A Teacher Was Hospitalized After An Attack From A Five-Year-Old

A five-year-old Florida student attacked his teacher in class March 2, leaving her dry heaving and on a stretcher, police said.

The five-year-old, who is a student at Pines Lakes Elementary, attacked his teacher following a fight with another student, police said, according to Click Orlando. The outlet, which published excerpts of the teacher’s police report regarding the incident, reported that the five-year-old and his four-year-old peer “began throwing things around the classroom and at the teachers along with flipping chairs.”

The Assistant Principal and School Monitor then responded to the incident and brought the child to the “Cool Down” room for him to calm down, according to the police report, the outlet said.


The teacher radioed for help, which prompted police to arrive on the scene. They found the teacher sitting against the wall, “in a faint state,” “clearly weak,” and “dazed.” In addition, she was also coughing and dry heaving, so they called for rescue, the report stated. When rescue arrived, they transported the teacher out of the school on a stretcher. (RELATED: REPORT: Teacher On Zoom Call Held At Knifepoint, Sics Dog On Attacker, Chases Him With Scissors)

After the teacher was transported out of the school, she was brought to Memorial Regional Hospital, according to WFLA. The teacher was not identified publicly by WFLA.

The five-year-old, who allegedly committed the attack, used his fists and feet, the outlet reported.

A spokeswoman for the Pembroke Pines Police Department indicated that the victim was “cooperating with police,” the Miami Herald reported.

In an email statement to the Daily Caller, the Pembroke Police Department said the child had not been arrested and charges against him have not yet been filed. The police investigation remains on-going.

The Broward Teachers Union indicated that this latest incident marks the third time the five-year-old has attacked his teacher, according to WSVN. The teacher, who was identified as Trisha Meadows, was hospitalized each time she’d been attacked by her student, also according to WSVN.

In addition, the five-year-old has been said to have attacked other students, according to a parent, the outlet reported.

Meadows is responsible for a special needs class.

Original Article: Police Say Five-Year-Old Attacked Teacher In Class, Leaving Her Dry Heaving And On A Stretcher

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  1. how in the world can a 5 year old do this much damage? did the teacher not defend herself? first time he came at me, I would have laid him out cold, and took my chances with the criminal justice system. no one can blame anyone from defending themselves. this kid belongs in an institution, not a school. especially if he is a repeat offender. why didn’t they have a man with the kid????? this is ridiculous. you can’t baby these mentally disturbed brats. they should be in a straight jacket.

    • I agree 100 %

      • I agree with you 100%. Nothing else to say. This kid must behave like this at home and the Parents must allow this kind of behavior!

    • Southern Proud

      I was a teacher assistant for a kindergarten teacher highly trained in common core and how to properly restrain and certified in care of challenged children. We had one child that repeatedly for just someone looked at him wrong, start throwing chairs around. He was a left behind angry student as tall as the short teacher. I, untrained in the proper method of restraint was only permitted to protect the other children from him, not touch him. In the same class (with only two people in charge, me untrained, but with tooooo many other restrictions, some not followed, a phone system that was suppose to just pick up and speak that was often busy or non responsive), we had two other children that would take turns trying to stab the other with a pencil. Attention is what they needed, loving attention, I gave hugs where there was a restriction against it. Even that had no real effect except with one older girl in lunch who not only appreciated a hug but then went on to try and learn in her room full of distractions. It was as if every miscreant, every challenged mentally student was going to this one school. She wrote poetry in sixth grade at maybe a third grade level, but she was trying. In my class, I was to take the kindergarteners one on one and discover what letters out of order they knew, this was in March. September to March and they did not recognize letters. The teacher said to do this, even though I do not think it was part of common core. She really wanted to teach them. They could all recite the alphabet, most could write and recognize their own name, but not all could tell a letter in a word. I also discovered in kindergarten some who could read. BUT, that would be separating them out, so the teacher could not often call on them to read, except as the others were learning a letter or word. She was busy reading to them and trying to get them to know the parts of a story, while when it was their turn with me, they were reading whole books.

      • Mentally retarded/challenged students should never be mixed with other children in a learning environment. Those advocating such action should not be allowed in A position of authority within the school system .We have sacrificed too many children already to these liberal blood suckers. What we do with these troubled children and how to deal with their parents is another matter for discussion.

    • Mom of Special Needs

      Obviously you have never dealt with Special Needs Children, nor had the training. You just can’t “laid him out cold”; that’s just not the way you handle the situation. No they do not need to be in straight jacks either, that is cruel and unusual punishment!!

      • Allowing children in any capacity should NEVER be allowed to have their way. My question would be, “what would you do?”

    • Shirley Chauvin

      I worked at a school for 16 years and this happened several times to teachers in special need classes often ! Teachers with broken bones by their students ! Some of these children have more strength than you think , and when they get angry will refuse to obey the teacher and cause serious injury’s to them ! Nothing is done to these children and the teachers come back and try to teach these same ones again !

  2. Sounds like we have a future Prison inmate If something is not done to straighten out this kid ,You need to take a look at this Kids home they are probably acting out what they see going on at HOME

  3. george Hilfiger

    this will get worse under current guide lines for correction of children this should not be tolorated in a classroom

  4. 5 years old and is acting this way?? His parents need too be investigated and this child needs to be institutionalized.

  5. If he’s old enough to commit a crime, he’s old enough to do the time……. but if he belongs to the privileged race…………….

  6. OMG you idiots will believe anything

  7. This is a special needs child. He has some type of disability that needs to be looked at further and evaluated by the school. He don’t ask to be born different. As a parent with a special needs child, I am his advocate and it’s my job to look out for his well being. This child should have not been allowed to act this way after the first incident. So if he was not redirected about his behavior by both his parents and teachers the first time he thinks it’s ok to continue with the same behavior. What teacher/ school would let a 5 year old special needs child or not do that to them without protecting themselves. As a teacher/parent, you should know your children/students. Furthermore what kind of school continues to let a child behave that way against others period. Everyone should feel safe in any environment they are in. Parents look out for your children. Teachers look out for yourself if no one else care about your well being. Everyone here needs a reality check.

  8. Gerald S Weissburg

    Here is a quick reply most will reject: Enablement. Like when you assist the neurotic mind by always wallowing in their angst. These leftist run schools worship self-esteem. Never do or say anything to the child to cause it to feel bad about itself. The misguided thinking of the school is the problem, both behaviorally and academically. It is intentional. More than a few need to be jailed for what they are doing. I was a teacher. I have seen this first hand. When the child attacked me, I was the one treated as the problem. No physical contact from me.

  9. My wife is a teacher she stands four foot nine some first graders are taller than her and bigger. She has been hurt by student’s numerus times. Teaching now days is dangerous. There is going to be a big teacher shortage very soon.

  10. Send his young thug ass to Mill Creek

  11. Dwight Hasbrouck

    Pathetic that the teacher had no skills to handle a 5yr old 😂
    I’m a cop and in this world that is saturated with violent people I always encourage people to get trained in real world threat self defense skills
    Especially women /girls

  12. Parents are probably democrats , anything goes with them

  13. You took God and discipline out of the schools, so you reap what you sow!!!!

  14. I don’t know a what but certainly there is something this child is missing that needs to be addressed promptly for his sake and the sake of others. Get a good psychological exam and help now.

  15. The heathen will never get better and will only cause more mayhem during his life. Hopefully, he will fall off a high rise, soon.
    …Yeah, I know I’m mean, but I have seen and dealt with enough of these little creeps to know how we pay for their damage. They have nothing good for anybody’s future.

    PS: This is what we get for liberal namby pamby attitudes. Corporal punishment works wonders. Not cause it physically hurts the brat, but because he is embarrassed in front of his peers; thereby, discouraging future trouble making.

  16. I was in grade school in the 1950’s and I thought the schools were a pathetic excuse for education, they have gone downhill from there.

  17. There is a lot of accusations in the former post. There is the mentioning of a troubled 5 year old as a “brat” or a “future prison inmate”, parents that need “investigating” and a “failed system”. All of which may be possible except for the “brat” thing. Let’s face it, none of us know what this child is going through or what is going on in the home. As far as investigating, the report says that’s just what they are doing. Let’s not forget about compassion. None of the previous post mentions anything about prayer either. Sure this child may need more then what this school can provide but there is amazing power in prayer. Both for the student and for the teacher. I do want to make mention that though this teacher knew there was potential dangers with this child she still found it worth her time to return. Maybe she sees potential? Security definitely needs to be improved though.

  18. Look, I am of the generation when children and adults with mental health issues were institutionalized in state-run mental health hospitals. Then in the ’60s, there was a movement to “deinstitulize” these individuals with the concept that they would fare better in the community, thus the advent of “group homes”. I remember seeing adults with schizophrenia, manic depression, violent tenancies wandering the streets, usually unbathed and in rags wandering the streets of our 20,000 population town in New England. Since that time many new drugs have been developed to successfully manage many mental illnesses without institutionalization, but when you add opioids and fentanyl on the streets these mental health illnesses are exacerbated. Some children classified with “special needs” are not capable of being in social settings like public classrooms, many have parents who have mental illnesses, broken homes, etc. and most do not have physicians or health networks that can diagnose or treat them with appropriate medication. Children who can not read have basic cognitive diseases that will never change or improve We, as a society, and particularly the medical industry needs to reevaluate the mental health crisis in our country and reexamine the value of putting children with severe mental health issues in “traditional” public classroom settings all the while expecting them to improve, restraining teachers from using the tools available to protect themselves and others against violent students, and restraining police and community social workers to intervene. The thought of institutionalization for life is not a pleasant alternative, but unfortunately, sometimes it is the best option for the individual, the family, and the community. Institutionalization is also a costly endeavor and the politicians, elite bureaucrats, wealthy capitalists, and liberal left prefer to focus on teaching K-3 students about sexuality and racism, allowing transgender males into girls’ bathrooms, giving billions to monopoly hospital chains where CEOs make $22 million every year like HCA in 2021 (during covid) recognized an $18 billion profit. Those are your taxpayers $$ folks! If you don’t like it – vote! change it! Get involved.

  19. People become special needs teachers for one reason: increase in salary. They are not “trained” in self defense or police work. Children today are subjected to thousands of external stimulation unheard of 60, 70, even 40 years ago.
    Children w/ disabilities frequently have meltdowns. Their brains misfire along with physical disabilities. These unfortunate children NEED instructors that are highly educated and trained in guiding these children, masters or doctorate in special needs education. You want the money then get the degree. I’m not putting teachers down but perhaps the union needs to fight for stricter safety measures rather than “mask mandates”. The students need to be safe along with the FACULTY. We the USA, can send billions to other countries but won’t spend it on our neediest children?

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