3-Yr-Old Tragically Ends His Own Life

A 3-year-old child shot and killed himself while playing with a firearm Wednesday evening, the Gainesville Police Department reported in a news release.

Multiple GPD officers and EMS responded to the Lamplighter Mobile Home Community off Northeast 39th Avenue at about 5:57 p.m. in reference to a shooting, the release said.

An initial investigation revealed that the child obtained a semi-automatic handgun from an unlocked gun case in the home.

Police said the boy was playing with the firearm when it went off, striking him. Investigators did not say where the gunshot wound was.

Two other young juveniles witnessed the incident, the report said.

The 3-year-old was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

GPD Detective Sgt. John Pandak, an investigator in the case, said the parents were not home when the shooting occurred but added another adult was present.

“Even when you talk to kids and give them all the right information (about gun safety), they’re still kids, Pandak said. “They still make wrong choices. Not on purpose, but they’re curious.”

Multiple neighbors heard the gunshot and called GPD. Victim Advocates responded to the scene to assist relatives with support and resources.

“The neighborhood is close-knit,” Pandak said. “With people hanging out and with residences close to one another, it was very easy to hear a gunshot.”

Though no criminal charges have been filed, Pandak said police are still gathering evidence and information for its investigation before making a final determination during.

Original Article: Gainesville Police Department: 3-year-old boy shoots, kills self while playing with gun (yahoo.com)

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  1. Is a 3 year. Who was watching this 3 year old. Shouldn’t have happen with proper supervision. Sad.

  2. A 3 year should be under supervision. Where was an adult while this child was playing with a hand gun. How did this child get this hand gun. No one was taken care of this 3 year old.

  3. They sound like trash parents.

    • I agree! No parental supervision & firearms available for children to play with! Totally unacceptable 😡

      • There was supervision, this adult failed this 3year old

      • Crime #1 – THE GUN WAS IN AN UNLOCKED CABINET. WHY??? And you are right. Where was the adult that was suppose to be in charge? Never, ever leave a 3 year old unsupervised. They are babies that are very curious about their surroundings. This is a tragedy that was PREVENTABLE.

    • They left their child with an adult to baby sit this precious child, why in the would you make such a derogatory, unnecessary remark

  4. Tragic and totally the fault of the parents who’ll live with that pain for the rest of their lives. I have owned a .38 all my adult life and I’ve never aimed it anyone, much less shot anyone. I only fired it on certified ranges and I kept it lock in my office locker or in my locked center console when it wasn’t in my glove compartment with me above the wheel.

    Now it’s time for the antigun crew to fire off (no pun intended) on how guns are dangerous in an of themselves.

    • True! We have MANY firearms and have never used one except at the range. We also know to lock them up when kids are around! The article made it sound like the kid made a bad choice but he is 3!!!!! You can’t make a 3 year old understand an adult concept. So very sad!

  5. The blame lies in the owner/keeper of the gun It should never have been left in an unlocked box. In fact, with children in the home, guns should have trigger locks, be in locked safes and be unloaded. I kept a trigger-lock on my handgun when my boys were growing up plus kept it in a locked box. I kept the magazine in a separate place. If I wanted the security of having it handy, I kept it close by while sleeping, if my husband was out of town. The parents or guardians should be charged with involuntary manslaughter at the very least. And they should be ordered to take the other children to regularly scheduled therapy. Nobody is going to get over this for a very long time, if ever.

  6. No gum, no shooting, no death!!!

  7. 3 yr Olds are babies, some still using bibs in a high chair, how the heck can a baby get access to a gun without a guardian not watching them, “especially outside” These Parents need to know this is own them, access to a gun ,really?

    • Don’t be so quick to judge. As you weren’t there. Kids are nosy and quick to get into things. I know I hav 3 children. 6 grandchildren and 6 great grandkids. The parents need compassion not hard judgement. Thank Hod it’s not you or me having to face burying our child

  8. There was an adult with the children.. so the parents did not leave them alone… they shouldn’t be referred to as trash parents.. and all the other negative things people are saying. It is sad and most likely breaking the parents hearts.. and the adult that was left in charge will have to answer… Remember, that accidents do happen to good people. Pray for them, do not condemn them.

  9. Everyone has an opinion. I hope you all have never made bad choices. Have some compassion for the parents they weren’t even home. My ex was a sharpshooter in the army. He cleaned his pistol and put it in the holster. 15 min later he went back picked it up and aimed out the window and pulled the trigger an unknown bullet missed a woman by inches. Walking down the sidewalk. He missed for the first time in his life. Accidents happen. The poor babies will never forget.

  10. so sad rip little one and prayers for the family

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