40% of Millennials Want to Limit Free Speech

If you’ve watched the turmoil on today’s college campuses with dismay and confusion, a new Pew Research poll might help you make sense out of the nonsensical. No, the poll won’t make you feel any better about the direction America is heading, but it might help you to stop pulling your hair out by the roots.

See, it turns out that Millennials – kids who were born around the year 2000…kids who are in high school and college today – don’t really believe in the First Amendment. So when you see this group or that group trying to get people fired for saying things they don’t agree with, they’re actually behaving in accordance with their principles. Those principles are just as whacked out as you thought, but they are consistent. Well, if you think, “Everyone should either agree with me or keep their mouths shut” is a consistent principle, that is.

According to the poll, 40% of Millennials believe the government should be able to stop people from making statements which are offensive to minorities. Overall, 28% of Americans feel the same way.

Now, obviously there is at least one thing to be happy about: untrammeled free speech is still supported by the majority of Americans and even the majority of Millennials.

But for it to be this close – and even 28% overall is too close for comfort when you’re talking about something this fundamental to the concept of America – is dismaying and frightening.

Pew Research didn’t ask any follow-ups, which is too bad. Because it would be very interesting to see how the 40% of Millennials who oppose free speech would answer these questions:

What constitutes a minority?

Should one minority be allowed to offend another minority of the same category?

What about a different category?

When whites are no longer the American majority, will they be protected in the same way?

What constitutes “offensive” speech? Who gets to decide?

What should be the punishment for those who break these laws?

That would do for a start. And if they could come to a consensus on these answers, maybe we could start talking. But even if they can answer most of them, they will not be able to answer the one about offensive speech. Because what is offensive to one person will not necessarily be offensive to another. And guess what? That’s exactly why we have freedom of speech.

It is dangerous to allow the government or any other group to decide what can and cannot be said. That way lies tyranny, and you can read about it in any history book you choose. And if the only way you can achieve your goals is to limit what others can say, then it might be that you have the goals of a tyrant. That’s fine. There are countries that will gladly accept you.

For now, though, America isn’t one of them. Hopefully, that continues to be the case.



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  1. These poor, indoctrinated, drugged out, drones have been royally screwed since birth pre-school thanks to the progressive socialists and communists that were, are and will be teaching in our public schools. It will not change until we, as a free people demand our legislators correct this BS. If they don’t then they should be voted out in the next election. Watch your children’s education and voice your concerns right up the so called chain of command.

  2. We have on our hands a generation of wimpy, whining, morons, that can’t take a simple criticism. What ever happened to teaching your kid…”Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?

    • This generation can only communicate through texting!! It is ok to send pictures of their naked bodies for all the world to see, but by GOD, you better watch what you say!! The really sad thing is, these are our future leaders!! The ones raised with any family values or morals will be the outcasts!! Lord, please come soon!!

      • The weird thing is that this has all occurred on Obama’s watch. I don’t remember any of this, while Bush was in the White House. I believe this is part of the change we were promised. Dumbed down children that would be easier for the Dems to control.

        • One day they’ll figure out how good they had it. Hopefully it won’t be too late. Time for kids to grow up and quit depending on the government to change their diapers.

          • We have a lot of unchanging to do. I believe it is time for parents to knock some sense into their children, before the government takes that ability away from us. They’re putting child services in many of the schools now. I believe this is why many are home schooling. Thankfully, I taught my son to be self reliant. His boss can’t believe all the things that my son knows how to do.

          • Cal you say parents but that is getting to be rare and even kids knowing who their daddy is.

          • I know it is getting rare, but I believe that it is the lack of them, that is giving us what we have today. After hearing of that Gay couple cutting off the little girls hair and forcing her to become a boy, that is one group that should be denied children. period. Parents should be a mother and a father to give their children something to aspire to, not run away from.

            Gary Cobb stated it the best on Blacks……..


          • AS long as Johnson’s great society which was nothing but a reward for breeding with no responsibility plus all the other rewards for not working, nothing will change except for the worse if that is at this point possible.

          • Johnson stated that the Democrats would have control of the N****r for the next 50 years. Looks like he got what he wanted and then some.

          • When I go grocery shopping took a challenge and that was to find a woman who has their hoards of kids with a wedding ring, am still looking.

          • I wrote a 5 page letter to Senator Arlen Specter on that very subject when they wanted us to foot the bill for their child care, along with food stamps, their firs and leather coats, gold chains and earning up the kazoo, gas guzzling caddies, and then buying several hundred dollars of lottery tickets. I ended up being audited for the next 5 years. My guess is a year for each page.

          • Exciting isn’t it that the lowest I.Q. is doing most of the breeding and teaching the offspring to follow their lead.

          • They’re not low on the IQ scale as they know how to play the system. It might just be their need to survive as look where the Democrats had placed most of the Planned Parenthood clinics. Generally in the poor, the Blacks, and other minorities areas where targeted them for abortions.

          • Not necessarily as they have advisers there to walk them thru the procedure and especially for those that don’t speak English

          • Actually, not always. The founder of PP, Margaret Sanger was into genocide. In her own words……


          • They do a good enough job there is more on the government dole then working, so doubt they miss too many besides the one’s already here help them. The one’s Obama is bringing in don’t have to worry as they are already signed up the minute their feet touch our soil.

          • islam will teach them a reality.

          • WHAT in HELL are you smoking ???

          • none of your damn business.
            All those wo accept and advance islam will come to know the reality of islam, the cruel, demeaning, enslavement of islam….

          • Had you said so from the get-go, I would not have asked what you are smoking, because you are absolutely right !!!
            Here is the epitome of bullshit pulled by radical islamic DAESH https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d02ae5cc3a61329ad728fc7045827b1a232cef1c9ccef96c169d10eff37bdc1.jpg

          • and, what about that pilot who the caged and set fire to…. (real nice “religion” to follow)
            I read the other day they caged some people and sunk the cage in water drowning them.

          • That was sarcasm, I hope.

          • In reference to…??

          • NO, it is true. I heard the same! And I wouldn’t put it past them. If you don’t follow their Sharia Law, they don’t want you on this earth!

          • David not with the lowest I.Q. having the majority of kids and that has been going on for a long time.

        • If you believe this dumbing down is unique to the Obama administration’s tenure, then you simply have not been paying attention to what is going on in this country.

          • All you have to do is sit down one Saturday and watch cartoons for a day to see where the indoctrination is coming from, before they graduate to school or internet.

          • And it doesn’t stop with the very young watching cartoons, it is all the movies that depict murders, running from the cops, people being shot, chased, strangled, raped, women with bare bottoms, and few clothes, etc. etc. Pre-teens and teens watch this garbage that the movie industry puts out in abundance.

          • I have paid attention to what was going on in my son’s and relatives lives in school. What is unique to Obama is the Common Core standards and the excessive political correctness. My son nor his cousins were ever taught how to be a good Muslim and no religion was ever taught to them in grade school, middle school, or high school, under the Bush administration. Math was math, not a bunch of x’s or o’s, depending on the teacher. I talk with my neighbors who are complaining about the changes taking place in their children’s lessons and the utter nonsense of teaching kids street slang that is used in rap music. Kids are not learning the basics and children protective services have been placed in many schools to prevent the parents from arguing their case. Why do you think there is an increase in home schooling and internet learning in many states? Parents are not trusting the schools with what their children are being taught.

          • Sorry to hear of the problems your neighbors describe. Where do they live?

            My second grade 7-year-old grandson is in a public (county) school in Shelby County, Alabama, and is thriving on the curriculum, including the Common Core math. No one is teaching him street slang. His teacher is a very skillful black lady with many years of experience, and my daughter and are delighted with his progress. I should add that he was reading at a second grade level when he was four (his day care supervisors called him “baby genius”), so this is no ordinary second grader, and he obviously has some advantages that augur for success in the classroom. But my daughter reports that other parents at his school are highly satisfied with their children’s progress as well.

          • The state of PA. My one neighbor is trying to sell her home(over 6 months on the market), but it has been turned down because of the school district and ours use to be an award winning one. The funny thing is, homes usually sell here pretty quickly. We are 1.5 hours from our capital, 1 hour out of Philly, Reading, and Lancaster, and 1.5 to 2.5 hours from most shore points.

          • No, it started with the Johnson administration. When the blacks were integrated into the white schools, the educational disparities became apparent. So, in order to accommodate the disparity, the whole educational requirements were lowered. Much like the physical requirements for certain jobs is being lowered today to accommodate female applicants.

          • It actually began during the Administration of Woodrow Wilson (the Progressive).

          • But it didn’t seem as blatant when Wilson first started his Progressive Party! Remember, we were recently in WWII, or about that time, and people were just grateful when the war ended and were looking forward to the end of rationing! (In the early to mid 1940’s.)

          • Wilsons term was at the time of WW1. Not WW2.His is when Segregation returned, the start of what would become Planed Parenthood started.It makes me sick to see that what is happening today was started by the Dims. being Blamed on the Rips.
            The education rewirte of history did no start until after Johnson killed Kennedy ,when he took over.

          • Wilson was POTUS during WWI, 1914-18.

          • Yes, it all started with Pres. Johnson, and maybe even before. Remember “A Brave New World” from that era?? When I heard Pres. Johnson use those words, …I shivered…it didn’t sound like a good thing then, but I was still a teenager, and teens were not supposed to understand things like that at that time!

        • Of course it is. And they are working on the elementary age students also. Common-core crap and Islam being forced on them was NEVER a problem until Obama came along!

        • They (American Educators) have been slowly lowering the bar every year for 50 years, now a cockroach can limbo under it with little room to spare… just think when they breed how STUPID their spawn will be….

          • I agree with your assessment, but I can’t say 50 years, as I was in that system and the teachers had a hard time finding classes that I did not excel in. I think being a military brat and going to different school systems throughout the US aided in that. May I ask your tribe? My family goes back to the Cree on my mother’s side.

          • I think it is due to parents not being 100% committed to ensuring their children excel, mine were and it sounds like yours were too. I didn’t have the distraction of TV or video games, my world was books.
            Nez Peirce, other side of the country. Cree where from around the great lakes right?

          • I believe parents that care, play the major role in a child’s minds. Cree use to be from Canada along the US and Canadian northern boarder and as far south as northern PA. We had a PA Dutch and Cree origin. My grandmother was invited to the “Ladies of the Mayflower” dinner. She said she got tired of hearing about this and that relative and stood up and said, “It was nice meeting all of you, but my ancestors helped your ancestors, all off the boat.” She was funny and meant that the Cree were one of the many Algonquian tribes of the area. My father’s parents came from Lithuania. Most Cree are still living on reservations in Canada and Montana.

          • Have a happy Thanksgiving perhaps the only thing America remembers the American Indian for. Strange how history has white washed the rest….

          • History always has, but We did give the white men tobacco.
            One should always remember the past that we do not make the same mistakes in the future.
            You have a Happy Thanksgiving, also.

          • And they gave us smallpox and the clap! Not quite a fair trade but in the long run how many has tabacco killed.

          • After I posted, I remembered the blankets. Not really fair, but lung cancer is not a joke.

          • muskat antonopolis


      • Well I got news for those sissified, whiny , don’t have a backbone give me free stuff losers. I’ll say what I want, when I want. And if they have a problem with it, tough I don’t care.

        • Amen buddy!

        • I couldn’t agree more, David! And I’m glad to be 64 instead of 24, so hopefully I’ll be dead and gone before things get too bad.

          • I am 67, and will be gone eventually, but don’t DARE cross me until such time as I am no longer able to put up a physical fight… I will have my handgun with me on my deathbed to surprise you with…

          • Ain’t you the big dog?!

          • Not my intention to be the “big dog” sir. Read new york right above me, and see that he is simply happy that he may not be around to witness the SHTF
            All I am saying is… I too, may not be here… but I have endured all of the political chicanery and PC garbage I intend to… and do not intend to endure any more…
            At the rate our “representatives” are agreeing with the “Asshole-in-Chief”, and attempting to strip our God given constitutional rights, and let untold numbers of muslim malcontents into the country… I will not stand idly by and watch.

          • Wo-o-o! Big BOLD statements from you! And just what ARE you planning to do–“take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them?” (that’s from Hamlet if you are not familiar with it). Before you and /or your like-minded malcontents plan your program to end endurance of “political chicanery and PC garbage,” you should become conversant with the laws regarding attempts to overthrow the government, lest your bold venture gain you and your fellow nutjobs a long stay in the graystone hotel and three free gummint meals a day.

          • No sir… YOU should become conversant with the laws regarding attempts to overthrow the government !!

            It is written right into the Declaration of Independence, that in the event the “gubbermint” becomes like what they are now, We the People have the God-given RIGHT to overthrow it.

            FROM THE DECLARATION: When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds…

            …We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

            I am saying… if this shit we are enduring continues, there WILL be another revolution, and I will be on the front lines.. with as many American Patriots that will muster to the cause !!

            When I joined the Navy in 1965, I took the self-same Oath, requiring : [paraphrased] “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign AND Domestic.
            That was 50 years ago, Bubba, and guess what… That Oath STILL STANDS in my book !!!

          • It is YOU who need to become familiar with the very great difference between the Declaration of Independence, upon which you base your argument, and the CONSTITUTION and the laws derived therefrom, which are the governing principles by which this nation conducts its affairs. The Declaration of Independence simply stated grievances against Great Britain, the principles upon which those grievances are based, and the intent to separate from colonial control. Once this nation won its independence, we proceeded to decide how the nation would be governed and to set forth a description of the rights and privileges of the citizenry.We did that with enactment of the CONSTITUTION. Your characterization of contemporary government (the blithering nonsense in your second sentence) is, frankly, the product of a disordered mind. We are nowhere near the conditions described in your lengthy quotation from the Declaration.

          • We are nowhere near the conditions described in your lengthy quotation from the Declaration. ????????

            BULL-SHIT BUBBA !!!
            What the hell ROCK have you been hiding under ???

          • Here is a full list of the actual CONDITIONS described in the Declaration of Independence. You tell me which of these describe the current government:

            Regarding the British monarch:

            “He has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

            He has forbidden his governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

            He has refused to pass other laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of representation in the legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.

            He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.

            He has dissolved representative houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.

            He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the legislative powers, incapable of annihilation, have returned to the people at large for their exercise; the state remaining in the meantime exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.

            He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states; for that purpose obstructing the laws for naturalization of foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and raising the conditions of new appropriations of lands.

            He has obstructed the administration of justice, by refusing his assent to laws for establishing judiciary powers.

            He has made judges dependent on his will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

            He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.

            He has kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies without the consent of our legislature.

            He has affected to render the military independent of and superior to civil power.

            He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation:

            For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

            For protecting them, by mock trial, from punishment for any murders which they should commit on the inhabitants of these states:

            For cutting off our trade with all parts of the world:

            For imposing taxes on us without our consent:

            For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of trial by jury:

            For transporting us beyond seas to be tried for pretended offenses:

            For abolishing the free system of English laws in a neighboring province, establishing therein an arbitrary government, and enlarging its boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule in these colonies:

            For taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments:

            For suspending our own legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

            He has abdicated government here, by declaring us out of his protection and waging war against us.

            He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burned our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

            He is at this time transporting large armies of foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy of the head of a civilized nation.

            He has constrained our fellow citizens taken captive on the high seas to bear arms against their country, to become the executioners of their friends and brethren, or to fall themselves by their hands.

            He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

          • And just who has taken those Second Amendment rights from you?

          • Now I am certain you are naught more than a juvenile asswipe, playing the devils’ advocate.

            First you try and tell me that the Declaration is a one-time document to relieve us from Britain…
            Whether you are able to comprehend it or not, the Declaration is germane to every outbreak of the same shit king geo. was pulling… and applies directly to that madman in the oval office.
            Oblowme is the one that is trying his damnedest to relieve Americans of their firearms. That sir, is all over the news, and undeniable…
            The entire gaggle of establishment repubs and RINOS are petrified of an American populace that is armed to the teeth. they are heavily outnumbered, and totally outgunned, and they know this very well…
            His efforts to bring all the syrians — ad infinitum — into this country… working around established immigration laws, is pure bullshit.
            It is obvious that you cannot ” see the forest for
            the trees ” so I no longer intend to pursue a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

          • Upon this you are correct head-on. We ,this country are far past the point that got the Declaration wrote. When a group of people pass laws to advance, protect themselves, as the Dims .have done for the socialists, homo-sexuals, blacks, illegals in this country.The 49 to 51 % of the people whom are out of work because of the give-away polices of that party.The total disregard of the CONSTITUTION as this Indonesian ,moo slim has done. It is time to grow some balls, grab ones weapon. Then bring this country BACK under the CONSTITUTION.
            You can take your “I am smarter than you attitude” and cram it up/in what ever orifice you wish, or Enjoy have something shoved in. Need help just ask.

          • No thanks. I need no help from an ignorant, semi-literate, irretrievably bigoted jackass!

          • Than here is some more that you,in your ultra superior knowledge will enjoy.
            People like you WiMMPS, Go alongs to get alongs should know. You are the ones that have put this country where it is.
            I don’t like this person ,will not vote for them. Let them murder their children in the Womb, no skin off my nose. This country needs a change so Vote for it. Then run your mouth bad mouthing others, hiding behind the Constitution when YOUR dissistions turn to Shat. . If one wants to win a fight one must use any means to do that. You seam to believe THAT BEATING THE MOOSLIM FANATICS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT IS BY PLAYING PATTY CAKE with them.
            The ONLY way to beat a Barbarian is to be a Meaner Barbarian than they. Be it , Foreign or Domestic.

          • For someone with a dismal 0.38 up-vote-to-comment ratio, you tend to overvalue your two-cents worth by quite a bit… you have no room to remark about someone elses’ literacy, or lack of it … TROLL !!

      • 2012 came and gone and so did the end of the earth scenario, or did it? That was also the year we had a chance to elect Obummer out of office, but instead we find ourselves in this precarious situation. This will be known as a new stage for dumbing down the human race! WWIII, our trials and tribulations lay ahead!

        • Wingers predicted this county would collapse if Obama got a second term. There were dire warnings of unprecedented disaster all over the wacky spectrum of the blogosphere.
          Come November 2016, if it still hasn’t happened, I will post numerous reminders to the wackadoodles whose prophetic nutterances have failed.

          • What… you can’t see the potential disaster in the antics of the “Asshole-in-Chief” ???
            Don’t go feeling too safe just because the dung hasn’t hit the fan …. You ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

          • andrew, all I can say is “TROLL ALERT” regarding headonstraight up where the sun never shines! I know he’ll have some little snide comeback/ insult but trust me I’ll not respond!!!
            I sometimes catch myself trading barbs with the mentally challenged like headonstraight but I make a Herculean effort NOT to fall into the barb trap. Sometimes I win my personal challenge sometimes I give in and trade insults! It’s a truly lost cause!! You can show them facts, which they’ll deny.
            They ARE just agitators and NOTHING else!! They wouldn’t know fact/ truth if it crawled up their butt and festered! Usually when I see trolls like it I just vote down and look for the next intellectual post! If one feeds the trolls they’ll keep coming back. I say “DON’T FEED THE TROLLS”! With any luck they’ll just go away!
            headonstraight = TROLL I for one truly believe trolls get paid by the posts! Why else would one keep posting and get their heads handed to them?? That or they’re into that S&M thing!!
            Ya can’t fix “STUPID” no matter how hard one tries!!!

          • Yeah, sure. I suppose I should be trembling at the prospect of the martial law you wackos predict Obama will institute so he can stay in office beyond the end of his term. You people are a joke.

      • Amen Karen!! The bible does say that in the last days good will be called evil and evil will be called good….and people will become lovers of “self” rather than lovers of God. And all we see these days are “selfies” along with comments on how “beautiful” or “pretty” they look. It’s disgraceful.

  3. I have experienced this first hand!!!! Thanks to our educational system, those who wish to place limits on free speech is due to their inability to contribute anything substantive and consequently find it offensive speech as it makes them feel inferior!

    • They are inferior——have damaged brains.

      • It’s probably from breathing all the carbon dioxide from having their heads planted so deeply up their ass. They’re all suffering from what they claim to be the biggest threat to humankind. Global Warming ! Every time one of them opens their mouths, they just spew more of it out. They should just shut the F— up, and learn

    • That chaotic syntactical disaster you have posted is indicative of the failure of whatever educational system produced YOU!

      • Your confusion is only exceeded by your lack of knowledge.

      • Really!!! You moron…. I am a honors graduate of Brown University, back in a time when you went to collage you really got an education, and not studies in coconut cracking! You must be one of those I referenced in my earlier post!
        And what the hell is “syntactical”?

        • Syntax is “the way words are put together to form phrases, clauses or sentences. Syntactical ( or alternatively, syntactic) is the adjective form See G & C Merriam Webster New Collegiate Dictionary. You should have learned that at Brown. The person whose syntax is jangled is, like the proverbial jilted husband, usually the last to know.

        • Dennis you just admitted you are now inferior in coconut cracking so you loose 1 demerit. You know there is no way to have an intelligent conservation with idiots.

    • Same as today’s “leaders” who dodged the draft, rioted in the streets a
      la The Weathermen, spat on returning Vietnam Veterans; and are today
      giving our country away through placing the welfare of illegals above
      that of American citizens, i.e., the homeless; child and elderly hunger;
      a broken VA system; an ignored mental health system which by the way,
      was dismantled in the 60s and 70s by the ACLU and other self-righteous
      liberals, politicians and championing media.

      These same people who
      are shocked and dismayed at the mass killings with guns by the mentally
      ill and now conveniently place the blame on law-abiding gun

      These same people who voted that pathetic, lying, racist,
      incompetent, narcissistic, poor excuse of a human being, weakling
      currently occupying the Oval Office…not once, but twice! And now
      feverishly await with baited breath, the opportunity to replace him with
      another liar. You know, the one married to the disbarred, sexual
      predator, who disgraced the Presidency; the one who failed four men in our Benghazi Embassy; the one who publicly stated sarcastically her enemies were the NRA, a 2nd Amendment Rights CIVIL RIGHTS organization and Republicans, indicating she has absolutely no intention of representing ALL Americans if she becomes POTUS.

      • Scums like Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, Boxer, Finestine, Brown all communist lovers.

      • muskat antonopolis

        very well put…..vote well as this might be our last chance for a
        free vote…….

        • Unfortunately only the electorate may vote for president, so I’m afraid You are sh it out of luck

          • muskat antonopolis

            then, that should be plural….”we”….however, it is We The
            People who = the electoral college, who carry the vote…

          • Yes, the 300 million of us will be represented by 170 electoral votes made by rich, fat cats, who are out of touch with the issues facing most of We the People

          • Your Envy is showing. Of the 300 you write about there are very few Rich. Most of the people that vote range in age from 35 to over 80. Most of them are from the Middle class. whom have less than $500 dollars in the bank, or no more than $50,000 in a retirement account.

          • Thank You for confirming my guess, they sound like democrats

          • muskat antonopolis

            man, why so negative..? if that is your thought, they why vote?..why exist…no hope eyor…that little black cloud just
            follows you around am and pm….what a drag……

          • It isn’t my thought, it is the law, sorry to bring you out of the dark into the light

          • muskat antonopolis

            hey my friend do not lecture me re the law….I know re the process..
            but some simply cannot accept that and because they do not get
            what they want when they want it, pout and whine and make negative
            comments about everything…..oh poor me…..sniffle, sniffle…..anybody
            got a hankie?

          • I don’t mean to lecture, I just think this whole thing about running for president, the debates the crowds all the excitement, which seems like a fairy tale because 1% of the population actually picks the new prez? Why waste all these millions of dollars, just to impress like 300 people? Am I crazy? Isn’t there something better to spend all this money
            & time & energy on, instead of trying to buy 300 electoral votes??

      • Totally agree with all you said.

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    • We should limit the free speech ONLY of those who want free speech taken away from others. You can be sure they don’t want it taken from them.

    • Dennis Dumas, Yes, You are correct about ” those who wish to place limits….” I believe the blame begins with the progressive socialist philosophy added to the educational system drip by drip over the last nine/ten decades. Then they come up with multiculturalism and accepting students with special points because of their race. Now, the nation is inundated with political correctness which is insane. Of course people need to communicate with good manners and not hurt someone else’s feelings; however, they have taken the gauntlet and forged so far into the forest it is only destructive, not to mention insane. It is the responsibility of the administrators and faculty of universities to get this crusade onto the correct path and demand respect and attention from the students, not the other way around. The very purpose of education is to prepare the uninitiated for a better foundation to a better life, not the other way around. Who’s running the asylums? The patients or the doctors?

      • At this point with several University Presidents resigning because the “students” demanded it, It looks as if the patients might be running the asylum!! WE need adults , strong, sane ones, running the asylums!

        • Deepthink, Isn’t that the epitome of failure for University Presidents to give up and resign because of some inept crude so-called students?!! These administrators and faculty better wake up and jerk this garbage out of the curriculum and meeting places. Otherwise, this country is “done.”

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  4. These millennials as they are affectionately called are nothing more than Brain Washed robots who have been denied the option to think on their own in a critical or credible manner. They are a threat to us all and should be considered domestic terrorists. Their parents are to blame both directly or indirectly….

  5. When the MEDIA gives up its first amendment rights to follow an ideology,

    How can you expect kids these days to respect what a privileged the first amendment really is?

    Couple that with a school system that has been systematically sensationalizing socialism and crapping all over the accomplishments of Capitalism…

    You have a brainwashing system.

  6. Well, this group has show to be very well indoctrinate by our terrible public school education system. They are not taught our constitution and the bill of rights for them to not to believe in free speech and our other freedoms. We need to send through massive re-educational camps and deny them the right to vote because they are not responsible enough.

  7. If they want to limit free speech then all they have to do IS SHUT THE HELL UP.

  8. Well lets put it this way, I happened to have given 24 years of my life to protect the FREE SPEECH RIGHT and
    I will dare any of these little twits try to shut me up.

    • This is my bitch; only one percent of the patriots (military) are sacrificing life and limb to preserve this great nation and its principles. Twenty percent are working against it, another twenty present don’t give a chet either way, and this includes the immigrants. Again there are the fifty present that makeup the silent majority,” Christians and other religions. The eight percent are our first responders which most come out of the one present (military) which are also contributing patriots. Then we have the other one percent controlling the 99 percent. This same one percent which battles amongst them self’s to find the candidate each election cycle that’ll represent their Agenda to “We the People!” This is why I think Trump will be great for America he can stand up to both sides of the Isle of the one percent power class! He’s Americas best chance to make America great again!

      • And will he accomplish this by waterboarding those who disagree with him?

        Trump is a blithering, bombastic buffoon!

        • Donald Trump, is no fool…He is quickly learning the intricacies of the office he seeks, and will mellow a lot in the next year as his learning experience develops…
          Witness that “establishment ” politicians of BOTH parties are petrified of the thought of their “gravy train ” being derailed by common conservative sense .
          Trump is saying that waterboarding , in comparison to the antics and actions of the islamic savages that perpetrated the likes of the Paris attack… ad infinitum // nauseam…… is allowable — if a captured jihadist has information that would help eliminate his kind from the world…
          He is certainly not saying that we should use the act willy-nilly on just anyone… Paranoid much ???

          • It is not “allowable” under the law of this nation and under international law.

          • If not allowable under international law to harm some one for information. How is it that there [you] have said nothing about them doing it?

          • *Mr. hard-head-on-cockeyed*
            The ONLY way to beat a Barbarian is to be a Meaner Barbarian than they. Be it Foreign or Domestic. { thank you JYuma }

            However unfortunate that information is… it is true… You can bet your last brass farthing that the islamic state cowards would not hesitate for a millisecond to waterboard someone prior to beheading them.
            The Geneva Accords definitely have their hearts in the right place, but we are talking about WAR in its most brutal iteration.
            Perhaps you missed the picture below… It is a prima-facie example of what to expect from them for torture. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d02ae5cc3a61329ad728fc7045827b1a232cef1c9ccef96c169d10eff37bdc1.jpg

          • I am very well aware that waterboarding is not allowed… under the auspice of the Geneva Accords ??? HOWEVER…

            What our enemies don’t know about our intentions, will not hurt them… Keep them guessing…
            Unlike Mister Shit-for-brains Obunghole, announcing to the world what the U.S. will or will not do militarily before we do it… the enemy // isis does NOT need to know what to expect.
            Psychologic warfre is still quite effective, and there are other things far worse than waterboarding… The Chinese are masters of mark-free torture…

        • He is not!! He is a do onto others as they DO TO YOU!! My 2016 vote!! ! Not the fraud muslim with the million dollar sealed records!!

        • Better a blithering, bombastic, buffoon than the sniveling, pouting, threatening idiot we now have in the White House.

          • Or the female who thinks IF we don’t let in all the 680,000 Muslims our current Pres. wants to “adopt”, our police will be mad! I think she is “mad”! She reasons that our American police will be mad because the Muslims will dislike and harm them!! Well, the Muslims who come to this Country with the intent to instill Sharia Law or else! you get beheaded or some other such ending do not belong in America!! They need to stay in their own Country on a different Continent!

        • Good idea! Maybe his first victim should be Hildabeast Clinton, using that method might spring some truth from that pea size brain that occupies her thick skull!

        • What’s that make the one swinging around from chandelier to chandelier in the white house. Man from Uncle? See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. “I know no more of a wonderful sound then waking up to the call to prayer in the morning!”

      • My thoughts on Trump or any of the other candidates are still out. I am still in the process of
        accessing all of the information to make an informed decision one way or the other.

      • Unfortunately only the 170 electoral voters make Any difference–Your vote counts for Nothing

        • This is why I would like to see them chosen by popular vote.

          • I’d like to see house & property owners and veterans be able to vote for important offices–that would keep people who have no stake in Our Country from twisting Americans true wishes, when it comes to choosing Our future leaders

          • I like it, I could live with that.

          • The only way to vote is the Old way. Show your voters registration card and drivers License or Legal State I.D. with photo card. Must be registered no less than 30 days before an election. With no Provençal ballots for any reason. Any other way is Bogus.

      • And which “Isle” will he be standing on both sides of–some Pacific isle or some Atlantic isle? Get this, Bubba–your statistic about most first responders coming out of the military does not stand up. You just pulled that out of thin air or out of your rear end. Show us your source for that if you want us to believe it.

        • Progressives always want to chase statistics instead of common sense; I guess that would make them accountable for their actions, or non-players! I guess if you’re standing on both sides of the pacific it makes it free speech?

  9. This travesty is definitely the fault of the politically correct modern parent. Teaching our children to read, write, speak and defend our Constitution is of the utmost importance. The parent of today has been derelict in that responsibility.

  10. Ah, it would seem cultural Marxism(political correctness) is alive and doing quite well in our public education system. Saul Alinsky would be proud as are his trolls: Bill Ayers and Hillary Clinton. Saul’s acolytes have been successfully brainwashing America’s youth since the Sixties. Now with Common Core entering the system, the dumbing down, behavior modification, and wholesale development of the infamous hive mentality will spread even more rapidly throughout the nation.

    • that is why this election is CRUCIAL-we need to get the touchy-feely pc socialists OUT of our wh and go back to a leader with COMMON SENSE who is not afraid to defend our God-given rights of liberty and freedom.

  11. If you feed the up and comers Bull**** long enough, the up and comers will begin to believe the Bull****, and pass it on. It is simple stuff! If they grow up with it, it becomes the norm. Let em’ live with it. I am among the elderly, and really don’t give a shit what they do! If they want to write a new constitution, have at it! But this whole thing, ALL of the bullshit that they learn, is the fault of our educational system, it has NO values! I’m done!

    • It won’t be long before these guys start immerging themselves in Shreya Law, I would say they will wake up shocked but I’ve seen a lot of feminist’s adapt quit well to this philosophy!

  12. 40% of the millennials are tomorrows parasites or coffee shop socialist philosophers….or both…

    • This is why we need a draft to give these guys a real education!

      • just a small article in one of the parasite kenyan boyo cheer leader pretenda news shows about the serious talks being given to a draft and the weasels would fill their pants….starphucks, and the other hangouts for the depressed would smell like an old highway outhouse for weeks…

    • now THAT is a scary thought! but most likely true.

      • I had a “draft card” circa 1965-6 when a Senior in HS… when the Vietnam debacle was in full swing.
        I also “dodged” that draft, by joining the Navy while still a senior and 17 yo… simply refusing to be fodder for the viet-cong.
        The service and “boot camp” went a long way toward helping me grow up, and I firmly believe it would be worthwhile to reinstate the draft, if only to give the young the experience and training.

  13. Chilling, but not at all surprising. I work with a number of new grads at work and the reasons they give for their politics and stances on ideology are astounding. This has all been packed up their butts by academia. When they are pressed on developing their thoughts, they stutter and freeze. Often, the look is, “hmm, I hadn’t thought about that.” I am amazed at how they know hnothing about history, nothing about how or why we got to where we are as the United States, and their understanding of Econ 101 is pathetic.

  14. This is an unfortunate argument for secession and partition. The decadents and the degenerates can have Cambridge and Berkeley, Madison and Manhattan and set up whatever kind of hipster socialist sandbox they want, and as many Americans as still remain can restart the constitutional republic in the rest of the country.

  15. Your college socialist professors at work to destroy freedom in America. They are so ignorant that they think
    that if they ban free speech they will still be in a position of power over the idiots they have brain washed over
    the years. This will not happen, but what might happens is they will be thrown in jail for lying and distorting
    the truth from the people. This is a reason why Tenure for teachers is a dangerous thing as we have seen
    in some colleges where out and out anti American radicals are spewing forth filth and trash daily to the young
    idiots they are supposedly teaching.

    • Epitomized by cop-killers Bill Ayers and his ugly wife Bernadine Dohne. Two unrepentant, anti-American college professors and zealot supporters of that Thing currently occupying the Oval Office.

  16. Great! Let’s start with them and their PC BS!

  17. It’s called Free Speech for a reason. Maybe they need to learn it.

  18. Well, then that means 40% of millennials are complete idiots!

  19. Millennials “Intelligence need some”. This is what happens with
    common core education they stop teaching real History.

  20. It pains me to know there are people out there, ANYWHERE, that are really that self centered and flat out stupid, much less Americans.


  22. 40%, isn’t that in the range of welfare recipients?
    Within the range of those who voted for Obama, TWICE?
    Within the range of those who “protest”?
    Within the range of people who have experienced the indoctrination from the school system?
    Within the range of the illiterate and ignorant?
    Those whose faces we see on T.V. every news broadcast?
    Maybe there is a good reason for abortions after all.

  23. Ok,, everybody gets a trophy, win or lose…. ….but they have to shut up first.
    They want their tittybaby TBall world back.

  24. If we didn’t have liberal Teachers pounding into their head about this hogwash and parents not teaching them the proper outlook you wind up with a handicapped youth. American is great, America gives all opportunity to succeed if they work hard, most everyone wants to be an American, I wonder why, while we have American Born’s trashing the country. My country right or wrong is a foreign quote to the Parents so how can they teach their children. It seems to me a number of Black leaders exploit their youth for money, while many White leaders exploit their youth because they are haters of the country that has given their ancestors the opportunity to help build our great country which has given them a good life with freedoms to do the damage they engage in.

  25. 90% of millennials suffer from cranial rectal impaction. The other ten percent are in mental institutions

  26. Free speech… is on the same plane, as Gods’ provision of Free Will in our lives…

    As long as I don’t randomly call people filthy names, slander or otherwise denigrate them falsely… I am free to say whatever I can back up…

    Some things are truth, whether or not they grind on the other persons’ sensibilities.
    I can say right here… OBAMA IS AN INCOMPETENT FOOL – which is the TRUTH, and it is well within the boundaries of my free speech, and if the little snipe doesn’t like it… TOUGH SHIT !!! come and do something about it !~!! coward !!

  27. The communist strategy has worked as N. KRUSHCHEV had prophesied back in the 60’s: “we will bury you from within” – they have! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=========================? The old Hitler got US into WW II, the new Hitler has now gotten US into WW III! I hope those dopes on the Left are ecstatic with their “HOPE & CHANGE”! R.I.P. USA.

  28. It doesn’t help that the majority of them get their news from The Daily show and The Nightly Show on Comedy Central. Both are far left and race baters.

  29. What worries me more about these kids is that they will be taking over our country, God help us then.

  30. 100+ years of a steady diet of “Progressivism” (world Socialism). So the current crop of whiny, robotic, selfish morons want to limit speech, eh? What they mean is limit the speech of those that don’t agree with them or oppose them. Yeah-don’t say anything that they don’t want to hear, but they wanna say anything about anything or anyone, at any time. Cursing, explicit sexual overtones, encouraging people to commit adultery, murder, theft, bearing false witness, explicit blood and gore, any sin or atrocity, but don’t you dare talk about God-unless it’s to misquote, or blaspheme Him. Makes my blood boil. Look out, you petulant punks, you’re skating on thin ice.

  31. I have no doubt that this is true. The current college generation are little more than brown shirts of old Germany, indoctrinated by the Fascist regime within college and university throughout this nation.

  32. do you trust Obama?


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  33. Nobody has the right to not be offended. We don’t need America to be a bunch of wimps. If these Millennials don’t like it, they should move to another country, like Saudi Arabia. That will change their minds real quick about freedom of speech.

  34. Initially, the only change needed to our “free speech”, laws and rules is to “keep in civil”. The Founding Fathers, drafters of the Constitution and their “Federalist Papers”, and all of the courts, refrain from profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. and I am sure they wanted to set both the “tone and the tenor” of any debate or discussion, especially for critical matters. Too many people believe adding a few curse words, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, will help make their point—–when usually it is their “only point” and destroys their whole debate. I personally don’t bother with such sick posts, other than to point out the ignorant posters should clean up their acts. I also see in many cases, where those who really have nothing to add, resort to the gutter, hoping to be part of the discussion, among the informed. This problem is called “mental masturbation” and is a highly contagious verbal disease, that becomes rampant during debatable issues. I support the doctrine of, “If you would not “say it” to your mother, grandmother or a judge, don’t place it on the internet to reveal how low-class you are”. Equally important, there are NWO, liberal and Muslim “plants” out there who engage in this sick game, just to take our focus off of the real issues at hand—-and many of us fall for the gimmick and inadvertently become “one of them”. Solution?—-just ignore them and continue with your logical, reasoned and common sense approach to the issues at hand. Don’t respond to them, as I have heard some get compensated for the number of other gutter responses that are generated.

  35. This only against minorities it is ok for the minoritiess to say whatever they want. These are really cowards. This is only the kids who have been mislead by the gamg mentality which again is what the politicisns allow

  36. The illegal federal dept of indoctrination is accomplishing its goals of dumbing down generations. The congress should eliminate this illegal dysfunctional government brain washing department and return the entire responsibility to the local level where students can actually be educated.

  37. What is that old saying, “up to age 35 you’re a liberal, after that you’re conservative”. That doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but I’ve known a lot of people like that. These foolish children have no clue what they are talking about.

  38. Our World is changing and it will take a strong arm to change it back to the moral strength it was, a strong arm and a caring heart.

    “TOUGH LOVE” is what every parent must use when their child starts making bad choices in their lives. If that would have happened, we wouldn”t have these demanding misguided lilly hearted kids who thonk they own the world.

    So first, responsibility was/is the parents (who most are too busy working or too tired to know actually how and what their kids feel or are doing) of these whiniers. How can you help your kid understand the consequences of their choices if you refuse to sit down and talk with them – “with” being the clue word. If the parent just lectures and never listens to the kid’s side of the story, then you’ve just wasted both your times. COMMUNICATION, RESPECT, LAUGHTER will open doors faster than anger and constant lecturing!

    FYI: One of my teenage kids had been hanging with the wrong group of kids (at our new home neighborhood) who were into drugs, parties, the fast life. I thought I knew my kid, but soon found cocaine paraphenalia under the passenger side of his car. My kid’s 4.0 had slipped to a 2.5 and I got a notice from school.
    When I confronted my kid abt these things he said he didn’t know anything abt either subject…yeah right. I didn’t believe that for a millisecond. So I listened quietly to his side of the story then I told him to sit there and listen to what I have to say. At this point he wanted to be a hundred miles away from me. I did NOT raise my voice once during our conversation. He said he didn’t need any help and things would be okay. This was my reply to his statement:

    “YOU are the Captain of your Life ship, how you steer your life depends on You, not your parents, not the police, not the President of the United States, but YOU. Whether you get good grades so you can better your life and go to College — all up to you! Don’t do it for me but for yourself, you are the Captain, remember?
    You have a little over 2 years to change you GPA back to 4.0 so Colleges/Universities will be interested in you, but hanging with the friends you have now, you won’t change. You need to choose which is more important TO YOUR LIFE, partying and drugs OR preparing yourself to have a better more successful life…the choice is yours, not mine nor anyone else’s choice – just yours. Where do you want to go in your life?”

    I ended our conversation that I will always love him because he is a gift from God, but I may not love what he is doing. He got that!
    He brought all his grades up to a 4.5 GPA (extra credit), won several schlorships for college, went to College, was on the Dean’s list every year and graduated with honors. He has a Masters in Business and is co-owner of his own Software Company, married with two teenagers.
    Do you think he remembers our talk that day? Yes, because even though he has the stress of running a company, he spends a whole weekend together every 2 months with each of his kids to do whatever they want to do…they talk, laugh, cry and share moments with each other and he keeps the communication door open always to discuss “anything” (gets scary sometimes) because he wishes them a happy secure future! And my son’s whole family attends church every Sunday and his eldest goes to a Christian high school. Amen.

    My kid’s story could have turned out badly (many of my friends/acquaintances kids all ended up in prison), but he realized he needed to be responsible for his actions. The youth of today do Not know the meaning of responsibility and therefore think the world should bend to their desires. Where were their parents to explain the World owes them nothing, it’s up to them to make a better life for themselves “by working at it”, not acting like little demanding children?

    If you want to be a parent, then by God, learn how to parent, otherwise don’t do the dance!

  39. until those idiots are told they have no rights of free speech.

  40. Additional evidence, if such were really needed, that these types don’t know the difference between their heads and their asses. Such as this makes me glad that I likely won’t be around for to many more years, I’ll be 83 in February, having to put up with such stupidity.

  41. What these millennials fail to grasp is that by limiting the speech of others, they are in fact limiting their own speech. But then again, these are the same “students” that are being taught by the liberal flower children of the 60’s.

  42. Americans are becoming dangerously ignorant of American history thanks to 100+ years of government run education and Teachers Unions.

  43. News flash to millennials: When the 1st Amendment is abolished, you’ll have to keep your mouths shut too-wake the hell up!

  44. Another useless poll! Wake up folks–We do NOT live in a “democracy” run by public opinion, which can be manipulated by any number of things!

  45. Who cares — these whiney wimps will be drinking their latte in the corner playing with their smart phones as their life passes them by and no one will care — These kids are the most maladjusted PUSSIES the whole world has ever seen, maybe their Mom and Dads should have given them a trophy for being ” special “” these kids and their Hollywood losers ” idols

  46. No. what we have ere is a generation that has been schooled by teachers whom are not fit to teach a Turd how to walk. This has been building up from when carter [the 4th. worst pres. that we have ever had] stole the education system from the states.

  47. so…when does the right to vote go away…?

  48. We have the right to speak our minds when and wherever we choose. Thus, I shall exercise that right where and when I choose to. The millennials can just mind their own business.

  49. The demanded control of free speech by the millennials, is clearly slanted in favor of just what Muslims , and Muslims only, “believe”. This is an offshoot of the Islamic Faith, wherein devout Muslims “believe” that Islam is the one and only true religion and that all other believers (Infidels) must convert to a second-class Muslim status and become followers, or have their heads removed—-hardly, either a civilized or godly approach, in this day and age. This approach has surreptitiously been injected into the millennials “way of life”, over the last 20 or so years. I have no objection to varying “beliefs”, as long as they result in “doing no harm” to others.

  50. 50% of millennials have cranial rectal impaction and the other 50% have cranial vaginal impaction, besides being sniveling whiners

  51. I honestly think that they haven’t the slightest idea to what the question is nor have they the slightest idea as to how it will effect their lives. Whoever ask that question must have been some left wing ass that even he couldn’t answer what is the 1st. Amendment. My real worry, these little sh–s will be the leaders of our country someday.

  52. Perfect. Lets shut up the little reprobates now!

  53. I do believe that there are a vast majority of High School and College age kids that are as close to being brain dead as you can get and still be walking around. God help this country when all of the now Senior Citizens are gone ’cause they are about the only thing keeping his country together. not all but close.

  54. Goes to show the intelligence of our youth of today, but I think anyone with a brain has seen this coming for a long time. Can you imagine how tied up our court system would be if they were able to strike the 1st

  55. I am not sure that many seek restrictions of free speech in this country but that is why we have a First Amendment to provide for individual liberty and a Second Amendment to enforce it.

  56. This entire Country is on the verge of total CRAZINESS>>>>>Why can’t we teach and practice the tenets
    laid down by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution….they were well thought out and have worked well until just these recent LIBERAL SPIKED times.

  57. Let the fools move to Cuba they will have limited speech just fine, all they want. We don’t need the fools in America.

  58. The children to which the essay refers were coddled little sissies, even the big man-sized football-playing hunks. As a 78-year old man who worked at jobs from age nine up to the present time I believe I know what a real man is. I also know what a real woman is. These children make me want to puke with disgust.

  59. This must be a new “disorder” among the entitlement youth of today and they caught it from the liberals they have been rubbing elbows with. It must be contagious because every last democrat shows symptoms and many of our College age females are definitely infected. I believe the disease is called “Optimiserablee” == misery loves company! Those not smart enough to read the writing on the wall will become infected. It is an epidemic on the Left, but you can get vaccinated for it — the name of the vaccination is “Knowledge”. Don’t worry, there are plenty of vaccinations available. None of the Left will get one because they already think they know it all. Tsk tsk.

  60. It all has to do with dumbing down White America. (Already, Left wing Fascist have labeled me a racist!) Ironically, its the white intellectuals who are doing the damage! As their superior compassion want all races to be equal, so we can compete on the same lower playing field! It’s also ironic that the same intellectuals who are for limiting free speech, now were the ones who loudly condemned Nazi Germany for doing the same thing! Well, what they spawn, they will reap!

  61. There is a group of young people that have been led to believe since their birth that they deserve to feel good and safe. That they should not have to compete , just show up and contribute. That their participation in all things should be rewarded in some way that shows approval. That they should be allowed to say what they ( feel) and those feelings should be considered more important than truth, since truth is subjective to what a person believes is (their truth) . That History is His story and they don’t really need or want to hear about any story other than their own unless it is about great people that contributed to freedom , such as Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther king.
    These people are not all products of a wealthy or privileged household. They are products of hover parents that believed that they were raising a generation of achievers. These misguided parents have managed to raise some of the worlds dumbest and weakest people that America now has to either try to educate or simply put up with them . Apparently no one told them that life isn’t always easy and doesn’t always feel good or safe because it isn’t always safe. That in order to excel you must WIN, and to win you must compete and occasionally you will loose and not get a reward. That often in life you will encounter people that you might not like or want to hear their words, but that by listening to them you will hear what you can learn from, even if those good things sound bad and uncomfortable to you. That if you are not bright enough to understand what His story has taught- you are doomed to repeat mistakes and to fail.

  62. These young idiots should lead the way by shutting up and getting out of the way. Their phones and computers should be taken away and they should be made to live as was done in the 1800’s!!!

  63. What’s worse is the spineless turds that bow down to the millennials. It’s one thing to have the twisted viewpoints, it’s another thing to give in to the twisted viewpoints of a minority of the people. Twisted viewpoints contrary to our Constitution should not even be considered as potential law, those that seek to implement anti-American policy should be tried and convicted as traitors.

  64. I wish now that we would have had better birth control before so many millennials graced our unemployment lines and squandered a real educational opportunity. There is still hope but millennials must understand that a free education with no chance of finding a job is a fabricated lie by democrats to buy votes for Hillary Clinton who has no clue on how to create jobs. It would be nice if millennials were smart enough to see through the democrats and their vote buying fabrications.

  65. Millennial: A Word associated with BED WETTING, LEFTIST; DIAPER BABIES and other CLUELESS FOOLS

  66. What constitutes a minority?”

  67. These little bastidges think they are above the Constitution! They have been taught that being an alinsky-ite grants them special dispensations!!!!

  68. All one has to do is LISTEN TO THE MILLENIALS and you will understand!
    Millennials believe they should get a college education for FREE.
    Mllennials think if you are over 35 you should drop dead and I have been told that face to face (I am 68 and still working 3 days a week!
    Millennials believe when they apply for a “job” they should start a the TOP OF THE LADDER WITH BIG SALARIES!

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