A Funny Idea of Free Expression at N.C. State

Liberals have struggled mightily with the concept of free speech for the last couple of decades. Once the guardians of the First Amendment, they gradually turned their backs on free expression when they discovered a shinier, more attractive concept: that of political correctness. Ooh, now they could tell others how to talk about their favorite issues. Now they could control the conversation. And ever since, liberals have found themselves willing to speak up for the First Amendment only when they agree with the speech they’re defending.

North Carolina State University has become a perfect microcosm of the new liberal attitude towards freedom of speech. On campus is a “Free Expression Tunnel,” meant to give students an outlet for their thoughts. In this tunnel, students are permitted to spray graffiti all over the walls, saying whatever they want to say. Predictably, not all of those messages are politically correct.

And that, says Director of Student Involvement Eileen Coombes, is not okay.

In an email to student groups, Coombes says that “free expression” should not be taken to mean students can write anything they want. In order to counteract messages that don’t conform with the left’s views on social equality, she announced the university’s “State Not Hate” campaign. Stencils will now be passed out, and students should use those stencils to cover up any messages that others might find objectionable.

“If you see hate speech or offensive language in the Free Expression Tunnel, cover that speech with the stencil, indicating that you, as a member of this community of scholars, will not stand for any form of hate at NC State,” write Coombes.

Of course, as we’ve seen in Indiana, the left has an extraordinarily broad definition of the word “hate.” To them, it is “hateful” for a Christian business owner to refuse to cater a gay wedding. It is “hateful” to push through a law that would provide any protection at all for religious freedom. Elsewhere, we’ve seen other examples of what the left considers hate. Terms like “illegals,” “Redskins,” and even “gay” are considered hateful when used in contexts that challenge their agenda. And while we don’t yet have laws banning hate speech, you can bet that it won’t be long before the left starts making a serious argument for them at both the state and federal levels.

Liberals justify their hypocritical attitude towards free speech by insisting that America is eaten up with inequality and oppression from the core. They see themselves as a renegade band of freedom fighters, constantly struggling against the white, male, Christian hegemony that keeps them down. They are the Luke Skywalker to America’s Empire. You wouldn’t let Darth Vader come speak at a rebel outpost, so why would you have any room for conservative views at your liberal university?

Speak not of the Constitution, that old piece of parchment written by the grandest wizards of them all, the Founding Fathers! Today’s liberals have no respect for tradition. They spit on it. They serve only one master: the doctrine of always-moving-forward. While others take pride in their country, they feel only shame and disgust. Obama’s promise of “change” rang their bells because that’s all they really care about. They want to change this country until it is utterly unrecognizable, and they are starting with the language.

The students of N.C. State should toss those stencils in the nearest river. Give the left any more ground, and we may all be forced into tunnels when we want to speak our minds.


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  1. When I was a young teenager in the late sixties, I suspected this would happen. That’s why I am not surprised.

  2. Sounds like a Democrat War on Education.

  3. Thought Gestapo! The left have always been far better at suppressing rights and liberties than the right.

    • No doubt about that. And the really funny thing is, it was the Republicans who fought for and passes civil rights legislation.

    • That is something no one can do yet, there is no such a thing as a mind reader. The only way some one knows what you are thinking is if you tell them

  4. Hate can only be expressed by Republicans just as only white people can commit hate crimes. Those at NC State who make up the left Gaystapo need to take a look at themselves in the nearest mirror!

  5. If I didn’t own my ancestral home in NC, I would never return to the state. It has turned into a bastion of Yankee aggression again. Proud by NC birth, ashamed by NC politicians.

  6. It is funny how your educators who make FAR more than they are worth are telling you about inequality? REMEMBER: Those that CAN, DO. Those that can not, Teach

  7. Yes, they should toss the stencils. The tunnel is a great idea and should continue. The stencils are another way to destroy freedom of speech. The stencils should actually be banned.

  8. Guess i won’t be going to visit the Outer Banks, or anything else, in North Carolina anytime soon, if the state is turning into another PC zone!

  9. “The students of N.C. State should toss those stencils in the nearest river” DO NOT POLLUTE. Use the stencils for the celebratory bonfires. Free expression should not be subject to political correctness. I may not like what is being said but I will defend their right to say it.

  10. I took a different approach. When my new neighbor was ‘offended’ by hearing me swear and stood in my face telling me I had no right to ‘offend’ his ears, I replied with the following; “Know what?,..that flag over there (indicating my American flag hanging on my carport post) says I can say WHAT I want, WHEN I want, WHERE I want, and as many TIMES as I want! You have the right not to like it. BUT,..YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL ME I CANT!” I followed that up with telling him in no uncertain terms to “Get the hell off my property and DONT come back!”

  11. This is ridiculous. I would start with graffiti procaliming the university’s desire to become a gestapo to push the liberal left doctine at the expense of all other thought.

  12. It is just in their ‘playbook’:

    “We asked for freedom of the press, thought, and civil liberties in the past because we were in the opposition and needed these liberties to conquer. Now that we have “conquered”, there is no longer any need for such civil liberties.”

    -Prominent Communist Party theoretician Nikolai Bukharin, executed by Stalin in 1937

  13. Gays are a hateful group. They need to shut up and let people alone. Christians will never accept their perverted ways.

  14. When, oh when will it be PC to start shooting these…………………….?

  15. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    You idiots actually see yourselves as some sort of super heroes. It is absolutely amazing!

    • FOAD, LIB Licker !! – Go finish your Kool-Aid

      • Marine, I spent 20 plus years in the military defending their right to be STUPID. You should be ashamed having a battle of the minds with an unarmed opponent. Pick on someone with a little intelligence that is competitive, at least. lol thanks for your service and for your protection in NAM. C.J.Wood, MSgt, USAF, ret

  16. What the should do is abolish the tunnel! There should be “FREEDOM OF SPEACH” everywhere!

  17. We are already being “forced into tunnels”, in a way. Just being an NRA member will propably get you on one of their “lists”!

  18. you dare to talk about free expression when the republicans now restrict the way you must believe and act to even eat in a pizza joint and you call that freedom. i call bullsnot- republicans are the biggest batch of lying hypocrits on gods earth and think only their concepts deserve the freedoms that living in America guarantees all of us – white- black- brown- catholic- jewish- protestant – baptist- muslim- straight – gay or abstaining inalienablew rights meant all of the people not just those that frequent your klan rallys

    • The First Amendment applies to government actions, not those on private property.

    • You’re a brainwashed idiot. 99.9% of Republicans have never been to a KKK rally, and never will. Your Democrap friends like Shitpton, Jackassson, Holdup, and their ilk spew hate wherever they go. Pathetic bunch of losers, leftists!

    • You might want to bone up on Private Property Rights. If I own a pizza joint or a hair salon, I can reserve the right to serve anyone, Liberal, Conservative, Atheist, Christian, etc. etc. ad nauseum. “No shoes, no shirt, no service!”

  19. Why don’t the liberals just skip to the stencil.
    “State not dissension.”

    Democrats = Socialism
    Republicans = Capitalism

  20. I make no apologies for the fact that I am not PC never have been never will be in all probability I can’t call a duck by any other name, to me if it walks, talks(quacks) & looks like a duck it is a duck try as I may I can not call it a chicken or anything else. I am also outspoken & try to be truthful at all times but keep my opinions to myself, I find it makes my life easier when I keep my big mouth shut

  21. If Hate has a champion it is the liberal media and university elite… they manage to find hate everywhere they look except in a mirror.

  22. that is exactly what all this gestapo-ness is about; if they can limit what you hear, including opinions, after a while you don’t think for yourself anymore. Of course, hopefully we will all break out of that mind-set. I try every day to say something that society tells me I can’t say. Mental exercise.

  23. We are allowed to express our minds, agree or disagree. Just remember your freedom of expression ends where my nose begins. Stay out of my face when your agenda tramples on my belief system and principles that are clearly time honored moral standards established on Judeo-Christian concepts. Some of todays “profs”, gurus and other intellectual “wanna be’s” are far too influential -especially on college and university campuses.

  24. We always forget that the NAZI’S were Socialists, they were National Socialists. You get arguments that they were conservatives, not by any brand you can find. The Soviet Socialist Republic, never heard about any free speech there. Like the Communist Democrats that the POS Obama leads, they also argued that they had a free society and allowed free expression, Nope just like Obama’s use of the IRS and DOJ against anyone who objects to his Communist Theology so too the Commies used the KGB. Just ask any former Soviet Political Prisoner, ask the Comic Yakoff Smirnoff where we are headed.

  25. let justice roll

    Same old Southern Democrats, they used to be the slave owners and told people how they were going to live their lives now they are the leaders of the politically correct mafia, still telling people how to live their lives.

  26. My suggestion: take the stencils and cover everything with which you disagree. Fight fire with fire.

  27. That is the left liberals for you. They say you have free speech but only if you are speaking the same opinion they have. If you have a different opinion of any subject they will shut you down and shut you up.

  28. The liberal crapheads now control the unniversities. No wonder many college grads know nothing of the world or even their own country.

  29. Those whom suffer from the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS) are a waste of God-lent time. We cannot change their thinking, so let them go their merry PC way, and I will go my politically incorrect (PI) way. We have 657 days more of the Obamanation of America, and we will be free at last!

  30. The real HATE is on the left; they become nearly hysterical when confronted with the truth on an issue, especially if it’s related to the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They are nothing better than Marxists at heart; many even Communist. Can’t wait for Nov. 2016 to finish what was started last Nov.

  31. If Leftist Liberals couldn’t be hypocrites, they would be rendered mute.

  32. Demos are word wizards that abolish truth by using a play on words to hide truth with lies. They are trying to abolish “taxpayers” with another word phrase so they can hide the money people pay the government as taxes,so the government can hide the truth how it wastes and hides where the slaves of the Goverent are being abused and controlled unethically.

  33. DOWN with Political Correctness!

  34. Train our children in the way they are to go…and the left is training our children, in colleges, and lesser education,..how to be a good Communist!

  35. Proud US vet/American

    The “Leftist loony’s” have never been able to grasp the concept of, “it’s better to be seen and not heard.” If more people would be willing to help them by just ignoring their ignorance, maybe, just maybe, they would get the message. Nah! Not in this lifetime. Besides, they’re way to smart to fall for that trick. (Hee, hee hee, hee)!

  36. we like our freedom, you don’t just get freedom , we fought and bled for our freedom, the truth is there are closed minds trying to limit, and eliminate our freedom , freedom requires blood to survive. There are enough slave masters sucking the life from humanity to enrich their one interest rather than serve the country right here they serve them self better health care, than the people’s obiecare, inside tips on the market tips on stock to fatten their pockets , Hilary millions for speaking engagements the pay is a pay off their is nothing Hillary could say that is worth a plugged nickel plain and simple she is a special interest worker, specializing in lying to us hiding the truth their talking points is so they can lie with out interruption. What the hell happened to immigration, we have so many laws , we don’t need new ones we need to in force the ones we have. The laws that need fixing get the job done no dumb recess this BS lock them up till they to work things out. or tell the stat send a replacement this senator is too dum , why should no one be accountable.

  37. Devil take Free Expression, eh?

  38. What is kind of ironic here is that NCSU’s “Free” Speech is buried underground in a dark tunnel……
    That seems to be where all free speech is heading.

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