2016: The Year the Primaries Were Revealed as a Sham

Abandoning even the pretense of a democratic process, Republican insiders and even one of the presidential contenders have begun to openly thumb their noses at the primary process. More determined than ever to keep Donald Trump from becoming the nominee, establishment Republicans are busy telling the American public that the party – not the voters – has the final say in who gets the nod.

The arrogance in this message is remarkable. These insiders lay out their position as though explaining a simple concept to a country filled with mentally-challenged kindergartners. It’s in the rules, they say. There’s no funny business going on, they insist. This is the way it is. Sorry you wasted your time coming out to vote. You didn’t really think we were going to let you choose Trump, did you? Miraculously, they avoid concluding with an evil laugh.

Sen. Ted Cruz seems to be the only one who understands that the party is heading towards certain suicide. He has maintained a message that says that the only way to keep Trump from becoming the nominee is to beat him fairly at the ballot box. At CPAC, he predicted that there would be a “revolt” if the delegates stole the nomination away from Trump at the convention.

Trump himself, speaking to the possibility on Wednesday, said there would be “riots” if such a scenario unfolded.

Republicans seem to believe that the voters will just go along with it if they can convince them that the “rules” say everything’s above board. That the Trump revolution will just vanish in a cloud of white smoke once they nominate John Kasich or Paul Ryan or some other establishment alternative. Or that voters will come back in November, too disgusted by the thought of President Hillary Clinton to hold a grudge against the Republican Party.

Maybe they’re right.

But more likely, Cruz has hit the nail on the head. If this party wants to stop Trump, they’ll have to get behind the Texas conservative and hope he can get to the convention with more delegates than the New Yorker. Because that is the only way Republicans can nominate someone other than Trump without destroying their chances of a November win.

But in a very real sense, there’s more at stake here than the 2016 election. The establishment has apparently spent very little effort in figuring out why the Trump phenomenon happened in the first place. This didn’t just come out of nowhere. It was born out of the very arrogance they’re still displaying. This rinse-and-repeat cycle of pandering to conservatives, getting elected, and proceeding to ignore the voters until the next campaign. 2014 was the last straw.

Republicans like Mitt Romney may well be right. Trump may turn out to be a terrible president. He may lose in a landslide to Clinton. In either case, it would be a very damaging blow to the party.

But if they go through with this plot to thwart the voters, there will be no more party.


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  1. Americans that I have talked to says if the Republican Party DOES ANYTHING to STOP Trump from being our nominee THEY R DONE WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! I agree 150%- I WILL NEVER EVER VITE REPUBLICAN

    • Fast Donnie Drumpf has the Personal Ethics of a Used Car Salesman, and the Statesmanship Skills of a Tijuana Titty Bar Hawker. If YOU THINK he’s going to alienate all of his Friends and FUTURE BUSINESS CLIENTELE for the likes of YOU, you’re DELUSIONAL. He’s a Fucking CON MAN whose SCREWED EVERY BUSINESS PARTNER he’s EVER HAD, and NOW he wants to Partner with YOU. Self funding Campaign MY ASS. He’s RIGGED IT so that he’s LOANED his Campaign the MONEY AT INTEREST so he can pay himself BACK out of the REAL Contributions. Leave it to that Sleaze Ball He’s using OPM to make running for President a Money Making Venture that Drives his “Sucker Trap” Brand Name, Win, Lose, or Draw. You MORONS are being Suckered by the quintessential Crap Game Hustler.

      Be a Chump,
      Vote for Trump.
      He’s got his crosshairs,
      …on YOUR Rump!

      • And Hillary Clinton is the epitamy of honesty and trust? I don’t think so. My wife and I don’t care for Trump, his personality (which that and his temperament mirror that of Barrack Obama) but too many of the voters are tired of Republican establishment types selling them one set of promises then screwing the voters as soon as their people get sworn in. We’d rather see Ted Cruz as our candidate and president.

        • Personally it’s a TRAVESTY what’s been done to American Politics. Hillary is 8 more years of the Same Old Shit. If you Take Sanders on what he is TRYING TO DO rather than what Boogy Man Bullshit the Fear Mongers are trying to stir up he’s the ONLY one with ANY Direction that Leads OUT of The MESS this whole THING has become. He’s only a LEADER… NOT Congress. Gonna be an interesting 4 way in the end I’ll Bet. The Whole THING is on the verge of Critical Mass. This BABY could just as easily BLOW!

          • OMG u hav to b kidding the only thing the Bern can lead anybody out of is hisself! Lived n his car- NEVER HAD A REAL JOB- ohhhhh. what a true leader u moron!

          • Your typing skills and comments are indicative of your low IQ and inability to express yourself adequately! Fail… miserably!

          • I’m so glad u care about how I spell- NOW GET A REAL LIFE JERK!

          • Comment noted… DISmissed!

          • Jesus you are an Idiot. I guess City Mayor, Congressman, and State Senator don’t qualify as Employment in YOUR book… I’d BET MONEY you are on fukkin’ Food Stamps, because you have to be able to make change if you want to ask “Would ya like Fries with That?”

          • Yes, the Dems are doing It too. When Bernie and Hillary virtually tie in Iowa and he cooks her in New Hampshire and she ends up with 10x as many delegates because of super delegates or party hacks — the game is rigged. The difference is the Dems don’t seem to mind.

          • Don’t kid yourself.

          • Are you Kidding me? What, you live under a Rock Right? Half of the Party is up in arms over the “Superdelegate” crapola.

      • Be a MORON, Kiss the butts of the Establishment GOP leaders.

        • Suck a Dick ya Ugly Bitch. You need to put a Bag over yer Head ya fukkin’ Troll.

          • Taking care of business!

            You command of the language speaks volumes as to your lack of enlightenment. I await a snide reply, for it will firmly manifest my assessment of you, a crude tosser. To you whom he’s replied, I’m sorry you’ve encountered the dolt.

        • YOU are the Republican’s Sweat Hog Honey. I wouldn’t Piss in their Face if their Beard was on Fire. Sorry they weren’t able to put YOURS out Wiskas…

    • Then “VITE” for someone else; meanwhile learn how to turn off the CAPS and spell correctly.

      • I will typpe anyway I want to- if u get the jest does it really matter- I mean WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MATTER?

        • The word is, “jist,” Ms. Spelling Queen of 1802!

        • Then “typpe” away, with either one “p” or two. It is obvious that you are irrevocably committed to a condition of ludicrous semi-literacy. BTW, that should be “gist,” not “jest.”
          A “jest” is something that is good for laughs, sort of like the drivel you post here.

          • And don’t you feel sooo smug ?..There is a whole lot going on that is wrong with our country , and you need to NITPICK to get attention ..Go fly fishing, read your Bible and aggravate your wife… No body cares if we please you or not … Maybe you think your head is on straight , but I’ll bet that a lot of people would beg to differ with you.

          • I couldn’t care less whether you or the rest of the tribe of wingnuts on this forum agree with me. I simply prefer to deal with the few of them that are able to converse in correct English.Thus, I must forswear any further interaction with YOU. And yes, fly fishing beats the tar out of dialog with political throwbacks with missing chromosomes.

          • Just go away, you old fossil.

          • Not gonna go away; having too much fun eating right wing lunches.

          • Besides that, we love to feed the GOP monkeys!

          • Free country, free speech, Spook! Suck it up! 😉

          • A veritable truism! Thank you!

          • Not so, moosebreath! If you folks can’t even communicate on an educational level, why would we ever give credence to your political ramblings?

    • THIS… is a good thing! You’re learning fast! (And the word is, “VOTE.”).

  2. No Trump lose six votes.No convention ,the people’s vote.

  3. When the electorate resoundingly issues a directive which is ignored by the elected reps, then ‘let them eat cake.’

  4. We cann’t let that happen get on the phone call everyone you know tell them to get out and vote. He has to have that number before the convention. If Cruz only knew he is becoming one of their puppets it didn’t work with Rubio and it want work with Cruz. Cruz is to important to the party to end up like Rubio, I wish he would see through them and come on over to the Trump side. With him there could be as many a 4 terms sealed up.

  5. I am a republican that will never vote for Trump

    • You are a Republican who will vote for Hillary? That’s essentially what you said, or, at least what you will do if you don’t vote or vote for a third party. You are fooling yourself if you think that is the honorable thing to do.

      • I know that you don’t get it so let me break it down for you…Trump is a liberal, always has been always will be…he is nothing but bluster that is rightfully tapping into Republican anger…However, to vote for this idiot so the Dems can scream that the country’s downfall is bi-partisan because a Republican is in the White House…no way, this is all theirs and I would rather hasten the decline via Hillary, if that’s their selection rather than have RINOs participate…

  6. as soon as the GOP takes away the nomination from who the voters want,

    the republican party AND AMERICA are officially dead!

    this is why the socialist will disrupt anything with Trump,

    and don’t think that our lawless leader isn’t behind it!

  7. They will cut off their noses to spite their faces if they steal the nomination away from Trump.
    Yes the party is done for! If they play this game TRUMP will still run as an independent and it would serve Republicans and Democrats alike for TRUMP to be elected!

  8. The Republican Party has finally lifted their veil…. We can see them for the charlatans they are…..WE have been used by them to keep the wealthy rich and the poor in need….. Don’t you see ??? There is NO difference …Mitt Romney gave away the last election and the Repubs were all set to foist another loser on us(Jeb Bush)….Now they are fearing for their greedy lives.. Get out and vote … It’s the only chance America has…

    • We are voting out the carpet baggers and sewer creeps that are called politicians (poly-many sided; ticks-blood sucking insects)….they have lied and stabbed us in the back for over 50 years…..it is time to clean the sewer and start flushing them down the drain. They are afraid that if Trump gets elected, he will stop the fringe benefits they have enjoyed all these years….like selling off America and pocketing the money….they are afraid they will lose all that money they get from the big corporations. You know this is happening when someone goes to Washington worth a few thousand dollars and within six years, they are multi-millionaires…they are screwing us to benefit themselves and this is the reason that Trump is so popular in this election. Maybe if the government was run like a business, things would be better for all of us.

      • Exactly… I hope people are beginning to see what is REALLY happening.

      • An admirable sentiment. It’s silly, however. You’d have to get rid of 98 percent of the House and 95 or 96 percent of the Senate to eliminate the corrupt sewer creeps you mention. That cannot happen in one fell swoop. They’ll resist a good President, and he’ll be replaced with a corrupt one when they have made a fool of him—or her.

        • It is not silly. One well timed revolution would do it very well. It is nearly upon all of us!

          • Nail IT..!!! And it’s coming if they try to steal this election from Trump!

          • The threat of ‘riots’ is just that! There aren’t enough strong men left in this country to riot/revolt anything, and those who do will be mowed down like freshly-cut grass! You simply do NOT know who or what you are dealing with!

          • I’m afraid that that’s where you are wrong. We do know who they are, where they live, and how to make them squirm. They are right now. As for strong men, just an FYI, most triggers only require between 1.8 and 4.6 pounds of pressure to fire. Some will die, this is true. That’s the nature of the beast. If you think they will stand and fight when the numbers are that high against them, you’re crazy. I’m sure that you believe our military will just blindly follow orders. Some may. Many of them will rise and join their families to right this sinking ship. So many of us vets, may be on the older side, but what you don’t seem to understand, is that only means we won’t run. We’ll stand , fight, and hold that line. If need be, we’ll lay down our lives as patriots. If you think for even a millisecond that we went to foreign lands to fight for someone else’s freedom bit will sit here on asses , you obviously never wore a uniform. For those that did, just try us.

          • you said it and you are exactly right and i’ll be proud to fight that fight if I haft to …but I hope Trump wins the w.h. …and I hope hillary go to prison were she belongs…and we can get this country back on track…but I’t don’t look good with all the illegal voters and the queers voting …but we’ll see…go TRUMP for president 2016 go hillary to prison 2016

          • Be a Chump,
            Vote for Trump…
            He’s got his Crosshairs,
            …on YOUR Rump!

          • “half to”? You simpletons don’t have the IQ to blow out a candle without instructions! good luck with that!

          • What does someone’s use of grammar or spelling have to do with the discussion? What makes you think you are so great and above everybody else, you prick.

          • Everything.
            It is why this country is going down the toilet.
            It is why the jobs are in Asia and India.

          • All George has going on is his fanatical association with AKLady. They need each other, in order to stand up to the sensible, intelligent folks who comment on here

          • That’s MR. PRICK to you, Sonny!

          • You are just a plain, liberal, small prick. Just like Bill Clinton and his little 3 inches.

          • Georgie always wanted to be an English Taecher in High School, but when they caught him doion’ what HE DID he was pretty much relegated to being a You Tube Grammar and Punctuation

          • Exactly!
            Then they wonder why they can’t get a job, let alone one which would pay the rent.

          • Remember, this country was founded by uneducated farmers, wives and children that went up against the greatest the army and navy in the entire world.

          • joseph krushnowski

            So, the two brain cells ( George and AKLady2015 ) have joined forces again to take on the right wing site. Two cells are better than one!
            Happy trolling!

          • AKLady told me that two stupid a-holes was better than just George!

          • Think DRONES that vaporize entire towns and large groups of people. I’m still not worried, and I’ll provide the popcorn for watching you traitors die!

          • Guess you haven’t seen the Armed services radio report that has the remote control boys buggin’ out in droves. Do you really think they’re capable of trying that crap here on their own people? AI hasn’t quite made it yet, and last I checked, we weren’t stuck in a Terminator sequil. But go ahead and start the popcorn, I take mine with extra butter. We won’t be long

          • You’re assuming, of course, that the USA will use our own boyz to fire on you! You won’t even know you’ve been XPD’d until the smoke settles and then it will be too late! Settle down, old timer!

          • Our military will never fire on it’s own. But now, for you they might make an exception……. like a firing squad.

          • You’d probably run to find the nearest rock to hide under. Braggarts are the first to run.

          • That takes care of almost all the big mouths on this board.
            So much for revolution.

          • My GOODNESS, don’t go callin’ names or thinkin’ YOU KNOW BETTER. You really don’t. I realize that civies may not comprehend what that oath some of took means then again, if you haven’t taken that oath, how could you understand???I would offer you a suggestion , but it would require that you use your computer for educational purposes. Hilldale College has an online course, it’s called ” CONSTITUTION 101″, it’s free, and you might just learn a thing or three. it will explain what the originators of the Constitution really meant, NOT what it has become to mean after 250 years of Liberal interpretation and rewrites. This nation isn’t what it was designed to be. It’s been bastardized to conform to the political whims of the globalists. I do a refresher at least once a year, so as not to forget exactly what that oath demands of me. Pa.y particular attention to the second lecture, Every word now, not just the ones that fit your narrative. you may be surprised just what isn’t given out as a ” RIGHT”

          • Hilldale College… another right wing political/religious extremist site. Worthless to modern day thought!

          • If you consider the Constitution to be right wing extremism, then perhaps the best place for you to be, now that Obama has renewed diplomatic relations, would be Cuba. There you can be semi free to practice your extreme left ideological views. . Canada won’t take you and Mexico would simply deport you back here. I have to ask myself,why the Democrats and the American Communist party websites are now almost exactly the same, word for word in their doctrine? Hasn’t history shown time and time again that Communism doesn’t work? Or perhaps, those in both of these parties really think that they can make a failed system better? Since the father of psychology was one of your liberal buddies, don’t you think that his definition of clinical insanity applies here? There isn’t anything”Progressive” in your ideology, just like Islam wants to return to the 7th century, You so called Progressives, want a return to the late 19th century edict of Bolshevism, Marxism, and Communism. The epitome of insanity. So to use your own terminology, you’re all fucking nuts.

          • I think you have George confused, he’s not bragging. He will be hiding, feeding his face with popcorn. There are some of us here, that have been trained in the fine arts of war, and some of us that belonged to the finest special warfare units in the world. The question , I think, Is it bragging to address ones qualifications, or is it just stating the obvious ? Unless you’ve been there, you’ll never know. Those that have, don’t require an explanation.

          • No braggin’… just looking at the facts, Dude! No need to run anywhere. We’re not the enemy!

          • Janeen Thompson Rice

            Yes you are.

          • Drones could be you undoing as well, dummy. You think only you have them? Think again, if you can!

          • Amen to that. I may be older, but I am still physically and medically fit, as well as technically and tactically sound. I have lost none of my marksmanship skills, and I am better equipped for long-range work now than I was on Active Duty.

            .308 Holes Make Invisible Souls

            Let’s Git ‘er Done, America.

          • I agree with ya brother, but as I said, Parkinson’s has caused a slight drop off in performance. There was a time when a 2500 yard shot was a bankable shot. Still wear my hogs tooth with pride. although, that 2500 yarder was a bit bigger than a .308. sure do love my Barret.

          • Once those primates come out to loot, pillage, plunder, rape, murder, and burn, just remember:

            Aim Small, Miss Small.

          • You are a homo a apien sapien.
            Live with it.

          • I did an online search for “homo a apien sapien”, but that clearly does not exist. Did you make that term up out of thin air, just like most LIbtard Whackadoodle Douchebags tend to do, along with what they laughingly call “facts”?

            The correct classification is “Homo sapiens sapiens” . You, however, appear to be a throwback to one of our ancestors who was believed to be extinct, “Homo sapiens idiotu”. Given your ilk’s predisposition towards fantasy and mob violence, it would be a singular thrill for the rest of us to come and visit after you have been safely put away in a zoo.

            On another note, I just found out that flame throwers are legal and can be ordered off of the Internet. I cannot *wait* to receive my latest tool for dealing with any of the primates who choose mob violence as their preferred means of “expressing themselves”:


            Once they start their mob violence, I will be firing up my new X15 Flame Thrower. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. Pardon the pun, but they appear to be “selling like Hot Cakes”. 🙂 Better order soon, before they run out during the coming Summer of Fun.

          • You are not quite up to the level of cro magdon. Not even sure if you are developed enough to be a Neanderthal.

          • How does that saying go again? Oh yes, here it is:

            “Sticks and Stones, b|tch…”

            I may be a Neanderthal, but as soon as the UPS truck arrives, I am going to be a Neanderthal with an X15 Flamer Thrower, as well as being the Neanderthal with one of the better-stocked gun cabinets in my county.

            I am going into town this weekend to buy more ammo, too. I will be wishing that you were there to see it.

            So, sit back down on your toilet, finish smoking your weed, have yourself a nice long cry, and stop flapping your c0ck holster, b|tch.

          • So like an uneducated gun toter! We want you to know that we’re not quite scared yet, squirt gun mentality!

          • Ya, I saw the write up on those a couple of months ago. Does look like a cool toy . The price wasn’t to bad either. Have fun with it. I still have my old M-16 in 300 Blk out. don’t ya know that was a pain finding ammo for until the military released to the public. lol Mix matching projectiles to get the same performance out of custom cut cases was a little tricky at first, but I still cut and load my own for everything but range days. If I’m just playing with paper targets, commercial loads do fine. When she whispers, flies start dropping all over the place. Primates are just bigger targets.

          • Roger that, good man.

            I don’t have the funds for a new iron, but if I did I would look pretty seriously at an AR-10 in .308.

            My M1A can do the long-range work, but I have to work a little harder to make the old work-horse perform. And she seems to weigh more than I remember.

            I might just be getting old. Just maybe… 😀

          • Great job and post guys! I still have my father-in-laws old M16 Garand in 30.06. It’s a hell of a long range shooter! Also, have an assortment of hand guns in heavy calibers (45 cols and 45 ACP). That should take care of the army of libtards when crawl out of their holes. When they sound off, pigeons start coming in for a landing! 🙂

          • The correct designation for the Garand is “M1”, not “M16”. I pray that was just a typo, because that kind of mistake makes those of us who are professionals just want to shake our heads and walk the other way.

          • Yes, you are right! A .223 round would not even come close to working in a 30.06! Sorry for the oversight.

          • Can’t help but think of what a few drones will do to your neighborhood, lolol. Just fire up those little flamethrowers and we’ll annihilate you from 20 miles out! Silly boi!

          • Oh, so you support using armed drones against American civilians?

            Then you won’t have any issues with President Trump using them against the criminal alien insurgents who keep coming across our border, will you?

            Besides, how would a drone distinguish between a fire started by my using a flame thrower and fire started by one of the Douchebag Barbarian Savages throwing a Molotov Cocktail? Or do you suggest that drones start firing Hellfire missiles at every fire that get started during an urban riot?

            That sure sounds a lot like indiscriminate genocide, something that has become a favorite tactic of Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags, “Progressives”, Socialists, and other forms of Communists.

            Whether you agree with my plan or not, it is still my plan. That UPS truck should arrive with my new Flame Thrower any day now, and it will be added to what I must confess is our home’s already considerable collection of other weapons.

            Anyone coming to our home looking for trouble will have traveled a very long way for a very short end.

          • Whose the biggest dumb cunt around? Sorry, but it’s You, AKLady!
            Look on the bright side, You finally won something! Hurray!!

          • No worries, I may not be as good as I used to be , but like I said, I can still knock the nuts off a gnat at a 1000 yards. lol Besides, ain’t no such thing as a spoiler here. I’m a tactical sniper born and bred. Spent 2 1/2 years pulling over watch detail in some interesting hell holes around this rock. While I’m not a doctor or Lawyer , ( ya know those professionals who practice their entire careers) , I have mastered my craft. so Gun Control hasn’t ever been a question. If my crosshairs meet a head, confirmation is easy. They’re not going anywhere.

          • Roger that, good man. I only wish that we had you here with us.

            Regardless, whack ’em and stack ’em!

          • I actually contemplated that move before I was diagnosed and forced into disability. Now, I’m not sure I could afford the move. Besides, I’ve been a Texas boy all my life. HONOR AND DUTY REQUIRE MY PRESENCE HERE. But should the SHTF, i’LL LET YOU KNOW. Still have my dad here, and he’s 80 , he may be getting on up there, but let’s face it. Him and my grandfather were the ones who taught me to shoot like i can. WE nNEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND, and won’t leave my mom’s grave behind.

          • Thanks to both of you for your service.

          • God…! You and your kind are sick! I’m sorry you came back from the front!

          • Well, the US Army shrinks filed a report saying that I was quite healthy, thank you. The words “impressively well-adjusted” were on that report, as I recall.

            Just so you know, George, it is *your* kind that men like myself have been getting ready to seriously hunt, and we have been getting ready since the day after Election Day in 2008.

            All we are waiting for is for you and your contemptible ilk to give us a reason to exit our cage and get to work. A riot is a good reason.

            Don’t poke the Bear, Buttercup.

            Oh, by the way, I just recently found out that flame throwers are legal here in Arizona, so I have already ordered one off of the Internet:


            So, you just waltz on out into the mob of Douchebag Barbarian Savages and tell them all to start behaving like they want to be a part of a civilized society and refrain from mob violence any further. YOU are responsible for telling them that, should they come within range of my weapons systems, they will not be watching the sun come up the following morning.

            Get to it, Buttercup. You had better hurry, because that UPS truck could pull up with my X15 Flame Thrower at any moment. Now THAT will leave a mark, I reckon.

            Oh, and by the way, Donald Trump won the Arizona primary hands-down last night, so you and your fellow Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags had better start practicing how to say the phrase “President Trump” without choking on your own vomit.

          • Red White and Blue !! These colors don’t run. … Freedom is not free… It has been paid for by many of our men and women… ..Do these freeloaders think that people have forgotten how our country came to be ??

          • No, but you have.
            How many foreign made good did you buy this week?
            How many foreigners does your employerhave working for them?

          • And I could ask you the same question…..I guess you haven’t purchased ANYTHING since 1950 or so… Your comment is ridiculous….

          • That’s an easy one, NONE. If it doesn’t say MADE IN THE USA, it doesn’t come into my house, PERIOD. So what else ya got?

          • Just like in 1860?
            Dream on.
            If you want to make change, you nees to do it from inside.

          • No, I don’t nees to listen to a moron that can’t spit out a word properly. Besides, where on earth do you think a revolution comes from, duh, that would be the inside. Just as your moniker suggests, always shooting your mouth off, unfortunately, the cyclic rate of your mouth has exceeded the ammo storage of your brain. Might want to trade in that box mag for a belt feed before you start shooting it off again. Just a thought

          • Why don’t you really serve your country, go back to the front lines and don’t come back?! That would be a real gift to the country!

          • Ok, let’s start with you. Leave, on the next boat to China…….

          • I wish people wld go after the est jerks of both parties. Wake them up

          • Oh, ah’m jus’ shakin’ in my boots, KP General with the Gold-plated potato peeler Award! Stupid “patriots”… you don’t know the meaning of the word! Now enough of your babbling! Comment noted… DISMISSED!

          • Wrong again moron, I know exactly what it means. I fought for this country. Did you? For your information, a senior chief doesn’t pull KP. We plan and execute missions that you couldn’t begin to comprehend, but you’re probably sitting there in your boots. shaking like a leaf in the breeze. That’s ok tho, I fought so you’d have that right. Ass wipe.

          • Amen Brother. Just loaded up 4 more new magazines last night. Hooyah!

          • I hear ya J, I keep 1000 in mag all the time. 2 different calibers for AR’s , .223 &.300 blk out. then the trusty old 1911 with an 8 pack of mags there. won’t go into the heavy , long range options, but they’re always at the ready too. sounds like you’re ready to play tho. Do you hear the dance music yet? It’s getting loud over here.

          • I prefer the heavier 7.62×39, which is much the same ballistics as the .300, along with the .30 Carbine and several other selections of various caliber. Not much good at distance but packs the punch out to about 200 yds. I’m hoping the “dance music” quiets down after the band master in office now leaves, but I’m not holding my breath. He has been playing an ever increasing crescendo since he was elected and won’t be happy until the fat lady sings on this country.

          • Yea, I have several buddies who swear by the Russian round, I’ve had a few AK’s in the past, but the .300 was developed for my brothers in the TEAMS, so call it a nostalgia thing or just loyalty .Besides, the only time I ever needed more than 200 yards, was, well we can’t talk about those instances. But you’re so right , I think I hear her warming up in the wings.

          • I’m not getting any younger. I’d need some good optics to see anything out past 200 yds. anyway. I figure anything that comes is going to be urban in most cases, so it isn’t going to be at long range unless I have to bug out to some more open areas. That’s why I have friends that are sniper school graduates. Better eyes and better training for those long shots.

          • Me either, but I was a sniper school grad. Granted , that was 35 plus years ago, but I never lost my edge. Parkinson’s has brought the range a bit closer in these days. You’re right tho, the next one will be an urban setting, that’s why I set up just outside of town. Only one way into my place , and I have eyes on , inside a mile, so I’ll have plenty of warning. If I need to go to town, it’s a quick in and out. NO LOITERING ALLOWED.

          • That’s why Combat Troops Coming Home are basically held as suspect of Potential Patriotic Act, and Put on a Watch List. America’s way of saying YOU CAME HOME NOT IN A BODY BAG. You are a TRAINED KILLER. Fuck YOU for your Service. PLEASE LEAVE you have Raped my Safe Space with your Presence.
            Ya know, it’s getting to the point that if some smarmy Bitch was getting her ass raped, I’d ask first if she was “triggered”, and IF SHE said YES, I’d have to tell her “Well then ALLAH really AKBARS after all.

            Meet the new Man in your Life. Teach HIM all about the fucking Societal benefits of 3rd Wave Feminist Political Correctness.”

            The Rectal Bleeding from his response should subside as your body learns how to adapt to sexual Battery. Sure GLAD those really SMART Women who believe that having some of their own race Attempt to protect them was WORSE than BEING RAPED. Stupid Cunts. Any Idea as to how THOSE BOYS MAY HAVE TAKEN THAT.

            SHE must’a REALLY LIKED IT because ya know they ALL carry her Picture in their wallet so they will recognize the Free Pussy when it walks by.


          • Exactly what the British thought in 1775, and look what happened, then no one thought the South would put up a fight either.

          • Thw South was slaughtered.

          • That was 1863! This is 2016! Time to catch up! And WHO won? Ahem… yeah!

          • It was tried back in 1860.
            It failed then.
            It woild fail even quicker now.

          • Tell that to the folks in Ferguson and Baltimore and then again to the multitude who are so upset by the self proclaimed liberals (democrats) and the Rhinos. We as a people have had enough legislating from the bench, executive orders and down right paying no attention to the will of the people. The news media sets the tones for most issues and elections and do NOT report fairly. We have made our legislators aware of these things are they absolutely embrace them in ways that would leave our out forefathers turning in their graves. When Sara Palin gets comments like, “I wish someone would defecate in the mouth” and her only “crime” was to be a good and decent public servant that’s the news media taking it way too far, and for what purpose would they say such a ridiculous thing? We are on our way to becoming the United Socialist States of America and we’re not even going to resist at any level? That can never happen. IF Mr. Trump is cut out if the elective process because he’s not liked by the major parties but IS liked by the populace, that will be the first major drumbeat of war. I want to see if the liberal pansies can handle a gun or do what’s necessary to keep their side aloft. Barring unforeseen occurrences they will break and run at the first encounter with real pissed off folks, along side Army, Navy Air Force, National Guard and Marines whose needs haven’t been met in decades. In either pay or healthcare. These are formidable odds for ANYONE to up against!

          • Regarding Ferguson, the DOJ tore them a new one! Everyone white was upbraided mightily and tremendous changes are taking place as we speak! Keep up with the news. Outside of that little blunder, the rest of your screed is pointless, just a minority opinion! (You forget who’s in charge of our military… the USA government! Think “drones” up your wazoos!)

          • George you may SAY you LOVE RULES but your silly mouth does not agree. Is that Eric Holder’s DOJ you’re talking about? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Irrelevant!

          • There are over 300,000,000 people in this country, I think we can find enough vets to take this crappy gov’t down

          • ROFLMBO@YOU! The vets in the ground don’t count! The several thousand other vets are in the VA getting excellent treatment, thank you! (Or at least the treatment they deserve!).

          • I know a few vets who would gladly kick your sticky @ss for saying that

          • I agree and doesn’t matter to me one way or the other

          • Ha, ha, ha ….

          • People, such as yourself, never think it through.

            Where are you going to get the money to buy the arms? Where are you going to get the money to feed the troops, let alone pay them?

            Someone already tried that game — it is called the Civil War. It ended badly for the perps.

          • Not true, the Constitution has built into it a way to peacefully secede from the union. Mr. Lincoln decided that war was better than having two countries and absolute carnage resulted. It did not have to. I have the faith that as a revolution proceeds enough people will actually use their own arms and that most of the military will come in on the conservative side making this a short war (with any luck) and serve the intended purpose of driving the liberals out in the open where they can appropriately be dealt with. Common sense has to prevail at some point. Since we have none in Washington, a little revolution now and then would be a good thing at keeping the Constitution front and center. You are assuming the liberals would actually have the stomach for a fight, one I do not share. They’re bark is way worse than their bite. I have thought this through and anything is better that where we are at this point in time. Everyday sees the liberals gaining more and more through the use of the steady but creeping trading liberty for security. We are at our the end point, now. Religious freedom is under attack in the courts by the LGBT folks, the military is being systematically destroyed through executive order, our boarders are wide open due to executive orders and I for one have had enough. When the first revolution was fought Congress had no money then either and things were bleak for a long time. But, through it all the promise of real liberty won through and we owe it to those founders to fight the good fight, it spite of everything. A just cause is NEVER wrong!

          • Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • I DO NOT believe it’s acceptable to ever lie, madam. Take stock in yourself and look into your life’s words and actions. See if words and your actions are leading America or are they doing something else? Is America today of your making or is it fair and impartial? I know the answer most of the time..

          • Your screed is so riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, I find the entire rant rancid. If you need to be taken seriously, clean up your act and graduate from 8th grade first!

          • Not only that, but if this religious war on the little fellow by the racist bigots in this country continues, the corporations in the South will move out (think Georgia for starters) and the South will sink even lower in economic and educational status than they are now. The Southern tier of States rank at or near the bottom in every statistical chart in every area, except for stupidity and ignorance! You boyz and girlz would have an even lower standard of living should you decide to jettison the USA! Be grateful you have what you do!

        • Not all the Republicans in the House and Senate are shills. A majority of them are of the same stock as the rest of us who have been browbeat by the PC left wing into having our opinions silenced for fear of losing our jobs and homes. When we finally get a strong leader like Trump we will see a resurgence of the intelligence that made this country great and finally move away from these small groups that think their rights are more important than yours.

          • We can only hope they do finally stand up!

          • well if they silenced you then you’re part of the problem and they do a lot of rep and some dem. but until the rep people get some balls it won’t stop

          • Alexander the Great said “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep … I AM afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion “…. I believe that Trump may be our lion…I’ll be glad when our sheep is gone..

          • More war debt?
            I doibt you are willing to pay higher taxes.

          • Then you better skip voting for Bernie, all he has eyes for is taxing America into oblivion and giving (some) back to the stupid kids, to pay for their useless college degrees

          • You are right. Our five grandchildren are all college graduates with no university debt, They worked plus my husband who is now almost 81 worked to help them or totally paid in one case for their college degrees and our sons helped their children as well. What is wrong with families paying. Less smoking drinking and vacations and it can be done

          • Families can take care of their elders in many cases too, without having them sent away to a nursing home.

          • She’s about at Critical Mass now… It won’t be long. ANY spark will set it off now.
            3)The followers of The Vile Deceiver are present in ISLAM
            2)The Army of Darkness is present in ISIS AND they are 150km from the Plains of Megiddo now WITH Radioactives.
            1) Fast Donnie Trump is the Definition and Embodiment of The Antichrist
            0)There’s gonn’a be a Hot Time, in the Olde Town TONIGHT kiddies!

          • I think you just described the one on the throne presently.

          • Good quote!

          • Trump is a Train Wreck lookin’ for a place to happen. Hitler was Their “Straight Talkin’ Man” too. AND the same kind of Meglomaniac as well.
            Do what ya will. BUT it WON’T end well. You’ve been warned.

          • Thank You.

          • End well ??? It has not ended well for a loong time…And the Greek Pillars and the Tango haven’t exactly set the world on fire , either..Hold on to whatever you have and pray …Hitlery is not going to save you , either…. I wish us all Good Luck… How about you ??

          • Well, I was Hoping Bernie would Pull it off, but I’m afraid 60 years of anti Socialist Propaganda is a High hurdle to Jump. Fact is.. I Think Hillary is gonn’a fool ’em and Turn. She’s GOT the money for NOW and KNOWS if she Throws THEM under the Bus she LOCKS DOWN her Reelection and comes off as Hillary of Ark Champion of The People. Hillary’s No Dummy. She KNOWS which way the Political wind is Blowing, and she has a sense of Destiny. Going in she’ll KNOW 2/3 of the Nation are just WAITING for ANY HINT of Corruption to go on the Streets with Torches and Pitchforks screaming for Impeachment. So what do YOU think… Is Hillary gonn’a let herself go down as the LAST Piece of Shit President or the one who became the QUEEN of The Empire by Popular Vote?
            Remember, THIS will be The Culmination of Hillary’s entire Life’s Work. She’s GOT Plenty of $$$. Down DEEP she is just a good old Country Girl, after all. One who made it from some backwater in middle America to the TOP SLOT IN DC. Think she’s gonn’a risk FUCKING THAT UP? THIS is something those “Shiney Shoes” down on Wall Street would do well to remember. To some People, under certain circumstances there are some things MORE IMPORTANT than Money.
            Only Time will Tell…

          • You better check Hillary’s history if you think she is a country girl. She’s no more a country girl than Trump is a country boy.

          • She’s NOT East Coast Enough for the Hamptons Set she aspires to.

          • I don’t know where you get the idea that Hillary is a”good ole country girl from some backwater in middle America “… You need to brush up on her biography… She was raised in Park Ridge, Ill. (suburb of Chicago )She was a very good student and went to Wellsley College (very exclusive school ) She wrote her thesis on Sol Alinsky and became an ardent follower of his …. He is a known Communist .. She met Slick Willie , a Rhodes Scholar from “backwater America , ass you call it. ) There is nothing COUNTRY about her… … BTW … This would not be her reelection… Maybe she thought she was president during the Clinton Presidency , but if you look , you will only see Bill’s name there….

          • Jesus, get a LIFE… Figure of Speech, taken from HER perspective for rhetorical value.
            Dumb Fuck… I’m REFERRING to 2020 when I say Her reelection would be in the bag after throwing Wall Street under the bus
            . Think what ya like, but work on your READING COMPREHENSION… Hide and watch. No worries I’m not interested in being around to say “told ya so.”

          • And a Happy Easter to you, too. I have a great life… Sounds like you aren’t too happy with yours, though.

          • You hear SOUNDS? Too funny. I’m not lookin’ for a Pen Pal, and thanks for your concern, but here are a few snapshots of my backyard…
            Just so you’ll know I’m doing OK.

          • “New Centurion” That about says it all. And that is not a compliment. Clinton would spell the end of America and all it stood for.

          • So YOU Think Fast Donnie is the Future? Ya, Well, good luck with that. I am by NO MEANS Endorsing or Supporting Hillary. She’ll be the Same Old School Political Hack on the one Hand. But you gott’a remember Bernie and Drumpf have got HUGE Followings. The Dowager Princess may get her Crown, but she by no means is getting The Keys to The Kingdom. It may come down to a 3 way at the Freeway. The DNC is Fucking Bernie, and the RNC is Fucking Trump, both for the same reason. NOT “INSIDERS”. If it’s a dead heat Bernie may Break Away just so his followers have someone to VOTE FOR. And there’s no way Trump is gonn’a let them put a Schmooze on HIM. The Republicans really have got Nothin’ that they could Run Out that would do any more than slightly impact Trumps Numbers. HIS People are just as Passionate about “Fuck THEM Throw the Bums Out” as Bernie’s People are. EVEN IF they manage to slip HER IN that leaves over 2/3 of the Country that were AGAINST HER.
            If I were a Wall Street Jack Off that had ANYTHING TO DO with the Economic Collapse, and subsequent MORE OF THE SAME I’d be thinking about Fleeing the Country while I still could. WE will NEVER be able to lay our HANDS on THEIR BOSSES BOSSES, but right after the Election Heads are Gon’a Roll. Bernie Promised, Trump will make a SPECTACLE out of it for the Accolades it would get Him, and my “sense” of Hillary’s Take and Direction you already know.

          • Really, you think the Spirit of America is that frail do you? What a Cowardly position for a CITIZEN to take. Pull the Rag out of your Ass and get in the Fukkin’ Game.

          • Say what you mean. Are you 14 . A kid. Your vulgar talk shows your character . Grow up . Dude or girl or it.

          • Who the Fuck are YOU? Go Troll someone else BOZO.

          • You just a nasty talking little monkey ain’t yuh. Can’t open your mouth with out poopin. Low life. About 14 I’d guess . Sure ain’t no grown man.

          • Ya grow that Pubic hair around your mouth for a reason I apparently. But I really DO NOT want to engage with some Hypocrite Thinking Himself Christian, and yet actually USING IT in an attempt to Diminish people while ELEVATING HIMSELF mearly for the sense of Self Righteous Glee it gives HIM. I feel SORRY FOR YOU. You are DANCING ON YOUR OWN GRAVE and don’t even know it. You’re Not young, but ya know every time you GOT that I’M A CHRISTIAN “BADASS” Feeling? Well ya know that Yeshua that doesn’t seem to mind and YOU THINK EVEN LIKES IT A LITTLE. that’s YOU’RE deceiver.

            Good luck to ya Brother. AND YES this IS the IT we’ve ALL been WAITING FOR. Mind the self Deception.

          • Went to a zoo about 40 years ago. They had a cage with a couple of chimps in it. I noticed people so ld walk up to look. One monkey would jibber and jabber and as soon as people would get close whe would grab some poop off the floor of the cage and throw it on them. This chimp had it in his hair and crusted. And all over his feet and hands. You remind me of that chimp when you talk your foul vulger talk. It’s like the monkey throwing poop and gibberish saying look at me look at me. You only degrade your self. Do you not understand how to hold a decent conversation. I think not. But last me the monkey I only saw him once and never saw him again. To filthy a creature. I leave you in your cage.

          • I knew it. Go fuck yerself Hairball. I wash my hands of ya… YOU’ll remember you had a chance once, and Wonder of Where ya Blew it. I’m The Candle put here to shed a little light on it for you. Now I can GO, and you just TRY and figure out. REMEMBER ME Ahahahahahaha Idiot…

          • Oh NO NOT Emojis… Show me YOUR Battle Ribbons or yer Posted to the Site Asshole.

          • I see bonzo jumping around whining and throwing his poop and gibberish screaming.

          • Oh so now yer Pullin out the Feel Sorry for Me I have Cancer Card. Yer Fukkin Pathetic. All you had to do was type an MOS, but you snivel You have Cancer. May it both be Agonizing and Lingering. You are nothing more than a fukkin Ghost in the Machine, and THAT’S THE BEST you’ve ever been. YOU Cease to exist

          • Pussy fart from The Poser. You’re just a Grimy street rummy tryin’ to use PTSD as the excuse for the Pathetic heap of steaming Shit you REALLY ARE as a Human Being, Go twiddle your widgets.

          • You just as well go on down the rode little monkey.

          • You really have NO IDEA how much fun it really izzz for US to root you fucks out of the Napp of the Earth do ya?

          • I told you to get after it. Barkin to hear your head rattle. You gonna talk the talk walk the walk.

          • You are the wet Cat Shit stuck in the cross trainer pattern of The World… Live with it.

          • Little monkey still throwing your tantrum. But I’m tired of listening to your poopie mouth for now . You gonna do some thing do it . Takes more than talk to make a man. And trying to look things up on the computer to try an prove yuh done something . Whine some more little monkey.


          • Ain’t nothing stopping yuh but fear its self. You made plenty of threats already. Go ahead make my day 2. You act like a kid trying to tell every one your tough. Do you sleep with the light on? So them old booger men won’t get you. Daryl the homosexual monkey from Canada. Jibbering and a jabbering and throwing her poop.

          • IF you had EVER posted ANYTHING but smoke and mirrors, and insulting videos thinking yourself cute, you’d ALREADY HAVE my Apology. You’re nothin but Some Okie Red Neck Hair Ball from the wrong side of the Tracks. No Threats, it WON’T BE ME. I’ll just push it out INTO THE LIGHT and we’ll SEE what God does with IT. HE lost a Son to Shit Heads and don’t care much for Pretenders either. Good Luck ya sorry Fuck…

            There isn’t a Troop OUT THERE that would have given YOUR Performance HERE.

          • You have made plenty of threats already . Send or do what ever you think you can . Got no fear of you or your gay buddies. Told you from the start to get after it. I say again ( make my day 2 ). Daryl the gay boy monkey from Canada . Talks cheap. Go find some pantel oil.

          • AND there’s NO DELETE. You can erase maybe, but everyone will know there was something foul coming out of you, and I HAVE YER ASS PINNED DOWN and IN THE OVERLAPPING FIELDS OF FIRE. Show US what YA GOT COWARD… Ahahahahaha!

          • Every one you got a frog in your pocket. Oh yeah you was a talking about your party boys wasn’t yuh. Daryl the gay boy monkey . Get your pass port and do your thing. But I ain’t a looseing no sleep over it . But keep whining. Just don’t do it to loud as I aim to take me a nap. Got no use for your kind.

          • Use of the internet to threaten “the person of another” constitutes a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 875 ( interstate communication of threat to injure) If it is communicated interstate, federal jurisdiction is created.

            Please see the statute at the following link:


            To constitute “a communication containing a threat” under Section 875(c), a communication must be such that a reasonable person (1) would take the statement as a serious expression of an intention to inflict bodily harm (the mens rea), and (2) would perceive such expression as being communicated to effect some change or achieve some goal through intimidation (the actus reus). A message is a “threat” if a reasonable recipient would tend to believe that the originator of the message was serious about his words and intended to effect the violence or other harm forewarned, regardless of the speaker’s actual motive for issuing the communication.

            Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person with the specific intent that the statement made verbally in writing or by means of an electronic communication device is to be taken as a threat even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out which on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made is so unequivocal unconditional immediate and specific as to convey to the person threatened a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat and thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety.

            It is not necessary for the victim to actually be placed in fear of imminent serious bodily injury or for the accused to have the capability or the intention to actually carry out the threat. The offense is completed if the accused, by his threat, sought as a desired reaction, to place a person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury

          • uh huh NOW THAT is what we call a FEAR REACTION intended to threaten the threat with Dire Consequences should they continue.
            What A Mutt. WHAT FUCKING COUNTRY IS THAT STATUTE IN? WHERE AM I? INTERNATIONAL interdiction of a National Construction Safety Officer presenting Certain Facts of Life to some MORONIC HIC who wants admiration on the Internet?
            I’m fucking Terrified… OOOOOooooo soooooo scary…. FUCK FACE Is NOW Threatening to be a —> Government Snitch…<— NOW THE TRUE COLOURS FLY
            THAT will ALSO be good for them to know. Thanks.
            YOUR Future is Gettin' Rosier by THE MINUTE.

          • Maybe we will just have to find out.

          • yepers

          • Here’s a LAW Right Back atcha ya FUCK. AND it has Jurisdiction…

            Stolen Valor update

            Update on Stolen Valor Law

            NOTICE: StolenValor.com and the team of individuals presented herein, are in NO WAY affiliated with any other site researching military frauds or fakes. We are NOT on Facebook, we are NOT on Twitter, we do not have a blog nor do we confer with any authorities other than Military Personnel Center and the Veterans Administration.

            Please note, we are NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT and cannot perform any functions of law enforcement. If you suspect a person of a crime, please contact your local police.

            Please do NOT send us links from Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. There is nothing we can do. See our page: How to Request Military Records for all the information you need about the person in order to request military records.

            Close Window

            As YOU can see the Website is a LITTLE more organized than YOUR Pathetic cut-an-paste

          • Most people are not criminals, and you can even say that it’s not that easy to commit most crimes. But some crimes are crimes of mere words with severe punishment in prison. There is no freedom of speech for these words. If you tell someone that you’ll kill them, or that you’ll cut their balls off, or that you’ll burn their house, or that you’ll kill their parrot, or that you’ll stab their tires, you can go to prison. If you are not a Canadian citizen, they can also throw you out of Canada. So know the law and watch your mouth

          • Show ME what YOU GOT ya Dickless Weasel. Run Hide, and be VERY AFRAID. How’s THAT.enough to get ya started? YOUR CRIME enjoy your Time. My DOG wipes BETTER off his Butt dragging across the Carpet. AND YOU are as threatening as a Pubic Hair in my Cooling Fan.
            Trump isn’t President YET Dumb Fuck. Ya got yer HEAD up yer ASS. Read the First Amendment ya MORON

          • and SEE NOW ya know why all of a sudden it’s a BIG DEAL tracking YOU Shit Heads Down…
            It’s becoming a kind of Hobby FOR MANY, and they’re Therapeutically takin’ EARS…
            Think SOME Cop is gonn’a give a Rats ASS if he finds out you lost an ear in a scuffle with a Vet if he was told you were Resisting a StolenValor Arrest by one of YOUR CLAIMED Brothers? LOL
            WHAT was I saying about a DATA BASE? Go jump in there and Get the Ref #… TOTALLY PRIVATE

          • Want the Golden Detachment Desk Number? It’s NOT in the Phone Book. Ya good Luck with Taht. The Detachment Sarge is a friend. How BIG you think our little Village izzz?

          • The Mounties actually investigate allegations up here. AT Worst they’d roll up and Say “Mr . Buck ya know why we’re here Right?”, and I’d answer “Always do, here ya go…” and I’d hand them thee TRANSCRIPT of Your Little Escapade HERE, and say “Tell Troy I want a Copy of the Tape.” AND IT WOULD END THERE. You’re so FUCKING POLICE STATED Down there ya got Cops Raping Motorists and getting away with it for YEARS. I KNOW it’s actually HARD for you Poor Bass Turds to realize this, but we have NO REASON to fear OUR Police. Not UP HERE. THEY ARE US.

          • Daryl the Canadian .

          • Jesus yer Stupid. And My LOCATION tells YOU what Jack Off? Here are a few snapshots to give you some Clue as to my Choice. I also have a little place in Paradise Village in Puerto Nuevo. But THAT would make me Daryl The Mexican. Really shhit Head all that comment “said” was “Buck” The MORON. What’s yer REAL NAME “Buck” Clyde, Clayton, or Shirley Perhaps… Red Neck Hair Ball, I Just BET a two bit tweezer lip LIKE YOU gave yourself the nickname… While it Just HAPPENS to BE my LAST NAME. So BUCK off Buck Face

          • Daryl You seem to have an obsession with putting things in people’s butts. You talk about it all the time. I think your a fairy boy. And here I found out you ain’t even an American. And I see the old man photo of you . I looked and your resume. All that stuff and nothing about a military history. your a fake dude. And I got to wonder what war you as a Canadian

          • Ya? NOBODY I have contacted seems to know a fukkin’ thing about ya, and nobody REMOTELY recognizes the Pic for what THAT’S WORTH… And Guess What FUCK FACE the War was 40 years Ago and NONE of US advertize Participation except in GOOD Company. And while you may enjoy the ILLUSION of IT here you pathetic slug…
            YOU WILL NEVER be Welcome in THAT World! Easy Fix. State em, or YOU are Phony Dog Shit lookin for someone to smell your Stink. MOS, Commander, Rank, Date IN and OUT, ANY Name of a Buddy. Fuck you…. You got NOTHIN’…

            I know… You were in Da Nang for the Tet offensive,and ya were a side gunner in a Medivac Huey right?

          • Daryl the fairy monkey from Canada . The wanna be.


          • Finding one of YOU, doing WHAT you are doing, but even worse the WHY of what you are doing.

            Jesus… Be a Man… Eat a Bullet for Christs sake, YOU are a SHAME to US ALL.

            Eat Shit and Die

          • Shame to a chimp .

          • I guess your on the dumb side. Any one can use the net to find out what ever info they want. So you setting looking things up don’t prove nothing. Just shows your monkey side. And your constant foul language shows your moral chacter. And by the way I did look at the site you sent it was a flooring company. Were you trying to sell me a floor? As if I had not known already that your a monkey.

          • You are SO BUSTED you Smarmy Fuck. Argument and saying anybody can look shit UP, yer kiddin’ Right? And YOU don’t even Plant Yer FLAG. Fuck YOU BOZO yer about as Air Cav as the under side of a Pigs Scrotum. This SHIT All goes in with the “Case Against” send. Keep Talkin. Yer lookin’ ta get a K-bar jammed up yer Ass. Don’t know what that is do ya? Officer Love on the Front Line…

          • Get after it . Bonzo ain’t nothing stopping you.

          • Already Done Squat Shot

            Now go to Google and see Who the tiger Izzz that ya got by the Tail Genius.

          • And yer a POSER we ALL know you were the Latrine Clerk, making sure the Unit’s Paperwork was all in order. And Air CAV don’t impress me None, or your “PERMANENT PTSD Psychological Disability”, and YOU can Play Little Jimmy Jammit, Courtin Cute Little Suzy Rottencrotch Till yer FUKKIN a COW in the ASS because IF YOU RECOGNIZE THOSE NAMES YOU KNOW YOU ARE A MUTT, and if YOU DON’T… WELL, there are Pozer smashers in YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS, so I’d recommend that you Brush up on Unit History. You miss a Commander’s Name, or what it cost at Cindy Pans place YOU ARE FUCKED MISTER

          • Hilarious ya didn’t just Post a pic of your Battle Ribbons POSER

          • Here ya go Brother. I’ve got a little Present for ya. Do what ya will with it
            GO HERE TheTruthContest.com
            Select YOUR Preferred Flavour
            Open YOUR Present
            Pass it on
            Now I know we didn’t start well, and neither of us will Cave, so rather than just getting into a Pissing Match that brings US Nothing but animosity., HERE’S This instead. It really is offered sincerely, and YOU WILL KNOW if it’s worth bothering with after ya check out the first few Pages

          • Oh, and sorry about Flaming you earlier. There’s a bit of the Devil in Me, and sometimes the “OK Mother Fucker… Show ME what ya got!” gets the Best of me. Not a retraction mind you. When I’m a Dick I stand by it, think of it as “Troopers in the Field that may have misidentified one another”. Shots were Fired
            No Casualties
            Password included with Peace Offering
            if it resonates with ya… Give me a shout
            (OH and if it doesn’t… FUCK OFF) LOL

          • Hillary is from Chicago No country girl in her.

          • I’m my friend but you need to click on the NAFTA treaty and find out who voted for what! You will find out that out that out of 46 senate republicans, 34 of them A holes votes in favor of the NAFTA treaty to 12 no votes. Even Kasichs and John Mccaine voted yes. These two career politicans are very big enemies of the worken man.I work for a big corporation in Mexico, and the wage are .75 cents to 1.50 per hour with almost no benefits. The goods produced there pay no taxes at the border to ship here. So that means they produce Dodge trucks in Mexico ship it here free and still sell it to you for top dollar.
            Trump is right about what he is saying.

          • Exactly. The gop sent jobs overseas. Then brought thousands of russians,gave them free education. No interest homes. Social security. First in line 4retirement homes&money to start businesses. Right around the time our wages stagnated. They have taken over home health care-ent -almost all hc businesses. They educated russians to b drs,nurses ,while americans lost jobs. This was 2001. Since then my salary as an rn is un changed. Millions lost jobs &homes while russians,&other immigrants prospered. We wont train americans under the gop. Dems hand out welfare,no job training. It std with Bush&now Obama made it worse. Try and get help 4nsg school.or a home or business if ur american.Try&let me know how u make out. Gop gave all jobs away. Obama closedwhat was left
            WAKE THE HELL UP

          • The same thing happened when they brought in the boat people from Vietnam. The government paid certain businesses to house and work them plus they received a new car and paid no taxes for 3years, health & education was also on the taxpayers dime. I know this for a fact our friends horse business was one of them

          • And would you say that they made a GOOD investment in your Friend, or would t have been better to have basically left them on the Street Homeless and without Job Prospects so they would be forced to Criminality for Survival? So, I imagine by YOUR POSITION that you believe your “Friend” the Parasite should have the Store He STOLE FROM THE TAXPAYERS Burned to the Ground and He and His entire Slant Eyed Family shipped back to Vietnam where THEY BELONG right?

          • When was John Kacish in the senate to vote on a treaty?

          • Actually I miss spoke ! John Kasichs was in congress in 1993 and voted yes along with 131 other republican congressman yes votes. Only 43 republican congressman voted no.

            102 democrates voted yes/ and 156dems no.

            Total out come was 234 yes
            Total no was 200.
            We lost almost 1.25 million manufacturing jobs to Mexico thanks to our congress.

            H. Ross Perot said at the time we are going to hear a great big sucking sound because of this. Boy was he right !!

          • I have no use for kasich he voted for the semi auto van and even got a thank you letter from hippy bill.

          • Hey Buck , you like a mountain man. Do you like hunting? I love hunting.
            Thats the problem with allot of these guys that are running, they vote the anti American legislation in, and no finds out. You don’t hear Kasichs braging about it, and he wants your votes. People inOhio should type in NADFA Trade 1993. The whole thing will come up and show you everything. Most of these guys in the senate or the congress are not our friends. All you have to do is look up how they voted. Internet is a wonderful thing. Easy to catch up with some of these career politicians. This is why I like Trump, he’s not an insider.

          • Since you asked. My last full time job. I worked for the dept of agriculture in the old animal damage control service. I was a government Hunter and trapper. I did this until I had to resign to take care of my parents until they died. 13 years. I then trapped coyotes for farmers and ranchers when coyotes were killing their live stock. On a part time bases I taught Indian boys out door skills for the Choctaw nation. Camping hiking archery and canoes. I got sick from agent orange and developed cancer in my lungs thyroid and kidneys along with lots of other problems. I live on a small place I own in the country of 78 acres. And still try to do a little deer hunting on my place. And I only hunt on my own place these days. This last season I shot a young doe for the table at 200 yds according to my range finder. My dad started taking me duck and squirrel hunting when I was 2 years old. I shot a skunk at 2 with a .22 and killed my limit on ducks with a 12 gauge pump shot gun at 8 years old. I’ve hunted all my life except when I was in the army but even then I hunted black bear when I was stationed at ft. Wain wright Alaska and later I was hunted by the NVA and I hunted them in Vietnam. Today I am blind in my old shooting eye and have cataracts and Glucoma in the other. But I did learn to shoot left handed and do some target practice several times a year. Today the kill is unimportant and the ability to get in the woods still means the most. And just so you know I have already voted for Cruz in my state of Oklahoma where he won. We have a closed primary. And I will never in this life time vote for a liberal leftist. I am a right wing Christian and I have been against killing babies and for guns all my life. Trump and I aren’t far apart in age he has always been for the things that I am against . And while I volunteered and went to Vietnam he trump Ted Nugent and Bill Clinton all dodged the draft. Got no use for any of them. I ain’t try to change your mind just telling you the way I feel. Come election this fall if trump or kasich are the nominee I will just stay at home . Good luck to you and your family. May the LORD watch over you.

          • Well Buck, its a small world when you get down to it. Gary Owen ! I’m 65 and also a Vietnam Vet. I was 4th Army Ranger company attached to the I/7th Cav in Bin Hoa.
            I was intellignce NCO and did sniper over watch for the fire base’s. Lived usually 2 to 5 clicks out from the bases. Five days out and 1 day back at the bases. Ran allot of missions, and hunted allot to and also was a bounty on us.Just lost my last team member to agent orange last year. After Nam, I was on the US Army rifle team for six months at Fort Carson. They really did not know what to do with all us guys after the war. Pretty good place to be stationed after the war. I was forced into retirement a year ago after my company kicked me out of Mexico after 8 years training folks their to do my job. I was a senior tooling engineer for Lear corporation. The NAFTA treaty sent everything south, it looks like little Detroit down in Mexico.
            Yeah I grew up with guns in Michigan and my dad helped me build my first bench rifle when I was 11 and shot in my first competition at 12 years old. Two of my four children are vet. too,one army airborne, the other air force and has 21 years so far. I think he will do thirty if he makes E8 in the next four years. Sounds like you had a pretty interesting life Buck and I hope you have some more good years ahead. Not to mant people appreciate us , but I sure tip my hat to you. Thank God for people who are willing to stand up and be counted. After Nam and what my sons went through in both Iraq wars and Afganistan, I really don’t blame anyone for finding another way to get around it. Allot of the guys had a high lotto number, some had medical deferments, some we deferred because they were in college or they were married and had kids.
            You and me just got caught up in it. For you I, it was a poor mans war, and a way to make the war materials builders richer. They make money at wars pure and simple.
            I have something interesting to send to read if your interested. Heres my email address Buck. rex.ames@yahoo.com Thanks for your service brother.

          • State your MOS to him Soldier (I KNOW you know and will NEVER forget)…. ASK the name of the 3 MOST Popular Bars in Saigon EVERYBODY that WAS THERE knows the Names. ASK HIM (Don’t GIVE HIM the same Courtesy – It’s a Mutt Fucker). YOU are chatting with “One of Them” if ya know what I mean.

          • Also the Senate vote total was 68 yes to 38 no votes.
            34 republicans voted yes, to 12 republican no votes.
            This is why I worry about Cruz, he is inside with these charactors in the senate. Some of the same guys that voted our jobs out of here are still serving in the senate too. They are now grudingly backing Cruz. I don’t trust them with their anti American influence on Cruz, and why is Cruz accepting their help? Believe me there’s a reason. I smell a rat!

            This is why I say Trump is the best Pro American we have for trade and jobs. With out this we have zero, nothing, notta !! Right now 52% are on assistance of some sort in America. We don’t need more.

        • We also need to clean up the federal, state, and local bureaucracy as well.

        • I disagree.While they will work feverishly to derail Trump at every turn, he can go to the voters just like Coolidge did. And yes, he will not be able to get everything done however if he gets the three big ones done he will have done us a great service. The wall, Jobs and Tax reform.

          • Huge problem — no president can do any of those things.
            On top of that, Congress nakes the laws.

          • Well, be do have a Republican Senate and soon to be House. So, put that in your pipe and smoke on!

          • Not the way things are stacked up now! You guyz will be dancing on the “Don’t Tread On me” snake soon enough! The TEA party has seen to your demise!

          • If it has to be that way then, oh well. I would rather die free than bow to another politically correct liberal ideology, like Hillary or Bernie’s. By the way, I am not necessarily a Tea Partier……. Bernie is an outright self proclaimed communist and Hillary is a cheating, lying bitch and I will not follow either of them anywhere. I still have principles. You?

          • joseph krushnowski

            We agree! Congress has the power to make the laws. Obama breaks the law by not obeying the law.
            He has his pen and Obama phone and the power to change things as he see fit ( ex. Obama care ). After obama set this precedent wouldn’t it be sweet if Trump used the same tactics? You socialists would go bezerk. Just remember, you guys set the stage for the next president.

          • Obama has not broken a single law.

            He has, however, exercised the authority granted to him by the US. Constitution. One of those powers is the power to pardon federal crimes.

            Stop and consider the fact that without amnesty, each illegal immigrant would need to be housed, fed, appointed legal representation and provided a trial.

            Are you willing to foot that bill? No, you haven’t even begun to pay for the two wars Bush put on the credit card.

            Has not sealed the border? Each additional border guard costs the tax payer roughly $70,000 per year. How much higher taxes did you say you were willing to pay?

          • joseph krushnowski

            Obama is constantly being sued in court for his illegal executive orders.
            The presidential pardons power is being abused beyond belief. in a 2014 ICE report, Obama approved the early release ( pardon ) of 30,000 prisoners. Among those released there were 193 convicted for homicide, 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnappings, 1,075 aggravated assaults, 1,160 stolen vehicles, 9,187 dangerous drug convictions, 16,070 drunk or drug driving convictions and 303 flight escape convictions. All total 28,000 have serious criminal convictions. A number of those released ended up being repeat offenders. some were deported only to return into the US.
            The amount of money to house an inmate varies from state to state. In 2014 the average amount was $29,291 / yr. California spent $47,085 / yr.
            Just think, if illegal immigration was brought under control, finish building the wall which funding and building was approved during the Bush administration ( why was it halted and where did the funds go?) then the cost for the social free stuff programs would significantly be reduced and the savings could be allocated towards border security.
            With all that has happened in the world due to terrorism, national security should be paramount. Your justification for incarceration costs are meaningless compared to the misery some of these low life’s cause. The release of the GITMO prisoners are a classic example of released prisoners ( terrorist ) who come back and bite us in the ass by rejoining the fight against us.

          • Obama constantly sued?! And where has that led to, exactly?? He’s still President and you stupid yokels have guaranteed the Democrats a win in November, the WH, AND the Congress at large. Be careful what you wish for!

          • I believe it was CONGRESS that approved the PPACA and Obama simply signed it into law. The will of the majority of people, thank you!

          • joseph krushnowski

            Of coarse you conveniently forgot to mention that the CONGRESS, House of Representatives and the Senate at that time, both were under democratic control.
            Majority of the people? NOT! The majority of the people want it repealed or substituted with something more realistic. In case you haven’t been keeping up with current events, Obama care is now imploding without any help from the republicans.

          • Yes, according to the 11 million + who are now insured! Mehhh, you don’t count, little bottom dweller!

          • No, Obama is making the laws these days.

        • Bullets are cheap!

      • I am astounded by the number of people who do not recognize this, but more so re-electing people like Reid and Pelosi over and over again. I was taught, in HS, many years ago, that not only voting was a right, but that you voted for the candidate most compatible with your views, not because they was a D, R or I, after their names. I listen to them, Dems and Repugs alike, not just once but what they say in different places, I saw Obama doing this and Wm. Clinton doing this , I don’t listen to Killery, WHY, she lies flatter than a rug, and we certainly do not need a family dynesty running this country, certainly with so much distain for the human lives of Americans.

        • “… not because they WAS…”? Your vote will count for nothing with that kind of spelling! Total fail in education, and I’ll bet they graduated you anyway just to get you out the door!

          • Stop being a critic, I graduated at age 16, (1949) near top of my class, and accepted into Georgetown Univ. at 17, when you reach my age and have use of one hand, then you can be a critic, hard to type with one hand on a laptop that’s on your lap. I read what I typed, “I was taught” is not bad English, the only other time . “They” was suppose to be” there” so now STHU.

          • Nothing wrong with your grammar. Ignore the ignorant.

          • The troll appointed himself critic, I wasn’t going to answer, but I was sick of his attacking people on site, I wonder what these trolls get out of infiltrating these sites?, I sure don’t want to go to their sites.

          • Don’t know where these liberals get off thinking they are the only intelligent people in America. Most are just takers and have their hands out for anything they can get for free and sit on their asses without really working a real job in their entire life. Just want what we work hard for. Makes me so mad I want to come through the screen and hit them in the nose.

          • Agree, I respect their right to vote how they want to, BUT I do not respect their right to tell others how to vote, or call them names, this does show low mentality. I raised my younger children as a single Mom, after my husband died, I worked double shifts putting in 72 hours a week as a Nurse, my kids are grown as are my grandkids, all work hard and have succeeded and now I am watching a great granddaughter start out in life and pray daily for a grandson who choose to be a cop.

          • He’s a Good “Christian” Boy ya see. Spreadin’ around some of his “Love”…

          • I feel that some are being paid, and others are haters that are immature and could never converse with anyone on a subject that they disagree with if they were not in a crowd of like minded protesters with a leader to speak for them. They troll because they feel safer . ( The afraid of chalk and free expression crowd.) Black Lives chalked all over campus is okay but seeing Don Trump’s name , or build the wall just terrifies them to panic attacks.

          • lol, you go girl.

          • That was uncalled for. Shut up if you have nothing better to add to the discussion but criticism of grammar.

          • Your last sentence (??) would not have even passed a Common Core English exam.

          • Jesus yer a little Troll Georgie…

          • If the spelling of every American voting was a criteria for their vote counting, very few people should bother to vote . You have a nerve putting “love rules ” beside of your name . Your post sounds very immature and childish by the way. You are likely another of the sort that is afraid of chalk, or free discussion, The kind of free discussion that created America and that America was created for. , but is now being attacked by the (sic) higher education crowd.

      • If people can’t see what is happening , I don’t know what we can do to wake them up.. The game they are playing is called “Divide and Conquer. “

    • vote for Bernie.

      • If you want socialism/marxism vote for Bernie. With all his promises have free health care, free college, etc. who in hell is going to pay for it?? Certainly not Bernie. We The People will pay and pay through the nose. You can bet the farm on that. Besides that he has stated numerous times that “taxes will be raised”. Is that what we want?? We are taxed to death now!!!

        • Maybe the same people that are going to PAY for Donald/s wall!!!

          • Pay we all will for the invasion BO has enabled with the help of the dem lemmings and rinos. It would be cheaper by far for us to pay for that damn wall! And put the military on our borders for training with the border patrol.

          • joseph krushnowski

            Funding to build the wall was passed during the Bush administration. So, the question is, why did the building project stop, and where did the approved money go? Let’s not fool ourselves, the political elites want an open border society ( Canada, US and Mexico ) whether we like or not because they will give it to us in an enema if they have too. Their strategy is to create as many unlawful situations as possible to distract our attention so we can’t focus on any one issue for any period of time. It takes time, legally, to fight things in court which may be useless in the end. We need a clean sweep to get rid of career politicians and impose term limits on public officials.
            One term in office and one term in prison ( humor ).

        • joseph krushnowski

          You are right! He will raise our taxes, all the obvious ones ( ex. income tax ). But wait, he also said he would raise the tax rate on the rich ( 1percent ). When will the left realize that when corporations / businesses are taxed they will not absorb the tax, they will pass it along to the consumer in the form of a price increase for a product or service, only to make business a tax collector for the government. Hang on to your wallets, it’s going to get real expensive if Bernie or Hillary, some how, becomes president. After all we are going to need more money and lots of it, to give out to the illegal aliens and the huge number of ” refugees ” from the Middle East.
          Welcome to the land of milk and honey.
          You play we pay.

          • As it should be!

          • joseph krushnowski

            You are probably a career parasite or maybe a student who doesn’t pay taxes yet. Just by your 4 words you exude an attitude of “give us what you earned because you owe us”.

          • Not so, Republicon big mouth! I am retired, all money out of the country, intentionally poor, and I love the benefits you’re paying for! Nice condo in Brazil… wonderful partner, the good life here… yes, yes, but fortunately we don’t NEED your money. Our retirement AND SS benefits are great! Next? (Now get back to work and keep payin’ those taxes, lolol.).

          • joseph krushnowski

            RepublicOn big mouth? Independent is more accurate. Condo in Brazil, I hope you are not drinking the polluted water it could cause brain damage. Better have that checked.
            Wonderful partner? I won’t go there. I see your point, you don’t need MY money and I wouldn’t give it to you. It sounds like you are doing just fine as a parasite.
            Back to work to keep payin’ those taxes? Nope! Officially retired. worked every day since I was 16. I paid enough taxes to support the career parasites like yourself.
            Get back in your box I’m through with this meaningless exchange.

          • I was raised on a farm… and I worked from 7 years old on. You’re point is? Did you flunk out of Kindergarten? Your comments noted… DISmissed!

          • Robert A. Clemons

            Yep, YOUR ILK WANT people to pay you to sit on your libtard ass, & COLLECT WELFARE. GET A JOB BUTTERCUP !!!

          • Oy, oy, oy! Not so, Republicon big mouth! I am retired, all money out of the country, intentionally poor, and I love the benefits you’re paying for! Nice condo in Brazil… wonderful partner, the good life here… yes, yes, but fortunately we don’t NEED your money. Our retirement AND SS benefits are great! Next? (Now get back to work and keep payin’ those taxes, lolol.).

          • You are a liberal jerk!

          • Thank you! I consider the source… your comment noted, DISmissed!

      • If I wanted to be a communist, I would vote for hillary….Just go full measure….Not a watered down version.

        • I love it!! Either vote for a old senile criminal socialist or Bernie!!!

          • Yes, sorta like the devil or the deep blue sea….And then , there is always the other commie , Elizabeth Warren…. It will be interesting to see whose names are on the ballot, come Election Time… And if the Repub Elite get their way , it may be “dead head Romney” or “low energy Jeb”…..

      • A vote for Sanders is a vote for Obama just like a vote for Hillary is vote for Obama. And everyone knows a vote for Obama is a vote for lawless, anti-American, Muslim supremecy.

      • Taking care of business!

        Should we? Name one country where socialism has succeeded. And don’t suggest any European nations. Look where their ultra-progressivism, aka socialism, has landed them. Socialism, fascism, theocracies, naivety, and communism are all catchwords for crippling enslavement. Oh, in theory, they seem ideal, utopian, but result in an easy ensnarement–and it cost blood to be extracted/dislodged from the deceptive entanglement. If you dare, and haven’t been too dumbed-down by the Government-school status quo, further compounded by college/university indoctrination, read a non-revisionist history book. See if it isn’t so.

      • Sure, vote for a Commie. Move to Cuba, Tantien.

    • Vote for whom, Ann? The only ethical, moral, and honest GOP candidate is Cruz, and his wheels are spinning and gaining no traction. Besides that, can you imagine that a corrupt Senate and House of Representatives will permit an honest, ethical U.S. President to find a way to eliminate their corruption? I cannot.

      • He is a politician and wants the establishment support. Does that not come through to you loud and clear? Strictly by the vote means he loses and he knows it!

      • You’re right, the revolution is in the warm up stage. Better get ready and choose a side. Or sit and hide, but those that hide, will be the first to be over run. It’s put up or shut up time America. This is our country. Time to grow a pair, or at least to ask your wife’s if you can borrow them back for a while.

    • Vote for who the liar or the loudmouth?

    • If it were not for the fact that the government controls the election process i would agree with you However all things “remaining” equal do you really think the vote of the people matters? The system is currently so corrupt that there is very little chance the people will have any say in this nations future without a revolution. Point in fact Cali is allowing criminal illegals to vote, Colorado is issuing driver license to illegals, The current criminal administration has refused the states the right to require Photo ID to vote and criminal illegals now vote multiple times with impunity. All of these things are supported by the corruption in the courts and the ones who will in the end have to deal with all the corruption of this criminal government is YOUR CHILDREN and GRAND CHILDREN. Not much of a legacy of prosperity is it.

      • Well, some of us are probably hoping against hope….If we take the deeatist attitude, then you can be assured that we will be defeated….Yes, our system is corrupted but don’t you think we can try to defend our country ?? Ballots , not Bullets…. We just have to keep on keeping on.

        • “deeatist”??? Does that have some connection with food consumption or what? I am an eatist myself; seems necessary to keep me alive and well.

          • Well, please forgive me . I made a typo.. So sorry, but I should have known that all the people who are looking for a fight would be proof reading the comments….Sure glad you are on Hitlery’s side..She will take great care of her minions..

          • Proofread, Ann… PROOFREAD!!!

    • then you are against Pro life people and Ewtn and the little sisters of the poor you should be banned from voting you are not caring for the unborn you do not want American christians to have freedom of their faith you are the traitor Hail Rubio ban this evil person from this country because this person does not want freedom and the Illuminati hired this person to say such things in this web site

    • They learned every thing thing know from the Democrats.

    • Do vote, just make sure not to throw out the true conservatives. There are some true one and just because they have an R next to there name that does not mean they don’t respect and honour the CONSTITUTION. Small government, states rights and a real concern for the country not themselves.

    • Our repub party knows Trump will win the election, but they don’t want to admitt it. They prefer to instill fear in everyone because they do not want to loose their gravy train money coming in from special interest.The rest of the party will come around when Trump wins the nomination. They wont vote for a pig like Hillary or a communist like Bernie because there are not enough taxes to afford his programs. As for Paul Ryan, the voters are not stupid, he is on a short leash for removing the debt ceiling and giving in to King Obama.

      • I agree with most of your post…. I hope you are right.

        • Don’t worry and think positive. I’m a pragmatic type person like Trump so when I see a problem I attack the weak spot and fix it. This is what Trump has done his whole life, in a nut shell he is a fixer of things. Pray that God will send all our foes straight to hell !!
          We just have to keep talking about this stuff on the net to each other and keep telling everyone to vote Trump. Now after more killings in Beguim, maybe they will come around to Trumps way of thinking. The liberals hate Trump, but he has been right on the mark with everything and now look at these dumb asses in Europe, the very people they let in the country are trying to kill them. Daaaa !!

          • They will argue that the guy they caught 5 days ago had been in Belgium for 20 years or so. That’s true, but how long does it take them to assimilate? Do they ever?

          • Hey man , they can’t. There religion does not allow that. Our constitution go’s against all that they stand for. Thats why they turn to the dark side Amigo !! Our constitution was written by Christian men with a value system that muslums cannot adjust to. You want to know about how a man is, you have to look at the fruit on his tree, ( his family). When I look at Trump. I see some pretty nice and smart children. He has good fruit. Not like a fruit cake like Hillary and Bernie boy.

          • Obviously they ‘assimilated quite well!

          • He may have been doing allot of things in this 20 years there, but has maybe been using Belgium for a home base and just never got caught. But now the focus was there so he is now making trouble.

    • If Trump wins, and he really starts “cleaning house” out of all the crappy political appointees, then I’ll believe we are on the right track, not until. He can’t clean out the deadwood in CONgress, because they have independent power bases to fall back on. Got to vote them out in their respective districts or go home.

    • I have been preaching this for 3 years. I believed it with McCain as well. It was nothing more than a small sacrificial offering and to make a show.
      McCain through Palin under the bus, when in fact he was the creeping traitor. Romney has attacked TRUMP, more vigorously and aggressively than he ever even dream toward OBAMA, the liar, usurper, the Black & White Striped Dessert lizard of the Progressive movement.
      It’s been this way for years and the deception has been being revealed since King CamelDung came on the scene and the Republicans took control BOTH SIDES OF CONGRESS. However what have they done with that power, that control, that leverage?
      NOTHING. Only 65 of them deserve a job and position to represent the “WE THE PEOPLE” and Ryan is a mirror image of Boehner (Boner – Bainer).
      WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SMELL THE SELL OUT, that is the arses of the hierarchy and Oligarchy that you are smelling as they should on us

      • Yes, McCain threw Palin under the bus….In my estimation, he is a sorry ESSO BEE..So is Romney … He gave the election to ovomit on live TV..He let that fat cow, Candy Crowely back him down because he didn’t have the cojones to stand up to her … Now, all of a sudden, he has grown a pair .. What a joke.I hope Trump wins and kicks his arse for him.

        • Amen to you and I feel the same way. The Mormons certainly got the call wrong. I heard one of the republican or Democratic leaders say: We aren’t voting for anyone who stands against a religion, meaning ISLAM.
          Well “Ain’t that a pickle”
          They hate Trump so much they embrace Islam? That is telling.
          It’s interesting because they too are a Financial, Legal entity too and all on their own just like the religion they want to come and share their country with.
          I understand the FREEDOM of RELIGION and am a Christian. I feel sorry for those who do not believe, but we aren’t forcing anyone. However Islam is an Ideology, not just the religion and even the religious aspects of Islam are way off base.

          • I understand that several Morman Missionaries , etc. were in Brussels yesterday during the bombing ..I wonder how much they love ISLAM today..

          • Hey Ann, that comment was said AFTER the Bombing and last last night. I was shocked to hear that.
            Imagine embracing Islam and hating Trump. Now that is an oxymoron

          • Islam is a government masquerading as a religion. I don’t even think all muslims see it — but history bears that out.

          • Yes that is true and it clearly is not about God, for GOD Himself is horrified that man is so inhumane and using HIS Name in their despicable evil acts.
            Islam is: Political, Economical and Religious in nature. It is a 3 legged stool just like Catholicism, Mormonism and Islamic.
            It is an ideology of making man god, the idol, not the Living Jehovah God being worshiped.

          • AHA! You’re one of THOSE christian extremists! Didn’t take long for you to show your stripes. I had you pegged a long time ago, I just didn’t have the proof! Jehovah, my ass! Get out of the OT and start living the NT!

          • Hey George, I forgive you because you are a lost, lonely, old and obviously a confused person, who has nothing better to do than to STALK and Harass the people who are sharing, reasoning and care about their country and Jehovah Jireh, more than swatting at the know it all nats, like you.

    • Well said. The GOP is about to throw the third election in a row to the liberals. That is how obama got in the White House and look what happened. The silent majority is now speaking out loud and clear and the GOP better listen or there will be no more Republican Party but a third party will emerge. It may be too late though to save us from having this election thrown to hillary.

      • I helped in the McCain Campaign in my city….it soon became very obvious that they were not interested in winning…. And next came mealy mouthed Romney… He stood right there and let ovomit and Candy Crowley back him down when everybody knew he was right (except him, of course )…..I knew we had had it then… I am sick and tired of the uppity ones using us for their gain… It is time for this to end….It is time for somebody with BALLS to straighten this mess out …. Trump is my guy!.. I don’t care if he “Archie Bunker’s his way through this election ..That is my son’s description of him and I sorta like it… Archie was a PROUD AMERICAN …LOL

        • I’m with you all the way. The GOP literally and purposely threw the last two elections to obama. We can’t let them do it again. And if Trump decides to run as a third party candidate I am right there behind him and will definitely vote for him even if I have to write in his name.
          By the way, I’m sorry to hear you worked to elect john mccain because he is a big rino and coward. He keeps playing himself as a war hero in the Korean War. The only reason he was captured was because he disobeyed orders and was flying too low when his plane was hit. He broke his arm when his plane crashed, not because he was tortured by the captors because he was NOT tortured but sang like a canary for the enemy. Just ask any of his fellow POWs.

          • Well Mary, I worked for his campaign because I thought it was the right thing to do.. I was trying to keep ovomit from being elected… I knew he was more liberal than I like but still better than ovomit…. I know that I have NO USE for him now ..I didn’t know the things you are telling me about his military service and captivity… Trump may be right about him… He needs to just go home and live like a king on his wife’s money… (and ours from senate and retirement pay )

          • I know what you mean about thinking it was the right thing to do. He was the lesser of two evils and unfortunately that is quite often how we choose who to vote for. I definitely agree it is way past time for mccain to go home and shut his mouth and enjoy the rest of his miserable life on his wife’s money. Maybe she doesn’t want him home in Arizona. LOL

        • And they were planning on throwing this one with Jeb “Act of Love” Bush.

          • We owe a debt of gratitude to Trump for running him off…. Yep , they were all set to foist another LOSER on us.

        • Archie is also a DEAD past-American! Fail!

      • I can guarantee that! You Republicommies are in way over your golden-haired heads!

    • I agree get out and vote as long as you’re voting for either TRUMP to go to the w.h. or Hillary to go to prison 2016 or both

    • Couldn’t be better said!

  9. We are not just voting for Trump! We are voting to increase our military and police forces throughout the Country. We are voting for border/immigration/refugee problems because of threats to America and terroristic threats. We are voting to better our economy and trade deals. Donald Trump just happens to be the party who wants to change these things.

    • Danielle Sparkman

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    • Both Party’s have been corrupted to the point of no return…no one has the guts to take em on face to face other than Donald Trump…Cruz and Kasich have no chance of defeating Hillary…the Donald has the best chance of all but the Republicans are scared s#itless Trump will rock the boat and make em all look like the fools they are.

    • Deb, but you still have Ted Cruz on GOP ballot. I am surprised you Repubs and TPs cannot understand Cruz is a fake American. His allegiance is Canada -not USA. The guy can run as Canadian PM or Cuban minister if you kick him out of GOP ballot. As a whole GOP had poor quality of candidates. Please join me and vote for Hillary in November.

      • Hitlary for Prison…you want her? She is nothing but a Commie/Criminal and is involved with murdering Americans, supplying weapons to ISIS, and on and on it goes! Do some research before supporting one of the worst people to ever walk the face of the planet..!!! I believe she is demon filled from head to toe..!!! What kind of person are you that would support a Monster like Hitlary for Prison! God help this nation if people support a Commie/Criminal like Hitlary for Prison..!!!

        • That’s the great thing: People see through the sham political charges against Hillary and are still backing her, and THEN a stooge like tRUMP comes along and all but guarantees a Democrat Party victory? Yes, we thank you! You’re welcome, LOLOL.

        • You have been watching FoxNews too much has poisoned your brains. Please pull yourself out from that hole and join me to elect Hillary.

          • Robert A. Clemons


          • I’ll burst your little bubble now… she’ll be cleared and you’ll be tracked by the FBI! You folks don’t get away with anything any more. Think “Cliven Bundy Family.”

          • Robert A. Clemons

            KEEP DREAMING Buttercup…You fags are a cancer on humanity…WILL DANCE THE DAY FAGS ARE ELEMINATED. AND, I do NOT worry about the FBI, OBOBOs lil pansies.

          • LOLOL… keep it up, Short Stop. Look at the pansies’ record from 1969 until now. How many lawsuits have we won??? Thought so! You WILL worry about the FBI and NSA when they vaporize your house with you in it, should you resist! Your comments noted, laughed at, DISmissed!

          • Robert A. Clemons

            NO, I will NEVER WORRY about the Pansie FBI. YOU are DISSED & DISMISSED BUTTERCUP.

          • I don’t take my info from fox news,but I do see one.dig out from under the leftist loonie playbook and think a little..

          • Did you watch FoxNews today with Bill O and Sean Hannity. They are whining why Trump is winning the GOP nomination. Is that not dumb? Trump is campaigning as GOP candidate and still GOPers hate him. I am confused what GOP really stands for. They wanted a tall wall, Trump promised to build even taller building. They did not want Mexicans here and Trump has promised to ship all Mexicans back to Mexico. But they hate him for that.

          • Dog whistles. Just like abortion, we have to vote pro-life so they can do . . . nothing.

      • Why are even talking about Cruz? The OP was talking about Trump kicking a$$ and taking names and the only thing you bring up is Cruz? Funny how none of our candidates are in indictment proceedings. But hey you Demos have some high quality hopefuls…

        • Even with a possibly indictable Clinton, the Democrats have TWO great candidates and the Repugs are fighting viciously over five (now 4) really poor choices for the highest office in the country? It’s to laugh!

          • twogreat candidates?? are you living under a rock? one is a confirmed socialist and the other is Kilary..go fish..

          • “…two great….” I’m part of the living world who sees what is going to happen… and the FBI is tracking your every comment! Think NSA!

        • Yes, Illinois lawyers filed a lawsuit to remove Cruz. But as you know federal judges in Illinois were campaigning for Cruz. Therefore you would not expect these 7th circuit judges to rule against Cruz. But there is another lawsuit in Texas. Cruz lied on his Senate papers that he was from Delaware while he is from Toronto Canada.

      • pmbalele,have you not heard of all of her lies,deceit,coiruption and deaths linked to her.A vote for Killary is just extendind Obummer for another 4 years

        • This is a good thing! Hillary 2016! or Bernie will do also! Frump tRUMP!

        • What are you whining about -Hillary is just extending Obama for another 4 years? That is exactly what I am praying for-I want Hillary to extend Obama vision for this Country. That is why I have been telling you people on this website that I have been living in heaven for the last 7 years and until Obama leaves office. If Hillary extends Obama legacy, that will be another 4 years for me in heaven. And this will be in Wisconsin where the government is corrupt.

      • I agree the Canadian-born thing might be a problem; but ONLY because some idiot will make it one. His mother was / is an American citizen, he was raised from 3 or 4 in the U.S. — he’s an American. Hillary? Bill traveled to Russia during the height of communism, she’s an Alinskyite, and the epitome of corruption? No.

        • Now Cruz is saying that if GOP do not nominate him, he will kiss you bye to Canada where he eligible to run as prime minister. So this guy is a double dipper.

  10. How ignorant most are!! Your vote only counts for your local seats, Senators, Representatives, Mayors, Governors, city counsels. ect…. The Party ( Repub. or Demo.) will choose who they want and please remember, President is elected by the Electoral College, not by popular vote!!

    • That is why it needs to be changed to popular and do away with electorals….we have the means to count massive numbers now that were not afforded to our forefathers when they set up the electoral vote.

    • That’s how Shrub Jr got elected the 2nd time.

  11. If the Republican Party goes through and decides who the candidate is, they will be very, very sorry….they will become the Whigg Party that was overtaken by the Republican Party a hundred years ago….they will become obsolete and We The People will start our own party. The elists within the Republican Party and the establishment have become what Joseph Stalin stated….”It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide NOTHING. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Is this what the RNC has become? this is a quote from a very bad communist dictator…I say NO.

  12. THIS is what All THE BULLSHIT has brought US to is it? Fuk IT FRENCH REVOLUTION II – The DC Connection Time for some Good Olde American JUST US… OFF with THEIR Friggin’ Heads I Say!

  13. Screw the so called party the only party I know is to have fun screw the damn dems and repubs.the bastards don’t do what the people want and what they say when running for any office kick the whole damn bunch out and start over things would be better without a doubt.

    • NOW yer Talkin’ Somebody get a ROPE!

      • I’ve just got to laugh at the last two comments. So, it’s going to be that easy, eh? ROFLMBO@YOU Simple people.

        • Mearly reflects the mood. NOBODY thinks what’s coming is going to be “easy” OR “pretty”. Just figured you’d chirp in with a Bullshit Comment did ya Georgie?

          • “Merely.”! Nothing will be coming, and if it does, y’all will be joining Cliven’s Bundyland!

          • Man are you LOST IN SPACE… Political History is being made right IN FRONT of you and you figure it’s just the same old propagandized malarkey. Suit yourself… I’m no Evangelist. Some will be busy with the Good Work while others sleep quietly in their Beds and not know anything is happening at all. Always been that way. If yer not IN IT, yer NOT NEEDED.

            I DO find it amusing that you’ve upvoted so much of my stuff here, then cop some Troll Posture when I bust you on your Bullshit unproductive Comment.

            Love Rules?… Georgie with YOUR condescending attitude, and pointlessly confrontational Commentary, well, it kind’a makes a mockery of that wouldn’t ya say?

            Must be some of that “Christian” Love yer talkin’ about. That Shit would make Jesus PUKE!

          • Comment noted, DISmissed!

          • EXACTLY!
            (Reread the previous comment Dim Wit…)

          • Reread what yer responding to Stupid

          • Exacatacally!

        • Let’s try this again…
          It MERELY reflects the MOOD. No one thinks what’s coming is going to be either “easy” OR “pretty”. And these “Simple People” are the ONLY ONES who CAN make a Difference. All that sure your best interests are well served by disempowering them?

  14. Fast Donnie Drumpf has the Personal Ethics of a Used Car Salesman, and the Statesmanship Skills of a Tijuana Titty Bar Hawker. If YOU THINK he’s going to alienate all of his Friends and FUTURE BUSINESS CLIENTELE for the likes of YOU, you’re DELUSIONAL. He’s a Fucking CON MAN whose SCREWED EVERY BUSINESS PARTNER he’s EVER HAD, and NOW he wants to Partner with YOU. Self funding Campaign MY ASS. He’s RIGGED IT so that he’s LOANED his Campaign the MONEY AT INTEREST so he can pay himself BACK out of the REAL Contributions. Leave it to that Sleaze Ball He’s using OPM to make running for President a Money Making Venture that Drives his “Sucker Trap” Brand Name, Win, Lose, or Draw. You MORONS are being Suckered by the quintessential Crap Game Hustler on the make. And you WONDER how Hitler TOOK Germany.

    Be a Chump,
    Vote for Trump.
    He’s got his crosshairs,
    …on YOUR Rump!

    • SPAm warning the above bullshyte is from a brainless left winger turd and Bernie voter.

    • Hope you’ll be happy with Hillary. I’ll be eighty when she takes office and it won’t make much difference to me, but I am concerned about the kind of country my grandchildren will grow up in. If Trump is a disaster, it will only last 4 years and there is a chance he will appoint justices who believe the Constitution means what it says, not what the liberals wish (and how they choose to interpret it). With Hillary, the Constitution won’t be worth the parchment it was written on after she appoints 2 or 3 justices who will do as she and the liberals wish. By some of the language you use posting, I can tell you have no character (or, at least no good character), so any discussion with you is a waste of time. Hope you are young enough to have to live with the wreckage you and your kind inflict on this country.

  15. If insiders and the GOP continue their attempt to stop Trump, voters will revolt and the GOP will essentially be placing Hillary in the White House. Since the GOP has not figured that out they will when incumbents begin to lose to the rise of the new GOP. The “Good ‘ol Boy’s Club” is on its way out.

    • They were planning on running Jeb “Act of Love” Bush to lose to her anyway. Tis better to take a chance and dump the Republican party.

  16. I say WE form a NEW Party and call it The JUST US Party (sounds so much better than the Fuk Them Party)


  18. Taking care of business!

    Cruz a conservative? Are we talking the same Ted?–the one who was a former member of the CFR, whose being bankrolled by Goldman-Sachs, the same his wife is connected to? You must be referring to Ted “NWO” Cruz, ready to following in the steps of Barry “NWO” Davis. This is why the Bilderbergs, etc. hate Mr. Trump– he’s not out to bring us to our knees as a puppet of UN/NWO, the one-world government of the Antichrist.

  19. This seems like a fix unless you ever had a civics class in middle school! It has always been delegates voting in conventions! Lincoln was elected on the 3rd ballot! THANK GOD that happened!!! There is an old Henry Fonda movie called the candidate I believe that came out in 64 about a brokered convention that holds up pretty well if you look for it!!! Hell the 3 Stooges did a short about it in the early 50’s, so this is not new it is just new to people that never got into any kind of politics before!!! When only between 20 to 40% actually vote it isn’t a surprise how little most know! Now the Demon Rats that have the so called SUPER delegates is a little silly but it is still legal!!! We are a REPRESENTATIVE Democracy NOT a direct democracy!

  20. The republican party is dead regardless how the election unfolds. They’ve been at the trough so long that they have no idea why the people want them replaced. Democrats don’t have the same problem because they continue to buy off the masses with give-aways and public employees with guaranteed jobs all under the communist/socialist model. People are lazy and will ultimately accept the promises of equality proposed by the liberals. What they don’t understand is that “equally poor” does not improve lives, but condemns them to mediocrity and despair. Maybe they’ll learn the hard way.

  21. Or, their plan is to convince Trump supporters to figure there is no point so we will either vote for someone else in the primaries or not bother to vote at all. They would then be free to push their own go along puppet. The way to stop this arrogance is to form a viable 3rd party with its own rules that can draw supporters from all sides.

  22. If the Republican Party continues their attempt to thwart the 2016 election and the will of the People they will go the way of the old pro-industry Whig Party that failed, and from which the new Republican Party was formed in 1854… The Republican Party is inviting its premature death…

  23. You have got that right. There will no longer be a GOP!

  24. If the GOP loses with anyone as candidate the USA as a republic with the potential to once again, someday, be governed by a constitution is finished. Finished. If the GOP wins with the wrong person—anyone but Cruz, likely—the same fate awaits it unless the candidate proves to be a patriot faithful to the Constitution. That’s very unlikely. Big businessmen like Trump are notorious for absence of ethics and loyalty, and all Democrats and nearly all Republicans are corrupt and criminal. My view is that the USA is finished—gone. Kiss it goodbye.

  25. This is our federal government now. The Republican and Democrats have consistently ignored the will of the people to do what ever they want in order to please their special interest groups and line their pockets. How else would a scum bag like Soros be allowed to pay people to protest and in so doing these protesters have murder people, burned businesses, looted, mugged people, and block citizen from their rights and freedoms. Why has Soros not been arrest and locked up? Same reason the republicans feel they can steal our election and we will sit back and take it. WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO GO ON. Do not vote for another senator, representative or presidential candidate that joins in this travesty. Vote for which ever candidate takes the most delegates despite what the GOP establishment does. Time to stand up and take our nation back. I am sick of the voter fraud and the lying, cheating trash that occupies our congress and White House. They have shamed our nations and spit on every man, woman, and child who died for our freedoms and the constitution, not to mention every citizen who foolishly thought these people would work in our best interest.

    • I still believe Trump will get the 1237 delegates he needs, but I hope that priebus doesn’t do another ‘democrat’ on him and cheat him out of the delegates he already has.

      • I have gotten to the point where I do not want a party that is such back stabbing, lying out their butts, crooked slime bags as a party. I dumped the democrats when I figured out their agenda was to flood the nation with poverty ridden families and it has been proven with their thousands of regulation and insistence on taxing businesses to the point where the common person is hard pressed to afford anything. They have gone after yard sales and fruit or veggie stands. Now I find the republicans are just as low lived as democrats. Trump looks to take the nomination and if he does he will get my vote despite what the GOP does. They are no longer my party.

  26. Many thanks and much encouragement to all sensible Republicans working to dump Trump. These loyal Americans are in reality acting in DEFENSE of this great nation against the ruinous and disastrous consequences that would come about if the blithering, bilious, bombastic billionaire vulgarian were to become President. Special thanks to Romney and McCain for boldly leading the charge!

    • Well, I guess we can see where you think the world is, sorry to see you are threatened by Trump. Say hello to Reince Priebus for me.

  27. The Republican elite have lost control of the party. They will now throw a temper tantrum and do every dirty trick in the books to stay in power.

  28. The GOP needs to read this…Lets make one thing perfectly clear! The GOP attempts to steal the nomination from Trump, these S*B’s better leave the Country, because “We the People” will hunt them down….and yes the GOP is with the Commie/NWO/DemoRats and yes I believe they are attempting to start a Civil War with the American People if they pull this on us..!!! And if it’s War they want, guest what, it’s War they will get…and the GOP/Soro’s/NWO/Elites started IT, not Trump or his supporters.!!! What choice do we have, America is nearly been destroyed as is, and these Commie/Monsters won’t stop until everyone of is in a Fema Camp and they have sucked every dime of our Money from everyone’s Bank Accounts/401K’s etc, and stolen all our Land and homes! God help us, PLEASE!

  29. Way back in 1986, then President Ronald Reagan signed a bill that gave 3,000 ILLEGAL immigrants the right to remain in the United States. But it was contingent on building a fence that would prevent future ILLEGALS from crossing our borders at will. The bill was passed and amnesty was awarded, but the fence was never built. Why? The political establishment of both parties acted in what they think is in THEIR best interest to allow unfettered ILLEGAL immigration. And screw what the American people wanted. Bush 43 tried to launch a “Comprehensive Immigration Program” in 2006 that featured a lot of complicated tripe that was still not in the best interest of the people, and they killed it. Sen. Rubio, part of the Gang of 8, formed in 2013 to write still another Comprehensive Immigration Program with which the Establishment could live, got in bed with democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and dopey Dick Durbin and wrote another bill that was heavy on giving the democrats what they wanted (more ILLEGAL immigration with eventual citizenship and voting rights). It died an agonizing death. And killed Rubio’s Presidential chances. And the party leaders of both parties are wondering what led to Trump? When Trump announced his candidacy and staked out his position on stopping ILLEGAL immigration, Sanctuary cities, building a fence, and following the Rule of Law with respect to immigrants, I found my candidate. And I’ll stick with him until the last dog dies.

  30. If these parasite of the establishment tries and pull the rug from under the front runner Mr. Trump and puts in another loser like the last two a holes they shoved down our throats, I hope they cut their own throats and bleed out, and dies right where they are. The establishment is the problem not Mr. Trump, all you DC insiders has done is zero against barack hussein obama who has broken our laws and has piles on trillions more to increase our debt, and gave 150 billion dollars to Iran who wants to build nuclear weapons and kills us all and Israel to. obama has let anyone come into our country, not only the law breaking illegals the democrats loves with a passion, but terrorist and people that are diseased and passing them on to our children and us to. You have betrayed your own country by allowing this to happen, now you want us to follow you into eight more years of hell, no thanks. I’ll stick with someone who is not bought and paid for like you bunch of wimps, and that include cruz and kasick. Go Mr. Trump lets take our country back from these over paid do nothings.

  31. With Little Marco, who is constitutionally ineligible, gone, leaving Trump and Cruz, who is also constitutionally ineligible, looks like Trump is the nominee and with hag Hillary gong to jail at GITMO, Trump could win with one vote at the presidential elections..

  32. It’s time for some RINOs heads to roll (where is ISIS when we need them). These Blue Dog Republicans are controlled by the likes of old Georgie Soros and his UN and EU elite commie minions.

    • Yes, Soros is bankrolling the Dem party, MoveOn.org, etc. while the left screams and Hollers about the Koch brothers who have supported both parties.

  33. Rule of Law! If this is unimportant and its corollary USCONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS is a figment of Judicial, Legislative and Executive imagination…then why not just make things up as We The People wake every morning? Doing so, will definitely guarantee America’s rapid decline to that of “all-so-ran” status among the 197-0dd world nations. Forget OWO because “making-things-up” on a daily basis allow for massive bleeding of three fundaments of governance: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Welcome Captain Chaos. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

  34. Boy are they wrong!

    • Mein Trumpf

      Vol. One: A Reckoning
      1. The Hispanic Peril
      2. The Arab Peril
      3. The Black Peril
      4. The Female Peril …

      Is this what you really wanr in America?

      • I want the laws on the books enforced no more than that.

        • U.S. Constitution, Article Two, Section 2.

          Clause 1: Command of military; Opinions of cabinet secretaries; Pardons

          The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

  35. michael schimanski

    I said this very same thing just last week in one of these comments . I changed from democrat to republican this year to try to stop hillary clinton who will destroy our country if elected . I feel the only chance our country has is to elect Donald Trump , and the only chance the republican party has is to let We The People decide , not them !

  36. Who are they to presume they know what’s best for us “We the People”? You would think the way they are acting in the GOP that we are little children with no sense of right and wrong. The Democrats already act that way. We do not need another Party who thinks they are our parents and we are little children that know nothing of the world. Either the elected officials start listening to their constituents or they are going to be getting a country like in the Middle East that it’s people are all going to be lawless and it will be the norm because they know their government just doesn’t care. There will eventually be a Revolution the likes that this world has never seen if this keeps up and America will be a war zone for the first time in over a 100 years. I think they forget who hired who here. We don’t work for them they work for us. Let’s let them know that in a big way.

    • We the People have never elected a President.
      We the People cannot elect a President.

      The Constitution does not permit us to do so.

      Suggest you learn how your government works.

  37. If the GOP try’s to pull off this plan It will be the end of the Republican party. Not even the RINO’s are so dumb they can’t understand this. Sorry maybe they are this stupid, you can’t fix stupid.

  38. One thing I know for sure is if these total idiots think that the Trump supporters are going to go along with their BS they are more stupid than I even gave them credit for. I, for one, wouldn’t get involved in any sort of “riot” but I will definitely will write Mr. Trumps name in I can tell you that. Pretty sure there are a few million around that would do the same thing. Trump would still win by a LANDSLIDE!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!

    • Childish name calling.
      Childish foul langiage.
      Then you want others to agree with your opinions?

      • what pray tell are you even talking about?? Where is the foul language? And just for the record I could care less if you or anybody else agrees with my opinions. They are MY OPINIONS. Don’t like it? Here is an idea, DON’T FRICKEN’ READ THEM!!!! OK?? TRUMP 2016!!!!

        • Foul lamguage is simply rude.
          The name calling is as childish as it comes.

          • I don’t have the foggiest idea what in the world you are talking about. Like I said before if you don’t like what I write DON’T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that plain enough for you??

  39. all I can say is go TRUMP to the w.h. 2016 and go hillary to prison 2016

  40. michael schimanski

    So they don’t want Donald Trump for president because he’s a billionaire businessman yet they are willing to give up Trump for sors . Maybe soro won’t be president but he is calling the shots right now and he will still be calling the shots if you elect

    • If course in your world the Koch Brothers do not exist.
      Suggest you look harder at your Electoral College members.

  41. It is an uneven battle – on one side a bunch of ignorant RINO’s getting along in order to get along and on the other the dedicated socialists with a strong Marxist background tunneling under the Constitution, or rather its penumbras.

  42. The GOP has spent the last 30 years being “Better Democrats than the Democrats”! And, now they are astounded that the people have lifted the curtain and finally see the truth. If you want this nation to continue to exist demand Term Limits and also requirements that every single law the Congress passes must also apply to the elected elites from “Day-one”!

    • We already SHOULD have term limits, by 2,4,6 year election cycles but if people aren’t willing to pay attention, then they will get ‘just for the proletariat, not for the elite’ legislation and a 93% re-election rate.

      • Back in the 90″s Congress actually passed a Law for Term Limits. Then, the SCOTUS overturned it as “Unconstitutional”, you get to guess who caused it to be before the Supreme Court. Go figure, non-elected elites allowing elected elites to have “life-time” security to rape and pillage the public treasury and we, the people, were just told to sit-down and shut-up!

  43. After the April primary here in Pennsylvania I will change my party registration to no party because both major political parties stink and are not represent the average American any more.

  44. They will have no one to blame but themselves when the party goes under.

  45. I vote that if the RNC screws us we should hunt them down and shoot each and every one of them.

  46. I don’t care – I’ll wait for the primary elections to play out. If Trump wins, fine. If he doesn’t, still fine, so long as the Demo-rats lose.

    • We the People do not elect a Presidenr.
      We the People never have.
      We the People cannot — the Costitution does not permit us to do so.

  47. It is time for the peoples voices to be heard and for them to totally squash all parties and their picks for the candidates, either let the people decide or prepare for the terrible consequences I feel will come if the present path is continued upon. What a farce politics has become. Both of the parties are to blame for this mess.

  48. If the Candidate of your choice in not on your Ballot, you have the Power of the Pen to write in the name of your choice.

  49. Blame, blame, blams ..
    I tis the usual blame game.
    Trump can’t change a thing, only YOU can.
    Make jobs for Americans –stop buying foreign goods.
    Evwn our military buys foreign goods.

  50. Situations like this makes me wonder what is the value of the GOP is to its constituents? They are supposedly in place to serve and represent Republican like we thinking party members. Yet, it would seem that they consider themselves above the mandate of their political callings. If indeed they go against the obvious current intent of their constituents in this matter, expect a mass exodus of former supporters to the independent party.
    If their is a “free” country left for the following election (and it is questionable that there will be) it will be we independents who will be around to try and turn the tide back to true representative government.

  51. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016

  52. The Fourth Reich

    “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
    “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
    “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
    “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
    “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
    “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
    “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
    “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
    “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

    Is this what America has become?

    • joseph krushnowski

      Don’t forget Occupy Wall Street with the mess and crime (reported rapes) they left behind. Princess Pelosi glorified them as freedom fighters. Black Lives Matter, they looted and burned down a portion of Baltimore. There are more, but you get the point.
      In the left wing logic, this is S.O.P. This is how to get attention when you feel unloved.
      Go find a safe space, then seek some psychological counseling.
      In the right wing view of what happened, actions speak louder than words!
      Your actions speak for itself.
      Your question is appropriate, Is this what America has become?

  53. This is so true, the reason that everyone wants Trump to be president is because he says and feels the same way that most of us feel. We have had to sit and watch the republicans allow Obama to break laws, commit treason, and spend the tax payers money until he has literally destroyed our country and we are all sick of it! He has fired almost all of our Generals and has taken the military down to nothing so that other countries see us as a bunch of pansies. He has destroyed our borders and people are flooding in along with terrorists and the drug cartel! He is supposed to protect us and abide by the constitution! We want Donald Trump a true leader!

  54. And, Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. is the best answer to shake those dirty rugs out and reclaim the Patriotic Republican stance and the blocking of the Demonized Democratic leaders who are behind all of Mr. Trump’s rally unrest. Billionaire Socialist Commie Marxist Obama Puppeteer George Soros is the Demon Troll behind wanting America in the Furnace of despair and violent unrest!


    SO BE IT

  55. The RNC/GOP has told the taxpaying voters to be damned and they, the “party” leaders, will pick your candidate for you. However the GOP does not stand alone. The democrats have rigged their part of the primaries with hand picked delegates to insure the Bernie Sanders has no chance to defeat Hillary. This is “election fixing” ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT. So where do we go from here. As I see it there will probably be a third party run if the RNC succeeds in “dumping Trump”. If that happens you can stick a fork in the republican party. And unfortunately the RNC can send a letter of congratulations to Hillary Clinton. I hope everyone remembers this when the next congressional elections are held, both Democrat and Republican.

  56. It was always a lie, don’t you understand, only the electoral voters actually pick the president. This whole dog and pony show and the incredible sums of money it wastes has always been a lie.

  57. Instead of just talk go to trump headquarters to volunteer, get bumper stickers and any other paraphernalia to show your support. He is the best chance we have to fix our country. The fat lady has not sung yet….and I dont mean hil.

  58. Trump is the only choice. Crus is not eligible, he is defiantly not a “Natural Born Citizen” he was born in Canada, his mother would have to apply for hi to even be a citizen, his father was a Cuban. not eligible. Bernie is a Communist, Hillary is a liar, anti American law braking cheat,
    Trump is not a choice, Trump is the only choice.

  59. The Republican Establishment best be careful or they are going to find themselves without a party.

    • Never happen. There will always be enough ignorant fools to keep them going.
      This blog stands to evidence that is a fact.

  60. People are asking themselves, “why do we need a disingenuous Republican party?” Rightfully so. The power hungry GOP establishment still cannot believe the electorate is giving them a resounding, “NO, you cannot continue to lie, deceive and fill us with empty promises time and time again and not expect the same in return.” It no longer operates as a viable institution that represent its constituents.
    Talk about being, Asleep At The Wheel…!

  61. Omg. This is vote cruz bs. So YOUR telling US to vote CRUZ bc the party will stop Trump? So now ur telling me who I can vote 4? the liar who wants more visas.WOW. Sounds just like what cruz did w dr carson. No. Im betting on Trump getting enuf delegates.
    Btw. What an ass-just like gop est,u thk we are too stupid to figure u out


















  64. To many of our so called Representatives have been sucking off the government at a very young age they could never hold a decent job in the public work force. Bernie, Biden & Hillery are prime examples. That is why we need term limits with no federal pensions. This week President Obama put foreward to the Congress that all ex-Presidents get a 18% increase on their salaries

  65. Imagine that the PUKES, the RNC/GOP think the words “WE” mean them and the “WE” over here means serfs, minions and slaves to their desires.
    Have you had enough? I have. They want to secure the Progressive control of America, because they are at the top of the food chain.
    We should be calling for their resignations and we should be calling for the RESIGNATIONS of the RINO’s in WDC, that have sold their souls for silver. The JUDAS’s of the GOVERNMENT

  66. Let us hope trump wins big time so we can dump the blow hards fearing for their useless jobs

  67. This might be the year to vote none of the above

  68. This article is 100% correct. If the GOP doesn’t wake up they will no longer exist. If Donald Trump is NOT on the ballot write him in.

  69. Anyone who remembers 1968, Chicago, Democrat Convention will understand what is going to happen if the GOP/RNC tries to impose their “will” on the people who have spent their time, money and energy supporting their candidates. No matter how anyone feels about Trump, he has shown these elitist bastards and the bias media for what hey truly are. They are not thumbing their noses at us; they are pissing down our backs telling us it is raining and trying to sell us umbrellas. “it is time to feed the hogs.”

  70. The GOP is a sham and now they are backing Cruz. They hated him until they realized Trump was winning and now all of a sudden Cruz is their poster child. This is scary on how deceitful the GOP is. If I didn’t think Hilary belonged in jail and Bernie was a socialist, I might think of switching parties.

  71. I keep hearing echo’s of BHO on healthcare. “We just didn’t do a good enough job of explaining it to the American people.” Now I hear the leader of the RNC, and others, saying the same thing about this. The system is sound in theory, it is just the players, from the top to the bottom, who are corrupted beyond redemption……they just will never admit it.

  72. Why does our government think the solution to every problem is to bring everyone one here to the USA at the taxpayers expense

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