33 States Pursuing Laws To Stop Sanctuary Cities

Republicans in more than half the states in the country have proposed bills that would prevent, to some degree or another, cities from implementing sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants. Lawmakers in Mississippi, Florida, Texas have made significant headway in the war on sanctuary cities, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In total, 33 states have introduced measures that would bring sanctuary cities into compliance with federal immigration law, just as the Trump administration begins threatening those cities with a reduction in funding.

There isn’t necessarily one firm definition that makes a city a “sanctuary” or not, but there are hundreds of cities throughout the U.S. that do not fully cooperate with federal immigration officials. Some merely reject detainer requests, meaning they do not hold illegal immigrants in custody for ICE to come pick up and put into deportation proceedings. Others only fulfill the requests under certain conditions, such as when the individual in question has been convicted of a serious crime. Still others have no firm policy on detainer requests, but refuse to have their local law enforcement officers question people on their immigration status.

It is the detainer policies, though, that are most often targeted by Republican lawmakers – and the Trump administration – when they talk of eliminating sanctuary city policies. Some proposed laws “would require cities to swear under penalty of perjury that they comply with federal detainer requests,” reports The Hill.

“If a city calls itself a sanctuary city, that means a lot of different things to a lot of different cities,” Pennsylvania Republican Guy Reschenthaler told The Hill. He is sponsoring legislation that would ban all “municipalities of refuge” in his home state.

The newspaper reports that other states are taking action as well:

In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has withheld millions of dollars in grants to Travis County, which includes Austin. State Sen. Charles Perry (R), who has sponsored one of the 23 bills dealing with sanctuary city legislation, said state grants make up a substantial portion of many city and county budgets, which means local officials pay attention when a state moves to block those funds.

“The only way you can get a jurisdiction’s attention is if you withhold the money,” Perry said. “We have several jurisdictions in Texas that, either implicit or explicit, have become sanctuary cities.”

Virginia legislators passed a ban on sanctuary cities earlier this year, though Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) vetoed that measure. Gov. Tom Wolf (D) is likely to do the same to Reschenthaler’s bill in Pennsylvania if it passes the state House.

The meat and potatoes of these efforts will likely come not from Republican lawmakers and not even from the Department of Justice. They will come with a turning of public opinion against these sanctuary policies, which endanger communities and violate federal law. If Republicans can get the messaging right – which simply means letting Americans see for themselves what harm these policies are doing – the rest will quickly fall into place.

We hope.

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    THROW the Mayor and the Councel in jail for helping these criminals!! then convict them. Then they can no longer hold Office..
    That would be funny!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    • They should anyway!

    • it would also be justice. it is against the law to aid and abet these illegals. so what the heck is going on? hillary doesn’t get arrested, none of the political traitors get arrested, NOBODY. But they will spend 8 years trying to arrest or impeach President Trump! or you and me, for that matter. don’t jaywalk or spit on the sidewalk. but okay to invade little girls’ bathrooms (just a for instance)

      • It seems that certain people (on the Left) are “immune” to any kind of prosecution. The corrupt
        Clintons, the foreign-born muslim president who was given 8 years to tear apart our country,
        and many elected officials all have a protective cloak around them. Makes no sense, but
        there it is. We have to be as supportive of our law-abiding, patriotic new President as we
        can be, so he can weed out at least some of the crooks. Hillary C. and “Barry” O. will never
        be held responsible for their criminal activities; the powerful Left has their backs, sadly.

        • that’s for sure! But We the People (and it is SUPPOSED to be OUR govt!!) should somehow INSIST and MAKE THEM be prosecuted. Otherwise things will never change. It is going to be very difficult to “drain the swamp” when they are all ELECTED — and it is easy to see why the worst ones are REFUSING to accept TERM LIMITS!! The whole thing is a mess, they are ENTRENCHED in their long, long terms of CORRUPTION and seem to be UNTOUCHABLE. They’ve been doing as they please for SO LONG before we woke up, it has gotten to the point where they do it right in OUR FACES and couldn’t care less!!!

          • I believe, since the Obama administration, our gov’t, didn’t charge Killary and hold her accountable – for her many lies; but NOT PROTECTING OUR NATION’S SECRETS, and taking millions from terrorist nations, giving uranium to Russia, getting the questions ahead of time in a debate????

            It was the responsibility of We the People to hold her accountable, say “NO” to her, “you are not qualified, you are 100% corrupt, and NOT QUALIFIED TO BE POTUS”. We the people used the law/Constitution given to us, and the electing of Mr. T. HELD HILLLARY ACCOUNTABLE. She deserves prison; but one step at a time, gov’t works slowly.

          • yes she deserves jail. i realize losing another election really affects a sicko like her, but still, she is living the high life with all that fake-foundation money and getting more and more arrogant (if that is possible) all the time…..

          • RIGHT ON.

      • But, with Trump in the WH and great appointees, slowly but surely we are going to see more law and order, and less brainless governance in our country. Someone will definitely be paying the “bill” for all the stupidity. I know we want it today, but it, like karma, is coming.

  2. stop all funding to USA CITIES that are sanctuaries for the illegals, an stop all foreign aid to Latin America, all of them, let the tyrants an corrupt politicians ,an dictators, go without, their people are all ready going without, with the foreign aid now, or they would not be sneaking under the fence to get in the USA. Let the snakes go hungry. An then see if there is any change .

    • We have so many citizens unemployed or working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet, there should be absolutely no money, “charity” for other nations.

      • Thank You Sir, YES, not one thin damn taxpayer dime , an GOD BLESS

      • Or invaders on our soil – remove them and in the interim remove welfare, WIC, EBT, etc. which will encourage even more to leave because the purse is closed. Read where Mexico is providing jobs for those returning. About time! We should keep our money here for America or as Trump has said more than once “America First”. Charity begins at home and then when that is covered, it moves out of the home. I was taught this by a nun in my first year of high school and it still rings true to this day. If we can’t care for our own, then we can’t care for outsiders or invaders either.

  3. I am all for the Feds withholding funds to Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States. I am disgusted with Governor Moonbeam (Brown) here in CA who wants to make this a sanctuary state. A poll out of Berkeley, CA found that 77% of the state voters are opposed to sanctuary status, so I think Brown needs to rethink things and that it would be better put to a vote. Seems our taxes just keep climbing so that Brown and his cronies can have more to spend and waste.

    • As CA continues to have funding cut you can watch that percentage of people who oppose sanctuary rise.

      The Hollyweird they appreciate their illegal domestic help too much, as does a good amount of the CA legislature, far be it from me to say it, but have you ever considered leaving and moving to a far more law abiding and conservative state?

      • The only thing is Craig. The disease just creeps from state to state. We need to fight the corrupt politicians. Or it will eventually just little by little take over every state to which there will be no place to run to.

        • You are 100% right look how Colorado has been destroyed by left wing morons, just like our state well the Seattle is what I should say what a shit hole it has become and a queer pervert for the mayor it is Liberal heaven!

          • And the more states accept and support cannabis, the more airy heads will either not vote or vote for more cannabis governance. Makes money for the greedy and power hungry, but destroys the minds of so many. Keep thinking about the Woodstock and see what happened.

          • The NWO and Globalists are trying to dumb down the citizens with pot, and its working.

          • Pot heads have no concerns, how any of them are self sustaining is beyond me, so issues like illegals sucking the life blood of our nation does not bother pothead in the least just more stoners to get high with.

          • Used to live in Tacoma Ronnie. I got tired of wall to wall people and moved to the Tonasket area.

          • Like MT most likely transplants from CaliMexifornia, but do not tell that to Shecky, he spews nonsense about their Socialist state being the results of transplants from the Midwest, another Loonie Libtard in disguise.

            They whine about their state going to he’ll in a shit basket, but refuse to take the blame for that happening.

        • I personally don’t give a damn if the liberal cretins in California all jump off the cliff like lemmings following their screw ball leader Jerry Brown. Just don’t leave the state and drag their liberal poison to neighboring states. I’d go so far as to put a fence around the state and declare a quarantine.

          • I’m a 4th generation Californian and have watched our state since the 50’s bring in out of staters. They come from the midwest and east coast…yeah, what state are you from? They come here for jobs, the weather or for what ever reason. Google anyone from hollyweird..yeah they are mostly from east of the Rockies. GFY!!! The presidents that have been elected in the past have ignored the border for the most part….who did you vote for in the last 50+ years?

            So that liberal poison you talk about…YEAH WE HAVE SEEN IT MOVE HERE, PROBABLY FROM YOUR STATE!!!

          • I agree because the Easterners come here for the good life and immediately start ruining our state. When I moved here in 1960, CA was a great state, then came the Flower Children and mostly from out of state to love brain power using drugs, and especially cannabis. What amazes me is that the first 13 colonies worked and fought to give us the American Republic are the very ones going democrat and trying to ruin our country. Conundrum and I haven’t figured out what happened along the way. We did get many from the Mid-West due to the dust storms in the 30’s, but they came to work and build this state, while others come to destroy what it offered and so it is no longer the Golden State but the Stolen State. Think Florida with Easteners going there and ruining it. Used to be a lovely state but now overrun with NYers, etc. and frankly, we don’t go there any more to visit. Of course, they are now mad (and or crazy) that Trump won, but proves once again we have a lot of intelligent Americans out there and I thank God for them and our family for voting for what we want and need!

          • The ones ruining the states are illegal immigrants. They have overwhelmed education, health care, just about everything. They work cheaper (keeps wages low) and they are allowed to vote (sometimes more than once per election). They live with 10-15 people in a house and can then afford the rent. The also use each other’s SS numbers. They are also given $5,962 per year, per household and get extra money for the kids, why do you think they have so many kids. They also get 33% more food stamps than Americans do. My neighbor (Illegals) have $105,000 worth of cars, I don’t. Thank about that BS.

          • Those puddles of toxic waste that employ know they are illegal, because more than 1 provides the same SSN, ah! sorry officer I had know clue they were here illegally does not cut it, no sympathy on my part, because not for 1 minute would anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence believe any excuse an employer did not realize they were employing an illegal alien.

            1st clue that an illegal alien might very well be such, fluency in English, red flag, automatic background check.

          • As for upper Midwesterners at least 75% of those Loonie Libtards must have relocated there from northern IL, those people do nothing but guzzle Lamestream media kool-aid, consider they elected, possibly another 15-20% from MN, examine any political party affiliation demographic chart, states by political party affiliation:

            states by party affiliation

            Shared via Bing Search

          • In the northern midwest??? We know this, and it’s the leadership, the gov’t and lack of any accountability. Next election: “what have you done in your 20 years of receiving taxpayer $$$”? Get involved. I was a huge pain in the butt, last election; but it’s important, we could not survive with criminal Killary in DC. It’s important = VOTE. Elect all incumbents OUT in 2018.

          • I would say I have met more people that have moved here from CaliMexifornia and the southwest than vice versa, it seems they just could not longer handle the high crime rate per capita, as for going there for jobs, unless you are skilled in the high tech trade, no guarantee there either all jobs are given to foreigners and illegals.

            It may have been the way you describe 40 or 50 years ago but that trend reversed, very few Midwesterners anxious to move out west and has not been for quite sometime.

            Guess you people should have paid far more attention to what your legislators were and are doing.

          • You talk out of your you know what… I lived in the same home for 28 years and just in my neighborhood we had 17 families move here from just the midwest. Our tract of homes is only 62 homes so you do the math. Google 20 people from hollyweird or more if you want to…you would be hard pressed to get one that was born west of the Rockies.

          • The 1 who has no clue as to statistics of people who have moved to west coast from the Midwest is you, and my family has resided in northeastern WI since 1856.

          • Shecky, you sound more like Deep State deeply intranced than a patriotic Conservative provide the statistics of people moving west over the past 50 years as opposed to those who moved east.

            You are a complete idiot.

          • lol…you sound like an inbred knowitall. Stay in Wisconsin and keep eating that cheese…most of you look as stupid as you sound. Your women are fatter than the cows and most your men look like your one step from a sex change.. Your pic says a thousand words….are you part of the Lee family? Which one are you Ug, Nar or Home?

          • Your the idiot if your as nasty as you sound you need a padded cell.

          • Awww, poor little hawk….are your sensibilities hurt? Do you need a blankie and a bottle? Grow up and get some thicker skin child….if it’s one thing the Marines taught me at a young age was “words never hurt me unless I let them”. Yours gave me a chuckle…lol

          • I`m glad you were amused and I respect your service to our country.

          • Really, no sanctuary cities? Hmmmhttps://www.google.com/amp/s/patch.com/wisconsin/milwaukee/amp/26893506/donald-trump-orders-crackdown-on-sanctuary-cities-milwaukee-madison-others-could-lose-federal-fundin

          • Have no idea as to the point you were trying to make Shecky, but I am not able to open it, something about containing an invalid URL.

            Apparently the citizens of Milwaukee just do not learn, I am certain that since the 1st time that idiot Tom Barrett ran against Scott Walker Milwaukee has only gone deeper in debt, yet those retards keep reelecting him, but then again most the citizens are quite likely primarily black.

            All of eastern WI at 1 time had the 414 area code, then it only covered Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties, now it only covers the inner city of Milwaukee, proof that those people are not even intelligent enough to learn a new area code.

          • Well, no worries. You’ll NEVER see me move to Kali. Not enough incentive in the world for that.

          • No problem there Oren, they love their illegal labor and freedom to get high, they will not relinquish the strangle hold they have on true patriots.

          • I have suggested more than once that that wall needs to be built not only between the U.S.and Mexico, but also separating those Deep State deeply intranced Loonie Libtard states like CaliMexifornia, OR, WA, and NV as well, any other state that becomes far too lawless should also be prepared to get walled off.

            Martial law being applied to all lawless states from the outside that is, no 1 out and no 1 in except for deliveries of paid for commodities each shipment being carefully inspected, treat those people the same way all foreigners here illegally should be treated, refuse to abide by the law you will all be incarcerated.

          • Hey Craig…start building that wall!! I’m a great shot up to 1100 yards, ef’ing retard. There are many of us still here that are very conservative and I’m a Marine 1973-83.

            Oh and by the way we have the largest population of on base military personnel along with a majority of the ports on the west coast. Not much of a strategist are you?

        • THAT is what has happened to those southern areas of U.S.A. Southern CA, and NM, and areas of TX – they didn’t stop the cancer that is allowed to spread from Mexico, and I’m not talking about the people. The drug cartels, those who are illegal that simply move back and forth in order to evade law. Those people, as in Syria also, need to fight to improve their own countries. Running away never works.

          • Agreed. We need to swamp the capitals. Olympia here in Washington State. In droves and let them see we have had enough Barbedwire. Take care.

          • The laws of predominantly “Moonie Muslime” nations have their foundation in deception and hatred towards those who do not pay homage to:


            3rd paragraph down, 1st sentence, direct link to the tribes of Israel:


            There is absolutely nothing ethical about Sharia law, and Zionist and Rabinic laws are far from ethical as well, but all the senseless murder in the name of religious law is not nearly enough to drive that point across, you are either anti-Judaic, anti-Zionist, or islamphobic, any way that is what Deep State deeply intranced Loonie Libtards always accuse you of being.

        • That’s right, I live in Nevada and they follow California legislation like we’re part of that state. Next thing you know we’re doing exactly the same thing. Its beyond irritating.

          • I call for all Deep State of deeply intranced people states to be walled in, U.S. troops patrolling the wall to make sure no 1 gets in or out without being inspected 1st for them trying to sneak people or contraband out, my advice is flee as fast and far as possible, because personally I do foresee law and order returning to way too many of the states west of the Rockies.

        • They tried that nonsense in WI the people would be voting out legislators every election, call us Rednecks if you will, but Election booth workers are vigilant when it comes to who can legally vote.

          I am not saying Voter ID specifically needs to be shown when you vote especially if you are not already registered, but a DL or state issued ID of some kind, CaliMexifornia illegally issues DLs to those who do not speak a word of Ingles nor care to prove they are here legally which is where all the illegal voting occurs.

      • Too old and can’t afford a move. Lived in San Diego for over 30 years. It is as expensive as Honolulu Hawaii. I now live in Hemet a small Retirement Community and am just getting by.

      • Why should they move if they own say a home, business, kids in school etc., Personally I left years ago but at the time didn’t have a business, kids in school etc. The best thing these people can do is pay attention to what is said during elections, don’t just believe the status quo.

    • Why are Culofornia people so bent on there own destruction by electing this moron time and time again they must hate America this guy is a moron.

      • We are outnumbered by the opposition as well as illegal voters.

        • That seems to be the PLAN of Soros/Pelosi/O vomit and kamala ( the IDIOt) harris….if they lose Kaliphornication to the GOP … The Anarchy ( nee ) (D) party Is NONE!!!

      • It’s pretty obvious, Ronnie. Governor Brown, very much like Obama did, is building his voter base with the same illegals that we’re all upset with. The real legal citizen will have to endure some hardships down the road, but in the end hopefully the lack of federal funds will send the likes of Governor Brown down the well.

        • Yep, now the tallies are in….the Donald did win the popular vote as over 3M illegal/dead, double…have been traced.

          • Where is the proof of the popular vote win? I would love to see it smeared all over every news in our Country!! That way we. Hold watch all the non believers cry there eyes out all the way home!!

          • barnjoer: through the weeks, since the election, I have followed several articles, written by independent journalists as to what they have uncovered. She won by three million votes, plus or minus a few…so as the weeks rolled by and more stats came out from state agencies, personal friends with ties to the right organizations and the right people…I added them together….I included double voting, the dead, illegal aliens and even those found to have voted state to state although those were minimal.. You and I know that the MSM will never report this on a regular basis..it seems they have lost the ability to think and to do what is responsible for this country..however, he won the most counties and states also!

          • The fake news stations will never investigate or air such truth.

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          • far more than that —– they’re still fighting a decent investigation…..

          • Rick, Thanks for your comment and support..did any of you see what happened in Montana? Bullock..Sharia welcome here; he is an ex judge and a Dumbocrat.

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          • Out of country as well. Don’t open.

          • @cp123, I wasn’t going to..
            they come on and wAste
            Good comment space.
            Need a “Mark as spam” so we can get rid of them our

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        • Yes…… The Democrat’s base is made up of (1) illegal immigrants, (2) Hollywood vaginas, (3) criminals, (4) the dead, (5) the aborted fetuses.

      • Ah, we did vote somewhere at 40% for Trump but the news here lies about that. We currently have a Republican (Fox) running for the governorship and I encourage everyone to vote for him. We intelligent citizens here did not and will never vote for democrats and that is why they love invaders here to illegally vote.

      • Just consider this please many of those there are opposed; however, as in Denver..they have more populace to vote for pot smoking, drunken Hickenlooper, ever heard him speak ..there are times he cannot finish and someone else steps in..than all the little or smaller towns put together..I think this is how is it in CA…San Francisco, LA, San Diego, etc

      • Good point but you forgot Pelosi she is a loon who they keep putting in office. Typical of voters in calif.

        • They don’t pay attention to what they crazies say, they recognize the name so they just keep voting for them.

          • Since many cannot Read the JAC KASS Party symbol is what they VOTE

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            As an ultra-conservative Californian, I would like to inform you that you are CORRECT.
            Pelosi sounds the same in English and Spanish….get the picture?
            If our useless governor, Jerry Brown, would have a stroke and have leave office, we might have a small chance, although the lieutenant governor is also a bottom feeder.
            Those who do not live in Taxifornia may not realize how big the illegal alien influence is in our state capitol, it is huge.
            Parents actually encourage their children to learn california spanish, not because it is a good idea, but so they will be able to talk to the population of California.
            All of America is/will have the same problem as California because no one in any state has taken the proper steps to stop it. As long as there is even one useless liberal left on this planet, there will be un-American activity.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I call her Pewloosley

        • She needs to retire ASAP! Such an old hag!

        • Don’t forget the idiot Maxine Waters.

      • WHY you ask… Generations of DRUG infected and Progressively Brain Dead Imbreedings … and u get Maxi Waters .. Botox nance P , Dy ck head Adam Schtf’s, and Moon Beams Elected by such “THINGS” to SCERW up our COUNTRY

        • Pot smokers is Stupid is As does. A love of my brother just got out of jail being in for 4 months & he’s back in jail after being out 3 months. My poor brother who is sick is gonna die because of this druggy.. his liver abbanden him again to die alone. Asshole!

          • Hate to tell you BUT you Missed the WHOLE point ..Dip stick.
            I pointed out thar the Anarchists from Coastal states are Invading GOOD States…..and are the Products of ILL practices and a result of ILL practices….

      • Are you familiar with Mayor Tom Barrett, has ran against Scott Walker twice for position of Governor, Barrett’s claim to fame is running Milwaukee into extreme debt, still Mayor of Milwaukee, I guess those hooked on Ebonics citizens are too stupid to learn.

        I did not think WI had a sanctuary city, but I was proven wrong, Milwaukee is a Sanctuary city and certainly should be stripped of all Federal and State funds.

      • Yes. How and why they vote for Feinstein and Pelosi also?

      • Look at the California population, look at who keeps getting local and state managers elected/reelected! Go into any café or store, doctors office, hospital, park or pubic event in California – Your answer will be standing (or sitting) in front of you! Go by the unemployment and welfare offices and you will see Americans, young and old, looking for benefits as they can no longer get jobs.

    • Running accomplishes nothing. You stay and fight for your rights. Otherwise you’d be no different than all the young refugee men that flee their own country, like the cowards they are, only to make ours as bad.

    • Will continue till people in Cal. Get some balls. Deserve what you get.

      • So, it isn’t going to change your mind when “Hollywood” said they’ll go on strike if Mr. T. doesn’t resign???? The stupidity of this “group” is laughable. We the People, contributing to their “art” SUPPORT THEM??

    • Maybe those 77% will vote his miserable butt out next time. Glad i don’t live in CA.

    • The support as my friend wrote, falls over to the people in the cities and counties throughout CA to support these cities..same in every state that harbors them illegally; the governors and mayors I would think can be arrested for disobeying a FED law. and notice this…he had not reason to back down on either BAN..why did he..think it out…he is the President….the Oath alone covers him…Constitution, McCarran Act and Amend VIII; a FED judge cannot overrule him.

    • If 77% of the voters are against this, why is Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters still in office? Recall their asses and get them out of office

      • Illegal voters?

        • Again if 77% are polled, those 77% could recall and impeach the progressive idiots

          • They probably don’t POLL the illegals, and even those those people are polled – WE HAVE A VERY SAD LACK OF PARTICIPATION IN VOTING IN THE U.S. I voted for Romney, as I already knew about Obama’s lies with ACA. The low turnout was depressing. I don’t believe Conservative was any better for Mr. T. They still have to get to the polls.

          • I wish there was one decent State to live in where we didn’t have illegals, dishonest politicians.

          • Demoncommiecrats, RINOs, and Demoncommiecrat appointed Socialist Federal judges have allowed the lowest of the low socials dregs to infiltrate every state to an extent you cannot avoid it.

            I do not know if you have ever seen WI DL or any current state DL, but they are far from easy to mass produced, at present we have a very Conservative Governor with Scott Walker, but I have heard that while still Governor of WI Jim Doyle had his staff mass produce DLs to provide to Cockroaches, “Diamond” Jim, anything for votes and money.

          • Our State Legislature (Nevada) are deciding if they think immigrants (illegals) should get “driving permits” (aka drivers license) for 4 or 8 years. I find this offensive because we, the citizens, can only get our DL for 3-4 years. This is exactly what I knew would happen, they’d give them an inch,
            (drivers permits) and then give them a hundred miles. Nevada Governor is Hispanic, what does that tell you? Just the beginning folks, just the beginning.

          • Like CaliMexifornia, 1st you need to eliminate the illegal aliens from the voting process, as long as your voting process is corrupted your state government will remain so as well.

          • Sadly way too many refused to realize the deceit and crimes that illegal Kenyan moonie muslime nationalist was/is guilty of.

            As for Mitt his own son who was his Campaign Mgr. said his father’s heart was not really in winning the presidency, not to mention many label him a RINO.

            It is a sad fact that over the past 35 years the Demoncommiecrats campaign promises convinced far to many that our nation would improve under their leadership while Republican candidates were lame ducks.

          • I hoped this election reactions would show people that the demoncrats have been in charge for too long. They have managed to control the masses with BS and freebies.

        • Yep. I wonder if they outnumber citizens by now.

      • People are too lazy, plus they have bought the illegals to vote for them.

      • You left out Dear Dianne Feinstein.

        • sorry, you are so right. There are so many to have to remember

          • So sad that that is the complete truth, whereas the swamp needs to be drained in DC, CaliMexifornia needs to work from the Federal level all the way down to the Governor and legislature in Sacramento, drain their state capital swamp as well.

      • 1st you have to eliminate all the illegal aliens from the voting process, it is because of illegal votes that those mentally incapacitated freaks still hold Federal office.

    • “Seems our taxes just keep climbing so that Brown and his cronies can have more to spend and waste.”
      Sorry, Janet–it doesn’t work that way. Higher taxes drive more industries and jobs away, resulting in less revenue for them to spend and waste, which means MORE taxes and fewer jobs–a Death Spiral for any government.
      Pres. Trump’s tax CUTS will result in GREATER revenue, MORE jobs, which means even MORE revenue, then MORE & MORE jobs. A GROWTH Spiral such as not seen since Reagan.

      • Sanctions should have been slapped on any product made by a U.S. corporation, you are nothing but greedy trash when you take jobs away from your fellow citizens in an never ending pursuit to increase profit margin.

        You can talk all you want about unfair business practice between the U.S. and China, but our wealthy brought that upon themself.

    • You Folks in KALIPHORNICATION got to Clean up that SEWER … how can anyone vote for MOON BEAM….Maxi Waters.. Kamala Harris and BOTOX PELOSI, Adam dy ck head SCHITF and claim to have a live BRAIN????

    • I totally agree with you.

      We moved back to Cali (my birthplace) in 2016 from AZ to be close to family. We are moving back to AZ early 2018 for a myriad of reasons but the main one is that Cali SUCKS on every level!

      I Hate what Pothead brown and his luny Libs have done to my state. They have made it Ugly, full of illegals. And if you wander down to Orange Cty, you will see many Muslims with their wives in full Berkah attire.

      The regular citizens are being pushed out so the illegals and muslims can take their places. I hope the whole state falls into the pacific ocean and Nancy pelosi drowns with it! Grrrrrr!

    • If 77% are against allowing illegals having free reign to suck up free taxpayer dollars, shoot citizens etc. and make it hard for people there to have a normal life, without rampant, unpunished crime, it sounds like you have enough people to recall this idiot and have him tossed in Jail for his lawlessness and breaking his oath to the legal citizens people of California. It is like paying someone to watch your house, they steal from you, yet you (the collective ‘you’) keep hiring him back. Isn’t it time for a change? It will take mass deportation of all those who do not belong there, until they go through the process of citizenship so we have less America-Hating-Flag-Burning Oxygen breathers. If you have a majority it is time for them to stand up and fight, so the kids, young and old, have a safer, better state in which to live. Your call.

    • JANET, I could not have said this any better WELL SAID.
      BOBBY ~!~

    • Some how this needs to get out wide spread through the country. We the people need to be told the truth. You are correct, the blind media will never tell the truth!!

    • CA kooks got to go……Talk about rigging elections – money – backstabbing……

    • Seems to me that Brown needs to go! Recall that nut-job!

    • Yes, their failing to enforce the laws is malfeasance of duty.

    • The federal government MUST do what ever it takes to ensure ALL sanctuary cities are eliminated.
      I suggest either the federal government arrests local and state leaders who refuse to comply with federal laws – or the federal government start removing ALL federal funded activities including federal offices and as much military activities as possible out of those communities and states that refuse to comply with federal laws! Relocate all federal employees into other communities or states – No Tax Payers money should be spent in ANY community that refuses to comply with our laws!
      Obama, as much as I hate to acknowledge him, stopped Arizona and several other states from enacting laws that were intended to manage and control the highly negative effects the growing out of control immigration mess within their jurisdictions, Obama stated managing immigration was a federal government responsibility – but, in spite of that he ignored our immigration laws and di nothing to manage the growing mess, He ignored his duty, he ignored his responsibility, he ignored his oath – – But he was right when he said it is a federal responsibility! Our federal laws and federal immigration program worked fro several previous presidents – it failed under the Obama passive attitudes toward law and national values, integrity and rights! We can not allow it to continue or to ever happen again!
      – – – – – – – – -All Americans must fight against any and all sanctuary cities. – – – – – – – –

  4. I think the wall is the great idea, withhold all foreign aid to every South America country because non of the citizens benefit from it & some of those countries will not accept the deportees back – then stop all this walking across the border for work ( smuggling drugs & people) -issue visas for tourists on a limited basis with high prison sentences if over staying an expired visa or caught committing a crime and charge for all visas to offset the cost of keeping track of the visas

    • right on that Frank! tell them hey, you wanna stay here so badly? here’s your new home (jail), make yourself comfortable til tomorrow morning when you will be working on the highway trash-picking crew!

    • When I went to visit Mexico and decided to stay and did for several years, you had to enter with a valid visa and 6 mos. of money in a bank to prove you would not leech on Mexico. They knew what I lived and could enter my apartment and job (I had to have two permits: one to reside in Mexico and another to work and both were NOT free but fortunately the Mexican companies that hired me paid the expenses) at any time of day or night. They keep track of non-Mexicans whether from here or south of Mexico. Now I was living in a city of 24 millions+ and they knew at any time day or night where I was! And we need to do the same to protect our borders and our legal citizens. PERIOD! States and cities that proclaim they are “sanctuaries” need to be shut down pronto as all illegal!

  5. There are Laws on the Books now for aiding & abetting Criminals. Prosecute these so called Officials now.

  6. If Republicans can get the messaging right, those who support sanctuary for illegal aliens are way too deeply intranced to ever see the threat that protecting criminals is to them and other law abiding U.S. citizens, personally I believe the only means to bring law and order to our nation is cutting off as much of their funding as possible and enactment of Martial law.

    That wall needs not only run along our border with Mexico but NV, CA, OR, and WA as well, see how those criminal Federal judges, politicians, their governors, state legislature, city and village officials, the various college board of regents and all law enforcement that snub their noses at federal law like those apples.

  7. Tax outbound wire transfers 15% to Mexico.
    Mexico already takes 10% on inbounds…

    • EXCELLENT idea!

    • it’s called Let’s See How Many Ways We Can Screw America

    • These remittances cost us billions at last count and that will build our wall, thank you. I hope they follow the Israeli style as very, very effective. Thank you, Trump, for giving ICE and Border Patrol their rights and can follow our laws once more. Invader numbers have greatly decreased, and those leaving on their own has increased. Nevertheless, all invaders must leave either by themselves in whole families or be deported with the whole family. No more anchor babies, no more marrying to stay here, and that means ALL children and spouse must go with you as we are tired of boondoggles!.

  8. Americans should take notice on what politicians are ditching Americans in favor of illegals who commit crimes and are protected by these dumbocrats at taxpayers expense.

    • Yes I agree, an when re-election day comes back around, they get DITCHED.

      • And in numbers go to the capital and give them a piece of our minds.

        • YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by all means CALL THEM OUT !!!, a couple million tax payer voters , in person an up in their faces.

        • If we go to Sacramento to give a piece of our minds, perhaps then our current governor would actually have a mind! Many of us were so hopeful that the immense flood that took place from a dam not being repaired and kept us by our state governor and legislature would flood out Sacto and he lovely homes of these creeps.

    • Recall them as well as remember to vote against them come elections!

      • if the government is supposed to be OURS, why not go in and escort them out!

        • Works for me because in history our Founding Fathers did just that – they overthrew the Tories governance and spit in King George’s face and we became America. They gave us the Republic by, for and with the People as the Government. We need to remind ourselves we are the government and these are elected employees who think they own us. WRONG! and karma is coming.

        • I believe it was Obama’s agenda to destroy this nation, and as we see BLM, terrorism, ISIS (the jv-team? or they’re controlled?), he was the most divisive POTUS we’ve ever had in office. We cannot fall to his plans. We have laws that provide what we need…. BUT, PEOPLE DON’T EVEN VOTE!! How many didn’t turn out for Romney?? Vote – in every election. Contact your representatives. Support new candidates. How many didn’t support Mr. T.? We had a choice between criminal Killary or D. Trump. How many didn’t get behind him? We must, just to wake up the nation!!

    • Peter it’s because the Illegals will vote Communist/DemonRat so they get to stay here and get all the FREE SHIT.

  9. The screwballs in Annapolis (MD) anted to make Maryland a sanctuary STATE, and was to be voted on in the last.legislative sessions. Thank heavens cooler heads prevailed and it didn’t make it off the table. Of course, if Marty O’Malley was still in charge, we’d have been a sanctuary state years ago. . . . .

    • Yes, and Oaks only added fuel to the fire with his recent arrest in MD. One more Dem. leader out!!! The good citizens of MD do not need to suffer because of their geographic location to D.C. Fight back!!!!

  10. Any city openly violating immigration laws should have their money valve shut off and their elected officials should have to defend their actions for supporting criminal actions.

    • Every elected official in a sanctuary city or state should be held accountable for all crime committed by illegals. That means, if an illegal commits a robbery, not only does the illegal go to jail, so does the elected official who signed off on the bill to make that city or state a sanctuary. Just think, if this happens, all the crooks will be behind bars.

      • And hopefully every elected official reads our comments, or at the very least, has someone reviewing them. Otherwise they may find themselves on the outst coming next election. The people are becoming more informed and are demanding that they be heard for a change. We will no longer sit back and allow them to destroy our country for their own greed while we make the sacrifices they don’t. Vote them out!!!!

  11. When the money stops coming,there will be a lot more than 33.

    • I love that Mr. T. (I call him that after the Syria attack) has taken this stand. After all, something the far left don’t seem to understand: in the U.S. the majority of the U.S. citizens still identify as CONSERVATIVE.

  12. Having sanctuary cities is a perverse way to run a country. Any state, city or municipality that gives ILLEGALS precedence over its own people and protective cover for the crimes they’ve committed should be deprived of all federal funding. And those government leaders, like the gangly goofball, de Blasio who runs N.Y. City, and the criminal who runs Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, should be charged with conspiracy to defraud the Federal government.

  13. Governor Moonbeam has all the Demo Legislators in his pocket. We Republicans are in the minority and illegals
    voting badly out number all of us both old time Demo’s and Repub’s. Everything we voted against was passed.

    • Same way in Delaware, the “First” state. it is sickening.

    • It’s the same thing in MN, where Minneapolis out-numbers the rest of the population. And with stupid Franken, Klobuchar, Dayton – they are unbelievably stupid, wanting more and more refugees, as it’s not enough to have the largest population of Somali’s in state, than any other state?? As our taxes go up, as well as crime and all the problems that go with it.

  14. California voters need to step up!
    If 77 percent of voters do not want Ca as a sanctuary state, why isn’t Gov Brown either voted out of office, or Impeached? Stop Brown from using taxpayer dollars to support illegals.
    When I heard the Mayor of San Francisco tell residents that illegals would receive the same benefits as tax paying Americans, I thought he is guilty of Treason and needs charges brought against him.
    in Mexico, illegals are jailed for 2 years and if you’re caught again, you get 10 years in prison. Thanks to Liar Obama, illegals in America get food stamps and welfare checks.

  15. If people would stop feeling guilty and stop electing the morons that run these cities and states they wouldn’t have these kind of problems.

    • Progress can be slow at times, just don’t give up. Baby boomers spoiled their children by wanting them to have a better life than what we did, but as you can see, that doesn’t prepare them for reality. It’s time we tighten our boot strings and show some responsibility ourselves. Otherwise these liberal professors are going to take advantage of the ‘you owe me’ youth. Hell, even the activists stirred up the dissension in homes encouraging kids to sue parents. Discipline and justice is a big joke to them now. We created it, now it’s time to tear it down and build stronger and more responsible citizens.

      • As a babyboomer, I know this current condition of our nation, is a good deal our fault. But, not the reasons you explain. During the late 50’s, the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s WE HAD THE BEST THAT THIS NATION HAS HAD TO OFFER. A man walked on the moon, many inventions like microwaves, technology has exploded, many innovations in health (contraception), which also allowed many women to have more power, the U.S. was never attacked, and the hero’s that came back from WWII WERE WINNERS.

        WE sat back, didn’t pay attention to politics (dirty), we were busy with our lives, and the number dependent on these new welfare entitlements kept asking of more and gov’t grew out of control, not being held accountable and without real oversight. But, the east – the Twin Towers, a POTUS who was very secretive in his past, without any real experience, who hated our primarily white Christian nation. I realize this is a very “sheltered” view.

        I was hoping baby boomers would GRAB this chance to elect Mr.T., a private businessman/a very successful man, didn’t need gov’t. and realized gov’t NEEDED HIM. I’ve been very embarrassed by the left and their attacks!! We were almost buried by the most corrupt person in gov’t = Killary, and her fools are still protesting/attacking/fighting?? Still searching for a reason she didn’t win? I believe they had rigged so much of the election – THEY REALLY BELIEVE THEY COULDN’T LOSE.

  16. I think that ANYONE Harboring a Criminal ie. “ILLEGAL” Alien should be locked up just like anyone else would be for aiding any criminal. Illegal entry into the USA is ILLEGAL and they are Criminals. Lock them ALL up.

    • Of course you are correct. The question is why should a politician get away with breaking a law. Harboring a criminal is against the law and anyone who does so should go to jail. Even if they hold an elected office. All of these aliens are criminals, if they came here unlawfully, to some degree. That is why they are referred to as illegal(s). There is a law against coming here without permission.

      • Yes, and the reason these libs don’t use the word “illegal”, as they say it isn’t “PC” or is insulting. They use a “soft” word like “undocumented”. Dems. always use talking points or REALLY soft non-descriptive terms, and it’s how they lead. They fool their poorly educated dependent millions.

  17. States that want to be sanctuary status are violating federal law. If they do then 1. by all means they should vacate federal funding 2. If they allow illegal felons to hide from ICE etc then all elected officals who promote/condone/allow this SHOULD be liable for civil suits/criminal penalties from such people committing crimes upon citizens.

  18. Seems to me there are two avenues that can be taken if someone does not agree on how their state is run. Organize to change it or vote with your feet and leave.

    • According to stats: CA has lost many businesses, due to high taxation and unfriendly regulations, and the population of Chicago decreased by approx. 100,000 in 2016, again. They are becoming the new Detroit. I’m in absolute AWE of the stupidity of the far left, who love their liberal leadership for decades, as in Chicago – who have the most negative stats in any state? Crime, high taxes, unemployment, large poor communities??? How’s that dem. leadership working for them??? NOT.

  19. Democraps veto the bill. Illegals more rights than citizens. Imagine that!

  20. Unfortunately every state has enemies of US on offices. Islam is filing more and more offices to try and I repeat try to turn us into a Sharia law enforcement country the same as the democrats are trying to socialize us. VA is no different where our asinine Gov. Vetoed the sanctuary cities bill. He was unethically elected with help from Traitor Obama and Soros with the lying Hellary giving him a lip lock a day.

    • Yes, unfortunately, I live in one of those, who just lately was labeled as nation’s worst states for high taxation; but far left/libs/dems. don’t seem to have any respect for laws/honor/common sense. I voted for Mr. T., as he was the better of the 2 candidates, and I don’t belong to any party; but taking away Fed. funds IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO FORCE STATES (with stupid far left leadership) to honor laws. The more work Mr. T. does, the happier I am with him!!

  21. Remove funding and those cities wilk fall in place or chaos will erupt. They can’t blame anyone but themselves for the lack of funds and endangering their own legal citizens.

  22. Sanctuary cities allowing invaders on our soil to be there is illegal and they know it. Taking away funds helps because will their own cities absorb the costs of providing housing, food, clothing, etc. while the invaders rob, murder and rape them? Why are their own citizens protesting is beyond me? We in our small city said no way, Jose, and this is in CA where there many fruits, nuts and berries and our portion has wanted to secede from them and they block us because we are the food basket, have the water, and skiing areas. Our present governor is demented in what he says and does and no way can he make CA a sanctuary state because WE ARE ALSO AMERICAN CITIZENS, you clown and we don’t want what you want and we will not pay extra taxes to support stupidity for keeping invaders on our soil, no requiring photo IDS to vote, nor the fact that raising our taxes on gasoline while a huge part goes elsewhere and not to repair the infrastructure altho our taxes have been raised many times for the infrastructure but all we get a a railroad to nowhere where its costs are rising exponentially. We need a Republic as Governor, so vote for Fox here in CA for some relief from the greedy, power hungry, etc., etc. that have ruined this one great Golden State.

  23. Deport obama NOW.

  24. I suppose I am just “old fashioned”, but I was raised to understand that the law is always the law (until or unless it is changed), and must be obeyed, or a penalty must be paid. Apparently, eight years under obummer has changed that.

  25. Any state that allows sanctuary jurisdictions. Should lose federal funding immediately, the political leaders in those states can be held criminally and civilly liable. The American people and taxpayers do not support these sanctuary jurisdictions.

  26. I support the Feds holding federal funding to sanctuary states, counties, cities and towns.

  27. I support Trumps toughening up on illegal immigration and sanctuary jurisdictions.

  28. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    I have been saying recall baldy–even trying to find a way to get a petition going–Gray davis was recalled for lesser crimes than the pecker nose chrome dome idiot—I do not see any body listening — we are leaving CA –Soon!

  29. Hold everything from them. Don’t protect them from the FRIGGIN ILLEGALS. You get a MORON like Jerry the “FAIRY” Brown in power like the FAGGOT state of California and you have, to take him OUT. Remove PUNKS like him.. Trouble is, too many stupid people in the state.

    • It makes no difference is someone is gay. But, laws must be enforced. Common sense and any successful nation knows that.

      • It does if that gay person is Jerry Brown. Do you think he’s not bias and prejudice because he is a ROPE SMOKER???? He’s a JERK just like his father was.

        • I agree, he’s a JERK, gets it from his father?

          • As I remember, Pat Brown was not a good Governor. I was pretty young but read the paper and listened, even at that time, to both sides and his side wasn’t that good. All these politicians are for themselves and not the people. Especially guys like the Brown’s . I know I probably shouldn’t pick on the fact that Jerry is a GAY BOY, but I just don’t go along with that sort of life style… Yes, our Lord loves them and hates their sin, and it is a SIN. They will find that out. Not really up to me to judge them, but I just am tired of ILLEGALS and GAYs and BAD PEOPLE, PERIOD.

          • Didn’t mean to “pick at” your comment. I agree with you, in that, this baby boomer is REALLY tired of this far left ideology, that doesn’t honor laws or common sense, that MADE THIS NATION GREAT. I agree, in that every person, who is elected has their own agenda or something that is close to their heart. BUT, THE RIGHT LEADER is the one that doesn’t let that could their actions. They are elected to represent the wishes of their voters, but in the end doing what’s best for the state/nation with the information he gets. I don’t believe the smartest man needs to lead, as with CEO’s, they have really smart specialists surround him in all situations, and values it. ONLY a truly arrogant person thinks they always know best in every situation. Nice communicating with you.

  30. As a property tax payer in California, I am very upset that the money we’re charged for school bonds is being used to educate people who are in Our Community illegally! Our citizens children are being stuffed into over crowded classrooms because of this State’s sanctuary laws which attract Illegals to the area. This deprives Our Citizen children school resources provided by local property tax payers!

  31. James R. Currier

    Arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law ALL sanctuary city, county and state officials in FEDERAL court. In the case of sanctuary states such as California and Connecticut, don’t bother arresting and trying them. JUST FUCKING KILL THEM!

  32. I don’t enjoy ad hominem attacks, but is there anyone out there who doesn’t realize Terry McAuliffe is a complete jackass?

  33. It’s about time! The fools can suffer for their idiocy. Tough toenails.

  34. Why are we having to go through all this red tape to stop left wing politicians from breaking the law. They’re guilty of admitting and harboring illegal aliens into this country. Why haven’t they been thrown out of office and imprisoned for treason???

  35. I hope it is withheld from my state, Virginia. We have the government workers in the northern part of our state/border to Washington, DC that vote Demorat and that is why we have a (D) Gov. Thank the Lord that he cannot serve but 1 term, maybe we will be able to get him out soon.

  36. These city administrators don’t respect their own citizens. It is exactly what is wrong with Mexico. Take out the bad guys. We’ll help!

  37. Michael Dennewitz

    After EIGHT long years, the rhinos finally are starting to awakem
    n.. sheesh!!

  38. Way to go Mr. President. About time a real President enforced our laws!

  39. Place all Sanctuary City Mayors and Police Chiefs ( as well as other officials involved) UNDER HOUSE ARREST for Harboring Criminal Alien ( ILLEGAL ALIENS ). Set bail accordingly—Governor Ten Million, Senators Five Million, Mayors–from One to Three Million Dollars EACH OFFENSE

  40. Sanctuary cities actually got their start in Europe. They have essentially killed their countries through those policies and there will be NOTHING anyone can do to stop that ticking time-bomb. Here is a short video that will leave you terrified…..


  41. Shecky the shit head, blathers nonsense about transplants from the Midwest ruining CaliMexifornia, he is a Loonie Libtard who blames everyone else for him and others like him allowing Socialist politicians take over CaliMexifornia and turning it into a Socialist state.

  42. Screw all sanctuary cities and states….The managers of those states and cities are committing felonies…..

  43. Americans, Islam is trying to take over the world. Christians cannot let this happen. Hillary
    Clinton, she and Obama are in love with the Muslims and are crazy people that want to destroy America. Americans see what the Radical Islamic Terrorist are teaching in the Muslim Islamic Mosques, then they are sent to become radicalized and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and non-Islamic folks. This tells the story and this is not a religion, instead it is a cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them out of America. Americans need to understand that Islam is not a peaceful religion and they are out to
    change Americas Constitution, laws, rules, regulations and try and take over the world. Obama and Hillary Clinton want to allow thousands more into the USA which will cause more of these barbaric savages in our country and more people killed. Read below what these animals believe, ideology and why they want to kill Americans and non-Islamic people.

    From the Qur’an:

    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.

    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.

    4:34 You can beat women.

    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape

    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven

    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam

    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims

    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Allah (verse of the sword)

    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims

    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jizya tax

    chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war) Steal from non-Muslims

    8:12, 47:4 Crucify and amputate non-Muslims

    3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225 Lie to strengthen Islam (Taqiyya deception)

    9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth
    because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and
    shall slay and be slain.

    Islam = Terrorism?


  45. Why are all 50 states doing likewise!

  46. -Maybe we should support Sanctuary cities! We could then just pick and choose what laws we want to obey! – –

    By doing so maybe we can then run red lights, not pay our taxes, ignore local garbage laws, – pick, choose and ignore local and state laws!
    these cities are going to harbor people who choose to ignore our laws by coming here illegally and remaining here illegally then why should Any American continue complying with laws?

    We are in the mess we are today because Obama chose to ignore federal laws when he failed to enforce immigration laws, when he degraded our justice system and when he turned his back on the American workers! We are just a short step away from becoming a lawless nation when our government starts ignoring law and decides they can pick and choose what laws they will enforce against who and to what level.

    It is time our country stands up for our people and our nation; it is time we stopped throwing our values and credibility to the wind by appeasing and catering to the demands of those who refuse to obey our laws!

    – – Sanctuary Cities MUST BE ELIMINATED! Leaders in Sanctuary Cities MUST BE REMOVED from office and the American people – must take back our right to make, enforce and respect laws of our land and the right of the
    American people to insist that our nation’s heritage is not a game! We must insist federal, state and local laws are not to be used as bargaining chips or for political power and favors! .

    – – – – WE, you and I and everyone we know, must insist our law makers ENFORCE OUR LAWS and prosecute
    those who fail to comply with laws at all levels of government! Our governors, state law makers and local mayors and law makers MUST UNDERSTAND we will not support sanctuary cities!

  47. Other things aside, some of which are legitimate
    and important, how about someone or something, somehow getting rid of these idiot spot ads for some sort of “medication” that stops Toe Nail Fungus.

    • I am with you Alan404; Sanctuary Cities MUST pay the cost of ignoring federal laws and the will of the American people.
      Fortunately “Toe Nail Fungus” is no longer in office- but – his followers still carry his banner and are ready to do anything to see his agenda continues. Schumer, Pelosi and several other democratic party old timers/followers of Obama will continue doing whatever they can to see our society never recovers form the Obama administrations’ failures!

      • You have misunderstood my comment, I believe, in that my refernce to Toe Nail Fungus had no connection with the Obama Administration, rather it referenced to a seemingly ongoing chain of spot ads. Anoint your Fungus Infected toe nails with what the ad offers, and presumably this Toe Nail Fungus will go away. Of course, there are other, equally ridiculous offerings, none of which ever requested or “subscribed” to. Ain’t our Internet World wonderful beyond description.

  48. Re Toe Nail Fungus, I wasn’t making any reference to Obama, as you seem to think, rather I referenced the seemingly ongoing rain of spot ads that seemingly infect computers, at least they frequently appear on mine, hawking some “magic potion” that I assume one anoints toes with.

  49. “Sanctuary cties” are defined as such only to evade obeying existing federal law, so there is NO way they should receive federal funding!

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