A $500K Check From Russia Bought Hillary Clinton’s Stance on Sanctions

According to Donald Trump Jr., Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya may have been touting information on Hillary Clinton, but she appeared much more interested in discussing the Obama-signed Magnitsky Act, a series of sanctions targeting Russian entities for their involvement in a tax fraud scheme. This characterization of the meeting is not difficult to believe, considering the fact that Veselnitskaya has spent much of the last four years lobbying against the sanctions.

Interestingly enough, though, she’s not the only one opposed to that bill. Hillary Clinton, while serving as Obama’s secretary of state, was also initially opposed to the economic sanctions. And it so happens that she came around to that position in conjunction with a $500,000 speech her husband gave in Moscow that year. Was this a coincidence, or did Russian interests buy Hillary Clinton’s views on the sanctions with a whopping half-million dollar check to the former president?

At a briefing last week, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed out the, shall we say, interesting quirk of timing.

“If you want to talk about having relationship with Russia, I’d look no further than the Clintons,” she said. “Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give a speech to a Russian bank, personally thanked by President Putin.”

All true. After Clinton delivered his speech, which was financed by Renaissance Capital, he indeed received a personal phone call of thanks from Putin. And at the same time, Hillary Clinton’s State Department was denying Congress’s request to refuse visas to those involved in the fraud case. Some of whom, it must be noted, were employees and shareholders in Renaissance Capital. See how it all works?

This bit of shady business might have become part of the election narrative against Hillary, thanks to a story in Bloomberg News. That story never made press, however, thanks to some fast footwork on the part of Hillary’s campaign.

“With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s opposition to the Magnitsky bill a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow,” wrote Jesse Lehrich of Hillary For America, in an email later published by WikiLeaks.

Nice work, Jesse.

But now it’s all out there on the table for anyone to see. And what is there, exactly, to see? Well, if it doesn’t exactly stir a reprise of “Lock her up,” it at least goes to show you how overblown and outlandish the whole Russia/Trump story has become. It is, as Trump has always maintained, the Democrats continually making excuses for an election loss they STILL cannot come to terms with. Whether the Trump team held one meeting or one THOUSAND meetings with Russian officials, it didn’t change a single vote in a single state in America. And unless Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and many, many other Democrats want to start answering for every single contact they had with foreign governments over the course of their political careers, they might want to take a page from the Soros-sponsored group and MOVE ON.

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  1. Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!

    • Lock Trump up with them…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander…don’t you agree?

      • On what grounds ya pathetic moron?

        • I guess you are right. Since there isn’t enough proof of Cllnton, then they should just lock Trump up. But I still think they should both be thrown in the same jail.

          • Are you just plainly ignorant Comey read a list of federal charges that they have enough evidence to lock her up but he played FBI and DOJ to cover for the lying mentally deranged woman and believe me there is more evidence of pay to play with the Huma Abedin’s email that were just released from the State Dept to Judicial Watch the list of charges are that could be brought against Clinton are mind boggling one real easy one is perjury ( I never sent or received classified information on my Clinton email server yet there are 52 email chains witch are marked classified at the time they were sent or recived

          • I am not denying all you say. Yes, throw Clinton in jail. But remember she lost the election because that case was made. She is not in office. If you were worried about what could have happened to her classified emails then you should really be crapping your pants over the secret meeting Trump had in the Oval office with the Russians the day after he fired Comey. What more could they have found in Clinton’s email that he didn’t tell them that day? We’ll never know though, will we, because there were no formalized notes about the encounter. Again, what more do you fear could have been divulged in Clinton’s emails?

          • LIAR, proof enough that you are a democrat

          • Wow Mark…can you tell the difference between a statement and a lie? That will be your assignment tonight: Write a 500 word essay on the difference between a lie, an opinion, and a statement of fact. Please use my statement above as reference. I want it on my desk in the morning.

          • Careful Jerry you might get blocked from this web sight.

          • You truly are a brainless wonder. Again on what grounds should Trump be locked up? I’ll give you one for Hillary Rotten Clinton, breaking the law of the Espionage Act. That alone would put her away for the rest of her pathetic life. Try again ya mindless liberal drone.
            TTFN mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!

          • Interesting Skippy baby…just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t make me a liberal. You put all the evidence side by side and there is enough to throw them both in jail. That doesn’t make me a liberal, it makes me a person with a brain.

          • Your a typical mindless liberal drone, you won’t answer the question. On what grounds should Trump be put in jail? So far all the testimony given in the Congressional hearings Trump has done nothing illegal. Try again ya mindless liberal drone.
            TTFN brainless wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Geez Mr. Skippy…a bit touchy, aren’t you? For one, please answer this question. Is everyone who disagrees with you a liberal? I have spent 71 years becoming a critical thinker, and I question everything worthy of questioning. I already have said Clinton was a liability, because I thought it through. In 2003 I said the Iraq War was a big mistake…I can bet that you were waving your flag for it and now we have ISIS. I look at Trump’s financial entanglements with Russia, and if he doesn’t fire Mueller, we’ll find out one way or the other. If he is cleared, I will be man enough to accept that the system works. You won’t get far in life, Skippy boy, if you get pissed at everyone who disagrees with you.

          • I’m not pissed off I just have fun exposing you so called not liberals. Let’s see if you have a retirement fund you probably have financial entanglements with Russia. Trump is a business man he has financial ties with countries from all over this world.
            Now Trump wasn’t my first choice, but voted for him in the general election to keep Hillary Rotten Clinton from the presidency. Thought I disagree with him on some issues, I’ll defend him against the lies. Now Mueller is on a witch hunt. All he’s doing is getting payback for his good friend Comey being fired. The only reason why Comey was fired is because he was an incompetent boob. Again what has Trump done that warrants him going to prison?

          • I guess a liberal to you is anyone who thinks. Fair enough. I’d hate to live in your world. If I ran for office I guess I would have to allow my 401k’s to be scrutinized along with the fact that I actually worked in Russia in 1997 on an environmental project…but to be sure, I wouldn’t forget to put that fact on my security clearance form. I am hoping this Trump thing works out, but holy cow! The guy keeps crapping on the floor, stepping in it, and when the smell reaches everyone, he changes his shoes. I keep wondering what lie is out there that Trump hasn’t started himself. If he would just keep his mouth shut and do the work of the people, maybe something would get done.

          • I love how you guys dodge the question. I’ve listened to the Congressional hearings and testimony after testimony no Trump collusion with the Russians. There is no real evidence that Trump has done anything illegal yet.
            Now I agree with you Trump has said a lot of stupid stuff, and stepped in it. I partially disagree with you that Trump should keep his mouth shut. He needs follow through with his campaign promises, and take that case to the American people. Then stuff could get done.

          • Jerry Trump did not break any laws, he attempted to dismantle Obama’s liberal agenda that hurt America and the middle class. Trump is cutting into the secret profits of Congress both parties. They sold us out for Obama’s PPA agreement and got millions from lobbyist who love outsourcing. The corruption of the Obama administration is so secret, sneaky, and complex it is beyond comprehension, just plain evil. Your wrong about Trump.

          • Mr. Moe Let the investigations play out. All I am saying is that the corruption on both Clinton and Trump are about equal. Nothing was proven against Clinton, and likely that will be the case with Trump. But to blindly follow a guy who is so stuck on his own image and business deals is sure a bad business choice for the people of America.

          • Nothing was proven on Clinton because the evidence was destroyed, Obama goons testifying were not sworn under oath. Please do not compare Trump to Hillary, you say your not a liberal yet you deny there was any cover up in obama scandals? Trump can not live long enough to be as corrupt as Clinton or her pal Obama.

          • You guys keep coming up with definitive preposterous statements of documents destroyed, etc. as if there was someone with a camera taking pictures of the destruction. All I am trying to point out is that if you are so willing to accept that evidence, why do you not apply the same standards to Trump. Unfortunately for you guys, I believe the Feds are sniffing up some pretty good dirt on Trump. I agree, maybe while they are at it they will find dirt on Clinton too. I really don’t care as long as justice is served. A liberal is a person with an open mind and an independent is a person with an open mind but with no defined political ties…just as a point of clarification.

          • No need to argue, you do not believe Clinton’s 30,000 emails were anything but personal? Your out there in space with the liberals. You have no grip on reality. I do want to argue with you, it is fruitless. The only positive thing is your a gentleman with excellent mannerism. You conduct yourself well with most opposite viewpoints. Good luck.

          • Moe, Thanks for your compliment. But for the sake of argument, even if Clinton’s 30,000 emails were communications about or with Russia, how would that be any different than the many tentacles connected to Russia by several members of the Trump administration and the secret meetings Trump himself has had with Putin or the one in the Oval office the day after he fired Comey. I am just trying to be fair and balanced here, what possibly could have been intercepted in the Clinton emails more important or detrimental than what has been going on in Trump world.

          • Unless, we can be civil there is no discussion, imagine if everyone agreed with my opinion , life would be beyond boring. These issues have divided families including my own in a situation were siblings will not talk to each other over politics. This goes beyond gender, race, ethnic background, religion, and sexual preferences. Tensions are boiling over on both sides, except most conservatives will not wear masks, burn, loot, and riot like anarchist whom know in most situations police are powerless. In all fairness, the media, most of it, are trying to recreate the stage for a Watergate ending, only problem is they are known like the NY Times, WashintonPost, Daily News NYC, and endless other newspapers along with most on the air newscasters, for lying. No President has endured such brutal attacks, yet remains popular amongst supporters, this is amazing, since our news now U.S. Very similar to North Korean news in formate and outcome. I read your comments, I do not agree, yet your ability to remain cool and composed, shows great strength. You argue, but your not mean spirited. If anyone deserves to speak his mind in mutual respect it is you.

          • Thanks again Moe. The divide is indeed vast and contentious. Unfortunately, civilly debating points of view has gone the way of the dinosaur. I once heard Rush Limbaugh say that compromise is for weaklings. I questioned then how civilizations possibly could survive without compromise. I once served on a Governor’s Task Force in Montana set up to deal with what seemed to be an impossible mission. Yet through open discussion a consensus was reached that turned out to be a win-win for everyone at the table and those agreements exist until this day. Whereas I can see your point about the media, remember it was Trump who drew the line in the sand regarding its integrity by the constant drum beat “Fake News”. It is human nature to defend one’s turf, and there is a media corps that have credentials and resumes built upon years of hard work and experience. I don’t know what you did for a living, but I know if someone started to trash talk my craftsmanship I would have fought back hard and fast on anything unfounded.

            Trump himself virtually starts every firestorm targeted by the media because of the words he says or tweets. It is the media’s Constitutional job to parse everything he does and says, because it is their job to keep him honest on our behalf. Remember, Trump is our employee. He works for us, and I do not believe he understands that. Believe it or not, I am a John McCain fan. When Trump questioned McCain’s heroism in the presidential campaign I thought the media did not push back hard enough on that cowardly statement by Trump. In fact, such an attack on anyone’s integrity, particularly regarding service to our country, should have been a disqualifier for a person running for president. But no, it was just laughed off, and Trump has proceeded to trash talk one person after another since then. When the media calls him out on any of those type of comments since then, how can it possibly be considered fake news. In conclusion, Trump would receive much more respect from the press and even people like me if he started acting like an adult. The excuse that he is a successful business man because of that tactic grows old after a while. I was a successful business man too, but everyone in my field respected me because I was never mean or nasty and I treated everyone with utmost integrity. I am glad we have been able to share our views, Moe.

          • I been a McCain fan since I was in Junior high school. Supported and gave donations since last election. I am a veteran of OIF lll served the 42 NFL infantry in Tikrit. Sadly, the senator has disappointed me due to my personal alligence to President Trump.
            He still has a place in my heart. Great argument.

          • My mother once told me that if you meet someone and that person alienates you from friends, family and old allegiances like the one you had with John McCain, it should be telling you something. Thanks for your service, Moe.

          • More like brain DEAD

          • …for what???

      • Why would you lock him up? President Trump has done more for the American public than all the presidents in the last 50 years.

        • Wow! You are starting to sound like a brainwashed fool. First, name me what he has done. Second, he oozes so many conflicts of financial conflicts with Russia I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t start selling your house and mine to pay his debt to the Rooskies. All I am saying is you can’t possibly throw Obama, Clinton, etc. in jail for doing behind the scenes the same exact thing Trump is doing in plain sight. What’s fair is fair. I am an independent and could give a damn about the whole lot. Wake up man!

          • You are the fool. I bet you voted for Hillary.

          • Nope…for Kasich in the primary until Trump trashed talked him out of the primaries with stupid, baseless dialog. Then it was Johnson. Your concerns about Clinton are well founded, but you have to be a brain dead immoral unethical fool to have even considered voting for Trump. I sure hope you aren’t admitting that you did.

          • I did! What are you going to do about it? Been sleeping with Hillary?

          • What grade are you in, Jeffrey?

          • Gag me with a spoon. Even Bill hasn’t slept with that.

          • Oh God!!!! You just ruined any chance I had for breakfast! That disgusting picture would curdle milk at 100 yards! UGH!!! UTTERLY DISGUSTING PICTURE! LOL!

          • LMAO… you voted for Kasich? Bought, and paid for by Soros! You are stupid, and low information!

          • Spot on.

          • You can`t reason with an idiot.

          • Soooo, true!!

          • D. Lucian Iliesiu

            Why are you Democrats so intolerant and myopic towards the Republicans? However you are apparently super-tolerant of the corruption demonstrated repeatedly by your leaders, including particularly the Clintons, as well as Al Gore, during the last decades!
            The European-Asian-USSR-led communism — an extreme form of socialism — collapsed in 1989-91! The Asian super-dictatorial communism continues to be sustained — without an obvious future — by China, Vietnam, and North Korea. HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED ANYTHING FROM THESE DEVELOPMENTS?

          • I am an independent but certainly the past few decades have leaned toward the Democrats…results, my man, results. This year I was hoping for Kasich since I am a compromise kind of guy. I was disgusted with Clinton’s immorality in the 90s, and that is partly why Gore and HRC lost…rightly so. If it wasn’t for lamed brained Sarah Palin I would have voted for John McCain in 08. Regarding the mess GWBush and his administration left us from the terrible economy to the massive debt…and you can believe if he were a democrat, I would have been all over that incompetence. Obama merely put out the dumpster fires left behind. Maybe he could have done better, but what a mess he had to work with…and all the while from 2000 to 2016 the Asia alliance did ramp up. I am just hoping Trump’s inexperience won’t trigger a nuclear war if only to take our eyes off the Russia scandal. And don’t you think Russia has come back in a more sophisticated manner than in the late 80s…they don’t need to physically take over any country as long as they have the upper hand in cyber technology and an administration like the USA’s in its back pocket. We have essentially been neutered by Trump’s kissy face approach to Putin. I pray I am wrong, but only time will tell.

          • Well you will have a lot of time because Trump will be around for eight years. Would you really have voted for Kasich or McCain ?? If so you have a mental problem and you should seek help. But they don`t have a cure for stupidity.

          • A year and a half ago Trump didn’t even exist in the political scene. So who were you considering voting for then. If you think Trump’s chaos is a good thing after this past week, then God help you…and may God help us all.

          • Brilliant reply I know who you must have voted for. Clueless as usual.

          • I wrote in Homer Simpson…I damn well know who would be doing a better job

          • I guess he lost. Trump is our president and a good one.

          • As long as he was republican, I am sure you would have liked Homer too. Talk to me next year after Trump is indicted.

          • No need to dreamer all just fake news as usual.

          • You can either keep drinking the Kool-aid or wake up and smell the roses…everybody on the planet can’t be lying…

          • He got rid of oniggers job killing regulations. That’s a big one.

          • Good one…some day we’ll get rid of all you ignorant bigots too. Life is tough enough, and it works better without the hate.

          • Well jerry, those of us that call a spade, a spade don’t much care for your politically correct ways!

          • Keystone pipeline, stock market up, price of gas down.
            President Donald J TRUMP is doing great.
            You are a cnn brainwashed child….

          • Price of gas is about the same, Mark. During the Obama years we achieved energy independence. The market has been rising for year, but I will give Trump credit where credit is due. The highly touted Carrier deal feel through however. The healthcare bill is in shambles…even if they get something passed. The true Trump effect will take effect in 2018. As an example, after Obama was elected he really wasn’t blamed for the bad economy he inherited in 2009. Likewise, much of what happens this year will be the ripple effect of what Obama handed him. It is what he does with it after that that will be important. I am retired and I certainly pray the economy continues to do well.

          • Wrong brainwashed boy, under barry the fairy gas was over $5 in northern California where I live. Today it’s $2.89.
            Hahahahaha under barry the fairy, he worked against Keystone, shut down the coal industry and fracking. The market had modest gains under barry the fairy 1700-1800, today 2100.
            You are a blatant LIAR, barry the fairy screwed the economy, 1.0 GDP rate, lowest ever under a sitting president, $10 TRILLION more debt and USA credit rating dropped.
            Just out, under President Donald J TRUMP, nations debt down 103 BILLION in 6 months, when has the debt EVER gone down

          • Never.

          • Sounds like Jerry is one of Soros’s TROLLS!

          • Yes. And one of those who received free money under Obama. Our national debt soared as Obama bailed out the auto industry, which enriched the unions and penalized investors. Or the Obama phone scam. Five billion direct bank deposits. Or the millions given to states to rectify Obamacare computer malfunctions. Money gone and no fixes. It goes on and on until we suffered unprecedented debt. This was obviously a recepient of Zobama favoritism. Our money given away. That was the Zobama way.

          • Our national debt soared primarily because of two wars. How in the world can a country fight two wars without raising taxes to fund it! Those of us who worked hard and didn’t complain about a black man in office did quite well after 2010. My company did well…no subsidies, just hard work.

          • Why don’t you give a healthy portion to charity? President Donald Trump gives his salary I know that I give and I gave substantially . It helps those in need, especially hungry children. Obama would feel better about himself if he gave , too. It is more blessed to give than receive.

          • I didn’t say I am rich, but I can take care of myself without expecting any help from anyone. There are many ways to define success. I do applaud your spirit of giving, however, and I have to give Trump credit where credit is due.

          • Very good. Thankyou.

          • Ron, right idea WRONG spelling! It’s SoreASS Trolls!!! LMAO!

          • LOL!

          • Yep, you bet…he is paying me a 100/hr to annoy people on this site. Obviously it’s working…

          • Must not be very good–usually pays trolls more!

          • I’m just a rookie…

          • Sometimes you almost sound human. Maybe someday you will wake up & go to the “RIGHT” side!

          • At least you can say you are always “right” even when you are sometimes wrong…but points of view are neither right or wrong. That’s why they call them points of view.

          • I don’t mind discussing issues with the other side,but when it’s F this & F that & F you,then I block them. When they call my mom a whore, that’s crossing the line!

          • I agree…I appreciate your integrity

          • why that is a good question Mark one to be totally ignored by MSM and the (D) party MORONS of Clown UPCHUCK and Air Head Pelosi

          • First off, I have to ask if you are even out of High School. You certainly have no perspective. I lived in Northern California in the 70s and the gas prices there have always been higher than the national average. I am not going to get into a pissing match, but a simple check of gas price charts show that the average gas in California was 2.79 in January, 3.29 at the end of May, and about 3.02 as of yesterday. Where I live in the East it was 2.18 in January, 2.32 in May and 2.21 as of yesterday. There are sound environmental reasons for people who live near the Keystone Pipeline, and they sure have the right to be concerned for their health and welfare. A simple check gives the Obama administration credit for making the country totally energy self-sufficient. I did well under Obama. My company almost was out of business in the recession Obama inherited in 2009, but I worked hard and stuck with it. The economy was so trashed it certainly will take decades to recover…even under Trump. Selfishly speaking, my 401 k did very well under Obama and hopefully Trump will make it do better…but I doubt it.

          • D. Lucian Iliesiu

            You — Jerry Kustich — write “I am not going to get into a pissing match” but that is exactly what you are doing by quoting all those OIL PRICES! First-of-all THESE depend on the world market’s demand-and-offer; Pres. Trump may influence them only indirectly; certainly his approval of the “Pres. Obama-stopped” Keystone Pipeline — by improving the oil supply — will help keep these prices down. I hope you will give Pres. Trump credit for that! The transportation of oil through the proposed Keystone Pipeline is incomparably safer than via trucks or train wagons!
            The 401 K plan reflects the state of the US economy and the international status of the US dollar; the doubling of the national debt by Pres. Obama — apparently favoured by you — will affect it incomparably more than anything Pres. Trump may do to salvage the huge mess he has inherited!

          • That wasn’t a pissing match, Mr. Lucian. It was stating a fact based upon a number of easily attained graphs charting the day by day national average on several web sites. If you can’t accept facts as facts or are looking only for facts to support your narrative, then you are a lost soul. By improving the oil supply to the world market will mean US oil will be subject to the ups and downs of the world wide market value as opposed to making us energy self-sufficient. Consequently, our prices will not necessarily stay low. The Keystone pipeline sounds good to people like you who don’t have to deal with the risks…and there are plenty of risks to drinking water supplies. How in the world can you blame Obama for the debt that was exacerbated by the recession and two wars that he inherited. The wars cost upward of five trillion. Please sir, don’t just listen to the alt-right BS when there are facts and figures that can easily be checked on a wide variety of sites.

          • Spot on, Mark R.

          • You can`t cure stupid. AND jERRY IS JUST PLAIN STUPID.

          • Over Obama’s opposition and lies.

          • Watch this and then come back to the discussion!! Inherited my a–!!!!! He and the DemoCommieSCUMboRATZ inherited their “OWN” mess, oh Einstein NOT!! Bush tried in vain to warn the DumboCRAPZ but they were to busy singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”!
            The mess the REFUSED to acknowledge came back and bit them in the a–!!! Karma???

          • Two questions: why is it everything done under Obama’s watch is blamed on the democrats yet everything done under Bush’s watch is blamed on the democrats. I have never said there isn’t enough blame to go around(if you have read my posts).

          • Well, when you learn how to read come back and post again!! “YOUR Slimey DemoCraps tried and tried to blame the Housing Bubble, actually the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, on Bush!! Which is the gist of the video which proves you #1 can’t freaking read and #2 you NEVER watched the video!! Go straight to Hell and DO NOT collect $200!
            Stop reading “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies, TROLLS and DemoCRAPZ”!!

            You do know they have a “NEW” procedure out for people like you! Don’t know if it’s covered under Oblozo’s “UN”Affordable “LACK OF CARE” but you should really look into it!
            It’s called opticrectometry. It’s where they cut out your navel and replace it with a clear glass orb about the size of a marble. They do this so people like you with your head up your a s s can still see out. Alas, even with this you would still have a shitty outlook on EVERYTHING but it’s better than nothing!

          • Excellent post but way beyond jerrys mentality.They don`t have a cure for stupidity. He doesn`t have a clue and a waste of time but good for a laugh some times.

          • You’re right!! I didn’t see one iota of fact with a corresponding link of proof to verify his crappy rants! Where do they find these mentally deficient midgets???? My God, SoreASS must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel heavily to find the —Holes!!

            Do they pay them or just give them free drugs?????

          • After 6 months, Trump has not gotten anything major done. He could not get senators to agree on a health plan. He is not really governing because his head is in the Russia investigation. Right now, he is looking for information on who he can pardon. I think his kids are pressuring him for this. He and his lawyers are looking for bad information on Bob Meuller. They want to undercut his power.

            Trump is a lost soul and he can become even more dangerous when he starts to go down. People should be aware and they should be ready to stand up for our nation.

          • First of all, the way to fix healthcare is to Block Grant the whole damn thing (Medicaid) BACK to the states, allow the insurance companies to sell health plans across state lines, and get the hell out of the patient-doctor relationship.

            Second, STOP discriminating against those with a mental illness by only covering 50% of allowable costs. Medicare allows 80% for everything else, and it is Medicare that sets the reimbursement rates for EVERY medical procedure.

            Third, inundate Donald Trump with LETTERS that he needs to STOP TWEETING and STOP trying to MICROMANAGE everything.

            Do the same thing to Congress:

            Tell Adam Schiff to shut his mouth;

            Tell Maxine Waters to resign and check into a home for the removal of her head from her rectum;

            Stop the practice of allowing our elected, so-called “representatives” to libel anyone they choose from the House and Senate Chamber;

            I don’t know how to go about this, but find a way to stop the bias and vitriol from the LSM.

            Finally, TAKE AWAY THEIR MICROPHONES!!

          • Also, going for torte reform would help a great deal. The lawyers have had their way for way too long. They become lobbyists and we all know what happens then. Let’s get the lawyers out of government business.

          • Gee Rich. Thanks for the great comment based on observation rather than alt-right propaganda.

          • You are a brain dead democrat sheeple, after 6 months, President Donald J TRUMP has brought the national debt down 103 BILLION after barry the fairy skyrocket it 10 more TRILLION.
            Keep watching cnn and be ignorant all your life.

          • Stupid is what stupid says. good post.

          • STOP watching CNN aka “CNN – Communist Nonsense Network or Certified
            NON-complete Nonsense or Calumny Nonsense Network *** or “Counterfeit
            Nonsense Network” OR “Childish Nonsense Network” or “Crap NOT News” or
            Cesspool Nonsense Network”
            Then STOP reading “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies and DemoCRAPZ”
            Then step away from your bong!

          • Right you are – totally skipped them in my lengthy response. OUR PRESIDENT has done so much, and it cannot all be listed here. Good thing we have collective memories!

          • President Trump MAGA

          • JKustich isn’t even thst smart. This mindless troll is working for its free Wiener tonight.

          • Your absolutely right but judging by all of the jerry kustich posts it shows the old saying that you can`t reason with an idiot is right . Nothing in nothing out.

          • He won the election and he has been working for the benefit of this country. It takes time to untie all the anti-american mess left from you democrats, especially with idiots like you and the Obama leftovers doing all they can to stop and damage this administration through lies and deceit.

          • In 2017 we are certainly better off than we were in 2009…and by any measure, you can’t say that isn’t true.

          • The only things Obama managed was to totally screw up the health insurance system in this country, costing many people their health Insurance and or jobs, and, like FDR, he extended the recession by years while handing assets to the unions by stealing from the stockholders.

          • At least he tried to help with health insurance. For my career all I could afford was a 10,000 deductible for me and my wife. When she became ill for four years and died I paid up to my limit of deductibles for the 4 years to the tune of 38,000 dollars. Over the life of my insurance years I paid 125,000 in premiums. All that money and I never got any return. This was all pre-Obamacare. I can’t imagine it was much worse after that. How has he affected your health insurance?

          • Jerry, I’m very sorry for your loss. That being said, Obama did not and no intention of helping the average American. His intention, along with the majority of the Democrat party, was to force a single payer system on this country. That is not in the U.S. Constitution nor is that something the majority of Americans want in this country. I have personally seen many of my friends loose their health insurance and in some cases their jobs because of Obamacare. The entire system was based on lies from the start.

          • I am not sure if they were lies or just unintended consequences, and I do realize people were hurt by the ACA. It seems the problem was solved for some but shifted over to others. Since I am on Medicare now I don’t know how the ACA would have impacted me, but I can attest that the system wasn’t too good when I was paying for healthcare. It has always been my belief that our health issues should not be a for-profit business. We all know people who are struggling with health issues. A person I know is a poster child. She lost her health insurance after being in an accident that wasn’t her fault 20 years ago. As she has gotten older the crushed vertebrae in her neck have deteriorated. At least under the ACA she was able to get health insurance and needed care. It cuts both ways, but everybody should have good healthcare…and not at the expense of anyone else. All developed countries have healthcare for its citizens, even Russia. Because we have decided to put people’s health as a commodity on the open market, we will forever be screwed. As for me, I don’t have many years left anyway and plan on staying active so I don’t need a doctor. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for you kind words about my loss.

          • Jerry, one of the reasons the medical system in this country has always been the most advanced is the basics of the free market system. One of the examples is that when people in other countries like England or Canada need real healthcare they come here. Socialism and Socialist healthcare doesn’t work. The closes thing to that here is the VA medical system and you can see what a mess it is. One of our biggest problems in healthcare in my lifetime has been government involvement particularly when the politicians are trying to buy votes. They do so at the expense of others. We all have a responsibility to makes decisions to take care of ourselves and our families. I assume that we all try to make the best choices we can. Government, one size fits all, is not what we need in this country. Are there examples all of us can show where people didn’t succeed, yes. I still say we need this country to get back to the basics of our Constitution and out of socialism.

          • Unfortunately I have been locked out of that site..so much for free speech and open discussion. Thanks for the healthcare discussion. It is a conundrum that healthy people can afford healthcare because they can work, but unhealthy people can’t afford healthcare because they can’t get healthy enough to go back to work to get good healthcare. On another note, I sure would be suspicious of any site that tries to regulate its content…you might want to question its validity.

          • Do you believe everything you hear from Congress??

          • Mr. Krazeehors, we shouldn’t believe everything the Congress or the President says…that is the whole point of our Constitutional system of checks and balances.

          • It’ MS. Krazeehors. Sorry. I was actually replying to jim wright.

          • Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

          • Evidence, my friend, evidence. That’s something the Demlib Trump-collusion-accusers have none of.

          • About as much evidence as there was for Clinton…but remember, the investigation has just begun. It took years for the evidence against Clinton to mount.

          • Well, we haven’t had the FBI director lay out before Congress and the American public a list of the laws that Trump has broken, but Comey did for Hillary. And in Hillary’s case, we had a majority of the mainstream media and at least two government agencies (DOJ and DOS) involved in covering up her crimes. Yet, it’s the Obama-Hillary moles in same agencies, with their illegal leaks to the media, who are doing their damdest to destroy Trump, and I’ll say it again, with zero evidence. Also, the investigation hasn’t just begun…it’s been going on for over a year, but still ZERO evidence.

          • He has absolutely NO financial dealings with Russia. Prove he has, jerry. Moreover, please clean up your foul language. No need for that here. On top of that, I too, was an Independent till Trump ran and I changed to an R so I could vote in the closed primary in our state.
            What has he done for America? Too lazy to look it up for yourself? I’ll provide just a FEW of what he has “done” in his first six months in office. Look at the streamlining of the VA – firings are mounting and service is improving. His total support of Law and order is a vast improvement over the wimp of the past 8 years who loved the crooks, criminals and illegals. Under OUR PRESIDENT ILLEGAL crossings have plummeted and deportations of CRIMINAL ILLEGALS including the MS-13 gang members has increased. Forty-two pieces of legislation have been signed into law – meaning they passed through both Houses. Kate’s Law passed the House and is awaiting Senate approval – he is ready with pen in hand to sign it! Over 400 OWEbama ridiculous business killing regulations have been rolled back – with another 392 under review. He has signed over 30 EOs including one stating for every regulation made, two must be removed. The Stock market across the board is at its highest level ever. Over three TRILLION dollars have been added to our economy since OUR PRESIDENT has been in office. Over 900,000 jobs have ben created most in the private sector and most full-time. Our unemployment is low with more people participating in the labor market than in over a decade. Businesses are returning to the USA investing in manufacturing and hiring. Just yesterday, during the Celebrate Made In America Week, Merck, Corning and Pfizer announced agreement to invest $4 BILLION in the USA building factories – two in the NE and one in the SE, employing over 4,000 to manufacture a new type of glass that will sustain over 1,000 lbs of pressure without breaking for medication delivery to patients. OUR PRESIDENT is securing our country’s border – four prototypes of the wall will be built this summer and the wall shall be built in the near future. The tax reform bill is being worked on and repeal of OWEbamaTAX is still in process. OUR PRESIDENT has appointed a Constitutionalist to the Supreme Court of America. PRESIDENT Trump has met with leaders around the world applying measured pressure encouraging them to PAY their fair share to NATO and they are anteing up after years of living off the USA’s paying more than our share. PRESIDENT Trump has removed us from the Paris Climate Accord until new negotiations can be made so we the taxpayers and our businesses do not suffer the burdens of other countries having no limits on their carbon production, while we do – thus manufacturing takes place in China and elsewhere and our country loses out and we the taxpayers pay for that privilege. After meeting with the moslem leaders of the Gulf States to ask for their help to stop funding terrorism, the countries have obliged and are applying financial sanctions to their counterpart terrorist supporters. Our military is now run by MILITARY not Monday night quarterbacks and replacing antiquated equipment at good prices is taking place. Shall I continue, or do you think you could possibly research the rest on your own, jerry?
            Above all else, OUR PRESIDENT is fulfilling his campaign promises to we the DEPLORABLES who voted for him and shall do so come 2020 because he is a businessman who knows how to get things done and he listens to us. God bless OUR PRESIDENT Trump!

          • AMEN to you & shame on Jerry!

          • Sorry Ron to not hail your Lord and Master

          • What foul language MS. PatriotGal…if the word “crap” offended your sensibilities then Wow! Not once have I said that Trump hasn’t accomplished anything…in fact I have said my 401k’s are doing quite well…thanks to Obama and Trump. I, at least, have the ability to give credit where credit is due. But I think we will all be sorry when the realignment of world powers puts the US in Russia’s back pocket. Trump was never fully vetted and his financial ties should be extremely concerning to everyone…especially on this site if you are Patriotic believer in the Constitution (the Emoluments Clause). He is not a King, but it seems you are all willing to give up our Constitutional government in favor of an authoritarian style leader. If in the end it is determined that he does not owe Russia a pile of money, then I will comfortably support the man despite the fact that he is a rude, despicable human being.

          • He doesn`t need your support, people like you never get it. It`s no wonder why you were blocked from another web sight you are completely discusting..

          • Excellent post . But i`m afraid Jerry can`t understand what your trying to tell him and isn`t smart enough to research on his own.

          • Petrice Henderson

            That’s very wrong for you; to wish such placement on those that can go along with what is best in life, living, existing etc.! Polluting the air defileth you; can’t be realistic what are you exactly here for, your title, postion etc.!! Cherish the luv 2017 women investing!

          • I am here, as the Lord Jesus said, for truth and light.

          • Don’t play the holier than thou card.

          • Oh, sir, but I Am.

          • You truly need to be pitied. Something has happened in your life to make you so bitter. I am sorry. I do hope you believe in the Lord Jesus and His Holy Spirit and power. He has the power to touch you and heal you. A proud look the Lord abhors, but a humble heart He cannot spurn. I hope you open your heart and let Him heal you. God Bless you.

          • Actually I studied to be a priest for eight years and have contributed significantly to many causes over the years where I lived in Montana. I live an impeccably clean and ethical life as witnessed by the successful business I owned and then sold and 30 years of faithful marriage. If you pity me for being so critical of D. Trump, then I pity you. As a decent, moral person his actions appall me as they should any decent human…particularly any Christian. When he calls people lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Fat Rosy, “he isn’t no hero “John McCain, grabbing woman parts, etc. and good Bible reading people stand by and allow that to happen without saying a word, then what does that say. Jesus Christ himself would be as upset about the silence as when he threw the money changers out of the temple. God has blessed me and he is also urging me to say what decent Christians should have been saying all along about a self-serving deceitful con man. When good people remain silent, then don’t dare preach about humble hearts.

          • I am Catholic too. First and foremost I am a bible believing Christian. The commandment, “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”, applies here. Jesus asks us to repent, that’s why we are desperate for our savior. He came to deliver us from ourselves and for the sick. Those who need Him. His touch. His forgiveness. He tells us in his word that
            Our righteousness is as filfthy rags to Him. I believe you have fallen for the gossip the propaganda and false narrative. Yes my priest broke my hometown archdiocese . He molested many altar boys and was not buried with a Christian burial. I know about religious spirits, I know about a relationship with Jesus. I want to share that with you for some unexplainable reason. You will find why so many Christian leaders endorse President Trump.

          • You confuse me, but I do very much respect your Catholic beliefs. Everyone has the right to establish a personal relationship with one’s God. If somehow you are trying to conflate my statements, however, as being lies while Trump gets away with pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes for his own personal gain and greed, then I certainly have to be the righteous one here and speak out. Remember the warnings in the Good Book about following wolves in sheep’s clothing or worshipping false gods. We are also warned that by their fruits you will know them. Donald Trump is a vile, nasty, unholy man and he needs to be called out on it by us decent Christians. There is no reason that any Christian leader should endorse Trump, and of that I am certain Jesus Christ would absolutely agree. I have lived my life according to his precepts, and will die clinging to them as well.

          • On that note we shall part my friend. You have my opinion, you have yours. America we can disagree. Which I do with you wholeheartedly. I am convinced Donald Trump is s good man and a good president. You are not. I accept your right to your opinion. God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above.

          • Thank you. Can I put your quote on my headstone? “Donald Trump is a good man and you are not.” All my holy friends would have a great laugh on that one since they know the kind of human being I am. Although we do disagree, I have no reason to insult you like you did me because clearly you are a good person. What I believe in regarding Trump, does not make me a bad person. Have a good life, and God Bless you.

          • Sad. Ethical life. You judge a man because you are ethical, and you say he isn’t. You do not know the good works and the heart of President Trump. Perhaps thst is shy Jesus says, judge not lest he be judged.” ” The dame yardstick that you use to judge others, you will be judged.” Donald Trump gave up a billionaires lifestyle to serve us we the people. We elected him. He speaks for us. Even with all the fraudulent voter fraud, especially in New Zyork and Ali’s Angeles, Donald Trump won. Even with all the fake polls all the fake media hype, with all the fraud they were blindsided. There was intervention, alright. Many Christians prayed and fasted for Donald Trump. He gives his salary to charity, he honors the poor the veterans the down trodden. As a catholic, you seem not to know the word of
            God. Oh, God has blessed me abundantly. Praise be His name! I am blessed. Because He lives. MAGA

          • Holy moly, Askjrsk. I have judged the man on the very words that come out of his own mouth. I judge him on the fact that he has openly not paid his bills to workers, he has cheated students in his Trump University, he calls people nasty names when it suits his own mission. He has not given up a billionaire lifestyle…he jets off to his resorts every weekend to play golf. Who cares if he won,lost or cheated. As a Christian you will not be judged lightly, and damning me to hell in your own mind won’t make the truth I speak go away. You should throw your Bible in the trash if you are not going to follow the message it speaks. God bless your soul. I trust the path I am on…May God shed his light on you.

          • You’re an Independent? Yeah, and my name is Barry Soetoro…

          • It’s a paid mindless troll. Real people aren’t that stupid. Babbling nonsense incoherently. Pity.

          • I am paid by the 401k that did very well under Obama and the proceeds of the company I sold that flourished under Obama.

          • That’s a selfish approach. I worked my buisness hard and retired young. This isn’t about our personal buisness. However, that DOSENT change any of the facts. Many people as well as our country have suffered under Obama, and his policies. Clinton, too. Many lost their homes their health insurance premiums sky rocketed, our national indebtedness is unprecedented. The world was all profiting off of Obama economic policies with the only agenda is transfer of wealth out of America. Your vision is very narrow, and your perspective must be on the bigger picture . You are very self centered. I have met President Trumps buisness associates, those who have worked for him, and those who have done buisness with him. I have stayed in his properties from New York to Las Vegas. I have eaten in his restaurants. I have talked to those who have worked for President Trump in New Jersey. Our respect and support for President Trump has only grown, as we learn more of him. There’s a reason he was always front and center set apart from all the others. He spent the least on his campaign. Those who I have met that support our president are hard working good people, the majority of Americans. Not those who want something for nothing. President Trump MAGA.

          • I’ll send you my voting registration forms, McFerguson. Oh I forgot, the Trump administration will be making that info public soon…even Russia will know I am an independent.

          • Yeah, right. Is there a Photo ID with those registration forms, kustich? Inquiring minds would like to know. I figure you’re registered in several states and vote in each on election day, carry a free ObamaPhone, an EBT card, and have at least one social security card issued from the state of Connecticut. Obozo will be hugely proud when he finds out.

          • They will also know as everybody knows who reads your posts you are a clueless fool.

        • President Trump MAGA

      • Why? Can you name a crime?

        • It is interesting that you can accuse Obama and Clinton of a crime, but not extend that same courtesy to Trump. I have said that Trump is being investigated just like Clinton. Clinton was never found guilty of anything but impropriety…which is damning enough. But you accept as fact that Clinton and Obama are guilty of something. Just admit that this whole with Trump thing smells fishy…and no one, including myself, has said he is guilty. It just looks as bad as it did for Clinton, and that is why I DIDN’T vote for her.

          • If the AJ and DoJ did their job, they’d find KILLARY has had killed of 100.
            The Clinton Slush Fund Foundation needs to be investigated for money laundering, but who ever looks into it will commit suicide

          • Wow, Mark…please cite those allegations..and please don’t use Breitbart and Infowars…the same outlets that alleged Clinton was running a pedophile ring from the basement of a pizza parlor. If you believe those allegations, then where does it stop? I could cite the dossier that Trump was caught on camera with Russian hookers peeing on him, but that would be just as baseless. As I said the Clinton Foundation had a pay for play foundation for sure, but among the many improprieties attributed to Trump is his Foundation run by his son that used donations for personal gain. The over riding issue here is that Clinton lost, and I emphasize that. On the other hand, Trump didn’t lose and he should not be doing the same thing he blamed Clinton for. That way he is playing everyone of us, including you and me, as big fools.

      • What are you, a “high” LIBERAL (communist) ? Go away, and smoke your pot, and leave the INTELLIGENT people alone to comment. PRESIDENT TRUMP has done MORE for this country in the past six months than your SCUMOCRAT heros have done EVER. TIME to give up the RUSSIA BALONEY. There is no “there” there. If ANYONE colluded with Russia, it was HITLERY,OSCUMBAG, all their “minions” and the SCUMOCRAT PARTY…Just follow the $$$$$$$$.
        Don’t be surprised if RUSSIA comes after the scumocrats to get some kind “payback” for all those BRIBES….OOPS… I mean “campaign contributions”.

        • If a guy from Russia was writing your comment, he would say exactly what you said. At what point did Trump followers totally accept that making closed door deals with Russia was a good thing? If Clinton would have won and was in such close alliance with Russia all you folks would be crapping your pants, and you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be!! There was a day when I was young that what you wrote about Russia would have been considered treasonous. If you have read my above comments, you would realize I have no love for Clinton. But that doesn’t mean I have to blindly accept Trump as my King- my Lord and Master. He is a dangerous, immature man. He is a baby boomer like me, but an embarrassment with no clue. Pappy, you should smoke some pot, grow a pair, and realize that you have been conned.

      • You don’t like to work? You prefer socialism? Go where you’re happy. It’s not here. We need more in government like President Trump and less socialists/communists like you.

        • It sounds like people on this site want Trump to solve all their problems and give them jobs that they feel entitled to. I was a very successful craftsman and owned my own business. My partner and I paid our employees the same as we paid ourselves. So yes, in that respect I was a socialist. I don’t believe that businesses should get rich on the backs of the average Joe. Regarding Trump, he could give a hoot about the average Joe as witnessed by the number of people he has stiffed over the years and the money he took from folks like you at Trump University for a BS course. Recently I has a 3500. dollar plumbing job done on my house. If I used Trump’s approach to “good” business I would have only paid him 2000. dollars and forced him to come after me for the rest. Check it out. That is your president’s approach to the common guy. Until you start thinking about what a person like me is saying, you will all get screwed.

          • That is a false narrative. That is not the reports I have gotten from those who work for him. The common guy is for Trump. The worlds richest people are globalists into transfer of wealth out of the USA. Check it out. Get informed.

      • No, no one agrees with you at all.

    • Execute her execute her execute her!!!

  2. She belongs in prison for all the corruptions been involved in, and laws that she’s broken.

    • She deserved prison when she was first lady (and I use that term loosely).

      • Nahh… Mueller will send her to some ISLAND they own for a lONG VACATION!!! and may be Invent tome Trump “RUSSIA CONNECTION” just to cook more Crap Burgers…For the ( D)party and msm traitors Slugs to enjoy

        • I suspect she will receive the same consideration from Mueller as she got from Comey, but when she meets with GOD I think she will be shocked and rudely awakened…..perhaps.

          • Spot on. Reading Proverbs daily. Best, always

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          • Sharonmpedersen

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          • I flagged, reported and gave you a down vote “Sour Puss”!!!

          • One can only pray!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HRC is loose.

    • In prison awaiting execution.

    • Petrice Henderson

      Maybe you haven’t been in; a great way of saying anything for anyone of America! Michelle Obama currently in Chicago; with so many people living in Indiana her past as a lawyer, how will we support her mistake and under employment! Her accomplishments are great and; beyond your false pretense in being known for history! Russia is an important well; known fact for America exactly what is the deal with you! Personal negative outburst you couldn’t be proud of yourself! You ain winning or eating no more lolly gaggy put your foot in your mouth thank me later!

      • You’re obviously an illegal immigrant. You don’t speak English. You have no point. Go back to the country you snuck into America from. Goodbye.

      • You’re a pathetic brainless wonder. You morons give a real criminal Hillary Rotten Clinton a pass, and then try to make stuff up about Trump.
        First of all go and read the Espionage Act, that’s one of my proofs that she’s broken the law. The reason why I know so much about that, is because I held a clearance when I was in the military. I had to sign documents that I understood the Espionage Act, the same documents that she had to sign. Stop being a mindless liberal drone, and start thinking for yourself.
        TTFN mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!!

      • I’m sorry, Petrice, but your comment doesn’t make ANY sense. Perhaps you need to proof read it first before posting, or rewrite it.

      • This comment makes no sense.

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        What the heck did you try to say? Do a rewrite and try to make sense.

      • Petrice, you spoke all those words to say NOTHING?????

      • What the hell are you talking about?? Did you go to school???

    • Along with Obama and Lynch

    • Skippy her & Slick dating back to AR for may felonies.

  3. Now the Russian Trump collusion investigation has decided to since there is no evidence, their going to investigate his business transactions? This witch hurt must stick to Russia and their theme. Impeachment charges against Trump for something might back fire? The people might want Obama’s sneaky lying ass in jail.

  4. I think maybe we should just shoot her on sight, it seems to be the only way we will get justice for this psycho bitch. If we lock her up we will still have to pay for her upkeep and medical bills, not to mention all the attention the press will give her. If she is gone, any news reports can be snickered off by any real American.

  5. The Clinton’s corruption goes way back to Arkansas. Anyone who doubts this need only read the books and see the documentaries detailing there crap and see the interviews of those individuals who worked for them or the Arkansas government.

  6. I agree. Throw the Clinton’s in jail for collusion along with the Trump’s. It is time to stop this dog and pony show altogether and start with a new election in November.

  7. She sold America’s uranium to Russia for their nuclear weapons, she bleached her computer and had cell phones destroyed with hammers to cover up the cash she was taking from foreign governments for showing them our classified information.
    But the Democrats are wanting to investigate and charge everybody but, the 2 people who definately committed Treason against America, Obama and Hillary. Does anybody really think he didn’t know what she was doing?
    It’s Sickening!

  8. William L. Ramsburg


  9. All this was kept out of the media, while every word and movement by Trump has been decried with outrageous and false allegations of impropriety, ethics violations and breaking federal laws. They scream IMPEACH TRUMP while covering up their own dirty corruption. Once again, what the Democrats accuse others of has proven to be the very thing they are guilty of. It’s all smoke and mirrors… deflection from their own sins.

    • Well said I agree with you.

    • The democrat were punished severely…they lost the election and many others throughout the country. You can’t defend Trump by saying the democrats didn’t pay for their corruption. Other than going to jail, they were humiliated, they lost both houses in Congress, and they are in shambles as a party. That said, Trump is in real trouble and you can’t deflect by pointing out how the system favored the democrats.

  10. Collusion with the Russians? Why yes there was: By the democrats Hillary and Obama so press on and see where the evidence leads. Leavenworth, I hope!

  11. So after six months, has he delivered what he promised you?

    1. He told you he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “beautiful.” You bought it. But he didn’t repeal and he didn’t replace. (Just as well: His plan would have knocked at least 22 million off health insurance, including many of you.)

    2. He told you he’d cut your taxes. You bought it. But tax “reform” is stalled. And if it ever moves, the only ones whose taxes will be cut are the wealthy.

    3. He told you he’d invest $1 billion in our nation’ crumbling infrastructure. You bought it. But his infrastructure plan, which was really a giveaway to rich investors, is also stalled.

    4. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. But he’s brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses, along with former lobbyists, lawyers and consultants who are crafting new policies for the same industries they recently worked for.

    5. He said he’d use his business experience to whip the White House into shape. You bought it. But he created the most chaotic, dysfunctional, back-stabbing White House in modern history, in which no one is in charge.

    6. He said he’d close “special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors but unfair to American workers.“ You bought it. But he picked a Wall Street financier Stephen Schwarzman to run his strategic and policy forum, who compares closing those loopholes to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

    7. He told you he’d “bring down drug prices” by making deals with drug companies. You bought it. But now the White House says that promise is “inoperative.”

    8. He said that on Day One he’d label China a “currency manipulator.” You bought it. But then he met with China’s president and declared “China is not a currency manipulator.”

    9. He said he wouldn’t bomb Syria. You bought it. But then he bombed Syria.

    10. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. But in his first 6 months he has spent more taxpayer money on vacations than Obama did in the first 3 years of his presidency. Not to mention all the money taxpayers are spending protecting his family, including his two sons who travel all over the world on Trump business.

    11. He said he’d force companies to keep jobs in America. You believed him. But despite their promises, Carrier, Ford, GM, and the rest are shipping jobs to Mexico and China.

    12. He said he’d create coal jobs. You believe him. He hasn’t. But here’s what he has done: Since 1965 a federal program called the Appalachian Regional Commission has spent $23 billion helping communities in coal states fund job retraining, reclaim land, and provide desperately needed social services. A.R.C. helped cut poverty rates almost in half, double the percentage of high-school graduates, and reduce infant mortality by two-thirds. Trump’s first proposed budget eliminates A.R.C.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
    Robert Reich
    Robert Reich, one of the nation’s leading experts on work and the economy, is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. He has served in three national administrations, most recently as secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton. Time Magazine has named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the last century. He has written thirteen books, including his latest best-seller, Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future; The Work of Nations; Locked in the Cabinet; Supercapitalism; and his newest, Beyond Outrage. His syndicated columns, television appearances, and public radio commentaries reach millions of people each week. He is also a founding editor of the American Prospect magazine, and Chairman of the citizen’s group Common Cause. His widely-read blog can be found at http://www.robertreich.org.

  12. There is no doubt that the Wicked Witch of Westchester has outdone Boss Tweed, Hinky Dink Kenna and Bathhouse John Coughlin in economic corruption, and we have only begun to penetrate the murders. We are probably lucky enough to have escaped his misrule, and the face of history is turning against her priapic consort as the extent of his venality and sexual predation are becoming known. We must keep our eye on the Obammunist ball, however, and be ready to fight The World’s Oldest (and Richest) Hippie, Fauxcahontas, the latest marxist miscegenate now heading our way from the malignant melanoma on America’s Left Coast or whatever other dictator wannabe is cast up in the next two years by the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder.

  13. Yet the Democrats are trying desperately to tie Trump into Russian involvement. A slight of hand that the Democrats are good at.

  14. No one in the Trump administration is learning any lessons from any of this! When will they learn that the Clintons are GUILTY AS HELL, and should be prosecuted!!

  15. She “Is” what she is, a Swine and a completely corrupt politician who cares only about herself and having a mountain of money and the power that money allows her to continue destroying America, Period!

  16. The Democrats are either stupid or they know with certainty that, whatever they do, the lib propaganda media will allow them to get away with. And I don’t believe they’re stupid.

  17. If they want to probe Russian collusion – start w KILLary – her Foundation reviewing $145 MILLION from Russia and as SOS she then signed over 20% of our uranium to Russia, her hubby and this speech discussed in the article, Podesta, his brother (both of whom were paid by Russia – the brother being a lobbyist, the other on a board of the Russian power co.). Then there’s the meeting the KILLary campaign had with the Ukraine admin for dirt on Trump – from where the false Steele Dossier on Trump came and loudmouth McCain ran with like a laughing hyena. There’s PLENTY of provable collusion there.

  18. So Russia paid SLICK $ 500,000 , the Sow wants to reduce Restrictions on Russia and that (D) SLUG Mueller wants to Investigate Trump businesses….WHAT IN HELL is GOING ON HERE??? are we seeing the NEW attempt to the final Obama DEMOLITION OF ThE REPUBLIC via Mueller Soros , Msm and The Utterly corrupt (D) anarchy party of SCHMUCKIE who created the Disatters we are facing now;
    1) the failed Stimuls ..No Infrastructure jobs they promised.. just Failures like Solyndra
    2) Odumbocare…a well Thought our=t and implemented Utter failure
    3) the (D)eranged incompteents still focused on DOING NOTHING to help the Country OUT of THEIR CREARED DISASTERS

    and a GOP Majority totally lacking in the Ability to GOVERN!!! May be another 1776 ” Mental revolution” may be called for at Voting times at least like ” VOTE EM ALL OUT”???

    • Amen, Redhawk. Am so aggravated with RINOs – called them yesterday and gave them a sound talking to, except McConnell whose box was too full to accept messages.

      • I am with you PatriotGal…but I am totally Disappointed with just almost Everyone in Congress that having been used to go along with a ” NON ABLE TO GOVERN” via the Constitution like the BHO zo are afraid to finally WORK for a LEADER …. why he actually may restore Congress ability to GOVERN for the good of ALL AMERICANS!

  19. And yet another crime Hellary won’t be charged with!

  20. Petrice Henderson

    500k Yeas$s now we can; shuffle exactly what we are dealing with today women investing, has positive outlook collaborating, partnerships, including differences and assumptions! No talk back be specific; shine like a diamond brought to you by American citizens, and others from the Nations! City tis’ of thee promise; to love education Obama Care and more sophisticated individuals, please remember Iraq’s underwater hotel national transporation anything international more than likely administrations will be able to provide the latest, we have work always in America. Passport access these are the; things nationally we want to keep accurate and local visibility, using currency and technology!

  21. Why isn’t HRC locked up waiting for the execution date? This is serious stuff. The double murder — and the theft and kidnapping charges of OJ Simpson, in addition to his his armed theft of sport memorabilia is nothing compared to the Clinton crime family corruption and law breaking. We need to apologize to the family of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the poor Jews executed. Rosenbergs did not give our uranium to the Russian communists, compromising our safety and security. Uranium to make nuclear warheads, nor did they give North Korea money not to make nuclear weapons, like WJC did. North Korea laughed at us, as after they got the money, they began making nuclear weapons. Rosenberg’s did not sell our state department, or take bribes from Communists under the falsehood of speeches, like the Clintons. The Clinton crime family as well as Obama must be executed for crimes of treason and sedition.
    The world is watching. MAGA

  22. And what did the lame stream media have to say? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

    • No. The mainstream have illegally unmasked CIA agents and others, putting these people and our country in danger. They have lied about Trump family Russian contacts, ignoringbthe Clinton and Zobama illegal communist Russia collusion with Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately, the lies are so rampant Americans have over dosed on this propaganda and is putting Americans to sleep. We should be shutting down the mainstream media lies and robbing us of real news. We now are all at
      risk — President Trump is the only adult in the room, with the deep state Obama people and the selfish Soros bought Republicans to mainstream media working to destroy America. MAGA

      • I agree with everything you just said, Askjrsk. And now the Trumpster is being investigated by a Special Prosecutor – Former FBI Director Mueller – who packed his staff with Obama and Clinton supporters and donors. In fact the number two person on Mueller’s investigating staff is a lawyer who headed up the legal staff for the Clinton Foundation. Something ain’t right here. Smells like the cat’s litter box needs to be changed…

  23. msm says nothing to see here just move along. Hot item thought, just out, Trump used the same Kleenex twice.

  24. All the evidence against the Clinton crime family & yet they continue their witch hunt against Trump. Anyone who does not believe the government is corrupt must be living underneath a rock.

  25. Stephen Griffith

    Just goes to show how Corrupt the Clinton Crime Cartel trully is. They’d sale themselves to the highest bidders, for $$$$$$ they have no respect for the Law, God, Country, or anything that does not make them a quick buck$. They should be arrested, handcuffed, tried for Treason, & locked up for life!!!!

  26. Mueller will not do anything about her because his buddy Comey acquited her on all counts. It would mean all involved with her would be in trouble. It is time for him to go. You can tell by his appointees for the investigation only have the removal of our President in mind.

  27. This is just one of many huge payoffs when you look at the Clinton Foundation, and these Crooks are still walking around scott free–Not Right

  28. william g munson

    Down with Corrupt Democrats Party now

  29. If we had a real Attorney General, Killary would have already been indicted, but Jeff Sessions has been hiding in the tall grass. If he was half the man of Sean Spicer, he would resign. I hope the President fires Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller so the agenda of the American people can be pursued.

    • Absolutely spot on. Good to see you post buddy. MAGA

      • It’s time that our President (blank) or get off the pot. We The People don’t have the time nor the patience for this nonsense!

        • President Trump seems to actually be getting a lot done despite the obstructionists . I don’t blame him. He has no support from Sessions or congress . I’m surprised he’s getting done what he is. Leakers need to be found out, charged and sentenced. Mueller and Rosenstein need to be fired. The deep state and the swamp are a huge challenge. I worry,I can see on President Trump the stress and the burden. This investigation is like a cop following the car waiting for an infraction to write a ticket. Unfair and uncalled for. We voted our president, they do not have the right to limit him. MAGA

          • President Trump is doing an outstanding job! Having said that, he simply must grab the bull by the proverbial horns and deal with dumping Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller. If he leaves Mueller in place, his presidency/our presidency is in jeopardy. No man can stand the scrutiny of a prosecutor who can go after you in any direction in which he chooses. I’m sure Mueller is pissed, because President Trump didn’t give him the FBI job. Who has ever heard of allowing a potential hire, who was rejected, to get back at you for not selecting them for a position? This is insane and asinine!

  30. Anther attempt to spin information in order to deflect from the Trump administration’s problems with Russian interference into our election. When all else fails, blame Hillary. It’s a proven formula.

  31. Lock Killary and Slick Willy up for “LIES” AND MANIPULATING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO THEIR BENEFIT – Not “We the People’s” benefit.

    If anyone actually believes the trash spurting out of the mouths of Progressives, they need some heavy psychoanalysis to remove the lies and transgressions they have committed – all in the name of being Progressive!

    Progressivism is the NEW Mental Disorder that has slithered on the scene since killary’s massive election defeat by the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

    The only place good enough for lying Killary is a padded cell in a Home for the Deranged. On second thought – remove the padding. She needs to feel the pain she has caused millions of unborn perfectly normal tiny baby souls! Go ahead Killary – throw yourself at those walls – do it again and again! Now once more for the young mothers whose lives you destroyed by your clueless selfish legislative actions! Feel that pain yet?

  32. The Clintons are criminal con artist from Arkansas who should have be thrown in jail when Slick Willy was governor of Arkansas . Whitewater , a scheme to con retired people out of their life savings by Bill and Hillary Clinton when billy boy was governor of Arkansas is just one of the many their criminal acts . Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm running drugs out of Medina Airport .


    So Hillary’;s Husband made a paid speech and after a change of heart Hilary pushed for sanctions desite a so called pay off? Doesnt sound like she was bought.

  34. James Higginbotham


  35. Print A copy of the check and put on her prison door!!

  36. The Clintons have always operated under the absence of truth and common decency. They have been taught by Lawyers who have no morals, and trained by Saul Alinsky who had no soul.

  37. Gitmo would be a most deserved repository for Hillary and Comey-for them to receive first hand experience of the cost of violating national security interests.

  38. Well, this is another “straw” on Clintons camels back. What about the Clintons (and enablers) who sold out US advanced missle tech. to Red China in mid 90’s for “campaign Contributions” ? That is REASON = EXECUTION. And there are many other “offences” against them and hey St. obola gave /gives Iran a clear and easy path to nukes and 150 Billion. That is a good idea. Try to pet a rattle snake. “Talk nice to them(Iran) and they will be nice to US. APPEASEMENT does not work.

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  40. The hundreds of millions of dollars she took for selling out America went directly to the Clinton Foundation, so she could skip paying IRS taxes on her treasonous cash!

  41. If Trump were to receive a 500K check ,he would giggle .

  42. Hillary would sell her soul to the devil for that much money, if she had not already done so.

  43. She should have been in prison long ago but it shouldn`t be long now. What goes around comes around.

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