$2 Trillion Every Year – Federal Regulations Are Making a Full Economic Recovery Impossible

According to a new study, federal regulations cost the U.S. economy more than $2 trillion a year, and that number is only going to get bigger with time. This is damage expressly done by politicians in Washington who have put their aims of a larger, richer government over the American ideal of a freer, more prosperous private sector.

Manufacturers and small business owners are the hardest hit by these regulations, two sectors of the economy that are vitally important to drive growth in what many are calling a mini-recession. If anyone was confused about why the economy has been slow to recover, this report has the answers you need.

The study is called “The Cost of Federal Regulation to the U.S. Economy, Manufacturing, and Small Business,” and it is a scathing indictment of the damage done by red tape. The scope of the report only ran up until 2012, but the implications made will be relevant for years to come. Or at least until we have politicians with enough conservative backbone to turn back some of this market-killing bureaucracy.

The $2 trillion figure is ghastly enough, but the numbers only get more shocking once you drill down. The study’s analysis takes the example of an average U.S. company, and says that these federal regulations force them to pay a ridiculous $10,000 for every employee they have just to come up to compliance. That’s per year. Note that this is wholly separate from the Obamacare requirements that have hurt American businesses so badly over the past year. For manufacturers, the story is worse. They have to shell out $20,000 per employee. Those companies with less than 50 employees are the hardest hit of all, being burdened with an unforgivable $35,000 per year, per employee, just to make sure they’re in compliance.

And we wonder why the economy hasn’t boomed?

Unfortunately, very few politicians are willing to truly step up to this issue. Republicans jump at the chance to talk about small government, but only seldomly do they propose actions that would make a significant difference. If we’re going to allow American businesses to flourish the way they could, we’re going to have to turn the clocks back. The free market is at its best when it’s at its most free. This isn’t going to be something solved overnight, but we must at least stop the march towards more and more regulation.

According to the study, environmental measures are by far the worst contributors to this $2 trillion a year disaster. In the name of “going green,” we’re essentially putting a pair of handcuffs on the economy. If things keep heading in this direction, we will no longer be the richest country in the world. Without the money, we’ll no longer have the world’s mightiest military. Without the military, we’ll have to depend solely on our oceans to protect us from disaster. And in today’s world of jets, missiles, and terrorism, that’s simply not enough. A strong American economy is every bit as important to national security as a strong border. Both are weakened by the current administration.


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  1. Brothern, “The sword is coming to the United States of America,
    because we have allowed Satan to take our Nation from us.” Shalom!

    • We have allowed it with our own ignorance and apathy.

      Blood was shed for our freedom to speak, let’s not waste it being silent while our country is gasping for breath.

  2. Marxists must have control over every part of our lives. Cass Sunsteen, our “regulation Czar”, believes that the cut-off age for medical care should be 76. He also believes in late term abortions to keep the population down. His wife, Samantha Powers is our Ambassador to the United Nations.She supports Obamas’ “one world order” Great people in charge of our country. Hitler believed in population control as did MAO. .

    • Alas, so did Joseph Stalin… let’s see, he probably eliminated between 50 and 80 million Russians; Mao is estimated to have slaughtered about 40 to 100 Million and yet film makers like to focus on Hitler. Democide is a real problem for the Communists to explain away. It is the murder of people by its government and I am sure that BHO has plans for us … and that number would probably reach 200 million at least.

  3. Always remember that the Government is overhead in a business (and for all taxpayers). Government produces nothing, it is a consumer with no salable commodity. There is no value added to a product when the Government is involved. Government skews that free market – look at GM

  4. There is only One worthy of our trust and confidence, and that is God Almighty. Try starting a serious conversation with Him today. Read God’s book, the Bible, John is a good place to start, and learn how you can escape the perils of Satan’s evil world. Your eternity depends on it.

  5. If you want to protect American Manufacturing, and the economy. We must make overseas manufacturing unprofitable. The best way would to bring back TARIFFS. This FREE GLOBAL MARKET is what’s killing our economy. How can a $7.50hr employee compete with a $1hr employee? We must even the playing field for Americans, not the Chinese. It’s up to you, pay a little more and help out American families, or we could just be cheap skates. Keep giving our money and enterprises to the Chinese and become a 3rd world country……….

    • Mark,unfortunately many of us couldn’t survive without cheep foreign goods, we simply have been left behind by inflation and our government is responsible for that as well!
      If this climate change crowd get their way we will be regulated out of food and energy needed for heating our homes,we are almost there now!

  6. Amazing how hard pencils deliver truth.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun with facts.

  7. Obamacare is the traitorist piece of legislation where rules and regulations continue to be written..

  8. WE the people have to vote handcuffs on Liberal Progressives and take back America. Pelosi will die because she never got to be Queen of California or a higher ambition, But I can live with that.

  9. If I had a say I would start by eliminating probably at least half of the agencies. Secondly I would take away the power for any agency to regulate. They would need to submit to congress a request and then congress would approve it or shut it down. I would require a balanced budget. I would not allow taxpayer money for meetings or anything else that is similar. All bonuses gone. I would slice the federal government to a minimum of what is needed and I would fund the military so that they can get back up to speed. The list goes on but I think my point is obvious.

  10. The next three generations will pay two times the taxes we have paid all our lives just to cover Obama’s bills.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for some fun in politics.

  11. we drove to Missoula last week and the dead tres are living proof liberallism is a mental illness. If these dead trees were harvested, fires would not burn down the existing trees. Would some tree hugger explain the logic?

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