13-Year-Old Arrested After Shooting at Police, Wanted to ‘Murder a Police Officer’

A 13-year-old boy arrested along with his 14-year-old Arizona compatriot for shooting at police confessed he wanted to “murder a police officer,” according to authorities.

The two Arizona juveniles have been arrested after allegedly shooting at police officers while the officers were investigating a burglary case.

The incident occurred on the evening of Monday, June 20, according to the Glendale, Arizona, Police Department. Officers investigating a burglary call heard gunshots; several gunshots narrowly missed the officers.

“Officers used the ShotSpotter technology to pinpoint that the shots came from an apartment complex located near the 59-hundred block of West Rose Lane,” the Glendale Police Department stated. “Officers responded to the area and located a security camera which captured the incident.”

The two juveniles were spotted on the video shooting at the police officers, one of the juveniles was already known to the police. Officers executed a search warrant and apprehended the two juveniles and the firearm.

The juveniles confessed during questioning that they had fired shots; the older boy said he took the gun from his mother’s dresser, then went outside and filmed the younger boy firing at the police.

“The younger boy fired one shot and the older boy took the gun at that point firing several more rounds,” the Glendale police reported.

Then they detailed a chilling fact: “While being questioned the younger boy admitted to officers he wanted to ‘murder a police officer.’”

The boys were booked on felony counts including aggravated assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm and attempted murder.

According to Arizona law, the two boys are too young to be prosecuted as adults. The law states:

Juveniles 15 years of age or older accused of murder, forcible sexual assault, armed robbery or other violent felony offenses as defined by statute shall be prosecuted as adults. Juveniles 15 years of age or older who are chronic felony offenders as defined by statute shall be prosecuted as adults. Upon conviction all such juveniles shall be subject to the same laws as adults, except as specifically provided by statute and by article 22, section 16 of this constitution. All other juveniles accused of unlawful conduct shall be prosecuted as provided by law.

Original Article: 13-Year-Old Arrested After Shooting At Police, Wanted To ‘Murder A Police Officer’: Authorities | The Daily Wire

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  1. Wow now young idiots want to kill police,who but parents coul put such ideas into their heads.God hell our country.

    • Also “video games” and what they call “music” (“RAP”) today that glamorizes the murdering of police officers.
      These children see SCUM trashing this nation on their TV SETS daily, the “police” ordered to “stand down”, and “government ” officials like “mad maxine waters and “chuckles” schumer openly inciting violence against citizens and officials that do not agree with their communist “narrative” so the children KNOW they can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it.

    • I hope that the owner of the gun gets charged as well. Hmmm, I wonder if these kids belong too the 13%ers!! I am sure they do. Losers.

      • NO! The owner should NOT be charged unless they encouraged the little heathens to do this. What is wrong with you?

    • That is correct. I heard this sort of thing in Detroit….You don’t have to listen to them pigs ……

  2. This something that they learn in our new woke schools

  3. Anyone shooting at police officers should be charged and arrested immediately!

  4. They should be tried as adults! Play like adults the penalty should be adult! Obviously liberal parenting. They owned a gun, but don’t want others to own guns!

    • Agree. Age of consent (knowing right from wrong) is generally placed at 12 yrs of age, so this should also be the age at which young perps are tried as adults for committing violent felonies.

  5. Why are the juveniles NOT reported as ‘black teens???’

  6. The first inkling of disaster were heard in the Clintong debacles 8 years. Then 8years of mr Nice Guy Bush#2 and the all hell broke loose when Obamy and his lawless regime took over and ever since . even with Mr Trump and 3 or was irt 4 or 5 attempted coups all lies and the use of a weaponized FBI and DOJ. then the slugs and slime in hearings that were nothing but a kangaroo court with tampered with evidence and even fake MSM news sucking up to the socialist/Matxist party.

  7. You can thank Obozo and Pedo Joe for this.

  8. Once again the ridiculous concept that anyone under the age of 15 has the ability to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions creates a dual ideology contradictory of itself. If a 13 year old can not understand why trying to kill another human being is wrong immoral illegal and more then why would we expect a child at that age or younger to be able to understand the complexities of gender fluidity? This is the contradictory nature of leftist ideology. Pro women’s choice except when it comes to trans rights. Children can determine gender but cannot be held accountable for their actions. Everyone must be vaxed except illegal immigrants. Gun crimes must be prosecuted unless the perpetrator is black. Religion has no place in schools unless it’s Muslim or worse yet satanic. Fossil fuels are destroying the planet except when it’s obtained from Saudi Arabia or Venezuela. Race should not be considered unless the person considered is black. In that case race should be the primary metric by which they are chosen. Speech is violence if it’s of a conservative nature yet actual violence when perpetrated by leftists or “again” blacks is mostly peaceful. Theft is a crime when perpetrated by white people but it’s restorative justice when black. The list is endless and every single American can see through these contradictions and the only ones that support them is those who benefit from them. The leftist attempts to destroy America has been a constant onslaught that has sent this country into a tailspin. The time has come to return to common sense governance. The left has had its opportunity to run the country through their visions of how things should be and have failed miserably. Let us never forget the lessons learned from these epic failures and never return to socialist doctrines. We must remove every single leftist elected official and return the country to the people that it’s supposed to represent. All lives matter but not all lives matter equally. A great healer is considerably more valuable than a child rapist. So when you are told that replacing Joe Biden is the answer think about all the idiots that are pushing this agenda as well because they are the problem and Biden is no more than a useful idiot.

  9. David in Dallas

    I note that the ethnicity of the youths is not mentioned. I wonder why? Glendale is a suburb of Phoenix, generally fairly well off financially. Being Arizona, it is not unexpected that there would be guns in the home. Obviously these youths were not well brought up.

    • You can bet if they were white it would have said white supremacists.that tells you they were Mexican or black..the mother who’s gun they took should be charged .just sitting on the dresser

  10. Gideon Rockwell

    The Older Gangsta Thugs use these underage thugs as gunmen because they figure they’ll get a little time in Juvie and a clean record at 18. This little punk was probably assigned to do this as a riite of initiation into the set. A Prosecutor with a backbone would make motion to try this punk as an adult and make an example of him with some serious time.

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