100 Evangelical Leaders Urge Trump to Rescind Refugee Ban

Some 100 evangelical pastors and authors are getting ready to run an advertisement in the Washington Post urging President Trump to rescind his 120-day ban on refugees and instead welcome the persecuted masses into the United States.

“As Christian pastors and leaders, we are deeply concerned by the recently announced moratorium on refugee resettlement,” the ad says. “As Christians, we have a historic call expressed over two thousand years, to serve the suffering. We cannot abandon this call now.

“While we are eager to welcome persecuted Christians, we also welcome vulnerable Muslims and people of other faiths or no faith at all,” the open letter continues. “This executive order dramatically reduces the overall number of refugees allowed this year, robbing families of hope and a future. And it could well cost them their lives.”

In the ad, the religious leaders say that while they respect the White House’s right to guard the nation’s security, there is room for “compassion and security” to coexist.

“For the persecuted and suffering,” they write, “every day matters.”

In conclusion, they write:

“Our prayer is that God would grant President Trump and all our leaders divine wisdom as they direct the course of our nation. We also pray for the vulnerable individuals whom their decisions directly impact.”

The ad comes, of course, while the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is deciding whether or not to let Trump’s executive order stand as written.

While we respect these religious leaders and their right to air their opinions, we have to disagree with their premise. It is true that compassion and security can coexist – but only if we have the proper security measures in place. There is nothing that compels us to take care of the world’s suffering people if it means subjecting our citizens to death and dismemberment.

You wouldn’t know it from watching the mainstream media, so let’s all repeat it together: This. Ban. Is. Temporary.

In the meantime, let’s let the president do his job. He has insight into the dangers that threaten this nation, and he is carrying forth the will of the people who elected him. If his temporary moratorium on immigration from seven dangerous countries and his 120-ban on refugee resettlement can prevent even one terrorist attack, it will have been worth it.

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  1. The fact that ISIS has stated that they will infiltrate refugee streams to get into this country to slaughter Americans is irrelevant, I guess. A few slaughtered Americans is a minor price to pay for not singling out people from countries with Jihadist ties and training camps for fear of offending them. They call it a Muslim ban because it mostly affects Muslims. Could that be because most of the non Muslims from these countries have already been killed by the Muslim majority? Burned alive, beheaded, drowned in cages, etc.. I guess it is only pure coincidence that most of the terrorist atrocities committed in this country, beginning with 9-11, were committed by Muslims.

    We put more effort into vetting our babysitters than we do vetting refugees from countries in chaos to walk among us. Has common sense and wisdom been banned, or am I missing something?

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    • Well stated!

    • I do not think they should be vetted. Just do NOT let them in! There is no such thing as a non-radical Muslim!

      • Very correctly stated, Old Goat!

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      • You do sound like an OLD GOAT. and who let you and yours into this country?

        • Posts like YOURS are “extremely” disappointing. You SHAME all of us!

          I maintain higher expectations of ALL Americans.

          Ask “Who let my grandparents into this country?” >> via Ellis Island!

          Thank you for your “tolerance”…

          • What is so disappointing about my post. Did I say that these people
            should not be vetted? As for your “requirements” you might take a look at

            this site: ww.history.com/news/9-things-you-may-not-know-about-ellis-island

            And one of my relatives just simply crossed the border from Canada, from
            Manitoba to North Dakota. Sort of has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

          • Your Tone and “Holier than Thou” attitude!

          • Well, I certainly hope that I am holier than thou, or I’m headed for hell.

          • lily, why do you keep proving that your parents SHOULD have opted for abortion in your case???

          • LOL !! Wonderful, concise, accurate!

      • We are a Nation of IMMIGRANTS! … However …
        ALL Immigrants should be “required” to submit to the Standards of the early 20th Century >>>
        They were all “screened” at Ellis Island where they had to produce 4 things …. :

        1. Good Health … sickly immigrants were “RETURNED” TO THEIR HOME COUNTRY. (millions)
        2. A Sponsor … most were sponsored by a church which shared their ethnicity.
        2. Evidence of a JOB … often provided by the church (or relatives).
        4. An oath to respect American (and only American) law and to “assimilate” into the cultural fabric of this Nation.
        Any Reason WHY these “facts” are never mentioned by the MSM??? or even FNC???

        • Muslim immigrants aren’t about to assimilate, the word assimilation has no meaning anymore, the early immigrants wanted to become Americans, Muslims want to turn America into a Hell-Hole they left behind but that’s what Islam is all about; in a nut shell Conquering and Enslaving, pure and simple.

          • I see that you have 17 up votes on this particular post, which kind of
            tells us a lot about the audience here.

            Your post is so very obviously one of your down opinions and nothing
            else. You apparently know nothing about Muslims or their religion.

            I’m wondering if you have a religion and if you do, just exactly what
            kind of religion it is.

          • Well OBVIOUSLY it isn’t that piece of shiit Mudslime one! The one where the pedophile says it’s “A-Okay to lie and kill infidels!!

          • And let’s not forget they believe in marry and having sex with 8 year olds. Don’t bother responding to her old coder she isn’t worth it.

          • Assimilation, the word has no meaning anymore, so very unlike those immigrants that helped make this country great, today’s immigrants want to bring their Hell-Holes with them especially Muslims.

          • 100% correct!

          • ” today’s immigrants want to bring their Hell-Holes with them especially Muslims.”

            Really, Apolloone? I would have thought better of you. If their former places were not
            hell-holes, it is highly unlikely they would be moving. They know how much they are
            loved and admired by so many in this country.

            And there is a lot of history you are forgetting or just never knew. From the very beginning, people sought out their own kind. The Dutch lived together, ditto the Swedes,
            ditto the British, ditto the Germans, ditto the Italians when they started coming over.
            And considering how much you can’t handle the Muslims coming over, I would bet that
            you would be one of the first to insist in living in a neighborhood of “your own kind.”

            The Asians and the blacks had less choice. Especially the blacks. It kind of made them
            angry – can you believe that? And they are still treated like dirt, by so many people
            ESPECIALLY by those whose ancestors brought them over. Let’s call them the

            And let’s have a discussion about race sometime real soon. I just finished a book
            last night called THE IMPERIAL CRUISE. omg, what an eye opener.

          • Islamic slave trade Murdered over a 112
            million black people and your worried about southerners. LOL

          • Do you know how to prove your point?

            I’m against any group of people who enslaves black people. The southerners are not doing that
            now, but they had to lose a war to give it up.

          • Remember, Northerners owned slaves also. You
            need to put the blame on both North and South. Not just the South. When the war
            started it was not over Slavery. (It was in Lincolns mind, but not the reason)
            check and see when he freed the Slaves (1863). and only in the South, not the
            North. That came later. One of the reasons Lincoln did not emancipate Slaves
            right away was it was Legal. How do you justify killing six hundred thousand
            people over something that is legal. Most Northern white people went to war
            over the States trying to break away from the Union ( Some went to war because
            of Slavery). The southern rich aristocrats went to war over keeping Slavery
            because money. How do you keep the plantation running without Slave labor. The
            average Non-owning slave Southerner went because of States rights. ( Which the
            battle still is going on today over that). If
            Lincoln could have seen into the future and seen what was about to happen,
            he could have purchased all the Slaves and then had congress pass laws to free
            the Slaves and end it. It would have been cheaper and save many lives. But, I
            digress, Don’t give the Northerners a pass on this, Most were not so self
            righteous, as soon as the war was over many Slaves went North and the racist
            Northerners did not want them coming up there. ( Look at the history and see
            all the Riots that happen in New York alone) There is plenty of blame to go
            around and just blaming Southern people is just wrong. In the world as a whole,
            1.4% whites held Slaves, 28% of Blacks held slaves. Now, I don’t know if you
            are Black or White or any other color and that does not matter. Just don’t beat
            up on your fellow Southern Americans for Slavery. All of America was guilty of
            this immoral endeavor. I was educated by most of this information from a
            friend who could trace his roots back
            to Slave ancestry and I continue reading of pros and cons of the Civil War. We
            as an American people must stop trying to blame groups of people for mistakes
            made Now or in the Past. That means Race, Color, Religion etc. America made
            right the Slavery issue, just acknowledge it, Feel bad about that it happened,
            Don’t feel guilty about it, you didn’t do it and neither did the South by itself.
            And, thank the Lord or our ancestors for fixing it. My great lesson in life taught to me from my Mother, was, When you point your finger at some one, there are three pointing back at you. This always drives me to keep digging for the real truth. It always seems to come out gray.

          • I’m not quite sure why you are addressing this to me. I know that a few northerners had
            slaves; I know that blacks had slaves. I think that perhaps you did catch on to my term
            of “southerners.” Most people know what I mean by Southerner. Southerner is a culture/
            a frame of mind, not a place in the United States.

            As for Lincoln, I am aware that slavery was certainly not the only reason for the Civil War, but
            it is certainly the reason why he is so revered. I used to attend -on occasion – the church
            that he attended – on occasion – in Springfield. I could see his house from my apartment.
            I have rubbed his nose a hundred times as I would take friends visiting me through the
            cemetery where he is buried. I have studied a lot about Lincoln. And since history was a minor
            of mine in college I also studied a great deal about our founding fathers and how much that
            is accredited to them is not exactly on the mark.

            Again, I don’t know why you have chosen to preach to me. All
            I can say is, go ahead. And I will continue as I am doing.

          • Sorry Lily, I did not mean to preach. I meant to teach. my apologies

          • Lily, Don’t beat up on, Apolloone, to much, they are scared,
            and should be. Go back and see how scared Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton
            etc. they were afraid of these same people before including them in the First Amendment. They almost excluded them.
            Read the Federalist papers and see all the discussion about it. Remember way
            back then we were fighting them. Remember the line “from the halls of
            Montezuma to the hills of Tripoli” That is who we were fighting.

            You have heard the terms “radicalized Muslims” and
            “fundamentalist Muslims.” We use those terms to make sure everyone
            knows we’re not talking about “normal” or “moderate”
            Muslims. There is a good reason to try to make this distinction.

            The main reason is because if you say “Muslim,” you might mean all
            Muslims, and clearly all Muslims are not behaving the same. Pres Obama and
            Trump got in trouble with this because they did not explain which Muslims they
            ere talking about. Here again in an earlier post I sent you is that thing we
            tend to do. “we blame groups of people for mistakes” not all Muslims
            are guilty.

            The only piece of information missing from most peoples’ understanding is that
            the “radicalized” Muslims are not really radical. They are orthodox.
            They are simply doing what it says in their scriptures they are supposed to do.
            They’re not “hijacking” their religion or misinterpreting it. Most
            non-Muslims are unaware of this. By the way, orthodox Christians can be
            Radical also.

          • Would you qualify that statement. Especially the part about what today’s immigrants want. It doesn’t make sense. If that were true why go through the effort of coming to the US when they can stay in those cherished Hell-Holes, since they like that situation so much. There are good and bad in every culture, every neighborhood. It is important that we are not those bad ones.

          • “And let’s not forget they believe in marry and having sex with 8 year
            olds. Don’t bother responding to her old codger she isn’t worth it.”

            I’m the one who isn’t responding to him, because he is vile and stupid. Stupid, I can live
            with, but not vile.

            And why don’t you tell me more about marrying and having sex with 8 year olds. Try
            this on for size: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_sexual_jurisprudence

            Within countries, laws for age of marriage may differ. But when the Koran was written
            the rules for sex and marriage were very much like those found within the Jewish culture
            and other Arab cultures. Women were there to do men’s bidding and were not
            valuable for much of anything else. Marriage was a “religious” requirement to have sex.
            Which of course, was probably ignored a lot, same as even today. Probably more so
            today, in our society.

            You ought to get out once in awhile. You might learn something.

          • What a stupid twit! Maybe you should read what your about to post! This is what it said about girls:
            Signs of maturity for a girl: menstruation, wet dream or pregnancy.
            So are you aware some girls start menstruation at 8 years old? They have also given birth at 6 years old? So your Quran and Mohammed are F’d up by most standards. You’re pretty F’d up frankly! You would do well to get educated you stupid B-tch!

          • I know what it says. And yes I am aware that a few girls “mature” very
            early. There is a name for it. It is so rare that less than a couple
            dozen cases of it are known. Perhaps it was rife in the 500’s and 600’s
            but probably not. And again I will make the statement that what the
            Muslims did back then in the 500’s and 600’s is not that much different
            from what the world was doing at the time and for the millennia before
            then. The Koran or the Hadith (not sure which) put it down in print,
            but it wasn’t different from anyone else except to make it a sin if you
            didn’t follow the rules.

            P.S. I flagged your post. It probably wouldn’t do much good because
            if right-wing forums don’t allow people with foul mouths onto their
            forums, they would have any writers. Swear all you want, but when
            you start calling me names, I will flag you.

          • Your still a liar lily! Flag all you want. The fact is if you don’t like it don’t read it. We’re sick of your lies little Moron! Go play in your sandbox!

          • I don’t flag you because you are stupid. I flag you because you are vile. You say the sort of
            things that little kids get slapped across the mouth for. And you do it constantly. I went through
            almost all of this particular forum. And I flagged everything in which swear words were directed
            towards someone. We’ll see what kind of quality is behind the scenes now. I have seen liberal
            forums who will shut people down for using dirty words. What I find on most (not all, but many)
            conservative forums is that they will let vile language go by with no problem, but say something
            that is un-conservative and your chances of being banned is quickly raised.

            We’ll see what we have here.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!

            Vote Democrackhead now go march and protest we all be lol at you liberal pigs! Cowards! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bdd14b5f16335b5289a9d8874364d0cd2ae72f114b8b4cac873c8cdee47cac7b.jpg

          • I am sorry, who are the cowards? You are scared to death of a few Muslim terrorists. We

          • Two can play that gave little twit! I just blocked you.

          • I’m 100% positive I know more about Islam than the vast majority of Muslims and just as much as the Imams. All you good liberals have Muslim friends that are the greatest people, yet you mock Christians, There is a reason that Islamic countries are all Hell-Holes it’s called Sharia Law. Iran was a good country before Muslims took control. Ever heard of the Paris of the Middle East? Muslims destroyed it, just as they’ve been destroying for almost 1400 years

          • I’m 100% positive I know more about Islam than the vast majority of Muslims and just as much as the Imams”

            Oh, wonderful. Now, I will know who to ask whenever I have a question about them and
            their religion.

          • No one assimilates anymore because our government doesn’t make them. Hell, don’t learn our language because we’ll print election in your language, we’ll even put street signs in your language. You can even test for a car license in your language. We even pay for all the tv programs to be in your language. There is no incentives for these people coming here and assimilating. It’s a disgrace!

          • Wow. We have “election” ??? available in the Arab language? And
            street signs too? That is amazing. Where are they? I want to take
            a picture. And we (who is “we”) pay for all tv programs to be in the
            Arab language. Wow. Do we do that for the French too, or the
            Germans? How about Polish?

            Apparently you haven’t found an incentive yet to do research or,
            for that matter, to write a properly formed sentence in English.
            Maybe when all those horrible, scary, deadly Arabs come over here
            you could take an ESL course with them, and learn something.

          • Well you Mussie loving b–ch, you don’t get out much do you? Try going to Oakland, San Francisco etc. And you will see them! By the way sense you don’t get out much that’s in CA. CA stand for California. Your what I would expect from a in bred Muslim or an inbred Commie obstructionist. Crawl back in your hole and if I want your opinion I’ll give it to you!

          • Am I supposed to be ashamed if I was a Mussie loving biitch? I don’t know enough of them to
            come to that conclusion. But those I do know (and a couple of them are among my best friends)
            I like very very much. And you couldn’t touch them in niceness with a 10-ft pole.

            I have a sister who lives in California, near San Francisco. I will ask her how many signs there are
            in Arabic. And I was in San Diego just a couple of weeks ago. They had some signs in Spanish
            but not in Arabic either.

          • If you had an IQ above 10 you would be ashamed. I wouldn’t believe you or your sister if your tongues came notarized! Give San Diego time those signs will find there way there. You love your mussie friends so much take them with you and live in their country! We don’t need you or them here. Mussie loving b-tch, wear it well. I see your not liked much here, why not try Huff-post where they would welcome you with open arms.

          • Instead of “living in their country”, “lily” should INVITE them to LIVE in HER HOUSE in America!

          • You are 100% correct! Love the idea.

          • What kind of a stupid suggestion is this? I don’t invite my RELATIVES to live in my house.
            Why should I invite a stranger? Instead, within the city I live now. (which is in TEXAS !!!)
            we (a consortium) of churches have places for newbies to live and to eat. We, through
            our churches, provide clothes, bedding, transportation, and friendship through eating
            with them at two evening meals. Many of the men and women are hired on a very part
            time basis to do yard work and house cleaning and church cleaning. Nobody has been
            ripped off yet, and we have been doing this for 7 years now.

          • If they are Good Enough to allow them into the country, they should be Good Enough to be welcome IN YOUR HOUSE!
            I agree with DONALD! Strict “vetting” with Limited access through the U.S. border.

            I do NOT want My friends and neighbors “burdened” with the possibility of TERRORISTS living in their neighborhoods. Remember San Bernardino ??
            Ooops! I forgot, … A$$holes do Not have memories!

          • I wouldn’t invite you into my house – even for a cup of coffee. Go away. And it is no
            surprise that you would agree with Donald. It is written all over your ugly face.

            Meanwhile, why are we talking about vetting? Was vetting ever discarded? And what
            about those “terrorists” in San Bernardino? I believe the wife was born here. That was
            a horrible event. But again, we have had on average 4.5 deaths because of terrorism
            since 9/11. You don’t make foreign policy over the deaths of 4.5 deaths.

            Do you want to know something else? They had access to all kinds of guns, as did
            Timothy McVeigh, and the Waco guys, and the boy at Sandy Hook. What do you plan to
            do, or suggest that we do, because of those terrorists? How did the guy in the gay bar
            manage to kill 50 people? Want to address that problem?

            By the way “A$$holes” I have reported you. And will do so every time I see you or
            someone else swearing AT someone. It is time for Right-wingers to grow up.

          • FYI … WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

            “I believe the wife was born here.” This is WHY you are such an A$$hole!
            She is a “Pakistani” … admitted to the U.S. under a “marriage” Visa!

            FYI … WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Timothy McVeigh DID NOT USE A GUN!

            FYI … WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! In WACO, the government were the BAD GUYS WITH THE GUNS!

            Please REPORT ME for exposing YOUR STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE! Try to Explain WHY you should be permitted to Opine with so little knowledge of FACTS!

            YOU ARE A POISON to the Well of intelligent discourse!

          • I noticed that you are “liked” by more people than actually post here. Trust me, there are
            some of us that know what goes on behind the scenes on these “Conservative or Die”
            forums. They provide you with a whole big bunch of those up votes. I have been told
            that they actually have machines to do that.

          • As I was doing some research (you ought to try it some time; it is enlightening), trying
            to find towns in the US that have Arabic street signs. I found one. Dearborn Michigan.
            I wrote a response to the one who wrote the article, but it wouldn’t take it because I
            had to have a Facebook address. So I simply copied it and am writing it here.:::::::

            Having lived in Michigan for nearly 10 years and still have lots of family living there, your story is a big so-what. When I got married, in 1970, there were settlements of Muslims in Michigan.

            ” Christian students are banned from having Christmas parties, prayer meetings or Baccalaureate services, ” That statement, from the person writing the article, is a big fat lie.

            There is a lot of crime in Dearborn. Too bad it has made the police afraid to enter certain zones. But, again, the crime comes from both sides. Much of it is generated BECAUSE OF the Muslims, but not necessarily BY the Muslims. There are a whole lot of kids (high school through college age) who just can’t resist a fight. And who can
            ignore such a “righteous” one?

          • Do you enjoy posting to yourself Moron?

          • How do you know that I am posting if you have me blocked?

          • LOL…. that is a good one!

          • I wouldn’t know because I pay no attention to trivial crap like you do. Grow up mussie lover and get yourself a tutor that can teach you what the schools failed to do. Reading and comprehension aren’t your strong points.

          • That is so very interesting. I always wondered how some of the posts could have so many “liked”. Just think some people are loved by a machine!!!!!

          • I learned a lot about you because your Lead-IN “failed” to identify Dearborn, Mich. possibly the 1st Islamic city in the US.

          • I’m sure! By the way I have friends just outside of Dearborn, Mich. And you should hear what they say about their state. Nothing good and they were born and raised there.

          • Congratulations! You’re on the Road to Recovery …

          • You need to worry about your own recovery! Did I take your post wrong? If so I’m sorry.

          • Nah! too late for Me 2 Re-cover …

            btw, not too good at accepting compliments, are We?

          • I apologize but it was a bit late. I’ll do it again. Sorry I misunderstood!

        • We are not all immigrants. I was born here along with my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Only a small percent of us are not from here. I am American period. Don’t believe the lie about immigration. It’s not a right, but a privilege. In times past people wanted to come here and assemilate and become an English speaking citizen, not one who wants to change everything.

          • That’s FINE! God does Not Distinguish between ‘native born’ and “other” …

            btw, “suffrage” is also a privilege, and NOT a Right!
            We need “election reform” more than “immigration reform” … and if we do not want to enforce our Immigration Laws, we should simply ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS OF MEXICO!

          • For a citizen 21 and and over – suffrage IS a right. Sorry about that.
            You can become a criminal and have that right taken away from you
            in certain states, but it is a RIGHT with every law-abiding citizen.

          • lily: you need to update your reference book …
            VOTING WAS Not a “right” for the 1st 4 Score years.

            RIGHTS can only be bestowed by OUR CREATOR! (Declaration of Independence)
            Originally, Only Freemen were permitted to Vote … “freemen” in this country’s 1st 80 years conforms with the modern concept of “TAXPAYERS” …
            the so-called “right” you cite is the product of RECONSTRUCTION AFTER THE CIVIL WAR. Women were not permitted to Vote until the 20th Century ..

            Sometimes, it is BEST to remain Silent, lest you Prove your Ignorance!

          • Nice try. It is now, the last to be included, were women. But even we get a
            vote not, with or without your approval.

          • “VOTING WAS Not a “right” for the 1st 4 Score years.”

            So? It is now. Isn’t that what we are talking about? Try taking my right as a woman to

          • Kinda leaves out ILLEGAL Aliens!!

          • I’m 10th generation natural born, but my forebears immigrated from 6 different nations, prior to the Revolution, mostly. We are the descendents of immigrants, even the “Native nations”; they just arrived earlier. Even within my memory, immigrans came in large numbers to become Americans, but in the past 40 years that changed and most coming did so purely to profit themselves, not America at all.

          • “Even within my memory, immigrans came in large numbers to become
            Americans, but in the past 40 years that changed and most coming did so
            purely to profit themselves, not America at all.”

            And you know this – how? At least some of my ancestors came to
            avoid the war back home. They were happy to have a place to hide
            AND to be able to get farmland (by homesteading) over here. I doubt that their motto was to make America great again.

            Why are you assuming that they were so much more wonderful than
            the present generation? Well, never mind, I know the answer. Because you didn’t know those people first hand. We only hear the
            good stuff about them. They were no better or worse than any other
            (MOST any other) group of people .

            As I read the posts on these forums I become more and more
            aware of the wonderfulness of a liberal arts education. Today
            most of our education, including higher education, seems to be
            a type of job training. That is called profiting yourself, rather than
            profiting America. When you prepare for life by studying literature,
            history, sociology, philosophy, religion(s) you have the opportunity
            to understand people through the ages – what makes them tic, what
            makes them angry, what encourages them to improve themselves
            and the world, what doesn’t work.

            I think we should start over with our educational system and take
            a look at what our founding fathers did and studied. We might learn
            how to make this a better place for all rather than just how to stuff
            our own pockets (and work hard to make sure no one else gets
            any of it).

          • I have lived among both types; listened, and observed their behaviors. So, yes I did/do know them, and your assumption again is wrong. BTW, today most of what passes itself off as “education” is actually indoctrination and serves no useful purpose whatever. You seem woefully out of touch with reality.

          • Someone appears to have been indoctrinated to hate, or at least be fearful of others.

            And are you really saying that education as we have it serves no
            useful purpose. Do you offer yourself as an example? That is sort of
            like someone else around here (probably Appoloone) who is suggesting
            that every court is crooked.

          • You certainly are no stellar example of education, so I would be cautious of judging others, in that respect, were I you.

          • “You certainly are no stellar example of education”

            Do you mind terribly if I don’t accept your translation – of anything?

          • lily ACED indoctrination, she even did the 10 point bonus question so she got 105 points!

          • I believe you may have nailed it right on!

          • Give it a rest. At what point is education actually indoctrination. In high school, we
            pretty much get the basics. The only thing that could be indoctrination is probably
            history, and yes, we probably get it there. America is great. Any questions?

            By the time you get to college, we go into the real stuff. What really happened. As I
            mentioned to someone else, probably on this forum, I just finished reading the book
            The Imperial Cruise. It is a biography of Teddy Roosevelt. And it blew my mind. The
            thing that stuck in my mind the most was the racism that was such a very prominent
            part of his life. His whole mindset seemed to be obsessed with race. And the really
            weird thing was that he saw the Japanese as the Savior of the East in the same way
            that he saw the Americans as the Savior of the West. And oh so ironically it was
            his distant cousin who had to give the world the news “December 7, 1942 – a date that
            will live in infamy.”

            The fact of the matter is that we were hated all over the place in large part because of
            our racism. Being white wasn’t enough. We had to be Viking White, not Slavic White
            etc. Certainly not Spanish or Italian White

            Well, the world is full of surprises. The Muslims understand the American mind
            (or at least the mind of too many of us) and they do represent over a billion people.
            Maybe it is time to mind your manners.

          • I’m not sure that I am reading your post correctly. “We are not all
            immigrants” I think that you misunderstood the original statement.
            We (our fore-fathers or ourselves) all immigrated to this land that
            was not ours at the time unless we are native Indians. And until
            recently assimilation wasn’t much of a situation, unless you moved
            into a big city. On both sides of my family, the group moved into
            a group that was already there. In the Northern part of this country
            huge groups of people came over to move in with family or friends
            And they were virtually all northern
            Europeans. One of my families moved into an area that was
            solidly German. Everyone spoke German and church services
            were in German. And in places like Minnesota, nearly everyone
            was of Scandinavian descent.

            ” It’s not a right, but a privilege” I don’t think anyone is arguing
            with you. The argument is about attitude and responsibility.
            The Europeans have been overwhelmed with the incoming
            outsiders, and in a few places (such as The Netherlands and
            Germany) it has been going on for quite a while. The Dutch
            seem to have been doing it for centuries. And the Germans
            have been doing it since their own birth rates have been
            dropping too much. The Brits and the French have recognized
            their responsibilities because of the previous empires all over the

            So, here we are – one of the biggest and wealthiest countries in
            the world with wide open spaces and a huge amount of natural
            resources. If we want to have a friend left in the world we need
            to do our share of sheltering also. We can start by recognizing
            the difference between and immigrant and a refugee. And
            certain groups of people need to get over the absurdity of
            assuming that every Muslim is a scumbag for whatever reason.

            If you want a place to start in deciding who to take and who to
            refuse, start with refusing every male between the ages of 15-
            25 who isn’t wrapped up in a family situation. There are not more
            dangerous people ANYWHERE than in that group of people.
            Too much testosterone, too little brains. If you deal with that
            group, having a Muslim move in next door to you or having one
            sit next to your kids in a classroom isn’t going to be any more
            dangerous than any situation you are in now.

          • Hey, talk to Charles. He will set you straight. He knows all about syntax and such.

            By the way, what is the lie about immigration? And just for the record, #1 so what if you
            were born here. So was I. My earliest relative to arrive came in 1865, during the civil
            war which they did not participate in. Immigrants (not according to Charles) are those
            who are not native to the land – you know, that group of people who lived here for
            thousands of years before we knew the place existed. Every year they get together and
            go searching for the charters and land grants but so far haven’t found them, but I’m sure
            they will any day now. All the rest of us are immigrants – accept it or not.

            What was our (the holy ones from northern Europe, especially those on the Mayflower)
            reason for coming? Because we didn’t want to live under the conditions back home.
            Would that be about right? “, they hoped to live by themselves, enjoy the same degree of religious liberty (they had been given in The Netherlands – their 1st landing spot) and earn a “better and easier” living. “https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/five-myths-about-the-pilgrims”

            You ought to take a look at that article. It is good and it is funny. P.S. the people
            didn’t come here to assimilate with those already living here and they were already
            an English speaking people. What was there to change?

        • I am a third generation citizen of the United States of America. I thank God every day that my grandfather “played the game” and came to the United States legally. He came to Ellis Island from Germany after WWI and had to apply for entrance and citizenship. That is all I ask of others, to “play the game” legally or get the F out of here (dragged hopefully). On my mothers side of the family I am of Cajun decent and from a long line of pirates. If people keep calling me a redneck, racist and/or other derogatory words, I plan to revert to my pirate ancestor’s ways.

          • Amen! … and Thank You, Allen … for your LOVE of America!

          • Those in high places, mortals and spirit beings who run this world for Satan are using immigration as a tool, no way can these so-called leaders be this stupid, Germany’s Merkel is completely destroying Germany, this is about one thing and one thing only it’s to bring about a world government, it’s the so-called New World Order, nothing new about it Satan tried with King Nimrod as for orderly it will be just the opposite of being orderly.

          • Saw an interesting article about that earlier; she claims they have to admit a minimum 300,000 per year to pay the necessary taxes because the birth rate is so slow. Of course putting fluoride in the water, and other toxins in the food air and water couldn’t possibly have contributed to that fall-off, or the lies they told young women across Europe an the rest of the western world about building careers, not families, and too many people so to put off and limit child bearing, plus the effects of long term contraceptives use prompted along with that, through the ’60s and beyond, either…

          • Maybe the Germans just don’t like kids.

          • Really? My late Grandmother’s German family had 12 of them. But the fertility problems are affecting most of Europe and the western world, not just Germany. Your lack of awareness of the real situation is showing yet again.

          • Your grandmother had too many.

          • Typical! First Germans don’t like kids, then one had too many! You are a seriously disurbed person. We’re done.

          • ” First Germans don’t like kids, then one had too many!”

            I am seriously disturbed. Do you know that in my LIFETIME birth
            control was considered illegal. When I went to college, I knew some
            people that could get birth control, but they had to be married. Where
            have you been all your life.

            People had large families because the ways of stopping them from
            coming were ineffective, or the people just didn’t know what the secret

          • I just finished addressing your “smartness” in a couple of other posts. But this one
            takes the cake. As if there were any correlation between the two. WOW. What else
            have you got up your scholar’s robe?

          • So, you grandmother had 12 of them. Doesn’t mean she was
            happy about it, or that she liked them.

          • It’s been 8 days since you replied to me and I never got the notification from DISQUS. It’s still difficult for me to post. Don’t know if my computer is infected or not it’s a new computer with Norton security, I have supposedly the best and the fastest service from my provider. Here is just one problem: I’ll be typing like I’m doing now and all of a sudden the page disappears and either goes to a different site or to the top of the page when I get back my post is gone.

          • I’d ditch Norton, or at least add on www. watchdog,.com; it’s an expensive 1 time layout for a lifetime license that’s transferable. Norton gets so messed up they won’t even recognize their own updates. But the bigger problem is the internet cenors, I suspect. Since O turned over control, libs have had freer rein to mess with conservative sites and have been. The new FCC head is supposedly doing something about it, but I’ll not be holding my breath. Also, did you give me the correct tutanota e-mail addy? I’ve tried sending, but they keep saying no such person. Tried again with a petition just a few minutes ago. It is getting very frustrating trying to communicate. And then site censoring as well. Ran onto another’s comment earlier. Very erudite and knowledgeable, violated none of the rules, but “held for approval”; translation: to be blocked, probably because some whiner didn’t like the truth.

          • Hey, Apolloone. You are the loon around here.

          • Don’t think so. Take a look in the mirror sweetheart

          • The NWO is being “pushed” by bankers (Rothchilds, Roosevelts, and others), the Vatican, Illuminati, and among others, the tools of SATAN >>> ABA … (judiciary). The dice are ‘loaded” … we live in a CORRUPT World …
            Who do you TRUST??? … ain’t that a scary thought???

          • ” we live in a CORRUPT World”

            Are you just finding that out? But you gotta love it. Apolloone is
            talking about King Nimrod. At least you’re getting up to more recent
            times, though I’m afraid they aren’t of much significance anymore.
            The Rothchilds and the Roosevelts? Did they sort of die off in the
            1970’s? And the Illuminati – I think they disappeared in the 1770’s.

            But you just can’t be too careful, can you? Don’t worry about trusting
            anybody. Just keep that handy dandy gun by your side, and you
            will be just fine. God loves a man who worships his Constitution.

          • Nice TRY! … but your characterization of “God” is Fraudulent!

            The dangers are not from “gun-bearers”, but from those who enslave you with LAWS!

            They are called “LAW”yers … members of the largest RICO on the planet … THE ABA!

          • yes, of course. If there were no laws, I would be so much safer.
            Gosh, you are one smart fellow. Where have you been hiding all
            my life?

          • There are times when it is difficult to distinguish between ‘sarcasm’ and ‘ignorance’.

            So I try to give the speaker (author) the benefit of the doubt … and consider them “ignorant”. YOU Qualify.
            btw, there have ALWAYS BEEN LAWS. They came from God! (not the ABA) … Read the Declaration of Independence!

          • What have the Laws of God and the Declaration of Independence
            got to do with each other – other than they are disobeyed.

          • Forgive ME >>> make that IGNORANCE compounded with “STUPIDITY”!

            btw, you OWE your Parents an Apology … Just for Being YOU!

          • Is there a difference between ignorance and stupidity?

            And I ask again, what do the laws of God and the Declaration of Independence got to do with
            each other?

          • You, of all people, KNOW the difference ! Your Stupid part prevents you from accepting it and overcoming your IGNORANCE ! …

          • “You, of all people, KNOW the difference”

            Forget the hemming and hawing – SPELL IT OUT.

          • ” but your characterization of “God” is Fraudulent!”

            I see that you don’t understand sarcasm when you see it.

          • “but from those who enslave you with LAWS!”

            Are you talking about the 10 Commandments

          • If you were a student of mine trying to learn ancient history and ancient religions, you would be comparable to someone sitting in an advanced English class that couldn’t read.

          • ” the one I trust is He who is going to stop Satan and his followers, you mentioned some by name.”

            And you would be the one sitting in a corner with the Dunce hat on.

          • By the way, I spent most of my college days sitting in an advanced English class. Guess what.
            I could read.

          • You’re 100% correct, the one I trust is He who is going to stop Satan and his followers, you mentioned some by name.

          • https://qz.com/586547/germany-is-the-worlds-strongest-economy/

            Why don’t you take a look at this site? Merkel has been doing all
            right. And for that matter, so was Obama.

            Write back again when Merkel’s Germany is in fact destroyed and
            give us a big “I told you so.” Germany has been around for a pretty
            long time, and has done some pretty dumb/nasty things along the way, but they seem to always pull themselves up because
            in the end Germans are very very bright and very resilient. (Just ask me – I’m 50% German myself.)

            As for King Nimrod, he hasn’t been around for awhile. Could
            you find a more recent example? And for that matter, find one
            that we know actually existed.

          • I’m trying to figure you post out. You had to apply for entrance and
            citizenship. Are you saying that people today don’t have to do that?

            Probably you weren’t fleeing a war zone, but are you aware that
            potential immigrees are grouped together as I am typing, being vetted.
            Other than those who sneak over a border or hide in someone’s
            suitcase, they are all going through a process.

          • … as a child, were you this stupid?

          • Well, I wasn’t stupid as a child. No. But I am better educated
            now. Have a couple of degrees, and I love doing research.

            How about you? What do you love to do?

          • SUDOKU >>> KAKURO >>> CRYPTOQUOTES !!!!

          • Read it again. That’s why you didn’t understand. He was not talking about himself- grandfather.

          • I know who he was talking about. He was telling me that when his
            grandparents came over they had to apply for permission to enter.
            And my response was – they still do today.

            Got a problem with that?

          • No, I have a problem with your use of syntax, which you clearly blew. Timing nor structure matched what you seem to think you were saying.

          • Unless you and I are reading different posts, my syntax is just fine.

          • And that’s the problem. Can’t fix what you don’t see. Hahaha

          • I’m still waiting for you to tell me/show me about my incorrect syntax.

            I find a whole lot of people on this forum who wouldn’t know how to
            show proof if their life depended on it.

          • You said,”I’m trying to figure your post out. You had to apply for entrance and
            citizenship. Are you saying that people today don’t have to do that?” And he said, ” I thank God every day that my grandfather “played the game” Notice the grandfather word. This thread started because you ignored tense and syntax- still can’t see it? That’s all the help you get.

          • Nope, still don’t see it.

            He said that he is happy his grandfather played the game.

            And I said something to the effect that people still have to play that game.

          • And then you’ll never see it. Right in front of your face as I posted. Too bad.

          • Hey, expert. Spell it out.

          • I’ll type slow so you can follow you addressed “You” direct to the poster when he was referring to the grandfather. Simple and it’s amazing it took this much for you to understand, if you do.. And I am kind of an expert. With two novels and a 48 year career in technical writing, that was hard to miss.

          • “I’ll type slow (sic) ( that would be slowly) so you can follow. You…..

          • Colloquial use is all you get or deserve, and you have added extra proof to your already lengthy display as a twit.

          • “I am a third generation citizen of the United States of America. I
            thank God every day that my grandfather “played the game” and came to
            the United States legally.”

            OK, it took me forever to find this post, but at last, I ran into it. (Disqus has got to do
            some serious learnin’ on how to place responses under a forum).

            Now, I am assuming that this is the post we are talking about. And I have said two or
            three times that I KNOW he was talking about his grandfather, not himself. So what
            did I say that would suggest that I didn’t know who he was talking about?

            Last time I am going to ask. If you don’t answer me, so be it. I have other things to do.

          • Last chance- “I’m trying to figure your post out. You had to apply for entrance and
            citizenship. Are you saying that people today don’t have to do that?” ” YOU” is the break and disconnect in tense and meaning. If you can’t see the syntax break, you seriously need to learn what syntax, tense and just plain readability are. Have a nice day. (The post was right above yours, so not hard to find at all)

          • If you are a redneck, you have probably already reverted to your
            ancestor’s ways.

          • Are we to assume, then, that you are OK with the Muslims as long as
            they are vetted?

        • I am not an immigrant. My ancestors founded this nation, by displacing the savages who had previously occupied the land. We are not a nation of immigrants. The groups of displaced savages were not this nation, then or now – that’s why they are called “indian nations.”

          We have no need of immigrants, and nothing to gain by admitting any immigrants, ever. Your points 1 through 4 might be good ideas for vetting immigrants, but immigrants are a terrible idea, vetted or not.

          • I’m sorry, but we would have a lot to gain if we got rid of people like
            you. Why don’t you move to some small island non-nation. Do us all
            a favor.

          • I don’t do favors for scum. This isn’t your nation. You’ll have to go back.

          • Ah, nice try, once again, but I am a citizen. Got anything else. Try to make it
            less dumb this time.

          • You’re a moron. Can’t get any dumber than that idiot

          • Back to where? But never mind. Try and make me.

          • ” This isn’t your nation. You’ll have to go back.”

            Would you like to share with us (Ok, forget that. Righties don’t share).
            Would you like to tell me why you made that idiotic statement? You
            made it to me 3 times. And I believe to at least one other person.

            Just where is this coming from?

          • You mean the one you live on

          • Repeat! Repeat! … run out of thoughts?

          • Allow me point out some material facts! those (Europeans) who “displaced” savages” were more SAVAGE than the Native Americans you call savages ..

            Please reload your blunder-buss and try to explain from a TRUTHFUL beginning.

          • This is not your nation. You will have to go back,

          • Is it TRUE???? that You and “lois” are the same troll?

          • When the Europeans came here, there were 3500 indians here from what I read in the census. I read that the indians as they call themselves, are eastern Europeans.

            Some of the “indians” were savage, some were not. The white Europeans made this country, founded it.

            The issue today with immigration is a land can only support so many people. We cannot take into this country people who are irresponsible, people we have nothing in common.

            I ask you esquire2, in your own personal home, would you open your door to an extra 100 people, people you have nothing in common? People who will cause turmoil in your home? If you have any common sense, you would not.

            From my understanding, there were people here before the indians arrived.

          • Surely, You JEST! Bovine Shiite!

          • “When the Europeans came here, there were 3500 indians here from what I
            read in the census. I read that the indians as they call themselves,
            are eastern Europeans.”

            HUH!!! Show us the proof.

          • And that has anything to do with what?

            We ALL came from somewhere. And how they lived differed from
            century to century. Wherever the native Indians came from (and it
            was probably from several different places) they were here long

            before our first settlers here.

            Why can’t you just adjust your mind to acknowledge that neither you
            nor we as Americans are King of the world. We commit sins as
            heinous as the next person, and probably more so because we are
            so practiced in it. People were here before we were. So many in
            virtually every part of the country – and we didn’t care. And now that
            is back to bite us in the butt.

          • I ask why can’t the white race have a country of their own? Other ethnics do, why can’t the white race?

            As the Scripture says, “while in the flesh, no man is not without sin.”

            The third world wants what we have, and we’ll be lucky to keep what we have.

            People may have been here before us, but they didn’t make anything of this land, the white people did make this country great.

          • The third world may want what we have, or not. Typically people leave
            their own land because they must. REALLY must (like in war time) or
            must because they cannot succeed where they are. What if you are
            an oilman (like much of the Middle EAst) and your country runs out of
            oil, or the world quits buying your oil?

            Just one of any number of potential reasons. Your statement about
            the third world is so typical of rightists who also talk about people in
            this country. All those horrible people want what I have. Well, yes.
            So why can’t they have it? I know, because they are lazy and love
            living off other people – OR – maybe the answer is actually elsewhere.

            Maybe the people who are the “haves” are the jerks and work very
            hard to keep the others out of their spheres of grace.

            God created everyone. And we should treat everyone as a child of
            God. That is why I’m a lefty liberal. I believe in that.

          • Perhaps you mean “while in the flesh, no man is without sin.”

            You said “while in the flesh, no man is not without sin”

          • You seem to know the Bible.

            My faith sustains me.

          • take a remedial reading course … Your “reading comprehension” is below average …

            example >>> the settlors “FOUND” this continent … it had already been
            founded” by various tribes of “native Americans”!

            correction >>> “WHO TOOK THE CENSUS”??? >>> You made that up, didn’t you?
            Let me Guess, your middle name is either “Hillary” or “Wasserman” .. !.!.!

          • Esquire2, your middle name may be deception, but mine is not. I read a census on the internet, that said upon our arrival to the U.S., there were only 3500 indians. Look it up yourself.

            We made these United States, NOT the “indians”.

          • LOL … Next question >>>> WHO COUNTED THEM? SNOPES?

            We DIDn’t “make” them … We took the land from the Native Americans … On the East coast alone, there were the Iroquois (5 NATIONS), the Delaware – another large Nation, and in the south, the Cherokee, Seminole et al, and many I don’t know about. In the Southwest, the peaceful Navajo, Utes, warlike Apache & Comanche, Northwest …the Sioux Nations (more than 3,500 of them … ASK CUSTER!

            Outside the US, Mayans (mathematically advanced) in Mexico, Incas in Peru … and others.

          • I ask you, why haven’t these third world nations developed into something instead of wanting what we have?

            The third world will always whine I guess.

          • Why did your relatives come here? Oh wait, are you the one who said
            that they came here to help make America great !!!!!

            I like that one. It amuses me. It is the kind of response I will be telling
            my friends, and we can all have a good laugh.

          • From my study, God sent us here.

            I do think the white Judeo/Christian created/founded this U.S. No other peoples made this a great nation.

          • And what study is that.

            Define “great”

          • And just what is your study?

          • From my study, the 10 tribes of Israel, essentially the caucasians of this country, from Europe. The Israelites leaving Israel, crossed the caucas mountains, going into Europe, eventually into the U.S., and Canada.

          • I’ve studied with some reliable pastors, church.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!



          • Then why don’t you just go home and learn how to be happy. You are one angry and sad, sad,
            sad person. I hope that I never become like you.

          • Again, as I just wrote to another person who writes on this forum,
            show us the proof. My comment to him is also going to be my comment
            to you. Charles has written 3 or 4 posts complaining about my
            syntax. I ask him to show me. Doesn’t have to look it up on the
            internet – JUST SHOW ME. Somehow he just can’t get the job done.

            And You cannot show us the census on the internet. (Look it up
            yourself – PATHETIC ANSWER).

            Whatever the first European tribes ran into over there in the now
            New England area is no way indicative of what was in the entirety
            of the land we now call the United States. And I’m not sure that we
            ever helped ourselves to any land that didn’t belong to someone else
            before we got there, which was a matter of total indifference to us.
            And this goes up to the State of Hawaii.

            You can tell us that WE made these United States, not the Indians
            and you would be right, but that doesn’t make it OK.

          • You are Full of Shiite! The first “census” in America was not until AFTER the Declaration of Independence, and after the 1st Constitution. Settlers arrived in 1607 and for the next 170 years, there were “colonies” of settlers … e.g. Jamestown, Massachusetts Bay, Pennsylvania … look up “The Frame of Government of 1682!” Wm. Penn & King Charles.

            There was NO INTERNET in the18th Century, because Al Gore wasn’t born yet ..

            My advice to you … “Think before you speak!” … AND … STOP LYING!

          • Esquire2: Is there any chance that two people are writing under the
            same name. Maybe you have a kid or wife who is using your
            entrance into disqus and making his/her own remarks, that seem to
            match your own. Sometimes you make a fair amount of sense and
            other times you seem to be just another dumb voter for Trump.

            Got an explanation?

            By the way, people who vote conservatively don’t bother me. I’m
            married to one. He didn’t vote for Trump, however, and that is true
            for virtually every conservative I run around with.

            Now old goat is the epitome of a Trump voter. Foul-mouthed and
            dumb, rants and raves.

          • Ah, you love obnoxious men? Or are you obnoxious too and you
            just feel at home with him?

          • Hey DIPSHIT, go spend 2 weeks in any Arab nation of your choice and if you survive come back and tell us how “Simply Marvelous” it was!! What a f–king @$$WIPE trying in vain to pass herself off as intelligent! Amoeba’s have a higher IQ than you!

          • I like common sense.

          • Where was the common sense? His family are the immigrants (unless
            he is native American).

          • Wow. Did you try extra hard to write a completely obnoxious post?
            Or does it just come natural to you?

          • without “immigrants”, we are “stuck” with “IN-BREEDING”, which I heard results in producing “Imbeciles”! Am I Wrong?

          • “The groups of displaced savages were not this nation, then or now – that’s why they are called “indian nations.”

            WERE called Indian Nations. They are now called – more accurately – native Americans

        • I had a friend immigrate in the 1940’s, a German/Hungarian family. I met him in the middle 50’s.

          He told me they had to have a sponsor (his sister’s husband), for the reason immigrants could not go on the government dole. This family was very responsible.

          He and his family had to learn the English language, and they did.

          He had to learn the Constitution, and laws. He was a teen when I met him. I’m assuming the whole family did.

          The family had to be in good health.

          Up until the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, only immigrants of caucasian descent were encouraged. People who had things in common as it should be. Multiculturalism is a tool of the ungodly communist.

          The white Europeans are the ones that created/founded this nation, it should remain the same.

          • Up until the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, only immigrants of caucasian
            descent were encouraged. People who had things in common as it should
            be. Multiculturalism is a tool of the ungodly communist.”

            Why are you assuming that the people who lived before 1965 were
            the bright people? The fact of the matter: pre-1900 people let a whole lot of people in – to do their dirty work for virtually no pay. We’ll
            start with the African slaves. And having lived in Hawaii, I learned
            a lot about Polynesians and Chinese and Japanese who were brought in, under similar circumstances. I’m not sure that anyone was calling them slaves, but it essence they were treated like them. After the Viet Nam war, I image that we realized that it behooved us to take a whole of Vietnamese people in (very few of which were Christian & virtually none who were Caucasian)

            Also it was the pre-1965 people who were developing Jim Crow laws
            in the South. Then there are people like you. You appear to be
            making assumptions that you apparently know nothing about.

            You give all these instances where people were vetted before they
            came in. Did that vetting keep all the bad guys out? Nope.
            Are people being vetted today? Yep. Will it keep all the bad guys
            out? Nope.

            If we are going to be a big and strong and productive nation we
            cannot keep it all to ourselves. Canada seems to be a whole lot
            more willing to take in “vetted” refugees, and Canada is a big nation
            too, but it doesn’t have as many resources as we do, starting with
            good weather patterns. How about this idea: We will put all of
            our refugees in Alaska. They could sweep Sarah Palin’s floors.

          • ” Multiculturalism is a tool of the ungodly communist.”

            What in heaven’s name makes you say something like this?

          • Start with the Communist Manifesto, and move on to Ailinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, but if those are insufficient, you might try taking a look at the history of ancient empires and how they maintained control.

          • Why don’t you ask yourself how christianity became the largest religion in the world?

          • I know history, including the history of Christianity ;evidently you don’t because it apears you’re equating some heresies that claim a label wrongfully with the reality.

          • You keep telling me how smart you are and how dumb I am – and guess, what

            I AM NOT CONVINCED. Usually when I make a claim I back it up with references. When
            was the last time you did that?

          • Lethal FORCE!

          • “Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord
            and serf, guild-master(3) and
            journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition
            to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight,
            a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution
            of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.” This is the beginning of the Communist Manifesto. But let
            me guess. You have never read the Manifesto nor have you ever read anything by
            Alinsky. Your just passing it on down from the rightwing columnists.

            There are very few members of the Communist party in the United States today, but
            back in the late 1950’s through mid-sixties, it was quite popular with a certain group of
            people (let’s call them the down-trodden) and their supporters. Frank Marshall Davis –
            is that his name? the one who is Obama’s father (unless you are claiming that Obama
            is an illegal foreigner) was a well known Communist at the time. Angela Davis is the
            one I remember most vividly, and I believe that Alinsky was along at that time. All these
            people became communists or communist supporters because they were on the side of
            the downtrodden. A lot of Hollywood was there too. Again, as supporters. (not Reagan, of course. He was the tattle tale). It shouldn’t take even a paragraph to
            explain why it was popular with blacks. But it also appealed to others who were being
            put on a shelf as unworthy of notice. When these people started seeing what
            Communism was like in Russia, the numbers started falling away in droves. That
            was NOT their definition of Communism. Nor does it need to be today. Communism
            does not automatically mean that a dictator rules your government and your life.
            But it did turn out that way in the real world.

            You need to remember that the United States was virtually the first democracy in
            the world. Greek had had a democracy too for a while but it was for rich people
            only. It was also that way in the US for awhile too, but we morphed into something
            better. So I see no particular reason to look at the history of ancient empires. ALL
            countries were like that.

            Or am I missing something. You are very good at telling us how smart you are
            and very poor at proving it. Now let me remind you that the person who MAKES a
            statement is the one obliged to PROVE that statement if you want to stay in the
            debate. Every student knows that.

            So, OK. Tell me why I should look at the history of ancient empires and how they
            maintained control? And after I hear from you about that, we can talk about its
            relevancy for today.

            P.S. History was a minor in college.

          • LOL How old are you? 10 12?

          • Do you know the difference between an immigrant and a refugee?

          • And should we treat them both the same?

          • I say we CLOSE our gates.

            Common sense has to take precedent. No nation can take care of the world. Perhaps we can go to other countries and help as missionaries, but they should not be allowed to flood our nation.

        • The country and the world are much different than today. You cannot just accept any slack jawed idiot who makes it here, if that were the case 100+ million people would try and come here every year.

          This nation as does every other nation has immigration laws and procedures for a reason.

      • So wrong, oh so very wrong. I can see why you voted for Trump. It is written
        all over you. I AM NOT BRIGHT.

        • PatriotParatrooper

          hey lily, your village called and said they were missing their idiot.

        • Another “Useful Idiot” yes I mean you lily.

          • Call me what you want. Trump is a jerk. I would never have voted for him.

          • I suppose you voted for Evil Hillary, the “Spirit Cooker” we Christians are warned never to have anything to do with spirits, there is no such thing as a good spirit. Everyone that has lived to tell about their ordeal it was horrible, insanity is just one of the things that can happen. Besides that there is Pizza Gate hanging over her head and this isn’t the first time her name came up concerning sexual child abuse. I shudder to think there are people in high positions in our government involved in such crimes against children. Lookup the late Ted Gunderson a former decorated FBI agent who retired and turned private investigator and his involvement tracking down a child smuggling ring selling children to sexual perverts, it led him to Washington D.C too long to put on here, his friend a doctor claims Ted was poisoned to death. not cancer as the ruling went. Sometimes you seem torn which side you belong on, being a Liberal or searching for Truth.

          • Christians might be warned against spirits, but, there are spirits who are better than any Christian!

          • LOL Of course there are leewacker, they don’t contact humans unless they are assigned by Yahweh for a special purpose, all the spirit beings humans can contact are evil spirit beings, that’s why we’re warned not to have anything to do with them, they come on as friends but eventually they will destroy you.

          • What version of the Christian religion were you brought up with?

          • “LOL Of course there are leewacker, they don’t contact humans unless they
            are assigned by Yahweh for a special purpose, all the spirit beings
            humans can contact are evil spirit beings, that’s why we’re warned not
            to have anything to do with them, they come on as friends but eventually
            they will destroy you.”

            And where do you find this information? Well, never mind. This is
            a political forum, not a religious one.

          • You’re one ignorant woman, I’m just thankful I haven’t been indoctrinated. I’ve known this long before these authors wrote these books, which I highly recommend that you read. “The Liberal Mind; “The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness” written by Rossiter a certified Forensic Psychiatrist with 40 years experience. I cant remember at the moment his first name ” By Charlotte Iserbyt: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” and of course the best source is understanding the Scriptures. “Here a little, there a little, line upon line” the only way one can learn and with the help of YAHUHUA. Did you know what is happening today was foretold thousands of years ago, did you know that Israel was prophesied to come back as a nation hundreds of years before 70 AD when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.

          • ” “The Liberal Mind; “The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness”

            written by Rossiter a certified Forensic Psychiatrist with 40 years
            experience.” First name – Lyle.

            I decided to give him a try. This is what I found: http://americanloons.blogspot.com/2014/06/1089-lyle-rossiter.html.

            I have already given Charlotte Iserbyt a pass after seeing her on youtube. Got anything else?

          • More on my reply below. Never in the history of the world has a nation came back like Israel, How about the increase in knowledge and travel. How about the one called Jesus He was foretold to come right after Satan tricked Eve, 326 times throughout the books of the O.T when He would arrive, the time He would die, how He would die. Too many prophecies have been fulfilled to just write them off as a coincidence. The modern day so-called prophets claim America isn’t mentioned in prophecy but there are at least 100 characteristics and markers are given by several different prophets that fit America and only America like a tailor made glove.

          • Never mind it vanished.

          • Don’t preach to me. I grew up in a fundamentalist home (not one
            that made up stories like the evangelists on television). When I
            became of college age, I started looking elsewhere, thinking I would
            give up religion altogether. But that didn’t work. I’m a believer, so
            I dumped fundamentalism and became main stream Protestant.

            My politics is very similar to my present religion. NO ONE has all
            the answers. I don’t believe in an eternal hell, and I certainly don’t
            believe that 99% of the people who ever lived are going there. I
            don’t even think that the Christian Bible has all the answers.
            I would belong to the Bahai faith if 1) I didn’t like my own so very
            much – and the people in it and 2) if there were a temple close by,
            but there isn’t. Various groups of people have their own prophets who talk to them in their own language and culture. Like Jesus, Like Mohammed, Like Buddha.

            I’m reading a book right now about Theodore Roosevelt, and I
            am appalled at his racism and his apparent love of he-manship
            which translated into many good things, but also wars against
            any country that wasn’t good enough for him. HUMANITY
            (all God’s creatures) should be cared about and cared for. And
            I’m not changing my mind about that.

          • The story of Israel is a long way from over. Why don’t you have a
            conversation about the history of that land with an American Jew,
            You know the kind – the kind that believe that the takeover by the
            Jews from a people who had been living there as Muslims for
            1 1/2 thousand years and even longer than before both the era
            of the Muslim religion but before Abraham, and just how “smart” that

          • Did I ever mention that you sound like one of those tv evangelists? I used to watch them a lot.
            In the early days, Russia was the bear from the North, as “predicted” in the Bible. By the time
            I quit watching them for good, the bear from the North, was the Muslim nation.

            Anyone who knows their Bible realizes it’s all taking shape in Middle
            East for many muslim countries to join together with Russia in
            attacking Israel. I still find it hard to believe that I’m in the last generation before Jesus returns.

            This comes from https://www.endtime.com/united-states-discovered-in-the-bible/.

            That is one of those ohdeargod places where you just have to shake your head and endure.
            Gosh, in my lifetime I have missed out on at least 5 or 6 end of times. My supply of food and
            fortitude is running low.

          • ” there are at least 100 characteristics and markers are given by several
            different prophets that fit America and only America like a tailor made

            Such as what?

          • Hey, Apollo … I Think that “You Might Just ‘GET IT’ “!

            I disagree that we may contact “ONLY EVIL SPIRITS” … God (Yaweh) has interceded into our lives very often … How else could we have a Mother Theresa? … and others …

          • There is NOTHING that Hillary has not been accused of – and – NOTHING that she has been arrested for much less convicted of.
            It is so easy to accuse people of anything in the world, and then
            accuse the government/oligarchy of being evil. THE PROOF IS IN
            THE PUDDING.

            Time to start worrying about what kind of guy Trump is and forget about

          • I don’t care if he is a jerk, the country needs a strong leader not some mealy mouth John McCain types. Americas days are numbered, I really doubt that Trump can correct the course we’re on the Oligarchs will fight him on everything and you can be sure his family is in mortal danger at every turn. Since JFK there hasn’t been one president except Ronald Reagan that hasn’t been a puppet of the so-called New World Order, the crazed, programmed would be assassin almost killed Reagan. I just hope Trump realizes who he’s offended. Let me explain my way: Picture a pyramid they use it, inside that pyramid are floors/stories at the top is Satan below just him are his army of fallen angels below them are his mortal worshippers, the super wealthy who run this evil world behind the scenes, I highly doubt people like Obama and Hilary are even allowed inside, they’re just powerful useful idiots in the grand scam. I’m talking a symbolic pyramid, symbolism is used by these people Satanic signs are everywhere if you know what you’re looking at. This is Scriptural too, these people are setting up their one world government, the Scripture states this is the government that the man the world knows as the Antichrist will head up.

          • When I read a post like yours, I get scared. Most of the people who
            post here don’t know how to write a complete sentence or know
            how to prove anything they say.

            Now you, on the other hand, can write a complete sentence. However,
            you seem to be at least as afraid of life and the world as they are
            and maybe more so. What is wrong with mealy mouth John McCain.
            He truly experienced war and knows what he doesn’t want again. I
            could easily have lived with him as a President if it hadn’t been for
            Ms. Palin who was the female version of Trump.

            There will always be wars and rumors of war. And they will continue
            until the end of time. In Romans 12: Do not pay anyone evil for
            evil. Carefully consider what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it
            is possible in your part, live in peace with everyone. Do not
            avenge yourself, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it
            is written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.

            That is a Berean Bible version. Not the typical stilted language
            we grew up with.

          • As a U.S Navy vet in during the same time John McCain was in and have learned what his fellow POWs had to say about him and his stance on helping tear this country down while pretending to be someone he isn’t, that’s why I cant stand him. I’m not afraid of life I’ve traveled this world over and have seen all I wanted to see and done most of it first class except the Navy time, it’s our children and grandchildren I’m concerned for, most all will never have the opportunities I had all because of evil men and their lust for power to control, oh I know that’s just a right wing conspiracy theory. If it’s only a theory then why is it that everything going on today is pointing to that world government that the Scriptures teach that will exist at the time of Jesus’ return?. I’m very well versed in the Bible, I don’t seek vengeance on anyone, Yahweh will take care of that, I certainly don’t need coaching from a liberal, weren’t you embarrassed when your party booed when God was mentioned? Yahweh has judged America and found her guilty of many Abominations, the America that was once a Golden Cup in His hand. You just keep on believing the lies and you’ll be caught completely by surprise. The only way America can be saved is if, as a nation we did a heart felt repentance and we both know that will not happen. But thanks for your concern():-)

          • ” have learned what his fellow POWs had to say about him and his stance
            on helping tear this country down while pretending to be someone he

            I don’t believe this statement for a minute.

          • John McCain’s Dirty Little Secret


            McCain’s ISIS Ties Are Too Numerous For America


            John McCain Responds to Staged ISIS Beheading Video


            McCain and the POW cover-up The ‘war hero’ candidate
            buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam


            John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s


          • O.C.: >>> I AM THE PROTOTYPE RINO … My parents were Democrats, so that is HOW I FIRST REGISTERED … about 40 YEARS LATER, I switched party’s.
            Now I am abandoned by BOTH Parties!
            REASON for my POST … John McCain & Lindsey Graham are CLASSiCAL RINOs.
            especially McCain … who I consider to be a “TRAITOR” against our country and against HIS OWN political party. He is “stuck” on his Personal vendetta against Trump, and would betray the best interests of our Country to land a Katie COURIC on The Donald.
            and so … I ask myself, if John McCain were MY father, what would I say to him ???

            Can we ask Megan? should you LOVE your Country more than your parents?????

            btw, You OWE ME a KICK in the BUTT … I answered “lily” after promising “NOT TO”.

            Be Well, Old Codger … May God Be with You and Keep you in Good Health!

          • I registered as an Independent so I wouldn’t catch myself feeling I should vote party. This go around I changed to Rep. to show the DemoCRAPZ my feelings!
            We’re even on the butt kicks I responded to it (lily) again myself! I for the love of God can NOT believe her utter STUPIDITY!

          • Question: Did you vote for John McCain when he was up for the
            Presidency? Was McCain just fine until he said things you didn’t
            want to hear about Trump?

            If liking Trump is the only sort of person you are going to vote for, you
            are going to be in short supply. Some people just have more guts in
            telling it like it is.

          • Regretfully, I learned things about John McCain for which I consider McCain and Lindsey Graham Both to be traitors to the U.S. Constitution. HARD CORE RINOs, both …

            Many of McCain’s fellow POWs believe that he collaborated with their captors. There are numerous videos out there to support my position. TRUMP WAS RIGHT AGAIN!

            I know that’s hard for Megan to hear >>> not every cloud has a silver lining.

          • TRUMP WAS RIGHT! and RIGHT-ON about McCain …

            True Military Record of John McCain Written by an Active Marine

            http://www.federalobserver. com/2015/07/22/true-military- record-of-john-mccain-written- by-an-active-marine/

            John McCain is truly a WAR ZERO

          • Trump hasn’t been either right or right-on about anything in his life.

          • By the way, would you mind answering my question? Did you vote for McCain when he was
            up for Presidency?

          • Answer the question.

          • The only answer you deserve is a BIG F.U.!
            & I usually refrain from vulgarity … but in Your case …

          • Thanks very much Old Codger for listing those sites for the brain dead Lily. .The trouble with liberals they’re Truth Shy

          • Be my guest in copying them to use at a later date! I don’t recall exactly how I compiled the list, don’t recall if I, personally, did or if someone passed them on to me!
            I created a file called Blogs, in it I save for reuse posts such as above so I don’t have to do it from scratch yet again! Copy and paste eliminates the waste!! LOL! Plus that way one doesn’t omit anything!
            P.S. anything I post, such as the above, you can copy and reuse!

          • Please reinsert your head up your arse, at least then you’ll be quiet and not making an @$$out of yourself!

          • I’m sorry you haven’t noticed, but I’m making an @$$ out of you.

          • AH NOPE!!

          • Unlike your donkey self. You are one scary woman. I think you are a woman????

        • Ever consider Trump isn’t a member of the well established Oligarchy? oh never mind you’re probably just one of the “Useful Idiots”

          • No, you are right. He is not among the well established Oligarchy. But then
            neither was or is Obama and that didn’t make you love him.

          • “Neither was Obama” give me a break, Obama was a chosen puppet by the few elites who control this world, some of these evil brutes are still alive that had a hand in assassinating JFK who was the last good Democrat, JFK would by today’s standard be ultra conservative, the Democrat party should just change their name to the Communist party this was one of the 45 Communist goals congress investigated in 1963 their goal is to capture both parties, the RINOs are just Marxists hiding behind the Republican party. They all fear Trump because he might break up their lifetime party paid for by our tax dollars and expose them for the scumbags many of them are. We the people no longer have a government that represents the people but international corporations as in Crony Capitalism, I know exactly how it works I had an incorporated business however the Gestapo [IRS] issues the small guys a different type of corporation, you have to make more than my measly one million five hundred thousand dollars a year to be a member of Club Crony. That’s ok I wouldn’t have joined these Vermin if I was a Trillionaire. I find them horribly disgusting, many have sold out not only the people of this country but their own souls

          • What are you ranting and raving a bout this time? Life not treating you
            fairly? Or do you just bellyache because you have nothing else to do?

            And I see you are a believe in conspiracy theories too. Hey, find
            yourself a hobby, take up a sport, do something besides hate the
            world all your long lazy life.

            And you told me about those 45 goals, which is a complete farce.

            You said that you had a corporation. Well, my husband and I do too,
            and we have had it since the early 1980’s. We are doing quite well.
            My guess is why you didn’t. You didn’t have the makings of a salesman, you bellyached constantly, no one wanted to work for or
            with you, and your product wasn’t all that good.

            Just a guess, but an educated one.

          • Actually I did very well in-spite of what some of the ABC arms of this over intrusive government could throw at me, my yearly salary was close to three hundred twenty five thousand dollars plus some really nice perks such as traveling to foreign countries. I sold the business and retired my guess is your business doesn’t get in the way of the Crony Capitalists, here is an example my sister, along with her husband owned a coal mine, the mine had been shut down since the thirties, they bought the mine in the early 1980s a few months after they bought it, here comes one of the Gestapos from the EPA gave them a fine of Twenty Five Thousand Dollars, they hadn’t even started the mine yet, still getting equipment, the coal was probably a half of a pickup truck load had laid there since the 1930s it was close to a very mall stream. Bottom line the little Brown Shirt was sent out to try and keep them from opening the mine, one has to belong to the Oligarchy or else they send their agents out to try and shut you down. I believe in protecting the environment it’s how the big boys use them to hurt the little boys, these ABC arms of the government have destroyed countless lives, you cant possibly win, everything is stacked against you, especially time and money and the Brown Shirts have an unlimited supply of both, it makes no difference to them if your case last a day or a lifetime.

          • Is the Home Depot guy the one who refuses to insure women who want to
            use birth control?

          • The Gestapos have more to worry about than whether you and your
            sister are making a living. Got a clue as to why so many mines have
            been shut down?

            Here is the story of many people, written by one of them: http://www.salon.com/2016/03/27/big_coal_dealt_a_big_blow_montanans_shut_down_largest_mine_in_north_amer

            This should give you some idea how many liberals are bought and
            sold by the big guys.

            Other reasons why coal is no longer an important engine in our
            economy: it is dirty and it is dangerous, especially health wise, but
            also the working conditions are dangerous. We have oil. We
            have wind and solar power.

            The guys who built horse carts when autos came along were

            happy either. But that is progress for you.

          • Please go refill your prescription. Obviously you have run out of your meds

          • You keep trying to be a clever little snip, but you ain’t accomplishing
            much of anything.

          • Obviously I’m getting under your thin skin… Right Miss Lilly

          • How old are you? Where were you educated? You can make all
            the accusations that you want, and you may find a person or true who
            will believe you for awhile.

            But there is one thing that has been true for as long as I have been
            alive and that is that the Republicans are those who see politics in
            terms of money and the Democrats are those who see politics as for
            the people.

            So when you are talking Crony Capitalism, you are talking about
            about Republicans. If you suggest that the small guys have a different
            type of corporation, it means that the small guys are getting more
            screwed than the big guys.

            May I give you an example. Just one of a million that I could use.
            The first time I ever heard Rush Limbaugh, he was on TV. During
            that time, he was pushing a clothing line (which I am pretty sure
            didn’t last very long) and he talked about some travels he had
            done, including being picked up every day in a limousine every
            day to get to the studio.

            Now, he was wearing stuff from his own line which meant that he
            wasn’t buying it himself or paying any taxes on it. Whatever he
            used to advertise the clothes, he could write it off as an expense.
            Ditto the limo rides. My husband, in his business, never has to
            buy a car, or pay for our home phones, or any of our multitude of
            computer stuff. Does the guy selling shoes in a department
            store get that? Who needs it more?

          • Did you once tell me that you were a teacher, or did you say that IF
            you were a teacher, I would be the dumbest person in your class or
            something of that nature. Well, I just wanted to make a comment that
            if you ARE/WERE a teacher, did you get fired for your inability to write proper English? I accept that typing in a hurry means you don’t always
            proof read your work and mistakes are made. But you make mistakes
            in virtually everything you post. That is acceptable for one who has
            a failed business, but not one who says he was a teacher.

          • Mis-informed and/or ill-intentioned?…..Obama was railroaded into position since he was 15 years old (or before) by Frank Marshall in ukulele country, Chicago did the rest.

          • Yes indeedy. You would have done so much better if life had handed
            you what was handed to him. But perhaps you would like to make
            something clear. Was Frank Marshall his dad, or was Obama Sr. his
            dad? It’s very important, you know, that we get this straightened out.

            And by the way, I love ukulele country. I lived there for 2 1/2 years
            right around the time that Obama lived there. I have been back 5 or
            6 times since then (the last time was in late October of last year) and
            I could go every year for the rest of my life – and love it.

          • That’s it!!! Too many Mai Tais

          • You can never have too many mai tais.

          • NO, he isn’t—-thank the stars! And, those who are against him are NOT friends of the U.S.A!

          • And many of these Vermin want to completely destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and their great number of “Useful Idiots” are going along like dumb sheep to be slaughtered.

          • Who wants to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? And
            what makes you think so? Since you are talking about liberals, why
            don’t you tell us one or two of our goals that would suggest we want
            to destroy the Constitution.

            Now, would you like my assumption about you and the Constitution.
            You think the Constitution is only something to admire if the courts
            interpret it your way.

          • as to Watergate, the code was “FOLLOW THE MONEY”! Apply the Same Formula here …

            in this case, the Money Leads to George Soros, a “naturalized American” citizen, whose naturalization may be revoked, as well as his citizenship … DEPORT GEORGE SOROS, a socialist whose mission is to destroy the US of A! (from within)

          • Soros is Vermin in human form, he’s called a Philanthropist by his “useful Idiots”

          • Most of us are saddened when we receive Bad News about another … however, an invitation to George Soros’ funeral will be gratefully accepted …

          • I’ll bet nobody ever calls you a philanthropist.

          • Wow, you talk tough, and never say anything.

            Tell me, what articles in the Constitution are the liberals trying to
            destroy? And give up on the gun issue. We want gun control, not
            eradication of guns.

            Oops. It looks like I asked that question before. Didn’t get an answer,
            now, did I. You made an accusation. Do you intend to back it up?

          • Oh my goodness, if that were a true statement, there would be a whole
            lot of NOT FRIENDS both here and abroad. And I’m not talking enemies here, I am talking about people who think Trump is a joke.

            Have you read his popularity figures lately. They stink abroad and
            they stink here. You sure know how to pick ’em.

        • Correct!
          You didn’t have to SHOUT IT!~ We already Knew …

        • Yes, you are not bright.

        • The foreign muslims are so wonderful and great, that not even their own people want them here! Start thinking about the homeless, hungry, sick, and jobless AMERICANS FIRST, LAST , AND ALWAYS–then, we might respect you—right now, we don’t! NO MORE IMMIGRATION ON ALL LEVELS FOREVER!

          • “Start thinking about the homeless, hungry, sick, and jobless AMERICANS FIRST, LAST , AND ALWAYS”

            Except when faced with them. Then write diatribes about how these
            Americans are living off your hard earned (and isn’t it always hard
            earned with you guys) money and they are just lazy bums.

            There are some people who just don’t want to be put out for any
            reason (not naming any names).

          • Idiot. America is for Americans. It’s not for you.

          • Well, of course I am an American. And I can express what I want also.
            And I want this nation to ACT like a Christian nation.

          • It’s always funny when non-Christians like you try to tell Christians how to act.

            Unless you want to express frothing stupidity and hatred, you are not capable of expressing what you want.

            And now I am done feeding the liberal troll.

          • Good, go away.

          • Actually, I made myself perfectly clear, which is both a long way from
            hatred and an even longer way from stupidity. And I am very much
            capable of expressing what I want, and that is what has put you into
            such a tither.

            I’m not a non-Christian. I am also a practicing Christian, in that I
            go to church on at least a weekly basis and am usually there to
            join study groups, or do some charity work throughout the rest of
            the week, unless I am traveling.

            I am also a practicing Christian in that I make it my hope and my
            goal to follow the words of Christ. I am a Jesus Christian and not
            so much an OT God religious person.

          • You must go to Rev wrights church. Right?

          • Why do you bother? I don’t think you’re clever, or smart, or have any
            clue about me.

            But let me guess, you go the devil’s church. Is that about right?

          • You’re one sick weirdo.

          • Let me know when you can write a post that is more than one sentence
            and isn’t being snotty or stupid or both.

            Last post to you, unless you clean up your act. And I’m not counting
            on that to happen.

          • You are a lost cause. I feel sorry for you actually. No one wants to listen to your dribble. Good bye and good luck. Hope you come out of your fog soon and see the light.

          • I think you’re 100% plus right on Wright!!

          • Oooops I think you meant to say Muslim nation

          • Do you have any idea how many points Trump got throughout the
            world for saying Only America First. Not very many. In fact, yours
            may be the only one.

    • And the liberals cry because someone with a green card is help for vetting. So what prevents anyone with a green card from being radicalized?

      • Not a flaming thing; in fact they at least as likely as others to be. Even having been born here is no guarantee against it. Nidal Hasan and several others who have tried and/or succeeded were born here of earlier immigrant parents: that should make it clear enough the problem is ISLAM, not the excuses offered.

        • My point exactly! Now when will the idiot liberal judges open their eyes and see what us “common folk” see?

          • Somewhere right after the Zamboni races on the lake of fire, I expect.

          • I love it!!!

          • LOL Good one.

          • Democrats are not for our Constitution, they are for the TERRORS. Obama’s day is coming and hope Hillary puts him under the bus.
            GOD will prevail.

          • “Obama’s day is coming and hope Hillary puts him under the bus.”

            This coming from a person who says God will prevail. Just exactly
            what is it in this post or anything else you think and do centered around
            God and his people and his creation.

          • Copied from above …
            I would love to know how people like lily can be so ignorant of facts when they’re so readily available today. The 45 goals of the American Communist party that congress looked into in 1963 have been achieved, no doubt lily votes the Communist party AKA the Democrat party that was one of those goals to take over one or both of our political parties. Taking over the news media, entertainment media, and even getting control of university student news papers, is there any wonder so many of these students are Marxists.

          • You are a little short on proof aren’t you?

          • Please prove him wrong!! You can’t snowflake! Melt, begone!

          • You can lead a horse’s ass (lily) to knowledge but you can’t make it
            (lily) think! Actually you have 3 brain cells, one is lost, one is
            searching for the lost one and the remaining one keeps reading “Asinine
            Erroneous Facts for Dummies and DemoCRAPZ” and it can NOT process
            everything at once!! LSHMSH!

          • Prove something, or shut up.

          • You haven’t proved ANYTHING yet you condemn others for the exact same thing!

          • Save your breath. Go find a friend.

          • I have plenty of friends and guess what??? Even the dumbest one is 10 times smarter than your @$$!!!! You are one “STUPID” gal(?) !!!

          • “I have plenty of friends”

            I would be my bottom dollar that you don’t, unless you count loaners sitting
            at a bar downtown as your friends.

          • Go twirl on your bar stool you obvious drunk

          • You’d have to pay their taxi fare to get your “Friends” to visit you at any bar! You’re an A$$es A$$!

          • Lilly. That’s not very “Christian” of you.

          • Don’t be such a jerk. The very fact that you call the Democrat party
            the Communist party shows your stupidity. Not only is the Democrat
            party not a communist party, there are only four countries left in the
            world that are run by communists, and we are not trying to make the USA the fifth one. When you write stuff like that, you don’t really
            believe that, do you? You are just trying to be incendiary, like rebels
            marching down a street. Truth doesn’t matter. Hate does.

            If you take the 1st 10 of these goals – and the writer does state
            in a rather round about way that these are her “interpretation” of the
            actual author’s list – they are actually the “modus operandi” of those
            of the party of peace (the Democrats) which does not specify particularly communist countries, but all countries, including those in
            the Middle East. The modus operandi in previous decades has been to pound our chest and then run with guns and bombs in hand to show the world who is the King on the Hill. And we all know who
            prefers this type of action – those who cuddle their guns in bed at

            Since the Obama days, and previous to that also, we have made
            a real effort to avoid armed confrontation. Using drones cuts
            death rate on both sides by a huge number, not to mention damage
            to resources and property. We have done some support work in
            Syria, and in other places. But it has not been necessary to
            call up troops to get the job done. And I don’t think that our country
            is in any more danger than when we were fighting the war in Korea
            or Viet Nam.

            The rest of the 45 charges are much more bizarre. And I’m going
            to ignore them because they are too dumb too address, unless
            you do so first. And do try to tell us whatever you are supporting
            just what you think the statement means and why you think the
            democrats are supporting it – and how it promotes communism.

          • Your post is not only silly but a flat out lie. Get a life. You will be
            happier for it. Or at least the people around you will be.

          • The people around you…..oooops sorry there are no people around you. You have chased them all away!!!!

          • Arrest and threaten to try her and she’ll sing “Louder and Longer than “SONGBIRD” McLame in a POW camp! She WILL NOT GO DOWN ALONE! She’ll name dates, names, etc., and expect a plea bargain!!

          • I will sing louder and longer. Don’t kid yourself. I will go into the
            jail singing. Then I don’t have to end up in an Old People’s home.
            That would cost me money. Going into jail will cost YOU money. I
            like that idea.

          • Does that mean lily is actually HellBitchery Clinton?? You are an @$$WIPES @$$WIPE!
            Hey everybody!!! lily just implied she’s Hil-LIAR-Y Clinton!! Please remove your head from the place the sun never shines and take a breath of fresh, clean air! Please! The flatulence you’re inhaling has just about destroyed every brain cell you ever had! You’ve smelled your own flatulence for so long it now smells good to you!

          • Every time you write, you prove just how ignorant and juvenile you are.

          • EVERY TIME you post you keep on proving you suffer from dementia! Your NOTHING but a sniveling old fool who needs their “Depends” changed! You think that Mudslimes are the religion of peace???
            #1) they ARE NOT a bonafide Religion Even the Christian Bible doe NOT say to convert them and if they do not convert, “KILL THEM”!
            #2) they are not the cult of peace, had you said “PIECES” you’d be correct!
            #3) you claim to be educated and I claim to have title to the Brooklyn Bridge. Claiming so DOES NOT MAKE IT SO!!
            Oh poor stupid one, what an a$$ thou art!!

            Now when you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks until you overcome them fully…” (47:4). ergo kill @$$WIPE
            to strike down, injure, or slay:
            His sword had smitten thousands.
            to afflict or attack with deadly or disastrous effect

            deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s
            beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.
            Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice.
            Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians
            do not understand this, thousands could die.

            Get your money back @$$WIPE you got screwed on your mudslime B.S. course!
            This one is up in the air as it’s been reported that yes they do but also no
            they don’t BUT remember it is A-okay to lie for allah! Female Genital Mutilation!
            “IF” you wish to worship a moon god, pedophile please do but it will NOT get
            you into Heaven as allah is a sham! Get a refund Wipe!!
            P.S. your IQ appears to be right up there with amoebas, STUPID!
            You take one class and now you feel your a freaking expert! All you have to
            do is get your head out of your @$$ and do just a little research to
            prove you got screwed, blued and tattooed on your class and they didn’t
            even offer you a cigarette!
            Then you have the audacity to call me juvenile and ignorant?? Do you have a companion go outside with you so that in the event of rain they can tell you to go back inside???? Do you have service animals to help you dress in the morning??? Socks go on the feet, they are not gloves!! LSHMSH!! ROFLMAO! What a freaking @$$HOLE!!
            You’re Intelligent? Reading the comic section does NOT equate to a degree of any sort! Everyone on this site has implied that you lack “Sane, Rational, Thought Processes”! Therefore you can NOT be the only one right and EVERYONE else is wrong! Go post on the hufpuff maybe you have BETTER success there! Begone “Legend in One’s Own Mind”! This many people CAN NOT BE WRONG!!!

          • Maybe just before their senseless heads are about to be separated from their sorry useless bodies by some goat humping piece of chit?

          • You are as loveable as you are pretty.

          • NEVER >>> Lib judges are “bought and paid for” to destroy the “Bill of Rights” and the Constitution … <>

          • Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Just because you aren’t winning doesn’t mean the criminals are. Your sense of justice and that of others are
            obviously two different things.

          • LIE! LIE! LIE!

            if you wish to expose your frail brain to some TRUTH! TRUTH! TRUTH!

            See <> and a Writ of certiorari ( by Ken Smith )

            “Under the “law” as currently misinterpreted, we are ruled by a conclave of a thousand despots in black robes, who have systematically eviscerated every lawful challenge to their absolute rule. If this is not tyranny, what is? ”

            WE HAVE NO RIGHTS!

          • I would love to know how people like lily can be so ignorant of facts when they’re so readily available today. The 45 goals of the American Communist party that congress looked into in 1963 have been achieved, no doubt lily votes the Communist party AKA the Democrat party that was one of those goals to take over one or both of our political parties. Taking over the news media, entertainment media, and even getting control of university student news papers, is there any wonder so many of these students are Marxists.

          • esquire2, please stop confusing lily with facts! Please! You’ll burn out her one remaining brain cell!
            You can lead a horse’s ass (lily) to knowledge but you can’t make it (lily) think! Actually she has 3 brain cells, one is lost, one is searching for the lost one and the remaining one keeps reading “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies and DemoCRAPZ” and it can NOT process everything at once!! LSHMSH!

          • Thanks, codger … I shall endeavor to Heed your advice.
            Pls kick me in the butt if I screw up! … ( :> D)

          • Amazing isn’t it that so many people believe these black robed judges are all Honorable, even part of their title.

          • Saying something three times does not make it right. Why don’t we
            do without the courts? If I don’t like you, I will just shoot you. Screw
            justice. Screw the courts. Screw the despots in black robes. Am
            I missing anyone or anything.

            Oh yes, screw Trump. Screw you.

            And while you are at it – sober up.

          • .
            It is through the corrupt family court system that our federal
            government distributes Billions of taxpayer dollars ($$$$$$$$) for
            purposes of propping up corrupt government agencies (includes courts)
            which exercise State-Sanctioned Stealing and State-Sanctioned
            Kidnapping to extort Billions more from innocent parents and children
            trying to protect and provide security for their children and parents
            from criminally corrupt courts and “public service” agencies.”

            You might have a point, about a particular court, but quite possibly not even
            that. I admit I haven’t read all of it, but when I read the Part of Hillary Clinton I
            knew that this was a bunch of creeps who were bellyaching. Everyone is
            corrupt except themselves. I would like to hear from the other side of the
            story. Why did the court take away the children (if in fact, they did). Do you
            have that side of the story? Probably not. I’m heading out on a
            trip tomorrow, so I’m not going spend any more time on it. You might have
            been convincing if I hadn’t heard the craziness that has been spewing all
            through this forum. You guys hate and/or are afraid of everyone who isn’t just
            like you. Well, enjoy your life. Keep bellyaching. At least that gives you
            something to do. Doing research isn’t your strong point or I would
            suggest that you try some of that.

          • Sadly, Lily, the gentleman is correct! There isn’t an honest courtroom in the country!

          • Let me guess. You think the law IS what you want it to be.

          • There isn’t an honest courtroom in the country!

            That is a very ignorant thing to say.

          • Right on, this country is in a precarious state and the reason is it’s those like lily, the people she supports have a name for her, “Useful Idiot” the scary thing there are many just like her and worse, they are deliberate creations which has it’s beginning at least in 1935 yes 1935 when the president of the American Communist party was calling for the government to take charge of our schools but it has it’s roots even farther back. Congress looked into the 45 goals of the American Communist party in 1963 yet almost all these goals have been achieved positive proof we have and have had more Traitors in Congress than good people. Having the government to take over our schools was among those 45 goals, this was so important in dumbing down our youth by way of our schools on a national and a uniform level.

          • ” this country is in a precarious state and the reason is……

            It ain’t me babe, it ain’t me you’re lookin’ for babe.

          • You are not “common” folk. Thank god.

          • My point exactly! Now when will the idiot liberal judges open their eyes and see what us “common folk” see?

            Hey, Mr. Common Folk. What exactly do you see? More importantly,
            how do you interpret what you see? Let’s start with this guess of
            mine – you are afraid and contemptuous of anyone you don’t know and
            isn’t just like you.

            “what prevents anyone with a green card from being radicalized?”

            ” Even having been born here is no guarantee against it. Nidal Hasan and…”

            And what about people who are brought here for whatever reason
            and then treated like dirt? Does that radicalize anyone. What if
            your relatives came over on the Mayflower and you still act like a jerk. What are you going to do about them.

            If you want people to be nice, and loving, and worthy – treat them
            with respect. Nothing works perfectly, but nothing works better
            than that. You ought to try it sometime. And while you are at it,
            stop being such a sissy. Really, there is no need to be afraid.

          • None are so blind as those who refuse to see!!! Wake up and smell the roses, lily!
            Your naivety is so self destructive. I don’t care how nice you want to be to the radical member of ISIS, or any other terrorist organization, they respect only one thing, and that is their view of their religion.. Any body or anything which does not comply with their view is worthy of destruction, including other Muslims who do not hold the same radical views they hold! SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THE PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS IN THIS COUNTRY; Hmmmmmm!
            As for my “fear and contempt of anyone not just like me” YOU have a lot to learn before you can start making judgements on people! In fact; as I have learned in the past 8 years, Liberal democrats fit that description perfectly. Look at who is protest; burning down campuses; killing police for no other reason that the fact that they represent the law! I don’t recall even one violent protest by conservatives when the faker; obama was elected; if in fact his election was valid.
            Myself; I have been to other nations, and have learned one thing; we all bleed red blood! I have friends of many nationalities and religious persuasions! When I go into a foreign nation, I try to learn their taboos and avoid them; I learn enough of their language to at least convey my appreciation for anything they may do for me. I served in the military with too many liberal type, and saw who they acted toward other citizens of other nations; and I saw some of them leave in plastic bags marked “friendly fire” who had been killed by locals who would not put up with their BS.
            So don’t try to preach your self-righteousness to me, it is obvious by your replies that you; like those radicals, only agree with and are not contemptuous of those who think and act like you!
            I fear no man!!! What I fear is the spread of immoral heathen who may do harm to my grandchildren. Because violence is in their background and The Scriptures said that their descendants would be against ALL men.
            So if you want to embrace all that liberal progressive tripe; Go to it!

          • You are talking radical members of ISIS; I am talking about Muslims. of whom I know several.
            That is what working in a small town with a large State University does for you. And you know as
            well as I do that the muslims far outnumber the radical Muslims especially here, but also abroad,
            by about a zillion. Why don’t you wake up and stop being so blasted afraid.

          • It’s low intelligence people like you that make me afraid.
            I too have worked with muslims. In fact; I minister to one who has renounced the Islamic faith.Through him I have learned much more about the Quran than even some muslims. You see; he was considered a imam in the prison he is in. He did the call to prayer; in Arabic. It was through him that I learned that when a region is radicalized, either the muslims there follow the dictate of the radicals, or they are killed.
            Now I realize there are many who claim peaceful intent, but let me tell you; when their lives are dependent upon practicing radicalism or being publicly punished and killed, many if not most will become radicalized, I don’t care where they live or how many times they say they will not. Most humans will do whatever they can to save themselves, including killing others!
            So go preach your la la land to someone else.

            and consider this your last communique with yours truly. It is obvious you are unable to get past yourself and the lies you have allowed planted in that empty space between your ears.

          • Actually, I’m not a low intelligence person. Got anything else.

            ” when their lives are dependent upon practicing radicalism or being
            publicly punished and killed, many if not most will become radicalized,”

            Or they try to flee to another country. And you are saying – not in “my” land.

          • Well, perhaps you have written your last communique to me, but I have
            something to say to you. If you are a minister, you must be the most
            pathetic one in the entire US of A.

        • The ones born here went back to the country and trained under ISIS, they are Citizens of USA and no problem getting back into USA. This is why TRUMP wants to ban all refugees or anyone from those countries with TERRORS ties. I think he SHOULD STOP all travel until we have the vetting in order. No visas and illegals from Borders.
          They claim to come here because of prosititution but use Welfare money to go to Mecca to pray. That’s fraud. Hopefully TRUMP will kick BUTT. Sanctuary cities taken over by Gangs, murder, kidnapping, rape, arson, drugs, home invasions, GUN shop raided, guns stolen from home, 84 year old woman, home invasions murdered by illegal. Gang, 3 men , home invasion, beat up 3 couples, one man died, police arrested gang members.

          • Both you and Trump appear to have hate in your heart.

          • Perhaps YOU are mistaking “LOVEOF COUNTRY” for Hate >>>>
            the DNA for Liberals and DUMBOCRATS!

          • Better that poop in their heart like you. You are so deplorable

          • Actually poop is better than hate. AND poop is so very juvenile. Who would actually make a
            statement like that?

          • Rather me say shit

          • If they are citizens of the USA, Trump can’t ban them.

            They claim to come here because of prosititution but use Welfare money to go to Mecca to pray. – PROVE IT.

            Sanctuary cities taken over by Gangs, murder, kidnapping, rape, arson, drugs, home invasions, GUN shop raided, guns stolen from home, 84 year old woman, home invasions murdered by illegal. – PROVE IT.

            Gang, 3 men , home invasion, beat up 3 couples, one man died, police arrested gang members. – PROVE IT.


            conclusion >> Anti-America U R !!!

          • Are you under the impression that a person can be barred from his own

          • The answer to you question >>> “YES”, by Court Order!
            CAVEAT! >> “some persons”, not “any” person …

            for instance … George Soros (“naturalized”) Deport Him …
            Bill & Hillary Clinton … probably “murderers” … EXILE them
            Barack Obama, UNLESS he RELEASES ALL his personal records
            currently UNDER SEAL (by court order)
            There are OTHERS, but this is a family show …

          • Just because you want to make it happen, doesn’t mean it is legal.

            And if you are going to send Obama back to his homeland, that would
            be Hawaii, and I happened to have lived there when he did. I would
            be happy to join him. I think a lot of people would.

          • I’m not anti-American. But I am definitely anti-Trump. And I am anti-dumb
            southerners. (southerners being an attitude more than a destination).

          • “The Liberal Mind, The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness” this would be a good book for lily, the problem is convincing her that she has a mental disorder.

          • Want to know who is a dumbocrat: What is the answer to “prove
            something that didn’t happen.” That is virtually impossible. Never
            mind that people who know anything about debating is that the person
            who makes a point is the person who needs to defend that point.

            Where did you go to school?

          • I would really like to know though how poor refugees have the thousands of dollars to fly back home so often?
            Most working Americans can’t afford a trip overseas but many “poor” refugees can?

          • Who says they are flying back so often?

          • Do you think the refugees are doing that here !!! You are talking about Americans, not outsiders.

            And just how desperate are you for a point to make: “They claim to come here because of prosititution but use Welfare money to go to Mecca to pray. That’s fraud.”

            Where did prostitution come into the picture? Or did you just make an assumption? I would particular hate to have an prostitutes here
            because so far we have managed to be free of that awful thing.

            But the one I really love is using welfare money to to Mecca to pray.
            What is fraud about that? It is highly unlikely that they will need money to get to the mosque (or did you really mean Mecca in the Middle East – that is a real snort) because they can walk there or someone will be happy to take them there (probably a liberal). But if they did, so what? Do we make rules that say that they may use
            their money to take a bus to get groceries or to take their kids to
            the park, but not to go to a religious building? YOU ARE CRAZY.

            Sanctuary Cities:


        • Your post proves that you don’t have a grasp on reality at all.

          Do you think that the reason why black guys outnumber other people
          in jails by a whole big bunch is because they are born with something
          wrong with them? Or could it be because a society is hell bent on
          treating them like dirt.

          • Because their parent never gave them self respect!

          • That is certainly one of the reasons why anger becomes bred into
            a person. It also happens when society never gives them self respect.

          • A person who cannot respect themselves, (or society at large) cannot expect the respect of others. Simple fact of life! BTW: that “parent” in my other comment was intentional.
            Which is another reason so many have no self respect. They have no idea of who ‘self’ is!

          • Your first sentence may be true, but you are obviously not a student of
            sociology, psychology, or psychiatry. A child’s definition of himself comes from
            his very earliest days and they are very much dependent on his parents and on
            the neighborhood he grows up in. And he doesn’t have a choice of either of those
            things. They are thrust upon him from day 1.

          • As I said, blame everybody except your own rotten attitude.

          • Sooner or later everyone has to realize that life is nothing more than choices. How you choose to react or not react. Only Jesus can show us the way to live regardless of your upbringing. So many people have horrible childhoods. So much forgiving is needed before a person can see the truth and learn to trust and therefore love.

          • It is everybody’s fault but your own. Is that about right.

          • You do understand individuals are accountable for their own behaviors, regardless what others do/say/think about them; that those are just EXCUSES, to escape personal accountability, I hope, because it does not sound like it. Blacks outnumber others in prisons, not because of what others think, believe or do, but because of what they, as individuals think, believe, and do. They were raised to believe they were “owed”, and never bothered to learn the lie of that “lesson”; had they done so, and taken responsibility for their own behaviors, likely they would not be in prison.

          • OK, did you come out of the womb with a very big chip on your

          • No, but I did come out with a functional mind and set of morals.

          • No I’m sorry that isn’t true. Both literally and figuratively.

          • Wrong: we humans are equipped with an innate knowledge of whaat is right and wrong. We just can’t apply it without subsequently acquired information. If you don’t have it, you are broken and should be segregated from human society.

          • Hello Sandra good to hear from you. Careful when having a serious exchange with a Fool

          • Hi Apollo. This is one of those times where you put out the information, and leave the results to God and the recipient.

          • That is a statement that sounds good, and certainly one that we
            rely on far too often. Do you really think, for instance, that cops
            chase white guys down the streets with loaded guns?

            Blacks, if anything else in the world, were not raised to believe they
            were OWED. To believe that they were OWNED, yes, perhaps.
            Of course, they have to cooperate in the change. But if change isn’t
            in the hearts of the rest of the population, change isn’t going happen.

          • This is what is being taught:
            Black Lives Matter Activist: ‘White People Give Your Money, Your House, Your Property’ For Social Change

            by The_Real_Fly
            Jan 30, 2017 7:59 PM

            It’s hard to describe the person featured in this leaked periscope video as anything but unhinged. Whether or not she’s representative of the majority of anti-Trump, Black Lives Matter activists isn’t quantifiable at this time. It is, however, ridiculous to see people supporting this brand of hatred, designed to disrupt the very fabric of western civilization.

            That being said, whatever happened to dignity and grace? Are those qualities no longer important to the left?

            In this clip, a Black Lives Matter activist demanded that white people hand over their homes, money and property to pay reparations to black and indigenous people.

            “The White House must die”.

            I find it hard to believe any ‘normal’ democrat wants this sordid brand of activism representing their interests. For the republican party, this is like a gift that keeps on giving. The further entrenched the leftist media and activist organizations become, the more Americans become disgusted by them. Say what you want about the popular vote during the elections, the fact remains — republicans have been making strident gains over the past 8 years in every facet of government, both national and local — netting more than 1,000 legislative positions since 2010.

            In my estimation, the behavior of the left is the result of decades of social engineering, which taught children that everyone was a winner and to avoid dangerous objects, like see-saws or playing dodgeball. They seem to be unable to deal with adversity; and instead of coping with defeat, like any normal well-adjusted person after an appropriate period of mourning, they become unhinged and resort to primeval animalistic behavior.

          • I have never heard of the Real Fly before so I looked it up. Hmmm. Do you
            think that I am going to buy anything it has to say. It appears to be worse than
            this forum.

            One thing that you should know about BLM however, is that it is not an organized
            group. It was started by 3 women who gathered together people for each march
            that they decided to have. Each march is in commemoration of someone(s) who
            were killed by police because they were black. Had it been a white guy in the
            same situation, the police would have most likely acted like police rather than

            BLM people are not asking for money. They are asking people to attend the
            marches and tell the world that they are tired of being treated like slaves and
            third class citizens. If the police are too afraid to ask questions first, without
            shooting, then it is time for them to get a different job.

            You mention a clip, but didn’t say where it was. And since you call it a “leaked” video quite probably the rant came from someone who was there.
            Doesn’t make them a BLM person or one that the BLM admire.

          • Well said….thanks?

          • Blacks in America have more opportunities than blacks living in many parts of Africa, where only the elites are the haves. Many blacks in America are waking up to the fact that white liberals are their worst enemies, while those like you think you’re doing them a favor but the powerful few are only using them for their agenda. I know you think there is No conspiracy to destroy America from within but you couldn’t be more wrong, I’ve known for sometime probably before Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a book titled: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” I highly suggest you read this book online for free, it’s rather boring overall due to all the great many ABC so-called education organizations but I promise you if you care about the little people of this country you’ll be angry as well as enlightened, not from what she says but the proof she offers, not something she made up but the results and words from those vermin who had a hand in this awful thing.

          • White liberals are their worst enemies. I don’t think so. And neither do they.
            unless they are as uninformed as you are.

          • I think you are right in that there is no conspiracy to destroy America from within, and I also
            think that there is no deliberate dumbing down of America. But it is happening nevertheless.
            And why? Not sure. But my impression is that there are a lot of people who just don’t come on
            out of the woods and a whole lot of people are fearful. They would rather hide than learn.

            I was surprised to learn just a week or so ago that the wife of someone who works for our office
            will not travel outside of the USA. Don’t know why. But she won’t. I don’t know her well enough
            to know if she is a scaredy cat or just what, but what a way to miss out on life. The funny thing
            is that she travels all over the place, including Hawaii and Alaska, inside the States, but won’t go

          • If you decide to read Charlotte Iserbyt’s make sure you read about the test question one third got wrong, these were men and women with college degrees, not teens or grade school students graduates of various colleges and universities, Now here is the question a question that in my third grade school year we all would have gotten right. A customer pays $1.90 for a sandwich he pays $.60 [Cents] for a bowl of soup he gives the cashier $3.00 how much change does he get back? the costs of this testing was One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars$1,800,000,00

          • What point are you trying to make? That you are one of the

            Why don’t you take that figure up there and divide it into how many
            people have taken the test. And if you are telling me that men

            and women with college degrees took that particular question and
            one third of them got it wrong, you – or she – is lying. (assuming
            that the testees speak the language).

          • Hi Sandra: Not only well stated but the important thing is it’s the truth, something Liberals have a problem with, maybe that’s why God was booed at the Democrat convention.

          • Hi Apollo. Liberals have many problems, God being one of the biggest, because He made rules they’re expected to follow, and they don’t like rules, except for others.

          • Exactly. The victim syndrome

          • Gotta PLAY the RACE CARD … eh?
            obfuscate away from the Muslim issue, Because YOU ARE WRONG, AGAIN!

          • Ever notice how every liberal has a good Muslim friend or they know a good Muslim family, so to the good liberals believe they know all about Islam because of personal experience. Here are several ways these good Muslims deal with their good liberal friends and it’s not a sin if it’s for the benefit of Islam 1.Darura: Deceit through necessity. 2.Kitman: Deceit by omission. 3.Muruna: Deceit by temporary suspension of Sharia Law. 4.Taqiyya:Deceit for the purpose of spreading Islam. 5.Tawriya: Deceit by ambiguity. 6.Taysir:Deceit by facilitation. I think I spelled them correctly. Of course the good liberal isn’t about to change their mind on Islam because of their personal experience():-)

          • THANK YOU! What great info … can you provide the ‘source’ for this data????

            Americans know “about” … but SO LITTLE of the actual theology of this pseudo-religion.

            I’m “older than dirt”, but still lookin’ to Learn! Thanks Again! ?

        • The problem is not ISLAM. The problem is how people are treated
          whether from birth or from some other important event in their life.
          Or maybe they took up drinking too much. I think a bunch of that type
          is on this forum.

          • WRONG Again, Lily!

            A person cannot be a Good Muslim AND a Good American! The Koran FORBIDS IT!

          • The problem IS Islam; read what the Quran teaches, understanding that verses written chronologically later in history abrogate those written earlier, wherever ther is a conflict in what is taught by the verses. Invariably, the later verses call for violence against all non-Muslims or apostates. Islam is the spiritual equivalent of an aggressive cancer in your body. Do you think you can co-exist with that cancer? No, you can’t reaon with it and if you do not aggressively remove it, it will kill you! Islam is to the entirety of humanity as a cancer to your body. The ideology has to be stamped out, or it will kill all of humanity.

          • Hello Again: I love your analogy and it’s all true. Islamists have been committing atrocities on innocent men women and children for almost 1400 years. Here is a recent example from “The Voice Of The Martyrs”, I think it happened in Uganda what a group of Muslims did to a young Christian nursing mother, they murdered her husband, burned her house, then these demonic inspired brutes cut off her breasts and left her and her baby to die a slow painful death, Father Yahweh has to be describing Muslims, the words He used means the “End of Days” He calls them a Cruel people who do Not respect the young, nor the old, neither women or children, there is no people on Earth today that fits that description but Muslims but here is the real clincher, the countries listed are all Muslim countries today, even Persia is mentioned but the context doesn’t fit at all with ancient Persia and the Medes but it fits like a tailor made suit to Iran which is modern day Persia, as I stated all the other nations mentioned are Muslim nations today. Let me know what you think?

          • Actually I’m not sure which nation that was that you saw, but African Muslims have been doing that for quite awhile. I haven’t seen them recently, but there are stories of that being done to whole villages or tribes. Apparently it was common during the Hutu/Tutsie conflict. And while the Bible talks of pregnant women being “ripped open”by enemies, or their children “dashed” against stone walls during invasions by various of Ishmael’s, Esau’s and Lot’s earlier descendents in the region, these atrocities are “newer”, and common to practitioners of Islam. But they have been noted in history, pretty much wherever Islam has gone. Sadly, the longer they go on, the more depraved and savage they seem to become.

          • Wow!!!well put my dear.

          • There is more to the analogy but time and space constrain. However if you once understand what a cancer is and how it functions in a body, the comparison is unmistakable.

          • Tell all those getting raped in Germany, Sweden, England by muslims that islam is not the problem.
            Why did Norway decide to pay muslims airfare and cash to leave Norway?
            Multiculturalism is a failure whenever islam is involved, they are conquerors.

          • You SHOULD ACTUALLY read their Koran/ QUEERAN before spouting off shiit you ACTUALLY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT! Read it, in a nutshell “convert or die, it is perfectly alright to lie to further allah’s agenda”!! Under the Queeran, if you are married and you so much look at another man you husband has the legal right according to shahira(?) law to beat the crap out of you and or kill you! How freaking STUPID can American women/ you be??? You are so freaking STUPID you make ordinary stupid people look like Einstein!!

          • Old Codger: (the name fits, though curmudgeon would have been a better choice).

            Is there any particular reason why you decided to call the the Koran the Queeran.
            Usually there is some reason – that makes sense – when someone decides to
            change a name. And why would you say that I know absolutely nothing about
            the Muslim religion? I’m certainly not an expert, but I have studied it in classes
            given by people who actually know something about it.

            https://www.al-islam.org/principles-marriage-family-ethics-ayatullah-ibrahim-amini/part-1-duties-women. Part -2 is about the duties of men.

            What happens in real life and what is sanctioned by the Holy Book (whosever
            book that may be) is virtually always two different things. Since you call
            yourself the Old Codger, you are probably familiar with a whole lot of things
            that women couldn’t do “back then”which women do now which doesn’t cause anyone to blink an eyelash. . And once upon time I worked for the Southern Baptist Convention and I remember when the national convention decided that it was “still” OK to beat a wife if she had done something particularly bad. My guess is that they have done away with that by now.

            If you want to find all sorts of evils, you will find them in the Christian Bible
            also, like parents being told to stone their children if they are caught lying.

            Let me make a small change there. I think that almost all those rules were
            found in the Old Testament. When they show up in the New Testament,
            like stoning Stephen, it is by people from the Old Testament who have not
            be changed by Christ. The Jews today don’t buy into any of that stuff

            any more that I am aware of.

            Since the Muslims on the whole have lived a more closeted life, their changes
            have not happened nearly as quickly. However, trust me, the more they
            come into contact with the modern world, the more their lives will change
            also. Not by 100% of the people; that never happens anywhere. But by
            the majority. Yes.

          • Ding-a-ling get your money back on the Mudslime class because they SCREWED you on it! I’ll bet you have brown hair, brown eyes and even brown skin as you are TOTALLY full of Shiit!
            What modern religion tells it’s followers to offer the chance to convert but if the infidels choose not to, then kill them. HELLO, anybody home???? Crickets!
            Get your money back on the Mudslime/ Islam/ Queeran course!! Did they offer you a cigarette after they screwed you??????
            What religion tells it’s followers it’s PERFECTLY alright to outright BLATANTLY lie in the name of allah???? Hello, anybody home! Crickets!
            Islam is NOT A F–KING religion , it IS a freaking pedophile, moon god worshiping pile of camel and goat shiit! That says it’s A-OKAY to marry off girls as young as 9 years old to some old pervert. It is NOT a religion BUT it IS a Cult much similar to Satanic worshiping cults!!!!!!!
            YOU ARE ONE F’D UP STUPID PIECE OF SHIIT THAT WANTS TO BE CALLED A LADY!! Did your parents ever have a child that was born with a brain??????

            Better to remain silent and thought a fool , than open your mouth and remove all doubt !

          • How does one person manage to wrong on EVERYTHING? Are you a drunk?
            Is your IQ under 100? Did your mother home school you?

            I have white hair (once upon a time, blonde), I have white skin, and blue eyes.
            There is no one in my family of 8 that has brown anything. Not that I would
            apologize to you or anyone else, if we did.

            “What modern religion tells it’s followers to offer the chance to convert but if the infidels choose not to, then kill them.” Prove this.

            “Get your money back on the Mudslime/ Islam/ Queeran course!! ” I didn’t
            pay any money to get either course. One was given by a missionary who
            works in Indonesia (the most heavily populated Muslim country in the world)
            and the other by a Professor of Theology at the local university who is also
            a member of our Christian church and gave us the lowdown on the Muslim
            religion, along with a couple of others. And then took us to a Mosque to
            experience a service. [ and here is something that might interest you. We
            (the class and female members of the mosque) did not have to wear anything
            over our heads to attend. Some of the Muslim women did anyway, others
            didn’t. It was about 50/50. ]

            “What religion tells it’s followers it’s PERFECTLY alright to outright BLATANTLY lie in the name of allah???? ” What religion would that be? Why don’t you
            learn something http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/taqiyya.aspx

            First of all, not all teachers of the Koran have the same interpretation this
            command (which is not properly a command, but a permission). One
            reason would be to protect yourself from the infidel. In other words, if
            someone says he will kill you because you are a Muslim, you can deny you
            are a Muslim.

            Islam is a Religion. A billion people are not asking you what you think it is.
            Good choice. Whatever you espouse has nothing to do with the Christian
            religion either. I hope you know that.

            They allowed men to marry girls of 9 years of age. You do realize that
            it was not unusual for any part of the Middle East and part of the Orient
            to allow that. As for other places, marriages as we know it didn’t take
            place and certainly were not part of a civil ceremony so who knows what
            other ages were. Some were bequeathed at the time of their birth but
            were not consummated until much later. “Mishnah gave approval for a Man to have intercourse to a betrothed girl, any-time after the age of three years old.” Mary was 12 years old when she married Joseph. Typically girls
            were betrothed during Bible times on or before puberty (8 – 10 years old).

            What do you think of yourself when you constantly make remarks like
            LADY!! Did your parents ever have a child that was born with a

            Are you always spitting angry? Do you have a wife and family who can
            tolerate you? Do you have a religion? Do you have friends? You are a man
            who is in desperate need of some help of some kind.

          • Oh poor stupid one, what an a$$ thou art!!
            Now when you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks until you overcome them fully…” (47:4). ergo kill @$$WIPE
            to strike down, injure, or slay:
            His sword had smitten thousands.
            to afflict or attack with deadly or disastrous effect

            deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s
            beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.
            Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice.
            Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians
            do not understand this, thousands could die.

            Get your money back @$$WIPE you got screwed on your mudslime B.S. course!
            This one is up in the air as it’s been reported that yes they do but also no they don’t BUT remember it is A-okay to lie for allah!
            Female Genital Mutilation!
            “IF” you wish to worship a moon god, pedophile please do but it will NOT get you into Heaven as allah is a sham! Get a refund Wipe!!
            P.S. your IQ appears to be right up there with amoebas, STUPID!
            You take one class and now you feel your a freaking expert! All you have to do is get your head out of your @$$ and do just a little research to prove you got screwed, blued and tattooed on your class and they didn’t even offer you a cigarette!

          • Careful, old codger, you are “discussing” something online, not on the playground.

          • And your implication is?? Everything Stated IS factual!

          • Is “lily” stupid, an a$$, a pedophile, a DIP$HIT? All thing “stated” are FACTUAL, you imply that “lily” is all of those things – and more.

          • Never said she was a pedophile moron! You are a A-Typical LibTURD just like the “Fake News” Media who twist things around! Crawl back under your rock!
            She had 1 course on Mudslime religion in all probability taught by a Mudslime and thinks she’s a freaking “EXPERT” on IsSlimes!

          • Is it so difficult for you to “turn the other cheek” (as Jesus suggested) when people call you names?

          • I find it amazing how ill-tempered, out-of-control, foul-mouthed “old codger” sets himself up as The Defender of the Christian Faith. With such an example, it’s not surprising (I guess) to witness the declining numbers in church membership and attendance. I see closed down/for sale churches everywhere I go. I’m not convinced that it’s “the gays” or the Liberals or the atheists who have destroyed religion. I think it’s old codger types…. No data here – not a Fact – just an opinion, but based on my observations of his behavior and demeanor….
            I’m also guessing (from observation) that he HATES commas (you know, those curvy marks you find in text that separate certain clauses and items listed as a series, etc.) May he was absent when they taught commas in school…. I dunno – just a guess, but the behavior is observable.

          • You have got to be either her son, daughter, husband or lover. She , like you, are TOTAL @$$HOLES/ A$$WIPES! P.S. Those were headlines COPIED from other sites @$$WIPE!
            How can you and she be so TOTALLY FREAKING STUPID???

          • Again. You are one stupid woman. Get a clue. You are provoking all of us informed folk to be angry. You are so off base. I feel so sorry for you and only pray that God opens your heart and eyes to the truth

        • Yep, the second generation muslims in Germany are still not assimilated, still hate Germany and think Germany should be %100 islamic.

        • ” make it clear enough the problem is ISLAM, not the excuses offered.”

          That is the same sort of mentality as “the problem is the color of the
          skin, not the excuses offered.”

          Do you know that I know people who are Muslims who are very decent
          people. My best Muslim friend had a husband (b efore he died) who
          worked in the United Nations. Oh wait, I’ll bet that I’m talking to someone who thinks the UN is an evil entity too.

          Well, let me state my argument differently. The problem is not the
          religion. The problem is the culture in which the person lives.
          I grew up in the time of the ERA, and wow did we ever have a divided
          nation. It is simplistic to say that the Southerners and the Northerners
          were at extreme odds here because certainly pros and cons lived in
          both areas. But we all know where the highest degree of non-
          feminists lived both in area of the States they lived in AND what
          type of Christian religion they had.

          If anyone should know that one brand of religion is divided into
          all sorts of attitudes, it should be someone who has been raised
          in this day and age in the Christian religion and in this country.

          Most of Europe sort of officially said “screw you” to almost any kind
          of religion. And trust me, if the Muslims think they are going to
          change that, they will be in for a big surprise.

          • Not hardly. Melanin level is a genetic trait; Islam is an anti-Constitutional ideology. There’s a very big difference. My friends Eihab and Amira would tell you it is the ideology, not a group of people per se, or a racial group I oppose.

          • Uh huh, your friends Eihab and Amira .

          • Yeah. Also Eihab’s brother and late father, their sons. You’d be surprised. But you choose tp disbelieve, projecting your own hate on me.

          • There are very few people I hate (in fact the last one I can think of was a
            guy back in the 1960’s who fired me to put his girlfriend in my place). But
            there are a lot of people who disgust me.

          • You totally exemplify a very hate filled person. Need to read the Bible…girl

        • The problem is neither immigrants or Islam. It is boys of a certain
          age. Too much testosterone, not enough brains. Our country is
          already loaded with this type.

      • Why don’t you figure out why people become radicalized? I’m sure that there
        are any number of reasons, but none of them are good. They were treated
        like dirt when growing up, they ran with the wrong crowd, they find success on
        their own. Who knows. But virtually none of it has to do with religion. We
        certainly have enough radicals in our lovely US of A to know that religion is not
        what is the problem or the cause. What you are actually asking in your
        post, I’m not quite sure. Why don’t you rephrase it so that it makes sense.

      • I would say that you stand a chance of being radicalized. I was watching
        a video just a couple of days ago about Waco and Timothy McVeigh. People
        with hate in their heart, who think that they know what should happen in this
        country as opposed to other 95%.

      • And what prevents you from being a jerk ? Apparently nothing.

    • “The fact that ISIS has stated that they will infiltrate refugee streams
      to get into this country to slaughter Americans is irrelevant,”

      Proof, please.

    • Why don’t you put some proof behind your statements. Oh wait, I know why. Because they aren’t true.

    • I remember replying to you but I don’t see it now. Great post Justin, it should be common sense and anyone that rejects getting a handle on finding out who is coming into this country should be viewed as suspect, it’s that serious, only a fool would take in strangers and allow the strangers to mingle with their family. Islam’s almost 1400 year history of committing atrocities on innocent men women and children and the stated goal of this Fascist Political Ideology to make Islam the religion of the world and the only religion by whatever means it takes, this is a serious belief and should be alarming to those who value freedom, Muslims already present a threat to America because they are growing in numbers and since they’re highly political they’re are trying to establish Sharia Law in cities and towns all across America, Irving Texas voted on Sharia Law, it was 5 against Sharia Law and 4 in favor of Sharia Law How does this even come up for a vote?

    • “Could that be because most of the non Muslims from these countries have
      already been killed by the Muslim majority? Burned alive, beheaded,
      drowned in cages, etc..”

      Would you like to prove that statement. Don’t bother. You can’t.

      The statement (fact) that ISIS has stated that they will infiltrate refugee streams to
      get into this country was made (or was claimed to be made) a year ago. Seen any
      ISIS people around lately? In fact, have you seen ISIS people around anywhere
      lately? I imagine they are hiding out somewhere, but their popularity within the
      Muslim community (even Muslim boys) just ain’t what it used to be.


      The above is quite an interesting and informative site that tells us pretty much
      what type of crime we live with year by year. Since 9/11 we have had, according
      to that list, 106 deaths caused by Islamist terrorists. That is 7 a year.
      Then if you remove the 50 that were committed in Orlando by a non-practicing
      Islamist whose target was gay guys rather than Americans because they are
      Americans, you are down to 3.5 deaths caused through Islamist terrorism per year.
      You don’t make foreign policy around 3 deaths a year. That is not common
      sense or wisdom.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      I think that our President is right about this ,I also think these people should come in the front door not the back door. They should obey our laws that are on our books.WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO OBEY OUR LAWS OR WE’ER LOCKED UP SO THEY SHOULD OBEY OUR LAWS ALSO OR BE LOCKED UP OR DEPORTED.

  2. This temporary ban on refugees from select Muslim nations is essential to protect our nation. Their purpose is to destroy our nation and Trump’s response is essential and common sense!

  3. Divine Wisdom ????? Donald Trump is showing a huge amount of divine wisdom by keeping Radical Islamic Muslim Jihadi Terrorists out of this Nation , Evangelical Christians should be smart enough and wise enough that You cannot under any circumstances reason with and bargain with Muslims ,Maybe they should go visit Europe for a week or two and speak to some Europeans

  4. Common sense and our deficit should be enough to keep all immigrants out until this country gets back on its feet. Muslim immigration is all wrong – look at all the problems its causing in Europe. Many women raped, terrorism, and they want to practice Sharia law. Their Koran is the main problem – it instructs them to kill all Non Muslims ( Corrosive and it must be banned in America). They threaten our Constitution and can never become good Americans. Their culture has sworn to divide and conquer and allowing them here will turn our country into another Beirut– no Muslim immigration period!

    • No Muslim immigration, Period!!. Muslims have already raped and murdered right hear in the U.S.. And Germany, France, Sweden, And most of Europe wish they had never allowed Muslims in their Nations. Complaints of Rapes Murder, Honor Killings, And loss of culture are everywhere in those Countries. President Trump we are behind you 100%.

  5. I can understand the pastors wanting to have the Muslims and Isis to come into our country. That is what they were trained to do. Trump is the one we have to protect our country and it must end with banning the Muslims, Isis and the terrorists coming into our country. They have been beheading,drowning and killing the Christians way back before 9/11 and their Bible tells them it’s the right thing to do. Donald Trump is doing the right thing by banning them to protect our lives. Evangelical Christians should know you can not communicate with the Muslims,look at the shahari law that has been accepted in our country and what the do. They are coming into our country in the form of persicuted Muslims and taking over. The Muslims have camps all over the U.S. and 1 is less than 200 miles from where i live. They are there to practice killing us. I say let Trump do his job.

    • Evangelical Christians don’t know squat about Islam because they don’t even know the Scriptures they are supposed to be representing. If they would open up to read the prophecy concerning Esau they would understand that the attitude of hate is part of their DNA

    • How carefully have you read our Bible? For instance, are you aware that there is
      at least one verse about stoning your child to death if it lies. And there are all sorts
      of examples like that.

  6. Whomever these Church leaders are, don’t speak for the whole congregation & it’s things like this, is why the founding fathers put in the Declaration of independence, put the first amendment in the constitution of Separation of church and state, article VI. Unfortunately thro history is has been twisted to having some ideology that religion can’t be taught in schools, what’s odd is, why they don’t teach the King James or Judaism they are teaching the Koran. The US people should also be enraged by this as well.

    • I am enraged and that’s why I voted for President Trump.

    • You want separation of church and state wait until the koran and Sheri law becomes mainstream

    • In what public school are they teaching the Koran

      • All of them, per Common Core indocrination.

        • I believe you are incorrect about it being common core indoctrination. Common Core is a set of standards. It is up to local schools and school districts to set up curriculum. Nowhere in common core is there a reference to Islamic studies. Check it out. You can read the common core standards online. Bill Bennett, sec of Education under Reagon wrote an article in Forbes about this very subject. Do research before you post. This stuff gets onto the internet and then takes on its own life.

          • Do you even know what Common Core “standards” ARE?
            I suggest YOU study up on that before commenting again!

          • Libs please provide the section and paragraph that requires Islamic studies.

          • You want me to do YOUR homework too????

          • Sorry, but it is not there. If you believe it really says that, then please provide the paragraph where it states that the teaching of the Islamic religion is required. This is being accepted by many on these websites but it simply is not true.

          • Liar. ^^^

          • You should know that it is impossible to prove a negative. Only facts can be proved. I’m sure the document doesn’t state that King Kong was over 10 stories high. How do you prove that statement is true unless you read the document and determine it’s not there. If someone said the King Kong statement was in the document, would you believe it without verifying its validity. Calling me a liar doesn’t make it an accurate statement.

          • Honey- go chase some other guy. I’m married.

          • Actually my wife and I use the same account so she is not involved in this string. I was just replying to a falsehood which has been floating around. We will just have to agree to disagree since it doesn’tsound like anything that I have said has convinced you. Have a pleasant evening sir.

          • I pity your wife.

          • Find it, or you are the liar.

          • I’m sorry, but haven’t you learned yet that if you make a claim it is your
            business to prove it. It is NOT her homework. It is yours and yours

          • And I am only responding to the claim that common core requires the teaching of the Islamic religion.

          • Then get off your duff and get busy doing your homework.

          • Marilyn it is a fact that common core is an abomination! Check it out like you said!

          • Old goat, at your suggestion I have reviewed the Common Core State Standard Initiative documents. Apparently states are not required to adopt common core and several have chosen not to adopt them. From what I read, common core sets standards at different grade levels to ensure that students are prepared for college and to enter the business world. It allows schools to measure progress to the goals and objectives. The actual curriculum is established locally by school districts not by the federal government. What exactly do you not like about setting reasonable standards for student performance. I know that one of the main problems is that teachers end up teaching to the tests, which is not a good thing, but the goals of common credit are not bad. What would you suggest to replace the common core standards.

      • There is currently a case involving La Plata High School in Maryland for stepping over the line regarding teaching of religion. Don’t know what the status of this case is at this time.

        • It will be quite simple. If it is Christian it will be suppressed and if anything else it will not be!

          • I personally think it is perfectly ok to teach how religion has impacted history. The Crusades, for example, was caused by conflict between the Christian world and Islam. Numerous conflicts have been caused by religious differences. The inquisition is another. Teaching religion of any kind in public schools is another thing. We are a secular country with deeply religious people of many faiths. If you teach religion, which one do you want to teach? Christianity. Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. All are practiced in this country. Maybe you teach the roots and history of all major religions. That might actually help people understand one another better. My oldest son graduated from Arizona State Universitywith a dual degree in English Literature and Religious Studies. He is knowledgeable about most of the worlds religions. Maybe that would be a good start.

    • There is NO “separation of Church and State” in the Constitution; that was a private letter from Jefferson to Danbury, CT Baptist preachers promising the gov’t would not tell them how to run their churches, nothing more.

    • They are not teaching the Koran in public schools.

  7. PatriotParatrooper

    The reason all these bible thumpers are trying to get more refugees is not because they want to do goid, it’s because they make money on resettling them. I’ve seen it first hand. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in god. But it goes right back to the best bumper sticker I’ve seen. It said “God, protect me from your spokespeople”. Follow the dollar and you’ll find out why these people are pushing for more refugees.

    • I personally think you are full of it!

      • PatriotParatrooper

        I really don’t give a crap what you think. Follow the money old goat. Look how many religious organizations that are getting paid to resettle refugees, and the government can’t even tell you where they’re at. What really pisses me off, is a lot of these refugees are of fighting age, let them go back and fight to make their country right. Instead, they want to come here, and expect us to bend to their way if life. In the mid 1960s, only 1000 immigrants per year were allowed in the country, barring political asylum. Thank the democrats for the crap going on now.

        • And support their lazy rears while we’re bending over to their crap to boot!

          • And what makes you think that they have lazy rears?

            Do either you or Patriot (don’t you love that name) have an ounce of
            humanity within you? Where does all this hate come from? Life not
            good enough for you here in the US? If not, I have a clue as to why

            It is called “attitude.”

          • Their own comments make me think that. Lage swaths come here or to Europe specifically to go on welfare, believing they have a “right” to be supported by infidels.
            I have plenty of humanity. If they didn’t like how thwir homelands are run, they should stay THERE and fix it, not come here to leech from others.

          • You are one sick person. Show me the comments. You are making things up to
            suit your agenda. Have you ever been around a group of immigrants or refugees
            IN YOUR SORRY LIFE?

            Remember the New Years Eve broo-hah-hah in Cologne on New Years Eve a
            year ago? I was in Germany that month, up to one week before that happened.
            I have relatives who live in Germany and I was visiting them. I called after I
            read about it and asked if they were OK. Remember our side of the story – x # of
            rapes. Guess how many rapes there were? One, and it was not connected to
            the immigrants at all. In Germany, anything from fondling on up can be called
            a rape, and was. It doesn’t make it a rape as we know it.

            Guess what else was going on that night. The was a huge amount of drinking
            that night, probably from both sides, and the immigrants were being taunted and given the finger and being shoved by boys of about the same age as those on the other side who were making mischief. The immigrants responded in
            kind to those taunts. Boys will be boys. If we locked up every male from the
            ages of 15 through 25, we would have a much safer world.

            There is a certain group of people in the US (let’s call them Trump voting
            conservatives) who think that every crime or so-called crime committed is
            particularly awful because it is going to take money out of their back pocket.
            It is going to cost them something and they resent it like crazy. Why is that?
            Because you aren’t making enough money? Try getting a b etter education
            then and a better attitude so that someone with money will hire you. My
            husband and I own a business with offices in 3 states. Wouldn’t hire you in a

          • In fact, I grew up around immigrants, went to school with their kids, back in the ’50s, from the post war influx, and I have lived in az for more than 365 yrs now; hard to not be around them here too. They are 2 very different breeds of people, by the way.

          • You are getting kind of old (and cranky), don’t you think.

          • What has age to do with it? You accused me of having no experience with immigrants; I just told you I have a LOT of it, with those who came to be Americans, as well as those who came just to steal from Americans.

          • Why is it hate to want to preserve our culture and borders?
            There should be limits on the number of refugees and their values should match Americans.
            Why should we keep letting in refugees who refuse to assimilate, vast majority stay on welfare and their goal is to make America Islamic? Look at the Somalia refugees in Minnesota, many of them have been caught trying to join isis.

        • It is mostly Catholics who do this along with the social/gospel types. I know our church does not support illegal immigration but we do support the poor and needy of our country.

          • Unfortunately, there are individual churches of all denominations that are involved in this.

          • Yes — I like your avatar.

          • Not doing their job, document pushers. Hiding how many Refugees came here.

          • I am a catholic and resent tremendously what the catholic charities are doing, by helping all these so called “refugees”, which they are not. They are invaders who want to take over our country and destroy us.

          • You are right and ever dime goes not help the Refugees that are in trouble. The Catholic agency is I. It for money.
            Same with Red Cross. They support the Illegals.
            I support our Deputies, Border Patrol. Under Obama there hands bere tied. Frustrating, especially when a drug dealer was trying to kill a Deputy. The borders are s mess but Law Enforcement has more. support from TRUMP.

          • Simple! Just “withhold” your tithes to the church! … and TELL THEM “WHY”!

          • Hey, good idea. That will get him special blessings from the Pope.

          • R U Speaking of “Francis”? of the NWO?

          • Well, I would say that someone needs a Christian attitude. And I
            believe that Catholic Charities already has one, so it must be you who
            needs it.

          • The Christian, political correct attitude is changing Europe to islam!
            Data is showing England will be 40% muslim in 20-25 years.
            They have multiple wives with van loads of kids and then immigration laws allow them to bring more family members over, often elderly that go straight to welfare.

        • ISIS has spread into South America countries. Kids that came here were between ,14+18. Our country was into child human trafficking.
          Why was Obama visiting South America, Cuba, Mexico right before these kids starting to arrive through Mexico?
          TRUMP is RIGHT ON and God, not these pastors has his BACK covered.

        • ” Look how many religious organizations that are getting paid to resettle refugees,”

          This is your proof !!! Sicko.

          How many back pockets is that going into? If they are getting paid, it
          is only to pick up the tab for costs. And I’m not sure that they are
          getting paid at all. I will wait for you to give us the proof.

          And you might also tell us how they expect us to bend to their way of
          life. Just where did you learn that? I would like to read all about it.

          What is the most likely thing happening, is that the vast, vast majority
          are here to start a new life and do so. On occasion there will be a
          guy (almost assuredly, a guy of a certain age) who can’t handle not
          being the one in control. We have all sorts of those right now. And
          we are never going to be completely rid of them. No matter what.
          So, we play the odds. We do the right thing. People are in need.
          We do our best to help them.

        • I’m beginning to think that my motto is Whatever Pisses you Off, is
          something I am willing to try. I have NO RESPECT for you.

      • Sorry old goat, but P.P. is correct. One of the Baptist org. here in Mich. admitted on radio over a year ago that they were paid for resettlement! Just because they are pastors doesn’t mean they are righteous! In fact, the Apostles and the Prophets warned us about the “false shepherds”!

        • And just because you go to church doesn’t make you a Christian.

          But tell us more about their getting paid. Was the church getting
          paid for costs or was it going into the congregation’s back pocket. I
          would bet my bottom dollar that it there to cover costs, if it was there
          at all.

          Why do you always insist on believing the worst. Well, never mind.
          I know. You are trying to assuage your guilty for being such a meanie.

      • No, he’s not; virtually all the resettlement organizations claim to be Christian or Jewish and they are making money taken from your pockets on every one they dump on your largesse. Look it up.

        • And meanwhile, refugees who identify as “Christian” are being turned away in favor of muslims.

          • Yep.

          • Yes these pastors and their flock seem to favor anti-Christ Muslims than Christians who are going through Great Tribulation, for these poor Christians stuck in these Islamic Hell Holes it cant get any worse for them. Yahweh said He would send “Strong Delusion” this especially to the church, these people chose it. I would like to ask these pastors and church members who is the “End of Days” Laodicea church Jesus said that He would spew out.

          • What Christians are STUCK in the Middle East? I know of several
            people who work in the Middle East, mostly in missionary type work.
            They could come home tomorrow if they chose too. The love the
            Muslims. They want to preach to them and be with them.

          • There are Christians living in the M.E who were born and raised there, Recently “The Voice Of The Martyrs” sent me a copy of their magazine, it had a terrible story along with a picture of a nursing mother, a Christian woman, Muslims killed her husband, burned her house, then cut off her breasts and left her and her baby to die a slow death, but hey they are just following the teachings of the Qur’an

          • And meanwhile, refugees who identify as “Christian” are being turned away in favor of muslims.

            PROVE IT.”

          • Reprinted from the Gatestone Institute.

            Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

            Almost a year ago, President Barack Hussein Obama described the suggestion that the U.S. give preference to Christian refugees over Muslim refugees as “shameful.” “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” he loftily added.

            Now, WikiLeaks has released a 2008 email discussing who should fill top staff positions should Obama win the presidency. It clearly proves that the Obama administration is the one that has long used “religious tests”—but to discriminate against Christians in favor of Muslims.

            The email was sent from Former New York Solicitor General Preeta D. Bansal to Michael Froman, a classmate of Obama’s at Harvard and a member of the 12-person advisory board for the Obama campaign’s transition team. The key passage reads:

            In the candidates for top jobs, I excluded those with some Arab American background but who are not Muslim (e.g., George Mitchell). Many Lebanese Americans, for example, are Christian. In the last list (of outside boards/commissions), most who are listed appear to be Muslim American, except that a handful (where noted) may be Arab American but of uncertain religion (esp. Christian).

            In other words, those Arabs from nations with large Christian populations or with obviously Christian names need not apply, for they fail the “religious test.”

            But the discrimination is not limited to hiring for top jobs. Even in life and death scenarios, the Obama administration massively favors Muslims over Christians. Despite the U.S. government’s acknowledgement that ISIS is committing genocide against Christians in Syria—meaning that Christians, not Sunni Muslims, are being targeted for torture, slavery, death and worse due solely to their religious identity—statistics repeatedly show that the Obama administration has taken in vastly disproportionate numbers of Sunni Muslims into the U.S.

            When war erupted in Syria in 2011, approximately 75 percent of the population was Sunni and 10 percent Christian. Accordingly, if the U.S. were to admit Christian refugees in proportion to their population in Syria, about 1,260 Christians would by now have been resettled in America—when in fact only 68 were. Similarly, that Sunni Muslims are 75 percent of Syria’s population yet 99 percent of those received by the U.S. indicates that they are overrepresented.

            Even the 1951 Refugee Convention lists five criteria that qualify applicants for refugee status: persecution for reasons of religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group. Christians very clearly fit one of the criteria—religious persecution—whereas the overwhelming majority of Sunni Muslims entering America do not. That’s because ISIS is a Sunni organization and does not target fellow Sunnis who mind their own business.

            The discrepancy is no secret. Most recently, in an FOIA lawsuit filed by a federal appellate court against the Department of Homeland Security, Judge Daniel Manion expressed his “concern about the apparent lack of Syrian Christians as a part of immigrants from that country…. Perhaps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than one‐half of one percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian….To date, there has not been a good explanation for this perplexing discrepancy.”

            Far from being an aberration, the WikiLeak revelation is simply the latest indicator that the Obama administration clearly favors Muslims over Christians:

            When inviting scores of Muslim representatives, the State Department has been called out at least twice for denying visas to solitary Christian representatives.
            When a few persecuted Iraqi Christians crossed the border into the U.S., they were thrown in prison for several months and then sent back to the lion’s den to be possibly enslaved, raped, or murdered.
            When the Nigerian government went on the offense and killed some terrorists from Boko Haram—another Islamic group lie ISIS that regularly slaughters and rapes Christians and burns their churches—Secretary of State John Kerry fumed and called for the “human rights” of the jihadis, even though he says little about their countless Christian victims.
            When Egypt’s persecuted Coptic Christians planned on joining Egypt’s anti-Muslim Brotherhood revolution back in 2013, the U.S. said no.
            When persecuted Iraqi and Syrian Christians asked for arms to join the opposition fighting ISIS, D.C. refused.
            When the UN Security Council held a meeting to discuss the genocide against Christians and other minorities, “many high level delegations from UN member states addressed the Security Council meeting, some at the Foreign Minister level, [however] the United States failed to send … a high ranking member of the State Department.”
            Perhaps the most interesting aspect of all this is that the Obama government’s bias against Mideast Christians closely resembles the traditional bias Christian minorities experience at the hands of Muslim governments. There are active and passive persecutors of Christians in the Muslim world. Muslim criminals, mobs, and terrorists actively persecute Christians, while Muslim governments passively enable them. Muslims kidnap, rape, rob, and/or kill Christians precisely because they know Muslim authorities will rarely if ever do anything about it (it is against Islamic law to side with “infidels” against Muslims). Christian minorities in nations such as Egypt and Pakistan know this well. Similarly, Muslim governments seldom if ever hire Christians to positions of authority (Islamic law bans the intentional placement of an “infidel” over Muslims).

            Whether by discriminating against Christians and favoring Muslims for positions of authority, or whether by welcoming into America a disproportionately large number of Sunni Muslims, while barring the true victims of genocide, Christians—the Obama government’s bias is a tradition that Christian minorities living in the Muslim world have long been familiar with.

            Thus, to use the president’s own words spoken last year, it is the Obama administration’s discriminatory policies and “religious tests” that are “shameful,” “not American,” and not “who we are.”

            Your proof

          • Almost a year ago, President Barack Hussein Obama described the
            suggestion that the U.S. give preference to Christian refugees over
            Muslim refugees as “shameful.” “That’s not American. That’s not who we
            are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,”

            Exactly. Or at least that is not who we should be. Here is something very
            very basic: All of us, every person on the face of this earth, are God’s children.

            And that is the religious point of view. And then there is our precious Constitution that allows every “sane” person to have a gun. We do not get to play favorites when it comes to religion. We have done that virtually all of
            our existence, but we ain’t supposed to.

            Next point: There is a whole lot in this thing you are quoting that just simply
            doesn’t make sense. Are you the reviser? Or is the original writer who lends his own opinion to the “truth”

            First of all Wikileaks: Obama was looking for Muslims. I’ll give you that
            statement. He was at least looking for people who were familiar with
            the Muslim religion and Muslim culture and Muslim language. Can you
            figure out why? We were in the middle of what many assumed was a war
            with the Muslims. Or the Middle Easterners, or the Arabs, or whatever you
            want to call them. In previous administrations no such thing was necessary.
            Very few people, before 9/11, gave the Middle East a second thought except
            perhaps Israel and Eqypt (as tourist destinations). Now we needed experts
            in the history and the culture because WE certainly were not a society who
            understood these people. Again, to not have these on the force would
            be excessively stupid. I might add that one that came to the Obama
            administration had previously worked for the Bush Administration and
            another had worked in the British government before coming here.

            Last point I am going to bother to deal with: “When Egypt’s persecuted Coptic Christians planned on joining Egypt’s
            anti-Muslim Brotherhood revolution back in 2013, the U.S. said no.”

            Huh? Just exactly how can the US say no even if they wanted to? Coptic
            Christians are Eqyptians. I know there are Americans who go over there to
            work with the Coptics but the vast, vast majority are Egyptians. We don’t have
            a whole lot to say in what they do.

          • Obama lies. end of discussion.

          • Whether Obama lies or not was not part of the discussion. I wrote
            what I know. And I’m not lying.

          • Yes you are not lying as you believe what you say but again you show that you do not have an open mind. It is wasting my time showing you proof that you refuse to review. Have a nice life.

        • I usually agree with Old Goat but he’s wrong on this one. it has a name “Interfaith Movement” I call them the Laodiceans who it seems have received “Strong Delusion”

        • You look it up and prove it to the rest of us. It is awfully hard to prove
          something that isn’t true.

      • He’s telling the truth. I have read several articles on it. They’re making millions. The more they process, the more they get and the vetting is nil.

    • In most cases, you’re likely on the money, no pun intended.

    • It has a name “Interfaith Movement” there are managers assigned to so many states each that include all states, these people seem to be only interested in bringing in anti-Christ Muslims, as Islam is anti-Christ, very lucrative too. I believe her name is Ann Cochoran “Resettlement Watch” has some good information. Check this site out understandingthethreat.com

      • ACTs is another good website. National GUN Rights. CA is over burdened with Illegals and Refugees. Hard to tell how many refugees are not illegal. They have no documents. One pastor stated that 70,000 Muslims a day accepting Jesus but they are killed if TERRORS find out. Only 2% of Muslims brought here under Refugees were Christians. We need TRUMP.

        • Thanks Nellie. I just got the DISQUS notification a few minutes ago. I’m not sure if it’s my computer or sometimes DISQUS has a very busy day. I like them better by far than other site moderators

    • Wow patriot. That was some argument you have there. Who makes money on
      resettling them. And where is this proof or even a suggestion of proof that this is
      the case.

      Why am I for taking in refugees when I’m not making any money off it? Well, #1 –
      part of my family came in as refugees. #2 – I try to follow Jesus as best I can. Jesus
      did not send people in need out the back door. He helped and he healed and he
      treated them (even his enemies) with kindness. Here is also a little aside. The more
      people you treat with kindness, the fewer enemies you will have.

      • PatriotParatrooper

        Funny, all the coworkers in San Bernadino treated the shooter with kindness. The club goers in Florida treated the shooter with kindness. The problem with your analogy is it’s flawed. Would you give aid to a murderer, rapist, thief? No, not all are, and I do understand that. But when the enemy says they’re infiltrating your country using the refugee program, you think people would wake up and smell the coffee. it reminds me of the guy sitting on his front porch, and it starts raining hard, the water is rising, a four wheel drive comes by, sir, get in, the man replies, no, the lord will save me, the water is almost over the porch, and a boat comes by, sir , get in, he replies, no, the lord will save me, he has to crawl onto the peak of the roof as the waters rise even higher, a helicopter hovers by him, sir, get in, he replies, no, the lord will save me, the house washes away and he drowns. The man goes to heaven, and when he was in front of the lord, he asks, lord, I lived a holy life, I did your bidding, but when I needed you to save me, you didn’t. The lord said, what more could I have done, I sent you a four wheel drive, a boat, and a helicopter.

      • It is common knowledge that the government pays out millions to churches to run refugee resettlement.

    • Scripture states there will come a time in the “End of Days” when Yahweh will send “Strong Delusion” starting with the church, these people no doubt are the Laodicea type that Jesus said He would spew out meaning He wouldn’t accept them when He returns, these Scriptures are very plain and not debatable. We Christians are commanded not to fellowship with Antichrists, Islam is anti-Christ to it’s core, yet these professing Christians ignore this command. “They [Christians] put forth a most monstrous thing when they say God has a son” this is what Muslims think of Christians, another entity hates Christians and Jews, that is Satan, Islam’s god is 180 degrees different that the Elohim of Abraham and of the Bible. Muhammad met an entity in the desert whom he believed to be Satan or one of his agents but his family convinced him it was a messenger of God. Jesus said “if they tell you I’m in the desert believe it not”

    • Sorry PatriotParatrooper the reply below was meant for Ribert.

  8. Hold firm Mr President, keep the ban in place. Don’t let those greedy mercenaries wanting refugee money flood our nation with Muslim Jihadists.

  9. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Christianity is not a suicide pact. It is for life – life of Christians.

  10. the mental illness is spreading rapidly…much like the plague…

  11. I guess these people are WANTING Terrorists to be in our country. AND GOD forbid, if something happens and people are killed by these ANIMALS, they will ALL be screaming that PRESIDENT TRUMP didn’t do enough to “protect them”. THIS is Just an example of communist DRONES using the “talking points” provided by SOROS and scumocrats that want UNREST because their QUEEN, HITLERY LOST.

  12. To ban, temporarily, certain terrorist nations that support our destruction does not go against God’s Word. Our Lord not only protected against m but attacked those that were evil. Our President has every right to ban any nations or groups of people that untend harm to our citizens. In 1952 our goverment put it down in official documentation for all to see. What most don’t seem to understand is that it will be only temporary to adjust proper vetting. The other rruth is that the courts have no right or power to block this action by the president. Even Thomas Jefferson warned Americans of this threat centuries ago. This came as a result of the barbaric attacks by Islamic pirates. Folks this is a simple and documented fact.

  13. Not to be overly “fundamentalist,” BUT……given the theological doctrine of election and reprobation, (the justice of which is not always evident this side of eternity), is the hope that predestination, as an unknown reality, will preclude the ominous implications of free-moral agency, based on adherence to fundamental, religious tenets, or are they holding out hope that God will protect us if we choose to allow the possibility of “self-condemnation in the thing which we allow?” Vulnerability, for the purpose of spreading the gospel, is a reality in foreign countries. Increasingly, (and regrettably) the same is true of the U.S. It is the sole benefit of economic opportunity and improved welfare for immigrants and refugees which is the consideration of politics. Security concerns should have equal, if not greater, import since everything, including freedom, is dependent on the security to exercise it.
    Franklin (or whoever said it) was wrong regarding “He who would sacrifice freedom for liberty deserves neither.”
    Without security, freedom is a worry because of the freedom to abuse it. Making America safe for democracy demands that we exclude all those who are openly or secretly opposed to it. This requires discrimination.

  14. If Trump had taken the time to write the order more comprehensively (or checked to insure that we weren’t banning translators who helped our soldiers) he could have avoided this misstep.

    • If the obstructionists that is now, and always was, the Democrat Party would have let Trump’s nominations be approved quicker there would have been the proper people in place to carry out the order. As it was there were career employees, Dems, carrying out the order, and many trying to mess it up.

      • The Republican Party won the trifecta- Senate, House, Congress. The Democrats cannot stop anything. There is no need not take the time to do things correctly.

        • Unfortunately, in my opinion, the dems have no fear; there is always good ole weak back Mitch and sneaky Paul to slow down, delay and gum up the works. It sorrows me that they were reelected.

          • MItch and Paul, I don’t know about; but dems really have *zero* power to do anything. Any party that still can’t even pick a leader after they lost big time, due to ineptitude, is going nowhere.

          • You should have stopped at “I don’t know”….

      • Republican judges blocked the order. Republicans, put in by Bush.

        • Wrong. They may have been appointed by Bush, but they were democrat judges put in place simply in the interest of fairness and having a level playing field.

        • Robart was a “suggestion” of far left-wing Send Patty Murray. Not sure why Bush followed her suggestion except he wanted the left to like him. This judge takes the word of BLM over police officers. He either didn’t read the order and applicable law, or he did and ignored what they say. Obama did something very similar with Iraq, but for 6 months.

  15. Some of these people need to read the order instead of relying on fake news stories by the media. There are provisions in the order to address many of their concerns. My guess, though, is that most of these religious “leaders” are from liberal churches and not evangelical ones.

  16. George E. LeFebvre

    Evangelicals AMOCK! I guess these so called Religious Leaders are okay with losing their flocks as if they defend the Muslim Invasions, soon they will be losing their heads as the Infidels they are. They are selling out the country allegedly in the name of Jesus but are not representing the needs of this country. Nothing more than blinded by the truth. THESE IDIOTS NEED TO GET ON THEIR KNEES AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS IN THROWING OUR COUNTRY DOWN THE DRAIN.

  17. send those idiots over there with the refugees and isis if they like that bunch of murderers that much then everybody can be happy leave them out of America …

  18. I believed idiocy is the mantra of the Dimwitocrap party. Am wrong. If these so called Evangelist ministers want those in their midst that have slaughtered Christians at every opportunity, and continue to do so, they have lost their minds. These are not the huddled masses that we welcomed centuries ago. These are murderous thugs that tell all non-believers to convert to their cult or die. Wise up ye ministers or be ready to give up the Bible for the Qur’an. Evidently they have no read this murderous piece of trash or they would not be spouting such ridiculous idiocy. As a leading Imam has stated that they come not to assimilate, but come to conquer. I guess one cannot legislate against stupid.

  19. 100 is a drop in the bucket compared to the whole!! 81% of the evangelicals voted for Trump because they knew he would protect us from this invasion….this must be the 19%!

  20. I don’t know who these dimwits are but they surely do not speak for me. I consider myself a member of of a denomination that is considered to be “evangelical” and I voted for Trump. I applaud his position and only disagree with the extent of the “ban”….I would opt for longer and more extensive.

  21. The Churches will mis the resettlement income money from the US tax payer. Churches being non profit status entities . One hand in the air the other in our pockets.

    • There are many false churches out there. Who’s to stop some flake from forming a cult, saying it’s a church, religious freedom, etc. to get exemptions from govt.

  22. once again, the evanjallyfish collapse into a pile of smelly cr_p.

  23. My first question is who are these so called Evangelical leaders? Sure they want to let them in and then the rest of us get to pay for them with are tax dollars. Either through welfare like many are in for years or through money given to many of these groups who bring these so called needy refugees in. Ask the people in Minnesota how they like all the Somalis that have settled there. They have caused untold problems including some who have tried or even gone to help ISIS. How about we get back to how it use to be. If you want to immigrate here you have to either 1) have a proven means of self support or 2) you have to have a sponsor who will take care of you. I am sick of taking in all these people who can’t fen for themselves while we have veterans we don’t care for.

  24. HEY EVANGELICALS, even the bible declares to set and protect the borders of your nation! What the hell is the mater with you, these animals are killing our BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND KIDS and you are ok with that!!

  25. I am a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian and I say that these “leaders” in no wise speak for me or any in my family! If these so-called leaders are doing this merely for the money they receive from the government for resettling the immigrants, I say SHAME! If they are doing it out of some twisted sense of morality, they need to know that any real Muslim is radical. There are some who are wishy-washy Muslims, but the Koran makes it perfectly acceptable to lie, murder, and rape non-believers. Just because we don’t recognize it, one side has declared war on us.

  26. There are supposedly over 30 jihadist camps all across the US already, and many of the mosques in the country are taking in those who come into the US with terrorist intent. While these ministers want Trump to rescind his ban, which is not a ban but merely a postponement until proper vetting can be set into place, I applaud the Presidents caution in allowing these refugees into the US. I am more concerned for the well being of my children and grandchildren, than I am with the concerns over people who may want to kill and harm Americans. We just spent the last 8 years dealing with a President who spent more on welfare than he did on US military and security.

  27. The Bible prophesizes that in the last days there will be false prophets – I rest my case!

    • If you’re talking about the 100 evangelicals I would agree. They should get their facts straight before reacting. They’re probably all from the rick warren apostate churches who preach do goodism and are bible illiterate by taking verses out of context.

    • The Pope comes to mind, because he came from a 3rd-world Socialist country in South America, appears to love muslims and gays, and demands “tolerance” for them from the rest of us.

      • I’m a practicing Catholic and I have come to the conclusion that he is the False Prophet that the Bible prophesizes; I am also starting to think that our former Muslim-Marxist jihadist is the other half of the tag-team of evil, the Anti-Christ! We are definitely experiencing the End of Age days as GOOD is EVIL and EVIL is GOOD; there can be no denying this!

    • You don’t have a case, but I do hope it means that you will shut up.

  28. Are they nuts? let them in so they can try to kill us

  29. Its always the goody to shoes that give everything away and then cry about it. Why dont you go over to where the problem lies? Dont bring that $chit here because were going to start killing it. The media spin like Bob Beckel says most every american wants to stand behind a mexican & muslim for a phucking job? Do you want a war thats really bloody just keep pushing in these immigrants.
    It will be time to take out our fake government a total cleansing go get them Trump! Real americans are behind you all the way.

  30. So far,President Trump has been severely undermined by many factions in our own country who have made their contempt for his presidency very clear,but we,the American voters have spoken! we did not intend to carry the flawed philosophies of Obama’s liberal,UnAmerican values,and the liberal media’s assault on Trump and his policies have become unnerving! not only do i support my new president,but i support his right as our CIC to make his executive decisions! we,as Americans are not trying to be cruel and unreasonable,but the liberal left has continued to make Trump look as bad as they possibly can,and that is outright evil! the federal court of appeals just doesn’t seem to care about the potential vulnerability that exists in allowing more immigrants in the US under the dangerous threat of terrorists infiltrating these ranks-can this court assure Americans that there will be no terrorist attacks? President Obama’s irresponsible administration has also made it possible for the flood of Muslim
    immigrants to enter into this country,so are we supposed to be like tolerant Great Britain now,and allow the Islamics more free reign then Christian Americans? that of course,sounds extremely unfair and unrealistic! but here come all the liberals doing everything and anything possible to cause as much trouble as they can,while these vermin continue to divide our country with their LGBT and godless insanity while these same scum take pot shots
    at our new president trying to fulfill his campaign promises,and that is so unacceptable! but even more unacceptable here,is this federal court of appeals undermining Trump’s legal and lawful executive powers,while its almost certain that some of these court people were likely picked by Obama or some other liberal with power. it just feels like sabotage here,because while we have a new president,we still seem to have the very same vermin in the woodworks screwing things up!

    • Well these executive orders are not the problem. The problem is that these orders do not follow the liberal communist agenda which our media and schools support. Our younger people have been brain washed and do not even know it.

  31. America was founded on Christian/Judea principles i.e. the many Christian denominations in Europe sort religious freedom in the new America. In 1787, our founding Fathers scribed those freedoms in our constitution i.e. “Freedom of Religion,” not different religions, but rather the differentness, in the many denominations of Christian/Judea religions that were rejected by Europe’s persecution fundamentalist. In Genesis chapter 10, God sets the boundaries for all Nations; boundary-lines that separate one nation from another. In Acts, chapter 17, Paul confirms these same boundaries, proving that the sovereignty of each nation was first ordained by God, having no intent to create a one-nation-world, or have a “One World Government. In the later part of the 20th century, (1960’S) the far left, started, what is now known as the progressive movement; reinterpreting our laws to defy the laws of God, by totally misconstruing the original intent, and interpretation of the Constitution. In Luke 17:26-30 we are warned that the last days would be like the days of Sodom &Gomora/Noah,
    Genesis 6:5,11,12 …’And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.’
    Paul, the apostille called the period just before Christ’s return “perilous times.” He said they would be filled with pleasure-seeking, materialism, immorality, violence, idleness and rejection of the things of God (2 Timothy 3:1-5).
    The violence and dissension we see in the streets today, and rioters demanding we enforce laws that are against the laws of God, only serves to prove the perilous and daunting reality of Jesus’s description of this last Church, (Laodiceans) of being nether “Hot nor Cold;” a place where you do not want to be.
    For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. Matt 24:21. But God did not appoint us to wrath but obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  32. So how many of these so called Evangelical leaders get government money to relocate refugees from the taxpayer?

    • Bingo! ^^^
      That was my very first thought, since these “evangelical leaders” are getting their cut of the $25,000+ their “churches” are being paid to harbor illegals.

  33. This is one of the main reasons why so many people have left the church, not because they have stopped believing in the good Lord and his word (Holy Bible). But because our church leaders have brought corrupt doctrines into to the church. They have failed to stand up and fight perversion being pushed by liberals. Now they will not stand up and fight to keep ISIS terrorist out of the USA.
    The FBI / CIA / and Homeland Security have already stated that they can NOT properly vett these refugees. Under the Obama administration they issued “green cards’ anyways.
    The church had better brush up on the Quran compare its teaching to the holy Bible and maybe they will realize who the enemy is. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. They will not embrace the US Constitution but will demand for Sharia Law. Don’t think it can happen, most of never thought there would be same marriage and look what the LGBTP community did using our corrupt courts.

    • Yes and a couple of the worldly doctrines brought into the church are Psychology and Freud and Jung are misplaced and misunderstood. These unsubstantiated theories have no place in God’s church. The heart of man has to be changed by the Holy Spirit thru Christ.

  34. Those so-called “evangelic leaders” don’t want to lose their $25,000+ for each illegals they harbor.

  35. These people are misguided, and some are just plain Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.

    The Bible specifically allows a country sovereignty in that they control who they allow in.

  36. You so called Christians helped elect Trump its about time you do something about your PROBLEM!!
    The Bible talks about Trump in Revelations. Read your BIBLE…He is the EVIL ONE!!

    • Not the ones who are opposing the muslim immigration hold. They don’t represent Christians, and the only thing they’re worried about is the $25,000 per illegal they stand to lose for harboring them.

  37. Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as a heritage of all men, in all lands,
    everywhere. Destroy this spirit and you have planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors.
    Abraham Lincoln

  38. These so called “Christian” pastors should first be considering the safety of their “flocks” FROM these “refugees”. There is nothing Christian about inviting known jihadists into our country and yes, they are coming in with the “refugees.” Let every one of these pastors take it upon themselves to move to the moslem countries and help them there, they will most certainly not be missed, and if they are burned alive, drowned in cages or beheaded, well…it was their choice to live among these barbarians, just DON’T BRING THEM HERE!!!

  39. Who are these 100 Evangelical leaders? Name them.

  40. Many if not all of these so-called Christian pastors are on the take, getting tons of money for bringing Syrian (probable terrorists) into the USA. They get a $$$izeable bounty for each one that they bring, so they can buy their new BMW’s just like the abortionists who sell baby parts. They are traitors to civilization.

  41. One hundred Evangelical leaders don’t have the brains of an idiot.

  42. This is a bad, bad, dangerous idea!! These 100 Evangelical Leaders apparently do not know that islam is not a religion, and that muslims practicing islam DO NOT honor Western law and ideals!! The muslims from the seven named hotspots for terrorism MUST REMAIN WHERE THEY ARE———-PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I disagree with you. Islam is a religion but it demonic!

      • islam is a demonic cult that follows the false prophet muhammed, and worships a false god (satan) AKA allah!!!! I know of no RELIGION that teaches that it is OK to lie to infidels (us) that islam is a peaceful religion (a lie) to gain our trust in that which is evil!!!! islam IS NOT a RELIGION!!!! It is an EVIL IDEOLOGY!!!!

  43. I just got back from my tax preparer and I am fed up with paying my taxes for you low life losers. $1400.00 a year for fire protection I have never had to use in 31 years. I get to pay for some bashtard illegal immigrants children to go to school when I have already paid for mine. My tax preparer CPA and I have been doing business together since I arrived here. I was asked to show my drivers licence & my form of health care? When I have this going on and a phucking muslim is cutting off my next door neighbors wifes head because she turned them in for rape gets set free. Hey you evangelists why dont you give them your wife, your children, your life. Me Im going to kill me some mutts Obama is responsible for this. You dumb bashdards still dont get it do you. Theres muslim training camps all over the USA? Compounds our law inforcement arent allowed to breach. WHY IS THAT? Ruby Ridge / Waco
    they had no problem going in there and killing american men, women, and children. We have laws on the books right now for immigration but they have been side lined.
    You better start asking the pertinent questions how did we get here, and why?

    • Obama doesn’t care about his pension at all. That’s just chump-change to him. The only thing he’s lost is use of the nation’s airplane and all those taxpayer funded vacations. He wakes up every morning and laughs his head off over the huge scam he puled off on the American people. Other than the poor getting even poorer than they were when he took office 8 years ago, nothing’s really changed as far as quality of life in general.

  44. Why do those idiots want to bring in “refugees” who plan to KILL Christians?
    Oh, yeah…it’s the $25000+ they get for harboring each one of them.
    Never mind.

  45. I hope those bible thumpers are the first to lose their head to ISIS; might cause a little common sense to occur!

  46. Don’t listen to them. I am a God fearing Jesus following Christian. I believe. These people do not have Christian’s or anyone else’s best interests at heart. Give them your reasons President Trump and stand by your plans. You are correct in this matter and you will prevail. This policy is needed and inhibits nobody’s rights.

  47. No! He should rescind and rewrite the Order, and overcome the objections the 9th circuit (can you say, “Liberal?”) court had to the current Order. It is NOT wrong to keep out potential terrorists. We want Trump to keep America safe!

  48. These Pastors and “Authors” (Who actually cares what some author says? Karl Marx, after all, was an author.) may be rich in compassion, but they’re seriously short on brains and commons sense. These Muslims that they are so intent on infiltrating our nation with have only one goal in life. That is to overthrow our system of government and replace it with Sharia law. Because of their faith, they have no choice in doing this. If they were intent on coming here and meshing into the American way of life, it would be another story altogether. But they have no intention of ever doing this.

  49. Then take them to live with you I don’t want them here and we certainly don’t need we have enough of our own to feed and house .Worry about our people first let their own countries take care of them

  50. Wow 100 Pastors as described in 2 Timothy 3 – Practicing a form of Godliness.
    For Trump as a new Christian my prayer is that Trump will follow Pauls advice at the end of the same thapeter chapter – “Have nothing to do with them”.

  51. Why would you want to do that to AMERICA.Muslims have a death wish for AMERICA.They are religious fanatics that hate everything non islamic.They have a distorted sense of values.

  52. I am a Christian and I say these so-called Evangelicals are insane!

  53. I’m a minister and I am for a permeant ban of all Muslims entering our country. They have only one agenda and that is to take America down to establish an Islamic state of the US. We as Americans should be against this because if the Muslims get their way, we will NOT have freedom of religion nor many other freedoms that most Americans take for granted. Wake UP America and take a stand against this madness.

  54. How will the authorities be able to know which of the refugees is indeed a terrorist? We’ve heard a lot about extreme vetting, but we don’t know what that might entail. I think it’s our right to know what our government is doing in our name, whether we agree or disagree with it. We should know.

  55. This makes no sense. Evangelicals overwhelmingly supported Trump throughout his campaign while he promised two to three times a day at his rallies that he would build the wall and begin deportation of illegals. Do they differentiate between coming in over the border and flying in? Also, why didn’t they come out against Obama when he banned Iraqis and Cubans?

  56. Yep, the useless pukes said nothing while Obama and Co. were letting few or no Christians in.

  57. Islam is not a religion. It states clearly that Muslims must kill those who are not Muslim. That is a murderous cult, not a religion.

  58. If you are stating you are Christian Pastors then i as a christian am ashamed you care more about Muslims and the violence that always follows them than you do for Citizens of the U.S. How many must be raped, Murdered, And beaten before you care about the citizens who live here and raise children, Pay taxes, And work for a living. You and those on the left are missing the entire point, It is a temporary ban, One that allows time to seperate Terrorists from refugees. It is for our safety and it only names 7 countries where Muslim extremists are known to live, They will never assimilate or try to fit in, They want all of us that dont become Muslims to die. God doesnt want us to be fools and not protect ourselves.

  59. Name the 100-evangelists so people will know and have the right to not attend their services or church meetings! They are ignorant and unAmerican and certainly not patriotic!

    • As I told another lady earlier, I scanned 5 or 6 pages doing a bing search for their names but couldn’t find names. I did find many references to the churches that are harboring those “refugees”.
      They’re doing it for the $25,000+ they’re getting for each illegal.

  60. All these so called religious leaders have no idea about Islam. They probably haven’t even looked into the true history of the Koran/Quran because if they did, preaching to the poor mis guided believers of the false prophet Mohammad.
    In fact they probably think there should be a two state solution to the Israeli Palestine problem.
    With all that’s going on now they should just worry about their congregation. Because in the end the ninth circuit will be reversed. Then they can put some of their spare time into reading up on the Koran/Quran.

  61. Miney is the root of much evil….getting paid to harbour illegals and criminals
    must be charged, arrested, tried, imprisoned!

  62. These misguided “pastors” need to take a trip to Syria; Yemen; Iraq; etc. and see for themselves just how much those “poor moo-slimes” want to be embraced. They are so ignorant they don’t even understand that over 3500 years ago, these people were prophesied to be against ‘every man’.

  63. Have them choose the Refugees that stay then make them Responsible for their keep and allow them to be Sued for any Criminal Acts. The Adopt a Refugee Program.

    • I was just checking out the US Committee for refugees website, and they erroneously claimed that most of the refugees fleeing war zones want to go back home.
      My question is “Why DON’T they, since Trump negotiated for a safe space for them in Saudi Arabia?”

  64. These folks need to recheck their understanding of Christianity. One of the many things over which Jesus Himself chided the Pharisees was FAILURE to take care of and provide first for their own people. The saying “charity begins at home” was in fact His intent. Yes, help others, but NOT at the expense of ignoring and/or endangering your own people. If y’all are so deyermined to “help”refugees, GO THERE, and establish safe camps for them in their own regions; they do not belong here!

  65. I am a Bible believing Christian and it is wrong to allow anyone to come to our country who wants to harm us. God taught His people to guard their dwellings and build a wall when needed and we should do the same. Our government’s main objective is to guard our Nation against our enemies; not let them come in and destroy from within.
    Nehemiah 4:8-9 All of them conspired together to come and fight against Jerusalem and to cause a disturbance in it. But we prayed to our God, and because of them we set up a guard against them day and night.
    Nehemiah 4:13-15 then I stationed men in the lowest parts of the space behind the wall, the exposed places, and I stationed the people in families with their swords, spears and bows.
    14 When I saw their fear, I rose and spoke to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people: “Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses.”
    15 When our enemies heard that it was known to us, and that God had frustrated their plan, then all of us returned to the wall, each one to his work.

    • That’s a good find, mallen, the book of Nehemiah contains a Most Excellent WALL-BUILDING story with striking similarities to what’s happening these days.

      Part of the story tells of how “elites” of the day complained to a man who sent a letter to Nehemiah in order to scare him out of wall building, the equivalent of a lawsuit perhaps? You must have noted that families were armed in their homes…

      The story has a pretty good ending, tho… 🙂

    • I agree 100%

      • It is always good to hear from you and your posts. I have a question. The Christians in Muslim countries are suffering greatly but what is your opinion of the teaching of the gospel concerning salvation? By grace or by works?

        • Hello Mallen: Great question I wish I had a solid answer but if I had to choose one I would choose by Grace, of course there isn’t anything wrong with works but what about the millions of Christians unable to do works, like Christians that are barely able to survive in the Islamic Hell-Holes what possible kind of works can they do? I have wondered maybe our definition of works that James mentioned had a different meaning than ours. Let me know what you think. I just got notified by DISQUS a few minutes ago, you posted a day ago.

          • Apolloone, yes, by grace we are saved but many churches including Catholic add to faith alone in Christ alone for salvation. Some thoughts: Salvation through faith alone in Christ alone is salvation by grace through faith – Eph 2:8-9. If one believes they have to “work” for their salvation, it means they don’t think Christ did enough on the cross when He bore our sins in Him as our substitute. If people think we have to be baptized as part of our salvation means they don’t think Christ did enough on the cross when He bore our sins in Him as our substitute. It would be interesting how salvation is taught or presented by the Coptic churches.
            Rom 4:5-6 But to the one who does not work, but believes in Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness, just as David also speaks of the blessing on the man to whom God credits righteousness apart from works:

  66. These 100 evangelical pastors are part of the religious groups involved in the vetting process and receive millions in payment for resettling them. Take away the money and that puts an end to it.

  67. I understand “why” those leaders are doing that; however, they are being very naive to think that all those refugees are innocent needy families – they are not! For instance, the pilots that piloted the airliners that crashed into our World Trade Centers snuck into our country along our Southern Mexico border – disguised as Latinos. Could anyone tell the difference? Obviously not.
    President Trump is familiar with ISIS, AL QUEADA, HAMAS, etc. and their threat to infiltrate our Country any way they can. Wake up Religious Leaders! By being naive you are exposing Americans everywhere to being killed by a silent menace just waiting to do just that.
    President Trump is doing the one thing that will protect Americans. STOPPING THE FLOW OF TERRORISTS MASQUERADING AS A REFUGEE IS PRIMO! Establishing a critical vetting process is the only way to monitor who can come into our country…the only way! Even religious leaders need to rethink what they are doing. It’s only for 90 days. Be patient God’s servants. Even GOD knows that all the people trying to enter our country are not all good people.

    Let’s let our President do his job! Think of Americans first! Eventually our borders will be open to everyone once our Vetting process is in place!

    • It occurred to me that it would be revealing for word to get out about all their “refugees” that are raping women and children in their “care”.

      • Yes, I agree! It would also be better if ALL the religious leaders saw the “whole” picture instead of making blatant assumptions that all those refugees are good people. Unfortunately, most people – including many religious leaders – are not familiar with Islam’s archaic chauvinisticly run culture where females and children are subclasses to the males and actually are looked upon as possessions, not humans. That’s why so many women are abused in that culture, as well as young children. In fact many young girls, as young as 8 years old, are married to old muslim men as old as 60 yrs as arranged marriages. The family of the girl is paid money to become an indentured slave ti an old degenerate myslim who could never find a real woman as a younger man.

        Islam is a sick twisted culture that hates The Great Satan – which is what they call America. They hate us enough to lie, manipulate, kill or torture us, but those lowlifes will do the same to their own people. They have NO conscience, no morals, no intelligence and are nothing but a bunch of animals pretending to be humans.

        MUSLIMS HAVE NO PLACE IN AMERICA…EVER AND MUST BE KEPT OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. All religious Leaders need to do research abt that culture before opening their uninformed ignorant mouths.

        I believe the true “Great Satan” is really Islam and the muslim people are her demons. Those Religious Leaders have been fooled by the best manipulator of all – the horned one.

  68. OK so everyone has lost their minds? We need better vetting of all refugees from the middle east. These evangelicals are their democrat plants or they are in fact plants (the kind you water and lacking a brain).

  69. These fools no doubt are members of the “Interfaith Movement” while their fellow Christians in Muslim lands face great Tribulation which includes being tortured to death, Christian women raped, their children murdered, Etc. Etc. they’re more interested in helping the Anti-Christs [Muslims]who are doing the persecution. Yahweh warned He would send “Strong Delusion” starting with the church

  70. I am afraid The Judgment & Wrath of God will come down on this once great country called America because there are some so called Christians that refuse to Acknowledge the threat from radical Islam!!!

  71. These people have no idea what they are talking about. Ignore them just like an annoying fly!

    • We cannot afford to ignore them, because what they’re harboring are muslim families that Obama gave a free pass to while stopping Christians at our borders. They aren’t here to become Americans, but are in fact sleeper cells.

  72. Mark Anthony Jones

    We can serve their suffering there in their own country by setting up safe zones. They cannot come here without putting us in grave danger right now, period. Even Syria’s Assad, who Obama and Hillary wanted to oust, says that there are terrorists infiltrated throughout the refugees intent on destroying America. It’s simple common sense and self preservation to serve their needs there within a safe zone and close the door to the countries who tolerate radicals. We are in crisis ourselves with so many Isis already here. We don’t need more embedded radical refugees. I think it should have gone farther and included Saudi Arabia.

    • You said it “simple common sense” so something else has to be the reason or reasons other than humanitarian reasons that these professing Christians want ant-Christ Muslims into this country while ignoring the Christians who are being wiped out by Muslims in these same Islamic Hell-Holes that they’re taking them from, they collectively have a name “Interfaith Movement” which consists of managers assigned to so many states each which includes all states, it’s very lucrative too, so the reason or reasons could be for the money but I believe these people make up the Laodicean church I also believe these professing Christians have been sent “Strong Delusion” because they have ignored plain Scripture in supporting anti-Christ people, in doing so they chose the Liar.

    • Especially Saudi Arabia, they are the Wahabi Muslims I’m not sure of the spelling, they’re as brutal as mankind could get.


  74. I hope the president doesn’t bow to these deceived fools demands.

  75. I am a Christian and I don’t agree with the pastor’s of THIS group. Obama has put our Country under a very hard and expensive situation with open borders and non-vetted refugees for 8 years and our Republicans I’m Congress and Senate have done nothing to STOP the TERRORS and criminals coming here.
    TRUMP is RIGHT to STOP TERRORS and Criminals from entering our country. We are not safe. Do these pastors care about the Christians here being treated like they are stoned or butchered in Muslim countries? Maybe these pastors are the ones that are bringing the Refugees here and TRUMP is drying up their MONEY.
    TRUMP has an obligation to keep our country safe.
    TRUMP is the only President that could STOP the abuse of Obama to our country. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY and TRUMP.
    Republicans and Democrats STOP this childless behaviour and support TRUMP. Fed UP with both parties.

  76. There are “Useful Idiots” who help every corrucorrupt cause. From communists to NAZI’s to ISIS when they finally wake up its too late. Some of these “Do gooders” fit well with those in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales who would sell us their stained underwear as a Holy Relic. Hirelings over the flock!

  77. To these 100 evangelical pastors and authors, I say this, “Are you our of your fucking minds?” ISIS and other fanatical murders have infiltrated those “wonderful” persecuted masses you want to enter the US. Get that through your heads and the time to turn the other cheek is over since America have run out of cheeks after the other ASS cheek was slapped. IT is LOCK AND LOAD time.

    • Do you have a clue as to why so many people are against handing out guns to
      everyone. It is because of all the jerks we have in the country who think LOCK AND
      LOAD is the answer. Do you have a clue as to how many ISIS people have
      murdered people here in the United States? Since 9/11 – 9 per year Am I supposed to hide under my bed every night for that figure. Sorry you are such a
      sissy, but it takes more than 9 per year to scare me.

      • Then by all means invite them to live in your house and please do nothing to change the way you live so that you offend every thing that Sharia law stands for. See where your head ends up. bitch

        • Where will my head end? Don’t call me bitch. Got that?

          I will bet that 9/10ths of every Muslim refugee that has ever entered
          our shores are a better person than you are. Just make sure YOU
          stay out of my neighborhood.

          • Just returning the favor for your name calling. YOU GOT THAT!!??

          • First of all I will respond to your name calling so you get over it and as for your 9/10 comment her is my reply:
            Report: 72 Arrested on Terror Charges from Countries Named in Travel Ban
            By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 11 Feb 2017 03:54 PM

            Since the 9/11 attacks, 72 people coming from the seven Middle Eastern countries named in President Donald Trump’s executive order on travel and refugees have been convicted on terrorism charges according to a new report released Saturday.
            According to the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies, the report stands “in stark contrast to the assertions by the Ninth Circuit judges who have blocked the president’s order on the basis that there is no evidence showing a risk to the United States in allowing aliens from these seven terror-associated countries to come in.”
            At least 17 of those who have been convicted claimed to be refugees, while three came into the United States as students. Twenty-five more eventually became American citizens, the report shows.
            According to a breakdown of the countries and the numbers of people who were eventually convicted of terror crimes:
            • Somalia: 20
            • Yemen: 19
            • Iraq: 19
            • Syria: 7
            • Iran: 4
            • Libya: 2
            Jessica Vaughan, the center’s director of policy studies, said she based the report on information from a report in 2016 from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.
            The subcommittee at that time was chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is now the new attorney general.
            The report also determined that out of 580 people convicted in terrorism attacks since 9/11, 380 were born in foreign countries.
            Out of the 72 from Trump’s targeted states, the persons arrested on terrorism charges lived in at least 16 different states, with the most living in New York, which had 10; Minnesota and California had eight each; and Michigan, six.
            Minnesota, along with Washington, were the states that sued to block the travel ban order, and the report revealed at least two of those convicted were from Washington.
            Related Stories:
            • Rasmussen Poll: Most Support Travel Ban

  78. Only a hundred ?!?! Seems quite weak. Sorta like the radical protesters, lately. The less than 0.001% of our society. ?? The small minority trying to rule over the MAJORITY ??

  79. TO PATRIOT NEWS DAILY: Do you like what is being printed in your columns? If so, just
    exactly what do you call a patriot? Do you believe, for instance, that anyone here (or their
    ancestors) were not immigrants and/or refugees. Quite probably they had less reason to
    come here than the present refugees. I know my relatives came here because they didn’t
    want to fight a war back home, and they thought it would be nice to get a bigger farm.

    What does America mean to you – Land of the Free and Home to the Brave? Maybe that
    somehow you deserve it and others don’t. What do you think about all those black guys
    who are descendants of slaves? Got a problem with them?

    Just who are you? And what do you really believe?

    And how long will it take you to delete my post?


  81. Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Those “Christian” leaders ought to get an education before doing this. The DC muni-corp is secular. As a Romans 10:9 Believer, I’m embarrassed by this. These “leaders” should also read the Torah about Yahweh’s idea of immigration. I’ve got no use for these fools.

  82. God did not say be stupid, He says to have wisdom, and it is not wisdom if you let these people in knowing they mean you harm!

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  84. I will bet you that the millions of dollars these so call good Christian people pastors and organizations they get from resettling these poor persecuted people. Has not one thing to do with all these slim pastors wanting to be so godly and Christian like. Not to mention that a refugee worker from one of these church organizations gets an average of more than 25.00 an hour for helping these poor pitiful Shania law POS practicing Muslims resettle into areas where no one ask if we what them or not.
    I got a suggestion for these do good so and so”s. You take them all into your home,, you feed them you cloth them, you provide. Them a place to live and money to live from and of please do not forget to convert them from Islam to Christ loving Christians, while you being such god loving religious people and pay all damages that one or more of them might do some American woman or harm to any gay or anyone who is not Islam but most of all you want to be such good godly preachers, you going to waive the millions Of dollars tax payers of America are forced to pay for being here and the 17.243. 00 income each get plus other perks. You pay it and I for one will ask president trump to resend his exec order also. What a bunch of bulls..t Christians they are, money is all that is motivating their love. Take a look at how many of these pastors are in resettlement programs and you will realize exactly how much goodness and mercy is really being extended by these people.

  85. The other half of this story – 109,000 Evangelical Leaders Urge Trump to NOT Rescind the Refugee Band.

    There’s MUCH more Biblical proof to support the ban than not to. These leaders are the liberal, fool-minded pastors like Jeremiah Wright and such, who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and only use snippets of sentences to support their theses. They are idiots and fools. Because the organization backing this ad is not mentioned, it’s most likely some wacko, left-wing group that’s supporting the lift.

  86. “The time has come,’ the walrus said. “To speak about many things, of ships and sealing wax, and of cabbages and kings!”
    The time has also come, this Patriot says, to speak of who counts the most in this country—the foreigners who have no reason to be here, or the citizens who have NOT had their country to themselves in all the 200+ years the nation has existed! Who counts more to those who preach from the pulpits, the citizens of their own country who deserve to be protected FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS over and above those from other countries? Who counts most—the AMERICAN man, woman or child who has NO job, home, medical coverage, or food, or the illegal foreigner who hides in the churches the American preachers expect the American taxpayer to support–even though a good 75% or more of those preachers could buy and sell 80% of the American public with their own checking accounts. The time has come for these people to decide—who counts most–the foreigner who will not fight for himself, or the American citizen who is supposed to fight the world’s battles without question or return? Who counts most—-the American or the illegals—either from this hemisphere or the other one?

  87. I would like to see just “who” signed that letter?

  88. wonderful, we have the Evanjellyfish weighing in. If they actually had a backbone, they would have been pushing the genocide of Yazidi and other Christians by ISIS to the forefront of every conversation.

  89. slam the door shut on muslim immigration, I saw with my own eyes Islamic television, 4 to 5 clerics in a packed mosque, state that they are all radical, that they will execute you Homosexuals, That they will stone to death women who commit adultery, Adultery in their culture is women who are raped, they see a women who allows herself to be rapped as committing adultery, in other words she wanted it. They should never be allowed to immigrate here just to many cultural differences.

  90. Wrong. The country can’t take in people whose religion calls for conversion or death. The public manifested threat of “death to America” should not be taken lightly.

  91. As the saying goes “Follow the Money” , It is sad but these so called Evangelical Leaders are the modern day “Money Changers” in the Temple! They receive money from the Gov for the Immigrants they sponsor.

  92. This is unbelievable. If these Evangelicals are in such a tizzy, let them resettle the refugees in those mega churches they’ve built with all that tax money they get paid for moving them in. From what I’ve read, they made 1.4 billion last year alone. That sounds pretty lucrative to me. If the Evangelicals want to make a difference, go set up safe places for the refugees in their countries. Don’t they realize that they’re cutting the throats of our congregations? How will they collect their 10% for God when everybody is out of work because a refugee took their jobs at 10% of what an American made. God is in the business of saving souls, not a$$rd. Their souls can be saved in their country of origin. And just how many of these Pastors will be able to afford their mega churches once our country is reduced to 3rd world status? Just seems like they’re cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

    • Ribert please see my reply PatriotParatrooper just below it was meant for you.

      • If you’re referring to the Lol, what? If you were insinuating I’m some kind of village idiot, how do you figure? I’m well aware that Islam isn’t compatible with U.S. values, what I’m questioning is why so many Christian Evangelicals are jumping on the bandwagon to import them. Is that not a valid question? If it is, who are they serving? God or money?

  93. How about taking up for Americans who can’t find jobs or receive welfare benefits because they’re being Persecuted in their own country, for being legal Americans. For years everything has been spent on millions of illegals and Quran reading Muslims, who are in this country to turn America into either a giant slum like Mexico, or a terrorist Islamic Sharia Law supporting country? For a change, how about putting Americans and America first?
    Illegal sympathizers and Muslim supporters need to be shipped out of this country. Anybody who supports the Quran, hates Christians and does not want peace.

  94. Gee Pastors, don’t you have a duty to tell people to obey the laws of the land.. Seems like Jesus said, “render under Ceasar” That means obey the laws of the land and here you who are suppose to be Christian Pastors are encouraging people to brake the law, and the government to allow them to do so. Maybe it’s you who should be deported or locked up???

    • You certainly have a point, we as Christians have a right to protect our homes, most of these people are uneducated, many believe they have a right to rape non-Muslim women as European countries are finding out the hard way two being Germany and Sweden, in Sweden rapes are up 1500 % since the invasion started, everyday there are multiple rapes just in these two countries. In Italy a 15 year old girl was raped on the train she was riding to take her home from school, the police are searching for two black Muslims they believe are immigrants from Africa [Yes lily I’ll save you the trouble of asking the question], they made remarks that referred to their hideous religion that’s how the police know they’re Muslims, multiple eye witnesses remembered them, the girl was practically alone when the rape happened, no doubt these Vermin had stalked her knowing she was about the last person to get off the train. she had to be taken to the hospital with broken bones, these Monsters have to be put away, no way will these brutes ever become productive citizens without seeking the true Elohim/God.

  95. I am disappointed in the attitude of many Christians in this area of government. The previous administration refused to allow ANY persecuted Christians to be imported into the US and no one complained. NOW Our president is trying to protect the country by keeping the enemy (Satan) from importing his army into the US as refugees and they object. Can they not understand that the enemy has admitted that they are packing the refugees with Jihadists.
    Iranian leaders have stated that they are trying to get the world is such a mess that the 12th Imam will come and set up his kingdom to rule the world for 7 years. Do these Christians not know that the Bible says the AntiChrist will rule the world for 7 years after the rapture? Satan is predicting his victory to get his 7 years of rule.
    The Bible says Satan wants to rule the world unopposed and his way of accomplishing that is to try to destroy all Christians and Jews. If you take a real look at Islam, their goal is to rule the world unopposed and their way of getting there is to destroy all Christians and Jews.
    SO Who Is Allah?????

  96. This headline from an article in the Dallas (that’s Texas, folks) Morning News that should
    be read by everyone. https://www.google.com/search?q=dallas+morning+news+feb+12+2017+john+pavlovitz&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-

    The headline reads: Christian nationalism has a scary kinship to neo-Nazis.

    and the sub-headline reads: Those who love Jesus cannot preach the Gospel while
    despising refugees & others.


  98. Recall the old saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    All peoples religions are subject to feel sympathy and so they are subject to be lured into making dangerous decisions. So we should just say No.

    If we let the enemies slip into this country and take us over WHAT COUNTRY WILL BE LEFT IN THIS WORLD TO RUN TO ?
    AMERICA, the Very country that sheilds and protects others Will No longer Exist.

  99. Well if they feel they need to serve Gods work to help those in need. God would expect you to serve Americans equally LOVED BY GOD.
    Why do so many think they have to leave their own countries to help the needy ? There are always people of equal value to God inside your own country. Im sorry but i think truthfully there are a Whole lot more human trafficking going through the churches than we want to admit to. And a Lot of Hollywood celebrities i believe are involved in sex trafficking. They always seem to want to go to other countries to adopt little or young children whats up with that ? There are Plenty of American Children that need adopting Right here!

  100. Do you know the difference between those “vulnerable” Muslims and the peaceful ones before they are vetted? No? I thought so. I’ll stick with the President so your tender heart won’t be blown up in your own church. Geesh! The naïveté.

  101. I’d sure like to see the Scripture they’re quoting to back their idiotic rhetoric. The Bible tells us to be gentle as doves,,, but 1st tells us yo be wise as serpents. There is no where in the Bible that I’m aware of that tells us that we must invite those that want to kill & destroy us into our country & home.

  102. Got to be careful, who’s asking, many church leaders are very liberal, make money off housing people! why would church people want to support a muslim religion is totally diametrically opposed to Christian religion, and no room for compromise, study your fact RL.

    • Yes Jesus warned the Laodicea type churches that He would spew them out, He also commanded we Christians not fellowship with antichrist people Islam is anti-Christ. this per the Qur’an “They [Christians] put forth a most monstrous thing when they say God has a son” The teachings of Islam are 180 degrees apart from the teachings of Christianity, I think it strange that Satan hates Christians and Jews with a Vengeance and Islamists have proven over and over that they hate Christians and Jews with a vengeance. Muhammad was supposed to have received his information from an entity in the desert, the Muslims claim this being was from God, sure it was, [Sarc] about 600 years later God sends a messenger to give a message 180 degrees different than the message Jesus taught. An Arab who was a historian wrote that Muhammad believed that being he met in the desert was Satan or one of his agents but his wife and members of his family convinced him it was a messenger from God. Jesus said : “If they say to you I am in the desert believe it not” Too bad Muhammad didn’t stand by his first impression, Islam is just what could be expected with Satan in control. The Bible has many prophecies that have come to pass with precision and some describing the time we’re living in perfectly while the Qur’an hasn’t any, why would someone choose the Qur’an over the Bible? the vast majority of people living in Islamic lands are kept away from Christians, Bibles aren’t allowed, because the truth would set them free.

  103. I don’t care who you are or what you are , you suport bring the rapist killer muslims into our country and my family are harmed or killed, then it happens to your family.

  104. Far to many of these preachers don’t understand why so many of our church’s have empty seats. The church is the beacon of the “Word” and should not take it on itself to dealt into politics. In the Old Testament many men were shown as being “GOD’s warriors” who were given the requirement to make “GOD’s children” safe from the harm of the destruction of his “religion”! I deeply believe in the scriptures and understand that we are to “care for the downtrodden and the weak, yes, that is the right thing to do, But, only after we make our own safe from being harmed, killed or enslaved! And ISIS does not intend to make us safe, they have proven beyond a speck of misunderstanding what they intend for us. Wake up, Snowflakes!


  106. They need their heads examined. We are currently over populated with illegals who have gummed up the works. STOP ALL IMMIGRATION and get a handle on who and what is here and allow normal Attrition to reduce the over population.

  107. This
    was written by Rosemary LaBonte to the editors of a California
    newspaper in response to an article written by Ernie Lujan who suggests
    we should tear down the Statue of Liberty because
    the immigrants of today aren’t being treated the same as those who
    passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry. The paper never
    printed this response, so her husband sent it out via internet.

    Maybe we should turn to
    our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today’s
    American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer.
    Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all
    areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a
    ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented.

    Some would even get down
    on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to
    uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times.
    They made LEARNING ENGLISH a primary rule in their
    new American households and some even changed their names to blend in
    with their new home.

    They had waved goodbye to
    their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything
    in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture.
    Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, NO
    WELFARE, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills
    and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a future of

    Most of their children
    came of age when World War II broke out. My father fought along side men
    whose parents had come straight over from Germany , Italy , France and
    Japan . None of these 1st generation Americans
    ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from.
    They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan .
    They were defending the United States of America as one people.

    When we liberated France ,
    no one in those villages were looking for the French American, the
    German American or the Irish American. The people of France saw only
    Americans. And we carried one flag that represented
    one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about
    picking up another country’s flag and waving it to represent who they
    were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed
    so much to be here. These immigrants truly knew
    what it meant to be an American. They stirred the melting pot into one
    red, white and blue bowl.

    And here we are with a new kind of
    immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. Only they want to
    achieve it by playing with a different set of rules, one that includes
    the entitlement card and a guarantee of being faithful
    to their mother country.

    I’m sorry, that’s NOT what being an
    American is all about. I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis
    Island in the early 1900’s deserve better than that for all the toil,
    hard work and sacrifice in raising future
    generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally
    searching for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they
    are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags.

    And for that suggestion about taking
    down the Statue of Liberty , it happens to mean a lot to the citizens
    who are voting on the immigration bill.

    I wouldn’t start talking about dismantling the United States just yet.




    I sincerely hope this letter gets read by millions of people all across the nation!

  108. Get busy making safe zones in Syria. Look what is happening in France today.

  109. Anti-American religious leaders are just what we need. These countries immigrants could try to make something out of the shthl they come from instead of coming in and destroying ours. Its the people that make a country, not the dirt!

  110. Those church leaders want that government money for settling the flood of Jihadists among us infidels. Fake Christians they are.

  111. 120 days to wait? Is that supposed to be suffering? God HAS granted President Trump divine wisdom and the strength to come forward to fight OUR battles without pay and only looking for support to make our country great again, removing as much corruption as he can. Quit complaining and do something useful! Why not help vet them or go to their homeland and resettle them there, evangelical pastors and authors are needed there.

  112. Evangelicals need to learn some common sense.