A Limp Mueller: From Treason to…Violations of the Logan Act?

As Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump/Russia affair limps towards a conclusion that is going to leave many Democrats extremely unsatisfied, we’re already beginning to see the widening gulf between what was promised from the rooftops and what will ultimately be delivered. The left spent the majority of this year selling us a story of intrigue, international collusion, a conspiracy to shape the course of the 2016 election, and TREASON. They did everything but come out and tell their supporters that by Christmas, they would have the pleasure of watching Donald Trump marched out of the White House and into an orange jumpsuit, courtesy of Mr. Mueller and The Justice Squad.

As it turns out, it may not be that exciting. Not by a long shot.

In fact, you can see that they’re already starting to shift the goalposts. Okay, maybe Trump didn’t “collude” with Russia. In that case, maybe Trump tried to “obstruct justice” when he fired James Comey. Oh, but that looks like a dead end street, since we can’t even get legal experts to agree on whether or not it’s even possible for a president to obstruct justice in such a way. After all, the president of the United States is the top law enforcement official in the country. Both the Justice Department and the FBI are under his direct purview. If he wants to fire the director of the FBI for cause, or for no cause at all, he’s perfectly within his rights to do so. There’s no crime here. None at all. The very idea that he could be charged with obstruction would bring about an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

Okay, so maybe not obstruction. What then?

Well, now we’re hearing Democrats talk a lot about an obscure 1799 law called the Logan Act, which reads as follows:

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Well then. The argument is that by directing Michael Flynn to speak with the Russians about the sanctions passed by the Obama administration, the Trump transition team may have violated this law. And never mind that exactly no one – EVER – had been prosecuted under the Logan Act. If the Democrats are determined to make something stick to the president, they may see this as their best shot. Good luck with that.

What’s more likely is that Mueller and his team are going to start digging through decades of bank records and Trump business deals to find some crime or another they can charge the president with. It won’t have anything to do with Russia or the 2016 election, but that’s how these special prosecutions go. You have to have SOMETHING to show for all the money you’ve wasted, and you have to give SOMETHING to those hungry, angry liberals thirsty for the big kill.

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  1. I know what I’d like to give those hungry, angry liberals thirsty for the big kill. A nice tall glass of sit down, shut up, grow up and get over yourselves already. With a shot of you lost, it’s over, pull your big girl panties up, move on and let the adults fix all you’ve carelessly broken.

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          • Okay, thanks. I’ll keep flagging and blocking. :o)

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    • I’d prefer to just give them each a 3rd eye.

      • after a Mueller CRAP BURGER as their LAST MEAL!

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    • Natalie: I wish it was all that simple and they are just being that childish. Unfortunately you have way over simplified the situation, but it is understandable. You would have to be an expert in Sociopathy and such, to know we’re dealing with a real evil threat to humanity’s freedom, and they are NEVER going to stop. They have literally sold their souls for all the power they wield, which explains why they get away with so much.

      I’ll leave you with this scripture: [Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.] The warfare is spiritual and it is for Christians to battle. Without Almighty God’s armor of God, there is no standing against the wiles of the devil. He is simply too powerful for anyone who is not born-again. However, when one is born-again they are translated out of the kingdom of darkness and into His everlasting Kingdom. Christians are seated with Christ on the right hand of the Father, the seat of power of all Creation. From there we take authority over the enemy and push back the darkness through prayer, fasting, etc.

      Everyone must be born-again if they are even going to see the Kingdom of God. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved!

      • What a bunch of baloney-

      • JW Butch Brakebill

        Great thought! However, the Greek word is “eis,” meaning “into,” not “on.” We are to believe “into” Him, “into” the body of Christ. Acts 5:32 says he gives His Spirit to “THOSE WHO OBEY HIM.” I just cannot help but wonder what percentage of Christians actually do manage to obey Him. I know I wish I obeyed better.

    • You are just afraid of the potential out come of the investigation-

  2. He’s got to find something even if it is just trivial. He has spent over $6.5 million in taxpayer funds and needs to justify it with a win. A little win is better than no win, I guess. If he takes the time to look to the left he could score some big and meaningful wins, but he won’t because he and his entire bats lefty too! It’s nothing personal, it’s political!

  3. Well if this is the case what about obamas trip to Germany before he was installed as president illegally the first time? Seriously who cares about an absentee first term senator from the worst district in the country? So what was the true intent of that meeting? To sow the seeds of destruction of the entire civilized world by muslims?

  4. We have a great President ! What we have is a Swamp with just to many Snakes and rats in it for one man , He needs help where is Sessions and the good people in Congress , They are fighting the Democrats and George Soros , Traitors ,Obama and the Clintons ! and more , Liberal News Media needs to be shut down if they give out fake News and they do every day !

    • BUT we have a(D) Nazi party CRAP HOUSE and SENATE

    • You missed the FBI, and Sessions is another candidate. Time is running out on the Clintons (all 3). The daughter is in possession of :ill begotten gains. Don’t forget Comey.

    • Ed, I so agree. If Sessions does not start to act on all the corruption going on in the FBI then he truly needs to resign or be fired. The FBI reports to him – why has he not even said a word on the fake dossier that was used to get the fiser warrant, and now with the two FBI agents who were anti-Trump leading the Clinton email investigation! The MSM does indeed need to be shut down, they are doing a tremendous injustice to the American people in not reporting any of the facts, only fake news.

      • Remember he excluded himself from this investigation so there would not be any perception of illegality. I guess that didn’t mean much to Mueller as he stacked the deck with 17 attorneys all in his and Hilary’s pocket. I just hope Sessions has a plan that will come to fruition that will get rid of these criminal demoncrats.

        • I heard Rosenstein (Deputy AG) is being supenoed to come before congressional investigation in the House .. But I agree with you on hoping Sessions has a plan – but don’t count on it he may be just another establishment type.

        • WOW, Oh WOW!! Total of 18 DemoCRAP lawyers cough, cough and nada, zippo, nothing. Oh freaking WOW!!

    • Ed, what we need to do to support the President is to work, starting right away, to defeat all of the incumbent RINO and Demoncrat politicians in the next election cycle. Get them out in the Primaries and replace them with conservative Americans.

  5. Then fire Mueller and his team of left wing lawyers. It is the President’s right to do so.

  6. Does anyone have Muellers phone number or an address to write too. I wish we all could call the rat and let him know what we think of him or maybe we could sue him . Disreputable POS.

  7. Or, we can have all those thirsty liberals and the Mueller monsters all put in jail for obstruction of justice! They all stood in the way of the government so that they could not prosecute the real villains of the election!

  8. What goes around comes around. After this farce is over Sessions can start prosecuting Hilary Clinton for perjury, unlawful use of a private server, illegal contribution to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for favors(abuse of power) dereliction of duty destroying and tampering with evidence interference in a federal investigation, and several other felonies Then he can go after Holder for contempt. Honestly I can’t believe that Trump picked this dinosaur to be the Attorney General, surely there were more qualified people he could have chosen.

  9. These “mental” gymnastics are amusing and predictable.

  10. But there is/was collusion, by none other than Hillary Rotten Clinton and the Demon-Craps. There is so much corruption there, that it is mind boggling. Obambam violated every law on the books and “P’d” on the Constitution and a corrupt and feckless Republican house and senate sat by and allowed him to go unchecked. Fortunately we were able to elect a real American as President and he is untangling the web of deceit and corruption as best and as fast as he can, and against all odds.

    • Raymond That is why the Dems want to get rid of Trump. Many are Shi-ting in their pants for they are affraid they will get caught __

  11. How long will it be before the Congress and the Senate will say enough is enough, WE KNOW WHO COLLUDED WITH THE RUSSIANS AND MUELLER HIMSELF MAY HAVE BEEN IN THE MIDDLE OF IT.The
    former NSA technical director Bill Binney (being an expert) believes
    this idea that the DNC was hacked is agenda driven. His explanation was
    that the NSA Fiber Optic taps from the US and trace routes all over the
    world did not reveal a hack from anybody. Because of the Rapidity by
    which the 1976 mega bites of data were obtained within 87 seconds that
    the information had to have been registered from the network log and
    shows where they would have come from. The Raw data had to be found
    easily. He understood why the DNC would not allow anyone to look at the
    server and that the IPC address would
    have been there too. The point is the data was moved too fast to be
    moved out over the internet it had to be taken directly in person from
    the computer downloaded on a storage device. The NSA clearly does not
    have evidence that Hacking actually occurred. There is absolutely no
    evidence that the information from the DNC had been by a hack which
    means Julian Assange was telling the truth; that there was no hack but a
    leak by a person who had access to the DNC Computer system. You don’t
    know about Alexandra Chalupa sent to the Ukrainian Embassy by the DNC to
    get dirty on Donald Trump and the lie from Christopher Steele who used
    the Fusion GPS that has close ties with the Russians to get the Steele
    Dossier. Here is the link that shows who has connections to the

  12. Seems like Obama is going around the world trying to convince the world leaders that he is the voice of America that they should be listening to. Isn’t that Treason?

  13. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Mueller is just trying to deflect attention from his collusion with the Uranium one deal. How about a little investigation into his actions?

  14. Mueller and Comey (Kissing buddies) have a history of coming up with something to indict.
    • It’s their batting average that matters…not justice.

    James Comey Has A Long History Of Questionable Obstruction Cases

  15. @NAtalie: I would rather give the hungry and angry Dems a glass of cyanide!!!


    • Seth Rich, the murdered disgruntled DNC employee and not ’Russian hacker’, who really was the one who turned over the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks

    • Hillary and 20% Uranium give away to Russia and subsequent millions of dollars Russian donations to Clinton Crime Foundation (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $500,000 speeches paid by the Russians (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Hillary and Bill’s Clinton Crime Foundation and other Russian connections (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $750,000 speech paid by Swedish Ericsson telecom resulting, 7 days later, in giving it exempt status from Obama’s sanctions prohibiting selling to Iran (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Clinton Crime Foundation ‘pay to play’ schemes (while Hillary was Sec of State and then running for President)

    • As Sec of State, Hillary headed up a program to help build the Russian silicone valley, ’Skolkovo’ in which she not only helped our enemy, but received untold millions in 19 donations to Clinton Crime Foundation from the 28 companies involved

    • John Podesta’s $35 million payoff Putin connection (while Hillary was Sec of State and then Hillary’s campaign manager)

    • Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother and Democratic Party lobbyist) $180,000 from the Russian government’s uranium company connection (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Huma Abedin’s (vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and prior to that, deputy chief of staff to Clinton) Muslim Brotherhood connection

    • Loretta Lynches collusion with the Clintons and Comey to insure Hillary would not be charged for her violations of security and email scandal

    • Andrew McCabe, an Obama appoitee is Deputy Director of the FBI. His wife Jill McCabe’s Virginia State Senate campaign received donations amounting to more than $675,000 from former Democratic National Committee chairman and Hillary Clinton associate, Terry McAuliffe’s political organization and from the Democratic Party of Virginia.

    In July 2015, the FBI initiated its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. At that time, Andrew McCabe was running the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office, which provided personnel and resources to the Clinton email probe. McCabe did not recuse himself from investigations regarding the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

    • Comey’s connection with the Clintons and his possible expectation for appointment as Attorney General of the United States if Hillary became President

    • Obama’s last minute executive order allowing anybody access to certain information in attempt to derail the Trump admin and hurt the country

    • Obama admin peeps using unauthorized unmasking to hurt the Trump Presidential campaign, Presidency and country

    • The FBI’s (Deep State aka Obama moles) efforts to leak classified, but unsubstantiated allegations to hurt the Trump admin and country

    • Comey and Mueller connection

    • Mueller CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and Buzzfeed connections

  17. IN the annals of WASTED Money by GUMNIT Irresponsible CRAP Makers .. It’ll be said that Never in the History of Mankind has Such a BIG Idiot like Mueller be given 7 Million Dollars to GRILL a such a BIG CRAP BURGER …………..TIME to CLOSE the CIRCUS and THROW its CLOWNS out in the STREET

  18. nothing happened to holders contempt of congress

  19. If anybody is violating the Logan act it is Obama. He should be arrested, charged and jailed.

  20. Mueller has to resign or be fired. He is as corrupt as the swamp and the Demorats. We then are going to prosecute him for treason and lock him up.

  21. William L. Ramsburg


  22. “Obstruct Justice?” “OBSTRUCT JUSTICE??!!” Anybody with one working synapse knows exactly who/whom are “obstructing justice,” they are the “usual suspects!” They go by the ACRONYMS of DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, and names like Lynch, Comey, Clinton, Obama, Mueller, Podesta, Lerner, Yates, etc., ad infinitum! The cesspool in DC is so corrupt, it is amazing people survive without wearing those white detox suits and enviro masks!

  23. Before they’ll get anything constructed out of thin air another special prosecutor appointed to investigate their politically biased investigation and collusion with the Russians on Hillary and Obama’s part with the help of Holder, Lynch, Mueller, Comey, Strzok, Rosenstein, Weissman and Co. will have them wearing orange jump suits with the sign EX-FED!

  24. Why can’t it just be stopped? Why is this happening? Can the American people sue to get their money back? This is the worst case of corruption ever carried out. Why is anyone giving odumbo the time of day? Hillary should be counting the minutes to incarceration with mr. tingles in her pocket.

  25. So Crazy Maxine Waters may have violated the Logan Act when she contacted the Castro government and asked that they not release someone on a most wanted list here in the states?
    Oh sorry, I just re-read the act.
    “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be,….. “
    It specifically says if “HE”. Unless Maxine identifies as “male”, she gets a free pass.
    I’m so confused these days.

  26. If the dizzy Libs go by way of the Logan Act, they can arrest Barry Hussein now. Barry has traveled to China, the EU and the UN spouting his globalist nonsense. That in it’s self is contrary to the Logan Act.

  27. FOCUS: The Uranium One Deal was the WORST ACT OF TREASON EVER COMMITTED AGAINST THE USA involving EVERY major deep state Obama operative/holdover, including but not limited to Obama, Clinton, Abedin, Holder, Rice, Clapper, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Brennan, Schiff, Kerry, McCain, the Bushes, etc. EVERYTHING ELSE is a DISTRACTION by the deep state. THIS issue is FAR GREATER than any wrongdoing Wray, Mueller or Strzok could ever do. EVERYTHING ELSE is a DISTRACTION by the deep state. Additionally, these same actors, along the majority of media outlets have been colluding in a full-out, relentless assault to smear, attack, obstruct and destroy the Trump administration in a silent coup amounting to NO LESS that acts of SEDITION and TREASON. JEFF SESSIONS IS THE MAIN OBSTRUCTOR. He has done EVERYTHING in his power to PROTECT the deep state crime syndicate.

    NO ONE HAS EVER won a legal case by a defense. Winning requires an offensive strategy which President Trump’s lawyer completely lack. Furthermore, the grand jury that Mueller has impaneled to indict President Trump WILL NOT ALLOW him to defend himself. As the saying goes, this type of grand jury can ‘indict a ham sandwich’ and President Trump could be removed from office on a simple technicality.

    SOLUTION: Federal prosecutor, Larry Klayman has asked REPEATEDLY ASKED AND PETITIONED to be named as the Special Prosecutor in this case and investigation/witch hunt. He WILL get the job done, go on the OFFENSE to prosecute the deep state criminals and serve justice. Until Sessions is replaced by Klayman, we will NOT get justice.

  28. So, they go back to 1799 to find the Logan Act, but hate the constitution saying it is out of date? Which is it?
    Liberal justices usually act like they do not know the constitution but will instead render unconstitutional verdicts based on previous unconstitutional verdicts that are on the books. Those unconstitutional rulings were based on the judge’s own personal opinion and social agenda, which is a VERY liberal and globalist thing to do. These liberal judges play fast and loose with the constitution and our laws, using their positions and authority to pervert original intent and meaning.
    Fast forward to where we are today. Mueller calling a special counsel and the liberals threatening Trump for tweeting while they’re conducting their illegal witch hunt. Sessions has done NOTHING to stop them, in fact, he is the one who opened the door to the whole fiasco by stepping down lickety-split so they could go ahead and squeeze Trump first thing out of the inaugural gate. Then Sessions suddenly had backbone to tell Trump NO (he likes it there), when Trump asked multiple times for him to step down due to him stepping down and then not stopping the special counsel wickedness.
    Is Sessions responsible for all this? I say yes. Absolutely. And I say, isn’t it odd that we have learned that Hillary paid MILLIONS for that fake dossier, etc. Do you really think they wouldn’t have also prepared the way it would be revealed? Come on. Of course Sessions was in on it from the beginning. He is a globalist mole. I think Trump has to know this too. Maybe he is giving him rope to hang himself, I don’t exactly know, but I do continue to pray for them.

  29. Mueller is thorough and deliberate. Those angry ankle biters who cherry-pick his progress need to be reminded that, “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.” That he might be pursuing an obstruction of justice case in no way means that various other potential Trumpite delinquencies are being neglected. And do not kid yourselves. A President is as capable of obstruction of justice as any other official.

  30. Lots of luck you dummycrats

  31. Thank you Robert Mueller for your patriotic and loyal service ti a grateful nation. When you finish your work on this investigation, There will be enough evidence on conspiracy and fraud to get the whole Trump brood out of office and in prison.

  32. I would truly suggest that those in the GOP who have done nothing to stop these vindictive assholes from wasting 15 Million dollars of taxpayer money (democrats) on a witchhunt to overturn the Election of our President find another job!!!.You cowards make me ill with the exception of a few who have finally spoken out. Its like Democrats have everyone cowering because of their power, This needs to stop now.

  33. It is way past time for a new Special Prosecutor (SP) to investigate ex FBI Director Mueller, ex AG Holder, then SOS Killary, & others in the DOJ who overlooked/covered-up felonies in the sale of Uranium to Russia. It would be real Justice to see a SP put this sleazy worm Mueller & those involved in jail or meet a firing squad. What these criminals did amounts to TREASON.


  35. Here is the proof of Russian collusion right here. Trump used Russian dressing on his salads, before he became president.

  36. Time to pull the plug on this fiasco and quit spending tax dollars on a witch hunt to nowhere. To think that this energy could have been directed to Hillary’s transgressions makes one sick.

  37. The Logan Act should be used against Obama for his continued interference in other countries government since he left office.

  38. Mueller and Hillary may be in the orange suit -if they do not watch out

  39. Mueller and Comey conspired to get a Special Counsel appointed by Comey leaking information about his meeting/s with Trump to a college friend of Comeys. This was enough to have Comey prosecuted by the DOJ. Instead Sessions allows a Special Counsel to be appointed by a lower level U.S. attorney Rosenstein also a friend of Mueller and Comey under the guise of Russian collusion without the one prerequisite to appoint a Special Counsel; that being an actual criminal charge. Not only that but the Russian collusion excuse was based on the already bogus dossier, later found to have been paid for by the DNC and Hilabeast herself. Way too many questions regarding Mueller’s selection of team members as well. Mueller needs to be removed by Sessions and Congress and investigated himself.

    • I am not sure just yet where Sessions’ loyalty lies. Is he playing Chess, is he Deep State, is he mis-focused, is he frightened of being put on the Clinton Body Count list? Just Wondering.

      • I’m with you on the subject of Sessions loyalty. For some reason I believe he is far more enamored about having the position of A.G. than he is to do the job he should be doing. As top dog of the DOJ he has allowed himself to be pushed around by the left plus his own sense of “political correctness”. P.C. is a tool of the left and when one takes part you have lost your own sense of respect. I really wish Rudy Giuliani would have hung in there when his name was mentioned for the A.G. position. My second choice was judge Andrew Napolitano. Jeff Sessions was never even a thought.

  40. Mueller best think twice about using the Logan Act to go after President Trump. Obama is in violation of the act even as we speak as it begins with “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States” and we all know Obama is still going around pretending he is president and meeting our allies leaders and enemy leaders as if he is still the sitting president. So should we jail him also?

    • The Obama’s had $200,000 when they entered the White House in 2009. When they left the White House in 2017 they had $200,000,000. Obama only made $400,000 per year and for 8 years made $3,200,000. So how can that idiot make another $196,800,000 by saying “Yes We Can”???

      • It’s called pay to play and insider trading. Note how many men and women in congress started out with a little cash and now have millions or more. They take kick backs, bribes, invest in companies they know the government is funding. Obama was no different and by all rights with his golf trips, vacations, his wife’s and friends vacations, not to mention his children’s vacations, he should of left close to broke if, in fact, he footed the bill for all those individual vacations. Instead he leaves with more than he came with.Just think of the cost to rent a villa for each individual vacation, the food to feed all his wife’s friends, his children’s ski lodge rooms and etc. He had private schools to pay for, yet he left with millions more than he started with.

        • Kay thanks for the info – this is sick! When I worked for the Federal Government (GSA) in the 70’s and left as a GS-12 responsible for government shipments of material in the Midwest I was told if I accepted any more than 25 cent pencil I could be terminated. Together with another GSA employer we came up with an automated system that would prevent any kind of favoritism with assigning shipment to carriers. My leaders in Washington DC really like it and wanted to implement it nationally but the powers to be who were political appointees shot it down for the reasons you mentioned above.

  41. Prosecute Obama for sending money and people to Israel to block Netanyahu’s election.

  42. Mueller, Comey and the top dogs in the Corrupt FBI are Deep State Operatives. The FBI has covered and will continue to cover for Obama and Hillary, because the top dogs at the FBI are Criminals too & are guilty of Collusion with them. The FBI stinks like Outhouse!

  43. Mueller. Never knew much about him other than our AG back in the 90’s. When he was appointed both parties praised him as an honest broker. When he hired his gang of Communist, and I realized he was Comey’s Paisan, along with traitor Rottstein. my question was is someone nuts. Recuse should have been shouted from the top of the Washington Monument. Now we know about him and his past and his legacy is Crooked politician,along with Lynch and her brother Holder (when will his contempt of Congress be settled along with Billary and Lynch.

  44. Fire Mueller! This will all end and we can get on with fixing the problems in this country. Appoint a special prosecutor to take care of the Clintons – their place in history should be clearly defined (treason & mutiple criminal acts) and then move on.

  45. The left wing media hates that Trump is keeping his campaign promises. They would be delighted if the economy had tanked. The more Trump is successful the less power they have. They hate the fact a brash outsider billionaire is loved by half the country. That he has proven the elite experts all wrong.

  46. Give them exactly what this is. F…ING NOTHING!!!!! An absolute waste of time that was nothing but a duplicitous attempt to nullify the election. And if the republicans are smart they’ll use it against the obstructionist Dems.

  47. Dear Mr. Deputy AG Rosenstein:
    You would be fully aware of all facets of the Trump-Russia 2016 Election collusion, if any. No collusion was discovered. And so, it would behoove the present Attorney General Mr. Jeffrey Sessions, Esq., to un-recuse himself now that there is no evidence of a Trump felony. You, however, Mr. Deputy AG, are complicit with Attorney Robert Mueller, Esq. in establishing a Special Council and appointed Mr. Mueller to that position.
    It is known in public circles that Mr. Mueller is a close friend of former Dir. FBI, James B. Comey. When POTUS Trump fired Comey, Attorney. Robert Mueller can be seen as an extremely biased prosecutor. Mueller’s assignment, at the suggestion of Comey and its actual enactment, is, in my opinion illegal.
    I am aware that a Special Council is triggered by ongoing or previous criminal activity and is based upon hard evidence that can be used to prosecute a felon. Yet Atty. Robert Mueller was made Special Council without any criminal activity performed by a felon and without any evidence. And then, to establish a Grand Jury for the prosecution, that is totally out of line with ethical justice and the Rule of Law. The complicit activity described in the body of this letter is the criminal activity, in my opinion. No, the Mueller investigation and Grand Jury is not a witch hunt. Rather it is a stronger term, a Vendetta.

  48. That Logan Act is a good description of what obama has been doing since he was no longer President. Meeting with foreign leaders (Unfriendly ones at that) and speaking in their countries of how the US under President Trump is bad news for them. And let’s not forget dear Hillary’s beloved mate Bill who rubbed elbows with every derelict with cash that wanted favors and our uranium with her approval. Just because Comey didn’t charge her does not make her innocent and free from prosecution for any of the things she has been accused of. His pronouncement does not have the weight of a trial which would protect her from “double jeopardy” . No, she is fair game for the Attorney General, presumably one with integrity to begin a real investigation and hopefully bring her to trial.

  49. It is now clear that democrat hack and uranium bagman Mueller never found anything and never had anything. His “investigation” is merely a pretext for the Obammunist propaganda outlets to fabricate false “bombshells” in order to revive the dead “Russian collusion” canard, provide periodic rejuvenation for the moribund impeachment movement and keep the country disunited and agitated so that the Soros-Steyer revolutionary coalition can carry out their uprising. It is time to fire, disbar and prosecute this malicious and mendacious deep state apparatichik, and to appoint a special counsel to send The Mongrel and his muscle-bound tranny consort into African exile, shut down the Waters, Wilson and Green minstrel show and make The Drunken Witch a bad woman’s husband in an appropriate correctional institution.

  50. William Hutchinson

    Mueller is just as crooked as Obama both Clintons lynch podesta Rosenstein comey and H R McMasters Ryan McConnell and McCain and all need to go direcrtly to jail.

  51. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Mueller needs to go far, far, away. He and his liberal cronies have glaring biases.
    He is already out of control and is getting worse by the day. Trump’s finances will get him nothing.
    President Trump was right to fire Comey for the way he bungled the Clinton email fiasco.
    They go after the innocent, while the guilty all are set free. Get with it and go after the Dims.
    Everyone with half a brain, knows this is nothing more than an attempt to “collude” to save the
    previous administration from all of their corruption and dirty dealings.

  52. We must not forget that Mueller was involved in the sale of enriched Uranium to Russia. Here is where the criminal activity is located. Mueller needs to be prosecuted.

  53. This is just a modern day version of good old by Joseph McCarthy hunt for the Red Menace/Communists back in the fifties. No one would dare challenge him for fear of being caught up in his investigation. In the end all it did was turn friends against friends and ruin the lives of a lot of innocent people. It has been a year since all this started and there is no more concert evidence of collusion then there was a year ago. This is nothing more than a ruse concocted by the Democrats to divert and pervert justice by preventing the Justice Department from doing its real job of investigating the Clinton Campaign. When this new version of the McCarthy Witch Hunt is finely over we will have the very same result; absolutely nothing.

  54. The Act was passed following George Logan’s unauthorized negotiations with France in 1798, and was signed into law by President John Adams on January 30, 1799. The Act was last amended in 1994, and violation of the Logan Act is a felony.

    Former Pres. Obama is now guilty of a felony because he went to India and europe bashing President Trump.

  55. THAT ASSHOLE never had anything on PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  56. When I found out that there wasn’t one conservative in the group I knew it was a fishing trip. Mueller must be desperate by now. After all he has to please his handlers.

  57. In 1995 Donald Trump wanted to build a hotel/casino in Moscow. The Russian government assured him the only way it would be possible was for him to run for President in 2016, win, and then lift any sanctions the American government had placed upon them. Fast forward 21 years….yes, it’s that ridiculous.

  58. We already have documented prove that Killary cheated on the votes, anyone who goes to testify on ANYTHING against her. Dies.
    Same with Obama plus his billion plus gift for or enemies… Syria, the millions of Chinese borrowed money that he gave gave to Mexico for their plan parenthood. Yep both of those candidates haven’t even been tried for their nonsense. Trump has done nothing compared to what those two have already done. The Democrats are blind. They can stop that Witch Hunt anytime

  59. Does this law not also apply to HRC an her crew & foundation.? Also many of the pass Presidents including our last Ex-President who is going around the world on the Taxpayers money & bad mouthing our government on foreign soil. I believe we are at war with several nations be it full blown or cold war. Did we not execute the Rosenbergs for treason ?. I am in truth sick & tired of all these investigation wasting our money. Whether all you liberals like President Trump or not. at least he is trying to do something, That is more than we can say for the lazy greedy congress & our nation dividing last President speaking with their forked tongues

  60. Angry liberals thirsty for the big kill. Ain’t that a heck of a statement. They have got nothing and I mean nothing. Some 1799 law is as useless as tits on a boar hog. Mueller and his bunch of anti-Trump Liberals are just wasting Tax Payer money and time. It’s time to shut this all down!!!

  61. The Logan Act. Then odumbo must be prosectued under this law. He is going around the world underminding the active President of the United States. Where are the charges against his traitor ass?

  62. The way I read the Logan Act. Why the hell has it not been used against Soros. I’m no lawyer but that seems like what Soros has been doing or decades. So let’s fine his ass to the billions. (this way we get our own money back).
    Little bit of information. The banks that were fined during the Obama administration for predatory lending. From the numbers I have found the amount is about 3-5 billion dollars. My question is where did that money go? I did a little digging and found that hundreds of millions of it went to community groups like the one Obama ran in Chicago. That group was nothing more than a front for his communist propaganda. The groups I can even find a name of I can not locate. They formed fake community groups like the north side community development center. Then received millions of tax payer money. money that was supposed to go back to victims of the predatory lending these bank admitted to doing. I have been able to match up some of the names of officers in these non profit groups that received money from these fines the banks paid. Some of the names of the few groups I could find any information on. I was able to find out they were also members of other groups like Black Lives Matter, Business forward, Young Communist league, Wage Class War. All of these groups are recognized as radical left wing groups. Most of them promote violence as a way to achieve their goals. Why would the funds be diverted to groups that most of witch don’t even exist. It was just a way for Obama to fund the groups to cause problems. Obama is no better than a terrorist. In most ways he’s worse because he hides his real opinions and what he wants to have happen.

  63. If it means Trump goes to prison it will be worth it. Do you think his 6 bankruptcies and his touching women inappropriately will not come back and bite him in the ass? He will pay a price.

  64. Mueller belongs back in the CESS POOL with the rest of the BRAIN DEAD demorats with DUCT over ALL of the demorats MOUTHS, what they LACK IN BRAINS they MAKE FOR IN STUPIDITY.

  65. Robert Mueller and your group of Democrat-donating sleuths. Why not enlarge your detail and just see if former President Obama might, just might, have committed a crime under the Logan Act. He very likely would succeed as being the first to actually commit a crime under its jurisdiction.

  66. There should be a legal way to shut this investigation down now, since no collusion has been brought to evidence, but to the contrary, all of Mueller’s corruption. I really would like to see Mueller and all of his fakes brought into a criminal investigation for treason, and a fine so huge that will refund the government of money stolen as “salary”.

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