A Country That Has Forgotten Its Constitution

Conservatives do battle with liberals on a number of fronts. Many of the disagreements come down to different opinions on the sanctity of human life. Liberals treasure their right to abortions and doctor-assisted suicides while conservatives remain (maddeningly, to opponents) skeptical of the idea that a life should be thrown away so casually. Some of the disagreements come down to different worldviews. Liberals like the idea of a government that takes care of us like a protective nanny while conservatives want the government to focus on national defense, infrastructure, crime, and little else.

But the fundamental disagreement – the one that can never be bridged by all the charismatic bipartisan Independents in the world – is in how we see the Constitution. Liberals believe the Constitution is a remnant of a different time with little relevant application in 2014’s America. We, however, believe that the Founding Fathers had a vision for America that stretched beyond their own short lifetimes. Inherent in that, we see the Constitution as a living document that will forever be a blueprint for the greatest country on Earth.

Liberal Attacks From Every Corner

When it comes down to it, this is exactly why you see so many conservatives gritting their teeth against what is being done to America. The liberalization of the country goes beyond some trashy TV. It goes beyond things like the right to gay marriage. Its heart is in the gradual degradation of our founding document. As a country, we’ve strayed considerably from the ideals that built America into the world’s only remaining Superpower. We are stuck with a president who pays little more than lip service to his constitutional restrictions. We have a legislature that can’t implement the appropriate checks-and-balances because it’s too swamped in political warfare. Worst of all, we have a media that serves us up a steaming platter of nonstop liberal opinion in the guise of “unbiased news.”

It’s been said many times, but John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin would be stopped in their tracks if they saw the size of the current American government. The feds have their hands in everything, creating a population that has learned to live with government overreach, outrageous taxation, and the outright infringement of our constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms. The Fathers would be aghast to see how far we’ve strayed from the system they set in place.

Today, we place more importance on the latest celebrity gossip than we do the Constitution. We talk about our First Amendment rights while making laws against free expression. We talk about our right to bear arms while making laws that restrict an individual’s ability to protect himself from man or government. We talk about the American dream while we tax, tax, tax until businesses can’t afford to keep the doors open.

President Calvin Coolidge – a man who would have fit in well with the original framers – once said, “To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race.” If we can convince the undecided that his words ring true even today, we can begin bringing back the former glory of our mighty nation.

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