4 Senators Expected To Be Voted Out

Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

A new nonpartisan political handicapper is forecasting that the Democrats might lose their majority in the Senate as they will be facing four challenging battles for the Senate. While the Democrats now hold a 51-49 majority having managed to flip Pennsylvania in the midterm election, they are now preparing for some of the toughest races yet.

1. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia

Manchin, a former governor, and moderate Democrat is now in a state that has become red in recent years. While Manchin has not yet noted whether or not he would be seeking reelection, it might be harder for him to win in a state that former President Donald Trump had won by close to 40 points in 2020. While it is not usual for the incumbent to be considered the underdog this is one of the few cases where that is the case.

2. Sen. Jon Tester of Montana

Tester, a three-term senator, is currently the only Democrat to hold office in Montana. While he has not yet announced whether he would seek reelection, being a Democrat in a red state places the odds against him.

3. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio

Brown has served for close to five centuries and has said that he would be seeking a fourth six-year term in the Senate. While Ohio used to be considered a battleground state in recent years the state has been leaning towards the Republican side, which might lead to more challenges for Brown.

4. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona

Sinema used to be a moderate Democratic lawmaker, but as of last month has announced that she would no longer be registered with the Democratic party but rather as an independent. This should make the race for her seat all the more intense.