Nursing Home Stripper Facing Backlash

This probably wasn’t a proper setting to set pulses racing.

A nursing home has been forced to apologize for hiring a stripper to perform for senior citizens in wheelchairs.

The Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility for retired army personnel in Tawain, paid the adult entertainer for a steamy show to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival — an important holiday in Chinese culture, whereby people gather to celebrate the rice and wheat harvests of the season.

Video of the raunchy performance, which took place last Thursday, was filmed by an attendee before it was posted to social media and quickly went viral.

The kinky clip shows the masked-up erotic dancer clad in lacy lingerie, giving one elderly man a lap dance and thrusting her breasts into his face.

The man doesn’t appear to mind, however, and can be seen squeezing the woman’s assets as she enthusiastically writhes her body. Other nursing home residents clapped along enthusiastically, seeming to relish the raunchy show.

But the senior care facility was hit with backlash and subsequently released a statement saying: “The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offense that was caused.”

A nursing home spokesman added that Mid-Autumn Festival parties had been cancelled at the nursing home the previous to years due to the COVID pandemic. To lift residents’ spirits, they arranged for the stripper to perform a show.

However, they conceded that the erotic dancer’s actions were “too enthusiastic and fiery,” and that they would be “more cautious” when planning such events in the future.

They said there was also a more sedate game of bingo and some karaoke in an adjoining nursing hall.

Video shows that the residents and the stripper remained COVID-safe at all times, however, keeping face masks on throughout the erotic show.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays in Asian culture. In China, the celebration is marked by reunions, thanksgiving for harvests, and prayers for good fortune.

The annual event, which this year fell on September 10, is also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival.

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  1. frederick fetty jr

    I did not see one sad face in the whole crowd. Lighten up and let the old guys have some fun. Take a look at Harris”s stepdaughter, She was fkashing her tits at the crowd at a fashion show. These old farts deserve a little stimulation. I am 78 years old and I would move to that home in a heart beat if the made that a weekly thing. Also, I have seen more skin on evening tv series shows.

    • Well said…plus these are Army Vets.
      Really, we ask them to defend and witness Bare dead bodies of all ages in combat…n to show some smooth beautiful skin is what i want them to remember before death then bullets shooting back n forth!!

  2. Your mail comes to your door, you can have your medication, your food, your transportation come t your door. Finally someone is addressing a man’s needs when they can’t get to their local strip joint any longer.

  3. nothing wrong with this let um have some fun geeeee

    • I bet the old farts slept good the night after this performance. It was probably HARD to get to sleep but just think of the dreams they had! Look out old widows. This could cause a lot of room to room happiness for both the male and female patrons. I bet they’ll have to build on to the facility if this becomes part of weekly entertainment!!!!!!! Talk about making America Great again!!!!!!

  4. Looks like one old boy hasn’t forgotten what to do with his hands.

  5. If the old ppl didn’t mind then I don’t see any harm done. Although if it was me I probably would have got up and left. I really wouldn’t care to see a women prancing around. They maybe old but their not dead. Some many other things in this world that should be addressed, like letting little ones watch drag queens now I find that really offensive

  6. Yeah, there is SO MUCH going on in the world to cpmplain about.

    Appropriate, probably not? Damaging? Absolutely not. UNless one of them got a heart attack.

  7. Come on folks, this was an old group of Army Veterans that were confined to wheelchairs in a Nursing Home for crying out loud! Let these old Veterans enjoy their last few years on earth! I’m not into strippers but I am also not one to put my own morals on trial from these old guys who have served this Country. Let then enjoy themselves for a change.


    What if your gay,,,,,?

  9. Let these older folks have some fun. They deserve it. Who said that it was inmoral? A person that saw it online? We go to Revues in Vegas, and the dancers are totally topless. You go to any beach in Europe and most of them are topless, but no one looks with a sick mind as they do here in the states.

  10. What a wonderful young woman to let these guys go back to the days of dating beautyiful girls and thinking about sex.Tht was the best time of their life.Being old sucks.All men love to look at beautiful ladies,we all still remember being young and having a girl friend that treated us like a king.It is like the smell of home made bread when you have no teeth left.Get lucky gentlemen if you can

  11. Seen one stripper and you’ve seen them all! It must have been like every man’s birthday.

  12. Bless the staff. What a great for these guys to celebrate.

  13. vincent j frantantoni

    That show probably provided more physical and mental stimulation than a month of therapy and a couple of dozen meds. Enjoy, gentlemen! Perhaps a pilot program should be created at several nursing homes, providing this type of entertainment, and I would venture to say I believe the patient’s health would improve.

  14. Did they wear condoms so they wouldn’t catch “Covid?”

  15. They give you a jar of Vaseline and sand.

  16. Being old doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy looking at a female body. It doesn’t mean you are a stick in the mud either. Remember which generation is going into nursing homes now. I am 70, and watching people square dance does not entertain me. I think strippers are a great idea. Nobody is being forced to attend. I wish they would roll the Marshal amps out and have heavy metal Sundays.

  17. This home apologizes for giving veterans some fun after after a few anally retentive loners post their views? STOP all this detritus.! and tell them to go and be fruitfull and multiply! no real people with lives give a toss. A few mean clowns have the time to get all hissy fits, when nobody gives a toss whether they live or die and the rest of world listens to them? CHEESUZ!!

  18. I think the COVID would be the last thing I’d worry about catching from that skank!

  19. I agree with you Vicki. Why not have the people in Nursing Homes able to enjoy themselves, who are they hurting? When my husband was in a Care Facility, it would have given him much pleasure than just the sitting around with other patients just sitting around. Good for the Nursing Home. I hope they do this more often. Add some spice to the lives to those who are sitting waiting to die. Doesn’t hurt anyone. If someone does not like it, they can be asked to be taken back to their rooms to sit and contemplate their navels – if they can find them.

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