18-Year-Old Becomes Mayor

The youngest Black mayor in U.S. History has just been elected following the victory of Jaylen Smith Jaylen Smith, a recent graduate of Earle High School. Smith noted that he had been “confident” that he would manage to secure a win in the runoff elections which took place on Tuesday. He added that he was still shocked when the victory announcement came.

Smith is now going to become the mayor of Earle, a town with under 2,000 residents according to 2020 census data.

Smith told NBC News that he was incredibly grateful for this opportunity and that he wanted to thank his parents for their support throughout his campaign.

Smith managed to secure 218 votes, while his opponent, Nemi Matthews Sr., won 139 votes. Smith said that he first decided that he would be running for mayor at the start of his senior year. He added that his classmates and fellow student government association members were all supportive of his choice. He added that the historical importance of the win has also now begun to dawn on him as he realizes that generations of people are bound to read about this historical moment.

Smith has said that his main focus is going to be transportation, public safety and also increasing access to food by bringing a large grocery store to the city. This last point is one that Smith is particularly passionate about as he noted that many seniors in the area are unable to visit West Memphis in order to get their food.

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