96 Percent of Ivy League Professors are Democrats

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this that academia is lousy with liberals, but even the editors of the Harvard Crimson were shocked at just how lopsided the field really is. According to a new survey, 96 percent of faculty donations at Harvard and other Ivy League universities went to Democrats over the last three years. Nationally, two-thirds of college professors identify as liberal. Less than ten percent call themselves conservative.

“I am amazed at how high that number is,” said Harvard Dean Michael D. Smith.

Ah, the grand echo chamber. These universities undoubtedly provide their students with a first-rate education, but along with it comes a subtle undercurrent of political philosophy that can’t be ignored. In the halls of these institutions, professors teach their students only one side of the story. There are the right beliefs to have. Oh, and incidentally, here’s what those wackadoos on the other side think. Defenders of the status quo claim that this imbalance does nothing to affect the quality of the schooling, but that assumes that liberal bias isn’t creeping into every discipline. And that’s a bad assumption to make. Liberalism informs the way almost every subject is presented, including history, economics, literature, business, and especially the social sciences.

If you headed off to college as a youngster with ill-defined political beliefs and were subjected to liberal professors for four years, what are the chances you would emerge a conservative? It’s not like these professors teach it straight down the middle, only mumbling “vote for Hillary” the day before the elections. Their philosophy informs their entire approach to the material. And those professors who care more about research than teaching are apt to spend more time pontificating on politics instead of working up a decent lesson.

Is this a problem without a solution? Probably. It’s useless to encourage young conservatives to go into academia; their ambition would never stand for such limitations. Parents, however, should be aware of what they are sending their children into. It wouldn’t hurt to encourage your college-bound kids to keep an open mind and read some strong conservative writings as a counterbalance. Don’t push it – that’s a sure way to invite rebellion. Just gently remind them that they’re only getting one side of the story.

We may not be able to wrest the Ivy League away from the left. If we can confine it there, however, it might be okay.

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