13 Reasons Democrats Really Are Soft on Criminals … And Tough On Guns

America is in an unprecedented crime wave – largely in our major Democrat-run cities.  That should not be considered a coincidence.  White collar crimes tend to be ecumenical – crossing all political, racial and most economic divisions.  Lower income individuals are not usually involved in white collar crimes because they do not have white-collar jobs – and not at levels needed to engage in white collar crimes.

The crime plague that is occurring in America today is what are commonly called “street crimes” – and these are more closely associated with poverty and gang activity.

When considering any such social phenomenon, it is necessary to understand that there are reasons for the spike in serious and violent crimes.  Twelve of America’s largest cities have broken records for the number of murders in a calendar year – and we still have a few more days to go.

Of course, they are all Democrat-run cities – and have been for generations.  Some readers complain that I make too many references to the Democrat leadership in our crime-ridden, bankrupt (or going), segregated cities.  I do that because the left-wing media refuses to acknowledge the reality and human tragedy of racist Democrat governance in the big cities.

As long as I can recall, the crime rate has been significantly higher in the segregated cities – and in the segregated communities.  That is because crime that did not spill over into the mostly all-white neighborhoods was not addressed by City Hall.  That was just a “black problem” or a “Hispanic problem.”  That racist attitude has resulted in policies that have resulted in what we see today – and what the good people in those communities suffer today.

Because of the seriousness of the crime, the focus is often on the murder rate.  Many of America’s largest cities have shared the title “murder capital of America.”  The current title holder is the “City of Brotherly Love” – Philadelphia — with 521 recorded murders at the time of this writing (and more by the time this commentary gets published).  New York City (443) and Los Angeles (353) round out the top three.

The horrific rise in most other categories of crimes gets very little attention from the news media, but the numbers are not good.  However, there is one other category of criminal activity that is garnering attention because it has become so pervasive – and so visible to the general public – and that is the “smash and dash” organized gang raids on retail establishments.

All over the nation, gangs from 12 to 30 street urchins – and in one case, more than 80 – break into luxury retail establishments and drug stores, smashing display cases and scooping up all the expensive merchandise that they can.  And in many cases, they just rush in during daytime open hours to loot – terrifying shoppers and little children.  In one case, a security guard was murdered.

So … what is the reason for this outbreak of violence and crime?

It is quite simple.  It is the result of policies and practices of Democrat leaders and lawmakers for years.  Let us be specific.

  1. Failure of controlling the border and proper vetting that has allowed gangbangers and drug cartellians to populate primarily the segregated minority neighbors of our major cities. I am not calling all those entering America – even illegally – hardened criminals, but when you allow several million to cross the border unvetted, you are going to get a LOT of bad actors in the mix.
  2. Sanctuary cities aid and abet criminals by offering them a safe haven.
  3. Refusal to cooperate with Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE) in tracking down the criminals among the migrants.
  4. The elimination of bail bonds which would allow judges to determine if a person is a continuing threat to the community.  The number of crimes committed by those out on a get-out-of-jail-free bail card is sufficient evidence to demonstrate the danger of such policies.
  5. The excessive use of probation is another means by which hardened criminals get back on the streets.
  6. Refusal to prosecute certain serious crimes – and even worse, taking them off the register as crimes.  The crazies on the left argue that looting less than $900 in merchandise should not be a crime – or committing battery in which the innocent victim did not sustain permanent injury should not be a crime.
  7. Though President Biden says he opposed defunding the police, a lot of local Democrat leaders—as well as members of Congress – are still pushing the concept.
  8. If jails are determined to be overcrowded, prisoners who the courts determined should be incarcerated are set free.
  9. For several years, Billionaire George Soros has been funding local prosecutors who are soft on crime.  As a result, they are in a number of communities – including San Francisco and Philadelphia – and are using (abusing?) prosecutorial discretion to not file charges against criminals arrested by the police.
  10. Mayors have ordered their police to stand down in cases where rioting has led to looting and arson.
  11. Anti-police policies by Democrat mayors have resulted in a loss of enforcement in cities like New York, where Mayor DeBlasio’s policies resulted in an outbreak “blue flu.”
  12. In the rash of “smash and dash” crimes in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed the retail proprietors for not taking adequate precautions – like hiring private security, installing bars and making display cases less vulnerable.
  13. Washington State Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal is proposing that all federal prisons be closed. (No, I did not get that from The Onion.)

And what, pray tell, is the common thread in all these disastrous policies that are at the root of the crime wave sweeping America’s major cities?  If you answered “Democrats,” you can go on to the next grade.

But … what is the number one Democrat solution to the rampaging crime.  Fewer guns in the hands of the law-abiding citizens – citizens who may actually stop a crime that Democrat policies will not.  Maybe guns would reduce the crime rate if guns were used more by police, store proprietors and potential victims.  

If that sets the left’s hair on fire, then maybe … just maybe … they should reverse all their policies mentioned above that are giving rise to rampant crime.  Maybe Vice President Harris should be calling for stricter enforcement against looters and arsonists instead of raising their bail money.  Maybe Mayor Lightfoot – and other mayors – should call the police to “serve and PROTECT’ rather than putting it on the victimized businesses to protect themselves.

All the policies mentioned above are not only engendering fear among the populace, they are resulting in good folks losing their homes and livelihoods – being robbed, beaten and even killed.

So, there ‘tis.

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