A Fair Election Process Can Survive Scrutiny and Skepticism

Donald Trump has turned the mainstream media into a legion of Chicken Littles, and the squawking reached epic proportions after the third presidential debate. Asked by moderator Chris Wallace if he would accept the results of the election, Trump gave the response heard ’round the world:

“I’ll look at it at the time.”

Since then, every liberal pundit has condemned Trump’s continued insistence that Americans live under a “rigged system.” They have accused Trump of denigrating democracy, peddling conspiracy theories, and possibly even inciting a violent rebellion against the U.S. government. Even some Republicans have distanced themselves from the comments.

Meanwhile, polls show that 41% of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton may indeed steal the election right out from under the voters.

The question here isn’t what’s wrong with Trump or his supporters. The question is what’s wrong with the other 59% of the country. To put it another way: How much more evidence could you possibly require?

But don’t blame the people. They aren’t entirely at fault here. There are powerful forces at work, and their entire objective revolves around keeping the American people from asking the tough questions. Thus:

We’re led to believe that the Democratic primaries were carried out in a fair and democratic way, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

We’re led to believe that only an ignorant, toothless Trump supporter could possibly believe in the fantasy of a rigged election.

We’re led to believe that these ignorant, toothless Trump supporters are so stupid and violent that they will riot if Hillary Clinton wins the election, regardless of how large the margin of victory is.

We’re led to believe that Democrats who insist that Al Gore won the 2000 election are TOTALLY DIFFERENT than Trump. NO COMPARISON.

We’re led to believe that requiring ID at the polls is a form of racist voter suppression.

We’re led to believe that media bias against Trump is a natural result of him being so OBVIOUSLY UNFIT to be president.

We’re led to believe that anything that comes from WikiLeaks is just Russian propaganda.

We’re led to believe that James O’Keefe’s damning undercover videos…don’t exist.

But worst of all, we’re led to believe that it is somehow treasonous to be vigilant about our own electoral process.

THAT’S how we lose our democracy. If the election is fair, it should be able to withstand any amount of scrutiny. The mere fact that such scrutiny is being strongly discouraged – mocked, even – should be a clear warning sign to anyone with a firm grasp of history. Outright voter fraud isn’t the only way to rig the system.

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