Christianity was a very large part in the colonization of this country and was a majority in the convention and in each colony which voted for the Constitution. Since no one colony was going to get their religious beliefs as US rule, they compromised.

          • I basically agree that this country was founded as a more or less Christian nation. The 1st Ammendment basically says that the government shall respect no religion, which would mean that no religion is placed above another. I don’t believe in honor killings, but if the 1st Ammendment allows abortion because of religion or a lack thereof, then honor killing should be allowed also. I can’t see where the 14th would allow this either. The Constitution plainly says that powers not enumerated by the Constitution are left up to the states. This would mean marriage and unfortunately abortions since these are rights not enumerated in the Constitution. I don’t think that there is a Federal law against murder although I guess there could be. I believe that a person’s head must be on backwards to be appointed to the Supreme Court. It’s too bad that ordinary citizens aren’t appointed. I don’t think that there is an actual requirement for a law degree. It’s obvious that common sense is not a requirement.

          • David,
            Here is the way it works. Many women who seek abortions are not Christian. Therefore, religion has no bearing on their thinking. But the Bill of Rights provides freedom for all and frowns on anyone who would deny their rights to do what they wish with their bodies. In other words, we cannot discriminate against them.
            When the medical profession says that a fetus prior to some arbitrary time is not a child, then it is not murder for which the Bible and the US would otherwise use to stop abortions. Murder is not an issue IF the fetus is not a living being. That is not what the Bible says but we cannot interfere by using the Bible.

          • There’s really no point in carrying this on and on about the Constitution allowing abortions, and for that matter, any sort of marriage. You have your interpretation of the Constitution and I have mine. We are really not that far apart. We can keep on telling each other what the Constitution really says and it won’t change anything at all. The SCOTUS are the only authorized interpreters of the Constitution. I don’t agree with them in this case, but we can always hope that Roe v Wade will be overturned further down the road. How they got involved with marriage is anyone’s guess since there is no such thing as a Federal marriage license or a Federal marriage. They could have equalized things up a bit by just changing some tax laws.

          • David,
            What you seem to be missing is that the medical profession says, to varying degrees of certainty that the fetus is NOT a living being until a certain time in the pregnancy. That is how women get misled about having an abortion. Therefore they are not committing murder. But the Bible says otherwise. If we throw out the Bible and go strictly by the Constitution which provides women the right to make their own decisions, then we get the mess we are in.

          • What you don’t seem to understand is I’m done talking about this. Neither of us going to change the other’s mind about anything so I see no sense of just repeating the same talking points ad finitum. I don’t think that I am missing anything and neither do you. Neither of us have anything new to contribute to the subject You can say the same things in as many different ways as you want and it won’t matter. I do understand what you are saying and we aren’t really that far apart. All doctors do not agree when life starts. From what I understand, a very few definitions could be changed, not very much, and Roe v Wade would be out. All that has to be done is stop calling pre born babies fetuses and say that they are human and this would be over. Killing a human is murder and apparently kinning a fetus isn’t.

          • More idiotic spew from a lefty moron.

          • Pam,
            I believe I have cleared up this issue. We should now be on the same page. The Bible very clearly opposes any form of killing as murder. That is one of the very first of the Ten Commandments. Also, the Book of Revelation makes it clear that in specifying details of the Book of life that God is the one who decides who is to live.
            We also have laws that oppose murder. But the medical profession cannot decide when life actually begins. That is how
            Planned Parenthood gets away with abortions.
            Now, do I still sound like a liberal?

          • jerry…you make every military man, police officer, law enforcement
            officer (FBI< CIA<etc.) Murderers…..not so….Thou shalt not kill would
            be better translated…thou shalt do no murder….murder is a forethought, with malice….not killing…our military must do what they
            do as they are trained as well as the police, etc….you do diservice
            when you say thou shalt not kill….car accidents, occupational fatalities, etc…these are unintended deaths and sometimes w/o
            any wrong doing on anyones part….Not so Abortions…a person
            goes to am aboratorium for an abortion (with intent of purpose),
            That is Murder…….rethink your position on this ……

          • I believe that you may have cleared this up in your mind, possibly, but I don’t think that everyone agrees with you.

          • David,
            The issue is not murder but what the less than informed medical profession says about the origin of life. They do not agree on when life actually begins. The Bible places that decision to be made by God. He makes the decisions on life and death. Life begins when He says so. That is found in the Book of Revelation in what John says about the Book of Life. The names of those who are to live begins long before birth.

          • I’m not arguing with you. I just don’t think that everyone agrees with you. It would really be a horrible world if we all thought just alike. I saw an old Twighlight Zone show several years ago where Shelly Berman wanted the whole world to think like him. He woke up one morning and they all did. He was not very happy about that.

          • David,
            Gotcha. But for Christians that day is coming.

        • Preamble to the U.S. Constitution:

          “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our POSTERITY (emphasis mine), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

          Posterity refers to the future generations of American Citizens.

          Thus, our Posterity also refers to the unborn; whom are commonly referred to as fetuses. Therefore; those fetuses have just as much of the Right to Life as those that are born.

          • I agree 100%. Have you read Mr. Kupelian’s book titled “The Marketing of Evil?” I urge all Christians and others who believe the same as us to read this excellent book. It explains in laymen terms what and how the left has deceived America.

          • No, I have not; however, I will look into your recommendation.


      • Physical life begins in the womb. Spiritual life is different. Where was it written in the Constitution that a right for women to have an abortion. It is like the SCOTUS creating a new marriage law.That is not Constitutional. The supreme court does not make law, they just apply existing law to cases. Some people do not even know who makes law,who executes/enforces it, and who delivers the law. When mans law is against GODS law and contradicts GODS law man will lose every time. We have people creating new laws that it is not their job or authority.

        • Jackson,
          I would kilike to agree with you but the First Amendment specifically states that all have rights to believe in a religion or not. If a woman chooses to abort a child against the Bible, she can do so. It is a perfectly legal option , provided the medical profession permits it through the fact of when is a child actually alive. That is how they get around the issue because the medical profession says that up to a certain point the person is not a person. The Biblical definition is that a person is a person even before birth. Read up on the beliefs found in eh Book of Revelation concerning the Book of Life.

          • Do not get me wrong. I know what mans law says. That does not make it correct though just because man made the law. I know what the medical profession says also,that does not mean they are correct,either. We all have to follow mans law or get arrested. I was just sharing my personal beliefs and opinion,that is all. When all morals,values,principles,character, honesty,integrity,respect,discipline, and guiding social norms are removed society just becomes buck wild,any things goes. Then life itself becomes devalued, murder becomes rampant,abortions as common as going to the store and people wonder why the nation is going to hell in a hand basket. You see mans laws do not guide me at all and have nothing to do with me. I do not break mans laws due to I follow anothers laws. GOD knew us before we were even in our Mothers womb,yes. I know exactly how man gets around it,why man wants to do that, why man wants to worship other men. People now are looking to the govt to be their savior. If no change happens things will continue to get worse. I hate it for the people that support this sickness.I never every one has to believe like me or in GOD. We all make that choice,either condemn our selves or choose victory and eternal life. Sure people can choose all the legal options they want. No sweat off of my back. One thing I like is the first amendment gives me the right to have my say also.

          • NO STUPID; NOTHING in the Constitution grants the “right” to MURDER an unborn child, AND it does NOT give that right even if they don’t believe in a religion. The Islamic CULT says its okay to RAPE a woman too, along with KILLING NON-Believers.

          • pam..i hear your passion for the UNBORN..i too feel that
            Nothing gives Anyone the Right to Kill the Unborn…But,
            when people have been given such a deluding spirit and
            have received it so willingly, it seems that they will never
            change their minds….well, remember this, Not everyone
            will be saved…Jesus offered a way..but many refuse it..
            so, if they are determined to go to hell, then all i can say is
            ….have a nice trip…….

        • Where is it written in the constitution that men can marry women?

          • Is it written in the Constitution like that ?

          • there is a book greater than our constitution that says it—bible you heard of it?

          • I was responding to the question from Jim Aroyo, “Where is it written in the Constitution that men can marry women?” Yes, we can change subject if you like.

          • Yes, and as an ordained CHRISTIAN minister, we are commanded to honor our government leaders and their Edicts, whom God ordained… look it up, Bible thumper!

          • That’s rich. A supposed minister calling someone a Bible thumper.

          • Is is IMPLIED. Because people were NORMAL and SANE back then, and NORMAL and SANE meant that marriage was between a MAN and a WOMAN.

          • stupid…stupid….stupid…..stupid…………diputs…..diputs……diputs….
            and furthermore …..may I say that you are STUPID!!!!

          • Their is nothing in the Constitution concerning marriage. According to the Constitution this would be something that would concern the states. States should be ably to let people get marriage licenses. If states want to give out same sex marriage licenses it would be up to them. There is no Federal marriage license of any sort that I am aware of.

        • Where is it written in the bible or the constitution that incest is either a crime or immoral? As I read the bible there was a TON of incest, both after the garden and after the flood – I am sure mostly it was of the first cousin variety, but still – not great for genetic health.

          • I never said it was in the Bible and the Constitution, who said it was ? Although it may be. I do not have the time to look it up right now so I will neither confirm or deny,period.

          • I’m sure that in the Garden there must have been at least brother-sister incest. Maybe a little mother-son and father-daughter incest also. The Bible is not clear on this. Supposedly, they were the only people on Earth. I wonder where the land of Nod was and who were it’s inhabitants. I think that’s where Cain was supposed to have went.

      • GODS LAW is a higher law then the constitution,back in the old days women gave there LIVE to give birth to a new live so the baby could live

        • jack,
          You and I know that as Christians. But the constitution is the law of the land. I choose to follow the Biblical position on ALL issues. But at the same time, as a citizen of this country I have to honor the Constitution. That is why I see abortion as murder.

        • “,,,women gave THERE LIVE….” The word is THEIR LIVES… homefooled dumbo!

          • george, you are showing yourself to be a typical low life liberal. You’re all mentally ill and will be dealt with in the near future. Liberalism is a serious mental disorder that has to be dealt with in America because it is literally killing our nation.

          • I suggest a LATE TERM ABORTION for people like him;

          • You are a hateful person. Where does this insane anger at someone whom you have never met come from?

            Over one in four women will have an abortion in their lifetimes, many of them after they are married and have had children. Many of these are women that you know, and probably like… do you wish a “LATE TERM ABORTION” for them as well?

          • Andy, these extremist people just don’t think! It DOES catch up with them!

          • If one in four women have had an aborttion, maybe they deserve a late term abortion. I don’t think that I know any women that have had an abortion.

          • You dolts!!! Lolol… too late! Now I know why your bottoms are draggin’ and giving your brains asphalt burn!

          • Yes, maybe a 100th trimester abortion.

          • Yes, yes… I’ll be waiting. Copied and saved for evidence against you. Thank you for your cooperation! 😀

          • here we have george one who would throw the first stone—please no one here is near as smart as you–THINK YOU ARE—-

          • My University/Seminary professors would disagree with you on that, lolol.

          • Do you think that anyone here really cares? Some people can be very educated, but very stupid in ways that really matter.

        • Ah, yes, the Biblical theme that women are less than men and thus expendable. The followers of the Quoran have a similar policy, you should join them and stop passing yourself off as a Christian.

      • Strange, I can’t recall which of the Bill of Rights covers that subject. Maybe it is a “right” that was conjured by the Supreme Court. (I didn’t know they were empowered to legislate.)

        • Terry,
          The Bill of rights does not cover all specific rights but does uphold the right of people to make choices. Christianity certainly generally does oppose abortions for the very reason I do. But Christianity is an option and not a necessity in the First Amendment which opens the door for Planned Parenthood and the individual to do what they wish..

          • Jerry Branson, You are stating that the First Amendment by saying that all citizens are allowed freedom of religion that anyone can follow their religious tenets that allow abortion. Did I understand you correctly? Because if I did then what you are saying is that under the freedom of religion any congregation can offer up human sacrifices as part of their religion.

          • The Supreme Court used their demented interpretation of the 14th Amendment, not the 1st, to legalize murder of innocents. “Privacy” not religion gives PPH their profit center.

          • suomunon,
            I reject that idea as the 14th Amendment, taken in context like it should be, concerned the freeing of slaves. I base my position on what the First Amendment says which is the right to make our own choices. It does NOT mean we can ignore the instructions by God on life. It is NOT in our hands.

          • Jerry Branson,
            Whether you reject it or not, that was what the Supreme court used as their “rationale” for their faulty Roe vs Wade abortion decision.

            Well, what is it, we shouldn’t complain or protest an unjust interpretation of what the Bill of Rights says or allow human sacrifice because that is your interpretation of the 1st Amendment?

            If we are, as we should be, adhering to the strict instructions of the Bill of Rights then the States should take their land out of the hands of the Federal Government, take back control of our schools, and insist that the Federal Government adher to its Constitutional duties and protect our borders, Etc,

          • suomunon,
            The 14th Amendment was passed in 1868. That was just after the Civil War. Black people were given equal rights under this Amendment. That is a given. It is applied to all late comers in the rights game. Black people were the only ones that fell into this category at the time. Such issues as abortion, homosexuality and such were not even on anyone’s mind. But the 14th comes off as a catch-all as the courts have applied it to anything and everything since. I am a stickler for exact wording but I take it in context with the intent of the Amendment. That was to deal with ending slavery, period. The wording is very general and thus is made to imply freedom for all people, which the First Amendment does also. We have the right of thought process. But it says nothing about discrimination. That word is not used at all. Yes, LGBT people have rights as individuals. But that is where it stops. Yes, women have the right to decide concerning their own bodies. But murder is not one of them just as murder is not tolerated in any other sort of criminal case. Murder is still a violation of the Ten Commandments. Every human being on the planet past, present and future cannot escape that.

          • I’m confused as to what point you are making. You say you are a stickler for exact wording, but what has that to do with the real life tragedy of killing an innocent who, by nature depends of its mother to protect and nurture that it until it is no longer innocent. That is the way all mammals have evolved and succeeded in prospering as a species.
            You also state that women have the right to decide concerning their own bodies. I’m okay with that but what I am not okay with is that it isn’t their body they are killing.
            I have a feeling that this discussion is going around in circles and I am getting off this not-so-merry go round.

          • suomunon,
            Try this.
            1. As a Christian I follow the Bible which says that God decides who is to live and not humans. That is emphasized in the Book of Revelation. As such I consider abortion as murder, period.
            2. Roe vs. Wade utilized the 14th Amendment to sell the Supreme Court on allowing abortion on the basis of the part of that amendment that says people have equal rights. The amendment passed in 1868 and the issue was slavery, not abortion, which was not an issue in 1868. So applying a woman’s right to abort a child is not intended in that amendment. But that is what is now the law of the land. Therefore, I am stuck to abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling. I do not like it but that’s the way it is. I will continue to call abortion murder but our hands are tied until someone takes on the fact that the Supreme Court has exceeded their authority per the Constitution.
            3. Based on the First Amendment we have freedom to believe as we wish. That is why I can live with the Supreme Court’s ruling but I do not buy the basis on the 14th Amendment as it never applied to the issue of abortion nor did it “intend” to do so.

          • when a governmental law goes against the law of God, you are not
            required to obey it…you may suffer for your choice but that is where
            the rubber hits the road…..

        • Well, of course they are, silly guy! SCOTUS and all that!

      • Jerry, if you hold the Constitution to be correct and you are a supporter of it, would you also say you support the Declaration of Independence the very basis of our life in this great country which states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, …”. Those who are for abortion are not honoring our freedoms. They are taking the right to life away from our most innocent of citizens – the babies who are victims of abortion.

        • PatriotGal,
          The Declaration of Independence says exactly that and I totally agree with it. But the First Amendment is used to provide an excuse for Planned Parenthood and women to make their choices on abortion. Thanks to the inconsistency of the medical profession, they maintain that life actually does not occur with conception.

        • (very good oratory!) and… whateva!

      • Jerry Branson, Excuse me, where in the Constitution does it say that women have the “Right” to an abortion? Please state the Article that says “Women have the inalienable right to abort their pregnancies at any moment during their pregnancy for any reason without question”.

        You can’t because it is not there!

        • suomunon,
          The Constitution does not mention abortion because abortion did not legally exist when the Constitution was written. What it does do is enable all people to have freedom and a choice concerning religion. Then comes the issue of what the medical profession says about origin of life. They say that a fetus is not alive until certain stages. When seems to be a subject of much debate. as such, Planned Parenthood supports willful destruction of the fetus up to a point. The Christian view generally is that conception is the beginning of life. The Bible takes it back before then. I support what the Bible says on this matter which means that abortion is against the will of God. Therefore I cannot and will not support abortion. At eh same time, I also must follow the Constitution which leaves the door open to what Planned Parenhood is doing because of their backing by the medical profession.

          • So abortion is legal based on the 1st Amendment’s “free exercise thereof”. In your interpretation if I started or belonged to a religion that believed human sacrifice was necessary for the “excercise” of my faith then there is nothing that can be done to stop my church’s ritual.
            I guess you are correct because human sacrifice to the ancient gods of Baccus and Eros are offered up on a daily basis in the temples of Planned Parenthood.

          • Abortion is legal only because the First Amendment provides freedom for all in religion and in speech and has been taken, (not sure legally) to say that every person has a right to make their own decisions. It makes no mention of abortion as abortion did not “exist” in 1789. What has happened is that modern medicine says that a fetus is not a human life for an extended period after conception but they do not all agree on when is. That was a result of Roe vs. Wade. Planned Parenthood has opened the door to any time a woman wants an abortion. My HUGE issue is that the Bible says that God decides who will live on earth as found in the Book of Revelation concerning the Book of Life. I oppose abortion as murder, which in God’s eyes, is so. God is the one who is supposed to decide who lives or dies, not some government agency.

          • When the Constitution was written, abortion was considered to be a very evil thing. I can’t see any way that the SCOTUS could have seen that this was a good thing to do. This is the Living Constitution in action. I don’t consider the Constitution as having changing meanings. The way to change it is through amendment, not just a different interpretation.

          • David,

            As I said n the last post, the issue is really over when life actually starts. If the fetus is not a living thing at the time of the abortion, it is not murder. However, the medical profession does not agree on exactly when that precise time line is. But that is a medical decision and not God’s decision on the matter.

          • you have one foot on the right side of the road and another on the
            left side of the road…..hopefully for your groin the road does not get any wider…ouch! you cannot serve one AND the other…choose you
            this day whom you shall serve….choose God that you may have life!
            (pun intended)

        • abortion is a liberial thing

      • Nobody has the “right” to MURDER the most innocent! “Legalized” abortion is REPUGNANT to the Constitution and is therefore NULL and VOID! (Marbury vs. Madison, 5 U.S. 137) Supreme Court.

        • 11Mic22hae133,
          Madison vs. Marbury says that the executive branch of our government does not have such a power to make laws. But Congress does. However, I know of no Congressional legislation on this issue. It was the Supreme Court who ruled on a woman’s right to abortion per the 14th Amendment. But that amendment applies only to the slavery issue for which it was written and passed in 1868.
          Abortion was not then an issue at all. In fact, no wording in the Constitution or any amendments makes such a statement. But the Supreme Court did rule in favor of a woman’s right under the 14th Amendment since the medical profession could not reach a consensus on when life begins but they did rule out conception. That is why we cannot make any headway on this issue. The Bible makes it clear that God and not humans decides on life. But we cannot sell that to the Supreme Court.

          • I was merely bringing up the fact that Marbury vs. Madison decided that “ANY law that is repugnant to the Constitution, is null and void”. Certainly “legalized” abortion is repugnant to the Constitution.

          • 11Mic22hae133,
            Your point is quite valid. I don’t think anyone in this country can be found that does not know the Biblical Commandment that you shall not commit murder.

        • Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnn.

      • Hey Jerry , you stupid ignorant moron;

        SHOW ME WHERE in the CONSTITUTION it says:

        “It is a right for women as stated in the Constitution.”

        Just for your brainless information, THOSE WORDS DO NOT APPEAR ANY PLACE in the Constitution.

        • Pam,
          I know that. But the Supreme Court has ruled on the issue by utilizing the 14th Amendment, which actually had nothing to do with the issue of abortion. The amendment was about slavery in 1868. Abortion was not an issue at that time. I totally disagree with the decision based on the fact that there was no intent to address abortion in 1868.
          The First Amendment does provide rights for all people, which for me does provide more of a confirmation than the 14th Amendment as it is in the original Bill of Rights. But that is really a reach. I cannot argue with the decision of the Supreme Court without a huge budget which
          I do not have. But under no circumstances do I support that ruling. As a Christian, the Bible tells me that God decides who lives, not humans. And such, abortion is murder per the Ten Commandments. The Constitution does not say one word specifically anywhere, period

      • I have never seen that article in the Constitution. Which one is it that says that you can kill your children as long as they haven’t been born yet. I could more understand it if they were teenagers and had possibly done something to deserve it.

    • amen,its murder

    • The women do pay at PP. That’s what makes it even worse. I feel like they encourage women to use abortion as a form of birth control. The moral compass of America is broken. Take a big step and don’t watch MSM. Boycott companies who advertise there. They’ve flushed real journalism down the toilet.

      • I seldom watch MSM because I do believe that they “report” the news objectively, truthfully, etc. I will now for the sole reason of seeing who is advertising on MSN so I can boycott them.

      • journalism has been in the toilet for quit some time—

      • You feel that PP encourages women to use abortion as birth control. How much research have you done, have you visited your local PP and asked them, or presented yourself as a newly sexually active young woman who needs birth control? Do you think they will tell you to go ahead, fcuk as much as you can without using birth control and we will abort any pregnancy resulting from your “hot to trot” activity?

        If so, you are a complete idiot and I recommend a tubal ligation, let’s clean up the gene pool.

        • “Homegirl”. Your name says it all.. PP may not profess encouraging them to use it’s services as a form of birth control, but that’s what many of these girls do. Not sure why we have to supplement this business with our taxes, that should be left up to an individual to decide. Just like many things our taxes are used for, I for one say we have a use for tax line. If you use these services or want to contribute to them, check it off and have them deduct from your income. Flat tax on infrastructure and city/state/federal services that everyone uses. The rest….if you support what is going on…contribute to your hearts desire.

          • Exactly what do you think my use of the screen name “homegirl” says about me?

            If I understand your comment correctly you think PP should be out of business thereby denying poor women access to birth control advice

          • Nope not out of business, just let PP do business without gov funding. If you want a poor girl to have access, you pay for it. Poor doesn’t make you stupid…. My father inlaw grew up about as poor as you could get and never had a kid out of wedlock…let alone got a girl pregnant. Back then you didn’t get welfare or any other entitlement that everyone expects these days. Sorry, if your too stupid to have sex and not want kids DON’T HAVE SEX if you can’t afford birth control. All you dumbass liberals want everyone to pay for laziness, lack of will and no thought to better yourself. Well, all you bleeding heart morons can pay for it, we don’t want to. Got it moron? Throwing money at a problem NEVER fixed it, it just cost more!

          • Flagged for personal insult.

          • You didn’t ask me but I think it means that you are some homy’s girl. Flag me too. I don’t care. Yes they should be out of business. Abortions should revert to being back alley jobs. Women that die through abortions do not have another one. Incidentally, it was my wife that told me that.

          • So, your wife told you “that.” Well, as the saying goes “it takes two heels to click.”

            A homey’s girl! You are so wrong, I am a senior citizen who has guaranteed myself a financially secure old age by investing in real estate.

            Your wife has/had a “choice” and every woman has the right to a legal and safe abortion.

            And you are right-I didn’t ask you but you are as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

          • I was just interpreting what I thought homegirl could mean. I did not say that it applied to you. We each do have a right to our opinion. It is my opinion that a human life is lost with every abortion. If they were not so legal and safe there would not be as many of them. I am hoping that Roe V Wade will be eventuallyh overturned. I just don’t see how something that once was thought despicable could be somehow now OK.

          • “You didn’t ask me but I think it means that you are some homy’s girl.”

            You were very specific, what do you think “you are” means?

            I am safe in assuring you that Roe v. Wade will not be overturned in your lifetime.

            “If they were not so legal and safe there would not be as many of them.” No, there would be more dead women, victims of unsafe abortions. How about we make prostate surgery and vasectomies illegal and men can seek out back alley operations and suffer the consequences, sounds good to me!

          • I was just interpreting what I thought homegirl meant. I only said you because the original comment was addressed to you. It could also mean a girl in a home, I’m not sure what kind. I am also a senior citizen, so that cuts no ice with me. You shouldn’t need any more abortions, though. Roe V Wade will probably not be reversed in my lifetime, but then that may not be all that long. If abortions were not legal there probably would be a lot more dead women. It might give some pause to think. There would be a lot more live babies, though, and I think live babies are more important. I know that raising a child can be inconvenient. I know that mine were at times. I think that abortions shouldn’t be allowed until the child is at least a teenager and more deservibg of one. It is hard to compare prostate surgery and vasectomy to abortions. Either one would eliminate the need for an abortion though. Prostate surgery is usually done to stop cancer or at least slow it down. Just about all men will get prostate cancer if they live long enough. I am not against abortion if it will save a life. Very seldom does it save a life and it always ends one. I don’t quite understand what your limerick has to do with anything other that celibacy is a viable choice. It works for both men and women.

          • I have not been able to ignore or understand at least three of the statements in your post:

            1. “You shouldn’t need any more abortions, though.” Why do you assume that I have had an abortion or abortions in the past?

            2. “If abortions were not legal there probably would be a lot more dead women. It might give some pause to think.” Women have had abortions from the beginnings of humanity, despite the deaths caused by unsafe, illegal abortions they continued. There is an overall theme in your posts indicating that your beliefs should be imposed on all women.

            3. “I think that abortions shouldn’t be allowed until the child is at least a teenager and more deservibg of one.” OMG! What does this mean? It can be understood to mean that if a girl under the age of 13 becomes pregnant she should not be permitted to make the decision to have an abortion, just more OMG!

            4. “I am not against abortion if it will save a life. Very seldom does it save a life and it always ends one.” Do you mean that despite having an abortion many women die, yes, eventually we all die. Once again, you are more concerned with the zygote or fetus than a living woman.

            Just to satisfy my curiosity, how much do you, as a forced birther donate to children’s charities and the poor?

          • I will try to clarify my post.

            1. I was just assuming that you have had an abortion because you seem to be so in favor of them. I should have started my statement with “if”.

            2.. Yes, I believe they should be applied to all women. Since I consider abortion to be murder, I think that all people should not murder.

            3. That remark was sarcasm. I would think that would be obvious. Childern under the age or 13 usually don’t have abortions, but the same restrictions should apply.

            4. I think that more women die because of an abortion rather than in spite of one. I am equally concerned about the fetus and the mother. I don’t rank either higher. If there is a chance that the mother could die, I would be more in favor of an abortion since the child would usually die if the mother did. I have heard of women that had a child knowing that they would probably not survive the birth. I can see no higher love than that.

            I do not usually give to organized charities. I do give money to people that I feel need it and I’m not talking about pocket change. Obviously, we are never going to agree, so I don’t really see any point in continuing this conversation. You have stated your opinion and I have stated mine. Mark Twain once said something to the effect that east and west never meet. Actually, they do, at the Prime Meridian.

          • Ahh, yes, now that opinions have been stated and you cannot deny that:

            1. You place small to no value on the lives of living women and sanctify the sacrifice of their own lives to deliver a baby.

            2. You advocate for the elimination of difficult teenagers. Even as sarcasm this remark is particularly distasteful, and a real shocker, maybe not, as you don’t present as a very tolerant person.

            3. Your beliefs should be applied to all women!!! WOW! Quite an ego you are dealing with.

            Finally, yes, we will always disagree and continuing this conversation is definitely pointless.

          • Look, we are done.I have no last parting insults for you. We do not agree and never will. This does not make either one of us superior to the other. You think murder is OK and I don’t. Well, I guess that was a parting insult. So there!

    • Amen. Then turn around and sale the baby parts for more money. We tax payers should not pay for these abortions. If they choose abortion, which I am against, then they pay. There are so many people out there that wants a baby, let them be born and let those people adopt.

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    • Yes, there is life at the moment of conception, and there are all of the pieces of new life in the egg and sperm. That does not mean that in the moment of fertilization (or implantation, as some would suggest) a new human being of full moral and legal worth is created. In fact, since we are talking about ‘murder’ then the only definition that matters is the legal definition, and that is whatever the courts say it is. Sorry, that’s how our system works.

      If you want to use a 2,000 year old book written by people who didn’t know the earth went around the sun as the basis of your law, you might want to look to some of the totalitarian theocracies in the middle east.

  4. Life begins at the moment of conception. The govt should not be in the business of funding abortions. If the women are going to lay down and spread their legs and get impregnated then they should pay to play. Do not place this on society to bail them out for their irresponsible and unaccountable behavior,period. All of this massive govt nanny plantation state does is teach and enable to people to continue bad behaviors and they believe the govt will always be their savior. The govt is the enabler and the women are the enabled. Millions and millions of people sucking on the govt teat to survive all for votes. It is so sickening. It has all exploded under obama also.

  5. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I know that you are going against what GOD says but that is you and even if its wrong i want judge you cause GOD will.

  6. Of course Hillary Rotten Clinton believes in abortion! She is a DEMOCRAP isn’t she?
    DEMOCRAPS always promote what is WRONG in the world! They never promote good!

    Just look at America today! That POS squatting in our White House always promotes the
    worst, never the best!

    • Now THAT’S funny, LOLOL. And you are quite the comedian… but not so funny. Pity you.

      • Tell them idiots George M Melby

      • Georgie-Porgie……..Look in the mirror……You will find the apparent definition of ‘S T U P I D “…….Just like JOhn Gruber said! ! ! ! ! ! …………………:O}}}}}

      • George:
        Oh, we found an obama supporter! If you support that piece of camel
        dung than you are the STUPID one! The POS has done NOTHING
        good for America! You must be another freeloader!

        • Nope… nice SS check and Teachers Retirement and a casa in Brazil AND being I planned ahead, I STILL get reduced rent, food stamps, free phone, etc., etc., etc! And YOU help pay for it all! Nice retirement bank account in Brazil also! 😀 Smilesssssss!!!
          PS: And I don’t pay taxes to support war! Wadda bargain, lolol!

  7. It’s going to take a lot more than stacked abortion poll stats to faze Clinton. She’s faced a lot bigger battles than this and come out way on top! Fear and smoke and mirrors does not faze Democrats!

    • There will come a day, when “Killery”, will realize, to her dismay…..The mortal errors of her ways!

    • I think Hillary is sweating it out because Bernie’s beating her in Iowa and NH. Bernie’s audiences aren’t selected like Hillary’s. She think she’s above the tough questions. She claims to be for women’s rights, and yet Bubba’s friends with a convicted pedophile.

  8. What “Hillary”….thinks…..does…….wants……says…..’etc”……IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE! “Both Clinton;s are “A-MORAL, & SOCIOPATHS”!

    “BOTH” HAVE HAD A LIFE OF CORRUPTION, LAWLESSNESS, & SEXUAL PERVERSION……..THEY ARE “NOT”, TYPICAL OF AMERICAN POLITICIANS…..{ But, many *politicians, are “this”….on both sides }……..Look to those that would make good leaders, “without all the baggage” of simple, weak people with no morals, or very few!…{like the Clinton;s, & Obama, & their very poor choices of “friends”!

  9. The first restriction on abortions, I think, should be that NO federal funds are used for that procedure. Period! (Are you listenin’ Obama/Hillary? I thought the Hyde Amendment prohibited the use of federal funds for abortion years ago.) Secondly, late term abortions (beyond 20 weeks) should be performed only when deemed by at least two medical professionals that such a procedure is necessary to save the life of the mother. And, in any event, the couple who engaged in the act which produced the pregnancy should, themselves, pay the cost for any procedure terminating the pregnancy, not the hapless taxpayers. It’s called being responsible for one’s own actions. I know, I know, that’s a brutal concept for democrats to grasp, especially if one’s been on food stamps for a couple of decades and has “earned” the right to carry an EBT Card.

  10. It would appear, by the comments below, that y’all are for slavery. That’s exactly what denying a group of people their civil/human rights. It’s called SLAVERY. I bet each of you consider yourselves to be ‘christians’. LOL

  11. With so much controversy – moral and otherwise – in her past – most of it questionable ambiguous and unanswered – why does this woman think she is fit and acceptable to be President of the United States. The decent thing to do is to take care of her personal attributes – make yourself respectable personally, politically and publicly and then -ONLY THEN – seek the representation of a Nation and its people – without adding to the Nations troubles with your own unpleasant and personal misgivings. Until Hillary Clinton can present herself at least halfway decent SHE SHOULD NOT SEEK THE PRESIDENCY OF OUR NATION THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  12. many that are ok with abortion—600K-1M/year…are crazy about the 32K gun deaths a year…60% OF WHICH ARE SUICIDES
    in one scenario the “victims” have 0% chance of survival…and it does not involve a gun

  13. The “government” is technically “we the people”. However we hand over our authority to manage us to just 537 people plus 9 High Court judges. When these 546 people turn against us as has been going on for 5 decades we are stupid to think government belongs to us. Unless you have been living under a rock you have witnessed a government gone rogue doing whatever is best for the 546 people running it. There is only one way to put an end to the madness that has overtaken America. Of course there are many people that support the current situation but it is far from the majority. Therefore the majority needs make their concerns and voices heard.
    Words taken directly from the Declaration of Independence.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness

  14. Abortion is murder. The facts were in a long time ago.

  15. Just over paid pretenders patting each other on the back
    and telling each other how wonderful they are. What a waste of time and money,
    give them all participation awards and skip the pomp and circumstance. They are all just narcissists.

  16. Okay. Let’s take this a bit further…one step before our Constititional laws. If our Country’s Christian Faith was still strong, there wouldn’t be this discussion because to abort a baby is actually “killing” a life. What is one of the strongest 10 Commandments? THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

    So again if we take this discussion a step further, perhaps there is a lesson we mortals are to learn from that new baby in vitro, perhaps that little life is going to discover the cure for Cancer or Dementia or Aids or perhaps that little Soul is going to heal our World from all its cultural wounds. God has a plan for each of us, including those aborted babies and when mortals take over to make decisions that God only makes, our world transforms and becomes shaky, immoral and misguided – like what is happening today in our world population.

    Perhaps it is time to stop making Godly decisions and start acting like responsible mature adults. If you do the dance, then you must pay the fiddler!

    Govt needs to back out of an area that needs to be between God and a female/male. Don’t make it so easy to “KILL YOUR BABY LADIES” unless there is a medical reason and to save the life of the Mother, abortion should not be an option.

    Until the Federal Govt is removed from this equation, our young females will never learn responsibility for their choices. The Govt is on the side of evil instead of encouraging young women to make better choices with their bodies.

    • I am anti-abortion myself. However, I always find it amusing when someone says we may have stopped the person who cures cancer or whatever from being born, but never acknowledges that the next Hitler or Charles Manson was also among them. Just a fact of life.

      • Yes, that is always a possibility. But let’s try to think on the bright side, not the darkness.

        In this day and age, with most parents working and letting their children “raise” themselves, creating a little hitler or obama is a real possibility. Thank God neither of those individuals are actually Americans! LOL TMI.

        But at the same time, we have millions of kids who are happy, morally strong, intelligent, and striving to make better lives for everyone. These Souls were given the chance to grow, to bloom, to create a new and better life for all of us. Women need to think about that “before” they do the dance and be responsible with their bodies. Guys need to think of this too and not just walk away when the girlfriend/wife is knocked up. That is shirking responsibility too.

        It is a 50/50 chance what kind of child you will be getting depending on the genes involved; however, the nurturing or lack of nurturing is what creates the final product. So we parents are pretty much responsible for how our children turn out…

  17. It’s a shame her mother didn’t have an abortion.

  18. So let’s SEE
    1 LIED about E mails numbers
    2 Lied about ‘CLASSIFIED” and Secret only mail she sent and Forwarded
    3 May be responsible for State SECRETS and “MOLES” to be Disseminated to Enemy Countries
    4 Should be INDICTED for Worse Crimes than Gen Petraeus did but it requires a DOJ and an AG that are not Controlled by BHO-ZO
    5 Gave her ‘Husband?” passes hen he was abusing women but claims to be a feminist…
    6 Was against Birth Control before politically is FOR killing of babies for Body parts..NOW…..

  19. Rape and incest only. Put an Aspirin between your knees girls. If you got to spread um to have him? his interest might not be in all of you.

  20. Given modern imaging of life in the womb and modern science operating in the womb to save life, the time is right for the youth to lead a new fight in the defense of our youngest citizens.

    Let’s go youngsters…these are your people!!!

    • I dislike breaking this to you, but this generation ain’t buyin’ the OLD generations’ faux arguments… it’s about time. Those who homefooling their robots are not going to keep them in bondage to Papas’ and Mommas’ apron strings for long!

      • The kids are smarter and more compassionate than you think. The Old hippy arguments that murder is “right on man” is what is loosing.


  22. what would you expect from the Hildabeast….whatever it takes to get a VOTE..
    good ol* democrats….

  23. If she really believes in abortion, then why doesn’t she have a late term abortion of…… herself?

  24. Why does politics feel its their business to get between women and their doctor and family to decide if she should or should not have an abortion for medical reasons?

  25. What people don’t realize is that abortions where meant to do the low information voters out of extinction, and their not smart enough to see this,they really think the demorats are trying to help them.

  26. Putting all biblical arguments to the side for a moment.
    At the moment of conception, that newly created individual citizen has its own individual DNA. It is not, and never will be, “the womans body” as liberal mantra loves to chant. The womans body is from that instant simply the host organism for the next 9 months to the next new USA Citizen.

    That Citizen is BY LAW protected by all the Constitution and all of the laws of the state it lives in, born or not yet born. Including the Right to Life, and protection, by the state and federal governments, under every law which protects individuals.

    Under the ADA [American Disabilities Act], for example, if an individual is not capable of attending to his/her own needs, the Government, by law, has a DUTY to ensure that person [individual DNA] is tended to properly.

    Think on that for a bit, and how all the laws that make us civilized apply to this new Citizen [individual DNA] residing in the host womb.

  27. Rand Paul is introducing a bill born at conception means ciizenship with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of other babes. Once that sperm penetrates the egg, that is jackpot. Three liberty bells straight across.

    • lets pray that it will be accepted and passed by both sides of the isle….
      those who choose to reject this bill and continue to provide death to
      babes will one day stand before God the Creator….oh man….i cannot
      imagine what it will be like for death dealers….you DO NOT make GOD
      angry at you….man, beyond my imagination……

  28. We’ve aborted our economy. 70 million+ reproducing to 187 million. Now we have to import growth; muslims,
    Reaping our just rewards. Life of the mother & or rape only. The Chinese have always recognized life to
    being at conception. There’s a heart beating in there. This is not a war on women, it’s a sinister left war
    on children. The DNC needs a D&C of their cerebral cortex to remover their ignorance.

  29. She should be made to watch the videos made by the people who interviewed the people from Planned Parenthood. This is not anything but a woman’s murder of her baby.

    • You do realize the Courts came down on the side of PP and the right wing loonies have been indicted, right?? Try and read even the right wing extremist newwwwwwws!

  30. Why isn’t Planned Parenthood being investigated under the RICO act ???????????

  31. I wish Hillary’s parents had been for abortion!

  32. Let’s face it! You can’t champion a woman’s right to choose (which begins BEFORE sex, BEFORE conception, and BEFORE abortion needs to be a form of birth control), intelligently, as “three strikes and the baby is out.”

  33. There will never be a solution on the abortion issue that satisfies all sides. You can legislate all you want, but the immorality of abortion remains constant.
    It doesn’t matter who is in office. Roe vs. Wade will unlikely be struck down. If it ever is, women will still terminate, only illegally and/or dangerously. There is no happy ending. This is the true reality of the situation. Human life has become devalued.
    Those of us against abortion can only vote our conscience, and hope against hope. There is nothing else we can realistically do.
    Such is life in our “civilized” society.

  34. The Knights of Columbus polling people about abortion is like NAMBLA polling people about lowering the age of consent.

  35. Either Clinton,will do…..say…..think…..anything they want, & if the Public opinion, is “against that”…..they will *change according to public pressure*, until they get what they want…..’THEN”…..do it exactly ‘their way…..regardless…..of “public Opinion”!

    Clinton’s care not what the “PUBLIC”…..wants…..It’s what “THEY” want……that’s the only thing “important” to them!……………:O{{{{{…….{ NO ABORTIONS…..THAT’S MURDER!}

  36. 3 month restrictions are good but never a total ban. That would cause illegal abortions and mass casualties. Besides, abortion is the best way to cull the liberal and welfare populations. But certainly defund PP!

    • Illegal abortions? Mass casualties? That’s fine and dandy, that’s how it should be. If a woman wants to put her life in jeopardy by murdering her unborn child, that is the risk she takes.

  37. I’m guessin she’s had a few over the years~

  38. We know TPs and Repubs want to make this Country a Sharia country. They want to be the masters and everyone else a servant or slave. They want women under their control. We are not going let them make this a Sharia country. But I do not know why Repub and TP women vote for these tyrants. – GOPers. Please tell me.

  39. It is too bad that all these folks that are for abortion no matter what the circumstance, weren’t aborted. It seems to be the best thing next to the sport of sexual entercourse for those that want to play but not pay (for the child’s bringing up and the expense of raising them) not to mention the loss of sexual satisfaction without penalty of mother/fatherhood

  40. Clinton isn’t even touched by or troubled by the right wing zingers’ stupid polls. Another Chicken Little story brought to you by the GOTP losers!

    • It will be the fact that that fat, lying, cheating, scandalous POS, Hitlery will be flushed down the toilet in which she resides by the court of popular opinion that will FINALLY be the end of her political hopes. I find it funny how she has had to ask her perverted rapist husband and her worthless, useless daughter to help her because that old loser Burnout Panders is beating the crap out of her in Iowa and New Hampshire. I enjoy watching her as she grows increasingly apoplectic. Would be very funny to watch her head pop like an over inflated balloon from all the pressure these scandals are bringing her.

      • Her head may pop. She isn’t in the best of health so I think if she happened to be elected that an anieurism ultimately may save the republic.

        • The good news is that it WOULD be like a balloon popping, nothing inside but air, no messy brains to clean off the stage. Have a great evening!!!

  41. It’s not abortions, it’s murder plan and simple and those who gets them are a menace to society.

  42. I believe that with today’s contraceptives/birth control pills, etc., there is no need for abortions.

  43. If Killary was aborted the USA would be better off.

  44. Pile on, folks. Keep every thing, big or little, coming. We MUST find the straw that breaks the sow’s back.

  45. Life is in the blood. Life begins at conception. Gov’t has no business in this part of life. ALL LIVES DO MATTER!!

  46. Dominic Roy Accampo

    I would say this is great for aboriton, the culling of excess humanity, is part of the religious dogma of atheism and cannot be abandoned regardless of opposition to it by the general population. DAR

  47. This only shows that freebees work for liberals.

  48. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and charlatan based on her rather unenviable RECORD. Bill’s peccadillo’s, Watergate, Whitewater, Uranium Gate, China Gate and Benghazi SHOULD have prevented her from even being allowed to run for president. However, in a country with no moral conscience the prevailing position is: anything you can get away with GOES! When she discovers these stats, she will undoubtedly soften her position to reap the most political benefit from the prevailing change in the wind but it figures that a blowhard like her; a failure at EVERYTHING she has ever been, INCLUDING a most incompetent Secretary of State. Whatever happened to concepts like duty, honor, obligation, responsibility for and accountability for one’s actions? What we have is a total TRAVESTY of what once we were as a nation and we should vote out of office every incumbent for the next 3 elections to provide the House cleaning we so desperately NEED to get anything of a positive nature DONE, and to get rid of the career parasites, and thieves currently ensconced in them; all of whom belong in PRISON, not office., who are collectively known as the U.S. Congress! After all: their utterly UNACCEPTABLE record stands on its own!

  49. This should be the demise of Clinton, well it should also be the demise of Trump, he is also a baby killer.

  50. The government does not “pay for abortion”. They pay Planned Parenthood and other clinics for the same services that they pay other Medicare/Medicaid providers for. This is just one of the red herrings in this (and almost every) article about abortion.

  51. I have spent several days this week on this issue. We are faced with what I believe is an inappropriate decision by the Supreme Court based on an 1868 amendment that was addressing slavery issues and nor anything like abortion. For Christians, life begins long before the claims of the medical profession. As such, we do not accept the arguable decisions by the medical profession on the origin of life. Meanwhile we have one of the Ten Commandments concerning murder which I uphold.

    • I wish you would provide the statistics on the numbers of Christian women who are forced by government decree to have abortions. Doing so would make your campaign for Christian Sharia law in the USA even more obvious to the public.

      • homegirl,
        I have no stats on how many women have been “forced” to have an abortion. I also do NOT support Sharia law. evidently you think abortion is OK. I don’t and won’t. I will not stand in your way of having a dozen abortions if you so choose. Our wonderful misguided Supreme Court has done that for you. I do not answer for your decisions. You do. Not Planned Parenthood or anyone else. You alone answer for murder. Lots of luck with that.

        • Your false assumptions about my personal decisions reveal you as a “shoot from the hip” person. You may deny that you support Xian Sharia law but your words reveal otherwise.

          And you have no statistics on how many American women have been forced to have abortions because it doesn’t happen.

          Accusing me of murder is a foul despicable statement.

          “If men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

          • homegirl,
            My “false” assumptions were based in what you said, ,which was not much. But I am not so sure yet based on what you said this time that I understand your position on abortion.
            I am totally opposed to Islam and its book. I am not opposed to Muslims as such. I have Muslim friends and I know how they think. In years past I worked with Iranians and Pakistanies. I had a class in college on Middle East history and the Koran was a required reading. Therefore I am not ignorant of the subject.
            I am a very long time Christian with a background in Hebrew and Greek and more than half a century studying the Bible. I have had a multitude of commentary data over the years. I know the New Testament quite well from the standpoint of the original Greek language. I take the whole Bible quite literal. I find in the Book of Revelation several passages that deal with the fact that God is the giver of life and humans are not in charge of who lives or dies. It has specifically references to the Book of Life.
            I do not know of any mandatory abortions. Planned Parenthood is insistent based on the Supreme Court decision that women are free to undergo abortions. As it stands now, abortions are legal and women are free to do what they wish. I do not care nor intervene in such decisions. I do not answer for those decisions. If you or anyone else wants to abort a child, I have no legal stance right now to deal with it. I have no desire to push Christianity onto you at all. But I did warn you that abortions have consequences, as does any decision we as humans make. I also made it clear that your decisions were yours, not mine. I totally sup-port your right to do a you wish. That goes for any other woman.

          • “I take the whole Bible quite literal. I find in the Book of Revelation
            several passages that deal with the fact that God is the giver of life
            and humans are not in charge of who lives or dies. It has specifically
            references to the Book of Life.”

            Based on this quote from your post I accept that you are a Biblical scholar, as such you are familiar with the history of John the Good, the author of the Book of Revelation. I have had the experience of visiting the cave on the island of Patmos, now Greek, then Turkish where John the Good wrote the Book of Revelation sometime between 100-200 A.D. Since that visit I am convinced there were some potent mushrooms growing in that cage and John utilized them.

          • homegirl,
            Maybe if you got off the mushrooms, you could see what John was dealing with. He was given a vision of future events. But he had no words in his language to describe what he was seeing. Try describing a WWII flame thrower tank used in the Pacific without the words, tank and flame thrower. Try describing a jet used in bombing ISIS without the words jet and airplane and rockets.
            Also, John was not describing physical objects in some cases They were symbolic. What words might you use? Maybe now what he had to say makes more sense?

          • You accuse me of being high yet you explain John the Good’s visions as coming from where? I am going to go out on a limb, since you don’t give a source, and assume you mean directly from God. It certainly wasn’t a message he received from Jesus.

          • homegirl,
            Did you not read where the visions came from? Try Revelation 1: 9-11. How do you know the message did not come from Jesus? The above passage John says was a message while he was in the Spirit. Do you know what that means? If I need to explain that, I can from the New Testament.
            1. John 3:5-6
            2. I John 5:whole chapter

          • Seems you haven’t caught on – I am an atheist.

          • homegirl,
            I figured that out already. I answer atheists with Scripture and history. I am well experienced and well educated at both.

          • How did he get “in the Spirit.” Possibly by the use of what we now identify as “controlled substances?”

          • homegirl,
            I gave you a specific passage in I John 5, he whole chapter. As an atheist you have no concept of Spiritual birth. I have my doubts that I John 5 will be clear to you either. You are likely more like Nicodemus in John 3. He could not comprehend Spiritual birth. That comes with accepting seriously, Jesus as Lord and Savior.

          • homegirl,
            I gave you the answer to that question, as raised by Nicodemus in John 3:5-17.

  52. Aaron Morand,
    My answer to your question about killing is that in Exodus 20:13, The Commandment reads, in Hebrew, Thou shalt not murder. Killing in war is not murder. It is defense. Yes, I know Hebrew.

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