Daily Archives: March 15, 2017

Germany Takes Another Whack at Freedom of Speech

Modern Germans are understandably petrified of anything having to do with fascism, but in their desperation to silence “hateful” voices on social media, the Angela Merkel administration is rapidly turning into the very thing it fears. So concerned is Merkel about the rise of right-wing groups and anti-immigrant sentiment, that she’s hacking away at the one thing that can keep ...

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Everyone is a Victim (Except Thin, White, Heterosexual Men)

According to a new feature from Campus Reform, the University of California, Davis has published a glossary of terms and definitions that tells progressive students what words they should and should not use when communicating with the world. The site highlighted the university’s definition of “racism,” which appears to contend that only white people are capable of it. The glossary, ...

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