2020 Dems Want to Let People Hide HIV-Status From Sexual Partners

In yet another sign of just how far the Democrats are willing to go to pander to the LGBT community, several 2020 candidates said last week that they wanted to repeal laws that compel HIV-positive people to disclose their infected status to their sexual partners.

These laws, which currently make it a crime to have sex with someone without telling them that you have the HIV virus, were passed to prevent people from knowingly infecting others. Say whatever you might about how well or how poorly these laws have worked to slow the spread of HIV, they are certainly reasonable. Anyone who would have sexual relations with someone and expose them to this potentially-fatal illness without consent should absolutely spend some time behind bars.

How can the party of “consent, consent, consent” possibly think otherwise?

Well, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren do. Or at least, that’s what they said at a CNN town hall on LGBT issues on Thursday night.

According to moderator Anderson Cooper, now that we have drugs that make HIV “undetectable” the old laws about informing partners should be taken off the books.

“It’s not fair,” Buttigieg said, “and it needs to change.”

Um, how about no. How about we let HIV-infected people explain that their illness is within the “undetectable,” “untransmittable” parameters, and then allow their potential partners to make an informed decision for themselves. It may be that they don’t want to take a chance, even if it is one that is relatively minor. Shouldn’t they be permitted that option? Why would we take these laws off the books? What makes them “unfair?”

But Cory Booker was right there on the same page. After being teed up by the moderator (who said these laws had “no scientific basis” and would lead to “draconian” outcomes), Booker said, “Yes, absolutely,” he would support their repeal. Well, it’s not like the moderator left him much room after THAT style of question!

We’re no longer surprised to see Democrats hurting the very populations they claim to support with their backwards-ass version of “progress,” but this is pretty in-your-face, is it not? Gee, what could go wrong if we suddenly tell every HIV-infected person: Go infect as many people as you like – there’s literally nothing anyone can do about it!

We did a pretty good job getting the AIDS crisis under control. We suppose Democrats like Buttigieg and Booker want to see it make a comeback.

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