100,000 Democrats Go Republican in Pennsylvania

For all the talk coming from the left these days, you’d think the dream of beating Hillary Clinton evaporated up in smoke with the release of that 2005 Access Hollywood clip. That was the final straw for Americans. Days later, we learned from a new NBC poll that Clinton had taken an 11 point lead on Donald Trump. News anchors were beginning their sentences with, “With the presidential contest basically a sure thing…”

It’s over, in other words.

But then you have to wonder. You have to wonder about a new Rasmussen survey that shows the race back within the margin for error. You have to wonder about the tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters still packing airport hangers to get a glimpse of Trump. You have to wonder about stories like this one from CBS, which shows that nearly 100,000 Democrats in Pennsylvania switched to the Republican Party this year:

What’s more: The Pennsylvania Republican party says more than 240-thousand new voters have joined the party since last November.

The state Republican party says that the surge in Republican registrations is nearly twice the number of newly registered Republicans compared to both the 2008 and 2012 numbers combined.

“Enthusiasm is clearly on the side of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania this year,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason said. “Republicans are making historic gains in voter registration in the Keystone State. As the last-minute registrations are processed, we’re confident we will see our Party grow even larger.

But wait, we thought the Republican Party was on its feeble last legs. We thought Donald Trump was gearing up to lose in a historic landslide and take half of Congress down with him. We thought this was the last hurrah for the Grand Old Party; the dirty alt-right had hijacked the controls and these were the last, dying gasps of Lincoln’s political legacy.

Close races mean big ratings. The networks and newspapers have much to gain by reporting a tight race. But if they are beginning to seriously panic – and the avalanche of sudden, out-of-nowhere sexual assault claims would seem to indicate that they are – might they fudge the polls a bit? Get the word out to Trump supporters: Oh, your guy’s finished. Don’t even bother to come out and vote.

We’ll find out on November 8 just who had it right. In the meantime, don’t let the media arm of the Clinton campaign tell you that this thing is over.

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