A Third of Conservatives Say Hollywood is Anti-Christian

According to a new poll commissioned by Christian filmmakers, Democrats and Republicans have vastly different opinions on how the faith is represented by Hollywood. 32% of right-leaning voters say that Hollywood is biased against Christians while only 5% of liberal-leaning voters agree.

“What is your opinion of Hollywood’s treatment of Christianity?” asked the poll.

Roughly one-in-three conservatives felt that Hollywood TV shows and movies portrayed Christians “negatively.”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, singer and actor Pat Boone said that the entertainment industry couldn’t afford to embrace Christian ideals.

“Christianity imposes restrictions on behavior, even in movies,” said Boone, who stars in the new film God’s Not Dead 2. “Hollywood doesn’t like it when people tell them to stick to moral rules, because it makes a lot of money breaking those rules. Orgies, vampires, zombies, debauchery of all forms. Anything goes, and it is liberal Democrats who are making these films. Depravity is profitable.”

What’s actually remarkable is that the majority of conservatives apparently believe that Christians are portrayed fairly in Hollywood entertainment. Either these people stick to exclusively-Christian films, or they have a lot more tolerance for insult than they should. Christians are constantly being trotted out as weirdos, bigots, perverts, and murderers. No one’s saying that every Christian must be written as an infallible saint, but must they always be the villains?

Boone’s explanation probably does account for some of this, but there’s more going on than a celebration of the rule-breaking spirit. You can have vampires and orgies and zombies and still show Christians in a positive light. But when do we ever see that? Rarely, if at all.

Don’t underestimate how this affects our culture. Don’t underestimate how it affects how people see Christians in politics. Hollywood’s primary mission is to make money, but its secondary mission is to spread liberal propaganda. And you can just take a quick look around at today’s United States to see how well that propaganda is working.

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