3rd Graders Write to Convicted Cop Killer

A New Jersey elementary school teacher has been suspended for having her students write get well cards to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. The moron in question – Marilyn Zuniga – thought it would be perfectly acceptable to have her kids send Abu-Jamal a collection of letters after she learned that the controversial figure was in ill health.

Currently serving out a commuted death sentence for murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981, Abu-Jamal has become a cause célèbre for activists who think he was wrongly convicted. The former Black Panther member has been characterized as a political prisoner in some circles, but it was a jury – not the U.S. government – that sentenced him to death in 1982. That conviction has held up against multiple appeals, including one that went all the way to the Supreme Court. His death sentence, however, was changed to life without parole in 2011.

Regardless of what Ms. Zuniga may think about Abu-Jamal’s guilt or innocence, however, it demonstrates a stunning lack of judgment that she would involve her 3rd graders in this kind of political activism. She has since been suspended by the Orange Public School District. They released a statement denying any prior knowledge of the assignment and promised that a full investigation would follow.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment. What do you think would happen if she had assigned her students to write a friendly letter to Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson? Or to George Zimmerman? She wouldn’t be suspended with pay; she would be hanged in the town square and her body would be energetically dismembered on CNN.

Either way, we don’t need political activists teaching our elementary school students. Especially ones as devoid of good sense as this one. Unfortunately, these incidents are growing more frequent. Small wonder. That’s what happens when you go to a liberal university, enshroud yourself in a liberal circle of friends, and hear your liberal ideas reinforced every time you turn on the TV. You forget that not everyone thinks the way you do. You forget that some parents might be uncomfortable with their students writing to a cop killer. After all, liberals believe in things more idiotic than the innocence of Abu-Jamal. Some of those things are actually written in the textbooks.

It’s bad enough that our kids have to fend off the left’s advances in the media. We can at least work to make sure they aren’t indoctrinated by their loony teachers. If they need a writing assignment that incorporates social studies, maybe they can write an apology letter to the Founding Fathers for what we’ve let happen to this country.

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        • Typical negative mentality. Hopefully you will, before it’s too late, learn about what Jesus of Nazareth came here to tell us about instead of the negative filth you’ve been brainwashed with. I hope you wake up soon. You’re in a miserable lifestyle.

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        • And you have prostituted yourself by swollowing the plan hook, line and sinker; then becomming a crimminal and further enslaving your people. Your now Obama’s Pimp[Sharpton’s boy] and probably not even getting a worthwhile percentage, talk about being stupid.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Careful now, Raziel will be calling you a racist pig… Geeze, he must be miserable… :-((

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          • Michael Dennewitz

            If we individually lose rights, it’s most likely because we allowed someone to step on us. Every living being has their own beliefs and practices. Some are well stated, others, like mine, don’t sound so clean….but if everyone would seek out WHY a person feels a certain way, the world would be more tolerable. Instead, someone like Raziel, has no respect for anothers viewpoints or opinions, instead, chooses to hail vulgar, filthy remarks about a person because they’re not exactly like him, stooping to even insulting and degrading someone’s parents that he doesn’t even know.. Yes, my replies aren’t the cleanest, and at times, I’m sorry for that, BUT THEY ARE MY replies/opinions/beliefs, and we still do enjoy the freedom of speech. To conform to someone else’s way of thinking would explain the old addage, “He doesn’t even have a mind of his own!”

          • All the fancy talkers usually are just word smiths and are shallow thinkers.

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          • Michael Dennewitz

            Go back to eating your bananas BOY !

          • My comment is to all of you. With all the hate and killings going on in this country, we advise everyone to think clearly before you even consider bringing a child into this world. We had better get rid of the evil that is here first. If you know who, wants to thin out the herd, then lets get it done. Then, we can go back to raising our children as they should be.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            His momma let him quit the 3rd grade. Ha! He may think he’s cool right now, but with a .380 hollow point up his lazy black ass, there won’t be any laughing except from my side!!!

      • apparently your head is the hollow point

  2. Michael Dennewitz

    Soooo many adults have no damned idea what is being taught in classrooms today…

    • If I had a child today, I’d home school NO MATTER WHAT.

      • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

        Better yet, put in a Christian school. That way they’d learn GOD AND COUNTRY. Plus get an essential moral up bringing.

        • Yes, you are right. The Christian schools I am familiar with are few, but EXCELLENT. And not all home schooling is desireable, but PRACTICALLY ANYTHING IS SUPERIOR TO GOVERNMENT PUBLIC SCHOOLS in my view.

          I did not always have this view, but in 76 years one learns a LOT.

          • right on, I went to Catholic school for 12 years, thank GOD for my hard working parents, this moronic teacher should have had the children write letters to our troops, when I first got sober over 26 years ago, we wrote letters to our troops who were having trouble, it was the best thing I did and it made me feel good. these professors have to go and the parents have to wake up. these Obama does not care about us or our troops and that is why these teachers, judges are getting away with this evil garbage.

          • Ditto. I concure completely!!

          • You deserve a lot more up votes Jo.Jo

          • Well now we have a lot of federal judge appointees who tow the line of some liberal/socialist/political correctness regime. We need to dismantle the DEA & turn the schools back over to the states & local school boards. Now our public schools have become a place for liberal/marxist propaganda. My granddaughter was home schooled, she is 17, she will be graduating with honors in June. She will be attending the University in the fall.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Absolutely! Thank God for St John Vianny here in Orlando…

        • We are home schoolers and our children get their bible lessons and history lessons. So far, they are doing 3rd and 4th grade work at 7 years of age.

      • Now the Government and Big Pharm are forcing vaccinations! One freedom after another abolished by the libTURDS in D.C.

    • I am not sure the principals do either.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Well sir, in the news item I read, it said that the board and the principal knew nothing about it, but doesn’t that kinda tell you something about our educational system? “They” should be well aware of EVERYTHING that goes down in the schools, eh?

        • I do not know what you know about management, but a good manager does not need to know everything that goes on every second everywhere in their operation, but they need to lay down guidelines for their operation, one of which should be that when SOMETHING LEAVES THE BUILDING TO A THIRD PARTY THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT. In this case the Principal was a poor manager for not laying out good guidelines and should be called on the carpet as well. It tells me you do not need to be a total control freak but you need to understand what is important and what is not. Educational management is more about politics than management, I spent 35 years in private management and now am anAdjunct Prof at a University, It’s like the no management zone.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And you know what? You’re 100% right. First, I know nothing about management, but it would seem that someone used extremely poor judgement with a whole room full of very impressionable little minds, and we all wonder what’s happening to this country! No, the principal, most likely didn’t know of it, but “someone” needs to”refresh” the guidelines a tad..

          • Mostly good management is common sense tempered with some experience.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Next, they’ll be forcing them to recite from the Koran. Does anyone really care what they’re forcing upon these little minds???

          • Robert Gelzhiser

            To me this is a form of child molestation. Mental yes, but still molestation, it can come in my opinion at other areas than sexual. This teacher used her personal feelings, opinions, and desires by using minor children.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well Robert, to coin a phrase, “You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!” I guarantee you, it will get worse, and WORSE!! Sadly. I still firmly believe this country needs just one good, highly trained sniper. That, in itself would be one hell of a good start!!

          • Unfortunately all of Congress is in on it. Both sides of the isle. Repubs keep giving dumbo the money he ask for,so he can keep trashing every aspect of the constitution. I don’t believe any of them.

          • Robert Gelzhiser

            TRUE! Too bad Chris Kyle Is Gone!!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And as far fetched as it may sound, I still think Ovomit considered him a threat and had him done in!!

          • Robert Gelzhiser

            JFK murder, Tonkin Gulf Incident, 9/11, with the government anything is possible that they want!

          • There are more out there.

          • There are many of them out there. Watch and see what happens very shortly. It’s coming to a town in your area soon.

          • During the first obama election, the grand kids open house at a very liberal school (there are precious few that are not), were taught to chant obama, obama, obama for several minutes, as we all stood around the room stunned by the ‘Programming’ being inserted into the young kids ‘sponge’ brains. Being a liberal school, most naive young parents were absolutely gushing with pride, as if their darlings were actual ‘Brown Shirts’ marching in lockstep.

            Only the more mature, ‘grand parents’ were stunned and disgusted what has become of our country. Never went to another school open house since. The public schools are apparently being run by graduates from the liberal leftists university system now in power across the USA.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And that’s exactly what the administration is working on – pollution! Pollution of the mind before they have developed enough to think for themselves.. Hitler tried it. Stalin tried it, and many more after them. Their hope has been to tear family ties apart, turn brother against brother, sister against sister and have most fighting amongst each other – even killing! Sound like maybe something you might have read somewhere? Those wonderful repooplicans set us all up. At first, there was hope, and a lot of people were glad they weren’t demoncraps. Then, after repooplicans won, it was like, “Sure, I’ll take a bribe, if plenty of money is involved. Now? Ha! One can slander one party and very easily be talking about the other. They’re BOTH corrupt! But let’s give them a break, huh? They work soooo very hard (sitting on their dead asses)! They just came back off spring break. Boy, they needed it, eh? And when they did come back, they probably had to scan the golf courses to find the head terrorist!!!

          • The BIBLE tells you that will happen in the final days, and guess that’s happening today ?

          • And that is the down fall of this country.

          • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

            Some schools already are, but they can’t quote from the Bible. How sad.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yeah, and the sick part is where the school allows the boys to have their pants hanging from their knees! What’s next, clothing optional???

          • I can not believe what they allow them to wear at some school. My grandchildren all went to a Catholic school in Illinois.. They were very strict on clothes….uniforms pretty much.
            I’m not Catholic but, a Christian. I could wear jean in school when I went. No t-shirts either@

          • Is anyone out there remember when we had cloth diapers. To me it reminded me of why the diapers hung so low. It was because they were full of Sh*!. Don’t you think that is why they wear them so low ?

          • They are already doing that in some schools in the liberal states.

          • Do you not know that’s already happened? Just yesterday , I read an article about children at one school who are asked to “pretend ” they are Muslims, reciting Muslim prayers, and making Islamic prayer shawls! The Obama propaganda arm is working full time to take our children’s hearts from us and stamping out Christianity wherever he finds it! We must fall on our knees and pray, repent of OUR sins (not those of others, ours…like not standing up for Him as our religious rights are being decimated!), and seek His face, then will He hear our prayers and heal our land! 2 Chronicles 7:14 in my own words.

          • Free enterprise business demands that management knows what is happening through continuous communication … ! In the real world of work it is too late when the employee bankrupts the company but government just raises taxes to cover the inefficiency … !

          • Sounds like somebody set up a very bad control system, starting in the accounting department with the approval process and followed by the manager who didn’t look at what they signed off on. No employee should ever have that option.
            IF ANYONE THINKS THEY KNOW EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON ALL THE TIME, they are sadly mistaken, that is why there are control systems.

          • That is not about being a control freak but if you care anything about your school or business you will come down off your high horse and check on your school/business. (That is the people) Have you not heard “when the cat is away the mice will play” ? Think about it.

        • Sounds like bo common core indoctrination scheme & doesn’t it really fit the NWO dictatorial abuse of power regime from hell ….?

        • Maybe they are to busy climbing to the top.

          • What have you managed?

          • I’ve managed a store and a company in the military, and others before. What have you managed other than your mouth (and have done a poor job at that).

          • Several divisions of a major corporation and if you think you know what every one is doing every second of the day, that means that someone is waiting on you for a decision and you are both ineffective and inefficient. Ever heard of delegation of responsibility and authority to act. If you start second guessing everything slows down, sound familiar.

    • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

      I used to be a Substitute Teacher (not the babysitting type). One day in an English Reading class the students started to make a bit of a “hum” while they were supposed to be reading to answer questions given to them. I call one of the students up and asked what the “problem” was. She showed me what I and most of the students believed to be an unsuitable word in the text. Most students said someone had blackened out the word in their books. Others wanted to know if they could do the same. I told them I was against damaging books but in this case, what I didn’t “know” wouldn’t hurt them. After class I went to the English Department Head and spoke with her about the word in the book. She told me the people approving what was to be read in classes these days (and mind you, this was 15 years ago) believed that the students were used to hearing such foul language and if it weren’t in their books, they wouldn’t be interested in reading them. I told her the majority of parents have been fighting to keep their children from using foul language and didn’t need to be taught it in school. She said most parents don’t bother to look through the books so they have no idea what their children are being taught. This IS so TRUE. I tld a few of my friend parents in the school and they were up in arms saying they would pay better attention. Obviously they didn’t or maybe we wouldn’t be where we are now. IF I had it to do over, our son would go to a Christian school not a public because of them teaching evolution and his believing that the teachers and Professors studied in school so they couldn’t be wrong. I tried to tell him and to get him to read books on evolution just so he’d know evolution has NEVER been proven — just shown to be a lie.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        And in a way, they were right. Not many parents even know if their kids DID go to school after leaving the house. I live almost directly across the road from a high school. Last year, it was completely remodeled with extra buildings added. In less than 6 months, you should see the place. Just as one example, instead of walking maybe 25 feet to the nearest gate, they’ve pried bars (plastic) apart and broken them all. Kids now a days don’t seem to appreciate what is done for them. …

    • terryhoaglland123@aol.com

      So many idiots have gone crazy with their way of thinking!!! What’s wrong with the libs brains they’ve been drinking to much kool aid or sniffing to much meth.!!

    • And so many others support what is being taught in schools today. Who can imagine a day when an avowed socialist would represent the Democratic Party? When being patriotic would be politically incorrect? When a sitting president would openly violate the Constitution and be proud of doing so? Whe that same president would give more support to enemies of the nation he leads than he gives to his own citizens unless they grovel at his feet?

  3. grandmal006@yahoo.com

    That idiot teacher, should never be allowed to teach again. What kind of a nut job is she? Nothing like condoning killers. The children could have written letters to the policeman’s family,but no she wanted them to write a killer.

    • Or to the families of the three Las Vegas or the two New York City Police Officers assassinated. Liberalism knows no decent bounds, except when it suits their agenda.

    • I do’t think she deserves to be called a teacher. A true teacher would never be so stupid. She needs to leave the country and live among people she supports!

  4. ‘demonstrates a stunning lack of judgment’ it sounds like her visage will become a poster child for Common Core where NOTHING is wrong, it is simply: If it follows their agenda, then it’s right and DO IT.

  5. Liberal morons (sorry for the stammer) gotta be morons.

  6. Absolutely disgusting. Beyond reprehensible. This is another case were a liberal fool has gone a lot too far.

    • Being given the opportunity to contaminate young minds with socialism is why 95% of teachers at all levels are democrats.

      • The only teachers that I had who were Conservative, were the Men, Black and White. One thing they had in common, was that they were all combat Vets from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
        They cared and called out BS whenever they saw it.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          That’s why, when the Velcro heads start their BS, there’s going to be a lot of we Vietnam vets brushing up on our skills.. heehee

          • I stay brushed up on all my skills because I know I’ll need them very soon. I can place (5) five rounds in a 5″ circle @ fifty feet. simper fi . That is the size of a mans head.

        • They are the ones that the administration is working on getting rid of.

        • I hear you David. All my life in my career I would run into people that would always stand out. They were more confident, more polite, more articulate, more gung ho, in a word just MORE. Almost to a person when I got to know them better and would ask “you were in the military, right?” the answer was “yes sir”. This went for both genders.

          • I couldn’t have said it any better or clearly. I look at the countries that have mandatory service of 2-3 years, and their young people are just “Better”, they get the guidance and self discipline that they missed at home. So no matter how bad the home/neighborhood environment was, they get the chance to start fresh.
            I look at Switzerland, mandatory 2 years, mandatory gun ownership+ min. of 1,000 rounds fired per year. Marksmanship is the most popular hobby, and one of the LOWEST crime rates in the World, and never invaded in modern history. When Hitler DEMANDED passage through for troops and supplies, the Prime Minister said F you. Hitler said I’ll invade with tanks and men. The PM said bring it, behind every rock will be a citizen with a rifle and a bicycle, before you can return fire, he/she will be long gone. Result ? the Nazi’s went AROUND Switzerland.

          • Mandatory service should be required here. Of course the current stock of individuals is very different from even 20 years ago. Now it would be a real task to obtain coachable people. Our school system is a joke with teachers being afraid of the inmates. Something interesting about Switzerland that I recently learned was that despite maintaining a status of neutrality for centuries the major source of income was supplying mercenaries. It seems they were excellent fighters even before firearms were prevalent.

    • Look up the meaning of the word “FOOL” and see if any of them match the meaning.

  7. The cause of a Lawlessness Society ~ that is what we are now. Look around from top to bottom, who are the Law Biding citizens?

  8. This “teacher?” is no different than about 95% of all people teaching in our elementary, high and colleges and universities today. Education is nothing more than the indoctrination of young minds into socialism and was taken over by the socialists over 50 years ago. And because government (DOE) controls public education it is proof of what type of government we now live under.

    • The four “R’s” are verboten . . . and some wonder today why Public School children today are so stupid?

      • That IS the liberal agenda. Keep them stupid and under control with welfare handouts. Used to be welfare was something to be ashamed of and people did almost anything to get off of it. Today it is the preferred life style. And much appreciated by the left. There are thousands of college students that are on food stamps. Used to be if your were healthy and available to work you got no handouts. This is a sick society.

  9. How about write a get well letter to Rev. Billy Graham, now age 96, who actually has done a huge amount of good for people of all races, tongues, and peoples throughout the world?

    I could think of a huge number of people who are aged and or in poor health who actually have spent a lifetime of helping others, living good lives, not murdering anyone or hurting anyone, and who are assets to my immediate community, the state and the nation, as well as the world.

    There is a faithful “Mother Theresa” of Egypt, dressed in a white T-shirt, shawl, and long skirt, it is hardly surprising that Maggie Gobran is dubbed the Mother Teresa of Cairo. As the founder of the Stephen’s Children charity has helped tens of thousands of impoverished children in Egypt and Cairo. Much of her work is amongst some of the poorest children in the world. These children have very little or no access to clean water and some of them are forced to scavenge for food amongst the rubbish piles of Cairo.

    Mama Maggie, as she is known by the children she helps, is Coptic Orthodox with a very grassroots faith. She has little time for interviews or media attention, as she cares for the “least of these.”

    Her life was once very different: “I was teaching at an American University in Cairo,” she explained. “I used to have the best elite students in the country as it was the college which gave the best education.”

    However, her curiosity led her to discover some of the poorest regions of Egypt, where she encountered shocking poverty. “I was told that many of these children die before they are even five years old in these areas. I couldn’t believe that a human being could survive such conditions. They had no water. Can you imagine a young baby surviving without clean water? There were also no schools, no churches and no healthcare. The experience made me question God – whether he was a God of mercy and love. I asked him: ‘How can you see a human being living in such conditions?’ Then later, when I was reading the Bible and waiting for God to talk to me I felt that he was saying that it was my turn to do something about it.” Since that moment, Maggie has dedicated her life to help these children and others.

    • There is NO way a public school teacher will lead anyone to write a letter to a Christian leader.. male or female for whatever reason .. EVER

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Another TROLL folks!! A little BLACK TROLL!!

        • You are on a conservative website calling conservatives … trolls?

          You are a priceless dim whit

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No, you have been on quite a few websites shoofly, just like croc o shit, and you spread bullshit, just like he does. Ha! But I’ll back away here and go pick up my last order of ammo. The rest on here will figure you out! HAHAHAHAHA

          • I am a true conservative and a Christian sir. I question your IQ or ability to read if you have read my posts and gathered any other conclusion.
            And this is the last reply you will get from me no matter what you say. I wipe my feet here…. ……… . ………………….. …………………………….

          • Michael Dennewitz

            PROMISE?? HUH, HUH, PROMISE???

          • Sir, I am a conservative, white and a protector of the Constitution and the Christian values and after reading this last reply of you I went to see your profile and you dont seem to be a conservative, or republican but a freaking racist ignorant. It is people like you that make the rest of us normal conservatives to look like freaks in the eyes of the nation. Not every black person is a thug. I dont like the way most of them in the USA have a culture of lazyness and crime but I have known many of them that have also a culture of work and Christian values. We dont need ignorants like you in our ranks, and much less talking about ammo, because liberals will keep using racist nutcases like you to take away our 2A rights and all the rest along with it. Please go and get an education and take out of your mind all the shit you have before trying to project yourself as a conservative because you are NOT one of us. One thing is to have a welfare culture supported by the government and another to label every single person within a group , which is what you are doing.You dont have to ask someone if he is black or white before doing your assumptions, as long as the person have a work culture, respect and support the rule of law and the Constitution and have Christian values and morals, I could care less if they are red ,black ,yellow or green. You sir are a racist in disguise, not a conservative.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well dayumm.. Could you possibly tell us how you really feel??

          • I already did you racist girl.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummmmm, my closet is full, idiot boy, and I have a CWP for all 5 of them.. But geeze, couldn’t you think of any more vile, filthy names to throw at me so that people will know your dictionary came from the toilet?? Come on now, give it your best 3rd grade shot, huh??? :-))

          • Well, people reading your posts know already that you LIVE inside a toilet.

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Michael Dennewitz

            And next, Mr dipshit, you’re going to try to convince us all that the world is actually square and everyone on it is perfect, especially you, right?? Ha! Because someone doesn’t conform to your way of thinking, they’re garbage. Is that what you’re saying here dipshit. ? Well, this is what makes the globe rotate, like it or leave it. Like my father used to say, “Some stand when they take a leak, some squat!” Ain’t life grand!! (now go and try insulting someone else)

          • No. What makes the world rotate dont have anything to do with racist ignorant shit like you , trying to pass as a conservative. In fact, any Republican will shy away from your sick points of view as well as most conservatives like me. You are NOT a conservative. Maybe using us as a shield for your ill ,ignorant and racist mind but definitely not a conservative. I do allow for others way of thinking but that can not be said of your hundreds of posts in which you first ask the other person if they are black or white to make your stupid assumptions. You belong in a jail. You are the reason that the left are getting away with getting our guns, because I wont let a retard racist like you have a gun neither. And Im sure your father is very proud of raising up a racist ignorant like you. I guess he was a very succesful bum.

  10. This is what is bringing our country down. Libturds have only one view, that is to push their agenda off onto others regardless of the cost…..

  11. How much do you want to bet this school teacher is a registered democrat?

  12. How long will this society, these once wonderful states, cities, and counties continue hiring psychopaths and mental midgets? It is TIME, ladies and gents, to STOP PUTTING IDIOTS in schools where they have access to our still developing children. This is next door to child abuse. Teachers like this can damage a child for life. She should first be fired, then secondly sent to a psychiatrist, and NEVER again be allowed inside a classroom of any sort.

    • Yeah it’s past time… but it’s not going to stop. Nobody on the left is putting on the breaks. Nobody on the right demands it.
      This is a drop in the bucket. My daughter took a high school Latin class where the teacher had the students write curses in Latin against people in their lives and hung them from the walls and ceilings. It was an exercise in a Cambridge, National Board of Education approved Latin text book to teach kids about the historic practices of Rome while teaching Latin.. which happened to include this practice of writing curses on a tablet and hiding it in the ground while praying to a particular deity who would bring these curses upon it’s intended target.

      I called an attorney who said nothing can be done unless the teacher refuses to remove the curses from the walls and ceilings. When I called her she immediately complied. I told her my concern as a Christian is that these students don’t need to be exposed to ancient religious practices of cursing people. What about separation of church and state? She said she’s a Christian too and didn’t see anything wrong with it!! So I asked her what is she going to tell the Lord about this class room practice when she sees Him? She didn’t have anything to say to that.

      That is public education now. All I can say is the Lord told us these days were coming. Keep looking for Jesus and keep your heart right with him. I hate to say this but I believe it will get far far worse. If we can get a Republican in office it will only briefly slow it down.

      • You’re right, of course. The downfall of our nation actually began a couple of centuries ago, but in the past 5-6 decades, the decadence has grown by leaps and bounds. I’d guess end days are upon us or approaching at a very rapid rate. Since most of my family is gone, and now my nation is almost gone, there really isn’t all that much for me to continue on for….but I WILL, just to irritate the political left. 😉

        • Start demanding higher end education, not the dumbed down tripe that is being pawned off as education in today’s scools and universities. The NEA and other Unions have so many hoops for people to jump through to teach people spend all their time “getting qualified and have no ability to relate to people/cannot teach and are not that great at their subject. If you do a correlation between the rise of teachers unions and College entrance scores you will find a decline in the scores…go figure.

  13. marine by choice

    The teacher, students and community would have been better served, if they had wriiten letters to the in-patients at the local Veterans Hospital.

  14. If the children need to practice writing skills the nursing homes would love to have letters.

  15. Not to worry the New Jersey teachers union will have this POS back spreading garbage in the classrooms in a very short time.

  16. STUPID CAN’T BE FIXED! Absolutely no common sense or judgement.

  17. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Articles such as this one re-enforces my belied that liberalism is either applied gross stupidity or a mental illness.

  18. livefreeordiehard

    From what I’ve read in the last few years, MOST teachers are liberal nut bags. The ones that aren’t are afraid to open their mouths.

  19. My children will receive a robust home-schooled education. These libtards are NOT getting in my kids heads to make them good little sheep.

  20. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    • Hitler said the same thing, also wanted guns controlled and Universal Health Care…..gee whizz sounds like the 1930’s all over again, only on this side of the pond?

  21. So many reasons for home schooling.

  22. The name says it all… she must be just another leftard brained inmigrant. They come from their messed up countries and are given an opportunity, and want to use the same mentallity on this country that have their own countries made a shithole. Should not be left to teach kids at all.

  23. Affirmative Action in Action. Bet a Teacher’s Union will defend her moronic idea.
    If she hasn’t been, she needs to be tested for drugs ASAP.

  24. Our schools have been taken over by progressives, just as our government has. Many of the teachers are products of the 1960s counter culture. People who fell for the Marxist ideology and the concept of ‘give me a child until age 8 and he will be a Communist for life’. Marxism. The same origination of unions (called guilds back then) controlling the production. The idea that ‘from each according to his ability (how hard we can work them), to each according to his need (as we determine their needs). Just another way to steal control from the people and hand it to those who will wield control over the people. Talk to professors at colleges and universities and you find that conservative professors are rare and have little or no influence over what goes on. Even our president states, “in order not to stand out in college (why did he not want to stand out?) I hung out with folk poets, Black radicals and Marxist professors”. Much like his 20+ years in Rev Wright’s sermons and never hearing anything bad, yet accepting such concepts as the need to redistribute wealth. You can’t hang out with a group of people without having your thoughts influenced by their ideas.

  25. Haven’t I heard her name in the news recently about other things in school? Maybe it’s just the same name as somebody else doing foolish crap.

  26. Ken Dometriosis .

    Seriously, what do you expect from the racist, low-life, socio-parasite negroids?? Gratitude for all the free government assistance, food, housing and medical? Get real! The negroids have such a low intelligence they have no grasp of right or wrong.
    I also wrote the convicted negroid AND I just finished off a letter to the teacher, being the ignorant sheboon that she is. Not quite as positive as they were hoping, is my guess….

  27. School is NOT school anymore. It’s brainwashing American kids to be robots. They don’t care what these kids think they are just numbers. Parents must TAKE A STAND AGAINST THESE TYRANTS AND SAVE OUR KIDS.

  28. Michael Dennewitz

    These websites can be one of two things, informative or a joke, depending who is trying to be the “head of any given conversation!” Most that come on here, if the truth were known, are far from being perfect, and really have no room criticizing what others say. Usually, the ones that “bitch” the most, are the ones that are not satisfied with your reply. Basically, what that boils down to is the fact that some want you to conform to their way of thinking. Anything short of that and the name calling begins. You say the wrong words, and if it doesn’t conform to their thinking, OH BOY, You’re a racist and or a bigot. Often times, you catch yourself thinking, “Who the hell died and left that idiot in charge?” All walks of life frequent these discussions, and EVERYONE is going to have their own reservations as to any given subject. If one doesn’t like what someone says, easiest thing to do is ignore them. But NO, some have to come back and try to shove their ideas down someone else’s throat!
    There are no signs dictating that language should be of a certain nature. Most respect other people’s religions and beliefs, but some just can’t stand it unless they can jump in and TRY to describe you, then ridicule you, and I suppose that makes them feel better. I was never a demoncrap, and for some time, was a repooplican, but after this terrorist entered office, I AM NEITHER. My preference.
    The Korean ruler calls Ovomit “that little halfbreed monkey in that big white house over there,” so I suppose that makes him a racist. I doubt he really gives a crap, yet you repeat those very same words on here….here comes the language police.
    I was born a free person, and I will always remain a free person, FREE to have my own thoughts and opinions. If someone comes on here and doesn’t like it, TUFF SHIT!

  29. Appears as a muslim support teacher that is like many of her type that do not deserve the U.S. & belong with all their stench in a 3rd world country … ! How the hell did she get a teach job & who hired her ? The hiring being in the same category & has to be excommunicated from the U.S. Citizenship & never being allowed in the U.S. again legal or illegal with a bounty price of treason if caught … !

  30. Tasine, I agree with you one hundred, no two hundred percent. Greyguy, I hear you friend and let me say, following my 8 years of military, my entire life was spent in management. Anyone keeping up with what’s going on knows that one of the big issues of the day is what is being taught in our classrooms, especially because of these sneaky Muslims trying to sell their BS to our kids and brain wash them. So in light of that even though in general your principal works, todays Administrators needs to know every detail of what is going on in classrooms. Am I saying that the Superintendant should go around and spend time listening to teachers in the classroom? No I am not. There are plenty of managers and supervisor jobs between the Superintendant level and the classroom. They should stay informed. Someone reads the teachers lessons the teachers prepare themselves. Everyone I knew that taught submitted plans weekly.

  31. RAW Discrimination…..why didn’t they write Charlie Manson also? Was it because there was a rumor a girl wanted to marry him and not a guy?

  32. One day dese chilluns gon be punks. Feed ’em lots of anti-cop hippity hop ranting, tell them the miracles of pot and other drugs. Teach them the interpersonal skills necessary to keep their drug clientele coming back. And help them learn how to fill out an unemployment application. Dey be happy.

  33. My daughter teaches in a private Catholic elementary school. They make a lot less money than the state schools but you have to be a very good teacher to be able to teach there. They have students that are Catholic and non-Catholic but it seems like all of the parents are very involved with their children and the activities at the school. Once a week, the teachers send all the parents their child’s curriculum. It is a lot of extra work for the teachers but
    this way the parents know exactly what their child is leaning each week and what their child should be studying and they always have homework.

  34. Rank discrimination….why was Charles Manson not sent letters?

  35. Wilbert Jennings

    FIRED and her license taken what was she thinking?

  36. Thank God my children are well past high school and college because I am sure I would be serving a sentance for eithier slapping or kicking one of these libtards. I truly feel sorry for children today to have to be subjected to these mindless wonders!

  37. Oh, yes, THE STUDENTS wanted to send the letters!!!!!! Another Liberal who thinks we are DUMB and will believe their LIES!!!!! PLEASE, NEVER vote for a Democrat again!!!!! DON’T believe their LIES!!!!!!

  38. Is she a legal citizen. If she is she should have her citizenship revoked along with her license to teach.

  39. The woman is a flaming idiot.

  40. I’ve know a couple of teacher whom I beleive to be really decent people, but they are very liberal and believe that they have a right to indoctrinate their class in thier brand of politics. I am disappointedf in them.

  41. Why wasn’t she fired????????????? These are little kids and they just don’t wake up in the morning and say let’s write to a cop killer and make him feel good. That teacher has the gall to say it was kids idea. THIS TEACHER SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TEACH PERIOD. FIRE HER NOW

  42. “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
    along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―
    Karl Marx

  43. Parents should remove their children from government indoctrination centers and either home school their children or send them to private schools. The congress needs to be awaken and defund the illegal dept of educamtion (indoctrination) and then eliminate it. It has devolved into an institution to indoctrinate our children to everything which is evil and un-American.

  44. Obviously, this woman should not be a teacher.

  45. The elected officials of the school board should be all over this, they are the ones responsible for the horing and firing of school faculties. the moron teacher should be fired not suspended with pay, then the principle for allowing the moron teacher such freedom to use a political agenda in the classroom.

  46. TeaParty Patriot

    I understand that she tried to excuse the incident by throwing the kids under the bus by saying they asked to write the letters to the killer that she had told them about several weeks earlier. As far as I am concerned all the more reason to schitte can the broad and pull her teaching credentials. If when relating the incident, she had put the killer in the light of being a cop killer instead of making a hero out of him, even third graders would not have wanted to write him letters. It is a clear case of liberals rewriting history and indoctrinating young minds full of mush.

  47. Suspended? She better be fired and never allowed in the class. She has no business teaching at all. I have heard they are teaching about the Koran now in some elementary, middle and high schools. I thought could not have and thing about religion in classes. Maybe t was no bible in the classroom, they should be glad my kids are grown now. They would nt want me to show up at that school.

  48. She should be fired, how can we trust her to teach our children, if she would sink this low on this convicted murderer and .telling the children that he was innocent, how far would she go next time she decides that our justice system is not justice. If he is sick then justice is catching up with him. meh

  49. The entire school system needs re thought from pre-school to college this administration has fouled up everything it’s put its hands on

  50. I am a retired teacher and I am so glad to be out of this profession. You would not believe the crap that is being taught and the important skills that are not being taught. I was under orders to teach for a state test, which means put your books away and teach out of this manual that shows the kids how to well, so the school looks great. That is just the start of the problems.

  51. He should died yrs.ago

  52. Bigots all of you. Regardless of her particular politics she shouldn’t of used the children but you people need a reality check. The KKK is a joke and has always been.

  53. Most universities have liberal professors, hello? Is it any wonder what is being pumped out of them? Home school or christian schooling. One that is void of any state or federal funding.

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