A Lot of Democrats Want Hillary Clinton to Run Again in 2020

For all the talk about Democrats looking for a young, progressive person of color to carry their party into the next election, a new poll from Harvard/Harris shows that voters are looking to the past for a 2020 Democrat champion.

Joe Biden topped the poll as the favorite among Democrats, capturing 32% of voter support two years out from the election. That’s not very surprising given the talk of the town, but the individual in second place DID surprise us a little. Turns out that Democrats’ second choice is none other than Hillary Clinton. She has 18% of Democrats in her corner – apparently the left has an appetite for humiliation and self-punishment? Rounding out the top three was Bernie Sanders, the socialist independent who gave Hillary a run for her money in the 2016 primaries.

Sen. Elizabeth “Don’t Call Me Pocahontas” Warren finished in fourth place with 10% support.

We’ll give voters (even on the left) some credit and assume that Clinton’s name is only up there due to the name recognition she has. We’ll also assume there’s a handful of voters who really, really wanted to see a female president and were thus heavily invested in what turned out to be a disastrous campaign. Maybe they just can’t quite give up the flag yet. We HAVE to assume that the vast majority of Democrat voters – to say nothing of party officials, elected representatives, and donors – are smart enough not to let this woman anywhere NEAR the Democratic nomination again.

As for Clinton herself, we have no problem whatsoever believing that she would take another shot at the presidency in a heartbeat. Judging from every speech she’s made, every interview she’s given, and every word she’s written since that fateful night in November 2016, she takes absolutely no responsibility for her loss. To her, the election was stolen away from her by everyone from Vladimir Putin to James Comey to Matt Lauer. Given even a fraction’s worth of a chance to exact vengeance, we do not doubt that she would take it.

But, 18% support or not, we really doubt she’s going to get it.

It’s probably for the best; we’re not sure this country could survive Hillary vs. Trump: The Rematch. God knows we’re still getting over the first one…

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