A Fact About Texas Gun Owners the Left Won’t Like One Bit

Adam Peters of the Western Free Press went digging around in the gun violence statistics out of Texas recently and came up with a fact that is almost too deliciously hilarious to be believed. But believe it you must, because it’s absolutely true. And not only does it make the case that more guns do NOT result in more crime…not only does it prove that law-abiding gun owners are NOT the problem in America…not only does it make the argument that more gun control is the LAST thing we need in this country…it’s just a fun fact that will make anti-Second Amendment liberals feel really stupid. And when we come across something like that, we have to share it early and often.

Peters pointed out that while many liberals were calling on the United States to adopt European-style gun laws in an effort to bring down violent crime rates, a closer look at the relevant comparison figures might show just how useless such an endeavor would be – even if it didn’t violate the Bill of Rights. He did so by examining the crime statistics of a particular group: Legally-armed Texans.

“Over a million people in Texas are licensed to carry a firearm, and the state publishes a report on the crimes they commit,” Peters wrote. “In 2016, two were convicted of murder and another two were convicted of manslaughter. If they formed their own country, its per capita homicide rate would be about 0.4 per 100,000 residents. In other words, Britain’s homicide rate would drop by more than half if it were populated by nothing but Texans with concealed handgun permits.

“Texas isn’t unique: across the country, it’s rare for people who carry guns legally to commit crimes,” Peters continued. “They do stop them, however.”

So there you have it: Study the American population of licensed gun carriers and you find that they are responsible for fewer murders than the whole of Britain, where explicit gun laws keep most of the citizenry unarmed.

This is more than just an unusual or trivial bit of fun. This goes to the entire point of the right’s pro-Second Amendment arguments. It’s been stated a million ways, but one of the most effective is: When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. And it’s the plain and simple truth. Mass murderers don’t care about your gun laws, and neither do kids in Chicago street gangs. The only people who might care are those you already have no reason to worry about. The left’s war on guns is an excuse to play Security Theater. That’s one thing when we’re talking about the TSA, it’s quite another when we’re talking about the fundamental right to bear arms.

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