A Fair Election Process Can Survive Scrutiny and Skepticism

Donald Trump has turned the mainstream media into a legion of Chicken Littles, and the squawking reached epic proportions after the third presidential debate. Asked by moderator Chris Wallace if he would accept the results of the election, Trump gave the response heard ’round the world:

“I’ll look at it at the time.”

Since then, every liberal pundit has condemned Trump’s continued insistence that Americans live under a “rigged system.” They have accused Trump of denigrating democracy, peddling conspiracy theories, and possibly even inciting a violent rebellion against the U.S. government. Even some Republicans have distanced themselves from the comments.

Meanwhile, polls show that 41% of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton may indeed steal the election right out from under the voters.

The question here isn’t what’s wrong with Trump or his supporters. The question is what’s wrong with the other 59% of the country. To put it another way: How much more evidence could you possibly require?

But don’t blame the people. They aren’t entirely at fault here. There are powerful forces at work, and their entire objective revolves around keeping the American people from asking the tough questions. Thus:

We’re led to believe that the Democratic primaries were carried out in a fair and democratic way, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

We’re led to believe that only an ignorant, toothless Trump supporter could possibly believe in the fantasy of a rigged election.

We’re led to believe that these ignorant, toothless Trump supporters are so stupid and violent that they will riot if Hillary Clinton wins the election, regardless of how large the margin of victory is.

We’re led to believe that Democrats who insist that Al Gore won the 2000 election are TOTALLY DIFFERENT than Trump. NO COMPARISON.

We’re led to believe that requiring ID at the polls is a form of racist voter suppression.

We’re led to believe that media bias against Trump is a natural result of him being so OBVIOUSLY UNFIT to be president.

We’re led to believe that anything that comes from WikiLeaks is just Russian propaganda.

We’re led to believe that James O’Keefe’s damning undercover videos…don’t exist.

But worst of all, we’re led to believe that it is somehow treasonous to be vigilant about our own electoral process.

THAT’S how we lose our democracy. If the election is fair, it should be able to withstand any amount of scrutiny. The mere fact that such scrutiny is being strongly discouraged – mocked, even – should be a clear warning sign to anyone with a firm grasp of history. Outright voter fraud isn’t the only way to rig the system.

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  1. Eleanore Whitaker

    Bwahahahahahaha! Fair? Right wingers? Fair? Is this before or after they decide that ONLY winning is Fair. Yeah. Right…too too too far off the mental beam RIGHT.

    The Right Wing definition of FAIR ….redistrict to reduce minority voting. Or like in IN where nutbags thought they could cut the number of polling places ONLY in minority districts…Or like half a dozen other hick states where IDs are rejected, votes for Dems are tossed or not counted.

    Fair…stands for FUKKERS And INSANE RIGHTIES!

    • Please remove your left-wing head from your anus. There are many reasons that are very visible for anyone who is actually paying attention to be very concerned. First the majority of the media are acting as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party instead of fulfilling their constitutionally protected roll of keeping the citizens of this country honestly informed about both. Second there is an ongoing issue about voter fraud that is denigrated by leftist democrats and suppressed by their allies, again the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. This concern and issue has existed for decades because it is real. The walking dead always vote Democrat. Third, the democrat candidate for president is a treasonous lying criminal who should have been indicted. There are many reasons to be concerned about this election and the state of this country.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Don’t need but that right wing pissbrain of yours is so far up yours ANUS that it has feces layers 10 inches thick.

        You fool no one. If Trump was winning and the Dems said the election was rigged, you pissbrains off the right would go ballistic. Winning is not a rigged election when votes of the millions of US voters are counted and YOUR ASSHOLE loses.

        • Check out the new batch of emails of your so called heinass and let me know if you still think the same of the lying witch! You have been played like all of we Americans and I am so thankful it is being revealed finally. You picked a loser by all sense of the word. She and Obama have rode this horse almost to death but here comes the proof if you dare listen and read them. This is indisputable proof so if that isn’t good enough then ignorance for you will be your downfall. She will lead you under her boot heal sooner than you think. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hey asskisser of MEN. I want to see those 2 million emails Bush and Cheney destroyed back in 2002. The new batch of emails were already reviewed. Nothing. Next bitch from you HighASS Bitch?

            You can keep up your bitching until your twat is like the Sahara. It won’t do you any good. You have nothing on Hillary you can use in a court of law. All you have is a twat for a face, a man you need desperately because you can’t make it on your own and a Bush who lied to you so often you think Trump’s lies are okay…Get thee to a Tent Revival Bitch, you need to be “healed” big time.

          • Get over the Bush/Cheney crap. Why is it that anytime a democrat is challenged they feel it necessary to bring up Bush/Cheney? Yet you are all to willing to descend to the depths of name calling instead of giving reasonable responses?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            No twat bag …I won’t get over it. Cheney and Bush destroyed the economy but a tramp slut like you thinks you can just erase it? Think again twat face. And you bet I call sluts like you names. Instead of getting an education, you spent your time with your legs open in the back seat of some moron’s car.

            Bush had a 2nd term recession brought on by 2 massive tax cuts the GAO.gov will prove to a shitbag like you handed the wealthy an 11% increase in their wealth. Go ahead trashface…try and deny that. Do you also deny that 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch? Or that Nanny Rice got her ass reamed by the 9/11 Commission for ignoring the EMAILS and warnings of an al Qaeda attack that caused the deaths of 3300 people here in the Metro area? YOu snatch face bitches make me laugh. You bitch about 4 dead in Benghazi and then ignore the goddamn train wreck of Iraq that stole more than $1.6 TRILLION from taxpayers, caused over 4,000 military deaths and a massacre of innocent Iraqi civilians. Do tell where in the frig did that $200 million missing on the back of a truck in Iraq end up? The answer is Lebanon.

            I won’t EVER let pieces of shit like you dare to think for one minute you can just take over, mouth off and then destroy this country so you can’t take it back to pre Civil War days. Even a shitbag like you can’t pull that one off.

            You are one mentally ill bitch if you think your constant sociopathic need to blame the Dems, blame a Dem president, Blame a DEM SOS, Blame a Dem AG are missed. Your ass is grass and we Dems plan to be your lawn mower. You better get a goddamn better job because most of plan to make sure you and your right wing won’t get one more dime of our state tax dollars. Now…do me and the rest of the sane world a favor: Eat more right wing shit. Your ass is already as big as a trailer.

          • Hey this is the grown up table so act like one Eleanore this isn’t 2002 so what are you talking about? You learn from the past or haven’t you heard that before? We aren’t talking about Bush or Cheney it’s now Trump and Hillary and sorry to say your girl isn’t looking to “righteous” is a nice way of putting it. You may not like the truth but it doesn’t mean it isn’t slapping you in the face. Gosh at this point its punching people in the face and still you follow her lead. She has and is a government official breaking laws left and right and WE THE PEOPLE have had enough of the corruption and THAT IS THE TRUTH! Nixon got impeached for just doing 1 smidgen of what Hillary has done so is it because she is a woman or a Clinton? That is a tough one so I will let you sit on that and spin. Either answer is not good enough.

        • Indiana
          officials are trying to block almost 45,000 black citizens from

          Roughly 45,000 newly registered voters in Indiana — almost all
          of whom are black — may not be allowed to vote next month after state police
          targeted the state’s largest voter registration drive, forcing it to shut down
          its operation. Police raided the Indiana Voter Registration Project (IVRP)
          offices on October 4, seizing documents and equipment and forcing the group to
          cease its get-out-the-vote efforts one week before the end of the state’s
          registration period. Bill Buck, a spokesperson for the liberal nonprofit Patriot
          Majority USA which runs the IVRP, told ThinkProgress that IVRP could have
          registered about 5,000 more voters in that additional week.

          • And the FEC is already investigating this. The GOP in NJ tried the same thing at Rutgers in 2004 when they refused to acknowledge 18,000 legitimate college students’ votes.

            That the only way the right wing can win an election?

            And the claims by Trump that the election is rigged is just a prime example of the same hick mentalities that just want the election handed to him without ANY voites. Not Not Not going to happen.

        • Wow,
          The really cultured women like Eleanor speak?

          • The really piggy women with their legs open in the south and midwest? That all our pig women have to do all day? Open their legs, breed like mares and then wait for Big Daddah to y’all all for them?

            Get a life dipshit. Women today are more educated than those breed mares men like you use like trash.

    • First of all Eleanore, the idea of redistricting and gerrymandering is an invention of the democratic party. They saw the advantages of centralizing all their supporters into condensed areas. Take a look at any of the districting maps all over America. There are actually states that have concentrated democratic voter districts with a thirty mile distance between them.
      And contrary to your accusation that dem votes are tossed or not counted it is the dems that brag about tossing republican votes and registrations as late as this week. Also, Washington State rejected and refused to count votes submitted by the military in the last elections because of a “time” restraint. Well the State knew that postal services were slow and chose to not mail out the ballots in a timely fashion.
      The problems existing in our election process are not limited to your “half dozen hick states” that reject ID’s. Do you consider New York a hick state? Or what about PA where it has been proven that illegal aliens voted in primaries by showing their State issued drivers licenses? There are many “liberal” states that issue State drivers licenses and automatic voter registration to illegal aliens, do you also consider them “hick states”? And remember, it is the democrats that object to voter ID’s using the tired excuse of voters being disenfranchised even though a VALID PHOTO ID is REQUIRED for many purposes other than voting.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        First of all BRENDA, the Democrats NEVER once redistricted or gerrymandering to keep blacks and minorities from voting. At some point do you stupid morons of the right ever intend to stop you bigotry? Explain to me why the FEC referred what NC did by reducing the number of voting places in that state ONLY in minority districts?

        I vote in every election locally, statewide and nationally. I NEVER EVER have had to produce and ID.. So your bullshit bigot story falls flat right there. Explain why it is ONLY YOU and your hick jackass Republicans are the scared shit of minority voters to the point where Rick Scott closed polls using weather as an excuse.

        As for illegals, your white Irish, Scottish and English WASP great grandparents came here as indentured slaves. Read your history book, assuming you actually do know how to read.

        How dare you snot nose bitches and bully bastards of the right demand get an ID when I don’t need one? Duh!

        How dare you think your white ass is so superior that you snot nosed bitches and bull bastards can order an 80 year old voter who no longer drives to stop voting only because after 80 years in the US she has to obey your fukked up orders?

        Get a life loser bitch. And take you war dog right wing bully bastards with you. Most of you are brother and sister married to each other anyway. Once an “ignorant hick” always an ignorant hick. Now…about your WASP indentured slave ancestors.

      • Please contact any military personnel you know or anyone you know some military personnel because it has come out that the military personnel MUST put enough postage on their ballot in order for it to be here by 11/8. If they don’t, it apparently will come by the usual slow mail and long after 11/8. This is URGENT so please contact any and all military personnel abroad to put real postage on their ballot! They have been cheated so many times, so let’s interfere with this this time around.

  2. It will take an act of God to overcome these Godless, Satan worshipping power mad ghoul’s evilness; and if He chooses to let “US” get what we deserve for becoming the second Babylon then it will take REVOLUTION as the SOLUTION – guaranteed! I am amazed that nearly half of the sheeple can not or will not discern the obvious; they too have been Left with reprobate minds that can not tell GOOD from EVIL or the TRUTH from a Lie. The Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his former political whore “Hillary the Pillory” don’t ever tell the truth but once in a blue moon they will tell the truth and they joke about it so that you think that they are kidding or they want you NOT to believe them – that is how devious and diabolical these two NWO-elitists are! Pray for Trump, at least he’ll slow down the evilness but if the She-devil, bitch-witch wins then R.I.P. USA or Armr=============================================?, that is what it will take to retain the iota of freedom that we have left and that is Right!

  3. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Very misleading headline. There is no way, with all the fraud already being uncovered that Hillary will lose. It is over already. Begin stocking up on safe foods, water and ammo, we are going to need it when Obama issues the call to jihad in 2017.

  4. how is the most corrupt person in US history going to be president?


    • So sorry. The most corrupt person in US history is the President. You are Rip Van Winkle just awakening?

    • That is the ONLY way Hillary could be made president… a Rigged election.

      • Theresajmitchell3

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  5. Florida’s universally reviled Republican Governor Rick Scott and his appointed Secretary of State Ken Detzner were just handed a vicious rebuke from a federal judge over their scheme to disenfranchise Floridian voters and throw tens of thousands of ballots into the trash. U.S. District Judge Mark Walker accused Scott and Detzner of delaying a hearing on a voting rights lawsuit “so that he could use every second available to run out the clock” and said their stalling amounted to “an undeclared war on the right to vote.

  6. History repeats. This is a repeat of the money lenders being thrown out of the Temple. Not saying Trump is a Christ. Just saying a righteous man( comparatively) has taken on the task of getting rid of the thieves. The Temple” in this case is our government. The “thieves” are the elected, appointed or hired plunderers, along with their supporters in the press, TV, and wherever the public can be exposed to lies and malarkey. Will justice prevail? Will the honest, good people survive and win? Will the devious, manipulative and evil people meet justice? What a great book someone should write. “The AMERICAN TESTAMENT.”

  7. Do we REALLY know who counts the votes? I don’t and I suspect that should not be trusting whomever it is.. Cant trust the IRS, FBI, DOJ, NSA, Elite Democrats, Elite Republicans, Elite MEDIA….

    The Elites are counting the votes, and our votes don’t matter….

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

  8. The fair election system can not survive corruption.

    Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Elite MEDIA = the people who count the votes.

    This is the election fraud people should be talking about.


  9. We the People do not elect a President.
    We the People have never elected a President.
    We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
    Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
    Start with the Electoral College.

  10. It is over!

    The “CONservative” press pretends that each confabulation is actually believed by anyone outside of its narrow base. After each election, they claim that they were right and that the election was stolen. Here is what they said in 2012. Don’t you ever get tired of being treated like a fool?


  11. SOP for ANY close election is to question results or has EVERYONE forgotten.

  12. That’s how people have been getting elected anymore massive voter fraud just hope Trump can overcome it

  13. yes a fair election can but this one Is already been caught cheating dem. can’t win fair they never have they know that so they don’t even try what a shame …go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016 and obama just go and take your tranny with you …to anywhere but American soil

  14. Oh you can bet there will be rigging. It’s already been caught in TX, WI, and other places. Voters voting Trump have seen votes moved to Clinton. Soros voting machines of course!

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