2020 Primary Preview? Trump Knocks Kasich at RNC Dinner

At a Republican National Committee dinner in downtown Washington Thursday night, President Donald Trump reportedly took a few shots at the man he defeated in the 2016 Republican primaries…and may face again in the 2020 version of that preliminary contest: Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

According to Politico, Trump mentioned Kasich several times during the course of his remarks, mocking him and describing him as one of his “most relentless critics.” Which is, of course, very true. Kasich has been merciless over the past year – one of the few elected Republicans who hasn’t grasped the fact that the country needs a warrior like Trump in the White House. The old days where you could stand by conservative principles while the Democrats happily ran roughshod over Washington? Yeah, the American people got sick and tired of watching that show during the Obama years. Kasich, like Jeb Bush, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, and John McCain, doesn’t understand that the world has moved on.

From Politico:

At one point in the meeting, Trump brought onstage Bob Paduchik, who the president selected to serve as Republican National Committee co-chair after overseeing Trump’s successful 2016 campaign in Ohio. One person who was in attendance recalled the president heaping praise on Paduchik for helping him win the critical swing state, where he’d faced opposition from the governor. The president recounted the Ohio campaign and how he ultimately won the state.

The Trump-Kasich feud has been simmering ever since the 2016 campaign. At one point, the Trump campaign blasted the Ohio governor for refusing to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where then-candidate Trump was given the party’s nomination.

After Trump won the election, he orchestrated a takeover of the state party, removing Kasich ally Matt Borges as state party chair and replacing him with a pro-Trump figure, Jane Timken. Then-President-elect Trump personally made calls into the state to lobby for Timken to get the post.

Kasich has yet to officially announce his 2020 plans, but all the people in his inner circle have indicated that he will make another (losing) bid for the Republican nomination. He seems to conflate the fact that he was the last man standing in 2016 with the idea that he almost got the nod. In truth, he was the only one dumb enough to stick around after everyone else had read the writing on the wall.

But hey, go for it, Johnny. If you really think, though, that conservative voters are hungering for your brand of moderate “let’s all get along” politics these days, we have to tell you – you’re sadly mistaken. We tried it your way and it brought this country closer to the socialist brink than we’ve ever been. Sorry, Governor, but we’re not going back.

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  1. “Kasich, like Jeb Bush, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, and John McCain, doesn’t understand that the world has moved on.”

    Old School RINO’s must stick together…. These are Elite Politicians that work for Elite Politicians.

    • All should have a “D” after their names. None of care about anything what the people wanted that voted for them.

      • I agree, Specifically REPUBLICANS need to be aware that the Elites do not have Republicans back. The Republicans are voting for spies that really serve the Democrats.

        McCain would be an example of this. Boehner as well, Ryan…

        • Business owns both parties – your comment is silly!

          • Now how can that be as the democ rats claim they are for the working poor?

          • Nobody represents the people, just the few. That’s why it’s a plutocracy – duh!

          • Yet the same people keep getting re-elected. Problem is the public itself is almost as bad with those on the government dole voting 98% for democrats as they deliver the welfare goodies.

          • 50% of the electorate don’t bother – why? No choice.
            Welfare bill has gone up under Trump, how they claim may change – the bill only grows!

          • Trumps problem with welfare is the states going along with getting rid of the fraud, especially states like Cal. New York Illinois plus a few others. The states that passed legislation to make those on food stamps look for work had a big drop with those on the food program. Have people all the time coming up to me and asking if I want to buy their food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar.

          • Trump has no problem as the President has no power – Congresses if any.

          • That isn’t true and you know it, yes some things have to go thru both houses but a lot can done with executive power. Obama used executive power and that is why our welfare rolls grew as rapidly as they did.

          • It is true. Executive Orders are for the moral and technical enforcement of Bills passed by Congress. Plus, they are easily negated by Congress and the “people”.
            Welfare grew because of the fallout from the Financial Crisis 2008, which was as a result of the Glass-Steagall Act being repealed, nothing to do with any President.
            The closest Obama came to being “naughty’ was getting ICE to focus on criminals and terrorists. What are you worried about? The pool cleaner or the drug dealer? And DACA – Congress could easily vetoed both if they had wanted.
            No power! Go back to school!

          • Obama brought in thousands from the middle east all on the government dole and he eliminated the requirement for those on food stamps to seek employment and kept it that way even after the economy improved. He also hindered ice from doing it’s job of enforcing our nations laws. If the republicans in congress were really all republicans could agree with you but as we all know several are more liberal left then a lot of democrats. The old stale story of the illegals doing jobs Americans won’t do is BS. When metro center was built in 1971 those construction jobs paid $20 an hour, today the illegals have taken over and that same job now pays $10 an hour. There are only jobs Americans won’t do because of the high welfare payouts. Back in my days growing up in the 40s/50s there was no such thing as a job an American wouldn’t do.

          • Congress writes Immigration Law not the President, they merely deliver it. The country is signed up to assist refugees, America per capita takes in the least, compared to its peers.

            Back in the 40/50’s there were lots of jobs and competition for getting workers – thanks to the Financial Crisis 2008 (America’s fault) there isn’t. Suck it up buttercup!

          • Depends on where you live, here they are crying for help. You see posting on windows, on your receipts and the internet is loaded daily with help wanted.

          • Really! Then why is the underemployed level so high?
            Mostly the internet is scams offering get rich quick ideas. Maybe you should give them a go.

          • So guess the receipts and window help wanted are scams also. Those that I am talking about are put on the internet by the companies themselves not by others. Underemployment and unemployment are two different things. One day I was screwing around and put in a short resume but of course at 77 didn’t want a job. You should see all the companies that wanted me to come in for an interview.

          • Then there should be no “UN” or “under” employed, please inform the government.
            Silly comment!

          • If you don’t know the difference then maybe find some 4th grader to explain it to you.

          • No need – you’re a liar. Learnt that before school.

          • Good for you and mrpoohead fits you to a T

          • Never refuted also fits me too!

      • bvaughn69@comcast.net

        Instead of a jackass for their party symbol it should be the hammer and sycle.In case you kids don’t know what that is it a comunist symble

        • Not surprise at that when college students on the street in Southern California who we won our freedom form some had no ides and on answer was France.

        • Though democrats do act just like jackass’s…quite appropriate don’t you think? ☝️☝️☝️😏

    • You, don’t seem to realize the world has moved on.
      Yuri – discredited drunk.
      Communism – dying and almost gone.

  2. Just another Soros puppet- I live in Ohio and wasn’t impressed with Kasich’s campaign in 2016 – he shouldn’t waste his time to even consider running in 2020. He would be another RINO and working to bring in the NWO. We have had enough of the idiots who want to destroy our sovereignty and we need to have a President who isn’t afraid to lead and protect our country.

    • bvaughn69@comcast.net

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    • very good post

  3. The Rino Kasich needs to go join McCain and go pound sand. No one wants anyone who supported the Obamacare exchanges.

  4. Kasich, like McCain and other so called Republicans, need to show their true identity and run on the Demon Rat’s ticket. They were Demon Rats trying to act like Republicans. Fool us once your fault, Fool us twice our fault.

  5. The world was moving on, in the wrong direction, unfortunately. The swamp rats want to keep it headed in that down hill direction, thank God for President Trump he is reversing the down hill slide, I just hope he can pull it off before it’s to late, or the Kasich’s, McConnell’s, McCain’s, Romney’s, Graham’s, and Bush’s destroy him.

  6. Kasich should retire while he still remembers what it means.You cannot keep on parroting what you did in the 1990’s and expect people to ride your wagon!

  7. While the real Republicans are cowering behind ant shelter to hide from the embarrassment of Trump, he is shooting at the rest trying to kill them and the party off to protect his ego. That is the price you pay for havin small hands.

  8. k-suck IS a disgrace to OH and OUR country!
    he NEEDS to STFU!!

  9. Kasich is nothing more then a communist and wants to make slaves of the America people if voted into office

  10. If Kasich were to win the primary in 2020, I predict the republicrats will return to being the LOYAL, and I do mean very loyal, opposition to the dimbocrats. The dimbocrats will return to the globalist policies, jobs will go and Illegals will flood in, and America will soon join the rest of the third world!

  11. The only thing I remember about Kasich campaign is his constant refrain. “My dad was a mailman so I should be president.” Put a stamp on your butt and mail yourself to the DNC.

  12. Kasich must be badly in need of being embarrassed.

  13. The Governor is still mad over getting defeated by a candidate that outsmarted the governor and others to become President . The Governor like most anti-Tumpers is a RINO and truly a liberal and should register as such and get out of the way for MAGA.’

    • Understand he destroyed Ohio like Christie destroyed NJ. How these Governors who were failures at the State level have the audacity to run for POTUS is ludicrous. It is like ex Governor O’Malley of Md. running on the DIMWITS ticket primary for POTUS. He made Md a cesspool even going as far as taxing the rain running off residents roof? He would not have carried his own state.

  14. Little Johnny, is an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  15. Somewhere along the way, Kasich lost his conservative mojo. I thought he was pathetic in his run for the Presidency in 2016, then he dissed the GOP by not even appearing at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OHIO. So, I hope he runs again and I can have the privilege of not voting for him. He’s old and tired now, and should just go away. Quickly.

  16. LOL, go ahead and run Kasich, would love to see you embarrassed again.

  17. His state was the only state he won in the primary, he introduced his busum buddies all Washington elites, that told me things weren’t gonna change with him as president !!!!


  19. Kasich was great while in the House. Some Deep Staters got to him and must have injected something in his brain.

    • Yeah, I’d like to know what happens to these RINO’s? Flake had proved himself an upstanding Conservative, until he won the Senate seat. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, kept silent for a while until it was really evident that he’d gone traitor to the state and it’s people! He and McCain are now like twin brothers. McCain’s NOT from Arizona. He came here years ago when a many termed Representative decided to retire. McCain had married a brewery and a lot of money came to AZ, couldn’t run in his own state because he was too well known for the way he acted in the Navy and with his family. He ran on the Republican ticket, then two years later ran for Senator, won, met Teddy Kennedy and became a full fledged RINO!

  20. Everyone fails to realize that Kasich did not get in until later on in the campaign so he did not have to spend a lot of money and watched while the other candidates destroyed each other, that’s why he was the last man standing. He is a mean RINO so he will not get very far, so let him run and waste his time. Trump will destroy him and any other Republican or democrat if he wants a 2nd term.

  21. Is this a joke, Kasich? All these RINO’s have to go, dont want to see them or hear them ever again.
    They are cowards and has assisted in the destruction of our country. Cant waste any more of our valuable time on these people. If the Republican party is smart they will not do that to the American people again.

  22. Kasich is currently a strong contender for induction into the RINO Hall of Fame!

  23. Kasich to stupid to know when to stop acting like a fool,just thinks he is the man .stop fooling your self ,get a life join the man .OLD VET.

  24. McConnell recently commented that he hasn’t seen the Republican party this “together” in 30 years. Kasich needs to get on board or get left behind.

  25. KASUCK IS A PIECE OF SHIT ! Liberal in sheeps clothing

  26. I wouldn’t vote for Kasich if he were the only one o n the ballot for either side!! He is a commie at heart!!

  27. Alfonso Ponce-Enrile

    Kasich as governor of Ohio can’t even get the Ohio voters to side with him, what more the entire nation going with him? Give me a break.
    I’ll give you a hint and you need to think about it seriously: Everyone who’s had the temerity to attack Donald J Trump, the President of the USA, has had to bear a devastating defeat whether it be politics, Hollywood or the so- called “sexually molested/abused women” peddled by Gloria Allred!
    Our President is a smart man. Yes, he can be verbally candid and “vulgar” (and most of the time media spins it as if it were the most abusive ugly thing). But that’s Donald Trump who does not mince his words.
    And oftentimes he reminds me of President Harry S. Truman, another very blunt US president!

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