A Funny Idea of Free Expression at N.C. State

Liberals have struggled mightily with the concept of free speech for the last couple of decades. Once the guardians of the First Amendment, they gradually turned their backs on free expression when they discovered a shinier, more attractive concept: that of political correctness. Ooh, now they could tell others how to talk about their favorite issues. Now they could control the conversation. And ever since, liberals have found themselves willing to speak up for the First Amendment only when they agree with the speech they’re defending.

North Carolina State University has become a perfect microcosm of the new liberal attitude towards freedom of speech. On campus is a “Free Expression Tunnel,” meant to give students an outlet for their thoughts. In this tunnel, students are permitted to spray graffiti all over the walls, saying whatever they want to say. Predictably, not all of those messages are politically correct.

And that, says Director of Student Involvement Eileen Coombes, is not okay.

In an email to student groups, Coombes says that “free expression” should not be taken to mean students can write anything they want. In order to counteract messages that don’t conform with the left’s views on social equality, she announced the university’s “State Not Hate” campaign. Stencils will now be passed out, and students should use those stencils to cover up any messages that others might find objectionable.

“If you see hate speech or offensive language in the Free Expression Tunnel, cover that speech with the stencil, indicating that you, as a member of this community of scholars, will not stand for any form of hate at NC State,” write Coombes.

Of course, as we’ve seen in Indiana, the left has an extraordinarily broad definition of the word “hate.” To them, it is “hateful” for a Christian business owner to refuse to cater a gay wedding. It is “hateful” to push through a law that would provide any protection at all for religious freedom. Elsewhere, we’ve seen other examples of what the left considers hate. Terms like “illegals,” “Redskins,” and even “gay” are considered hateful when used in contexts that challenge their agenda. And while we don’t yet have laws banning hate speech, you can bet that it won’t be long before the left starts making a serious argument for them at both the state and federal levels.

Liberals justify their hypocritical attitude towards free speech by insisting that America is eaten up with inequality and oppression from the core. They see themselves as a renegade band of freedom fighters, constantly struggling against the white, male, Christian hegemony that keeps them down. They are the Luke Skywalker to America’s Empire. You wouldn’t let Darth Vader come speak at a rebel outpost, so why would you have any room for conservative views at your liberal university?

Speak not of the Constitution, that old piece of parchment written by the grandest wizards of them all, the Founding Fathers! Today’s liberals have no respect for tradition. They spit on it. They serve only one master: the doctrine of always-moving-forward. While others take pride in their country, they feel only shame and disgust. Obama’s promise of “change” rang their bells because that’s all they really care about. They want to change this country until it is utterly unrecognizable, and they are starting with the language.

The students of N.C. State should toss those stencils in the nearest river. Give the left any more ground, and we may all be forced into tunnels when we want to speak our minds.


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