3rd Graders Write to Convicted Cop Killer

A New Jersey elementary school teacher has been suspended for having her students write get well cards to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. The moron in question – Marilyn Zuniga – thought it would be perfectly acceptable to have her kids send Abu-Jamal a collection of letters after she learned that the controversial figure was in ill health.

Currently serving out a commuted death sentence for murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981, Abu-Jamal has become a cause célèbre for activists who think he was wrongly convicted. The former Black Panther member has been characterized as a political prisoner in some circles, but it was a jury – not the U.S. government – that sentenced him to death in 1982. That conviction has held up against multiple appeals, including one that went all the way to the Supreme Court. His death sentence, however, was changed to life without parole in 2011.

Regardless of what Ms. Zuniga may think about Abu-Jamal’s guilt or innocence, however, it demonstrates a stunning lack of judgment that she would involve her 3rd graders in this kind of political activism. She has since been suspended by the Orange Public School District. They released a statement denying any prior knowledge of the assignment and promised that a full investigation would follow.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment. What do you think would happen if she had assigned her students to write a friendly letter to Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson? Or to George Zimmerman? She wouldn’t be suspended with pay; she would be hanged in the town square and her body would be energetically dismembered on CNN.

Either way, we don’t need political activists teaching our elementary school students. Especially ones as devoid of good sense as this one. Unfortunately, these incidents are growing more frequent. Small wonder. That’s what happens when you go to a liberal university, enshroud yourself in a liberal circle of friends, and hear your liberal ideas reinforced every time you turn on the TV. You forget that not everyone thinks the way you do. You forget that some parents might be uncomfortable with their students writing to a cop killer. After all, liberals believe in things more idiotic than the innocence of Abu-Jamal. Some of those things are actually written in the textbooks.

It’s bad enough that our kids have to fend off the left’s advances in the media. We can at least work to make sure they aren’t indoctrinated by their loony teachers. If they need a writing assignment that incorporates social studies, maybe they can write an apology letter to the Founding Fathers for what we’ve let happen to this country.

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